KANE (Cane)

Hannah and John Larny, int.June15,1845.

Pattrick and Ann Donohu, int.July26,1846.


Nathan and Bathsheba Alexander, July3,1778. In Sudbury.*


Ellen and Hugh Wallace, Sept.6,1840.


Michael and Margaret Temple, int.Oct.15,1849.


Hannah C. (of Middleboro, int.) and Nathan M. Hudson, Dec.1,1836. In Marlboro.

Omen S., Esq., and Lucretia M. Pomroy of Northfield, int.May12,1833.

KELLEY (Kelly)

George of Boston, and Sally Belcher, Oct.16,1823.


David, Rev., and Sally (Sarah, dup.) Bridge, May27,1781.*

Gardner and Susan (Susan J., int.) Fairbanks, July1,1835.

Polly and Dr. John B. Kitteridge, July19,1801.*

Sally and William Brown Jr. of Boston, May9,1805.*


Sarah of Dorchester, and James Townsend, int.May15,1826.

KELLY (Kelley)

Daniel of Weston, and Asenath Pratt, Feb.22,1818.

Grace of Hopkinton, and John Dunn Jr., June25,1751. In Hopkinton.*

KENDAL (Kendall, Kindall)

Nabby and John Eames of Holliston, Feb.末,1807.*

Benjamin and Keziah Lealand of Sherborn, Jan.24,1732-3.*

Daniel of Harvard, and Hannah Rider, June末,1787.*

Elizabeth of Sherborn, and Henry Eames, Feb.14,1822.

Ezekiel and Rebeccah Hemenway, Apr.末,1788.*

Hannah and Joseph Belcher, May末,1782.*

John and Mary Greenwood, June末,1782.*

Martha and Nehemiah Wright Jr., Dec.10,1778.*

Nathan and Betsy Richards, Feb.末,1784.*

Nelly and Jonas Bennett, Feb.末,1807.*

Timothy and Lucy Rice, June末,1785.*(June29,1785.CR1)

KENDALL (Kendal, Kindall)

Amasa and Fanny Estee of Watertown, int.Jan.18,1812.

Amasa and Abigail Mayhew, Nov.25,1819.

Charles B., s.Luther, and Sarah Smith, May13,1845.

Chever and Dorothy Paris of East Sudbury, Aug.24,1780. In East Sudbury.*

Elijah and Jemima Smith of Sudbury, May24,1750. In Sudbury.*

Francis of Sherborn, s.Timothy and Polly of Sherborn, a.26y., and Mary E. Littlefield, d.Adams and Mary, a.28y., Nov.30,1848.

George E. and Louisa W. Buttman, Feb.17,1842.

Henry and Lydia I. Farmer of Groton, int.Aug.7,1842.

John Jr. and Levina Gibbs, May24,1829.

Jonathan and Frances Crumpton of Sudbury, Mar.14,1750. In Sudbury.*

Luther and Mary Case, Oct.31,1813.

Luther and Mary Rice, Apr.29,1832.

Maria E., d.Amasa, a.24y., and Charles (Charles Jr. int.) Frost of West Cambridge, s.David.a.26y., Apr.22,1846.

Martha and Joshua Lamb of Templeton, May2,1776. In Sherborn.*

Martha and Nathan Wright of Philipstown, June末,1815. (June5,1815, int.)

Mary and William Gallott, Apr.15,1823.

Mary A. of Sherborn, and George D. Chamberlain, int.Oct.28,1849.

Nancy and Henry Travis of Natick. June14,1842.

Nathaniel and Susanna Haynes of East Sudbury, int.Apr.15,1809.

Samuel W. and Jane E. Brigham, Dec.5,1838.

Susan and Silas Hemenway of Cambridge, July5,1827.

Thomas Jr. and Hannah Rice, Mar.27,1751.*


Thomas and Mary Joyce, int.Jan.24,1847.


John and Mary McGlow, int.Jan.1,1846.

Michael and Susan Myers, int.May17,1846.


John and Mary Goddard of Cambridge, int.May3,1816.


Lewis and Lucy S. Sevens of Roxbury, int.July11,1817.

