Eunice, of Harvard, and Silas Strue [Stone.PR139], at Harvard, June1,1767.

Joseph [Fairbanks.CR1], of Harvard, and Abigail [Tarbel.CR1; Tarbell.CTR], Oct.4,1749.

FALKNAR (Faulkner)

Lois [Faulkner.CR1], of Acton, and John Loring, Jan.19,1797.

FAREWELL (Farwell)

Thomas, and Sarah Davis of Harvard, at Harvard, Jan.3,1760.

FAREWILL (Farwell)

Hannah [Farewell.CR1], and Eleazer Gilson, May6,1719.


Naby, and Silvanis Smith, Apr.4,1797.

Elizabeth, and Joshua Parker, Sept.16,1784.

Lucretia G., of Hollis, NH, and Rev. Dudley Phelps, at Hollis, NH, Oct.12,1837.PR146*


Avis, and Calvin Blood 2d, Nov.29,1832.*

Barbary [Barbara.CR1], and John Burt, Mar.5,1740. [1740-1.CR1].

Daniel, of Lunenburg, and Elisabeth Woods [Wood.CR1], Nov.2,1732.

Betsy, and Simond Pach [Patch.CR1], of Ludlow, VT, June22,1797.

Hannah, wid., and Ephraim Spaulding, int.May6,1801.

John, of Billerica, and Hannah Wood [Apr.27.CTR], 1725.

Lydia T., and Henry H. Kendall of Framingham, Sept.1,1842.*

Samuel W., unm., a.22y., s.Jeremiah and Jemimah, and Almeda K. Dane of Fitchburg, a.24y., b. int.chburg, d.Ebenezer and Betsy, Oct.8,1845.*

Sally, of Lexington, and Samuel Pierce, at Lexington, Feb.12,1794.

Sally, Mrs., and Oliver P. Lewis, int.Jan.3,1818.

Tamar, and Ebenezer Blood, Mar.8,1830.*

Thomas, and Sarah Bennett, Jan.28,1807.*

FARNESWORTH (Farnsworth)

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Whitney, Apr.17,1706-07.CR1

Samuel, and Mary Willard of Lancaster, Dec.12,1706-07.

FARNSWORTH (Farnesworth, Farnworth)

Aaron, and Sarah Bennett, June16,1767.

Aaron, and Abigail Johnson of Worcester, at Worchester, Sept.17,1767.

Abel, and Polly Godell of Sutton, int.Oct.6,1808.

Abel jr., and Hannah Gould, resident, Apr.24,1812.*

Abigaill, and David Blood,末蔓末,1740.

Abigail, and Ephraim Sawtell [Satle.PR134], at Concord, Apr.10,1743. [1713.PR134].

Abigail, and Nehemiah Trowbridge, Jan.12,1758.

Abigail, and Benjamin Shattuck, Dec.8,1763.

Amos [Farnworth.CR1], and Lydia Longley [Mar.20.CR1], 1734-5.

Amos, and Elizabeth Rockwood, May7,1782.

Anna, and William Colburn of Hollis, at Pepperell, June22,1772.

Annice, and Isaac Warren, at Townsend, June17,1779.

Asa D., of Lancaster, and Betsey Sawtell, Sept.22,1835.*

Azuba, and Ephraim Parker, 末蔓16,1757.

Azuba, of Harvard, and Mathias Farnsworth, at Harvard, Feb.21,1776.

Benjamin, and Rebecca Pratt of Malden, at Malden, May19,1736.

Benjamin, and Dorcas Whittemore of Lancaster, at Lancaster, Oct.2,1805.PR135*

Charles, and Susan Kittredge, resident in Shirley, Aug.1,1813.*

Charles, and Hannah F. Whittle of Deering, NH, int.Mar.10,1849.

Deborah [Farnworth.CR1], and Samuell Bowers jr. [Mar.19.CR1], 1734-5.

Dina, and Joel Rice of Westborough, Oct.12,1761.

Ebenezer [Farnworth.CR1] jr., and Mary Nichols [Nickols.Feb.20.CR1], 1755.

