Elizabeth Swift of Watertown, and Asa Brigham, int.Dec.9,1810.

Henry and Mira Cozens of Holliston, Sept.19,1825.

Isabella of Waltham, and Dea.Matthias Bent, Jan.21,1796.*


Laura A. of Holliston, d.Nathan and Lucy, a.16y., and Nahum L. Holbrook of Bellingham, s.Lyman and Hypsia, a.21y., Oct.5,1848.*


Charlotte and Capt. Josiah Rice, Jan.31,1807.*

Elijah of East Sudbury, and Mehitable Winch, Feb.17,1825.

Betsey and Joseph Buckminster, Apr.18,1799.*

Jonas and Rebeccah Tombs, Apr.6,1823.

Keziah and Capt. Thomas Buckminster, Feb.末,1794.*

Keziah Perry and Charles Herring, Apr.18,1827.

Polly and Capt. Nathan Goddard, Jan.6,1814.

Mehitable and Lemuel Chamberlain of Southboro, int.May27,1815.

Sarah (Sarah P., int.) and Henry S. Hudson, Jan.21,1836.

Sardis and Cloe C. Rice, int.Sept.23,1832.

William of Hopkinton, and Eliza Jones, Dec.3,1818.

William of Holliston, and Maria L. Quiggle of Union, ME, Oct.4,1840.*


John Jr. and Elisabeth Haven, Jan.18,1816.

Martin of Natick, and Martha E. Baker, int.July20,1845.

Prudence and Daniel Trowbridge, June末,1785.* (June27,1785.CR1)


Abigail R. of Dorchester, d.Seth and Abigail, a.48y., b. in Milton, and William Williams, widr., s.Stephen and Abigail, a.54y., b. in Roxbury, Oct.17,1849.

BAILEY (Bailla)

Aaron (Bayley, int.) and Nancy Gibbs, Feb.24,1819.

Joseph and Elizabeth Rice, Dec.4,1817.

Josephine E. and Benjamin J. Bill, May18,1842.

Luther and Cynthia Rice, Jan.2,1815.*

Ruth and Joseph Angier, Mar.11,1830.

Thomas W., s.John and Mary, a.27y., and Mary Jane Robinson, d.Hervey and C. of Concord, a.21y., Dec.31,1846.

William W. and Rosanna Bent of Natick, int.Dec.13,1845.

BAILLA (Bailey)

Priscilla and Jonathan Underwood, Jan.22,1740.*


Ellen Jane and Winthrop Fairbanks of Sudbury, May1,1844.CR2

Helen M., d.Simon and Comfort, a.23y., and Aaron Hunt, s.Aaron and Lois of Sudbury, a.24y., June20,1849.

John of Littleton, and Elizabeth Gleasnn, Mar.28,1751.*

John of Westboro, and Salome Drury, Feb.末,1786.*

Martha E. and Martin Badger of Natick, int.July20,1845.

Mary M. and Levi C. Nudd, int.Oct.15,1843.

Simon and Sally Biglow, Nov.25,1812.


Elizabeth and Daniel Adams, Sept.22,1748.*


Abigail of Watertown, and Jacob Morse, Feb.26,1728-9. In Watertown.*

Abigail and Simon Mellen Jr., Apr.27,1742.*

Abraham of Holliston, and Martha Bridges, Jan.13,1732.*

Benjamen and Mary Bruer, Mar.29,1704.*

Daniel and Patience Gleason, Aug.25,1748.*

Eliza of Holliston, and Alexander Chapman, int.Sept.11,1836.

Elizabeth and Ephraim Goodnow Jr. of Sudbury, Feb.16,1764. In Sudbury.*

Jacob and Deborah Bellnap, Jan.9,1749. In Sudbury.*

Mary and William Wright, Jan.22,1737-8.*

Thomas and Hannah Wright, Feb.7,1739-40*.

BALLARD (Ballord)

Anne and Ephraim Pratt, Dec.末,1785.*

Daniel and Polly Nutt of Hopkinton, Mar.27,1796. In Hopkinton.*

Ebenezer M. (Ebenezer Marshall.CR1) and Suckey Fisk, Apr.16,1804.*

Elizabeth P. and Matthew Stone, Mar.末,1804.*

John and Hephsebah Hemingway, May27,1752.*

John 2d and Pamela Bennett, Oct.27,1816.

Mary and Richard Sever of Roxbury, Nov.13,1745.*

Mehitabel and William King Haggar of Boston, Oct.6,1796.*

Sally S. and John H. Jones, Apr.27,1816.

Salvanus and Judith Boyden, May7,1755.*

William Jr. and Hannah Pierce, Aug.25,1741. In Hopkinton.*

BALLORD (Ballard)

Abigail and John Phillips of Medway, int.Apr.18,1811.

Abigail and Jonas Clark, int.Oct.13,1814.

Eliza and Samuel Curtis of Boston, Dec.21,1808.

Fanny H. and Ephraim (S. Ephraim, int.) Moulton, Nov.28,1839.

George F. and Lucy Ann Hnnt of Sudbury, Apr.9,1837.

John and Elizabeth Alden Jones of Hopkinton, int.Feb.26,1808.

John and Abigail Torry, Apr.8,1840.

Joseph and Hannah Fisk, int.Mar.7,1808.

Joseph of Ashland widr., s.John and Eliza of Ashland and Mary M. Haven, d.Willard and Milicent, Nov.12,1846.

Kezziah and Timothy Ballord, Dec.30,1778.*

Mary Cotton and Nathaniel Munroe of Concord, Sept.20,1807.

Mary Ann and Charles M. Briggs of Boston, Nov.3,1840.

Samuel and Abi Wright of Concord, int.May9,1809.

