Anna, d.[Lt.GR2] Phinehas [and Edee.GR2], Sept.14,1795. [in her 18th y.GR2]

Edee, w.[Lt.GR2] Phinehas, Oct.8,1795. [in her 50th y.GR2]

Elisabeth, d.[Lt.GR2] Phinehas [and Sarah.GR2], Oct.13,1795, in her 26th y.

John, s.Phinehas, jr. and Sarah,末蔓末, 末末. [bef. 1768?]

Joseph, s.[Lt.GR2] Phinehas, jr. and Sarah, June23,1774. [a.3m.22d.GR2]

Mary, w.Phinehas, Oct.8,1764, in her 70th y.GR2

Phinehas, s.[Lt.GR2] Phinehas, jr. and Sarah, Aug.20 [10.GR2], 1775. [a.3m.1d.GR2]

Phinehas, May30,1777. [in his 69th y.GR2]

Phinehas, Lt., Nov.29,1802, in his 67th y.GR2

Sarah, w.[Lt.GR2] Phinehas, jr., child birth, May9,1775. [in her 35th y.GR2]


Phillis, servant to Josiah Sawtell, dec., Feb.末,1821, a.79y.


Charles, m., clergyman, b. Rindge, NH, s.Joshua and Mary, consumption, Oct.23,1847, a.52y.11m.22d.


Mary Ann, d.Maurace and Nancy, Feb.20,1844, a 6y.


John Ocley, suddenly, at Concord.Issue of June16,1808.NR3


Bela, s.Dr. Ephraim and Martha, Feb.27,1772. [a.7m.15d.GR2]

Bela, 2d, s.Dr. Ephraim and Martha, Aug.10,1775.

Martha, w.Dr. Ephraim, Apr.24,1776.

WARNER (Warnor)

Rachel, d.Richard and Sarah, Sept.28,1723.

WARNOR (Warner)

Joseph, Apr.30,1743.


末末, ch.Abijah and Prudence, still born, Jan.21,1773.GR2

末末, ch.Augustus and Sarah, Nov.末,1822, a.10d.

Abijah, Oct.6,1776, in his 40th y.GR2

Alden, jr., s.Alden and Harriet, rheumatic fever, Mar.26,1848, a 5. y.2m.1d.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Sarah, Aug.18,1775.

Prudence, w.Abijah, Feb.10,1773. [Feb.1, a 23y.GR2]

Prudence, d.Abijah and Prudence, May1,1776, a.6y.9m.22d.GR2


Sarah, d.Charles, of Boston, Aug.末,1833.


Achsa, Mrs., of Boston, Aug.22,1840, a.55y.NR4

[George B., of Boston.NR4], Sept.9,1840. [a.22y.NR4]


Adeline Amelia, d.David and Elizabeth, Jan.16,1807. [a.5m.22d.GR2]

Elezabeth, w.David, at Boston, June9,1807, a.25y.


Anna E., b. Bath, England scrofula, Nov.29,1848, a.25y.


Eunice, w.Oliver, Nov.末,1824.


Abigail, T., b. Greenfield, NH, w.George W., cancer, Feb.7,1845, a.40y.

Charles Henry, s.Charles E., scarlet fever, May31,1844, a.3y.

Nancy B., w.David B., Aug.24,1841, a.20y.8m.GR1


末末, ch.George, Sept.18,1833.

Moses, July28,1818.PR78

Parker, Feb.25,1813, a.43y.GR2


Adaline B., w.Levi, b. Worcester, consumption, Aug.11,1849, a.38y.

Artemas, s.Abijah and Mary, heart complaint, Sept. [Nov.GR1] 2,1848, a.73y.7m.25d.

Charles Bancroft, s.Asa and Sarah, Feb.28,1815.

Esther [C., w.Artemas, Mar.16,1846, a 64y.GR1; 1845.CR2]

Esther, d.Artemas and Esther C., b. Temple, NH, consumption, Apr.5,1849, a.48y.8m.4d.

Evelina, d.Asa and Sarah, Sept.8,1799. [a.1y.3m.2d.GR2]

Francis C. [s.Artemas and Esther C.GR1], Jan.29,1843. [a.29y.GR1]

Mary, Sept.末,1818, a.88y.

