Mary Ann and John Reeves, int.Dec.1,1849.


Jacob and Mary Ann Patch of Stow, int.Apr.27,1833.


Mary Ann and George Sweney, int.Sept.3,1843.

Mary Ann and Martin Byrnes, int.Jan.5,1845.


Toby and Rose Mingo, Jan.4,1738-9.*


Daniel of Worcester, and Bulah Stone, Sept.22,1780. In Sherborn.*

CANE (Kane)

Mary and Martin Hanlay of Boston, int.Oct.23,1842.


Edmund M. and Eunice Dadmun, Apr.9,1822.


Mary and Samuell Walker Jr., Sept.28,1738.*


Abby C., d.Andrew and Elizabeth, a.21y., and Derby M. Gerry, s.Derby and Mary, a.25y., both of Lowell, Sept.14,1848.*

Sarah M. and James Williams nf Lynn, Mar.25,1847.*


Hugh and Rosanna McGolly, int.Nov.30,1843.


Andrew S. and Lucy Ann Warren, Feb.末,1844.CR1 (Jan.21,1844, int.)

Chellis C. and Mary Walkup, Nov.24,1842.

Joseph and Amelia Neal, Apr.27,1845.

Mary E. and John M. Gay, int.Apr.8,1838.

Nathaniel I. and Peluna Johnson, Feb.14,1847.*

Sarah J. and Joseph Hill, Oct.8,1846.

Susan and Charles Homer (Hosmer, int.), Sept.13,1830.

William H. and Caroline M. Harriman, int.Oct.8,1848.


Bridget anll Timothy McGrant, int.Oct.31,1846.


Edward and Ruth Knowlton, both of Hopkinton, Sept.27,1733.*


Charlotte and Timothy (Timothy S., int.) Travis of Natick, Apr.23,1834.GR2

Mary and Luther Kendall, Oct.31,1813.

Samuel of Needham, and Ruth Bellmap, July8,1811.


Elizabeth Jane and Stephen Locke, Nov.11,1841. In Burlington.


Catherine N. and James Smith, May7,1840.


Joseph and Sarah Bruce, Nov.22,1756. In Hopkinton.

Susannah and Aaron Davis, both of Milford, Aug.12,1783.*


David F. of Sudbury, and Lucy A. (Lucy Ann, int.) Larrabee. Nov.8,1843.

Liberty and Emily Laribee, July9,1839.


William G. of Boston, and Susan S. Childs, d.Windsor, Apr.16,1845.


Aaron and Nancy W. Winch, int.Feb.18,1849.

Eliza Ann and William Johnson of Westboro, Aug.22,1832.

George D. and Mary A. Kendall of Sherborn, Oct.28,1849.

Harriet and Lyman Bridges, hath of Holliston, May29,1832.*

Lemuel of Southboro, and Mehitable Bacon, int.May27,1815.

Maria and Charles Hathaway of Grafton, June16,1845.CR2

Mary of Holliston, and Simon Pratt, Jan.3,1750.*


Ebenezer of Mendon, and Abigail Whitney, Mar.29,1743.*

Ruth, wid.Sherborn and Ezekiel Rice, Jan.8,1772. In Sherborn.*


Alexander and Eliza Ball of Holliston, int.Sept.11,1836.

Alexander, s.Thomas and Nancy, a.33y., widr., and Mary Randall. d.Ebenezer and Olive, a.37y., Jan.1,1845.

Prince of Roxbury, s.Nathan and Hannah of Nobleboro, ME, a.27y., and Eliza Ann Reed, d.Daniel and Mary O., a.19y., Oct.12,1846.


Catherine and Albert Knowlton of Jaffrey, NH, Aug.31,1834.


Catharine and Winfield S. Holden, July21,1844.

Harriet of Southboro, and Sumner Merrit, Aug.10,1834.

Harrison of Marlboro, s.Luther and Joanna.a.21y., and Emeline Newton of Ashland d.Peter and Maria of Ashland a.16y., Apr.29,1847.*

Lorinne A. of Boston, and Dr. George Kingsbury, May28,1845.CR2


John and Mary Clap of Sudbury, July7,1730. In Sudbury.*

John of Sudbury, and Hannah Eaton, Dec.11,1753.*

Mary of Marlboro, and Elisha Jones 2d, int.May6,1820.