Sally and John Parkhurst, Dec.末,1783.* (Dec.11,1783.CR1)

Stephen and Margaret Atwood of Hopkinton, Feb.7,1749.*

Susanna and (Lieut., int.) Phineas Rice, Aug.25,1834.CR2

Timothy and Kezziah Ballard, Dec.30,1778.*


Sarah of Reading, and David Prat, Dec.14,1704. In Reading.*


Barzillai and Nancy Fairbanks, Apr.23,1798.*

John B. and Asenath Haven, Apr.15,1809.

Lucy of Southboro, and Micajah Rice, int.Mar.10,1810.

Rebecca G. and Oliver E. Lovell of Milbury, Sept.14,1843.CR1

Tryphena and Amos Parmenter, Apr.8,1798.*


Abiall of Sherborn, and Elkanah Haven, Nov.23,1708.*

Curtis H. and Julia Forbes, Nov.29,1842.

C.H. (Curtis H., int.), widr., a.25y., b. in Hopkinton, and O.A. (Olivia Ann, int.) Eames, d.Lovell and 末末, a.22y., Jan.5,1847.

Cyrus of Medway, and Martha Smith, Mar.16,1826.

John H. (John Haven, int.) of Medway, and Eunice Smith, Mar.29,1825.

Joseph Jr. of Medway, and Chloe Haven, Oct.末,1791.*

Lucy and John Robinson (Roberson, int.) of Boston, Mar.1,1817.

William of Marlboro, and Polly Manson, June9,1803.*


Aaron of Mill River, and Elizabeth Stretor, June12,1755.*


Lucy W. and Benjamin F. Stone, June27,1837.

Mary Jane and John Butler of Middleton, int.May26,1839.


Sarah of Watertown, and Samuel Winship, Jan.11,1698-9. In Watertown.*

Sarah and Joshua Gardner of Sherborn, Mar.17,1746. In Sherborn.*


Jacob of Marlboro, and Hannah Gibbs, Jan.10,1827.

John and Eliza Leland int.June15,1845.


Jairus S. and Harriot Hosmer of Acton, int.Sept.7,1827.

BARRET (Barrett, Barrit)

Hephzibah and Eleasar How Jr., both of Marlboro, Jan.26,1731-2.*

BARRETT (Barret, Barrit)

Lydia of Athol, and David Lamb, Nov.13,1795. In Athol.*

BARRIT (Barret, Barrett)

Abigail and Moses Hayden of Sudbury, Apr.1,1763. In Sudbury.*


Hannah of Sherborn, and Josiah Drury, Oct.9,1733.*


Esther and Charles Snyder, both of Boston, May5,1841.CR1*

Mary Jane and John Flinn, int.Mar.18,1845.


George W. of Groton, NH, and Eliza Hemenway, Feb.7,1831.CR2

Lydia C. of Newburyport, and Rev. James McIntire, int.Dec.3,1835.

Nancy M. and Nathan Goddard, Apr.17,1839.


Joshua of Leicester, and Abigail Pratt, Mar.28,1750.*

Samuel and Elizabeth Bellows of Marlboro, May23,1715.*


Samuel W. and Abby Towl, Dec.3,1840.

BATCHELLER (Batchelor)

Sarah, wid.Grafton and Micah Stone, Esq., June6,1798. In Grafton.*

BATCHELOR (Batcheller)

Mary B. of Grafton, and Alexander Edwards, int.Feb.6,1845.


William of Bellingham, and Comfort Haven, Apr.21,1796.*


Puah and Silas Harrenton, both of Waltham, Jan.12,1806.*


Jonathan of Dedham, and Love Whitney, Jan.2,1754.*

Martha of Dedham, and James Mellen, Nov.28,1754.*

BEAMIS (Bemis)

Josiah and Patty Matthews, both of Southboro, May末,1791.*


Cyrus of Newport, RI, and Martha S. Fisk, d.Josiah, dec. and Martha, a.26y., Nov.7,1849.


Susanna of Watertown, and Peter Cloyse, Jan.2,1704. In Watertown.*


Abigail and John Moores, Oct.17,1830.

Almira and John A. Doke of Dracut, NH, July20,1831.CR2

Anne and Benjamin Dudley of Sudbury, Mar.15,1826.

Caroline C.M. and John H. Searl, int.June8,1834.

Charles and Eunice Winch, Feb.19,1834.CR2

Curtis and Nancy Underwood, Nov.28,1839.

Elizabeth and Amos White of Waltham, Nov.30,1828.

Ezra and Susanna Dadman, Mar.18,1794.*

Hannah and Ephraim Pratt, June末,1788.*

Jacob and Anne Rice, Mar.末,1782.*

Jason and Anne Winch, Nov.9,1800.*

John and Hannah Williams, June末,1787.*

Joseph and Hannah Kendal, May末,1782.*

Mary and Stephen Lord of Sullivan, NH, Jan.22,1821.

Mary E. (Mary Elizabeth, int.) and Jonathan Reed, Apr.5,1842.

Nancy and Rufus Walkup, Apr.15,1807.

Ruth and Dexter Butler, May31,1820.

Sally and George Kelley of Boston, Oct.16,1823.

Temperance and Alexander Black, Mar.23,1837.

BELKNAP (Bellnap)

Abraham and Abigail Biglo, Mar.8,1727.*

Abraham and Mary Brown, Feb.26,1740.*

Addison and Adeline E. Swallow, Mar.27,1838.

Anne and Jonathan Rice, Apr.末,1782.* (Apr.4,1782.CR1)

Appleton and Nancy E. Boynton, Apr.9,1832.

Bradford and Elizabeth Dadman, Jan.1,1833.

Caroline A. and Marshall E. Gray (of Templeton, int.), Oct.27,1842.

Catherine and Ebenezer Johnson of Boston, June19,1832.