Olive, Sept.20,1841.PR78

Rebecca [Sybil Rebekah.GR1], d.Artemas [and Esther C.GR1], Feb.7,1839. [a.23y.GR1]

Shadiah, s.Abraham and Hannah, Apr.8,1755.

Shadrack, s.Abraham and Hanah, Aug.1,1747.

WHETNEY (Whitney)

Joshua, Dea., Aug.1,1719. [a.83y.GR2]

Lydia [w.William.GR2], Aug.22,1716. [a.42y.GR2]


Content, w.Noah, a.41y.Issue of June8,1835.NR7


Dabrah, w.Jonathan, Jan.17,1711.


末末, d.Daniel, June末,1819, a.1m.

Elisabeth, d.Thomas and Hannah, Mar.末,1765, a.14d.

Hannah, w.Thomas, May26,1780. [in her 44th y.GR2]

Hasseltine Judson, s.Samuel and Susannah, June12,1842


[Betsey D.PR129], w.Lemuel, Sept.12,1838.

Grace, d.Leonard, of Hollis, NH, and Ann, Oct.15,1797, a.27y.GR2


Nehemiah, s.Nehemiah and Sarah, June22,1803, a.7y.4m.GR1

Nehemiah [Whetman, a Revolutionary pensioner.NR7] July7,1835. [a.82y.NR7]

Sarah, w.Nehemiah, Mar.2. [Feb.28,1827, a.74y.GR1]

WHITNEY (Whetney)

Betsey, w.Capt. Asa, and d.Capt. Abram Child, suddenly, at Silver Creek, NY, a.54y.Issue of May7,1836.NR20

Prudence, w.Shadrach, Dec.25,1762, in her 68th y.GR2

Shaderah, Aug.8,1764, in his 67th y.GR2


Mary Ann, d.wid.Lucy of Weston, Jan.3,1836.


[Mary.GR1], w.Dr. A[bel.GR1] H., Feb.12,1843. [a.39y.3m.GR1]


Dorcas, Oct.11,1817.PR78

Elijah, s.Elijah and Anne, Dec.27,1745.

Ivory, Sept.13,1817.PR78


Lydia, w.Robert, Mar.24,1827.


Elisabeth, w.Col. Abijah and d.Benjamin and Abigail Prescott, at Lancaster [Dec.6,1751, a.28y.]

Levi, May24,1843.PR81


Aaron, sr., Mar.31,1833.

Aaron, jr., June17,1841.

Aaron sr., Oct.17,1842.

Abi Susan, d.Josiah and Elizabeth, consumption, Mar.29,1846, a.1y.8m.

Edna, M., d.Josiah and Eliza, lung fever, Feb.1,1845, a.8y.

[Eunice.NR11], w.Jason [July15.NR11], 1811, a.52y.

Evrett [Everett.GR2], s.Capt. John and Molly, June7,1788. [a.6w.6h.GR2]

Hannah, w.Jacob, Nov.25,1826.

Irene, w.Dr. Jacob, Mar.11,1831.

Jacob, sr., May2,1829.

Jason, Dec.8,1774, in his 53d y.GR2

Jason [eldest brother of Jacob Williams and a Revolutionary soldier, wounded at Bunker Hill. Left no children. In pensil.] Aug.15,1843. a 90y.

John, s.John [and Moley.GR2], Oct.29,1773. [a.2y.10m.1d.GR2]

John Quinsey, s.Lewis and Abigail, Feb.28,1817. [a.9m.GR2]

John, Capt., July1,1822, a.82y.[a.76y.GR2]

Josiah, m., carpenter, s.Josiah S. and Lydia, consumption, Jan.23,1847, a.41y.8m.22d.

Lewis, sr., Aug.10,1825.

Lewis Edward, s.Lewis and Elizabeth, Nov.9,1839, a.14m.GR1

Molly [2d.GR2], d.John and Molly, Sept.24,1773. [a.14m.14d.GR2]

Molly, d.[Capt.GR2] John [and Moley.GR2], Nov.7,1777. [a.20d.GR2]

Molly [3d.GR2], d.Capt. John [and Moley.GR2], Feb.22,1784. [a.17m.GR2]

Mary, wid., formerly of Groton, at Dover, a.81y.Issue of June19,1830.NR22

Mary E., Nov.28,1848.PR29

Olive W., w.Josiah, Nov.12,1833.

Rebecca, Nov.11,1827.PR78

Thomas, Aug.5,1704.