David Jr. of Boylston, and Sarah W. Gearfield, int.Mar.7,1847.

Louisa and Charles H. Peirce of Newton, int.Aug.12,1848.


Caroline and William Gardner, Mar.12,1840.

John and Adaline Upham of Lowell, int.Sept.5,1841.

Lois and George Walkup, Apr.3,1831.

Martha and Seth Kimhall, Nov.26,1840.

Mary and Ebenezer Claflin, May15,1828.

Sarah S. and Samuel Moulton, May5,1842.

CHILD (Childs)

Curtis and Susan Nurse, Feb.23,1826.

Daniel and Abigail Hayden of Marlboro, June16,1796.*

Josiah and Nancy Brown, Mar.31,1796.*

CHILDS (Child)

Abigail A.E. and Joel Edmunds, Apr.4,1838.

Chester of Worcester, and Hannah Flagg, May7,1829.

David and Betsey Jones, Nov.23,1808.

Betsy (child, dup.) and Amos Johnson of Southboro, Aug.6,1786. In Southboro.*

Emily and Joseph W. Goodno of Sudbury, Jan.7,1836.

Gilbert (Gilbert J., int.) and Mary W. Brackett, June12,1834.CR2

Harriet and Zenas Parmenter, int.June22,1845.

Henry A of Le Roy, NY, and Mary Ann Brown, June14,1836. In Holliston.

Martha and Artemas Jones, Dec.2,1813.

Mary and Jesse Lamson, Aug.29,1826.

Peda and William Foley of Waltham, Oct.29,1808.

Sarah J. and Sewell Stone of Millbury, July8,1841.

Susan S., d.Windsor, and William G. Chaffee of Boston, Apr.16,1845.

Windsor and Roxa Rice of Sudbury, int.Dec.15,1816.


Charles and Sally Thompson, int.Nov.24,1833.

CLAFFLIN (Claflin)

Patty and Josiah Burnham of Hopkinton, May14,1817.*

Sarah and David Prat, Mar.10,1723-4.*

CLAFLIN (Claffiin)

Nabby and Ephraim Newton, Mar.末,1784.* (Mar.2,1784.CR1)

Abijah and Louisa Dadmun, Dec.25,1823.

Abijah S., s.Micah and SaIly, and Olive R. Morse, Mar.30,1847.

Alvin and Nancy Claflin, June22,1823.

Asa and Jane Dougherty, Apr.末,1793.*

Daniel and Rachel Prat, Dec.21,1726.*

David and Anna (Anna P., int.) Collins, Apr.9,1834.

David and Sarah S. Haven of Hopkinton, int.Oct.25,1846.

David and Polly Peirce of Hopkinton, int.Apr.9,1848.

Ebenezer and Mary Chickering, May15,1828.

Elizabeth and Nathaniel Pike of Hopkinton, June23,1799. In Hopkinton.*

Increase and Sarah Stimson, Apr.末,1782.* (Apr.4,1782.CR1)

Lowell and Miranda S. Perry, both of Hopkinton, Apr.23,1829.*

Polly of Holliston, and Senica Wenzell, int.Jan.15,1832.

Micah and Sally Winch, Jan.3,1821.

Nancy ann Alvin Claflin, June22,1823.

Nancy, d.William and Sally, a.42y., wid., and Truman Keyes, s.John and Martha, a.35y., Dec.8,1845.

Sarah and Benjamin Morse, Nov.29,1792.*

William and SaIly Dougherty, Oct.16,1794.*

William and Malorie Spaulding of Leominster, int.Apr.25,1829.

CLAP (Clapp)

Mary of Sudbury, and John Cheney, July7,1730. In Sudbury.*

CLAPP (Clap)

George P. of Scituate, and Ann Potter, Nov.28,1839.

Lemuel D. of Dorchester, and Abigail H. Eaton, Nov.30,1836.