Clarissa and John Moulton, int.Oct.6,1828.

Elisha and Milliscent Frost, Dec.16,1804.*

Eliza Frost and (Dr., int.) Charles F. (Charles Fox, int.) Hartwell of Boston, Nov.末,1834.CR2

Betsey and Obadiah Sanger of Weston, Mar.30,1817.

Enoch and Ruth Look, Oct.29,1797.*

Eveline and Carlton Parker of Kennebunk, ME, Mar.1,1835.

Hepzibah and Joseph How, Sept.末,1785.* ( Sept.22,1785.CR1)

Jeremiah and Martha Rugg of Lancaster, Mar.28,1726. In Lancaster.*

Jeremiah and Mary Pratt, Aug.10,1732.*

Jeremiah and Hannah Rice, Nov.30,1738.*

Jesse and Sibel Sawtel, July末,1788.* (July3,1788.CR1)

Jesse and Rebeccah Hemenway, Nov.9,1803.*

Jesse Jr. and Polly Rice Newton of Southboro, int.Nov.3,1814.*

Jesse and Caroline Atwood of Boston, int.Sept.4,1842.

John and Eunice Ellis of Walpole, int.Oct.11,1846.

Luther and Susanna Gates, Dec.末,1793.*

Luther and Hepzibah Brown of Sudbury, Mar.18,1799. In Sudbury.*

Patty and Jotham Haven, Apr.14,1779. In Sudbury.*

Mary and Benjamin Nurss, June末,1737.*

Mary and Richard Tozer of Southbury, Feb.14,1753.*

Polly and John Jones, Apr.15,1779. In Sherborn.*

Mary and Nathan Rand Dec.12,1819.

Mary W., d.Jesse and E. Smith (Elbridge Smith of Holliston, int.), July28,1844.

Nathaniel and Sarah Ayer of Haverhill, July19,1733. In Haverhill.*

Nelly and Abel Rice, Apr.末,1791.*

Ruth and Samuel Case of Needham, July8,1811.

S.E. and Alpheus Bullard, Oct.3,1844.*

Sally and Nathaniel Prentiss, Apr.12,1801.*

Sarah (Sally, int.) and Dr. Elijah Colburn of Dunstable, NH, June22,1826.

Sophronia and Windsor Hemenway, May8,1823.

Susan and Ichabod Gaines, Dec.24,1829.

Susan A. and John McLaughlin, Sept.27,1842.*


Daniel of State of NY, and Nancy Buckminster, July17,1801.*

Hellen C. and Joseph Phipps, Aug.21,1833.

Sarah, a.22y., and William J. Brummett, s.Mathew, a.23y., Sept.26,1844.

BELLNAP (Belknap)

Deborah and Jacob Ball, Jan.9,1749. In Sudbury.*


Elizabeth of Malboro, and Samuel Barton, May23,1715.*

Joseph of Southbury, and Abigail Ward, Sept.14,1749.*

Kezia and Moses Parker. Apr.3,1747.*

Louisa D. and Thomas J. Eastman of Spencer, Sept.29,1836.

Lydia and Samuel Gibbs, Aug.26,1724. In Marlboro.*

Thomas of Marlboro, and Martha Maverick, May29,1716.*

Willard of Southboro, and Eunice Hemenway, Apr.4,1815.

BEMIS (Beamis)

George and Mary H. Amsden, int.Aug.10,1845.

Nathaniel and M.A.W. Dinsmore of Northboro, int.Aug.2,1846.

Parkman of Southboro, and Sarah Thayer Brick, Dec.12,1816.

Peter of Hopkinton, and Sally Hawkins, int.Mar.28,1814.

Sally and Richard Haven of Lancaster, Nov.25,1792.*

BENNET (Bennett)

Fally and Perkins Boyington, Nov.末,1802.*

Polly and Abner Wheeler. Dec.23,1798.*

Rebecca and Benjamin Wheeler. Dec.11,1804.*

Sally and Isaac Warren, May18,1800.*

Susan W. and Andrew Smith of Hadley, Sept.8,1836.

BENNETT (Bennet)

Archelaus of Waltham, and Emily Willis, int.Mar.14,1841.

Charles of Stow, and Hannah Davis, int.Aug.3,1844.

Eliza O. of Ashland and James F. Hawkins, int.Sept.13,1846.

Jonas and Nelly Kendal, Feb.末,1807.*

Lucretia and John M. Palmer. May15,1844.CR1

Lucy, d.Nathaniel S. and Hannah, and Valorus Taft of Upton, Nov.17,1847.

Polly Ann of Mendon, and Charles H. Kimball, int.Feb.15,1835.

Nathaniel Swift and Hannah Brooks Wheeler of Lincoln, int.末蔓末,1810.

Pamela and John Ballard 2d, Oct.27,1816.

Tryphena B. and Micah Leland Jr. of Sherborn, Oct.11,1837.

William S. and Susan H, Davis, both of Lowell, Sept.14,1837.CR1*


Abel and Rhode Jahah, Sept.末,1784.*

Ann E. (Ann Elizabeth, int.) and Francis Pride of Duxbury, Apr.2,1843.

Katy and Salem Middlesex, Sept.末,1783.*

Nero and Dido Dingo, May26,1721. Negroes.*

BENT (Bentt)

Alvin and Olive Rice, Mar.末,1789.*

Archibald and Fanny Hudson, Feb.5,1835.

David and Mary Drury, Jan.1,1712-3.*

Betty and Joshua Harrington, Oct.3,1751.*

Jason of Sudbury, and Asenath Fairbanks, Apr.12,1810.

John and Betty Read of Sudbury,末蔓末,173. In Sudbury.*

John and Molly Stacy, Oct.23,1751.*

Josiah and Polly Abbe of Hopkinton, June21,1781. In Hopkinton.*

Lois of Sudbury, and James Glover, Feb.3,1762. In Sudbury.*

Lucy (Lucy C., int.) and Frederick (Frederick A., int.) Billings of Worcester, Dec.1,1835.

