Nathaniel and Sarah Annis, Feb.4,1725. In Newton.*


Henry and Mary McMann, int.Dec.3,1837.


John T. of Weston, and Olivia Sanger, Apr.1,1821.

William of Boston, and Mary S. Leeds, int.Oct.19,1845.


James and Catharine Murphy, int.Apr.2,1846.


Agnes and Dr. John Park of Boston, June25,1814.


Ann and John Ryan, int.Aug.2,1846.


Catharine and Israel Simmons, July31,1837. In Medway.

James O. and Mary Kingsbury of Natick, iut. Aug.1,1847.


Thomas and Martha M. Taylor, Jan.3,1841. In Marlboro.


George W. of Boston, and Caroline Manson, July24,1826.

Sarah E., d.George W. and Caroline, a.21y., and John J. Hollister, widr., of Buffalo, NY, a.26y., Sept.18,1848.

MANSON (Munson)

Polly and William Barber of Marlboro, June9,1803.*

Debby and Cyrus Cobb of Boston, Aug.12,1806.*

Hannah Sawen and Truman Stow of Marlboro, May17,1815.

John of Southboro, and Eleanor Nurse, Jan.3,1816.

Dana and Eliza Sanger, May11,1817.

Ann and Dexter Hemenway, Nov.23,1820.

Almira and Josiah Warren Jr., June8,1824.

Caroline and George W. Mansir of Boston, July24,1826.

Eliza and Dr. William W. Reed of Rochester, NY, Oct.4,1830.CR2

Susan F. and William Fisk, Sept.20,1831.

Sally and Alpheus Moulton, Feb.22,1832.

Ellen and Ebenezer Hyde, June15,1836.

Mary and Isaac Fisk 2d, Oct.2,1837.

Susan E. (Susan Ellen, int.), d.John and Nelly, and William P. Johnson of Southboro, Apr.14,1847.


Joel of Millbury, and Susan H. Park, Nov.19,1827.


Emily (Emily S., int.) and C.C. Esty (Constantine C, Esq., int.), s.Dexter and Mary, Oct.18,1849.


John, Maj., and Lucretia Dorr of Boston, int.May16,1829.


Lucinda of Holliston, and Lieut. Jonathan Rugg Jr., Apr.26,1825.

William S. of Springfield, and Caroline Blake, int.Sept.12,1847.

MARSHAL (Marshall)

Ebenezer and Mehetabel Haven, Feb.11,1747-8.*

Abigail and Daniel Knowlton of Holliston, Nov.1,1781.*

MARSHALL (Marshal)

Eunice of Waltham and Jonathan Whitney, June15,1758. In Waltham.*

Olive and Jacob Pepper, Feb.27,1779. In Sherborn.*

Ebenezer and Easter Fisk, Apr.25,1781.*

Gilbert and Jenny Jones of Hopkinton, Oct.17,1782. In Hopkinton.*

Ebenezer and Mary Haven, Oct.23,1783.*

James and Sybil Holbrook of Sherborn, May16,1786. In Sherborn.*

Mary and Thomas Danforth 2d of Norton. Apr.26,1804.*

Alathina and Capt. Richard Sears of Chatham, Apr.11,1815.

Jane and Charles Scudder of Boston, Oct.7,1823.

Harriot Daniels and Joseph Prescott, both of Natick, Oct.4,1833.CR2

Fear (Fear Sears, int.) and Calvin Shepard Jr., Nov.22,1833.

John J. and Elizaheth B. Taber of Roxbury, int.Dec.10,1837.


John of Cambridge, and Elizabeth W. Pray of Natick, June28,1846. In Natick.CR1*


Elizabeth and Joseph Porter, Mar.11,1841.


Oliver of Southboro, and Olive Nurse, Mar.末,1791.*

Patty and Josiah Beamis, both of Southboro, May末,1791.*


John, s.David and Martha, a.26y., and Martha Moncrief, d.Charles and Elizabeth, a.21y., Dec.10,1846.


