Ruth Freeman of Lancaster, and Rev. George Trask, int.Feb.26,1831.


Francis O. and Harriet E. Wayne, both of Holliston, Sept.30,1846.CR1


John and Susanna Leland of Sherborn, Apr.24,1712. In Sherborn.*

Joseph Willington of Boston, and Patty Bixhy, Feb.16,1800.*

Mary and David Hill, int.Jan.25,1817.

Sarah and Matthew Gibbs, Apr.21,1709.*


Phebe, a.34y., and Albert B. Williams.a.40y., widr., Feb.25,1845.


John M. and Lucretia Bennett, May15,1844.CR1

Sarah E. of Alna, ME, and Benjamin Lentell, int.Oct.17,1847.


Dorothy of East Sudbury, and Chever Kendall, Aug.24,1780. In East Sudbury.*


Nabby and Obed Metcalf, Feb.4,1790.*

Alexander (Esq., int.) of Windham, NH, and Martha M. Curtis, (Carter, int., and.CR1), Feb.23,1837.

Eliza D. and Thomas W. Slack of Albany, NY, Nov.16,1836.

Hannah and Samuel Perry 3d, both of Natick, Oct.末,1793.*

Hannah Ann Fuller and Jason Hall of Boston, Nov.5,1828.

Jane of Windham, NH, and Josiah Adams (Esq., int.), Feb.1,1810.

John and Lucy Richardson of Watertown, Nov.20,1791. In Watertown.*

John, Dr., of Boston, and Agnes Major, June25,1814.

Lois and Daniel Usher, Dec.26,1785.*

Lucy R. and Moses Harrington of Weston, May16,1822.

Samuel and Ann Dearth of Holliston, int.Jan.25,1823.

Sarah and Joseph Whitney of Sherborn, Oct.3,1792.*

Sarah K. and Lyman Perry of Boston, int Feb.10,1833.

Susan H. and Joel Marble of Millbury, Nov.19,1827.


Nabby and Lovel How of Marlboro, June8,1803.*

Artemas and Almy Clark, Jan.21,1806.*

Carleton of Kennebunk, ME, and Eveline Belknap, Mar.1,1835.

Charles and Mary H. Wallingsford of Marlboro, NH, int.Apr.24,1830.

Curtis and Eliza I.B. Horton of Natick, int.Mar.17,1832.

Daniel of Southboro, and Zilpharine (Zapharine D., int.) Snow.Apr.2,1839.

Edward C. and Mary Leland both of Holliston, May17,1832.*

Elizabeth and Benjamin Stowell of Worcester, Oct.23,1755.*

Elizabeth A. (Eliza, int.) and Thomas Hastings Jr., Nov.12,1835.

Emily and Daniel Pannenter, Apr.21,1840.

Experience and Luther Haven of Holliston, Feb.5,1797.*

Harriet and Josiah Biglow of Hopkinton, Mar.20,1821.

Henry and Martha W. Fiske, Nov.26,1838.

John of Shrewsbury, and Experience Cloyes, Feb.18,1730. In Shrewsbury.*

Josiah and Olive Stone, Apr.8,1804.*

Lorenzo and Mary E. Herrick of Lunenburg, int.Mar.16,1834.

Louis (Lois, int.) of Hopkinton and William Walkup, Sept.29,1807.

Maria and Abijah Fay of Southboro, Dec.9,1819.

Martha and Eleazer Bullard of Holliston, Nov.1,1793.*

Moses and Elizabeth Wait, July5,1722.*

Moses and Kezia Bellows, Apr.3,1747.*

Nathan and Caty Murdock of Newton, Mar.17,1791. In Newton.*

Robert and Eunice Parmenter of Sudbury, Mar.8,1748. In Sudbury.*

Ruth and Joseph Biglow Jr. of Holliston, Nov.末,1788.*

Sally and William Eames of Holliston, Apr.21,1800.*


Abigail of Weston, and John Pike, Sept.23,1728. In Weston.*

Charles F.W. and Mary Goodale of Marlboro, Nov.8,1832.