CLARK (Clarke)

Alexander Jr. and Nancy Daniels, June23,1835.*

Alexander Jr. and Abigail B. Adams of Sherborn, int.Mar.22,1840.

Almy and Artemas Parker, Jan.21,1806.

Ann and James Dodd of Boston, Oct.22,1816.

Caroline E. and Nathaniel Lombard, Dec.23,1840.

Charles and Rebeccah Sanger, Jan.28,1816.

Edward and Lucinda Allard, int.Oct.2,1836.

Edward A. and Eleanor B. Wheeler, Jan.17,1844.CR1

Betsey and Jonathan Holden of Windsor, VT, June19,1810.

Ezra and Emeline (Emeline W., int.) Hemenway, Apr.29,1832.

George E. and Martha M. Broad of Natick, Apr.15,1841.

Isaac 2d and Tabitha Winch, int.Feb.21,1812.

Isaac and Almira Osborn, Sept.24,1833.*

John of Hopkinton, and Mary Dadmun (Dadman, int.), Aug.30,1808.

John I. and Caroline Buckminster, Aug.26,1813.

John, s.John, a.28y., and Harriet P. Andrews of Webster, a.30y., Dec.1,1845.

John Jr. and Sarah M. Haynes, int.Nov.4,1848.

Jonas and Abigail Ballord, int.Oct.13,1814.

Jonathan and Anne Wilson, May2,1745.*

Martha and Joseph Willard, Jan.5,1715-6.*

Polly and Abraham Eager, Dec.末,1785.*

Mary and Dea.Calvin French of Needham, June29,1837.

Matthias and Lidia Eaton, Oct.17,1729.*

Mercy of Cambridge, and Joseph Gibbs, July1,1712. In Cambridge.*

Olivia and Jesse Eaton of Boston, June16,1811.

Rebecca and Samuel Stone, June14,1737.*

Richard S., s.Charles and Rebecca, and Eunice C. Newton, d.John, Dec.29,1845.

Samuel of Sherborn, and Mary Moore, Jan.15,1746.*

Samuel of Hopkinton, and Asenath Dalrymple, Nov.25,1806.*

Sally and Elijah Pike. both of Hopkinton, Feb.25,1796.*

Sally and John W. Perry, both of Natick, Jan.30,1811.*

Tabitha P. of Medway, and Daniel Hemenway, int.Nov.16,1834.

William of Norfolk, VA, and Sally Bixby, June10,1792.*

William of Hopkinton, and Hannah Dedman, Jan.11,1801.*

William M. and Maria Bigelow, Oct.22,1835.

CLARKE (Clark)

Isaac and Mary Stone, Apr.21,1740.*

Sarah and Thomas Drury, June10,1719.*

CLAYES (Cloyce, Cloyes, Cloyse)

Nabby and James Nichols of Shrewsbury, int.Oct.12,1811.

Abigail and Joseph Nichols of Shrewsbury, Dec.17,1811.

Addison D., s.Jonas and Susan, a.25y., and Harriet M. Walkup, d.William and Esther, a.21y., Nov.22,1848.

Clarissa and Thomas B. Haven of Shrewsbury, Nov.末,1815. (Int., Oct.28,1815.)

Desire and Samuel Haven, Aug.末,1784.*

Desire and Daniel Hemenway, Apr.末,1789.*

Elijah and Levina Hemenway, Mar.末,1790.*

Elijah and Asenath Morse. Jan.22,1812.

Eliza and Isaac Stevens, Dec.12,1819.

Eunice L. and Dr. Benjamin Pond (Jr., int.) of Westboro, Nov.1,1832.

Eveline and Eliphalet Hastings, Nov.10,1842.

Hannah and Josiah Wilson of Hopkinton, Apr.22,1735.*

Hephzebath and Ebenezer Herenton of Watertown, Feb.3,1707-8.*

Hollis and Lydia P. (Lydia Partridge, int.) Bullard, Dec.5,1822.