Martha and Thomas Bellows of Marlboro, May29,1716.*

Sarah of Sudbury, and John Putnam, Apr.25,1737. In Sudbury.*

Mary of Sudbury, and David Mellen, June20,1744.*

Silance and Jedediah Parmenter of Sudbury, Feb.5,1755. In Sudbury.*


John of Shrewsbury, and Hannah Rugg, Feb.21,1743.*

Abigail and Amasa Kendall, Nov.25,1819.

Martin and Tabitha Stratton of Holden, int.Oct.13,1821.


Moses of Sudbury, and Lois Stone, Mar.18,1723-4. In Sudbury.*

Mehetabel and Caleb Drury, May27,1735.*

Hezekiah and Tabitha How, both of Marlboro, June11,1739.*

Jonathan and Martha Gleson, Nov.11,1742.*

Joseph and Abigail Gennings, May29,1746.*

Joseph and Deborah Twitchell of Sherborn, May5,1775. In Sherborn.*

Needom and Hitte Emes, May6,1781.*

Anne and Nathaniel Polly, Oct.18,1781.*

Sally and Matthias Felton of Fitzwilliam, Oct.18,1781.*

Hannah and Ephraim How of Marlboro, Nov.末,1782.*(Nov.20,1782.CR1)

Jonathan and Lois Eaton, May30,1784.*

John, Capt. and Martha Wilder of Lancaster, Oct.25,1785. In Lancaster.*

Patty and Isaac Hemenway, Dec.末,1785.*

William and Eunice Dench.Mar.12,1797.*

Patty and Isaac Damon of East Sudbury, Jan.1,1798.*

William and Polly Johnson of Southboro, int.Mar.5,1814.

Polly of Boylston, and Jesse Pratt, int.July4,1820.

Cornelia (S. Cornelia, int.and.CR1) and William A. Jackman (of Waltham, int.), Sept.24,1840.

Ann S., d.Lawson D., a.19y., and Nathaniel C. Dudley of Wayland s.William of Wayland a.30y., June27,1844.

Abby S.G., d.Lawson D. and Nancy, a.21y., and Leander A. Angier, s.Cyrus W. and Maria, a.23y., Nov.29,1849.

Harriet F., d.Lawson D. and Nancy, a.18y., and Cromwell G. Rowell, s.Aaron and Ruth, a.23y., Nov.29,1849.


Bridget and Jeremiah Hickey, int.Aug.27,1848.


Mary and Pattrick Cook, int.Apr.4,1841.

McCOMB (Macomb)

Samuel and Margaret (Mary, int.) (Margaret.CR1) Woods, May20,1844.


Michael and Mary Moloney, int.Nov.2,1849.


Betsey and Thomas Weller, Jan.24,1827.


Martin and Ann Garling of Lowell, int.May末,1848.


Mary and Edward Davis, int.Sept.18,1843.


Bernard and Elizabeth Shields, int.Jan.18,1845.


Winiford and Thomas Hoey, int.Oct.8,1849.


James and Catharine Condland int.Sept.21,1845.


Mary and John Kenney, int.Jan.1,1848.


Rosanna and Hugh Carroll, int.Nov.30,1843.


Timothy and Bridget Cary, int.Oct.31,1846.


Mary and John Hayes, int.May13,1844.

John and Mary Leonard, int.Nov.14,1846.

Mary and John Brenn, int.June24,1849.


John and Christiana Hurley, int.Aug.5,1848.


Sarah and John Hammond of Natick, int.Mar.24,1833.

James, Rev., and Lydia C. Bartlett of Newburyport, int.Dec.3,1835.

Mary Jane, d.Henry and Mary, a.19y., and Liman Dudley, s.Abijah and Susan, a.22y., Sept.23,1847. In Natick.


Ann and Thomas Braden, int.Oct.1,1849.


John and Susan A. Belknap, Sept.27,1842.*


Daniel and Martha Roxanna Parks of Lincoln, int.Nov.4,1848.


Mary and James Gaffrey, int.Oct.6,1839.


Mary and Henry Macomb, int.Dec.3,1837.


Chesnut, a.56y., and Mary Ann Hill (of Sudbury, int.) a.35y., Jan.1,1845.