Martha and Samuel Brewer, Mar.10,1740.*

Patty of Sudbury, and James Ingles, Dec.5,1782. In Sudbury.*

Molly and John Trowbridge, Apr.23,1776. In Sudbury.*

Matthias and Abigail Stone, Feb.26,1746.*

Matthias and Mary Coollidge of Waltham, Oct.26,1780. In Waltham.*

Matthias, Dea., and Isabella Babcock of Waltham, Jan.21,1796*

Micah of East Sudbury, and Anna Stone, Dec.2,1809.

Rosanna of Natick, and William W. Bailey, int.Dec.13,1845.

Samuel, s.George, a.23y., and Martha Fuller, d.John, a.22y., Apr.10,1845.

Samuel and Emily Fletcher, int.Oct.4,1846.

Sarah and Bezaleel Rice, Mar.13,1751.*

Sally and Capt. John Hemenway (Jr., int.), Jan.10,1815.

BENTT (Bent)

John Jr. and Hannah Rice, Nov.15,1711.*


Joseph and Thankful Shears, Jan.27,1719-20.*

Thankfull and John Nickson, Feb.7,1754.*

BIGELOW (Biglo, Biglow)

Alpheus H. and Martha Harrington (of Wayland int.), Dec.8,1842. In Wayland.

Anna of Worcester, and Ephraim Woolson, Oct.20,1789. In Worcester.*

Calvin and Abia B. Tombs, Apr.13,1823.

Candace H. and David M. Ellwood of New York, NY, Nov.17,1842. In Unionville.

Dexter and Lydia Brigham, Jan.5,1824.

Elizabeth H. and George W. Moulton (of New Bedford, int), Sept.7,1841.

John B. and Ann Dean, Apr.10,1837.CR1

Joseph and Sarah Stebbens of Leicester, Apr.30,1756. In Leicester.*

Maria and William M. Clark, Oct.22,1835.

Perkins and Relief Patrick of Jaffrey, NH, int.Oct.21,1825.

Stephen of Boylston, and Rachel Pike, June1,1790.*

Susan T., d.Calvin, dec., a.20y., and James F. Twitchell, s.Calvin, a.21y., Jan.1,1845.

BIGLO (Bigelow, Biglow)

Abigail and Abraham Belknap. Mar.8,1727.*

Lidia and Marlin Pratt, Sept.30,1731.*

BIGLOW (Bigelow, Biglo)

Abiel and Jonathan Stone, Oct.11,1716.*

Amos and Anne Brown, Feb.末,1784.*

Anne and John Rice, Mar.末,1795.*

Daniel and Rebeccah Earns, June27,1723.*

Daniel and Prudance Stone, July17,1746.*

Daniel and Martha Pratt, Mar.20,1754,*

Daniel and Elizabeth Gallot, Mar.末,1783.*

Deborah and Seth Herring, Aug.15,1802.*

Jedidia of Grafton, and Thamesin Nurse, Jan.27,1736-7.*

Joseph Jr. of Holliston, and Ruth Parker, Nov.末,1788.*

Josiah of Hopkinton, and Harriet Parker, Mar.20,1821.

Nathaniel Jr. and Anne Rider, Oct.末,1782.* (Oct.31,1782.CR1)

Prudence and Ezekiel Rice, May10,1753.*

Samuel of Waltham, and Betsy Sanger, Jan.末,1790.*

Sally and Simon Baker, Nov.25,1812.

Solomon of East Sudbury, and Lydia Haven of Sherborn, Apr.9,1801.*

Susanna and Stephen Jennings, June9,1715.*

BIGSBY (Bixby)

Joseph of Hopkinton, and Mehetabel Rugg, Mar.30,1732.*


Benjamin J. and Josephine E. Bailey, May18,1842.

Charles H. and Caroline M. Richardson, int.Sept.1,1844.

Elizabeth C. and James L. Colby of Marlboro, int.Jan.5,1845.


Frederick (Frederick A., int.) of Worcester, and Lucy (Lucy C., int.) Bent, Dec.1,1835.

William G. and Eleanor M. Friar, Jan.11,1829.


Thomas of Cambridge, and Bashsheba (Bathsheba, int.) Howe, June12,1808.

BIXBY (Bigsby, Byxby)

Hannah and Squire Haven, Mar.18,1754.*

Joel R. and Susan White, Apr.10,1828.

John C. of Hopkinton and Ruth E. Haven, Mar.31,1829.

Patty and Joseph Willington Page of Boston, Feb.16,1800.*

Martha M. and Winthrop E. Faulkner of Acton, Aug.24,1830.

Mary Ann C. and Peter Newton, Apr.13,1821.

Mehetable and James Haven, Nov.16,1752.*

Hitty and Dr. Daniel Stone of Sharon, Nov.30,1832.*

Sally and William Clark of Norfolk, VA, June10,1792.*


Alexander and Temperance Belcher, Mar.23,1837.

Joseph and Nancy Loker, both of Natick, Apr.6,1843.*


Henry and Selina Huntington Woodward, Jan.18,1829.

Thomas O. and Ann Jackson, July22,1831.


Adaline and Harvey Coan, Sept.29,1839.


Caroline and William S. Marsh of Springfield, int.Sept.12,1847.


Joseph and Nancy Wate, Oct.末,1789.*


Abigail of Newton, and Phinehas Eames, Dec.12,1751. In Newton.*


William Brigham (of Warren, int.), s.Aaron and Lydia, a.22y., and Catharine Augusta (Charlotte Augusta, int.) Kingsbury, d.Lawson and Sophia, a.21y., Apr.2,1845.

