FAIRBANK (Fairbanks, Fairebanke)

Amos L. of West Boylston, and Sophronia Sargent, Jan.5,1826.

Anne and Eli Fay of Hopkinton, May11,1800.*

Daniel and Zerviah Fairbank, July5,1809.*

George of Holliston, and Deborah Sawing, May末,1735. In Hopkinton.*

Hannah and Jonas Stone, June9,1808.

Lucy and Ephraim Hager of Marlboro, Nov.末,1789.*

Polly and Ezra Rugg, Apr.1,1802.*

Otis of Holliston, and Eliza Brewer, Mar.22,1820.

Otis of Boston, and Nancy Bullard, Jan.25,1826.

Samuel and Hepsebah Hixon, June6,1751.*

Thomas and Mary Law, Mar.28,1813.

Zacheus and Patty Gates, Mar.末,1787.*

Zerviah and Daniel Fairbank, July5,1809.*

FAIRBANKS (Fairbank, Fairebanke)

Alfred H. of Holliston, and Emily Tombs, Apr.4,1837.

Asenath and Jason Bent of Sudbury, Apr.12,1810.

Charles of Natick, and Mary M. Reed, June22,1842.

Daniel H. and Augusta L. Stone, both of Holliston, Oct.6,1842.*

Jerusha and Daniel Allen of Marlboro, Feb.末,1797.* (Feb.28,1797.CR1)

Joshua and Mary Parmenter of Sudbury, Dec.3,1767. In Sudbury.*

Lewis of Nashua, NH, and Joanna E. Puffer, Sept.23,1846.

Luke and Zerviah Brown of Sudbury, Aug.11,1799. In Sudbury.*

Nancy and Barzillai Bannister, Apr.23,1798*

Nancy and Henry Coggin of Natick, June20,1832.

Nathan of Holliston and Susan Johnson, Oct.15,1821.

Sally and David Spear, Mar.1,1810.

Susan (Susan J., int.) and Gardner Kellogg, July1,1835.

Winthrop of Sudbury, and Ellen Jane Baker, May1,1844.CR2

Zacheus and Mary Brinley, Mar.3,1779. In Sudbury.*

FAIREBANKE (Fairbank, Fairbanks)

George, formerly of Sherborn, and Rachal Drury, int.Dec.5,1718.


Charles and Abigail Howe, both of Southboro, May30,1832.*


Walter M. of Newton, and Eliza Perkins, int.Sept.30,1823.


Lydia I. of Groton, and Henry Kendall, int.Aug.7,1842.


Manley, s.Merrill and Louisa of Rumford, ME, a.21y., and Elizabeth Homer, d.John and Lucy of Rumney, NH, Apr.12,1846.

FARRAR (Farrer)

John and Martha Swift, Oct.13,1740.*

John and Deborah Winch, Oct.4,1750.*

Margarett and John Trowbridge, Mar.27,1751.*

Roswell O. and Roxaline Winch, Aug.28,1831. In Marlboro.

Roswell and Permelia Hunt (Hunting, int.) of Marlboro, Jan.3,1838.

Ward B. of Newbury, VT, s.Peter and Persis, a.27y., and Cornelia S. Brewer, d.Henry and Susan, a.25y., June28,1849.

FARRER (Farrar)

Lucy of Concord, and Jonas Buttrick, int.Apr.3,1819.


Puah and Amos Jobnson, int.Jan.29,1837.

Susan H. and Aaron Whitney of Boston, int.Mar.27,1842.


Betsey and Ephraim Morse, both of Natick, Jan.11,1803.*


Winthrop E. of Acton, and Martha M. Bixby, Aug.24,1830.


Dorothy and Samuel Gleason, Mar.14,1740.*


Abijah of Southboro, and Maria Parker, Dec.9,1819.

Almira of Southboro, and Martin Newton, int.Nov.15,1835.

Eli of Hopkinton, and Anne Fairbank, May11,1800.*

Grant of Southboro, and Mary Littlefield, Dec.23,1812.

Hepzibah and Jonathan Rice, Mar.27,1815.

Herman, s.Sylvester and Martha of Southboro, a.28y., b. in Southboro, and Adaline Rice. d.Phinehas, dec., and Sally, a.24y., Oct.17,1848.

Isaac of Boston, and Harriet Newell Shepard, Sept.10,1834.

John W. and Martha Hatch, June1,1834.CR2

Louisa and Israel Hemenway, Jan.10,1816.

Lyman of Hopkinton, and Sarah Colburn, Apr.12,1838.

