Elizabeth B. of Roxbury, and John J. Marshall, int. Dec. 10, 1837.


Valorus of Upton, and Lucy Bennett, d. Nathaniel S. and Hannah, Nov. 17, 1847.

TAILOR (Tayler, Taylor)

Hannah of Marlboro, and Abiel Lamb, Dec. 4, 1699. In Marlboro.*


Joseph F. of Newburyport, s. Joseph and Sarah, a. 25 y., and Emily E. Bullard, d. Dana and Elizabeth, a. 20 y., Nov. 25, 1845.


Increase N., Rev., and Delia A. Waters of Millbury, int. May 15, 1845.


Sophia and Nathaniel WelIs, int. Apr. 2, 1837.

TAYLER (Tailor, Taylor)

Joseph (Joseph Taylor of Worcester. CR1), and Persis Jones (Almira Jones. CR1), Oct. 19, 1825.

TAYLOR (Tailor, Tayler)

Richard of Sudbury, and Submit Brintnall, July 23, 1741. In Sudbury.*

Nabby of Southboro, and Joseph Eaton, int. Dec. 19, 1808.

Joseph, Capt., of Kennebunk, ME, and Julia Ann Frost, Nov. 23, 1831.

Sarah and John Winterbottom, int. Aug. 18, 1839.

Martha M. and Thomas Manning, Jan. 3, 1841. In Marlboro.

Mary and Joseph Sanger, Nov. 10, 1841. In Stow.

James H. (James Henry, int.), a. 24 y., and Rebecca S. Underwood, d. Jones and Phebe, a. 21 y., Aug. 3, 1844.


Lucy and Dana Warren, Jan. 1, 1826.

Lydia L. and Nathan H. Moore, Apr. 23, 1839.

Elizabeth, d. Joel and Persis, and John M. Boyd of Marlboro, s. John and Sophia, Sept. 14, 1846.


Abraham and Elisabeth Stratton, both of Marlboro, Apr. 12, 1732.*

Thomas and Hephzibah Nichols, July 17, 1770. In Reading.*

Thomas and Rnth Littlefield, Nov. 30, 1797.*

Mary and Moses Maddison Fisk of Knoxville, TN, Sept. 25, 1803.*

Ruth and Luther Rockwood of Holliston, Dec. 22, 1806.*

John, Lieut., and Abigail Johnson of Southboro, int. Nov. 11, 1809.

Ira of Marlboro, and Eleanor Perminter, Apr. 18, 1816.

Elias and Olive Fisk, Apr. 29, 1818.

William P. and Betsey Howe, May 12, 1818.

Isaac M. and Mehitable Pratt, Apr. 8, 1821.

Ira of Marlboro, and Jerusha Haven, Apr. 20, 1829.

Charlotte and Henry O. French of Montpelier, VT, int. Mar. 31, 1830.

Abigail and Daniel Hews, Mar. 29, 1834. In Stow.

Ellen O. and Charles E. Horne, Nov. 5, 1840.

Louisa P. and Benjamin Morse, Apr. 8, 1841.

Marshall and Olive Goodnow, Sept. 26, 1841.

Elizabeth A., d. William P. and Betsey, a. 23 y., and Andrew Coolidge of Sherborn, Apr. 9, 1845.

Margaret and Michael Keegen, int. Oct. 15, 1849.


Elizabeth T., d. Henry and Julia, a. 26 y., and A.F. Dwight of Albany, NY, s. William and Amaryllis, a. 27 y., June 28, 1848.


Alice of Franklin, and Capt. Joseph Merriam, int. Oct. 18, 1825.


Angelina of Natick, and John Morey of Worcester, Sept. 1, 1833. CR2

Priscilla of Wayland and Charles Moulton, int. May 18, 1845.


Milliscent Metcalf and Martin Haven, Aug. 29, 1794.*

Sally and Charles Chipman, int. Nov. 24, 1833.

Abel and Adeline Davis, June 1, 1836.

Lorenzo of Westboro, and Caroline M. (Caroline Matilda. CR2) Jones, May 20, 1841.

William J. of Roxbury, and Eliza Soden, June 22, 1842.

