Vilot and Semion Harrey, Feb. 13, 1752.


Shurburn, of Nashua, NH, and Nancy Lewis, May 11, 1848.


Abiel and Hannah Tailor of Marlboro, Dec. 4, 1699. In Marlboro.*

Abigail and Nathan Underwood, Dec. 27, 1792.

Abigail and Michal Pike, May ––, 1793.*

Benjamin and Nabbe Rice, June 23, 1779. In Sherborn.*

David and Lydia Barrett of Athol, Nov. 13, 1795. In Athol.*

Dorothia and Daniel Johnson of Marlboro, Dec. 23, 1697. In Marlboro.*

Betsy and Timothy Underwood, June 7, 1792.*

John and Susannah Haven, Mar. 16, 1779.*

Jonathan and Lydia Death, both of Watertown, July 9, 1708. In Watertown.*

Joshua of Templeton, and Martha Kendall, May 2, 1776. In Sherborn.*

Molly and Amos Underwood, May ––, 1714.*

Nathan and Lucy Pepper of Weston, Jan. 29, 1784. In Weston.*

Samuel Jr. and Sarah Atwood, Dec. 17, 1747. In Hopkinton.*

Susan of Gerry, and Elijah Haven, int. Oct. 30, 1807.


Jesse and Mary Childs, Aug. 29, 1826.


Eliza Eaton and Thomas Rice, Nov. 27, 1828.

Joshua of Stratham, NH, and Betsey Eaton, Sept. 9, 1801.*


Susan and Benjamin Lewis Jr., Apr. 5, 1838.

LARIBEE (Larrabee)

Emily and Liberty Chadwick, July 9, 1839.


Albert of Sudbury, and Martha French, int. Oct. 17, 1847.

LARNED (Learned, Lernard)

Isaac and Sarah How, Nov. 19, 1706.*

Martha and Jacob Cummins of Oxford, June 27, 1723.*


John and Hannah Kane, int. June 15, 1845.

LARRABEE (Laribee)

Elenor and Sirus Newton, July 16, 1771. In Lynn.*

Lucy A. (Lucy Ann, int.) and David F. Chadwick of Sudbury, Nov. 8, 1843.

Sally of Malden, and William Buckminster, Esq., of Vassalboro, ME, Oct. 21, 1812.*

Thomas and Lucy Hemenway, June 13, 1808.

William and Sally Fisk, Sept. 16, 1806.*


Hopestill and Joseph Shaw, June 8, 1828.


Amos and Sarah F. Hill, Apr. 3, 1834.

Lucy and Richard Hemenway, Mar. 20, 1816.*

Mary and Thomas Fairbank, Mar. 28, 1813.


Daniel J. of Concord, and Mary B. Richardson, Apr. 22, 1838.

Edwin of Boston, and Hannah F. Robinson, Apr. 3, 1834.


Sarah of Hopkinton, and Joseph Buckminster, June 18, 1719.*


William S. and Adaline Ellenwood, Sept. 4, 1839.


Israel and Elizebeth Hemenway, Jan. 19, 1782.*

William and Hepzibah Richards, Dec. ––, 1789.*

LEALAND (Leland)

Keziah of Sherborn, and Benjamin Kendal, Jan. 24, 1732-3.*

LEARNED (Larned, Lernard)

Ebenezer and Deborah Haynes, Oct. 14, 1714.*

Elizebeth and Jacob Bancroft Winchester, both of Watertown, Mar. 3, 1786.*

Hannah and Obadiah Walker of Marlboro, May 2, 1715.*

Samuel and Hannah Walker, July 7, 1778. In Sudbury.*


Ann and John Grady, int. Dec. 24, 1848.

Mary and Pattrick Murphy, int. Apr. 16, 1848.


Mary S. and William Macomber of Boston, int. Oct. 19, 1845.

William S.H. and Olivia Butler, int. May 17, 1826.


Samuel (Luiz, int.) of Concord, and Columbia Willis, Nov. 27, 1836.


Thomas and Ellen Finessy, int. Dec. 27, 1846.

LELAND (Lealand)

Augustin of Pawtucket, RI, and Lucy Ann Brown, Thursday, Apr. 9, 1835.

Eliza and John Barnes, Int. June 15, 1845.

Harriet of Sherborn, and Alonzo B. Whipple of Southboro, Sept. 9, 1845. CR1*

Jonas and Olive Cole of Sherborn, Oct. 17, 1793. In Sherborn.*

Judith M. (Juliette M., int.) of Milford and Lawson Lovering, Sunday, May 8, 1842.

Lucy Ann and Benjamin Brown, May 14, 1840.

Mary and Edward C. Parker, both of Holliston, May 17, 1832.*

Micah Jr. of Sherborn, and Tryphena B. Bennett, Oct. 11, 1837.

Patience of Sherborn, and Elkanah Haven, Feb. 5, 1716-7. In Sherborn.*

Patience of Sherborn, and James Whitney, Mar. 18, 1741-2. In Sherborn.*

Susanna of Sherborn, and John Page, Apr. 24, 1712. In Sherborn.*

Walter J r. and Thankful Strout, May 20, 1846.