Truman, S. of John and Martha, a.3S y., and Nancy Claflin, d.William and Sally, a.42y., wid., Dec.8,1845.


Ann and Pattrick O'Rouke, int.May18,1834.


Whitney of Medway, and Elizabeth Snell of Holliston, Mar.2,1814.*

KIMBALL (Kimboll)

Alexander (Kendall, int.) and Julia Griskill, Mar.2,1840. In Cambridge.

Charles H. and Polly Ann Bennett of Mendon, int.Feb.15,1835.

George W. and Susannah H. Willis, Sept.30,1838.

Jane of Peterboro, NH, and George W. Pratt, int.Apr.4,1833.

Richard and Hepzihah Goodnow of Sudbury, int.Sept.30,1832.

Seth and Martha Chickering, Nov.26,1840.

KIMBOLL (Kimball)

John (Kimball, int.) of Natick, and Mary Herring, Dec.18,1833.

KINDALL (Kendal, Kendall)

James A., Rev., of Medfield, and Maria B. Brown, int.May12,1833.


Susan and Robert Wood, Aug.9,1841.


Eliza B. of New Ipswich, NH, and Dr. Otis Hoyt, int.July30,1843.

Frederick and Mary Robinson, Dec.22,1825.

Lydia of Sutton, and Nathaniel Singletary, Mar.28,1727. In Sutton.*

Rufus T. (Rufus S. of Roxbury, int.), and Emeline E. Stone, Aug.30,1841.


Catharine Augusta (Cbarlotte Augusta, int.), d.Lawson and Sophia, a.21 Y., and William Brigham Bliss (of Warren, int.), s.Aaron and Lydia, a.22y., Apr.2,1845.

George, Dr., and Lorinne A. Chase of Boston, May28,1845.CR2

Lawson, Esq., and Sophia White, Apr.23,1822.

Mary of Natick, and James O. Mann, int.Aug.1,1847.

Samuel of Brockport, NY, and Anna B. Adams of Medfield, Oct.3,1830.*

Sena of Westboro, and Austin Rice, int.Mar.18,1820.


Andrew G. arid Caroline Mead, Apr.24,1845.

KITTERIDGE (Kittridge)

John B., Dr., and Polly Kellogg, July19,1801.*

KITTRIDGE (Killeridge)

Ellen and Dexter Slone of Philadelphia, Oct.2,1833.


Joanna and Daniel Slurtrary, int.Oct.24,1849.


Ephraim and Nancy A. White, int.July3,1842.

KNIGHT (Knights)

Amos K. of Marlboro, and Lydia (Lydia C., int.) Dunn, Oct.10,1833.

Samuel of Sudbury, and Anne Earns, Apr.23,1740.*

William H. of Tariffville, CT, and Elizabeth Stone, Oct.8,1827.

KNIGHTS (Knight)

Asahel of Sudbury, and Sarah Rice, Apr.14,1799.*

Mary and Edward Hager, Dec.5,1822.


Clarissa and Josiah Haslings, int.Aug.2,1823.


Albert of Jaffrey, NH, and Catherine Charlton, Aug.31,1834.

Annar and Philip Metcalf, May26,1790.*

Asenath and John Bruce, Sept.29,1823.

Charles of Jaffrey, NH, and Elizabelh Pratt, Dec.1,1831.

Daniel and Abigail Almy, Feb.17,1743.*

Daniel of Holliston, and Abigail Marshal, Nov.1,1781.*

Daniel M. and Rebecca W. Sleepers, Aug.2,1834.CR2

Edward and Almira Davis, Apr.9,1832.

Henry and Angeline B. Hubbard of Newton, Oct.31,1841. In Natick.

Isaiah of Sherborn, and Jemima Johnson, May23,1796.*

Luther and Prudence Dedman, Dec.28,1800.*

Micah and Nancy Greenwood, May7,1807.

Nancy P. and Charles H. Wenzel, Feb.25,1839.

Rebecca and Daniel Morse, June29,1790. In Hopkinton.*

Ruth and Edward Caryel, both of Hopkinton, Sept.27,1733.*

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