CADE (Cady, Cadye)

Abigail, and Daniel Cade, Apr.24,1706-07.CR1

Daniel, and Abigail Cade, Apr.24,1706-07.CR1

Ephraim [Cady.CR1], of Killingly [CT.CTR], and Abigail Barron [Oct.26.CTR], 1732.

CADY (Cade)

Hannah, and Samuel Warren, at Concord, Oct.15,1706.

Judah, and Alexander Rouse, May15,1672.CTR

Nicolas, s.Nicolas, and Parcime Redland d.William, at Chelmsford, Mar.20,1685.

CADYE (Cade)

Daniel, and Mary Green, at Chelmsford, July6,1683.

CAMBLE (Campbell)

Ann, of Wenham, and William Preson, at Westford, June13,1745.

CAMEL (Campbell)

George, of Townsend, and Mary White, at Pepperell, Feb.8,1753.

Robert [Camell.CR1], of Roxbury, and Elisabeth McDonnel [Mcdonnell.CR1], Mar.6,1738-9.

CAMPBELL (Camble, Camel)

Deborah, of Epsom, NH, and Aaron Pingrey, int.Jan.17,1827.

George, of Townsend, and Mary Wheeler, at Townsend,末蔓末,1753.PR147

CAPEL (Capell)

Polly, and James Woods of Pepperell, Sept.16,1798.

CAPELL (Capel)

Charlotte [Capel.NR5], and Dexter Blanchard, Nov.9,1824.*

John [Capel.CR1] jr., and Sally Blood, July8,1801.*

Louisa, and George Shattuck, int.July18,1835.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Tarbell of Pepperell, July25,1802.*

William, and Betsey Haven, Aug.17,1806.*


Jonathan, and Louis Porter, Nov.26,1778.

Mercy, and Abraham Moors Jr., Dec.14,1779.


Solomon, and Nabby Haven, July23,1797.


Levi, and Polly Billings of Lunenburg, at Lunenburg, Oct.7,1798.

CARRAL (Carriel)

Huldah [Carol.PR131], and John Blanchard of Sutton, at Harvard, Sept.26,1786 [1785.PR131].

CARRIEL (Carral)

Jonathan jr., and Sybele Stone, June14,1781.


Lydia, and Walter Parker of Lunenburg, July3,1823.*

Ruth, and John Sawyer of Bolton, Oct.4,1802.*

Thaddeus, of Sandy Stream, and Betsy Derumple, at Westford, Aug.24,1797.

CHAFFIN (Chafin)

Elias, of Harvard, and Hannah Stone, Oct.20,1785.

CHAFIN (Chaffin)

Leonard [Chaffin. int.], and Mary Wright of Hollis, NH, at Hollis, NH, July13,1827.PR146*

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Elizabeth, and Jeremiah Lawrance [Lawrence.CR1], Mar.23,1736-7.

Henry Vassel, Esq., of Farmington, ME, and Hannah Tarbell, June4,1804.*

Jacob, of Sharon, CT, and Anna Nutting, int.May16,1829.

John, and Abigail Woods, Oct.13,1712-13.CR1

John, of Pepperell, and Mary Patch, at Pepperell, Apr.25,1758.

John [Chamberlin.CR1], of Waterford, and Sally Stone, Jan.1,1794.

Joseph, and Rebeccah Whitney, both of Pepperell, Apr.10,1781.

Samuel, of Chelmsford, and Anna Gilson, Mar.7,1710-11.CR1

Samuel, of Hollis, and Sarah Patch, Nov.末,1784.

Samuel [Chamberlin.CR1], jr., and Rebecca Lawrence [Lawrance.CR1] of Littleton, Sept.19,1793.

Thomas [Chamberlin.PR134] and Abigail Nutting [Nuttin.PR134], at Concord, Aug.16,1699.

Thomas, and Lydia Adams, May9,1769.

Thomas, of Worcester, and Nancy Woods, int.Dec.24,1809.

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

Abigall [], and Thomas Woods, Apr.30,1723.*

Dorithy [Dorothy Chamberlain.CR1], and Nathaniell Lawrence, Feb.4,1728 [1728-9.CR1].