Elizabeth and Samuel Walker, May末,1784.*

Emily and Rev. Winthrop Morse of Hallowell, ME, Oct.10,1818.

Ephraim, Esq., and Mary Adams, Apr.2,1828.

John and Sally Ballard, Dec.末,1783.*(Dec.11,1783.CR1)

Josiah and Nancy Jones, Apr.2,1801.*

Lucy and Abraham Fisher, Jan.15,1784.*

Lydia of Weston, and Joseph Stone, Apr.11,1723. In Weston.*

Lydia and Soloman Bracket, Aug.19,1794.*

Polly and Josiah Hemenway, Feb.末,1794.*

Nathan of Weston, and Mary Eames, Mar.21,1765. In Weston.*


Esther and Reuben Fay Jr. of Southboro, July24,1796.*

Martha Roxanna of Lincoln, and Daniel McLennar, int.Nov.4,1848.

PARKUST (Parkhurst)

Susan F.A. (Parkhurst, int.) and Daniel (David, int.) Colhum, Sept.末,1831.CR2 (Int. Sept.1,1831.)

PARMENTER (Parmeter, Parminter, Perminter)

Abijah and Polly Drury, July末,1790.*

Amos of Sudbury, and Mary Wood, Dec.21,1715. In Sudbury.*

Amos and Tryphena Bannister, Apr.8,1798.*

Anna and Samuel B. Ward, Jan.1,1835.

Bathsheba of Sudbury, and Elijah Dedman, Feb.28,1781. In Sudbury.*

Daniel and Emily Parker, Apr.21,1840.

Deliverance and Patty Gibbs, Dec.6,1812.

Dinah and Samuel Standhope, July7,1742.*

Eleanor and Abraham Hyde of Southboro, May7,1835.

Elias and Eunice Brown of Sudbury, June25,1797. In Sudbury.*

Eliza Jane and Wilson Darling, Dec.31,1846.

Emily and Edward Burditt Jr. of North Reading, int.Jan.15,1843.

Eunice of Sudbury, and Robert Parker, Mar.8,1748. In Sudbury.*

Eunice of Sudbury, and William Hemingway, Oct.21,1781. In Sudbury.*

Ezekiel of Sudbury, and Kezia Parmenter, Jan.15,1797.*

Ezra and Susanna Brown of Sudbury, Aug.11,1791. In Sudbury.*

George of Sudbury, and Abigail M. Brown, int.Mar.7,1841.

Hepzibah and Henry Boynton of Waltham, int.Oct.7,1838.

Jedediah of Sudbury, and Silance Maverick, Feb.5,1755. In Sudbury.*

Jerusha H. of Sudbury, and William (Willard, int.) Hemenway, Apr.21,1831.

Joshua and Polly Parmenter, Aug.末,1785.*

Joshua and Deborah Gates of Stow, Nov.13,1794. In Stow.*

Keziah and Joseph Stanhope of Sudbury, Jan.24,1739-40. In Sudbury.*

Kezia and Ezekiel Parmenter of Sudbury, Jan.15,1797.*

Lucinda and Jonathan W. Butler, int.Apr.12,1845.

Lydia and Elijah Walker of Sudbury, Mar.1,1750.*

Maria W. and James Henry Pratt, int.Oct.3,1841.

Mary of Sudbury, and Joshua Fairbanks, Dec.3,1767. In Sudbury.*

Polly and Joshua Parmenter, Aug.末,1785.*

Polly and Eleazer Smith of Walpole, Nov.末,1793.*

Mary and Ezra Newton of Southboro, Feb.27,1831.

Mary E. and Luther Fuller of Weston, int.Nov.8,1841.

Marcy and John Dunken of Rutland Nov.27,1775.*

Nelly and Peter Smith of Medfield, May20,1795.*

Persis and Isaac Hunt of Sudbury, Aug.13,1795.*

Peter (Jr., int.) and Sally Cutter, Aug.28,1836. In Sudbury.

