James and Mary McLroy, int.Oct.6,1839.


Ichabod and Susan Belknap, Dec.24,1829.

Ichabod, widr., and Mehitable Wilder, wid., Sept.3,1844.


Abiel and Joseph Trumbal, June18,1719.*

Abigail and Jonathan Cutler, Jan.10,1716-7.*

Elbridge, Rev., of North Kingston, RI, and Louisa Haven, Apr.2,1826.

Elizabeth and John Nurse, Feb.21,1699-1700. In Sherborn.*

Hannah and Jabez Prat, Apr.22,1714.*


Ann (Gallagher, int.), wid., a.38y., and Chandler Bruce, widr., s.Hugh and Sally, a.51y., Oct.21,1849.


Charles and Ann Donald, int.Sept.27,1846.

GALLOP (Gallot, Gallott)

Peter and Priscilla Collar, Jan.10,1733-4.*

GALLOT (Gallop, Gallott)

Elizabeth and Daniel Biglow, Mar.末,1783.*

John and Sally Burnham, Apr.末,1794*

Mary and Isaac Sterns (Stearns, int.), Feb.21,1831.CR2

Sarah and Benjamin Holden, July9,1751.*

GALLOTT (Gallop, Gallot)

William and Mary Kendall, Apr.15,1823.


Edward and Prudence Rogers of Lowell, int.Dec.13,1845.


Joshua of Sherborn, and Sarah Barnard, Mar.17,1746. In Sherborn.*

William and Caroline Chickering, Mar.12,1840.*


Archelaus (of Holliston, int.) and Caroline Eames, Apr.9,1836.

Henry of Milford, and Lydia Harris, int.Apr.16,1848.


Amos and Mary Trobridge, Nov.28,1744. In Sudbury.*

Clarissa and Marshal Hemenway of Millbury, Sept.10,1829.

Deborah of Stow, and Joshua Paonenter, Nov.13,1794. In Stow.*

Henry and Anne Emes of Sudbury, Feb.12,1782. In Sudbury.*

John and Eunice Winch, Jan.6,1795.*

Joseph, widr., s.Stephen and Ruth, a.44y., and Lorena Goodnow of Ashland d.Luther, dec., and Mary, a.18y., Nov.20,1848.

Louisa and Henry Wheeler of Weston, int.May3,1846.

Patty and Zacheus Fairbank, Mar.末,1787.*

Mary and Nehemiah Wright, May24,1733.*

Mary G. of Lowell, and Phinehas W. Prescott of Dunstable, NH, Oct.22,1833.

Oldham and Deborah Winch, June末,1783.*

Ruth and Ebenezer Hemenway, June末,1786.*

Samuel and Abigail Bloggett, Apr.11,1751.

Sarah and William Jones, Mar.21,1748.

Seymour E. and Emeline Rugg, Apr.9,1835.

Solomon of Halifax, VT, and Mehitable Goddard, Feb.27,1839.

Susanna and Luther Belknap, Dec.末,1793.*


Ezekiel of Hopkinton, and Betsey Johnson, Apr.11,1811.

John M. and Mary E. Carter, int.Apr.8,1838.

Jonathan F. of Holliston, and Martha A. Arnold, Nov.3,1837.

Mary of Needham, and William Graves, Dec.8,1763. In Needham.*

Sarah H. of Natick, and Richard Place of Sherborn, Sept.13,1838.CR1*


Sarah W. and David Chick Jr. of Boylston, int.Mar.7,1847.

GENNESON (Jenison, Jennison)

Jane of Sudbury, and Hezekiah How, Oct.31,1746.*

GENNINGS (Jennings)

Abigail and Joseph Maynard, May29,1746.*

Clarissa and George W. Jones, int.Nov.8,1841.

Joseph and Rachell Drury, Jan.23,1752.

Martha and Samuel Deadman, May27,1714.*

Susannah and Bezaleel Rice, Dec.2,1742.*


Samuel and Rhoda Webber, int.June13,1836.


Frances E. of Wrentham, and Isaac B. Warren, int.Oct.7,1849.