Ebenezer, and Sarah Nicholls [Nichols.CR1], Feb.18,1767.

Ebenezer, and Martha Haild of Harvard, July4,1780.

Edmund, and Jane Conn, Mar.1,1781.

Elizabeth, and James Roberson, Jan.16,1667.CTR

Elisabeth [Farnsorth.CR1], and Joseph Bruce of Mendon, Jan.23,1755.

Elizabeth, and Caleb Blood, Mar.3,1774.

Emma, and William Kemp, Mar.30,1780.

Esther, and Josiah Parker, Nov.1,1759.

Eunice, and Isaac Warner, at Townsend, June7,1779.

Ezra, and Abigail Pierce, at Concord, Sept.19,1733.

Ezra, and Sally Fitch, June3,1821.*

Hannah [Farnworth.CR1], and James Lock jr., of Townsend, [Dec.17.CR1], 1751. [1753.CR1].

Hannah, and Benjamin David jr., May28,1765.

Hannah, and Amos Stone jr., Mar.19,1807.*

Habour, and Lucy Haild of Harvard, at Harvard, Mar.12,1778.

Isaac [Farnworth.CR1], and Anna Green, Dec.4,1744.

Isaac, Dea., and [Mrs.int.] Lydia Moors, Oct.9,1800.*

Jane, and Samuel Holden, Oct.1,1797.

Jeremiah, and Sarah Gilson, int.Jan.18,1727-8.

Jeremiah T., and Cynthia E. Brown, June9,1842.*

Jerome, of Harvard, and Lydia H. Robbins, May10,1838.*

John, and Nancy Baker of Littleton, at Littleton, Dec.29,1789.

Jonathan, and Mary Burt, at Medford, June30,1725.

Jonathan, at Harvard, and Hannah Farwell, May5,1767.

Joseph, and Rebecca Gibson of Sudbury, at Concord, May4,1727.

Joseph, of Shirley, and Rebecca Davis, int.Aug.22,1829.

Josiah [Farnworth.CR1] jr., and Hannah Buttrick [July27.CR1], 1742. [1743.CR1].

Keziah [Farnworth.CR1], and Jonathan Shattuck jr., Jan.27,1741. [1742-3.CR1].

Lavina, and Nathaniel Joslyn of Lancaster, May4,1832.*

Louiza, of Pepperell, and Luther A. Tarbell of Brookline, NH, May2,1842.

Lucy, and Solomon Farnsworth [Dec.末.CTR], 1770.

Lucy, of Harvard, and Joseph Sawtell, at Harvard, July1,1794.

Luke, and Mrs.Hannah Fields of Nashua, NH, Nov.25,1841.*

Luther, resident, and Polly Childs, Feb.22,1807.*

Lidia, and Josiah Farwell, at Townsend, Dec.15,1750.

Lydia [Farnworth.CR1], and Jonathan Tarbell, Dec.12,1754.

Lydia, and William Shead [Shed.CR1], Sept.26,1765.

Lydia, and Asa Lawrence, Nov.13,1791.

Meriah, and Silas Parker, Sept.26,1780.

Martha, and Edward Phelps of Leominster, Dec.20,1765.

Patty, and Elisha Jacobs of Sutton, Feb.20,1804.*

Mary, and Jonathan Avery of Townsend, at Townsend, Jan.9,1752.

Mary, and Elisha Rockwood jr., Apr.29,1762.

Mary, and Ebenezer Hartwell, Dec.7,1763.

Molly, and Thomas Tarbell, July1 [21.CR1], 1789.

Polly, and Samuel Dodge, Sept.16,1790.

Polly, of Harvard, and Nehemiah Ramsdell, Jan.3,1792.

Polly [Mary.int.], and Asa Andrews of Sutton, Oct.15,1812.*

Mary, and Capt. Joshua Davis, int.May11,1828.

Mary A., a.18y., d.Asahel and Eunice, and William T. Bardeen, unm., a.26y., blacksmith, s.Shadrac and Sarah, Oct.1,1846.*

Mary, and Nathan F. Culver, int.July10,1847.