Phinehas and Zebulah Parmenter of Sudbury, June3,1736.*

Rebecca of Sudbury, and Richard Hemingway, Dec.29,1785. In Sudbury.*

Ruth and Elisha Bruce of Southbury, Jan.8,1754.*

Solomon of Sudbury, and Deborah Pratt, July1,1717.*

Susan M. (Permenter, int.), d.Buckley, a.20y., and Ellis A. Darling, s.Paul, a.21y., Jan.1,1846.

Thomas of Sudbury, and Polly Walker, Dec.7,1780. In Sudbury.*

William of Sudbury, and Mary Pepper, Sept.25,1740.*

Zebulah of Sudbury, and Phinehas Parmenter, June3,1736.*

Zenas and Harriet Childs, int.June22,1845.

PARMETER (Parmenter, Parminter, Perminter)

Artemas and Lucretia Parmeter of Sudbury, int.July23,1808.

Lucretia of Sudbury, and Artemas Parmeter, int.July23,1808.

PARMINTER (Parmenter, Parmeter, Perminter)

Adenason and Louisa Butler, int.Dec.21,1821.

Buckley and Persis Hunt, int.Aug.26,1820.

Harriat and Levi Winch of Marlboro, int.Nov.10,1821.

Jesse of Sudbury, and Asenath Gibbs, May24,1826.

Jewel and Eliza Saunders of Marlboro, int.June7,1823.

Mary of Sudbury, and Daniel Reed, int.Sept.9,1822.

Susan and Socrates Fay, Feb.2,1824.


Samuel of East Sudbury, and Mary Brown, May10,1789. In East Sudbury.*


Palsemon (Ralsemon, int.) of Worcester, and Ann Maria Forrister, Jan.17,1844.CR2


Eliza Jane of Medway, and Samuel W. Metcalf, int.Mar.29,1846.

Jonathan of Medway, and Elizabeth Lernard, Nov.13,1717. In Medway.*

Joseph of Holliston, and Elizabeth S. Forrister, Nov.28,1839.


Israel S. of Milford, s.Jonathan and Sarah, a.24y., and Eliza W. Amsden, d.Elliot and Mary, a.21y., Nov.7,1848.

Mary Ann of Stow, and Jacob Caldwell, int.Apr.27,1833.


Moors and Jane L. Noyes, int.Jan.25,1845.


Relief of Jaffrey, NH, and Perkins Bigelow, int.Oct.21,1825.

PATTERSON (Pattison)

Artemas and Asenath Hemenway, Apr.12,1802.*

Finis and Luther Hemenway, July10,1803.*

Harriet S. (Harriet Simpson, int.), d.Benjamin, a.27y., and Ebenezer T. (Ebenezer S., int.) Upton, s.Joseph, a.35y., Apr.7,1845.

Hepzibeth of Boston, and Rev. Artimas B. Muzzy, int.Jan.7,1831.

Katharine and Adam Hemenway, Mar.末,1804.* (Jan.31,1804.CR1)

Molly and Elias Hemenway, Nov.16,1779. In Sudbury.*

William and Hannah Hemenway, Sept.12,1802.*

PATTISON (Patterson)

William and Margaret Douglas, int.Mar.末,1847.


Elbridge P. and Maryann Ingraham, int.June22,1848.

Oliver P. and Mary Jane Neale, Feb.9,1846. (Jan.24,1847, int.)


Phillips, Rev., of Walpole and Ann Swift, Dec.5,1733.*

PEIRCE (Perce, Pierce)

Charles H. of Newton, and Louisa Chick, int.Aug.12,1848.

Polly of Hopkinton, and David Claflin, int.Apr.9,1848.


Benjamin and Abigail Pratt, Jan.6,1741-2.*

Jacob and Olive Marshall, Feb.27,1779. In Sherborn.*

Lucy of Weston, and Nathan Lamb, Jan.29,1784. In Weston.

Mary and William Parmeuter of Sudbury, Sept.25,1740.*

Prudence and Azariah Walker Jr., Aug.16,1781.*

PERCE (Peirce, Pierce)

Mary A. of Attleboro, and Shepard C. Stanley, int.Oct.24,1841.


