George Lewis, s.Lewis and Lucinda, June23,1832.

TARBEL (Tarbell)

Eleazer, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, Apr.28,1707.

TARBELL (Tarbell)

Abel, s.John and Hannah, Aug.16,1773.

Abel Harkness, s.Abel and Jane, Oct.21,1816.

Abiagil [Abigall. dup.], d.Thomas and Abigail [Abigall. dup.], June6,1722.

Abigail, d.Thomas and Ruth, bp. Oct.21,1798.CR1

Abijah Warren, s.Eben and Sally [(Tarbell).CR1], Jan.1,1791.

Allise, d.William and Marey, Mar.4,1729-30.

Allice, d.John and Hannah, Dec.23,1763.

Alice, d.Benjamin and Azubah, June26,1782.

Amos, s.Benjamin and Azubah [(Farnsworth).CR1], Jan.31,1778.

Amme, d.Thomas and Abigail, June16,1734.

Anna, d.Thomas and Anna, June10,1670.CTR

Anna, d.Thomas and Elezebeth, May28,1702.

Anna, d.Samuel and Lydia, Jan.16,1732-3.

Anna, d.Oliver and Lucy, bp. June26,1774.CR1

Asa, s.John and Hannah, Mar.18,1772.

Azubah, d.Benjamin and Azubah, Oct.20,1775.

Benjamin, s.William and Mary, bp. Sept.5,1736.CR1

Benjamin, s.Jonathan and Anna, bp. Aug.16,1761.CR1

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Azubah, Feb.19,1762.

Charles, s.Asa and Relief, Dec.3,1807.

Charlotte, d.Samuel and Mary, at Boston, Feb.13,1790.

Daniel, s.Benjamin and Azubah, Mar.9,1769.

David, s.Thomas and Abigail, Aug.21,1732.

David, s.David and Bersheba, bp. July19,1761.CR1

Deborah, d.Samuel and Lydia, Nov.18,1734.

Eben, s.twin, Jonathan and Lydia, Sept.10,1762.

Eben, s.Eben and Sally [Sarah.CR1], Dec.16,1803.

Edmund, s.Thomas jr. and Esther, Apr.4,1747.

Edmund, s.John and Hannah, June7,1766.

Edmunds, s.Asa and Relief, Apr.28,1804.

Eleazer, s.Eleazer and Eleazaborth, Aug.26,1735.

Eliza, d.William and Molly, Aug.24,1810.

Elezebeth, d.Thomas and Elezebeth, Aug.19,1691.

Elizabeth, d.William and Mary, May2,1728.

Elisabeth, d.Eleazer and Elisabeth, Apr.13,1729.

Elisaborth, d.Eleazer and Elisaborth, Apr.13,1729.

Elisabeth, d.John and Hannah, Apr.9,1769.

Elizabeth, d.Nehemiah and Martha, Feb.12,1778.

Betsy, d.Thomas and Molly [(Farnsworth).CR1], Mar.10,1796.

Easter, d.Capt. Thomas and Abigail, May4,1739.

Eunis, d.Thomas and Abigail, Mar.7,1731.

Eunice, d.Samuel and Lydia, July6,1753.

Francis Alexander, s.Samuel and Mary, at Nova Scotia, Jan.25,1784.

Hannah, d.William and Mary (Farnsworth), bp. Mar.17,1733-4.CR1

Hannah, d.David and Bersheba, bp. July19,1761.CR1

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, May17,1777.

Hannah, d.William and Molly, Mar.16,1799.

Harriet, d.Samuel and Mary, at Boston, May20,1788.

James, s.Thomas and Elezebeth, Feb.13,1704-05.

James, s.William and Mary, Oct.11,1725.

Jerusha, d.Thomas jr. and Esther, Sept.25,1753.

John, s.Thomas and Elezebeth, July6,1695.

John, s.Asa and Relief, Jan.28,1714.

John, s.William and Mary, Aug.19,1723.

John, s.Thomas jr. and Esther, June4,1749.

John, s.John and Hannah, June26,1761.