Moses C. of Southboro, and Nancy Winch, int.Nov.4,1838.

Nancy and Moses Eames 2d, July9,1809.

Reuben Jr. of Southboro, and Esther Parks, July24,1796.*

Robert and Milty Rice, Mar.末,1783.*

Sarah of Southboro, and Ebenezer Pike, Nov.20,1729. In Marlboro.*

Socrates and Susan Panninter, Feb.2,1824.

Socrates and Martha Stone, Mar.11,1840.

Solon and Nancy Ellis of Hopkinton, int.Mar.16,1828.

William of Barre, and Keziah Pike, Dec.1,1777. In Sudbury.*


Asa Jr. of Natick, and Ellen Haven, Nov.2,1833.


Matthias of Fitzwilliam, and Sally Maynard, Oct.18,1781.*


John of Spencer, and Caroline Pratt, Nov.26,1829.


Bridget and Edward S. Bryant, int.July2,1848.


Manson (Alanson.CR2) B. a.22y., and Martha A. Hardy, a.25y.(both of Natick.CR2), Oct.7,1847.*


Louisa B. of Uxbridge, and William Howard, int.Dec.1,1844.

Thomas and Mary Cronyn of Sherborn, Sept.24,1782. In Sherborn.*


Timothy (Trife, int.) of Troy, NH, and Mary Jones, Jan.24,1821.


Ellen and Thomas Lehy, int.Dec.27,1846.


Abraham and Lucy Parkhurst, Jan.15,1784.*

Alfred of Uxbridge, and Mary Ann Oliver, May4,1826.

Ama of Medfield, and Jonathan E. Gleason, int.May4,1833.

Isaac of Lancaster, and Betsy Glover, Dec.末,1786.*

Joseph, Capt., of Baltimore, MD, and Hannah Merriam, Dec.18,1817.

Sarah and David Perry Jr. of Sherborn, Aug.19,1773. In Sherorn.*

FISK (Fiske)

Asenath and Nathan Eaton, Nov.18,1794.*

Bezeleel of Sudbury, and Beulah Frost, Nov.11,1742. In Sudbury.*

Caroline and Albert Bullard of Boston, Dec.11,1838.

Charles and Anne Buckminster, Nov.30,1813.

Charles C. and Lucy Frost, int.Apr.20,1834.

David and Sarah Fisk, Mar.17,1841.

David and Eliza Whitney of Worcester, int.Jan.11,1846.

Elizabeth of Waltham, and John Trowbridge, Feb.23,1773. In Waltham.*

Elisabeth and Josiah Stone Jr., Jan.18,1784.CR1

Easter and Ebenezer Marshall, Apr.25,1781.*

Hannah and Joseph Ballard, int.Mar.7,1808.

Harriet and Elias Grout, Nov.21,1839.

Isaac and Hannah Haven, Nov.11,1736.*

Isaac and Mary Herring, Apr.1,1831.*.CR2

Isaac 2d and Mary Manson, Oct.2,1837.

John Jr. of Sherborn, and Clynshia Howe, Mar.7,1805.*

Josiah, Capt., and Martha Coolidge, May30,1816.

Patty and Ebenezer Freeman of Barre, Dec.27,1803.

Martha S., d.Josiah, dec., and Martha, a.26y., and Cyrus Bean of Newport, RI, Nov.7,1849.

Mary and Zachariah Wesson of Sudbury, June12,1777. In Sudbury.*

Mary and Samuel Valentine Jr. of Hopkinton, Jan.1,1809.

Mary P. (Mary Parkhurst, int.) and Lieut. Peter Coolidge, July1,1824.

Moses and Sibil Jennison of Natick, June4,1801.*

Moses Maddison of Knoxville, TN, and Mary Temple, Sept.25,1803.*

Moses M. and Harriot Herring, int.Mar.1,1831.

Nancy and James Brown, Nov.4,1807.

Olive and Elias Temple. Apr.29,1818.

Richard Jr. and Betsey Lowell of Kensington, NH, int.July2,1818.

Sally and William Larrabee, Sept.6,1806.*

Sarah and David Fisk, Mar.17,1841.

Suckey and Ebenezer M. (Ebenezer Marshall.CR1) Ballard, Apr.6,1804.*

Thomas and Harriet Adams of Holliston, int.Nov.20,1836.

William of Watertown, and Eunice Jennings, Nov.3,1708. In Watertown.*

William and Susan F. Manson, Sept.20,1831.

FISKE (Fisk)

Isaac of Natick, and Lucetta Green, int.Oct.13,1833.