Elizebeth [Chamberlain.CR1], and Jonathan Shattuck, June25 [23.CR1], 1719.

John [Chamberlain.CR1] jr., and Rachel Lawrence, Dec.3,1746.

Josiah [Chamberlain.CR1], and Hepziabah Crecy [Crecee. June10.CR1], 1751.

Mary [Chamberlain.CR1], and John Scoot [Scott.CTR], Apr.9 [19.CR1], 1732.

Phinehas [Chamberlain.CR1], and Lydia Williams, Mar.19,1744 [1744-5.CR1].

Sarah [Chamberlain.CR1], and James Shattuck, Nov.22,1726.


Ebenezer, and Abigail Trowbridge, Oct.9,1764.

Ebenezer jr., of New Ipswich, and Mehitable Goodrich, Nov.8,1803.*

Hannah, d.Ebenezer, and James Prescott, at New Ipswich, Feb.2,1792.


Susanna, and William Parker, Oct.26,1784.


Benjamin, of Suncook, and Phebe Lakin, Dec.22,1737.

Ephraim, of Westford, and Abigail Blood., wid., Feb.16,1747. [1747-8.CR1].

CHANEY (Cheeney)

John jr., and Abigail Blodget, both of Dunstable, Mar.4,1784.


Jeremiah, and Lydia Ames, Mar.29,1796.

Joseph jr., of Lunenburg, and Abigail Boulton of Shirley, Oct.24,1782.

Sarah, and Abel Rockwood, int.Apr.12,1828.

Susanna [d.Rev. Daniel.NR3], and Rev. Stephen Bemis of Harvard, Apr.20,1808.*

CHAPMAN (Chatman)

Mary, and Noah Blood, both of Dunstable, Oct.16,1821.


Amos, and Sarah W. Stearns, Sept.19,1833.*

Ezekiel, Dr., and Priscila Merrill of Newbury, at Newbury, May20,1729.

Jacob, and Abigail Hubbard, May2,1786.

Jacob, and Sally Park, Jan.5,1797.

John, and Emily Danforth of Amherst, NH, Oct.28,1821.

John, and Mary Ann Danforth of Amherst, NH, Dec.6,1823.

Lucy, and John Campbell Brown, Mar.16,1775.

Peter, and Sally Stone, June29,1802.*

Samuel, and Ann Longley of Shirley, Apr.30,1795.

William A., and Sarah Horthshorn of Mason, NH, int.Sept.5,1846.

CHATMAN (Chapman)

Joshua, and Jemima Slade of Swanzey, at Swanzey, Jan.27,1783.

CHEENEY (Chaney)

John [Cheney.CR1], and Susanna Farwell [Farwel.CR1], Apr.6,1763.

CHILD (Childs)

Abigail, and Samuel Bancroft, May7,1789.

Calvin, and Mrs.Mary Ames, int.May15,1847.

David, and Susanna Woolley, wid., int.Aug.31,1806.

Isaac, and Margaret Hanniford [] of Shirley, Nov.10,1824.*

James, and Hannah Cushing, July29,1782.

Sally, and Peter Ames, Oct.7,1799.*

William, and Dorcas Thorning of Lexington, int.July29,1821.

CHILDS (Child)

Calvin, and Sally Fitch, Feb.10,1818.*

Calvin P., and Cornelia [H. int.] Dewey, Apr.25,1841.*

Clarissa, and Lemuel Whiting, Oct.24,1839.*

Isaac, and Sally Rockwood, May3,1804.*

Polly, and Luther Farnsworth, resident, Feb.22,1807.*

Nancy, and John Lewis, Nov.30,1809.*

Sarah M., and John A. Billings, May30,1839.*

Susanna, and Asahel Wyman, Dec.26,1786.

William T., and Mary Jane Hartwell of Chelmsford, int.July14,1844.

William T., and Phebe E. Bancroft of Boston, int.Oct.21,1846.


Cornelius, and Mary 末末, June4,1670.CTR

Daniel, of Morristown, NY, and Mrs.Harriet L. Wheeler, int.Sept.8,1848.


Sally, of Sterling, and John Burges, int.Dec.6,1832.


Thomas, and Abigail Willis of Taunton, at Norton, June26,1733.