Mary, and Samuel Farnsworth, int.Dec.4,1847.

Mathias, and Sarah Farnsworth of Harvard, at Littleton, Feb.16,1769.

Mathias, and Azuba Farnsworth of Harvard, at Harvard, Feb.21,1776.

Matthias, and Martha Burges, Oct.6,1818.*

Nancy, and Amos Otis of Barnstable, Mar.26,1798.

Olive, and Lt. Benjamin Whitney of Pepperell, at Pepperell, Mar.5,1794.

Oliver [Farnworth.CR1], and Sarah Tarbell [Tarbel.CR1], Dec.15,1749.

Oliver jr., and Patience Kemp, Oct.30,1781.

Prudence, and Benjamin Stone, Oct.12,1762.

Rachel, and Jabez Holdin [Holden.CR1], June16,1761.

Releife, and Reuben Tucker of Townsend, June末,1771.

Ruth, and Thomas White jr., May23,1771.

Sampson, and Rachel Shattuck, Sept.25,1765.

Samuel [Dr.CR1], and Betsey Fitch, Nov.25,1788.

Samuel, and Hannah Tuttle of Littleton, int.Apr.3,1805.

Samuel, and Mary Farnsworth, int.Dec.4,1847.

Sarah, and John Stone, at Concord, Dec.7,1698.

Sarah [Farnworth.CR1], and Eliezer [Ebenezer.CTR] Nutting, [Mar.22.CTR], 1749. [1749-50.CR1].

Sarah [Farnworth.CR1], and Joshua Bowers, Apr.26,1749.

Sarah, of Harvard, and Mathias Farnsworth, at Littleton, Feb.16,1769.

Sarah, and Timothy Johnson, July28,1773.

Sally, and William Park, Oct.3,1793.

Sally, and Josiah Scripture of Langdon, int.Dec.12,1807.

Sybil, and William Stevens of Townsend, at Townsend, Dec.13,1750.

Solomon, and Lucy Farnsworth, [Dec.末.CTR] 1770.

Susanna, and John Sawtell [Sawtel.CR1] jr., Aug.25,1761.

Thomas, and Lavina Page of Shirley, int.Apr.11,1812.

Thomas S., and Harriet H. Lawton of Concord, Dec.3,1835.*

William, and Ruth Hobart, Mar.24,1736-7.

FARNWORTH (Farnsworth)

Aaron, and Hannah Barron, Mar.24,1728. [1729.CR1]

Abigail, and David Blood, May1,1740.CR1

Daniel [Farneworth.CR1], and Abigal Shed, wid., Oct.20,1725.

Elisabeth and Ebenezer Jefts, Dec.30,1729.

Ezra, and Elisabeth Lakin, Apr.26,1726.

Hannah, and Ebenezer Prescott, May24,1721.

Isaac, and Sarah Page, int.Mar.26,1723.

Josiah, and Mary Pierce, Mar.末,1719-20.CR1

Lydia, and Samuell Tarbel, Dec.19 [Tarbell. Dec.29.CR1], 1725.

Marquis D., and Sally Tarbell, Sept.23,1809.*

Martha, and John Stevens, Oct.11,1728.

Mary, and Jonathan Page, both of Turkey Hills, Nov.8,1726.CR1

Mathias [Farworth.CR1], and Abigal Shead, Feb.24,1729-30.

Priscila, and Samuell Randal of Stow, Nov.30,1731.

Rachel, and Ebenezer Hartwell of Concord, Aug.4,1727. [1726.CR1]


Stephen, of Stow, and Sarah Stone, Sept.28,1707-08.CR1

Thomas, and Elizebeth Powers, both of Neshobah, Mar.16,1713-14.

Willard, and Sibbell Hazen, both resident, Nov.2,1814.*

Willard, and Hannah Wilkinson, Mar.28,1828.*


Levi, of Townsend, and Eliza Ann Bathrick, int.Apr.15,1832.


