Peter and Elizabeth Brown, Feb.2,1843. In Natick.

Rosa and Philip Heffernan, int.July26,1846.

WAIT (Waite, Wate)

Elizabeth and Moses Parker, July5,1722.*

Ezekiel and Lydia Stanford of Sherborn, Apr.20,1738.*

Ezekiel and Rebecca Frost of Sherborn, July1,1742-3. In Sherborn.*

Josiah and Sarah Stanford of Sherborn, Mar.3,1742-3. In Sherborn.*

Lydia and Gershom Emes, Feb.末,1784.*

WAITE (Wait, Wate)

Abigail of Natick, and Charles Otis Goodnow, int.Dec.20,1835.

WALCUP (Walkup)

George and Jemima Veny of Worcester, Nov.27,1759. In Worcester.*


Almira and Benjamin Moulton of Dudley, June25,1833.*

Ama of Medway, and Eben Eaton, int.Dec.21,1816.

Azariah Jr. and Prudence Pepper, Aug.16,1781*

Elijah of Sudbury, and Lydia Parmenter, Mar.1,1750.*

Elizabeth A.M. of Charlestown, and Increase Sumner Wheeler, int.Oct.3,1829.

Emily and Samuel Hill (Hall, int.and.CR1) of Boston, June27,1824.

Francis B. and Mehitable Eaton, June28,1826.

Hannah and Moses Haven, Nov.9,1721.*

Hannah and Samuel Learned, July7,1778. In Sudbury.*

Hannah and Lambert Allen of Northboro, Oct.1,1817.

Hezekiah of Sudbury, and Hannah Putnam, Apr.20,1738. In Sudbury.*

Jane and Ebenezer Stone, Dec.2,1809.

Joseph C. of Lowell, s.Moses C. and Martha, a.26y., and Harriet N. Jones, d.Alexander H. and Mille, a.22y., Oct.30,1844.

Louis and David Holloway of Marlboro, Nov.末,1787.*

Martha and Joseph Haven, Jan.24,1710-1.*

Martha and John Whitney, Nov.10,1718.*

Mary and Elkanah Haven, Dec.2,1714.*

Mary and Samuell Stratten of Mendon, Nov.17,1737.*

Polly and Thomas Parmenter of Sudbury, Dec.7,1780. In Sudbury.*

Mary of Charlestown, and Dr. Simon Whitney, int.Apr.1,1824.

Mary and Beaman Stone of Dorchester, Aug.21,1825.

Matthias and Jane Moulton of East Sudbury, Mar.14,1793. In East Sudbury.*

Obadiah of Marlboro, and Hannah Learned, May2,1715.*

Olive of Sudbury, and Phinehas Gibbs, July12,1782. In Sudbury.*

Paul of Sudbury, and Sally Gibbs, Feb.末,1790.*

Samuel and Hannah Jennins, both of Sudbury, Nov.3,1715. In Sudbury.*

Samuell Jr. and Mary Carlile, Sept.28,1738.*

Samuel of Natick, and Abiel Stone, June15,1743.*

Samuel and Elizabeth Parkhurst, May末,1784.*

Sarah of Hopkinton, and Seth Arding, Jan.2,1785. In Hopkinton.*

Sally of Sudbury, and Josiah Gibbs, int.Apr.29,1828.

Sybil and Jacob Hemenway, Dec.末,1787.*

Solomon and Polly Washburn, both of Natick, Feb.3,1805.*

Timothy of Hopkinton, and Lois Gibbs, Oct.16,1777. In Hopkinton.*

WALKUP (Walcup)

Alonzo and Susan W. Walkup, Dec.15,1836.

Beulah and Justus Granger, Mar.16,1809.

Dorcas and William Hudson, Mar.18,1747.*

Betsy and William Dougherty, Jan.末,1788.* (Jan.2,1788.CR1)

George and Sarah Graves of Sudbury, Apr.29,1725. In Sudbury.*

George and Lois Chickering, Apr.3,1831.