BLODGET (Bloggett)

Sarah of Sterling, and Asa Pike, Feb.末,1792.*

BLOGGETT (Blodget)

Abigail and Samuel Gates, Apr.11,1751.*


Elizabeth T. and Isaac Forbush, int.July19,1840.


Sarah Ann and Elijah Emerson, both of Waltham, June25,1846.CR1*


Francis of Sudbury, and Polly Hemenway, Jan.29,1801.*


Mary of Medway, and Elbra Hemenway, int.Aug.7,1836.

William of Watertown, and Hitty Edgell, Sept.末,1786.*


William and Elizabeth H. Eaton of Sudbury, int.Nov.29,1826.


Beaty and Elizabeth Brown, Feb.5,1816. (Negroes.CR1)

BOUTWELL (Bowtell)

James and Rachel Walkup, Mar.9,1743-4. In Sudbury.*


Grenville of Sherborn, and Eleauor J. Grout, int.Dec.10,1843*


Arthur of Sudbury, and Nancy Eaton, Apr.30,1840.


Francis and Almira Rice, Dec.20,1821.


Matilda of Sudbury, and John Fletcher of Boxborough, July4,1839.*

Samuel and Loes Harrod, both of Hopkinton, Sept.3,1767.*


Charlotte C. of Westboro, and Daniel N. Smith, int.Oct.20,1825.

Molly of Westboro, and Daniel Holbrook, Apr.14,1790. In Westboro.*

Roswell and Casandana Persons, int.Jan.26,1845.

BOWTELL (Boutwell)

Sarah of Reading, and Samuel Cole, July24,1728. In Reading.*


John M. of Marlboro, s.John and Sophia, and Elizabeth Tayntor, d.Joel and Persis, Sept.14,1846.


Judith and Salvanus Ballard, May7,1755.*

BOYENTON (Boyington, Boynton)

Nathan of Waltham, and Beulah Eaton, Dec.31,1778. In Sudbury.*

BOYINGTON (Boyenton, Boynton)

Perkins and Fally Bennet, Nov.末,1802.*


Michael and Catharine Nichols, Dec.6,1845.

BOYNTON (Boyenton, Boyington)

Clarrissa and Sumner B. Horton, Mar.20,1833.

Eliza and John Seavy Jr. of Natick, Feb.11,1840.

Frances and John Lovett of Boston, Apr.9,1832.

Harriet (Harriet N., int.) and Edwin Sanger, Nov.21,1832.

Henry of Waltham, and Hepzibah Parmenter, int.Oct.7,1838.

Joseph B. and Susan B. Sanger, int.Nov.6,1836.

Mary W. and Cyrus Robbins of Acton, Oct.9,1834*.CR2

Nancy E. and Appleton Belknap, Apr.9,1832.

Otis and Sarah Wilson of Lancaster, int.Aug.3,1822.

BRACKET (Brackett)

Eliza and Samuel Cutting Jr., June8,1826.

Lydia K. and Elhridge G. Eaton, June28,1836.CR2

Solomon and Lydia Parkburst, Aug.19,1794.*

BRACKETT (Bracket)

Amos and Almira Morse of Hopkinton, June11,1829.

Josiah P. and Susan Edmunds, Oct.4,1837.

Mary W. and Gilbert (Gilbert J., int.) Childs, June12,1834.CR2

William and Mary P. Smith of Sudbury, int.July3,1830.


Josiah C. of Charlestown, and Almira Hemenway, Nov.27,1834.CR2


Thomas and Ann McKever, int.Oct.1,1849.


Sarah F. and Isaac Dench of Newton, June4,1833.


Osgood of Worcester, and Fanny Sanger, Oct.末,1823.*


John M., s.John, and Harriet Green, d.Edward and Margaret, Nov.23,1846.


Thomas J., Col., of Providence, RI, and Elizabeth Rice, int.Dec.16,1819.


John and Mary McGrath, int.June24,1849.

BREWER (Bruer, Bruwer)

Abigail and Edmund Town of Hoosack Fort, Jan.6,1755.*

Nabby and Simon Cutler (Jr., int.) of Medway, May15,1814.

Charlotte and Jesse Davis, Dec.23,1804.*

Cornelia S., d.Henry and Susan, a.25y., and Ward B. Farrar of Newbury, VT, s.Peter and Persis, a.27y., June28,1849.

Darius of Dorchester, and Harriet Buckminster, Sept.3,1816.

David and Comfort Wheeler of Medway, Nov.20,1777. In Medway.*

David of Dorchester, and Olive Nurse, Dec.25,1817.

Dexter of Westbrook, ME, and Mary Ann Clayes, May21,1835.

Eliza and John Loyd of Milton, Aug.9,1805.*

Eliza and Otis Fairbank of Holliston, Mar.22,1820.

Eliza W. (Eliza J., int.), d.David and Olive, a.18y., and Thomas Washburn, s.Thomas, dec., and 末末, a.23y., Sept.5,1848.

Henry and Susan Nurse, Feb.20,1821.

James, Dea., of Sudbury, and Johannah Singletary, May20,1731.*

Larkin of Boston, and Sally Nurse, Dec.27,1825.

Mary and James Demmon, Dec.12,1815.

Mary J. (Mary Jane, int.) and James W. Brown, Apr.14,1841.

Moses and Elizabeth Davis, Dec.4,1751.*

Nancy and Nathan Bruce of Southboro, Apr.8,1819.

Peter and Abigail Pratt, Dec.22,1748.*

Peter of Southboro, and Sophia Nurse, Apr.7,1819.

Rufus and Mary Nurse, Feb.28,1813.

Rufus F. and Charlotte M. Clisby of Medford, int.Sept.11,1848.