Levi of Natick, and Mehitable C. Haven, int.Oct.31,1847.


Derby M., s.Derby and Mary, a.25y., and Abby C. Carr, d, of Andrew and Elizabeth, a.21y., both of Lowell, Sept.14,1848.*

GIBBS (Gibs)

Albert G. and Sarall Herring, Dec.5,1843.

Asenath and Jesse Parminter of Sudbury, May24,1826.

Charles and Melinda Smith, int.Apr.6,1845.

Eliza A. and John B. Hemenway, Nov.29,1838.

Elisabeth and William Haward of Mendon, May16,1717.*

Betsey and Martin Rice, Mar.21,1822.

Hannah and Jacob Barnes of Marlboro, Jan.10,1827.

John and Naomie Pike, Mar.9,1709-10.*

John and Nancy R. Webster, June5,1842.

John and Mary Gibbs, wid., Oct.18,1846.

Joseph and Mercy Clark of Cambridge, July1,1712. In Cambridge.*

Josiah and Sally Walker of Sudbury, int.Apr.29,1828.

Lois and Timothy Watker of Hopkinton, Oct.16,1777. In Hopkinton.*

Levina and John Kendall Jr., May24,1829.

Lydia and Thomas Pierce of Hopkinton, Jan.24,1743.*

Patty and Deliverance Parmenter, Dec.6,1812.

Martha C. and Elmer B. Thompson of Westboro, Mar.29,1843.

Molly and Daniel Morse of Southboro, Apr.3,1781. In Southboro.*

Polly and Daniel Morse of Marlboro, May9,1781.

Mary and Joseph Wood of Holliston, int.Mar.10,1839.

Mary, wid.and John Gibbs, Oct.18,1846.

M.E. (Mary E.CR2), d.Matthew and Mary, a.25y., and S.A. Winchester, s.Samuel and Cloe of Sullivan, NH, a.24y., Apr.27,1847.

Matthew and Sarah Page, Apr.21,1709.*

Matthew and Martha Trowbridge, Dec.末,1819. (Nov.17,1819, int.)

Micah and Elizebeth Hobbs of Weston, Nov.1,1753. In Weston.*

Micah and Betsey Nichols of Southboro, int.Mar.5,1820.

Mirandel s.Sudbury, and Samuel A. Bullard, int.Mar.12,1825.

Nancy and Aaron Bailey (Bayley, int.), Feb.24,1819.

Phinehas and Olive Walker of Sudbury, July12,1782. In Sudbury.*

Samuel and Lydia Bellows, Aug.26,1724. In Marlboro.*

Sarah and Daniel Winch, Mar.4,1731.*

Sally and Paul Walker of Sudbury, Feb.末,1790.*

Sally and Silas Goodnow of Marlboro, Nov.20,1816.

William and Nancy Lull of Ware, NH, int.Dec.5,1841.

GIBS (Gibbs)

Elizabeth and John Jones Jr., Nov.16,1738.*


Appleton H. and Lydia Stone, Aug.12,1824.

John and Ann Skiner of Dorchester, int.Oct.11,1827.


Josiah of Natick, and Lucinda Brown, Nov.14,1804.*


Hull A. (Hull Abbot, int.) of Hopkinton, and Eveline Goodnow, Mar.26,1827.


John and Elmira Morse of Natick, int.Sept.6,1835.


Eliza L. and Archibald M. Cole, int.Apr.末,1844.


Joshua (of Groton, int.) and Ann Moulton, Jan.12,1843.

GLEASON (Gleazen, Gleson)

Abigail and James Cloyce, May28,1740.*

Abigail and Phinehas Whiting of Sherborn, Feb.19,1767. In Sherborn.*

Anna and John Drury, Nov.22,1733.*

Caleb and Lydia Rice, Oct.末,1782.*

Calvin and Sally Rice of Natick, Oct.18,1801.*

Deborah and John Wheeler of Nicheusaug, Aug.29,1751.