Alonzo, S. of Asa and Mary, a.24y., and Martha D. Goodnow, d.Joseph and Susan, a.20y., (both of Ashland.CR2), Nov.10,1846.*

Eliza and Walter M. Farland of Newton, int.Sept.30,1823.

PERMINTER (Parmenter, Parmeter, Parminter)

Clarissa and John Nixon of Sudbury, int.Dec.8,1815.

Eleanor and Ira Temple of Marlboro, Apr.18,1816.

Betsey and Leonard Dutton of Sudbury, int.Apr.17,1817.

Eunice (Parminter, int.) and Ransford Whitney, Aug.7,1823.

Percis and Martin Dadman of Marlboro, int.Nov.22,1816.

PERRY (Pery)

Abigail of Sherborn, and John Whitney, Feb.8,1738-9. In Sherborn.*

Albert and Jane S. Hart of Boston, int.Sept.22,1839.

Cynthia of Holliston, and Nathan Stone of Northboro, Sept.9,1813.*

David Jr. of Sherborn, and Sarah Fisher, Aug.19,1773. In Sherborn.*

Desire of Sherborn, and John Cloyes, Mar.25,1762. In Sherborn.*

Elizabeth and Abraham How, June16,1749.*

Elizabeth Ann and Metcalf Pratt, Jan.25,1837.

Elizabeth H. and William Ockington, Apr.30,1839.

Ellen and Henry Eames of Millbury, July4,1833.

Hannah of Sherborn, and Thomas Trowbridge, June19,1755. In Sherborn.*

Hannah of Natick, and Elias Howe, int.Dec.16,1810.

Japhet and Lydia How, June26,1739.*

Jehu of Hopkinton, and Deborah Eames, May4,1809.

John W. and Sally Clark, both of Natick, Jan.30,1811.*

Joseph of Sherborn, and Abigail Stone, Jan.22,1752. In Sherborn.*

Josiah G. of Worcester, and Martha Homer of Hopkinton, May28,1834.*

Kezia, d.William and Kezia, a.23y., and Lorenzo D. Moody, s.Joseph and Isanna, a.24y., both of Natick, Nov.1,1849.*

Lyman of Boston, and Sarah K. Park, int.Feb.10,1833.

Mary of Natick, and Thomas Holland of Gouldsborough, July20,1803.*

Miranda S. and Lowell Gallin, both of Hopkinton, Apr.23,1829.*

Moses of Sherborn, and Deborah Ivory, Feb.17,1742-3. In Sherborn.*

Obadiah of Sherborn, and Lucy Eaton, Mar.23,1803.*

Ruth of Natick, and Phinehas Rice, June3,1784. In Natick.*

Samuel Jr. of Natick, and Olive Rice, Oct.末,1789.*

Samuel 3d and Hannah Park, both of Natick, Oct.末,1793.*

Sarah of Worcester, and Abel Greenwood Jr., int.Oct.22,1821.

William Jr. and Kezia Drury, both of Natick, Dec.31,1801.*


Casandana and Roswell Bowman, int.Jan.26,1845.

PERY (Perry)

William and Betsey (Elizabeth, int.) Greenwood, Jan.11,1818.


Nancy and Prince Yonger, May19,1737.*


Mary and Michael Sheeby, a.24y., June9,1849.


Alvah of Lawrence, s.Alvah and Joanna, a.23y., and Mary C. Phipps, d.William K and Hannah, a.18y., Feb.9,1848.


Anna of Littleton, and Joseph Winch, Mar.17,1780. In Weston.

John of Medway, and Abigail Ballord, int.Apr.18,1811.

Mary of Southboro, and Nathaniel Nichols, Sept.12,1745.*

William of Fitchburg, and Sarah L. Hill of Sudbury, July4,1836.*


Thomas of Boston, and Maria Townsend, int.Aug.1,1825.


Ann E., d.Sylvanus and Anna, and (Col., int.) William Hastings, widr., s.Thomas and Nabby, Apr.14,1847.