Martha W. and Henry Parker, Nov.26,1838.

Mary E. (Mary Elizabeth, int.), d.末末 and Nancy Edson, dec., a.17y., and John Winch, s.Levi and Mary, a.22y., Oct.31,1844.


Ellen of Billerica, and Christopher Burnes, int.July12,1848.


Hannah and Chester Childs of Worcester, May7,1829.

Hepsabeth and Grindly Jackson of Sudbury, May30,1753.*

Hepzibah of Waltham, and Joshua T. Forrister, int.July29,1838.

Jonathan Jr. and Ester Bullard, Nov.28,1799.*

Joseph and Susan Tombs, Mar.30,1820.

Mary of Sherborn, and William Pike, Nov.14,1706.*

Prudence of Watertown, and Samuel Frizell, Feb.1,1726-7. In Watertown.*

Sarah of Sudbury, and Daniel Drury, July14,1729. In Sudbury.*

Sally of Sherburn, and Samuel Washburn of Boston, June18,1810.*

Susan and Abijah Hemenway, Mar.14,1833.


Michael and Catharine Skahan, int.Oct.25,1846.


Emily and Samuel Bent, int.Oct.4,1846.

John of Boxborough, and Matilda Bowker of Sudbury, July4,1839.*

Laurinda and Emory Hill, int.May18,1845.


John and Mary Jane Barry, int.Mar.18,1845.

FOBES (Forbes)

Amasa of Roxbury, and Anna Eames, Aug.1,1802.*

Angeline and Isaac Bullard of Holliston, int.Mar.16,1834.


Joseph and Sarah (Sarah H., int.) Pratt, Oct.10,1833.


William of Waltham, and Peda Childs, Oct.29,1808.


Lucy and Lyman Pike of Hopkinton, Sept.13,1827.


Alonzo W. of Roxbury, and Harriet Soden, int.Oct.1,1843.

FORBES (Fobes)

Julia and Curtis H. Barber, Nov.29,1842.


Isaac and Elizabeth T. Blood, int.July19,1840.

FORRESTER (Forrister)

Amariah and Sally Abbot, July25,1804.*

Amasa of Bellingham, and Sally Haven, Apr.末,1793.*

FORRISTER (Forrester)

Abby H. and Rufus Russel, Apr.23,1838.

Ann Maria and Palsemon (Ralsemon, int.) Parsons of Worcester, Jan.17,1844.CR2

Elizabeth S. and Josepb Partridge of Holliston, Nov.28,1839.

John T. and Lydia Emeline Cogswell, Aug.1,1837. In Fitchburg.

Joshua T. and Hepzibah Flagg of Waltham, int.July29,1838.

Martha and William Hager (Jr., int.) of Marlboro, Oct.17,1832.

Samuel A. and Martha Eastman, int.Apr.7,1833.

Samuel A. and Sarah Russel of Waltham, int.Aug.31,1834.


George W. of Berlin, s.Luke and Mary, a.24y., and Eunice C. Dodge, a.20y., Oct.25,1848.


Andrew and Rachel E. Wilmarth, of Rehoboth, Dec.6,1835.

Benjamin of Ashland s.Elijah, dec., and Philena, a.29y., and Clarissa W. Eames, d.Jonathan and Susan, a.25y., Oct.4,1849.

Elijah H. and Philenia Eames, June3,1819.

Hannah of Holliston, and Timothy Townsend, July21,1737. In Holliston.*

Henry Gardner of Boston, and Anna Angier Haven, Mar.3,1824.

James and Polly Haven, Dec.13,1797.*

Jemima and Jesse Haven, Jan.22,1755.*

Mary and Jonathan Hemenway, Apr.24,1744.*

Nathan H. and Betsey Hinds of West Boylston, int.Sept.22,1816.


Joseph of Hopkinton, and Zurviah Allard, Nov.25,1784.*


George of Boston, and Susan B. Dadmun, Dec.3,1835.

George and Hannah Brummett, May28,1843.


Ebenezer of Barre, and Patly Fisk, Dec.27,1803.*

Ebenezer and Abigail Morse, Sept.29,1823.

Martha, d.Ebenezer and Martha, a.32y., and Rev. Leonard Tracy (of West Boylston, int.), widr., s.Cyrus and Hannah, a.45y., Sept.21,1847.


Calvin, Dea., of Needham, and Mary Clark, June29,1837.

Henry O. of Montpelier, VT, and Charlotte Temple, int.Mar.31,1830.

Loren and Mary S. Fuller, int.Mar.31,1844.