James and Lydia Earns, July24,1735.*

John and Elisabeth Morse, Dec.10,1730.*

John and Zurviah Town, Nov.22,1748.*

Jonas, Col. and Susan Morse, June28,1822.

Josiah Jr. and Lydia Metcalf of Hopkinton, May5,1828.

Keziah and William Goddard of Shrewsbury, Jan.26,1726-7.*

Polly and Robert Emes of Whitestown, NY, Jan.24,1793.*

Mary Ann and Dexter Brewer of Westbrook, ME, May21,1835.

Mehitable and Eliphalet Hastings, Apr.2,1835.

Micajah and Dorothy Morse, Jan.26,1800.*

Peter, Capt. and Polly Nixon, Jan.末,1785.*

Ruth and Uriah Jennings of Whitestown, NY, Dec.末,1790.*

Ruth and William Gleason. Oct.8,1799.

Sally and Fortunatus Nichols, Sept.末,1783.*

Susannah and Simon Goddard, Nov.2,1727.*

CLEASBY (Clisby)

Julia Ann and Isaiah E. Woodbury, Oct.15,1837.


Fanny of Claremont, NH, and Ira Mitchel, int.May26,1833.

Lucy M. of Croydon, NH, and Ira A. Johnson, int.Apr.2,1848.


Mary and Luther Rice, May26,1817.

CLISBY (Cleasby)

Charlotte M. of Medford, and Rufus F. Brewer, int.Sept.11,1848.

CLOVES (Clayes, Cloyce, Cloyse)

Experience and John Parker of Shrewsbury, Feb.18,1730. In Shrewsbury.*

John and Desire Perry of Sherborn, Mar.25,1762. In Sherborn.*

Josiah and Eunice Look of Medfield, June1,1795. In Medfield.*

Josiah and Eunice Dadnmn, June4,1840.

CLOYCE (Clayes, Cloyes, Cloyse)

James and Abigail Gleason, May28,1740.*

Mary and Jonathan Morse, May16,1734.*

CLOYSE (Clayes, Cloyee, Cloyes)

Peter and Susanna Beeres of Watertown, Jan.2,1704. In Watertown.*


Harvey and Adaline Blaisdell, Sept.29,1839.


Cyrus of Boston, and Debby Manson, Aug.12,1806.*

Nancy s.Holliston, and Charles B. Sanfor of Brookfield, Oct.28,1841.*


Charles G., s.Asa and Hannah, a.23y., and Angeline White, d.Jeremiah and Alice, a.20y., Aug.27,1844. In Hopkinton.

COGGIN (Cogin)

Henry of Natick, and Nancy Fairbanks, June20,1832.

Mary and William Ward of Worcester, Feb.20,1732-3.*

COGIN (Coggin)

Henry of Sudbury, and Mary Ston, May25,1730. In Sudbury.*


Lydia Emeline and John T. Forrister, Aug.1,1837. In Fitchburg.


Calvin and Caroline M. Minor, Nov.25,1840.

Daniel (David, int.) and Susan F.A. Parkust (Parkhurst, int.), Sept.末,1831.CR2 (Int. Sept.1,1831.)

Elijah, Dr., of Dunstable, NH, and Sarah (Sally, int.) Belknap, June22,1826.

Jonas, Rev., of Leverett, and Mary Brown, Feb.19,1824.

Rachel and John J. Bullord, int.Dec.11,1836.

Sarah and Lyman Fay of Hopkinton, Apr.12,1838.


James L, of Marlboro, and Elizabeth C. Bill, int.Jan.5,1845.


Archibald M. and Eliza L. Gilman, int.Apr.末,1844.

Betsey and Jonathan Hill, Apr.16,1817.

Polly and Micajah Gleason of Union, Mar.22,1801.*

Olive of Sherborn, and Jonas Leland Oct.17,1793. In Sherborn.*

Rhoda and Fisher Hart, int.Mar.13,1808.

Samuel and Sarah Bowtell of Reading, July24,1728. In Reading.

Sally and Simeon Steams of Bedford, Apr.8,1802.*


末末, and Christopher Nickson, Aug.16,1748.

Mary and Samuel Holland Oct.9,1695. In Marlboro.

