Rhoda (Rhoda M., int.) and William M. Brown, Feb.27,1842.


Mary Ann and Michael Herriman, int.May11,1845.

NEAL (Neale)

Amelia and Joseph Carter, Apr.27,1845.

Charles and Sarah Bunce, July4,1842.

W.I. (William I., int.) and Mary Ann (Mary Ann E., int.) Hosie, July4,1844.

NEALE (Neal)

Mary Jane and Oliver P. Paul, Feb.9,1846. (Jan.24,1847, int.)


John of Petersham, and Betsy Gleason, June16,1794.*


Rebecca of Medfield, and Jesse Whitney, int.Oct.24,1818.

Richard A. of Boston, and Eliza Ann Smith, int.Feb.17,1827.


Lewis of Leominster, and Louisa Conant Jones, Mar.31,1824.

NEWTEN (Newton)

Joannah and Ebenezer Singletary, Apr.5,1713.*

NEWTON (Newten)

Abigail S. and William Smyth of Waltham, June11,1837.

Calvin, Rev., of Bellingham, and Millisent Johnson, Nov.26,1828.

Sirus and Elenor Larrabee, July16,1771. In Lynn.*

Daniel (2d, int.) of Shrewsbury, and Martha Goddard, Apr.6,1837.

David of Southbury, and Sarah Hutson, Dec.12,1728.*

Ebenezer of Southboro, and Sally Rice, Dec.19,1784. In Southboro, (dup., June末,1785).*

Emeline of Ashland d.Peter and Maria of Ashland a.16y., and Harrison Chase of Marlboro, s.Luther and Joanna, a.21y., Apr.29,1847.*

Ephraim and Nabby Claflin, Mar.末,1784.* (Mar.2,1784.CR1)

Eunice C., d.John and Richard S. Clark, S. of Charles and Rebecca, Dec.29,1845.

Ezra of Southboro, and Mary Parmenter, Feb.27,1831.

Hannah and Nathan Tombs, Nov.29,1792.*

James and Bathsheba Nurse, Nov.15,1769. In Hopkinton.*

Jason and Hannah Warren of Mendon, Jan.9,1757. In Mendon.*

John of Southboro, and Abigail Eames, Dec.14,1752. In Newton.*

John and Polly Stone, Apr.10,1803.*

John and Eliza Dadmun, July18,1826.

Jonas (Joseph.MR) and Olive Towzer, both of Southboro, Sept.末,1786.*

Luther and Anna Merritt, Mar.14,1837.

Luther and Serena Goda of Hopkinton, Oct.30,1838.

Lydia and William Harrington, Apr.24,1809.

Lydia and Daniel Howard of Southboro, int.Nov.26,1814.

Maria and Edward Merit, Nov.30,1831.

Martin and Almira Fay of Southboro, int.Nov.15,1835.

Polly Rice of Southboro, and Jessse Belknap Jr., int.Nov.3,1814.

Polly and Luther Goodnow, Sept.28,1819.

Polly of Southboro, and John Byam, int.Feb.12,1822.

Mary and Luther Eaton, Nov.24,1828.

Nahum of Westboro (Southboro, int.) and Almira (Almena, int.) Howe, May17,1838.

Nancy and Nathan Hudson, July3,1808.

Nancy F. and James Lentell, May4,1842.

Nathan Jr. and Polly Nichols of Southboro, Nov.8,1783. In Southboro, (dup., July末,1784).*

Peter and Mary Ann C. Bixby, Apr.13,1821.

Peter and Maria Dunton, int.Mar.16,1834.

Phinehas and Mitty Unthank, May18,1815.

Rebecca of Southboro, and Daniel Hemenway, Sept.10,1786. In Southboro* (dup. Daniel Hemenway Jr. and Rebeccah Newton of Southboro, Feb.末,1787).

Relief of Southboro, and William Annetts, June18,1820.

Richard of Southborough, and Martha Pike, Jan.27,1743.*

William of Marlboro, and Elizabeth Wright, Dec.1,1737.*


Catharine and Michael Boyle, Dec.6,1845.

Daniel, a.22y., and Jane Davidson, a.20y., Nov.29,1845.

Betsey of Southboro, and Micah Gibbs, int.Mar.5,1820.

Fortunatus and Sally Clayes, Sept.末,1783.*

Hephzibah and Thomas Temple, July17,1770. In Reading.*

James of Shrewsbury, and Nabby Clayes, int.Oct.12,1811.

John and Mary Haven, July17,1751.*

Joseph of Needham, and Judith Mixer, Oct.28,1755.*

Joseph and Thankful Winch, Aug.26,1779. In Sherborn.*

Joseph of Shrewsbury, and Abigail Clayes, Dec.17,1811.*

Martha and Rev. David Goddard of Leicester, Dec.20,1753.*

Mary and Joshua Train of Weston. Mar.25,1743.*

Polly and Silas Eaton. Feb.末,1782.*

Polly of Southboro, and Nathan Newton Jr., Nov.8,1783. In Southboro, (dup., July末,1784).*

Nathaniel and Mary Phillips of Southboro, Sept.12,1745.*

Scott and Ann Davidson, int.June18,1848.