Samuel and Martha Bent, Mar.10,1740.*

Susan B. and Otis F. Hastings, Sept.22,1841.


Joseph and Hepsibah Bruce, Aug.25,1768. In Hopkinton.*

Sarah Thayer and Parkman Bemis of Southboro, Dec.12,1816.

BRIDGE (Bridges)

Ann and Timothy Harrington of Lancaster, Apr.11,1780. In Sudbury.*

Eleanor and Capt. Samuell Ingersol of Salem, May31,1781.*

Sally (Sarah, dup.) and Rev. David Kellogg, May27,1781.*

BRIDGES (Bridge)

Bethiah and Benjamin Nurse, Nov.22,1749.*

Caleb and Saraih Bruer, Nov.26,1700.*

Caleb and Elisabeth Stanhope, Sept.23,1731.*

David and Keziah Drury, Apr.25,1750. In Sudbury.*

Deliverance and James Wilson, Jan.21,1719-20.*

Elizabeth and Isaac Whitney, Sept.27,1722.*

Elisabeth and Dea.Moses Haven. Nov.27,1735.*

Gideon and Mary Wilson, May23,1723.*

Hachaliah and Sarah Rug, Nov.11,1728.*

James of Southbury, and Mary Brown, Apr.24,1751.*

Lyman and Harriet Chamberlain, both of Holliston, May29,1832*

Martha and Abraham Ball of Holliston, Jan.13,1732.*

Mehittabel and Daniel Hovey of Oxford, Nov.24,1726.*

Sarah and Moses Haven, Apr.14,1720.*


James, Rev., of Brimfield, and Martha Winchester, Nov.1,1739.*


Charles M. of Boston, and Mary Ann Ballord, Nov.3,1840.


Asa and Elizabeth Swift Babcock of Watertown, int.Dec.9,1810.

Caroline C. of Wayland and William H. Ingraham, Jan.17,1843.

Eliza and John Works, Nov.19,1827.

Eliza of Waltham, and Jefferson Reed, int.Aug.25,1833.

Hannah and Jabez Rice, both of Marlborough, June7,1732.*

Jane E. and Samuel W. Kendall, Dec.5,1838.

Lucy Ann and Henry H. Hartt of Chelsea, Dec.3,1835.

Lydia and Dexter Bigelow, Jan.5,1824.

Sabylla of Marlboro, and Ebenezer Goddard, Jan.27,1736.*

Sophia of East Sudbury, and Josiah Stone Jr., int.Feb.28,1830.

Zipporah and John Warrin, both of Marlborough, June7,1733.*

BRINDLEY (Brinley, Brintly)

Bethiah and Aaron Pike, Feb.末,1794.*

BRINLEY (Brindly, Brintly)

Mary and Zacheus Fairbanks, Mar.3,1779. In Sudbury.*

Nathaniel and Catharine Cradock, Apr.18,1770. In Boston.*

BRINTLY (Brindley, Brinley)

Esther and Ebenezer Winch, Dec.17,1775. In Concord.*

BRINTNALL (Brintnell)

Submit and Richard Taylor of Sudbury, July23,1741. In Sudbury.*

William of Sudbury, and Zeruiah Buckminster, Dec.19,1729. In Sudbury.*

BRINTNELL (Brintnall)

Eunice of Hopkinton, and Amos Johnson Jr., Nov.27,1816.


William and Dinah Cutting, Oct.22,1740.*


Nabby of Natick, and Abel Drury of New Salem, Dec.1,1803.*

John and Emeline Coolidge, wid., d.Aaron and Jerusha Bullard, a.34y., Mar.31,1847.

Luther and Becca Morse, both of Natick, Mar.11,1802.*

Martha M. of Natick, and George E. Clark, Apr.15,1841.


Oren and Julia Ann Wright, Mar.12,1828.


Abigail of Sudbury, and Nathan Winch, Feb.18,1769. In Sudbury.*

Abigail M. and George Parmenter of Sudbury, int.Mar.7,1841.

Anna M. and Edwin H. Warren, int.Oct.7,1838.

Anna F. and Charles Washburn, Esq. of Worcester, int.Jan.17,1847.

Anne and Amos Biglow, Feb.末,1784.*

Benjamin and Lucy Ann Leland May14,1840.

Charles (of Sudbury, int.), and Sally A. Trowbridge, Apr.30,1845.

Doretha of Sturbridge, and Jesse Arnes, Apr.8,1777. In Sturbridge.*

Ebenezer and Keziah Nixon,末蔓末,1788.* (July6,1788.CR1)

Elizabeth of Sudbury, and Isaac Stone, July24,1722. In Watertown.*

Elizabeth and Beaty Boston, Feb.5,1816. (Negroes.CR1)

Elizabeth and Peter Wade, Feb.2,1843. In Natick.

Ellen and Anson L Hobert of Freehold, NJ, May10,1838.

Eunice of Sudbury, and Elias Parmenter, June25,1797. In Sudbury.*

Frederick and Ruth Emes, July末,1786.* (July2,1786.CR1)

Hamilton and Adelia Spaulding of Westminster, int.Jan.12,1834.

Hepzibah of Sudbury, and Luther Belknap, Mar.18,1799. In Sudbury.*

James and Rebeccah Eaton, Oct.18,1733.*

James and Nancy Fisk, Nov.4,1807.

James W. and Mary J. (Mary Jane, int.) Brewer, Apr.14,1841.

John and Patty Rice, May末,1786.* (May25,1786.CR1)

Joseph and Deborah Sanger, Nov.8,1781.*

Joseph and Sarah Wood of Mendon, int.Feb.28,1820.

Learned and Sarah Rice, Nov.26,1829.

Lucinda and Josiah Gigger of Natick, Nov.14,1804.*

Lucy Ann and Augustin Leland of Pawtucket, RI, Thursday, Apr.9,1835.