Ebenezer and Thankful Johnson, Dec.9,1730.*

Elizabeth and John Baker of Littleton, Mar.28,1751.*

Elizabeth and Moses Rice of Rutland Mar.21,1755.*

Betsy and Jacob Read Jr. of Sudbury, Feb.5,1781. In Sudbury.*

Betsy and John Negus of Petersham, June16,1794.

Hannah and Abel Read of Sudbury, Jan.20,1785. In Sudbury.*

Isaac and Thankful Wilson, Dec.9,1725.*

Isaac and Mary Nickson, Nov.2,1752.*

Jonathan E. and Anna Fisher of Medfield, int.May4,1833.

Luther Jr. of East Sudbury, and Mary Eaton, Apr.6,1831.

Lydia and Joseph Morse, Oct.11,1795.*

Polly and Capt. Nathan Miles of Barnetstown, Sept.21,1801.*

Hitty and John Hemenway of Royalston, Feb.8,1805.

Micajah of Union, and Polly Cole, Mar.22,1801.

Nancy and Joshua Underwood of Holliston, Dec.15,1802.*

Olive and Micah Stone of Warren, ME, Oct.7,1804.*

Patience and Daniel Ball, Aug.25,1748.*

Phillip and Martha Brown. May6,1714.*

Reuben of Sudbury, and Olivia Butler, Apr.7,1831.

Samuel and Elisabeth How, Jan.6,1735-6.*

Samuel and Dorothy Faux, Mar.14,1740.*

Samuel and Abigail Livermore, Apr.3,1755.*

Sarah and John Crooks of Hopkinton, Jan.4,1749.*

Thomas Jr. and Susanna Haven, Jan.12,1714-5.*

William and Ruth Clayes, Oct.8,1799.*

GLEAZEN (Gleason, Gleson)

Hannah and John Nixon of Sudbury, Feb.5,1778. In Sudbury.*

GLESON (Gleason, Gleazen)

Deborah and Thomas Winch, Oct.23,1718.*

Martha and Jonathan Maynard, Nov.11,1742.*


Gideon and Sibel Warren of Hopkinton, int.Nov.19,1820.


Betsy and Isaac Fisher of Lancaster, Dec.末,1786.

James and Lois Bent of Sudbury, Feb.3,1762. In Sudbury.

James and Mary Medcalf, Sept.23,1784.*

Lois and Asa Nurse, May3,1781.*

Patty and Jonathan Rugg Jr., Dec.29,1800.*

Polly and Ezra Haven, Apr.末,1782.* (Apr.4,1782.CR1)


Serena of Hopkinton, and Luther Newton, Oct.30,1838.*

GODARD (Goddard)

Patty and Simon Goddard of Gerry, Nov.9,1803.*

GODDARD (Godard)

Caroline and Henry Saunderson of Charlestown, int.Jan.5,1834.

David, Rev., of Leicester, and Martha Nichols, Dec.20,1753.*

Ebenezer and Sabylla Brigham of Marlboro, Jan.27,1736.

Elisha of Sutton, and Hannah Haven, Nov.17,1748.*

Elizebeth of Roxbury, and John Adams, June27,1706.

Martha and Daniel Newton (2d, int.) of Shrewsbury, Apr.6,1837.

Mary of Cambridge, and John Kent, int.May3,1816.

Mary Ann and John Aldrich of Hopkinton, Sept.8,1831.

Mehitable and Solomon Gates of Halifax, VT, Feb.17,1839.

Nathan, Capt., and Polly Bacon, Jan.6,1814.

Nathan and Nancy M. Bartlett, Apr.17,1839.

Simon and Susannah Clayes, Nov.2,1727.*

Simon of Gerry, and Patty Godard, Nov.9,1803.

Susanna and John Drury, May21,1719.*

William of Shrewsbury, and Keziah Clayes, Jan.26,1726-7.*


Tristram and Martha A. Puffer, int.Feb.2,1845.


Mary of Marlboro, and Charles F.W. Parkhurst, Nov.8,1832.