Henry B.N., s.Ebenezer and Mary F., dropsy in the head, Sept.10,1849, a.2m.10d.

WILLSON (Wilson)

Bettey, d.Benjamin and Ruth, Apr.12,1743.

WILSON (Willson)

Benjamin, burned to death, Feb.15,183.

David N., July27,1826.PR100

David, a Revolutionary soldier, falling into the fire, a.90y.Issue of Feb.23,1833.NR7

Nancy N., May2,1827.PR100

Ruth, w.Benjamin, Nov.4,1744, a.25y.3d.

Samuel, W., unm., farmer, b. Nelson, NH. [s.Samuel and Lucy.GR2], drowned, July22,1844, a.28y.

WOOD (Woods)

Bennet, s.Thomas and Mary, Apr.26,1794. [a.4y.GR2]

Daniel, s.Thomas and Mary, July30,1795. [in his 4th y.GR2]

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Mary, July31,1795. [in her 3d y.GR2]

Grace, Dec.30,1822, a.57y.

Jonas, s.Lt. Isaac and Abigail, at Fort William Henry, Aug.22,1756.

Prudence, d.Isaac and Abigaill, Oct.27,1738.

Thomas, Mar.2,1794. [a.47y.GR2]

WOODBERRY (Woodbury)

Peter, s.Samuel and Rebeccah, July2,1805, a.4y.GR2

WOODBURY (Woodberry)

Samuel, Rev. [of North Yarmouth, ME.NR7; b. Salem, NH.GR1], July6,1819, a.34y.


Edward, Apr.5,1820, a.39y.[a.40y.GR1]

Jepthah, s.Edward and Eunice, Apr.27,1830. [a.13y.GR1]

WOODS (Wood)

末末, d.Reuben, Jan.末,1812, a.4m.

Abigail, d.Timothy and Elisabeth, Feb.16,1776.

Abigail, wid.Lt. Isaac, Dec.24,1781, in her 80th y.GR2

Alice, Apr.17,1712.

Alice, w.Nathaniel, Jan.10,1717-18, in her 45th y.GR2

Alise, w.Sampson [W., Nov.18,1826, a.58y.NR7]

Anna, d.Reuben and Matilda, Jan.29,1812.

Anna Farrington, July29,1826, a.86y.GR1

Benjamin, s.John and Sarah, Nov.19,1758, a.19y.3w.5d.GR2

Benjamin, formerly of Groton, at Richmond VA, a.54y.Issue of Jan.29,1822.NR11

Daniel, h.Ruth, Jan.末,1822, a.72y.

Deborah, d.Caleb, jr. and Nabby, Sept.28,1800.

Dorcas, w.Eber, jr., Feb.4,1840. [1841.CR5]

Eber, m., farmer, s.John, Nov.9,1845, a.71y.4m.13d.

Elizabeth, w.Thomas, Apr.21,1688.CTR

Elizabeth, w.Timothy, Oct.25,1827.

Betsey [d.Sampson, dec., at the house.NR6], Feb.18,1830. [a.35y.NR6]

Ephraim, s.Lt. Isaac, Aug.12,1757.

Estar, d.Thomas, July31,1704.

Francis Tarbell, s.Henry and Hannah Maria, Oct.5,1837. [a.4y.7m.GR1]

George Bigelow, s.Henry and Hannah Maria (Thayer), Apr.21,1837.PR4

Georgianna Ellen, d.Henry, Esq., dec., and Hannah Maria, measles, Apr.26,1844, a.3y.4m.

Hanah, Sept.29,1703.

Henry Thayer, s.Henry and Hannah Maria, Feb.10,1829.

Henry, Esq., at Charlestown, Jan.12,1841. [a.39y.GR1]

Isaac, Lt., Mar.31,1775, in his 76th y.GR2

Isaac, Aug.末,1841.CR2

Jacob, a native of Groton, at New Orleans, a.27y.Issue of Sept.13,1809.NR7

Jane, w.Nahum, Dec.末,1818, a.55y.

John, s.Thomas, May1,1688.CTR

John, s.John and Sarah, Aug.31,1728.

John, Lt., May7,1782, in his 85th y.GR2

John, June末,1823, a.85y.10m.

Jonathan, sr., Aug.7,1825.

Jotham, killed instantly by the fall of a tree, Mar.17,1820.