Sally, Mrs., and Phinehas N. Woods of Pepperell, int.Apr.18,1841.


Eusebius S., unm., a.25y., tin plate worker, s.Robert and Sophia, and Mary Jane Shattuck of Pepperell, a.18y., d.James and Mary, Apr.15,1847.*

Fanny, of Boscawen, NH, and Joseph Hemenway, int.Feb.20,1814.

Martha, and Lovell Shattuck of Pepperell, Oct.27,1841.*

Mary, and David Russel [Russell.CR1], both of Littleton, Apr.27,1731.

Matilda, and Lyman F. Blood, July1,1841.*

Susan, and Elizur Wright of Hudson, Ohio, Sept.12,1829.*

Warren, and Irena A. Hancock of Boston, int.June21,1845.


Margaret, and Jeremiah Lawrence of Mount Holly, VT, June19,1832.*


Abigail, and Hezekiah Usher, both of Charlestown, June20,1728.


Joseph, of Boston, and Anna Hubbard, June7 [1.CR1], 1807.*


Abigail C., and Austin Robinson, Apr.30,1833.*

Mary P., Mrs., and Emery Taft of Fitzwilliam, NH, June2,1836.*


Sarah J., of Dracut, and Artemas Wood jr., int.Aug.4,1849.

COFFEN (Coffin)

Lydia [Coffin.CR1], and Floyd Pratt of Malden [Oct.14.CTR], 1751.

COFFIN (Coffen)

Abigail [of Haverhill. int.], and Henry Hill, at Haverhill. Issue of Oct.10,1833.NR7*

COLBURN (Coleburn)

Calvin, of Boston, and Sybel Laken, Apr.20,1800.*

Catharine Elizabeth, and Charles Woolley, May6,1827.*

James M., of Dunstable, NH, and Rosilla Shattuck, May17,1821.*

Ruth, and William Green,末蔓末,1749 [Dec.26,1750.CR1].

Samuel [Dirscoll. int.], and Sarah Woods of Hollis, NH, at Hollis, NH, May13,1824.PR146*

William, of Hollis, and Anna Fransworth, at Peperell, June22,1772.


Marietta, and Benjamin F. Hooper, both of Boston, Oct.6,1842.


Daniel, and Betsy Woods, at Boston. Issue of July3,1799.NR7

Danville, unm., of Lowell, a.24y., founder, s.Job and Mary, and Charlotte Edes of Lowell, a.21y., d.Benjamin and Charlotte, of Shirley, June19,1845.

James, and Mrs.Anna Coombs, both of Boston, Dec.31,1840.

Mary E., and Samuel Spaulding, both of Pepperell, Dec.1,1837.

COLEBURN (Colburn)

Isaac [Colburn.CR1], of Dunstable, and Abigail Shattuck, June26,1739.


Hannah, and Daniel Hemmenway, Nov.7,1793.

Lucy, and Benjamin Farwell, Nov.2,1780.

Ruth, and Joel Lawrence, Dec.14,1790.


Ebener, of Ashby, and Emma Holden, July29,1838.*

COMINGS (Cummings)

Elizabeth [Cummins.CR1], wid., and Robert Robins [Robbins.CR1] of Littleton, Jan.3,1720-1.

John [Cummins.CR1], and Sarah Lawrance of Littleton, Jan.28,1735-6.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Shed, at Charlestown, Jan.14,1708-09.

Samuel [Cummings.CR1], of New Sherborn [Douglas.CR1], and Sarah Robens [Robbins.Sept.18.CR1], 1734.


Jane J., of Lowell, and Charles Wright, int.Dec.29,1839.

Soloman, of Cooperstown, NY, and Mary Pierce, July5,1836.*

CONANT (Connant)

Adaline M., and Levi Hildreth of Westford, Oct.6,1831.*

Hannah, and Luther Boutelle [Boutell. int.], at Townsend, Oct.14,1830.PR147*

Josiah, of Boston, and Harriot Bancroft, Oct.23,1817.*

Ruth, and John Scott, both of Pepperell, June9,1778.