Benjamin and Sarah E. Palmer of Alna, ME, int. Oct. 17, 1847.

James and Nancy F. Newton, May 4, 1842.

John and Sarah E. Phipps, Apr. 5, 1838.


Mary and John McGrath, int. Nov. 14, 1846.

LERNARD (Larned, Learned)

Elizabeth and Jonathan Partridge of Medway, Nov. 13, 1717. In Medway.*

LESLIE (Lesslie)

Peter P. and Jane R. Cross, int. Nov. 19, 1843.

Thomas and Eliza Thompson, wid., Oct. 13, 1849.

LESSLIE (Leslie)

Mehitable Almira of Cornish, NH, and Ira Mitchel, int. Oct. 30, 1824.


Benjamin Jr. and Susan Langdon, Apr. 5, 1838.

Mary E. of Windham, NH, and John H. Tower, int. June 20, 1847.

Nancy and Shurburn Lakeman of Nashua, NH, May 11, 1848.

Sarah E. and Thomas D. Morse of Natick, Oct. 28, 1847.


Caleb W. of Natick, and Rhoda J. Reed, int. Apr. 12, 1845.

Nancy Maria, d. Paul and Hannah, a. 20 y., and Joseph Read of Milford, s. Joseph and Susan, a, 20 y., Aug. 1, 1847.


John and Clarissa E. Dickinson, June 26, 1837.

John and Lucy Sullivan, int. Aug. 24, 1845.


Adams and Mary Morse, Feb. 20, 1817.

Mary and Grant Fay of Southboro, Dec. 23, 1812.

Mary E., d. Adams and Mary, a. 28 y., and Francis Kendall of Sherborn, s. Timothy and Polly of Sherborn, a. 26 y. Nov. 30, 1848.

Ruth and Thomas Temple, Nov. 30, 1797.*

Sally of Holliston, and John Eames Jr., int. Dec. 9, 1810.


Abigail and Amasa Frost of Mendon. Feb. 1, 1749-50. In Mendon.*

Abigail and Samuel Gleason, Apr. 3, 1755.*

John of Weston. and Ahigail Stone, June 22, 1731.*

Mary and Joseph Hurd of Oxford, Dec. 15, 1763. In Oxford.*


Mary Elizabeth and Matthew Molley, int. Nov. 20, 1842.

LLOYD (Loyd)

Curtis B. and Ruth W. Puffer, int. Oct. 23, 1836.

Susan C. of Boston, and John J. Hill, Dec. 29, 1839.


Almeda and Ephraim Smith, Dec. 10, 1840.

Anna M. and Judson Smith, int. Jan. 14, 1844.

Reuben and Emily B. Rowell. May 7, 1840. In Salem.

Stephen and Elizabeth Jane Casey, Nov. 11, 1841. In Budington.


James A. (James Augustus. int.) of Natick, and Mary Maria Bullard, Nov. 27, 1839.

Nancy and Joseph Black, both of Natick, Apr. 6, 1843.*

Susan, d. Ephraim and Susan, and Ebenezer (Eleazer. CR2) Tyler. both of Natick, Feb. 22, 1847.*


Nathaniel and Caroline E. Clark, Dec. 23, 1840.


Eunice of Medfield, and Josiah Cloyes, June 1, 1795. In Medfield.*

Mary and Timothy Stearns, Sept. 3, 1794.*

Ruth and Enoch Belknap, Oct. 29, 1797.*


Mary B., d. Stephen and Mary, a. 20 y., and Henry Hunt of Sudbury, s. John and Mary, a. 26 y., July 28, 1844.

Stephen of Sullivan, NH, and Mary Belcher, Jan. 22, 1821.


Joseph of Westhoro, and Eliza F. Stone, June 27, 1826.


Nabby of Medfield, and Alexander Ames, Nov. 28, 1799. In Medfield.*

Oliver E. of Millbury, and Rebecca G. Bannister, Sept. 14, 1843. CR1

Rachael of Medfield, and Nathaniel Eames, Nov. 27, 1735. In Medfield.*


Lawson and Judith M. (Juliette M., int.) Leland of Milford, Sunday, May 8, 1842.


John of Boston, and Frances Boynton, Apr. 9, 1832.


Samuel of Weston, and Asenath Goodnow, Jan. 9, 1826.


Betsey of Kensington, NH, and Richard Fisk Jr., int. July 2, 1818.

LOYD (Lloyd)

Ann, wid., a. 45 y., and John Wilson, widr., s. Archibald and Susan, a. 59 y., June 21, 1849.

John of Milton, and Eliza Brewer, Aug. 9, 1805.*


Nancy of Ware, NH, and William Gibbs, int. Dec. 5, 1841.


Catharine and William Ryan, int. Dec. 30, 1846.


Elizabeth of Shrewsbury, and Elijah Stone, Apr. 4, 1765. In Shrewsbury.*


Jesse of Needham, and Mehitable Frost, Feb. 11, 1817.

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