Jonas, s.Eleazer and Elesabrth, Mar.末,1738.

Jonas, s.Benjamin and Azubah, Feb.17,1767.

Jonathan, s.Thomas and Abigail, Feb.27,1728.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Lydia, Oct.23,1755.

Jonathan, s.Eben and Sally [Sarah.CR1], Oct.17,1789.

Joseph, s.Benjamin and Azubah [(Farnsworth).CR1], Sept.16,1773.

Lucy, d.Oliver and Lucy, June6,1767.

Lucy, d.Oliver and Lucy, June2,1771.

Lucy, d.Eben and Sally [Sarah.CR1], Nov.27,1799.

Luther Lewis, s.William and Suza, Feb.29,1824.

Lydia, d.Samuel and Lydia, Oct.9,1727.

Lydia, d.Eben and Sally, Sept.24,1785.

Lydia, d.Thomas and Molly [(Farnsworth).CR1], Aug.17,1792.

Martha, d.Samuel and Lydia, Oct.2,1736.

Martha, d.Nehemiah and Martha, Sept.29,1780.

Martha, Oct.24,1831.PR105

Mary, d.Thomas, 2:2m:1675.CTR

Mary, d.William and Mary, Sept.14,1721.

Marey, d.Samuel and Lydia, July25,1742.

Mary, d.Samuel and Lydia, July25,1742.

Polly, d.Thomas and Molly [(Farnsworth).CR1], May17,1790.

Mary, d.Lt. Solomon and Molly, Feb.25,1803.

Mary, d.Eben and Sally, Mar.26,1808.

Mary Ann, d.Asa and Relief, Dec.28,1809.

Mary Jane, d.William and Suza, May20,1825.

Matilda, d.Eben and Sally [Sarah.CR1], June10,1796.

Nancy, d.William and Molly, Sept.27,1802.

Nancy, d.Asa and Relief, Jan.6,1806.

Nathaniel, s.Thomas jr. and Esther, Dec.4,1744.

Nehemiah, s.William and Sarah, Oct.3,1747.

Oliver, s.William and Mary, July11,1739.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Lucy, Apr.15,1766.

Oliver, s.Olvier and Lucy, Apr.26,1769.

Peter, s.John and Hannah, Sept.21,1780.

Rebekah, d.Samuel and Rebekah, at Mason, June27,1771.

Samuel, s.Thomas and Elizebeth, Oct.7,1697.

Samuell, s.Thomas and Elezebeth, Oct.14,1697.

Samuell, s.Eleazer and Elisabeth, at Lunenburg, Sept.18,1744.

Samuell, s.Samuel and Lydia, Apr.4,1746.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Rebekah, at Hollis, Sept.3,1768.

Sara, d.Thomas and Elezebeth, Sept.29,1693.

Sarah, d.William, bp. June30,1717.CR1

Sarah, d.Thomas and Abigail, Apr.14,1726.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Lydia, May15,1740.

Sarah, d.Eleazer and Elisabeth, Sept.19,1741.

Sarah, d.Thomas jr. and Esther, Jan.19,1742.

Sarah, d.William jr, and Sarah, Mar.26,1750.

Sarah, d.John and Hannah, Jan.20,1759.

Sarah, d.Oliver and Lucy, bp. July13,1777.CR1

Sally, d.Eben and Sally [Sarah.CR1], May29,1787.

Sally, d.William and Molly, May13,1792.

Sally, d.Samuel and Mary, Jan.28,1793.

Sally, d.Edmond and Sally, Sept.25,1797.

Sally, d.Thomas and Molly, Sept.18,1800.

Sybill, d.Samuell and Lydia, bp. Jan.28,1732-3.CR1

Syble [Sybele.CR1], d.Benjamin and Azubah, May28,1771.

Silas, s.Oliver and Lucy, of Pepperell, bp. Aug.1,1779.CR1

Solomon, s.Thomas and Abigail, Mar.11,1736-7.

Solomon, s.twin, Jonathan and Lydia, Sept.10,1762.

Solomon, s.Solomon and Molley [Molly (Bennett).CR1], July20,1800.