Luther of Malden, and Ruth Rice, Dec.25,1816.

Maria B. and Rev. James A. Kindall of Medfield, int.May12,1833.

Martha and Phillip Gleason, May6,1714.*

Patty and Jesse Winch of East Sudbury, Mar.末,1788.*

Martha and Daniel Cutting of New Marlboro, NH, Nov.末,1796.* (Nov.3,1796.CR1)

Martha and James Munroe, Dec.25,1846.

Mary and Abraham Belknap, Feb.26,1740.*

Mary and James Bridges of Southbury, Apr.24,1751.*

Mary and Samuel Parris of East Sudbury, May10,1789. In East Sudbury.*

Mary and Rev. Jonas Colburn of Leverett, Feb.19,1824.

Mary Ann and Henry A. Childs of Le Roy, NY, June14,1836. In Holliston.

Mary Jane of Lowell, and David Gordon, int.Jan.7,1844.

Mehetabell of Roxbury, and Michal Pike, May28,1706.*

Nancy and Josiah Child, Mar.31,1796.*

Nancy and Samuel Dudley of Dover, NH, Feb.25,1819.

Nathaniel and Elanor Hayden of Sudbury, Dec.29,1761. In Sudbury.*

Nathaniel and Mary J. Cook, int.Aug.16,1846.

Rebecca and Samuel Haynes, both of Natick, Oct.16,1800.*

Ruhamah Willington and Luther S. French, Oct.7,1809.

Samuel of Sudbury, and Zeruiah Adams, May19,1742.*

Sarah D. and Samuel Prescott, int.May4,1845.

Sepronia and 末末 Bruce, Aug.末,1831.CR2*

Susan Maria and Walter Morse of Natick, int.Aug.29,1847.

Susanna and John Nurse, Nov.8,1781.*

Susanna of Sudbury, and Ezra Parmenter, Aug.11,1791. In Sudbury.*

William and Elizabeth Conant of Concord, Mar.5,1746. In Concord.*

William Jr. of Boston, and Sally Kellogg, May9,1805.*

William M. and Rhoda (Rhoda M., int.) Nash, Feb.27,1842.

Zerviah of Sudbury, and Luke Fairbanks, Aug.11,1799. In Sudbury.*


末末, and Sepronia Brown, Aug.末,1831.CR2*

Benjamin and Abigail Morse of Sherburn, Dec.16,1719.*

Chandler, widr., s.Hugh and Sally, a.51y., and Ann Gallaher (Gallagher, int.), wid., a.38y., Oct.21,1849.

Elisha of Southbury, and Ruth Parmenter, Jan.8,1754.*

Elizabeth and Joseph Angier, Dec.16,1719.*

Hepsibah and Joseph Brick, Aug.25,1768. In Hopkinton.*

John and Mary Potter of Marlboro, Jan.11,1733. In Marlboro.*

John and Asenath Knowlton, Sept.29,1823.

Nathan of Southboro, and Nancy Brewer, Apr.8,1819.

Sarah and Joseph Chaddock, Nov.22,1756. In Hopkinton.*

BRUER (Brewer, Bruwer)

Mary and Benjamin Ball, Mar.29,1704.*

Saraih and Caleb Bridges, Nov.26,1700.*

BRUMMETT (Brummitt)

Hannah and George Frazier, May28,1843.

William J., s.Mathew, a.23y., and Sarah Bell, a.22y., Sept.26,1844.*

BRUMMITT (Brummett)

Matthew and Ann Moore, July31,1819.

BRUWER (Brewer, Bruer)

Elizebeth and Daniel Prat Jr., May20,1745. In Hopkinton.*


Edward S. and Bridget Ferguson, int.July2,1848.

Jane M. and Loring B. Morse of Marlboro (of Grafton, int.), Apr.24,1842.


Spaulding of Worcester, s.Austin and Sarah of Norway, ME, a.27y., b. in Paris, ME, and Ellen L. Haven, d.Willard and Milisant, a.19y., Oct.8,1846.

BUCKMINSTER (Bucminster)

Anna and Rev. Abraham Williams of Sandwich, Sept.11,1751. In Hopkinton.*

Anne and Charles Fisk, Nov.30,1813.

Caroline and John I. Clark, Aug.26,1813.

Eliza and Levi Eaton, May19,1825.

Fanny and George Morey (Jr., int), Esq. of Boston, May29,1823.

Hannah and Daniel Gregory, Oct.3,1795.*

Hannah and William Hastings 2d, Sept.末,1827.

Harriet and Darius Brewer of Dorchester, Sept.3,1816.

Joseph and Martha Dall, Feb.7,1716. In Boston.*

Joseph and Sarah Lawson of Hopkinton, June18,1719.*

Joseph and Betsey Bacon, Apr.18,1799.*

Lawson and Mary Jones, May4,1759. In Hopkinton.*

Lawson Jr. and Nancy Howe, Nov.19,1807.

Martha and Ebenezer Winchester, Feb.13,1717-8.*

Martha and Obediah Curtis of Boston, Dec.28,1751.*

Martha and Abijah Stone of Westboro, May21,1812.

Nancy and Daniel Bell of State of NY, July17,1801.*

Ruth and Eli Bullard, Esq., May末,1794.*

Sarah and Bezaleel Rice, June23,1720.*

Sally and Daniel Stone Jr., July末,1788.* (July10,1788.CR1)

Sabilla and John White, Jan.24,1728.*

Susan and Dr. John Cotten of Salem, Aug.8,1815.

Thomas, Capt, and Keziah Bacon, Feb.末,1794.*

William, Esq. of Vassalboro, ME, and Sally Larrabee of Malden, Oct.21,1812.

William, Esq. and Lydia Hastings of Brighton, int.May21,1848.