Joseph c. of Andover, NH, and Lucinda A. Gould Proctor, wid. John, Dec. 28, 1842. GR2*

Elmer B. of Westboro, and Martha C. Gibbs, Mar. 29, 1843.

John S., s. wid. –––––, a. 23 y., and Susan L. Bullard, a. 20 y., Nov. 26, 1846.

Mary E. and Abner Stone, int. Oct. 10, 1847.

George M. and Susan Hill, int. Mar. 26, 1848.

Eliza, wid., and Thomas Leslie, Oct. 13, 1849.


Anne and John Stone, Jan. 31, 1700-7.*


May of Sudbury, and Noah Eaton Jr., Feb. 14, 1771. In Sudbury.*


George W. and Loisa M. Mirick of Needham, Nov. ––, 1839.


William L. and Nancy R. Hamilton, int. Sept. 28, 1845.


Diantha M. and Abram I. (Abram F., int.) Pray, Jan. 4, 1840.

TOMBS (Tomms)

Elizabeth of Hopkinton, and John How, Dec. 10, 1763. In Hopkinton.*

Nathan and Hannah Newton, Nov. 29, 1792.*

Mary of Hopkinton. and Amasa How, int. Sept. 12, 1807.

Susan and Joseph Flagg, Mar. 30, 1820.

Rebeccah and Jonas Bacon, Apr. 6, 1823.

Abia B. and Calvin Bigelow, Apr. 13, 1823.

Jabez B. and Zobedia Tombs, Apr. 6, 1828.

Zobedia and Jabez B. Tombs, Apr. 6, 1828.

Ebenezer of Hopkinton, and Martha H. Mellen, Dec. 2, 1830.

Emily and Alfred H. Fairbanks of Holliston, Apr. 4, 1837.


Seth of Windham [CT.], and Martha Pratt, Sept. 16, 1741.*

TOMMS (Tombs)

Nabby arid John Hayden, Mar. ––, 1791.*


Abigail and John Ballord, Apr. 8, 1840.


John H. and Mary E. Lewis of Windham, NH, int. June 20, 1847.


Abby and Samuel W. Bashen, Dec. 3, 1840.


Easter and Simon Mellens Jr., Apr. 23, 1711.*

Susanna of Oxford, and John Haven, Oct. 25, 1739. In Oxford.*

Zurviah and John Clayes, Nov. 22, 1748.*

Edmund of Hoosack Fort, and Abigail Brewer, Jan. 6, 1755.*

Warren C. and Sarah Hemenway, int. Nov. 15, 1840.

Joseph and Louisa Potter, int. Apr. 7, 1844.


Timothy and Hannah Foster of Holliston, July 21, 1737. In Holliston.*

Maria and Thomas Philpott of Boston, int. Aug. 1, 1825.

James and Sarah Kellum of Dorchester, int. May 15, 1826.

TOWZER (Tozer)

Olive and Jonas (Joseph. MR) Newton, both of Southboro, Sept. ––, 1786.*

TOZER (Towzer)

Richard of Southbury, and Mary Belknap, Feb. 14, 1753.*


Leonard, Rev. (of West Boylston, int.), widr., s. Cyrus and Hannah, a. 45 y., and Martha Freeman, d. Ebenezer and Martha, a. 32 y., Sept. 21, 1847.


Joshua of Weston, and Mary Nichols, Mar. 25, 1743.*

Charles and Elizabeth Harrington of Weston, int. July 13, 1810.

Charles, Rev., and Hepzibah Harrington of Weston, int. Sept. 5, 1815.

Deborah Savage and Jonathan Wheeler of Cambridge, Apr. 6, 1831.

Charles Russel (Esq., int.) and Martha Ann Jackson of Hopkinton, Oct. 27, 1841.


George, Rev., and Ruth Freeman Packard of Lancaster, int. Feb. 26, 1831.

Isreal of Beverly, and Elizabeth Prentiss of Medfield, July 6, 1835. CR2

Abigail L. of Roxbury, and Francis Munroe, int. Oct. 23, 1842.