Caroline and Andrew G. Kitchen, Apr.24,1845.

MEDCALF (Metcalf)

Mary and James Glover, Sept.23,1784.*

MELINS (Mellen, Mellens, Menllen, Millen)

James and Abigail Sanderson, of Watertown, Sept.29,1720. In Watertown.*

MELLEN (Melins, Mellens, Menllen, Millen)

Henry and Abaigail Pratt, Mar.24,1711-2.*

Tabitha and Mark Whitney of Hopkinton, Jan.4,1726-7.*

Mary and Jonathan Mores, Sept.30,1731.*

Daniel and Hannah Adams, Feb.3,1735-6.*

Simon Jr. and Abigail Ball, Apr.27,1742.*

David and Mary Maverick of Sudbury, June20,1744.*

Abigail and William Mellen, Oct.18,1750.*

William and Abigail Mellen, Oct.18,1750.*

Abigail and Moses Haven of Hopkinton, Nov.1,1750.*

William and Abigail Hemenway, Nov.7,1751.*

James and Martha Battle of Dedham, Nov.28,1754.*

Lucy and Abner Stone, Dec.7,1763. In Hopkinton.*

Elizebath of Hopkinton, and Windsor Stone, Mar.26,1778. In Hopkinton.

James and Susannah Gould, Jan.16,1800.*

Nabby (Abigail, int.) and Samuel Murdock, Sept.6,1814.

Debby and John Hopkins, Oct.16,1814.

Elizabeth and John Dadmun, Dec.3,1818.

Ann Horner and Josiah Norcross of Boston, Dec.24,1823.

Martha H. and Ebenezer Tombs of Hopkinton, Dec.2,1830.

Rosina and Robert S. Downing, Sept.18,1837.

MELLENS (Melins, Mellen, Menllen, Millen)

Simon Jr. and Easter Town, Apr.23,1711.*


Ellen and Michael O'Brien, int.June30,1839.

MENLLEN (Melins, Mellen, Mellens, Millen)

Martha (Mellen.MR) and Micael Horner of Hopkinton, Nov.5,1777.*

MERIAM (Merriam)

Rebekah of Bedford, and Joseph Stone, Jan.13,1758. In Bedford.*

MERIT (Merrit, Merritt)

Ruth and Martin Pike of Petersham, Feb.7,1828.

Edward and Maria Newton, Nov.30,1831.

MERRIAM (Meriam)

Traphina, and William D. Hills of Charlestown, Oct.12,1809.

Hannah and Capt. Joseph Fisher of Baltimore, MD, Dec.18,1817.

George May of Boston, and Caroline Parmela Haven, Sept.19,1821.

Joseph, Capt., and Alice Thayer of Franklin, int.Oct.18,1825.

Mary D. and Jesse Hall of Cambridge, Sept.1,1830.

Rosaline Augusta (of Cambridge, int.) and Elbridge M. Jones, June3,1840.

MERRIT (Merit, Merritt)

Sumner and Harriet Chase of Southboro, Aug.10,1834.

William H. and Hannah (Hannah M., int.) Davis, July10,1836.

MERRITT (Merit, Merrit)

Nathaniel and Sally Morse, Feb.29,1824.

Anna and Luther Newton, Mar.14,1837.

William H. of Hopkinton, and Mary Ann White, int.Apr.7,1844.


Abigail of Wrentham and Caleb Death, Dec.27,1752. In Wrentham.*

METCALF (Medcalf)

Joseph of Wrentham, and Hannah Haven, Oct.23,1751.*

James of Wrentham, and Abiel Haven, Jan.3,1754.*

Abel and Nabby Emes, Feb.末,1789.*

Obed and Nabby Park, Feb.4,1790.*

Philip and Annar Knowlton, May26,1790.*

Olive and Aaron Pratt of Sherborn, Oct.末,1790.*.

Luther (Jr., int.), Capt., of Medway.and Sarah B, Phipps, Jan.16,1828.

Lydia of Hopkinton, and Josiah Clayes Jr., May5,1828.