Sukey, d.William and Molly, Apr.7,1794.

Susana, d.William and Mary, Mar.18,1731.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Elezebeth, Sept.15 [13.CTR], 1687.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Abigail, Feb.2,1719-20.

Thomas, s.Thomas jr. and Esther, Oct.8,1751.

Thomas, s.Jonathan and Lydia, Oct.17,1758.

Thomas, s.Nehemiah and Martha, Feb.15,1783.

Walter, Jan.29,1827.PR117

William, s.Thomas, Oct.1,1672.CTR

William, s.Thomas and Elezebeth, June10,1689.

William, s.William and Mary, June26,1719.

William, s.William and Sarah, Apr.6,1745.

William, s.Benjamin and Azubah, bp. Oct.16,1763.CR1

William, s.Benjamin and Azubah, Oct.13,1764.

William George, s.Samuel and Mary, at Nova Scotia, Jan.31,1786.

William, s.William and Molly, Aug.31,1789.

Zachariah, s.Thomas and Elezebeth, Jan.25,1699-70.

Zechariah, s.Thomas and Elizebath, Jan.25,1699.

Zachriah, s.Eleazer and Eleazaborth, Dec.27,1730.

TARBLE (Tarbell)

Benjamin, s.William and Mary, Sept.30,1736.

Hannah, d.William and Mary, Mar.13,1733-4.

TARBOLE (Tarbell)

Thomas, s.Thomas and Anna, July6,1667.CTR


Almira Olive, bp. Sept.18,1837.CR3

Amos, s.Amos and Bridget, Sept.7,1748.

Caroline Louisa, bp. Sept.18,1837.CR3

Catharine, May11,1782.PR79

Catharine, 末蔓11,1783.PR79

Thaddeus, s.Thaddeus and Bridget, Oct.25,1768.


Ellen, d.William W., stonecutter, and Esther W., Mar.11,1845.

Sarah, at Hollis, NH, Oct.末,1786.PR84


Amasa, Aug.28,1788.PR79

Annie Oakes, Aug.25,1838.PR79

Artemas, Apr.5,1774.PR79

Charles Robinson, at Boston, Dec.16,1810.PR79

Edmund, s.Amos and Bridget, May4,1750.

Edward H., at Boston, Aug.26,1819.PR79

Elijah, June4,1767.PR79

Elijah, Jan.30,1791.PR79

Elisabeth, d.Joseph jr. and Abigail, bp. Sept.30,1775.CR1

Libby, Sept.17,1783.PR79

Emma Louisa, at Louisville, KY, Nov.6,1838.PR79

Frances Joel, at Boston, Sept.19,1815.PR79

Hannah Maria, at Hollis, NH, Dec.12,1808.PR4

Hannah, d.Jefferson and Margaret, June9,1828.

Hannah Elizabeth, d.William, wheelwright, and Louiza, Jan.7,1845.

Henry Brastow, at Boston, July11,1821.PR79

Hollis, May3,1797.PR79

Ida Ann, d.Ebenezer, papermaker, and Abigail P., Mar.25,1844.

Joel, at Milford, Sept.25,1776.PR79

Jonathan, Jan.25,1779.PR79

Joseph, s.Abraham and Mary, bp. Sept.13,1716.CR1

Joseph Elijah, at Boston, Apr.27,1823.PR79

Lenard, s.Abraham and Lydia, Oct.20,1755.

Lucretia Maria, d.Jefferson and Margaret, Aug.30,1833.

Margaret Shattuck, d.Jefferson and Margaret, at Dunstable, Jan.18,1827.

Maria, at Boston, Aug.18,1809.PR79

Mary Frances, d.Jefferson and Margaret, Mar.16,1837.

Mary Scott, at Louisville, Ky., Oct.18,1840.PR79

Mary Elizabeth, d.William 2d, papermaker, and Frances R., Oct.18,1844.