GOODENOUGH (Goodenow, Goodno, Goodnow)

Elizabeth and Daniel Sanger Jr., Nov.10,1799.*

Ephraim and Nelly Rice, Nov.末,1790.*

Joseph of East Sudbury, and Martha Stone, Nov.30,1797.

Lydia (Elizabeth.MR) and Lawson Moore, June末,1734.*

GOODENOW (Goodenough, Goodno, Goodnow)

Betsy and Dana Bullard, Dec.10,1818.

Eunice and Nathaniel Johnson Jr. of Holliston, Jan.1,1821.

Josiah of Sudbury, and Beulah Treadway, Aug.2,1749.

Phineas of Sudbury, and Lois Frost, Jan.30,1752.*

GOODNO (Goodenough, Goodenow, Goodnow)

Joseph W. of Sudbury, and Emily Childs, Jan.7,1836.

GOODNOW (Goodenough, Goodenow, Goodno)

Almira C. and Samuel Gould of Lawrence, int.Dec.30,1849.

Asenath and Samuel Lovewell of Weston, Jan.9,1826.

Charles Otis and Abigail Waite of Natick, int.Dec.20,1835.

Ebenezer of Sudbury, and Keziah Frost, Dec.11,1750. In Sudbury.*

Edward and Mary B. Trowbridge, Dec.1,1836.

Eleanor and Aaron Moulton of East Sudbury, Apr.30,1829.

Eliza A.M. and William F. White, Nov.17,1842.

Betsey, d.Luther, dec., and Mary, a.22y., and Emmons W. Johnson, s.Joseph and Betsey, a.26y., both of Ashland Sept.12,1849.*

Ephraim Jr. of Sudbury, and Elizabeth Bail, Feb.16,1764. In Sudbury.*

Eunice of Sudbury, and William Dunn, May4,1758. In Sudbury.*

Eveline and Hull A. (Hull Abbot, int.) Gill of Hopkinton, Mar.26,1827.

Henrietta, d.Jonas and Eliza, a.28y., and John Hamilton, a.30y., b. in Scotland June11,1846.

Hepzibah of Sudbury, and Richard Kimball, int.Sept.30,1832.

Jesse and Almira C. Puffer. Dec.28,1841.

Jonas and Eliza Frost, Apr.13,1817.

Joseph and Susan Murdock, int.Jan.1,1819.

Josephus W. of Ashland s.Luther and Polly of Ashland a.26y., and Minerva L. Hawley of Essex, VT, d.Abraham L. and Pbilina, a.18y., Apr.16,1848. (Apr.11.CR2)*

Josiah W. and Mary Sanger of Petersham, int.Mar.9,1816.

Lois of Sudbury, and Jonas Eaton, May7,1761. In Sudbury.*

Lorena of Ashland d.Luther, dec., and Mary, a.18y., and Joseph Gates, widr.s.Stephen and Ruth.a.44y.Nov.20,1848.

Lucy and Cyrus Bullard, May14,1837.

Luther and Polly Newton, Sept.28,1819.

Martha D., d.Joseph and Susan, a.20y., and Alonzo Perkins, s.Asa and Mary, a.24y.(both of Ashland.CR2), Nov.10,1846.*

Mary Maria and Perkins Rice, Sept.7,1826.

Mary of Sudbury, and Capt. Charles Trowbridge, int.May9,1830.

Mary and James Stites of Natick, int.Mar.10,1839.

Olive and Marshall Temple, Sept.26,1841.

Sally and Prescott Wheelock of Worcester, Apr.5,1827.

Silas of Marlboro, and Sally Gibbs, Nov.20,1816.

Susan and Warren Goodnow, Mar.28,1838.

Warren and Susan Goodnow, Mar.28,1838.


David and Phebe P. Stickney, Sept.15,1833.


David and Mary Jane Brown of Lowell, int.Jan.7,1844.


Ann of Lowell, and Martin McDermott, int.May末,1848.


Benjamin F., s.Moses of Lancaster, a.23y., and Ann Maria Saunderson, a.22y., b. in Watertown, Oct.3,1844.