Hannah and Jonathan Rugg, Feb.17,1743.*

Harriet M., d.William and Esther, a.21y., and Addison D. Clayes, s.Jonas and Susan, a.25y., Nov.22,1848.

John, s.Rufus and Nancy, a.20y., and Jane Bunce, Nov.25,1847.

Josephine and Cyrus W. Jones, Feb.9,1844. In Marlboro.

Josiah W. and Harriet E. Coolidge, Dec.6,1843.

Mary and Chellis C. Carter, Nov.24,1842.

Milly and Gideon Willis, of Weston, Nov.7,1803.*

Rachel and James Boutwell, Mar.9,1743-4. In Sudbury.*

Rebecca S. and William B. How of Southhoro, Mar.6,1844.CR2

Romeo and Emily Dunn, Jan.1,1840.

Rufus and Nancy Belcher, Apr.15,1807.

Sarah and Joseph Nurse, Feb.27,1746.*

Sarah F. and Caleb S. Williams of Brookfield, int.Mar.17,1844.

Susan W. and Alonzo Walkup, Dec.15,1836.

William and Elizabeth Stimpson, Oct.31,1765. In Hopkinton.*

William and Louis (Lois, int.) Parker of Hopkinton, Sept.29,1807


Hugh and Ellen Keating, Sept.6,1840.


Mary H. of Marlboro, NH, and Charles Parker, int.Apr.24,1830.


Bridget and Pattrick Murphy, int.Dec.10,1848.


Abigail and Joseph Bellows of Southbury, Sept.14,1749.*

Caroline of Lowell, and Alfred Wiswell, int.Aug.27,1848.

Charles of Southhoro, and Abigail Pike, Aug.25,1742.*

Ephraim of Newton, and Mary Stone, Sept.24,1734.*

Hannah of Newton, and Jonathan Edmunds Jr., June13,1776. In Newton.*

Metilda and Jacob Shumway of Millbury, Apr.12,1825.

Samuel B. and Anna Parmenter, Jan.1,1835.

Samuel B. and Emily Rice of Waltham, Wednesday, May25,1842. In Wayland.

Tirza and Benjamin Angier, Mar.末,1785.*

William of Worcester, and Mary Coggin, Feb.20,1732-3.*


Harriet L. of Holliston, d.Samuel and Electa, a.23y., and Franklin Turner, s.Charles L. and Caskarella, a.27y., Apr.25,1847.

WARREN (Warrin)

Angenette and Hiram Atherton of Boston, int.Dec.10,1843.

Dana and Lucy Tayntor, Jan.1,1826.

Ebenezer and Abigail M. Stow of Marlboro, int.Apr.11,1822.

Edwin H. and Anna M. Brown, int.Oct.7,1838.

Edwin H. and Lucy Wyman of Charlestown, int.Feb.16,1840.

G.A., Dr., of Windsor Locks, CT, s.Benjamin and Maria, a.28y., and Lavinia Rice, d.Phinehas, Dec. and Sally, a.30y., Aug.22,1847.

George and Pamela Eames of Hopkinton, int.July2,1831.

Hannah of Mendon, and Jason Newton, Jan.9,1757. In Mendon.*

Isaac and Sally Bennet, May18,1800.*

Isaac B. and Susan F. Porter of Wrentham, int.Feb.3,1833.

Isaac B. and Frances E. Gerould of Wrentham, int.Oct.7,1849.

John and Maria Dale, Sept.2,1830.

Josiah and Fanny Hemenway, May末,1789.*

Josiah Jr. and Almira Manson, June8,1824.

Lucy Ann and Andrew S. Carter, Feb.末,1844.CR1 (Jan.21,1844, int.)

Mary B. and George B. Swift of Wrentham, Nov.8,1831.CR2

Samuel and Relief Howe, Oct.28,1819.

Sibel of Hopkinton, and Gideon Gliddon, int.Nov.19,1820.

Susan E. and C. (James, int.) Odiorne of Boston, June25,1828.

WARRIN (Warren)

John and Zipporah Brigham, both of Marlboro, June7,1733.*


Charles, Esq., of Worcester, and Anna F. Brown, int.Jan.17,1847.