Laura of Franklin, and Elihu White Jr., int.Sept.10,1831.

Samuel W. and Eliza Jane Partridge of Medway, int.Mar.29,1846.


Salem and Katy Benson, Sept.末,1783.*


Nathan, Capt., of Barnetstown, and Polly Gleason, Sept.21,1801.*

MILLEN (Melins, Mellen, Mellens, Menllen)

Lydia of Hopkinton, and Joseph Goulding of Holden, Sept.17,1803.*


Simon and Susanna Haven, Oct.11,1744. In Sherborn.*

David W. and Mary C. Holmes, int.Apr.25,1847.


Susannah (Miles, int.) and John Moore, Apr.28,1834.CR2

Mathias of Needham.and Peady (Peady R., int.) Hemenway, Sept.24,1834.CR2

Josiah R. and Laura Ann Dudley, both of Wayland Nov.17,1848.CR2


Rose and Toby Cambridge, Jan.4,1733-9.*


Caroline M. and Calvin Colburn, Nov.25,1840.


Loisa M. of Needham and George W. Titus, Nov.末,1839.


John and Sarah Coye of Sherborn, Aug.12,1747. In Sherborn.*

MITCHEL (Mitchell)

Ira and Mehitable Almira Lesslie of Cornish NH, int.Oct.30,1824.

Ira and Fanny Clement of Claremont, NH, int.May26,1833.

MITCHELL (Mitchel)

Cynthia and Lewis Smith, int.May7,1843.


Judith and Joseph Nichols of Needham.Oct.28,1755.*


Matthew and Mary Elizabeth Livingston, int.Nov.20,1842.


Mary and Michael McCormick, int.Nov.2,1849.


Alice and Pattrick Conlan, int.Mar.22,1840.


Martha, d.Charles and Elizabeth, a.21y., and John Maud, s.David and Martha, a.26y., Dec.10,1846.

MONROE (Munroe)

Lucius and Mary Ann Howe, both of Hopkinton, Dec.1,1831.*


Peter and Susan Montague, int.Sept.18,1825.

Susan and Peter Montague, int.Sept.18,1825.


Henry and Julia Allen, July5,1841.

Lorenzo D., s.Joseph and Isanna, a.24y., and Kezia Perry, d.William and Keaia, a.23y., both of Natick, Nov.1,1849.*

MOOR (Moore, Moores, Mores)

Buckley of Worcester, and Maria D. (Marion D.CR2) Johnson, Apr.23,1840.

MOORE (Moor, Moores, Mores)

Mary and Samuel Clark of Sherborn, Jan.15,1746.*

Mark of Sudbury, and Lucy Stone, Feb.9,1774. In Sudbury.*

Persis and Abner Stone, Mar.5,1776.*

Lawson and Lydia (Elizaheth.MR) Goodenough, June末,1784.*

Fanny and Joseph Angier, Mar.末,1791.*

Samuel of Gerry, and Anne Underwood, Oct.6,1795.*

Polly and Samuel Hawes of Wrentham, Nov.13,1796.*

Joseph of Malden, and Betsy Collins of Roxbury, Nov.28,1805.*

Ann and Matthew Brummitt, July31,1819.

William and Fanny Webber of Hopkinton, Dec.27,1829.

Webster and Louisa Rebecca Morse of Waltham, int.Sept.21,1832.

John and Susannah Mills (Miles, int.), Apr.28,1834.CR2

Nathan H. and Lydia L. Tayntor, Apr.23,1839.

Henry N. and Mary B. Jones, Sept.26,1839.

Emily C. of Hopkinton, and Thomas S. Burlingame, Apr.30,1840.

Ann, d.末末, dec., a.23y., and Job Robotham, s.末末, dec., a.19y., June17,1844.

Susan C., d.Lewis and Martha, a.19y., and Randolph T. Moulton, S. of Horace and Sarah, a.21y., Apr.6,1845.

Daniel S. and Abby Abbott, int.Apr.19,1846.

Calvin of Sudbury, s.Warren and Huldah.a.29y., and Saran S.G. Morse, a.24y., Nov.26,1846.