Harriet A. (Harriet N., int.) and George Richardson, June2,1836.

Joseph and Hellen C. Bell, Aug.21,1833.

Joseph H., Rev., and Laura M. Wild of Brookline, int.Dec.10,1848.

Mary, d.Sylvanus, and Horatio Reed of New York, Oct.9,1844.

Mary C., d.William K. and Hannah, a.18y., and Alvah Peterson of Lawrence, s.Alvah and Joanna, a.23y., Feb.9,1848.

Persis of Sherborn, and Daniel Sanger Jr., Sept.27,1789. In Sherborn.*

Sarah B. and Capt. Luther Metcalf (Jr., int.) of Medway, Jan.16,1828.

Sarah E. and John Lentell, Apr.5,1838.

Sylvanus and Anna Winch, Feb.末,1802.*

Sylvanus and Polly Grout of Sherborn, int.May7,1837.

Sylvanus and Mehitable Coolidge, Apr.5,1842.

PIERCE (Peirce, Perce)

Elizabeth and Silas Haven of Hopkinton, Apr.25,1771. In Hopkinton.*

Hannah and William Ballard Jr., Aug.25,1741. In Hopkinton.*

Sarah A.J. of Upton, and E.H. Cummings, int.Aug.3,1849.

Thomas of Hopkinton, and Lydia Gibbs, Jan.24,1743.*

Thomas and Mary Haven of Hopkinton, Apr.26,1750.*


Aaron and Comfort Pike, Aug.23,1733.*

Aaron and Bethiah Brindley, Feb.末,1794.*

Abigail and Charles Ward of Southborough, Aug.25,1742.*

Asa and Sarah Blodget of Sterling, Feb.末,1792.*

Comfort and Aaron Pike, Aug.23,1733.*

Ebenezer and Sarah Fay of Southboro, Nov.20,1729. In Marlboro.*

Eleanor and Obadiah Osborne of Sudbury, Oct.26,1797.*

Elijah and Sally Clark, both of Hopkinton, Feb.25,1796.*

Betsy and Joseph Dedman, Jan.8,1795. In Hopkinton.*

Jeremiah and Susanna Wooster, May6,1701. In Concord.

Jeremiah ano Keziah Hemenway, Sept.14,1743.*

John and Mary Eams, Sept.8,1726.*

John and Abigail Parkhurst of Weston, Sept.23,1728. In Weston.*

Joseph of Newbury, and Lidia Drury, Dec.5,1722.*

Keziah and William Fay of Barre, Dec.1,1777. In Sudbury.*

Lois and Isaac Allerd, Mar.17,1752.*

Lowell and Lucinda Arnold.both of Hopkinton, Sept.20,1832.*

Lyman of Hopkinton, and Lucy Follinsbee, Sept.13,1827.

Martha and Richard Newton of Southborough, Jan.27,1743.*

Martin of Petersham, and Ruth Merit, Feb.7,1828.

Mehettable and John Winch, Jan.27,1743.*

Michal and Mehetabell Brown of Roxbury, May28,1706.*

Michal and Abigail Lamb, May末,1793.*

Moses and Mehetabell Pratt, July13,1727.*

Moses and Relief Stacey, Dec.29,1737.*

Naomie and John Gibbs, Mar.9,1709-10.*

Nathaniel of Hopkinton, and Abial Prat, Nov.8,1734.*

Nathaniel of Hopkinton, and Elizabeth Claflin, June23,1799. In Hopkinton.*

Rachel and Stephen Bigelow of Boylston, June1,1790.*

Silas and Molly Frizzle, Sept.30,1777. In Sudbury.*

Susanna and Joseph Eames, July15,1746.*

Timothy and Anne Potter, Feb.末,1783.*

William and Mary Flagg of Sherborn, Nov.14,1706.*

William and Sabilla Frost, Feb.21,1738-9.*


Louis and Timothy Haven, Aug.末,1784.*


Richard of Sherborn, and Sarah H. Gay of Natick, Sept.13,1838.CR1*


David and Elizabeth Davis, Jan.24,1828.*


Nathaniel and Anne Maynard, Oct.18,1781.*


Lucretia M. of Northfield, and Omen S. Keith, Esq., int.May12,1833.