Priscilla and Peter Gallop, Jan.10,1733-4.*


Anna (Anna P., int.) and David Claflin, Apr.9,1834.

Benjamin of Southboro, and Rebecca Morse, Apr.8,1781. In Southboro.*

Eliza Jane of Southboro, and George G. Este, int.Mar.14,1847.

Betsy of Roxbury, and Joseph Moore of Malden, Nov.28,1805.*

Hiram, s.John and Sarah of Southboro, a.25y., and Abigail Davis, d.Timothy, a.23y., Apr.4,1849.

Margaret of Wayland a.23y., and James W. Dudley of Wayland.s.John V. and Eliza, a.24y., Sept.6,1848.

Mary and Edmund Murphy, int.Oct.8,1848.


Deborah and Jonas Haskell, int.Feb.23,1828.


Joseph of Southboro, and Elesabeth Allard, Sept.11,1753.*


Nabby and Jonas (Jonah, dup.) Smith of Watertown, Nov.末,1806.*

Antimas and Relief Haven, May25,1800.*

Catharine Maria and Samuel Aston, Apr.25,1829.

Elizabeth of Concord, and William Brown, Mar.5,1746. In Concord.*

Emily and Joseph Higgens, Apr.12,1824.

Mary Ann and Charles Griffin, Nov.19,1827.

Mary Ann and Joshna Hinchliffe, July20,1828.


Catharine and James McGlover, int.Sept.21,1845.

CONLAN (Condland)

Pattrick and Alice Monahan, int.Mar.22,1840.

Prichard and Pattrick Darys, int.Oct.16,1842.


Mary J. and Nathaniel Brown, int.Aug.16,1846.

Pattrick and Mary McCarty, int.Apr.4,1841.


Susan D. and Joseph Young, int.Apr.18,1847.

COOLIDGE (Coollidge)

Andrew of Sherborn, and Elizabeth A. Temple, d.William P. and Betsey, a.23y., Apr.9,1845.

Elizabeth and Ebenezer Eames, Apr.16,1778. In Natick.*

Emeline, wid., d.Aaron and Jerusha Bullard, a.34y., and John Broad, Mar.31,1847.

Francis and Mahala Stone of Dublin, NH, int.May3,1831.

George and Caroline Rice of Watertown, int.Nov.1,1812.

Harlow and Betsey Morse, Feb.2,1823.

Harriet E. and Josiah W. Walkup, Dec.6,1843.

Henry W. and Emeline Bullard, Apr.19,1831.

Jonathan F. of Sherborn, and Eliza Haven, int.Feb.2,1840.

Martha and Capt. Josiah Fisk, May30,1816.

Mary and John K. Hastings, Oct.11,1838.

Mehitable and Sylvanus Phipps, Apr.5,1842.

Peter and Sarah Tapley Mnnroe of Cambridge, int.May22,1813.

Peter, Lieut., and Mary P. (Mary Parkhurst, int.) Fisk, July1,1824.

Sally of Sherborn, and Luther Haven, Oct.13,1795. In Sherborn.*

Sally and David Haven, Jan.27,1813.

Sarah and Elbridge M. Jones, June9,1835.

Sophia and Dr. Daniel Stone of Sharon, Feb.23,1813.

Susan and John Hemenway, Apr.1,1839.

William of Livermore, and Mary Hale, May19,1800.*

COOLLIDGE (Coolidge)

Mary of Waltham, and Matthias Bent, Oct.26,1780. In Waltham.*


Isaac and Maria Dunsmore of West Boylston, int.May2,1830.

Nathaniel and Rebecca Fuller, int.Dec.13,1846.


Carleton, Capt., and Miranda Wood, both of Hopkinton, May1,1839.*

Sophia and Capt. Albert Wood, both of Hopkinton, May25,1829.*


Abigail of East Sudbury, and Elisha Rice, July24,1786. In East Sudbury.*

COTTEN (Cotting, Cutting)

John, Dr., of Salem, and Susan Buckminster, Aug.8,1815.