Lucinda A. and John Proctor of Henniker, NH, Dec.31,1827.GR2*

Samuel of Lawrence, and Almira C. Goodnow, int.Dec.30,1849.

Susannah and James Mellen, Jan.16,1800.*


Joseph of Holden, and Lydia Millen of Hopkinton, Sept.17,1803.*


Nathaniel of Lincoln, and Abigail Stone, int.Apr.5,1818.


John and Ann Lee, int.Dec.14,1848.


Justus and Beulah Walkup, Mar.16,1809.


Elizabeth (Grout, dup.) and Jabesh Pratt of Sutton, Apr.10,1741.*

Ruth of Sherborn, and Isaac Haven, Nov.24,1748.*

GRAVES (Greaves, Greeves)

Bathshaba and Phinehas Butler, Apr.29,1755.*

Joseph and Betsy Underwood, May6,1813.

Sarah of Sudbury, and George Walkup, Apr.29,1715. In Sudbury.*

William and Mary Gay of Needham, Dec.8,1763. In Needham.*


Marshall E. (of Templeton, int.) and Caroline A. Belknap, Oct.27,1842.

GREAVES (Graves, Greeves)

Joseph and Rachel Prat, May3,1723.*


Bartholomew and Lurena Dunn, May29,1816.

Harriet, d.Edward and Margaret, and John M. Bradshaw, s.John, Nov.13,1846.

Lucetta and Isadc Fiske of Natick, int.Oct.13,1833.


Abel Jr. and Sarah Perry of Worcester, int.Oct.22,1821.

Alice and George James Pottle, int.Dec.17,1843.

Appleton of Worcester, s.Abel and 末末 of Ashland and Eliza E. Wenzell, d.John and Mehetable, a.20y., Apr.17,1847.

Daniel of Newton, and Sarah Adams, May6,1728.*

Eliza W. of Brighton, and Luther P. Ricker, int.Sept.20,1846.

Betsey (Elizabeth, int.) and William Pery, Jan.11,1818.

Hannah and Elisha Jones, 3d, Dec.2,1819.

James and Sarah Harding, Dec.23,1812.

James 2d and Lydia Bullard, Nov.24,1813.

Martha Homer and William Hall of Newton, int.Dec.27,1811.

Mary and John Kendal, June末,1782.*

Mary H. (Mary Homer, int.) and Calvin Twitchell of Hopkinton, Nov.6,1822.

Mehitable and Aaron Butler Jr. of Boston, Oct.20,1816.

Nancy and Micah Knowlton, May7,1807.

Patience and Joseph Sanger, May19,1779.*

Sally and Ebenezer Swift, Sept.7,1800.* (Oct.6,1800.CR1)

William and Mehitabel Jones, Feb.10,1789.*

William and Sally Winch, Apr.9,1799.

William, Capt., and Rowena Works, int.June12,1836.

GREEVES (Graves, Greaves)

Rachell and Thomas Eames Jr., Sept.21,1748.*


Daniel and Sarah Earns, July13,1732.*

Daniel and Abigail Eaton, July1,1755.*

Daniel and Hannah Buckminster, Oct.3,1795.*


Charles and Mary Ann Conant, Nov.19,1827.

Samuel P., s.末末 of Litchfield, NH, a.41y., widr., and Emeline K. Fuller, a.24y., Oct.10,1844.


Julia and Alexander Kimball (Kendall, int.), Mar.2,1840. In Cambridge.


Eleanor J. and Grenville Bowditch of Sherborn, int.Dec.10,1843.

Elias and Eleanor Dadmun (Dadman, int.), Feb.28,1809.

Elias and Harriet Fisk, Nov.21,1839.

Esther and Lewis Bullen of Medway, June24,1818.

Polly of Sherborn, and Sylvanus Phipps, int.May7,1837.

Olive of Sherhorn, and John Harvey, July3,1802.*

Royal and Marcia Kingsbury Eames, Sept.10,1835.

Sophia and Joseph Rice, int.Sept.15,1810.

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