Polly and Solomon Walker, both of Natick, Feb.3,1805.*

Samuel of Boston. and Sally Flagg of Sherborn, June18,1810.*

Thomas (Jr., int.) and Lucretia Ellis, Apr.1,1824.

Thomas, s.Thomas, dec., and 末末, a.23y., and Eliza W. (Eliza J., int.) Brewer, d.David and Olive, a.18y., Sept.5,1848.

WATE (Wait, Waite)

Nancy and Joseph Blanchard, Oct.末,1789.*


Delia A. of Millbury, and Rev. Increase N. Tarbox, int.May15,1845.


Eliphalet and Mary Ann Sodon, Mar.5,1840.


Harriet E. and Francis O. Padelford, both of Holliston, Sept.30,1846.CR1*


Fanny of Hopkinton. and William Moore, Dec.27,1829.

Rhoda and Samuel George, int.June13,1836.


Nancy R. and John Gibbs, June5,1842.


Mersylvia and Joseph Whitcomb of Sudbury, Oct.12,1843. In Stow.

Supply of Marlboro, and Mary Holland Mar.10,1714-5.*


Thomas and Betsey McCoy, Jan.24,1827.


Lydia F. and George W. Morrill of Boston, Int. May7,1843.

Nathaniel and Sophia Taverner, int.Apr.2,1837.


Dolly and John Crotty, int.Aug.21,1836.

Hastings R. of Wayland and Lydia B. Saunders, int.Apr.30,1843

WENZEL (Wenzell)

Angelina and William Smith Jr., Jan.10,1833.

Catharine and Curtis Hartshorn of Holliston, June21,1818.

Charles H. and Nancy P. Knowlton, Feb.25,1839.

Eliza and Selah Higby of (Marlboro, int.), VT, Jan.31,1833.

John Jr. and Mehetable Haven, Dec.15,1814.

WENZELL (Wenzel)

Eliza E., d.John and Mehetable, a.20y., and Appleton Greenwood of Worcester. s.Abel and 末末 of Ashland Apr.17,1847.

Hitty and Levi B. Potter of Grafton, Sept.1,1841.

Sarah F. and Robert Snell, Apr.7,1842.

Senica and Polly Claflin of Holliston, int.Jan.15,1832.

WESEN (Wesson)

Samuel and Martha Haven, May7,1711.*

WESSON (Wesen)

John and Ruth Death of Sherborn, Jan.22,1740. In Sherborn.*

William and Sarah Nurse, Nov.22,1743. In Hopkinton.*

Zachariah of Sudbury, and Mary Fisk, June12,1777. In Sudbury.*


Martha and Isaac Cusans of Sherborn, Jan.12,1714-5.*

WHEELER (Wheller)

Abner and Polly Bennet, Dec.23,1798.

Abner, Esq., and Martha Eaton of Ashby, int.Oct.8,1837.

Angeline P. of Lowell, and Stephen B. Currier, int.Oct.8,1837.

Asa of Lincoln, and Eleanor Rice, Nov.26,1807.

Benjamin and Rebecca Bennet, Dec.11,1804.*

Comfort of Medway, and David Brewer, Nov.20,1777. In Medway.*

Cotesworth P. and Mary Johnson, both of Lexington, June16,1836.CR1*

Edgar H. and Clarissa C. Osgood of Philadelphia, PA, int.May2,1841.

Edgar H. and Sarah Jane Jackson of Ashland int.Jan.9,1848.

Eleanor B. and Edward A. Clark, Jan.17,1844.CR1

Eliphalet of Groton, and Clarissa Rice, Feb.4,1813.

Hannah Brooks of Lincoln, and Nathaniel Swift Bennett, int.末蔓末,1810.

Henry R. and Ann J. James, both of Lynn, Sept.10,1837.CR2

Henry of Weston, and Louisa Gates, int.May3,1846.

Increase Sumner and Elizabeth A.M. Walker of Charlestown, int.Oct.3,1829.