Laura, w.Andrew J., consumption, Sept.16,1844, a.31y.

Lucy Ann, d.John jr. and Betsey, Nov.14,1820.

Luther [s.Col. Sampson.NR7], Mar.19,1821, a.29y.

Martha, w.Stephen J., b. Lancaster, and d.末末 Eaton, fall from a carriage, Apr.29,1849, a.74y.11m.7d.

Mary, d.Samuell, jr., Sept.13,1758.

Mary, wid.Jotham, Aug.末,1824.

Mary, wid.Samson, Oct.15,1832.

Nahum, Jan.末,1820, a.56y.

Nahum, s.Jotham and Mary, May23,1820, a.12y.

Nathaniel, June20,1738, in his 71st y.GR2

Patience, w.Samuel, Jan.23,1771.

Philena G., d.Samuel and Catherine, Aug.3,1824. [a.2y.9m.5d.GR1]

Philip, a native of Groton, formerly proprietor of the Boston Museum, suddenly, at Williamsport, PA. Issue of Jan.5,1828.NR7

Rachel, d.Jotham and Mary, June28,1820, a.18y.

Reuben, s.Reuben and Submitt, at Crown Point, Oct.24,1760, a.19y.

Ruben, Oct.17,1774, in his 64th y.GR2

Ruth, wid.Daniel, Sept.12,1825.

Samson, s.Lt. Isaac and Abigail, at Albany, Aug.22,1757.

Samson, h.Alice, Feb.8,1826. [a.65y.NR7]

Samuell, Mar.19,1712.

Samuel, Apr.10,1773.

Samuel, sr., May20,1824. [a.34y.GR1]

Sarah, w.Nathaniell, Mar.3,1724-5. [in her 45th y.GR2]

Sarah, w.Lt. John, Mar.28,1773, a.67y.GR2

Silas, Feb.末,1812.

Solomon, Capt., killed by the fall of a tree, May3,1783, in his 36th y.GR2

Thomas, s.Thomas, May8,1725.

Thomas, s.[Lt.GR2] Isaac and Abigail, Feb.10,1756, a.27y.1m.1d.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Elisabeth, Feb.11,1773.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Elisabeth, Apr.2,1777.

Timothy, h.Elizabeth, May16,1835.

William, Feb.7,1830.


Charles, at Havanna "while Master of the ship Marquis de Someruelos of Boston," Sept.29,1802, a.37y.GR1


末末, w.Francis, May17,1839, a.80y.

末末, Mrs., Feb.20,1843.

Francis, Nov.5,1836.

George, May13,1832.

Hannah K., m., b. Westford, d.Samuel and Esther Craft, liver complaint, Feb.22,1847, a.48y.11m.13d.

Joel, s.Capt. Jonathan and Eunice, at Dunstable, NH, burned, Dec.21,1828.

WORSTER (Worcester)

Eunice, d.Capt. Jonathan and Eunice, Mar.17,1817.

Jonathan, Capt., Nov.末,1812, a.78y.2m.

Jonathan, s.Capt. Jonathan and Eunice, Apr.末,1814.


末末, Mrs.Oct.30,1833.


末末, ch.John, Oct.1,1832.

末末, s.Alva and Fanny G., dysentery, Sept.22,1845, a.4m.27d.

Abijah, Jan.15,1782.PR105

Ann, d.Samuel of Westford, Mar.28,1812, a.30y.NR7

Ann, d.Artemas and Prudence, Sept.7,1833. [a.8y.GR1]

Cyrus Alva, Sept.23,1845.GR1

Harriot, d.Thomas R., May14,1836.

John Claflin, Nov.5,1816.

Lovey [w.Benjamin N.GR1], m., b. Pepperell, d.Solomon amd Tamar Gilson, Oct.25,1847, a.56y.1m.13d.

Lydia, w.Abijah, May30,1804.PR105

Nathaniell, s.Samuell and Hannah, Mar.6,1743.

Prudence, w.Artemas, cancer, Jan.19,1842. [a.63y.GR1]

Sarah, wid.John C., Oct.末,1823.


Esther, b. Townsend, d.Jonathan and Esther, consumption, July23,1847, a.14y.10m.5d.


末末, ch.Reuben, jr. and Olive, Mar.25,1844.

Sally [Sarah.GR2], w.Reuben, Mar.28, [29. dup.], 1841. [a.44y.GR2]

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