Samuel, of Littleton, and Elizabeth Hubbard, Jan.14,1839.*


Andrew, of Ipswich, NH, and Mary Scott [Scot.CR1], Apr.12,1764.

Jane, and Edmund Farnsworth, Mar.1,1781.

Mary, and Samuell Crage [Cragg.CR1], Mar.27,1855.

Rosanna, of Harvard, and Thomas Park, at Harvard, May3,1768.

Ruth, of Ashburnham, and Oliver Blood, July3,1797.

Thomas, s.S. Carolina, and Mary McFarland Aug.30,1764.

CONNANT (Conant)

Josiah [Conant.CR1], and Rachel Hobart, May12,1748.


Betsy, and Jonas Ball, Nov.7,1793.


Cynthia, Mrs., and Ebenezer Putman, int.Nov.23,1840.

CONSTANDINE (Constantine)

Jesse, of Lancaster, and Susan Sawtell, July25,1811.*

CONSTANTINE (Constandine)

Susan, Mrs., and Joseph Barden, Jan.21,1840.*

COOCK (Cook)

Peter [Cook.CR1], and Allice Bancroft, July15,1794.

COOK (Coock)

Enoch, and Abigail Butterfield of Westford, at Westford, Sept.26,1790.

Hannah [Cooke.CR1], and Sawtell [Sartell.CR1] Holden of Shirley, Dec.30,1778.

Lucy, and Nathan Jewett, Feb.5,1800.*

Lydia, and Abel Page of Shirley, June22,1786.

Samuel, and Sarah Jewett of Pepperell, at Pepperell,末蔓末,1797.

Sally, and Luther Blood, int.Apr.2,1808.


Leafe, of Leominster, and Hoscah Edson, int.Mar.16,1803.


Ann, Mrs., and James Cole, both of Boston, Dec.10,1840.

COOPER (Coopper)

Mary, and Joseph Gilson, at Chelmsford, Nov.10,1661.PR132

Timothy, and Sarah Morse, June2,1669.CTR

COOPPER (Cooper)

Jonathan, and Sarah Edson, Dec.29,1803.*

CORAY (Corey)

Betsy [Corey.CR1], and Phinias Parker jr., Sept.3,1793.

COREE (Corey)

Sarah, and Jonathan Lakin, Mar.24,1712-13.CR1

COREY (Coray, Coree, Cory)

Aaron, of Boston, and Eliza Bennet, int.May21,1808.

Aaron jr. and Amelia Woods, Mar.12,1833.*

Aaron jr., and Mrs.Diadama Shattuck of Dunstable, int.Jan.1,1848.

Alfred, and Mrs.Eliza Hale, Jan.29,1838.*

Amelia, and Calvin Keep of Pepperell, int.Sept.5,1816.

Bulah, wid., and John Harris, both of Shirley, Oct.19,1756.

Elisha, and Mary Munroe of Lexington, at Lexington, Apr.18,1780.

Elisha, and Abegail Green, wid.Pepperell, int.May12,1810.

Elisha, and Nancy S. Blood of Pepperell, int.Nov.26,1837.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Fletcher, Nov.22,1830.*

Isaac, and Lydia Jewett of Pepperell, at Pepperell, Mar.14,1765.

Joseph, and Katharine Perry, Mar.9,1768.

Lucy F., and Barnett Wason of Lowell, Nov.28,1839.*

Polly, and Jonas Eaton jr., Mar.2,1792.

Mary G., and James C. Hartwell, Sept.24,1841.*

Mindwell, and Joseph Lawrence, Oct.1,1820.*

Nathan [Korey.CR1], and Molly Green [Dec.CR1] 27,1770.

Prudence, and Artemas Wright, Apr.7,1805.*

Rebecca, and Elijah Robbins jr. of Dunstable, Oct.19,1815.*

Samuel, and Sarah French, Oct.19,1792.

Sarah [Coree.CR1], and Richard Rice [Price.CR1], Feb.1,1721-2.

Stephen, and Lydia Bateman of Chelmsford, int.Mar.22,1816.


John [Correl. int.], widr., a.53y., laborer, b. Ireland s.Darby, of Ireland and Ann Schiely, a.29y., b. Ireland d.Cornelius of Ireland June22,1844.*


John [Courtney.CTR], and Dorcas Barne [Barney.CTR], June12,1743 [1744.CR1].