Isaac of Holden, and Sarah Darlin, Aug.8,1752.*

John of Nicheusaug, and Deborah Gleason, Aug.29,1751.*

Jos (John. int.) of Watertown, and Submit Cutting (Cotting. int.), Feb.2,1814.

Jonathan of Cambridge, and Deborah Savage Train, Apr.6,1831.

Patty of Lincoln, and Stephen Butrick of Concord, Dec.6,1801.*

Theodore H. and Rachel W. Emerson of Waltham, int.Dec.24,1848.

William of Stratton, VT, and Persis Howe, int.Nov.18,1809.


Prescott of Worcester, and Sally Goodnow, Apr.5,1827.

WHELLER (Wheeler)

Abigirll and Dea.Daniell Stan, Feb.8,1703-4.*


Alonzo B. of Southhoro, and Harriet Leland of Sherborn, Sept.9,1845.CR1*

Jerusha of Grafton, and David Haven, Nov.28,1754. In Grafton.*


Ezra and Lowis Hill of Bellingham, Sept.20,1790. In Bellingham.*


Erastus P. and Betsey P. Davis, int.Sept.2,1849.


Joseph of Sudbury, and Mersylvia Weeks, Oct.12,1843. In Stow.

Mariah and Melvin Proctor, Feb.7,1839.

WHITE (Wight)

Amos of Waltham, and Elizabeth Belcher, Nov.30,1828.

Angeline, d.Jeremiah and Alice, a.20y., and Charles G. Coffin, s.Asa and Hannah, a.23y., Aug.27,1844. In Hopkinton.

Elihu Jr. and Laura Metcalf of Franklin, int.Sept.10,1831.

Eliza Ann and Samuel A. Vining, both of Randolph, Apr.11,1837.CR2

Betsey Jane and Luther French, Apr.11,1837.CR2

Elizabeth W. of Lancaster, and William H. Hayden, int.Feb.末,1845.

John and Sabilla Buckminster, Jan.24,1728.*

Mary Ann and William H. Merritt of Hopkinton, int.Apr.7,1844.

Nancy A. and Ephraim Knapp, int.July3,1842.

Sophia and Lawson Kingsbury, Esq., Apr.23,1822.

Susan and Joel R. Bixby, Apr.10,1828.

Susan L. and Joseph W. Tuttle, July26,1846.

William F. and Eliza A.M. Goodnow, Nov.17,1842.


Asa of Holliston, and Clarissa Hill of Sherborn, Oct.19,1806.*

Jonathan of Dover, and Lucy Jones, Dec.22,1813.

Phinehas of Sherborn, and Abigail Gleason, Feb.19,1767. In Sherborn.*

WHITMORE (Whittemore)

Charles S. and Agnes A. Hyde, Oct.6,1842.

Eliza R. of Ashburnham, and Horace Eames, int.Oct.31,1841.

James H. (James Hervey, int.) and Martha A. Stow, Apr.9,1835.

Levi F. and Mehitable Edgell, May8,1817.


Aaron of Boston, and Susan H. Farrington, int.Mar.27,1842.

Abigail and Ebenezer Chapin of Mendon, Mar.29,1743.*

Benjamin and Mary Poor of Marlboro, Apr.13,1696. In Marlboro.*

Benjamin and Margaret Sanderson of Watertown, Feb.21,1731-2. In Watertown.*

Eliza of Woreester, and David Fisk, int.Jan.11,1846.

Elizabeth W., d.Simon and Elizabeth, and Dr. John W. Osgood, Aug.20,1845.

Hannah and Ezekiel Rice, Jan.23,1722-3.*

Hannah and Jesse Haven, Nov.末,1800.*

Huldah and Zachariah Morse of Marlborough, Nov.16,1724.*

Isaac and Elizabeth Bridges, Sept.27,1722.*

James and Martha Rice, Feb.2,1714-5.*

James and Patienee Leland of Sherborn, Mar.18,1741-2. In Sherborn.*

Jesse and Rebeeca Newell of Medfield, int.Oct.24,1818.

John and Martha Walker, Nov.10,1718.*

John and Abigail Perry of Sherborn, Feb.8,1738-9. In Sherborn.