COTTING (Cotten, Cutting)

Louiza and Israel Amsden, Sept.15,1807.


Sarah of Sherborn, and John Mistricke, Aug.12,1747. In Sherborn.*


H., Dr., and Nancy K. Puffer, int.Sept.5,1847.


Ann and Thomas Doliver of Lynn, Feb.7,1844.

COZENS (Cozzens, Cusans)

Mira of Holliston, and Henry Babcock, Sept.19,1825.

COZZENS (Cozens, Cusans)

Elizabeth of Holliston, and Daniel Jennings, July11,1739. In Holliston.*


Catharine and Nathaniel Brinley, Apr.18,1770. In Boston.*


Asa B. and Sarah A. Adams, May13,1838.


Mary of Sherborn, and Thomas Fessenden, Sept.24,1782. In Sherborn.*


John of Hopkinton, and Sarah Gleason, Jan.4,1749.*

John of Hopkinton, and Mary Drury, Nov.7,1751.*


Jane R. and Peter P. Leslie, int.Nov.19,1843.


John and Dolly Wentworth, int.Aug.21,1836.


Catharine and Michael Norris, int.Oct.18,1837.


Frances of Sudbury, and Jonathan Kendall, Mar.14,1750. In Sudbury.*


John and Bridget Ryan, int.July23,1848.

CUMMINGS (Cummins)

E.H. and Sarah A.J. Pierce of Upton, int.Aug.3,1849.

Hannah W. and John Sparhawk, int.Dec.16,1832.

CUMMINS (Cummings)

Jacob of Oxford, and Martha Larned, June27,1723.*


Stephen B. and Angeline P. Wheeler of Lowell, int.Oct.8,1837.


Arthur and Eliza Myres, int.Aug.2,1846.


Alva of Medford, and Sarah C. Stearns, int.Apr.10,1825.

Martha M. (Carter, int.CR1) and Alexarider Park (Esq., int.) of Windham, NH, Feb.23,1837.

Obediah of Boston, and Martha Buckminster, Dec.28,1751.*

Samuel of Boston, and Eliza Ballard, Dec.21,1808.

CUSANS (Cozens, Cozzens)

Isaac of Sherborn, and Martha Weston, Jan.12,1714-5.*


Job of Shrewsbury, and Lucia Stone, Feb.20,1752.*

CUTLER (Cuttler)

David of Holliston, and Lydia Byxbee, Mar.24,1768. In Charlestown.*

Jonathan and Abigail Gale, Jan.10,1716-7.*

Mary of Sudbury, and Nathaniel Stone, Aug.10,1711. In Concord.*

Simon (Jr., int.) of Medway, and Nabby Brewer, May15,1814.

William and Amelia Haven, Apr.29,1832.


Isaac of Brookfield, and Elesabeth Frost, June18,1743.*

Sally and Peter Parmenter (Jr., int.), Aug.28,1836. In Sudbury.

CUTTING (Cotten, Cotting)

Abigail and Aaron Stone of East Sudbury, Sept.20,1795.*

Daniel of New Marlboro, NH, and Martha Brown, Nov.末,1796.* (Nov.3,1796.CR1)

Daniel and Elizabeth Smith Sawin, May13,1835.

Dinah and William Brisco, Oct.22,1740.*

Elisha and Rhoda P. Harding, both of Holliston, Oct.27,1841.*

Hannah and Gulieimus Onthank of Southbom, June14,1829.

Joseph and Eliza S. Pratt, int.Mar.12,1837.

Levi and Mary Rugg, Oct.21,1806.*

Louisa and William Howe. Sept.28,1828.

Nancy and Abel Death of Wendell, Jan.26,1809.

Nelly and Luther Stone of Wendell, Feb.21,1803.*

Samuel Jr. and Eliza Bracket, June8,1826.

Submit (Cotting, int.) and Jos.(John, int.) Wheeler of Watertown, Feb.2,1814.

Sukey (Catting, int.) and Joseph Potter, Jan.1,1811.

CUTTLER (Cutler)

Ellen (Ellen M., int.) and Joseph Bullard, Nov.30,1842.

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