Ann and Martin Murphy, int.Aug.15,1847.

MOORES (Moor, Moore, Mores)

John and Abigail Belcher, Oct.17,1830.

MORES (Moor, Moore, Moores)

Jonathan and Mary Mellen, Sept.30,1731.*


George (Jr., int.), Esq., of Boston, and Fanny Buckminster, May29,1823.

John of Worcester, and Angelina Thomas of Natick, Sept.1,1833.CR2


Samuel S., widr., s.Lewis and Mary, a.38y., and Sarah A. Arnold, d.Thomas and Sarah, a.34y., both of Fall River, Dec.14,1848.*


George W. of Boston, and Lydia F. Wells, int.May7,1843.


Helen and James Robin, Apr.20,1840.

Agnes and James Dreghorn of Danvers, int.June13,1847.


Elizabeth of Watertown, and Benjamin Nurse, Feb.16,1713-4. In Watertown.*

Abigail (Abigarle, dup.) and Joshuah Hemmenway Jr., Jan.1,1718-9, (dup., July1,1718).*

Abigail of Sherborn, and Benjamin Bruce, Dec.16,1719.*

Zachariah of Marlborough, and Huldah Whitney, Nov.16,1724.*

Jacob and Abigail Ball of Watertown, Feb.26,1728-9. In Watertown.*

Elisabeth and John Clayes, Dec.10,1730.*

Jonathan and Mary Cloyce, May16,1734.*

Thomas of Sherborn, and Mary Treadway, Mar.29,1736-7.*

Zurviah and Ahraham Nurse, Oct.24,1753.*

Asa and Susannah Emes, Jan.15,1777.*

Daniel of Southboro, and Molly Gibbs, Apr.3,1781. In Southboro.*

Rebecca and Benjamin Collins of Southboro, Apr.8,1781. In Southboro.*

Daniel of Marlboro, and Polly Gibbs, May9,1781.*

Daniel and Rebecca Knowlton, June29,1790. In Hopkinton.*

Benjamin and Sarah Claflin, Nov.29,1792.*

Joseph and Lydia Gleason, Oct.11,1795.*

Dorothy and Micajah Clayes, Jan.26,1800.

Becca and Luther Broad, both of Natick, Mar.11,1802.*

Ephraim and Betsey Farris, both of Natick, Jan.11,1803.*

Persis of Natick, and Elisha Robbins of Roxbury, Mar.4,1805.*

Chester and Bridget Holwell, both of Newton, Nov.17,1806.*

Anna and Reuben Dunton of Boston, int.Apr.18,1807.

Betsey and Benjamin Dammon (Damon, int.) of Chelsea, June21,1807.

John of Natick, and Betsey Rice, Dec.25,1810.

Asenath and Elijah Clayes, Jan.22,1812.

Mary and Adams Littlefield, Feb.20,1817.

Winthrop, Rev., of Hallowell, ME, and Emily Parkhurst, Oct.10,1818.

Sarah of Sherborn and John Houghton, int.Feb.11,1821.

Joel and Mary Scott of Needham, int.Apr.13,1822.

Susan and Col. Jonas Clayes, June28,1822.

Cornelius and Clarissa Haven, Dec.19,1822.

Betsey and Harlow Coolidge, Feb.2,1823.

Abigail and Ebenezer Freeman, Sept.29,1823.

Elias of Waltham, and Hannah B. Vorce, Nov.9,1823.

Sally and Nathaniel Merritt, Feb.29,1824.

Nancy and Lyman A. Allard, int.Dec.26,1824.

Patty and Persian H. Vorse of Woodstock, CT, Mar.9,1826.

Almira of Hopkinton, and Amos Brackett, June11,1829.

Ichabod of Concord, and Rachel Butler, Dec.1,1831.

Louisa Rebecca of Waltham, and Webster Moore, int.Sept.21,1832.

Elmira of Natick, and John Gillespie, int.Sept.6,1835.

Harriet of Boston, and Benjamin F. Holden, int.Feb.25,1839.