Christopher and 末末 Collar, Aug.16,1748.*

John and Thankfull Berry, Feb.7,1754.*

Mary and Isaac Gleason, Nov.2,1752.*

NIXON (Nickson)

Anne and Thomas Richardson, Feb.末,1789.* (Feb.4.MR)

John of Sudbury, and Hannah Gleazen, Feb.5,1778. In Sudbury.*

John of Sudbury, and Clarissa Perminter, int.Dec.8,1815.

Keziah and Ebenezer Brown,末蔓末,1788. (July6,1788.CR1)*

Laurella, d.Warren and 末末, and Aaron Hosmer, widr., of Acton, Apr.4,1849.

Polly and Capt. Peter Clayes, Jan.末,1785.*

Olenia, d.Warren, and Peter B. Davis, s.Jesse, Jan.22,1845.

Thomas, Capt., and Sarah Stone, Mar.4,1823.

Warren and Salome Rice of East Sudbury, int.Feb.6,1818.


Eli and Margaret Murphy, int.Apr.18,1847.


Josiah of Boston, and Ann Homer Mellen, Dec.24,1823.


Michael and Catharine Crowley, int.Oct.18,1837.


Esau of Leicester, and Margarett Harrey, Oct.5,1749.*

NORTON (Naughton)

Abigail W. and Hollis Hastings, int.Apr.5,1832.

Michael and Nancy Hemenway.both of Cambridge, Nov.30,1837.CR2


Daniel, s.Isaac and Experience, a.18y., and Matilda Austin, d.Timothy, a.21y., both of Sudbury, May2,1848.*

George, Rev. (George R., int.) of Brookfield, and Eliza W. (Eliza Wheeler, int.) Buttrick, May8,1828.

Jane L, and Moors Patee, int.Jan.25,1845.


Levi C. and Mary M. Baker, int.Oct.15,1843.

NURSE (Nurss)

Abraham and Zurviah Morse, Oct.24,1753.*

Almira and Silas Hunt, June16,1825.

Anne and Nathan Burnet of Barre, Aug.23,1792.*

Ann and William Eaton, Dec.2,1824.

Asa and Anna Munroe, June3,1778. In Sudbury.*

Asa and Lois Glover, May3,1781.*

Asa and Polly Haven, Dec.29,1800.*

Bathsheba and James Newton. Nov.15,1769. In Hopkinton.*

Benjamin and Elizabeth Morse of Watertown, Feb.16,1713-4. In Watertown.*

Benjamin and Elisabeth Haven, July12,1717.*

Benjamin and Bethiah Bridges, Nov.22,1749.*

Ebenezer and Mercy Haven, Apr.14,1720.*

Eleanor and John Manson of Southbnro, Jan.3,1816.

Eliza and Charles Haven of Gloucester, RI, Aug.22,1822.

Betsy and Thomas Richards.May末,1791.*

Hannah and Thomas Reed of Rutland Dec.12,1753.*

John and Elizabeth Gale. Feb.21,1699-1700. In Sherborn.*

John and Susanna Brown, Nov.8,1781.*

Joseph and Sarah Walkup, Feb.27,1746.*

Lawson and Lydia Eaton, Jan.1,1799.*

Lucy and Jonathan Edmunds Jr., May7,1807.

Molly (Nourse, dup.) and John Hervey of Southboro, Jan.末,1789. (Dec.7,1788. In Southboro, dup.) (Jan.9,1789.MR)*

Mary and Rufus Brewer, Feb.28,1813.

Newell and Harriot Bullard of Holliston, int.Apr.1,1819.

Olive and Oliver Matthews nf Southboro, Mar.末,1790.*

Olive and David Brewer of Dorchester, Dec.25,1817.

Sarah and Joshua Harrington, Jan.11,1743.*

Sarah and William Wesson, Nov.22,1743. In Hopkinton.*

Sally and Silas Davis of Shrewsbury, Dec.29,1800.*

Sally and Larkin Brewer oi Boston, Dec.27,1825.

Sophia and Peter Brewer of Southbnro, Apr.7,1819.

Susan and Henry Brewer, Feb.20,1821.

Susan and Curtis Child, Feb.23,1826.

Thamesin and Jedidia Biglow of Grafton, Jan.27,1736-7.*

Tamesin and Eblenezer Hemenway, Feb.23,1737-8.*

NURSS (Nurse)

Benjamin and Mary Belknap, June末,1737.*


Polly of Hopkinton, and Daniel Ballard, Mar.27,1796. In Hopkinton.

Rodemah of Hopkinton, and David Sanger, Feb.4,1779. In Hopkinton.*

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