Zackariah, July7,1737.


Gideon, s.John and Lucy, Jan.末,1802.

Gideon, s.John and Lucy, Aug.末,1806.

Gideon, Dec.15,1817, a.41y.GR1

Hannah, wid.(Gideon.GR1), July16,1805, a.70y.(July17,1805.GR1)

John, Mar.23,1829. (Mar.26,1829.GR2)

Joseph, s.John and Lucy, Nov.28,1820.

Lucy, w.John, Mar.27,1849.GR2

Robert John, Mar.13,1829. (a.23y.GR1)

Sarah, in Lawrence, Feb.26,1849, a.71y., b. in Sudbury.Unm.Consumption.


Almy (Alma Clark.GR6), wid.Artemas, Jan.30,1832. (Jan.29,1832, a.50y.GR6)

Anne, d.Peter and Ruth, Jan.8,1785.

Artemas, Aug.29,1825. (a.45y.GR6)

Catharine, wid.Nathan, Nov.22,1836.

Catharine, d.Nathan and Catharine, Oct.30,1842. (a.36y.CR2)

Betey, d.John and Debbe, July16,1796.

Experience, w.John, Oct.13,1780, in her 78th y.

Henry E., s.Artemas and Alma, Nov.20,1820, a.6m.GR6

John, Feb.23,1783, in his 80th y.

John, s.John and Debbe, June18,1796.

Nathaniel (Nathan, dup.), Aug.18,1826. (Aug.17,1826, dup.)

Olive, w.(Capt.GR1) Josiah, July4,1826. (a.47y.GR1)

Olivia, d.Capt. Josiah and Olive, Mar.24,1808, a.6w.GR1

Peter, s.Peter and Ruth, Dec.17,1784.

Peter 2d, s.Peter and Ruth, May7,1788.

Peter, father of Nathan, Nov.5,1803. (a.65y.GR1)

Preston, s.Nathan and Catharine, Oct.10,1798.

Preston, s.Nathan and Catharine, Aug.20,1804.

Ruth, w.Peter, and mother of Nathan, Mar.20,1800. (a.55y.GR1)


Betsey, w.Ephraim, Esq., Dec.25,1825, a.58y.GR6

J., Dr., Oct.4,1843, a.49y.GR6

Josiah, June末,1832.

Nancy, d.Ephraim and Betsey, Feb.16,1816, a.23y.GR1

PARMENTER (Parmeter, Permenter)

Nabby, d.Ezra and Susanna, Sept.17,1802.

Artimas, May10,1832.

(Charles Stone.CR2), s.Daniel and Emily, May26,1847, a.3y.7m.Spine complaint.

Deborah, Nov.末,1836.

Ezra, Nov.30,1834.

Jerusha, Mar.14,1846, a.16. y.Consumption.

Jewel, d.Ezra and Susanna, Mar.31, 末末.

Joshua, Oct.20,1822.

Nelly, d.Ezra and Susanna, Oct.20,1817.

Sukey, d.Ezra and Susanna, Sept.16,1802.

Silva, d.Ezra and Susanna, Sept.15,1802.

PARMETER (Parmenter, Permenter)

Asenath, d.Elias and Eunice, Dec.14,1811.


Mary, wid.Samuel, Apr.24,1805, a.34y.GR1


David, Nov.28,1809, a.70y.GR1


Abigail, w.Capt. Benjamin, Sept.7,1807.

Benjamin, Capt., Sept.9,1807.

Jacob, Apr.10,1739.

Lucie, Mar.25,1766.PR2

Sarah, Apr.14,1766.PR2



PERMENTER (Parmenter, Parmeter)

Abigail, w.John, Apr.11,1757.

Acia, s.Amos and Mercy, Nov.3,1739.

Martha, d.Amos and Mercy, Jan.21,1741.

Marcy, w.Amos, Oct.21,1739.


末末, and Sarah K., of Boston, Aug.13,1845, a.2h.CR1

William, Dec.15,1824.


John, Mar.20,1822.