Sarah S. and Grosvenor Davis, Aug.10,1839. In Sudbury.

Benjamin and Louisa P. Temple, Apr.8,1841.

Loring B. of Marlboro (Graftoo, int.) and Jane M. Bryant, Apr.24,1842.

Sarah S.G., a.24y., and Calvin Moore of Sudbury, s.Warren and Huldah, a.29., y., Nov.26,1846.

Olive R. and Abijah S. Claflin, S. of Micah and Sally, Mar.30,1847.

Walter of Natick, and Susan Maria Brown, int.Aug.29,1847.

Thomas D. of Natick, and Sarah E. Lewis, Oct.28,1847.

Edwin C. and Rebecca Wilson, both of Natick, Oct.24,1849.CR2


Polly of East Sudbury, and Josiah Winch, May末,1789.*

Caleb and Abigail Johnson of East Sudbury, June19,1792. In East Sudbury.*

Jane of East Sudbury, and Matthias Walker, Mar.14,1793.* In East Sudbury.

Sally of E. Sudbury, and Bohan Smith of Cambridge, July20,1801.*

Joseph of East Sudbury, and Olive Underwood, June28,1804.*

John and Clarissa Belknap, int.Oct.6,1828.

Aaron of East Sudbury, and Eleanor Goodnow, Apr.30,1829.

William and Eliza Hemenway, Nov.12,1829.

Alpheus and Sally Manson, Feb.22,1832.

Benjamin of Dudley, and Almira Walker, June25,1833.*

Triphena and Dana Winch, July16,1834.CR2

Ephraim and Sophronia Hemenway, int.Aug.17,1834.

Ephraim (s.Ephraim, int.) and Fanny H. Ballord, Nov.28,1839.

George W. (of New Bedford, int.) and Elizabeth H. Bigelow, Sept.7,1841.

Samuel and Sarah S. Chickering, May5,1842.

Ann and Joshua Gilson (of Groton, int.), Jan.12,1843.

Dorcas H. of Waltham, and John Simpson, int Sept.8,1843.

Randolph T., s.Horace and Sarah, a.21y., and Susan C. Moore, d.Lewis and Martha, a.19y., Apr.6,1845.

Charles and Priscilla Thomas of Wayland int.May18,1845.


John of Whitefield, ME, and Matilda Riley, int.Oct.13,1849.


Mary of Boston, and Michael Savage, int Nov.8,1841.

MUNROE (Monroe)

Anna and Asa Nurse, June3,1778. In Sudbury.*

Nathaniel of Concord, and Mary Cotton Ballard, Sept.20,1807.

Sarah Tapley of Cambridge, and Peter Coolidge, int.May22,1813.

Francis and Abigail L. Trask of Roxbury, int.Oct.23,1842.

James and Martha Brown, Dec.25,1846.


Franklin (Manson, int.and.CR2) and Susan Eames, Jan.28,1839.


Mehitable of Newton, and Daniel Eaton, Dec.27,1787. In Newton.*

Caty of Newton, and Nathan Parker, Mar.17,1791. In Newton.*

Samuel and Nabby (Abigail, int.) Mellen, Sept.6,1814.

Samuel, Capt., and Nabby Stone, June12,1817.

Susan and Joseph Goodnow, int.Jan.1,1819.


Catharine and James Maggan, int.Apr.2,1846.

Margaret and Eli Noonen, int.Apr.18,1847.

Martin and Ann Moore, int.Aug.15,1847.

Pattrick and Mary Lee, int.Apr.16,1848.

Edmund and Mary Collins, int.Oct.8,1848.

Pattrick and Bridget Waltron, int.Dec.10,1848.

MUZZEY (Muzzy)

Benjamin of Lexington, and Lydia Emms, Nov.15,1716.*

MUZZY (Muzzey)

Artimas B., Rev., and Hepzibeth Patterson of Boston, int.Jan.7,1831.

MYERS (Myres)

Susan and Michael Kenney, int.May17,1846.

MYRES (Myers)

Eliza and Arthur Currivan, int.Aug.2,1846.

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