Nancy Bigelow, at Hollis, NH, July13,1819.PR3

Nathan, July6,1781.PR79

Nathan R., at Hollis, NH, Nov.25,1821.PR2

Olive, Oct.14,1771.PR79

Phebe, Aug.17,1769.PR79

Ruby, July16,1793.PR79

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, bp. Sept.13,1716.CR1

Sarah, May1,1752.PR79

Sally, Dec.16,1793.PR79

Sarah Elizabeth, at Boston, Nov.3,1817.PR79

Sarah Ann, d.Jefferson and Margaret, Feb.20,1832.

William Capron, at Boston, June10,1813.PR79

William Bowers, at New York, Sept.1,1836.PR79

William Capron, at Boston, Mar.10,1844.PR79


Olive Cathrine [Katharine Olive.CR3], d.Stephen W. and Olive, Nov.2,1834.


Albert Warren, s.Moses and Sophronia, Oct.21,1838.

Betsey Eldora, d.Moses, farmer, and Sophronia, at Chelmsford, May31,1836.

Lucinda Morris, d.Moses and Sophornia, May31,1836.

Richard Orris Ripley, s.Moses and Sophronia, Oct.11,1841.


Jane, d.Joshua and Elisabeth, July10,1751.

John Williams, s.Rev. John and Mary S., Oct.6,1827.

Martha, d.Rev. John and Mary S., Apr.1,1831.

Mary Brace, d.Rev. John and Mary S., Sept.22,1828.


末末, d.Willard, farmer, and Catharine, Apr.17,1846.

Abba Ann, d.Reuben L. and Lucinda, Dec.23,1840.

Appleton Howe, s.Willard, farmer, and Catharine (Blood), at Weymouth, Dec.25,1847.

Augusta M., d.Freeman, farmer, and Sarah, Feb.20,1844.

Elizabeth Blanchard, d.Noah and Sarah, Apr.20,1820.

Freeman, s.Noah and Sarah, at Weymouth, Mar.14,1814.

Lucinda Maria, d.Reuben L. and Lucinda, Mar.30,1835.

Lydia, d.Noah and Sarah, June28,1817.

Noah, s.Noah and Sarah, Dec.23,1818.

Perley, d.Reuben L., farmer, and Lucinda, Apr.15,1847.

Rebecca, d.Reubin L., yeoman, and Lucinda, Feb.16,1845.

Ruben L., May27,1809.PR77

Sarah, d.Noah and Sarah, at Weymouth, Oct.3,1815.

Willard, s.Noah and Sarah, at Weymouth, Nov.4,1811.

William Converse, s.Reuben L. and Lucinda, Dec.23,1840.PR77

Welson N., s.Willard, farmer, and Catherine Blood, Oct.2,1843.


Lydia, Feb.7,1797.PR44

Polly, June4,1796.PR44

Varisina, Jan.28,1798.PR44

TROBRIDGE (Trowbridge)

Caleb [Trowbridge.CR1], s.Caleb and Hannah, Aug.6,1719.

Hannah, d.Caleb, May16,1729.

Nehemiah, s.Caleb and Hannah, Sept.19,1721.

Nehemiah, s.Caleb and Hannah, Oct.14,1722.

Oliver [Trowbridge.CR1], s.Caleb and Sarah, May16,1716.

Sarah, d.Caleb and Hannah, Dec.3,1724.

TROWBRIDGE (Trobridge)

Abigail, d.Caleb and Hannah, May30,1740.

Abigail, d.Nehemiah and Abigail, June11,1765.

Anna, d.John and Elizabeth, Jan.9,1770.

Bela, s.John and Elizabeth, July24,1777.

Edmund, s.Caleb jr. and Elisabeth, Apr.8,1753.

Edmund, s.John and Elizabeth, Jan.31,1780.

Elisabeth, d.Caleb jr. and Elisabeth, Nov.3,1743.

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, Dec.4,1767.

Hannah, d.Caleb and Hannah, bp. May29,1737.CR1

Hannah, d.Caleb and Elisabeth, July15,1741.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Ruth (Nevers), bp. Aug.12,1781.CR1

Jepthah, s.John and Elizabeth, Nov.13,1783.