Anna, w.Sylvanus, Oct.25,1835, a.60y.GR1

Polly, w.Sylvanus, June19,1849, a.44y.GR1 (Childbirth.CR1)


Elizabeth, w.末末, Oct.12,1844, a.67y.CR2

Elvira E., d.John B. and Hannah, Aug.4,1849 (a.9y.1m.GR5), b. in Randolph.Scarlet fever.


Asa, s.Moses and Mehetabel, Apr.12,1731.

Asa, Jan.27,1813.

Jeremiah Sr., Jan.9,1710-1.

Jeremiah, Feb.3,1746.

Mary, w.John, July31,1727.

Mehetible, w.Moses, Jan.30,1733-4.

Moses, Dea., Aug.4,1759, in his 57th y.GR1

Moses, s.Abraham, "Slane by a Cannon Ball (Shot by the Ministeral Troops), on Plow'd Hill, Aug.28,1775, and Buried on the Southwesterly part thereof," a.22y.6m.16d.

Rachel, wid.Timothy, June28,1805.

Sarah, Mar.17,1761, in her 29th y.GR1

Sarah, wid.末末, Jan.28,1823.

Susanna, Mar.11,1746.




Joseph, Feb.22,1848, a.64y.Md.Consumption.


Augusta, d.Francis, Nov.9,1845, a.19y.CR2

PRAT (Pratt)

Abigail, d.Benoni and Hannah, Nov.5,1746.

Mary, d.Benoni and Hannah, Nov.10,1746.

Sarah, d.Benoni and Hannah, Nov.3,1746.

PRATT (Prat)

Aaron, Nov.30,1839. (a.74y.GR6) Run over by R.R. cars.

Nabby, Jan.20,1837.

Ann Maria, d.Lowell and Mary, Feb.22,1835, a.21m.GR1

Charlotte, June末,1829.CR3

Charlotte, w.Charles, Nov.5,1845. a.20y.Consumption.

Daniel, s.Nathaniel and Margere, Oct.31,1740.

Daniel, s.Beriah and Mary, Oct.2,1777.

Edward C., Dec.21,1847, a.32y.Fever.

Betsey (Betsey Smith.GR6), w.Calvin, Dec.28,1840.

Hannah, w.Joseph, May20,1746.

Hannah, w.末末, Oct.6,1846. a.78y.CR2

Jesse, Mar.16,1820.

John, s.Philip Jr. and Mary, Mar.25,1731.

John, Oct.23,1826.

Jonathan, s.Philip Jr. and Mary, Aug.26,1733.

Joseph, Oct.31,1747.

Lowell S., s.Lowell and Mary, Feb.20,1835, a.5y.7d.GR1

Lowell, s.Ephraim and Hannah, May23,1848, a.43y.11m.15d.Md.Killed on railroad in Boston.

Martha, Aug.15,1825, a.29y.GR6

Patty, Aug.15,1825.

Martha, d.Calvin and Betsey, Dec.3,1826.

Nancy, d.Aaron and Olive, Apr.12,1842. (a.51y.GR6)

Nathaniel, Nov.1,1834. (a.75y.GR6)

Philip, Feb.12,1739.

Rebecca, Sept.3,1728.

Thomas, Feb.6,1741.

William J., s.Lowell and Mary, Feb.5,1835, a.8y.4m.GR1


Sarah Ann, d.Joseph and Rebeccah, Oct.18,1810.

William Elliot, s.Joseph and Rebeccah, Dec.11,1815.


Alvah, Jan.22,1841, a.22y.GR5

Isaac W. (h.Elizabeth D.GR5), Sept.5,1848, a.47y.1m.10d., b. in Washington, NH. Md.Dysentery.


Elijah, s.Elijah and Laura, in Boston, Feb.10,1832, a.2y.11m.21d.GR5

Eugene Edgar, s.Elijah and Laura, July24,1842, a.5m.5d.GR5


Edward F., s.Nathaniel and L.A., Oct.2,1849, a.2y.8m.1d., b. in Newton. Canker in the bowels.


末末, ch.Andrew J., Apr.10,1846.

Daniel, Mar.6,1819.

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