Zeruiah and William Brintnall of Sudbury, Dec.19,1729. In Sudbury.*

BUCMINSTER (Buckminster)

Elizebath and John Wond, Mar.3,1704-5.*

Joanna and John Emms, June23,1712.*

BULLARD (Bullord)

Alpheus and S.E. Belknap, Oct.3,1844.*

Caroline and Obed Winter, Apr.1,1827.

Cyrus and Lucy Goodnow, May14,1837.

Dana and Betsy Goodenow, Dec.10,1818.

Eleazer of Holliston, and Martha Parker, Nov.1,1793.*

Eli, Esq. and Ruth Buckminster, May末,1794.*

Ellen D. and Levi Johnson, int.Mar.12,1848.

Emily E., d.Dana and Elizabeth, a.20y., and Joseph F. Tappan of Newburyport, s.Joseph and Sarah, a.25y., Nov.25,1845.

Emeline and Henry W. Coolidge, Apr.19,1831.

Ester and Jonathan Flagg Jr., Nov.28,1799.*

George and Mary Cutting Bullard of East Sudbury, int.May26,1833.

Harriot of Holliston, and Newell Nurse, int.Apr.1,1819.

Isaac of Holliston, and Angeline Fobes, int.Mar.16,1834.

Joseph and Ellen (Ellen M., int.) Cuttler, Nov.30,1842.

Lydia and Ezekiel Rice Jr., May末,1782.*

Lydia and James Greenwood 2d, Nov.24,1813.

Lydia P. (Lydia Partridge. int.) and Hollis Clayes, Dec.5,1822.

Mary of Holliston, and John Haven, Mar.9,1731-2. In Holliston.*

Mary Cutting of East Sudbury, and George Bullard, int.May26,1833.

Mary Maria and James A. (James Augustus, int.) Loker of Natick, Nov.27,1839.

Nancy and Otis Fairbank of Boston, Jan.25,1826.

Samuel A. and Mirandel S. Gibbs of Sudbury, int.Mar.12,1825.

Seth of Holliston, and Lydia Haven, Oct.18,1752.*

Susan L., a.20y., and John S. Thompson, s.wid.末末, a.23y., Nov.26,1846.

William and Jeanett Osborne, Aug.22,1709. In Hopkinton.*

BULLEN (Bullin)

Lewis of Medway, and Esther Grout, June24,1818.

BULLIN (Bullen)

Lucindia S. and Tillotson H. Hall, both of Hopkinton, Oct.10,1841.*

BULLORD (Bullard)

Albert of Boston, and Caroline Fisk, Dec.11,1838.

Hannah J. (Ballord, int.) and Horace (Horace R., int.) Daniels, Apr.3,1839.

John J. and Rachel Colburn, int.Dec.11,1836.


Jane and John Walkup, s.Rufus and Nancy, a.20y., Nov.25,1847.

Sarah and Charles Neal, July4,1842.


John and Experience Read of Sudbury, Mar.22,1792. In Sudbury.*


Edward Jr. of North Reading, and Emily Parmenter, int.Jan.15,1843.


Thomas S. and Emily C. Moore of Hopkinton, Apr.30,1840.


Isaac and Caroline Wood of Concord, int.Feb.20,1824.

BURNES (Byrnes)

Christopher and Ellen Fitzpatrick of Billerica, int.July12,1848.


Nathan of Barre, and Anne Nurse, Aug.23,1792.*


Daniel of Littleton, and Martha Dadman, Nov.20,1804.*

Josiah of Hopkinton, and Patty Claffiin, May14,1817.*

Sally and John Gallot, Apr.末,1794.*


Hannah of Boston, and Gilbert Haven, int.July13,1811.


William and Helena M. Sullivan, int.Aug.4,1842.


Aaron Jr. of Boston, and Mehitable Greenwood, Oct.20,1816.

Ann and Arba Shaw, Apr.17,1831.

Dexter and Ruth Belcher, May31,1820.

Eben N. (Ebenezer N., int.) and Mary Dadmund (Dadmun, int.), Oct.9,1831.CR2

Jeremiah of Sherborn, and Emily Pratt, Nov.5,1818.

John and Johannah Earns, Mar.19,1740.*

John of Middleton, and Mary Jane Barker, int.May26,1839.

Jonathan W. and Lucinda Parmenter, int.Apr.12,1845.

Louisa and Adenason Parminter, int.Dec.21,1821.

Olivia and William S.H. Leeds, int.May17,1826.

Olivia and Reuben Gleason of Sudbury, Apr.7,1831.

Phinehas and Bathshaba Graves.Apr.29,1755.*

Rachel and Ichabod Morse of Concord, Dec.1,1831.

William of Cavendish, VT, and Catharine Dedman, Feb.25,1797キ*

BUTRICK (Buttrick)

Stephen of Concord, and Patty Wheeler of Lincoln, Dec.6,1801.*


David C. of Brighton, and Mary F. Hemenway.Apr.26,1829.


Louisa W. and George E. Kendall, Feb.17,1842.

BUTTRICK (Butrick)

Eliza W. (Eliza Wheeler, int.) and Rev. George (George R., int.) Noyes of Brookfield, May8,1828.

Jonas and Lucy Farrer of Concord, int.Apr.3,1819.

Martha A. and Rev. Edmund B. Willson of Grafton, May8,1844.CR1


John and Polly Newton of Southhoro, int.Feb.2,1822.

BYRNES (Burnes)

Martin and Mary Ann Callahan, int.Jan.5,1845.

BYXBEE (Bixby, Byxby)

Lydia and David Cutler of Holliston, Mar.24,1768. In Charlestown.*

BYXBY (Bixby, Byxbee)

Nathan and Martha Twichell of Sherborn, Oct.3,1771. In Sherborn.

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