John, s.Clark jr. and Elisabeth, Apr.8,1739.

John, s.Sarah Nichols, Jan.18,1762.

John, s.John and Elisabeth, Aug.13,1773.

Jonas, s.Thomas and Ruth [(Nevers).CR1], Oct.19,1773.

Lucy, d.Thomas and Ruth (Nevers), bp. Sept.6,1778.CR1

Lydia, d.Caleb jr. and Elisabeth, Apr.3,1751.

Maria, d.Caleb and Hannah, Dec.23,1731.

Martha, d.Thomas and Ruth, bp. Oct.28,1798.CR1

Mary, d.Caleb and Hannah, bp. Nov.14,1731.CR1

Mary, d.Nehemiah and Abigail, June27,1776.

Oliver, s.Caleb and Hannah, bp. Aug.2,1738.CR1

Phinehas, s.John and Elizabeth, Sept.2,1775.

Rebekah, d.Caleb jr. and Elisabeth, May3,1749.

Rebecka, d.Caleb jr. and Elisabeth, May末,1754.

Rebekah, d.Thomas and Ruth (Nevers), bp. Oct.10,1779.CR1

Reliefe, d.John and Elizabeth, Nov.19,1771.

Ruth, d.Thomas and Ruth (Nevers), bp. Apr.28,1776.CR1

Sarah, d.Caleb jr. and Elisabeth, Oct.4,1745.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Ruth (Nevers), bp. June13,1783.CR1

Susanna, d.Caleb jr. and Elisabeth, June8,1747.

Thomas, s.Caleb and Hannah, Nov.12,1734.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Lucy (Woods), bp. Dec.1,1765.CR1

Zeb, s.John and Elizabeth, Feb.11,1782.


Polly, d.Colson and Maria (Page), bp. Sept.23,1792.CR1


Amos, s.Moses and Dorothy, Oct.22,1741.


Abigaill, d.Josiah and Abigaill, Feb.10,1739.

Elizabeth, d.Joseah and Abigaill, Feb.19,1733-4.

Hannah, d.Josiah and Abigall, Feb.7,1729.

Josephine, d.Susan, Apr.11,1846.

Marey, d.Josiah and Abigaill, Mar.12,1731.

Mary, d.Josiah and Abigaill, bp. May27,1733.CR1

Phebe, d.Josiah and Abigaill, Aug.25,1736.


Swallow, s.Josiah and Abigaill, Aug.26,1742.

TUFTES (Tufts)

Hannah, d.James and Phebe, Mar.27,1738.

TUFTS (Tuftes)

Achsah, ch.twin, Eliakim and Sarah, Dec.4,1804.

Catharine [Katharine.CR1], d.Eliakim and Sarah [(Tufts).CR1], May26,1796.

Dianna, d.Levi and Betsey, Sept.22,1838.

Dorinda [Dopinda.CR1], d.Eliakim and Sarah, Apr.20,1806.

Eben, s.Levi, farmer, and Betsy, Jan.18,1846.

Ebenezer, s.Eliakim and Sarah, Mar.27,1810.

Eliakim, s.Eliakim and Sally, Aug.27,1792.

Eliakim Ross, s.Eliakim and Sarah, Dec.21,1801.

Betsey Bateman, d.Levi and Betsey, Mar.12,1835.

George, s.Eliakim and Sarah, May27,1808.

James, s.James and Phebe, at Mystic, Aug.27,1734.

Levi, s.twin, Eliakim and Sarah, Dec.4,1804.

Lucinda, d.Levi and Betsey, Sept.26,1839.

Lucy, d.Eliakim and Sarah, Jan.21,1800.

Mary, d.Eliakim and Sarah, Feb.20,1798.

Phebe, d.James and Phebe, at Mystic, Feb.3,1735.

Sarah, d.Eliakim and Sarah, at Bedford, Dec.8,1788.

Susan Abba, d.Levi and Betsey, Feb.9,1837.

William, s.Eliakim and Sarah, July19,1794.

William, s.Eliakim and Sarah, July19,1837.

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