Mary of South Hampton, and Charles Winthrop Wilds, int.May2,1829.


Benjamin, Dr. (Jr., int.) of Westboro, and Eunice L. Clayes, Nov.1,1832.


Abby, a.32y., and George Davis, s.George W. and Anna.a.34y., June28,1849.

Mary of Marlboro, and Benjamin Whitney, Apr.13,1696. In Marlboro.*


Joseph and Elizabeth Matherson, Mar.11,1841.

Susan F. of Wrentham, and Isaac B. Warren, int.Feb.3,1833.


Anne and Timothy Pike, Feb.末,1783.*

Ann and George P. Clapp of Scituate, Nov.28,1839.

Joseph and Sukey Cutting (Cotting, int.), Jan.1,1811.

Levi B. of Grafton, and Hitty Wenzell, Sept.1,1841.

Louisa and Joseph Town, int.Apr.7,1844.

Mary of Marlboro, and John Bruce, Jan.11,1733. In Marlboro.*


George James and Alice Greenwood, int.Dec.17,1843.

PRAT (Pratt)

Abial and Nathaniel Pike of Hopkinton, Nov.8,1734.*

Daniel and Elizabeth Rice, May23,1723.*

Daniel Jr. and Elizebeth Bruwer, May20,1745. In Hopkinton.*

David and Sarah Bancroft of Reading, Dec.14,1704. In Reading.*

David and Sarah Clafflin, Mar.10,1723-4.*

Jabez and Hannah Gale, Apr.22,1714.*

Lydia and Jonathan Rice of Sudbury, Nov.18,1714.*

Philip and Mary Ofland of Newton, June2,1726. In Weston.

Rachel and Joseph Greaves, May3,1723.*

Rachel and Daniel Claflin, Dec.21,1726.*

PRATT (Prat)

Aaron of Sherborn, and Olive Metcalf, Oct.末,1790.*

Aaron Jr. and Abigail Eames, Oct.26,1837.

Abaigail and Henry Mellen, Mar.24,1711-2.*

Abigail and Benjamin Pepper, Jan.6,1741-2.*

Abigail and Peter Brewer, Dec.22,1748.*

Abigail and Joshua Harton of Leicester, Mar.28,1750.*

Abner and Mary Wright, Jan.22,1795.*

Alpheus and Louisa Eames, May14,1819.

Asenath and Daniel Kelly of Weston, Feb.22,1818.

Bathsheba and David Sanger of Sherborn, May27,1736.*

Calvin and Betsey Smith, Dec.7,1817.

Caroline and John Fenton of Spencer, Nov.26,1829.

Deborah and Solomon Parmenter of Sudbury, July1,1717.*

Eliza S. and Joseph Cutting, int.Mar.12,1837.

Elizabeth and Charles Knowlton of Jaffrey, NH, Dec.1,1831.

Emily and Jeremiah Butler of Sherborn, Nov.5,1818.

Ephraim and Anne Ballard, Dec.末,1785.*

Ephraim and Hannah Belcher, June末,1788.*

George W. and Jane Kimball of Peterboro, NH, int.Apr.4,1833.

Gershom (of Sherborn, dup.) and Abigail Rice, July21,1729. In Sherborn.*

Hannah and Nathan Davis of Natick, int.Aug.6,1817.

Harriet H. and Horatio P. Fulton, Aug.6,1837.

Jabez and Rebeccah Stratton, Mar.31,1726.*

Jabesh of Sutton, and Elizabeth Grant (Grout, dup.), Apr.10,1741,

Jacob of Sherborn, and Lydia Eames, Oct.23,1760. In Sherborn.*

James Henry and Maria W. Parmenter, int.Oct.3,1841.

Jesse and Polly Dalrymple of Sudbury, Feb.20,1788. In Sudbury.*

Jesse and Polly Maynard of Boylston, int.July4,1820.