James and Rebecca Squire of Sherborn, Feb. 10, 1725. In Sherborn.*

Sarah and Daniel Heger of Weston, Sept. 12, 1750.*

Thankful of Natick, and Bela Orcutt of New Salem, Oct. 19, 1803.*

Timothy (Timothy S., int.) of Natick, and Charlotte Case, Apr. 23, 1834. CR2

Henry of Natick, and Nancy Kendall, June 14, 1842.

TREADWAY (Tredway)

Mary and Thomas Morse of Sherborn, Mar. 29, 1736-7.*

Hannah and Jabish Puffer of Sudbury, Oct. 18, 1738.*

Abigail and William Puffer of Sudbury, June 8, 1742.*

Beulah and Josiah Goodenow of Sudbury, Aug. 2, 1749*

Judith and Nathaniell Sever of Narragansett No. 2, July 17, 1753*


Samuel G. of Northboro, and Susan Jones, Jan. 13, 1818.

TREDWAY (Treadway)

Jonathan and Elizabeth Haden, Jan. 11, 1744. In Hopkinton.*

TROBRIDGE (Trowbridge)

Mary and Amos Gates, Nov. 28, 1744. In Sudbury.*

TROWBRIDGE (Trobridge)

John and Margarett Farrar, Mar. 27, 1751.*

Lydia and Ralph Hemmenway, Jan. 7, 1752.*

Thomas and Hannah Perry of Sherborn, June 19, 1755. In Sherborn.*

John and Elizabeth Fisk of Waltham, Feb. 23, 1773. In Waltham.*

John and Molly Bent, Apr. 23, 1776. In Sudbury.*

Molly and Luther Stone, Feb. 27, 1777. In Waltham.*

Daniel and Prudence Badger, June ––, 1785.* (June 27, 1785. CR1)

John of Cambridge, and Sally Howe, May 6, 1804.*

Martha and Matthew Gibbs, Dec. ––, 1819. (Nov. 17, 1819, int.)

Alline Francis and William Hemenway, Mar. 2, 1824.

Charles, Capt., and Mary Goodnow of Sudbury, int. May 9, 1830.

Louisa and William Jorden of Boston, int. Jan. 15, 1832.

Mary B. and Edward Goodnow, Dec. 1, 1836.

George and Mary Ann Fuller of Newton, int. July 10, 1842.

Sally A. and Charles Brown (of Sudbury, int.), Apr. 30, 1845.


James and Philinda Johnson, Oct. 21, 1838.


Joseph and Abiel Gale, June 18, 1719.*


Rachel of Sherborn, and Lieut. Johnathan Rugg, int. May 5, 1809.

Esther and Jason Haven, Nov. 22, 1810.


Betsey D. of Lynn, and Luke C. Pratt, int. Nov. 19, 1825.


Franklin, s. Charles L. and Caskarella, a. 27 y., and Harriet L. Ware of Holliston, d. Samuel and Electa, a. 23 y., Apr. 25, 1847.

Sarah D., d. Royal and Betsey, a. 25 y., and Charles B. Wilson of Boston. s. Gilbert D. and Sarah, a. 24 y., Aug. 23, 1847.


Joseph W. and Susan L. White, July 26, 1846.


Hannah and Stephen Small, Nov. 27, 1845.

TWICHELL (Twitchel, Twitchell)

Martha of Sherborn, and Nathan Byxby, Oct. 3, 1771. In Sherborn.

Deborah, wid. Sherborn and Dea. Gideon Haven, Sept. 25, 1792. In Sherborn.*

TWITCHEL (Twichell, Twitchell)

Charles (of Sherborn, int.), s. John and Lucy, a. 22 y., and Catharine H. Dearth, d. Ezra and Catharine, a. 21 y., Apr. 9, 1845.

TWITCHELL (Twichell, Twitchel)

Deborah of Sherborn, and Joseph Maynard, May 5, 1775. In Sherborn.*

Calvin of Hopkinton, and Mary H. (Mary Homer, int.) Greenwood, Nov. 6, 1822.

James F., s. Calvin, a. 21 y., and Susan T. Bigelow, d. Calvin, dec., a. 20 y., Jan. 1, 1845.


Ebenezer (Eleazer. CR2) and Susan Loker, d. Ephraim and Susan, both of Natick, Feb. 22, 1847.*

Hannah and Moses E. Frost, both of Natick, Apr. 22, 1849.*

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