Jonathan and Euniee Marshall of Waltham, June15,1758. In Waltham.*

Joseph of Sherborn, and Sarah Park, Oct.3,1792.*

Love and Jonathan Battle of Dedham, Jan.2,1754.

Lidia and Richard Haven, Feb.4,1713-4.*

Mark of Hopkinton, and Tabitha Mellen, Jan.4,1726-7.*

Ransford and Eunice Perminter (Parminter. int.), Aug.7,1823.

Simon, Dr., and Mary Walker of Charlestown, int.Apr.1,1824.


Elbridge G. and Sophia Eames, both of Holliston, Nov.13,1832.*

William of Weston, and Mary Smith of East Sudbury, Nov.12,1829.*


John Mooney, Dr., of Providence, RI, and Caroline Elizabeth Haven, int.Jan.4,1846.

WIGHT (White)

Jonathan 3d, Capt., of Medfield, and Clarissa Eames, June3,1824.

WILD (Wilds)

Laura M. of Brookline and Rev. Joseph H. Phipps, int.Dec.10,1848.


Martha of Lancaster, and Capt. John Maynard, Oct.25,1785. In Lancaster.*

Mehitable, wid., and Ichabod Gaines, widr., Sept.3,1844.

Tabitha of Boston, and William Henderson, Mar.22,1815.

WILDS (Wild)

Charles Winthrop and Mary Pomroy of South Hampton, int.May2,1829.

WILLARD (Willerd)

Joseph and Martha Clark, Jan.5,1715-6.*

Peter of Sudbury, and Jane Davis, int.Oct.18,1823.

WILLERD (Willard)

Sarah and Thomas Pratt, Jan.24,1710-1.*


George of Worcester, and Abigail Hale, Sept.27,1837.


Abraham, Rev., of Sandwich, and Anna Buckminster, Sept.11,1751. In Hopkinton.*

Albert B., a.40y., widr., and Phebe Paine, a.34y., Feb.25,1845.

Caleb S. of Brookfield, and Sarah F. Walkup, int.Mar.17,1844.

Hannah and John Belcher, June末,1787.*

James of Lynn, and Sarah M. Carr, Mar.25,1847.*

William, widr., s.Stephen and Abigail, a.54y., b. in Roxbury, and Abigail R. Baggs of Dorchester, d.Seth and Abigail, a.48y., b. in Milton, Oct.17,1849.


Columbia and Samuel Lees (Luiz, int.) of Concord, Nov.27,1836.

Emily and Archelaus Bennett of Waltham, int.Mar.14,1841.

George E. of Medford, and Margaret B. Frost, Apr.27,1842.

Gideon of Weston, and Milly Walkup, Nov.7,1803.*

Harriet S. and Thomas S. Edmunds of Lowell, May3,1840.

Sarah and Rufus A. French, Nov.16,1833.

Susan H. and Philip D. Edmunds of Lowell, May3,1840.

Susannah H. and George W. Kimball, Sept.30,1838.

WILLSON (Wilson)

Edmund B., Rev., of Grafton, and Martha A. Buttrick, May8,1844.CR1


Rachel E. of Rehoboth, and Andrew Foster, Dec.6,1835.

WILSON (Willson)

Anne and Jonathan Clark, May2,1745.*

Arnold and Clarissa Hill of Charlestown, int.Oct.12,1811.

Charles N. of Dover, a.29y., and Harriet Richardson, a.27y., Jan.19,1845.

Charles B. of Boston, s.Gilbert D., and Sarah, a.24y., and Sarah D. Turner, d.Royal and Betsey, a.25y., Aug.23,1847.

Betsey and Joseph Johnson of Hopkinton, Mar.30,1815,

James and Deliverance Bridges, Jan.21,1719-20.*

John, widr., s.Archibald and Susan, a.59y., and Ann Loyd, wid., a.45y., June21,1849.

Josiah of Hopkinton, and Hannah Clayes, Apr.22,1735.*

Mary and Gideon Bridges, May23,1723.*

Mary and Lowell Pratt, June24,1824.