CORY (Corey)

Hannah, and Joseph Ames, Nov.20,1791.

Patty, and Sadoc Fletcher, Apr.26,1792.

Nathan jr., and Deverd Wright of Pepperell, Nov.3,1803.*


William, and Mary O'Conner, int.Jan.23,1848.


John, of Billerica, and Hannah Davis, at Westford, May30,1744.


Hannah R[], of Westford, and Jesse Worcester, Nov.20,1825.*

CRAGE (Craig)

Samuell [Cragg.CR1], and Mary Conn, Mar.27,1755.


Esther M., and Roswell B. Hodge, int.Oct.14,1848.

Isaiah L., of South Reading, and Sarah A. Loring, June2,1842.*

CRAIG (Crage, Craigg)

John [Cragg.CR1], and Jemima Fisk, wid.[Nov.22.CTR], 1751 [1753.CTR].

CRAIGG (Craig)

Susanna, and Reuben Rice, Jan.25,1790.


Mary, and Ambrose Lakin, both of Lyndeborough, NH, Sept.末,1784.


Mary, and John Russell, Nov.5,1746.

CRECY (Cressey)

Hepzibah [Crecee.CR1], and Josiah Chamberlin [June10.CTR], 1751 [1752.CR1].

CREECE (Cressey)

Jonathan, and Anna Davis, July11,1759.

CREECY (Cressey)

Micah [Crecee.CR1], and Catharin Wetherbee of Bolton [Dec.20.CTR]. 1751 [1752.CR1].

CRESSEY (Crecy, Creece, Creecy)

Sarah, of Charlestown, and Stephen Holden, at Charlestown, July4,1749.


Mary, and Robert Parise, at Chelmsford, Apr.16,1667.PR132


Chandler, widr., of Fitchburg, a.40y., paper maker, s.Samuell and Comfort, and Caroline Rochwood, a.31y., d.Sewell and Lucy, Sept.29,1847.*

Joanna, wid., of Lunenburg, and Jonas Fletcher, May1,1759.


Seborne, and Robert Parise, at Chelmsford, May22,1663.PR132


Lucy, and James Lewis jr., Dec.19,1782.


Joseph, and Jerusha Bartlet of Plymouth, at Plymouth, Mar.14,1744.


Luther, and Sarah Bardeen of Harvard, int.Nov.3,1804.


Nathan F., and Mary Farnsworth, int.July10,1847.

CUMINGS (Cummings)

Eleazer, of Hollis, and Sarah Reed of Littleton, Feb.15,1764.

Betty, of Hollis, and Caleb Woods, Nov.26,1767.

John Harrod, of Nottingham West, and Sarah Worster, May5,1763.

Mitty, and Joseph Symonds, Oct.10,1770.

Timothy jr., of Westford, and Betsey Whitman, Feb.13,1805.*


T.F., and Charlotte Tarbell, at Providence, RI. Issue of Oct.21,1812.NR7

CUMMINGS (Comings, Cumings, Cummins)

Joseph of Swansea, NH, and Lucy Warren, at Townsend, May6,1777.PR147

Samuel [Cummins.CR1], and Prudance Lawracne [Jan.CR1] 30,1732-3.

Walter H., of Tyngsborough, a.25y., stone cutter, s.Thomas and Lucinda, of Tyngsborough, and Clarissa Reid of Westford, a.16y., d.Roswell and Sybel, of Westford, Oct.22,1845.

CUMMINS (Cummings)

Samuell, and Sarah Hastins, both of Turkey Hills, (Lunenburg), Sept.28,1726.CR1


Hannah Maria, d.Henry B., Esq., deceased, and Dr. George Mansfield of Waltham, at Boston, Nov.15,1832.NR7


Hannah, and James Child, July29,1782.

Lucy, of Boston, and Abraham Barns, Aug.12,1834.*

Salley, and Luther Hartwell, int.Apr.6,1811.


Charles C., of Hudson, NH, and Susan Harrington, May3,1835.*

Elisabeth, of Charlestown, and John Williams [jr.CR1], May5,1740 [1741.CR1].

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