John and Mary Pratt, May7,1778. In Hopkinton.*

John and Betty Hagar, July22,1787. In Newton.*

Lowell and Mary Wilson, June24,1824.

Luke C. and Betsey D. Tufts of Lynn, int.Nov.19,1825.

Lydia and William Dedmund (William Dadmun Jr., int.), Nov.1,1830.CR2

Martha and Seth Tomlin of Windham [CT.], Sept.16,1741.*

Martha and Daniel Biglow, Mar.20,1754.*

Martha and Simon Pratt Jr., Nov.26,1778.*

Martin and Lidia Biglo, Sept.30,1731.*

Mary and Jeremiah Belknap, Aug.10,1732.*

Mary and Samuel Putnam of Sudbury, July27,1748.*

Mary and John Pratt, May7,1778. In Hopkinton.*

Mary ann David Emes, Feb.10,1829.

Mehetabell and Moses Pike, July13,1727.*

Mehitable and Isaac M. Temple, Apr.8,18211

Mehitable and Charles Jones, Jan.23,1825.

Metcalf and Elizabeth Ann Perry, Jan.25,1837.

Prudence and Ebenezer Stone, May10,1721. In Concord.*

Sally and Jonathan Eames of Sherborn, June18,1822.

Sarah (Sarah H., int.) and Joseph Fogg, Oct.10,1833.

Simon and Mary Chamberlain of Holliston, Jan.3,1750.*

Simon Jr. and Martha Pratt, Nov.26,1778.*

Susanna of Westborough, and Obadiah Allen of Hopkinton, May17,1720.*

Thomas and Sarah Willerd, Jan.24,1710-1.*

Thomas and Lucy Smith, int.Jan.18,1823.


Abram I. (Abram F., int.) and Diantha M. Tolman, Jan.4,1840.

Elizabeth W. of Natick, and John Mason of Cambridge, June28,1846. In Natick.CR1*


Elizabeth of Medfield, and Isreal Trask of Beverly, July6,1835.CR2

Nathaniel and Sally Belknap, Apr.12,1801.*


Jacob of Westford, and Bathsheba Dadmun (Bersheba Dadman, int.), July14,1807.

Joseph and Harriot Daniels Marshall, both of Natick, Oct.4,1833.CR2,

Phinehas W. of Dunstahle, NH, and Mary G. Gates of Lowell, Oct.22,1833.*

Samuel and Sarah D. Brown, int.May4,1845.


Francis of Duxbury, and Ann E. (Ann Benson, Apr.2,1843.


Isaac W. and Elizabeth Drew of Plymouth, int.Sept.6,1835.

John of Henniker, NH, and Lucinda A. Gould, Dec.31,1827.GR2*

Lucinda A. Gould.wid.John and Joseph C. Thompson of Andover, NH, Dec.28,1842.*.GR2

Melvin and Mariah Whitcomb, Feb.7,1839.


Sarah and Daniel Eliot Jr., Feb.3,1707-8.*


Almira C. and Jesse Goodnow, Dec.28,1841.

Charles of Concord, and Sophronia Hunt, int.Jan.12,1845.

Jabish of Sudbury, and Hannah Treadway, Oct.18,1738.*

Joanna E. and Lewis Fairbanks of Nashua, NH, Sept.23,1846.

Martha A. and Tristram Goldthwait, int.Feb.2,1845.

Mary P. (of Sudbury, int.) and Charles A. Hariman, May4,1843.

Nancy K. and Dr. H. Cowles, int.Sept.5,1847.

Ruth W. and Curtis B. Lloyd, int.Oct.23,1836.

William of Sudbury, and Abigail Treadway, June8,1742.*


Andrew J. and Charlotte A. Andrew of Webster, int.Aug.21,1842.

Hannah and Hezekiah Walker of Sudbury, Apr.20,1738. In Sudbury.

John and Sarah Maverick of Sudbury, Apr.25,1737. In Sudbury.*

Samuel of Sudbury, and Mary Pratt, July27,1748.*

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