Mary and Deliverance Derby, Aug.7,1825.

Nancy and Aaron Shattuck of Charlestown, May17,1813.

Orin and Louisa Stone of Dorchester, int.Apr.27,1834.

Phinehas and Anne Jones, Oct.26,1739.*

Rebecca and Edwin C. Morse, both of Natick, Oct.24,1849.CR2

Sarah of Lancaster, and Otis Boynton, int.Aug.3,1822.

Thankful and Isaac Gleason, Dec.9,1725.*


Anna and Sylvanus Phipps, Feb.末,1802.*

Anne and Jason Belcher, Nov.9,1800.*

Cate and Eldad Atwood of Medway, May4,1780. In Sherborn.*

Dana and Triphena Moulton, July16,1834.CR2

Daniel and Sarah Gibbs, Mar.4,1731.*

Daniel and Abigail Read of Sudbury, Mar.11,1742. In Sudbury.*

Daniel and Rebecca Read of Rutland Feb.18,1761. In Rutland.*

Deborah and John Farrar, Oct.4,1750.*

Deborah and Oldham Gates, June末,1783.*

Ebenezer and Esther Brintly, Dec.17,1775. In Concord.

Eliza and Joseph Dudley of East Sudbury, Jan.11,1813.

Elizabeth and Peter Woodbury of Waltham, Mar.24,1796.*

Betsey and Alden Jones of Washington, NH, Mar.8,1826.

Eunice and John Gates, Jan.6,1795.*

Eunice and Charles Belcher, Feb.19,1834.CR2

Hannah and Ebenezer Hemenway, May17,1711.*

Hannah and David Rice, Sept.27,1750.*

Hepzibah and Samuel Rolling of Dublin, NH, Nov.22,1792.*

Jesse of East Sudbury, and Patty Brown, Mar.末,1788.*

John and Mehettable Pike, Jan.27,1743.*

John, s.Levi and Mary, a.22y., and Mary E. (Mary Elizabeth, int.) Fiske, d.末末 and Nancy Edson, dec., a.17y., Oct.31,1844.

Joseph and Anna Phillips of Littleton, Mar.17,1780. In Weston.*

Josiah and Polly Moulton of East Sudbury, May末,1789.*

Josiah Jr. and Elizabeth Robinson of Sudbury, June6,1816.

Josiah Jr. and Abigail Dulton, Feb.3,1819.

Leland and Eliza Jane Haynes, May30,1832.

Levi of Marlboro, and Harriot Parminter, int.Nov.10,1821.

Lucinda and John Jennison of Bellingham, Sept.22,1830.

Lucy and William Haven, Nov.23,1775.*

Mary and Benoni Adams of Sherborn, May14,1724.*

Mary and Lewis Hill, Apr.11,1809.

Mehitable and Elijah Bacon of East Sudbury, Feb.17,1825.

Milly and Elisha Frost, Apr.26,1781.*

Nancy and Moses C. Fay, int.Nov.4,1838.

Nancy W. and Aaron Chamberlain, int.Feb.18,1849.

Nathan and Abigail Brown of Sudbury, Feb.18,1769. In Sudbury.*

Olive and Joseph Curtis Dudley, Jan.17,1822.

Reuben and Olive Eaton, Sept.26,1794.*

Roxaline and Roswell O. Farrar, Aug.28,1831. In Marlboro.

Samuel and Mary Winchester, Nov.22,1751.*

Samuel of Marlow, NH, and Ruth Hemenway, Mar.12,1801.*

Sally and William Greenwood, Apr.9,1799.*

Sally and Micah Claflin, Jan.3,1821.

Sally and Stephen Hayden, Dec.10,1823.

Silence and Nathan Haven, June4,1713.*

Tabitha and Isaac Clark 2d, int.Feb.21,1812.

Thankful and Joseph Nichols, Aug.26,1779. In Sherborn.*

Thomas and Deborah Gleson, Oct.23,1718.*

Thomas and Elesabeth Drury, Dec.20,1743.*

Thomas and Elizabeth Drury, July17,1753.*

Thomas W. and Abigail Hager of Waltham, Feb.22,1759. In Waltham.*

Walter and Nancy N. Davis, Dec.20,1832.