Luther S. and Ruhamah Willington Brown, Oct.7,1809.

Luther and Betsy Jane White, Apr.11,1837.CR2

Maria and Augustus Hurd (of Sudbury, int.), Feb.19,1845.

Martha and Albert Larkin of Sudbury, int.Oct.17,1847.

Nancy and Lemuel Jones.Dec.2,1819.

Rufus A. and Sarah Willis, Nov.16,1833.


Eleanor M. and William G. Billings, Jan.11,1829.

FRISEL (Frizell, Frizzell, Frizzle)

Martha and Jonathan Jackson, Mar.7,1716-7. In Sudbury.*

FRIZELL (Frisel, Frizzell, Frizzle)

Samuel and Prudence Flagg of Watertown, Feb.1,1726-7. In Watertown.*

FRIZZELL (Frisel, Frizell, Frizzle)

Ebenezer and Mary Eames, Jan.11,1749.*

FRIZZLE (Frisel, Frizell, Frizzell)

Molly and Silas Pike, Sept.30,1777. In Sudbury.*

FROST (Frostt)

Amasa of Mendon, and Abigail Livermore, Feb.1,1749-50. In Mendon.*

Barzillai, Rev., of Concord, and Elmira Stone, June1,1837.

Beulah and Bezeleel Fisk of Sudbury, Nov.11,1742. In Sudbury.*

Charles (Charles J., int.) of West Cambridge, s.David, a.26y., and Maria E. Kendall, d.Amasa, a.24y., Apr.22,1846.

Clarissa and Harry Howe of Sudbury, Apr.21,1819.

David and Sophia Jones, Nov.30,1815.

Elisha and Milly Winch, Apr.26,1781.*

Eliza and Jonas Goodnow, Apr.13,1817.

Elesabeth and Isaac Culler of Brookfield, June18,1743.*

Betsy and Thomas Rice, Nov.末,1786.*

Eunice and Abner Stone, Mar.10,1740.*

Hannah and John Stacy, June末,1787.*

Harriet and Reuben Hunt of Sudbury, Nov.26,1640.

Hepsebah and Silvanus Hemingway,末蔓末,1749-50.*

Julia Ann and Capt. Joseph Taylor of Kennebunk, ME, Nov.23,1831.

Keziah and Ebenezer Goodnow of Sudbury, Dec.11,1750. In Sudbury.*

Lois and Phineas Goodenow of Sudbury, Jan.30,1752.

Lucy and Charles C. Fisk, int.Apr.20,1834.

Margaret B. and George E. Willis of Medford, Apr.27,1842.

Mary and Daniel Stone, Mar.12,1733-4.*

Mary and Chapin Allen, Dec.4,1817.

Mehitable and Jesse Lyon of Needham, Feb.11,1817.

Milliscent and Elisha Belknap, Dec.16,1804.*

Moses and Abigail Dudley, May20,1829.

Moses E. and Hannah Tyler, both of Natick, Apr.22,1849.*

Rebecca of Sherborn, and Ezekiel Wait, July1,1742-3. In Sherborn.*

Rebekah and Daniel Hide of Newton, July17,1776. In Newton.*

Samuel and Rebeccah How of Sudbury, June19,1750. In Sudbury.*

Samuel, Capt., and Mary Heard of East Sudbury, Sept.3,1788. In East Sudbury.*

Sally and Thomas Arnold, int.June30,1810.

Sabilla and William Pike, Feb.21,1738-9.

Thomas and Sarah Singletary, Dec.22,1712.*

FROSTT (Frost)

Samuell and Elezebeth Rice, Feb.1,1710-1.*


Emeline K., a.24y., and Samuel P. Griffin, s.末末 of Litchfield, NH, a.41y., widr., Oct.10,1844.

Eunice of Hopkinton, and Samuel Eames, Dec.13,1750.*

Henry H., Esq., of Boston, and Mary B. (Mary Buckminster, int.) Stone, Aug.24,1826.

Joseph and Mary Snell, May17,1836.

Luther of Weston, and Mary E. Parmenter, int.Nov.8,1841.

Martha, d.John, a.22y., and Samuel Bent, s.George, a.23y., Apr.10,1845.

Mary of Needham and Lieut. John Eams, Nov.15,1798. In Needham.*

Mary Ann of Newton, and George Trowbridge, int.July10,1842.

Mary S. and Loren French, int.Mar.31,1844.

Rebecca and Nathaniel Cooper, int.Dec.13,1846.


Horatio P. of Canton, and Harriet H. Pratt, Aug.6,1837.

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