Willard and Lydia Maria Haynes, Aug.8,1830.


Ebenezer and Martha Buckminster, Feb.13,1717-8.*

Jacob Bancroft and Elizebeth Learned, both of Watertown, Mar.3,1786.*

Martha and Rev. James Bridgham of Brimfield, Nov.1,1739.*

Mary and Samuel Winch, Nov.22,1751.*

Persis and Dea.Ezra Hemenway, Jan.4,1843.

S.A., s.Samuel and Cloe of Sullivan, NH, a.24y., and M.E. (Mary E.CR2) Gibbs, d.Matthew and Mary, a.25y., Apr.27,1847.


Samuel and Sarah Barnard of Watertown, Jan.11,1698-9. In Watertown.*


Obed and Caroline Bullard, Apr.1,1827.


John and Sarah Taylor, int.Aug.18,1839.


Alfred and Caroline Ward of Lowell, int.Aug.27,1848.


Samuel Jr. of Marlboro, and Sally Eaton, Dec.3,1818.

WOOD (Woods)

Albert, Capt., and Sophia Corbett, both of Hopkinton, May25,1829.*

Amasa W. and Mary A. Wood of Millbury, int.Apr.8,1849.

Caroline of Concord, and Isaac Burnap, int.Feb.20,1824.

John and Elizebath Bucminster, Mar.3,1704-5.*

Joseph of Holliston, and Mary Gibbs, int.Mar.10,1839.

Louis of Newton, and Thomas Drury, Sept.15,1794.*

Mary and Amos Parmenter of Sudbury, Dec.21,1715. In Sudbury.*

Mary A. of Millbury, and Amasa W. Wood, int.Apr.8,1849.

Miranda and Capt. Carleton Corbett, both of Hopkinton, May1,1839.*

Robert and Susan Kinder, Aug.9,1841.

Sarah of Mendon, and Joseph Brown, int.Feb.28,1820.


Isaiah E. and Julia Ann Cleasby, Oct.15,1837.

Lucien C. and Harriet N. Hudson, int.Mar.28,1847.

Peter of Waltham, and Elizabeth Winch, Mar.24,1796.*


Nathan M., s.John and Elizabeth of West Point, Iowa, a.26y., and Louisa W. Rice, d.Wilder and Anna of Natick, a.21y., both of Natick, Jan.27,1848*

WOODS (Wood)

Margaret (Mary, int.) (Margaret.CR1) and Samuel McComb, May20,1844.


Selina Huntington and Henry Blackburn, Jan.18,1829.


Cyrus and Persis Angier, June末,1784.*

Cyrus R., s.John and Ellen S. Horne, d.Luther, Sept.12,1844.

Ephraim and Anna Bigelow of Worcester, Oct.20,1789. In Worcester.*

John and Martha Rice, Nov.12,1812.


Susanna and Jeremiah Pike, May6,1701. In Concord.*


John and Eliza Brigham, Nov.19,1827.

Nathan and Maria Arnold, Oct.8,1834.

Rowena and Capt. William Greenwood, int.June12,1836.

WRIGHT (Right)

Abi of Concord, and Samuel Ballord, int.May9,1809.

Elisha W. of Wayland and Lucy Jane Smith, Jan.24,1839.

Elizabeth and William Newton of Marlboro, Dec.1,1737.*

Hannah and Thomas Ball, Feb.7,1739-40.*

Julia Ann and Oren Brooks, Mar.12,1828.

Mary and Abner Pratt, Jan.22,1795.*

Nathan of Philipstown, and Martha Kendall, June末,1815. (June5,1815, int.)

Nehemiah and Mary Gates, May24,1733.*

Nehemiah Jr. and Martha Kendal, Dec.10,1778.*

Tabitha and James Arms of Lekester, Oct.14,1742.*

William and Mary Ball, Jan.22,1737-8.*


Lucy of Charlestown, and Edwin H. Warren, int.Feb.16,1840.

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