Thomas, and Betty Woods, Oct.6,1768.

Thomas jr., of Hancock, and Betty Holdin, Jan.18,1785.

FARWELL (Farewell, Farewill, Farwill)

Abigail, and Jonathan Wetherbee of Harvard, May11,1772.

Abagail, of Tyngsboro, and Benjamin Moors, at Tyngsboro, June21,1819.PR133*

Anna, and Josiah Brown of Littleton, Dec.11,1740. [Nov.11,1741.CR1].

Anna, and Silas Snow of Lunenburg, at Lunenburg, Nov.20,1760.

Benjamin, and Lucy Collier, Nov.2,1780.

Daniel, and Mary More of Andover, at Andover, July3,1739.

Daniel Moors, and Loisa Atherton of Harvard, int.May7,1808.

David, and Sibbel Page, Dec.8,1763.

David, and Submit Woods, June26,1764.

Dorcus, of Concord, and Eleab G. Bolton, resident, int.Sept.14,1821.

Edmund, and Mary Russell of Harvard, at Harvard, July15,1773.

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Gates of Stow, Jan.12,1730-1.CTR

Emma, and Benjamin Holden, Nov.29,1797.

Ephraim, and Anna Bartlett, Oct.31,1782.

Eunice, and Ebenezer Pratt, both of Shirley, Jan.6,1789.

Hannah, d.Joseph, and Samuel Wood, s.Samuel, at Chelmsford, Dec.30,1685.

Hannah, and Jonathan Farnsworth of Harvard, May5,1767.

Hannah, wid., and Capt. Jonathan Fletcher of Dunstable, May20,1805.*

Henery, and Lydia Tarbell [Tarbel.CR1], Dec.6,1749.

Henry [Lt.CR1], and Sarah Taylor of Westford, June3,1761.

Henry, Capt., and Hannah Worcester, Oct.12,1800.*

Henry jr., and Mary Lamson, Nov.27,1800.*

Isaac, and Lucy Page, Dec.6,1770.

John [Farwel.CR1], of Harvard, and Sarah Sawtell [July.CR1] 15,1741. [1742.CR1].

Jonathan and Tryphena Frost [Nov.22.CR1], 1751. [1752.CTR].

Jonathan and Sybele Sawtell, June25,1801.*

Josiah, and Lidia Farnsworth, at Townsend, Dec.15,1750.

Leonard, and Lydia [A. int.] Williams, Nov.24,1825.*

Levi, and Lavina Lovejoy, July21,1835.*

Lucy, and David Davis, July6,1790.

Lydia, of Harvard, and Timothy Stone, May27,1794.

Mary, and James Stone, Dec.28,1726.

Mary, and Joseph Howe [Hoar.PR141] of Littleton, at Littleton, Dec.18,1760.

Molly, and Moses Hale of Harvard, at Harvard, Apr.10,1776.

Olive, and Barnabas Davis jr. of Littleton, Apr.19,1758.

Oliver [Farwel.CR1], and Reioyce [Rejoice.CR1] Preston, July22,1741. [1742.CR1].

Peter, and Lydia Adams, both resident, Feb.2,1803.*

Samuell, and Elisabeth Mooers [Moors.CR1], June23,1737.

Sarah, and Silas Rand of Harvard, at Harvard, Feb.22,1763.

Sarah, and James Brazer, 末蔓23,1781.

Sarah, and William Lawrence, July11,1786.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Woods jr., May12,1790.

Sybil, of Harvard, and William Farwell, at Harvard, Dec.5,1765.

Silas, and Sally Williams, Feb.4,1804.*

Submit, and Jonathan Adams of Concord [Apr.30.CTR], 1751. [1752.CR1].

Submit, and Oliver Lakin, Nov.25,1784.

Susanna [Farwel.CR1], and John Cheeney [Cheney.CR1], Apr.6,1763.

Thomas, and Elisabeth Pearce [Pierce.CR1], Dec.24,1723.

Thomas jr., of Washington [NH.CR1], and Sally Wait, Feb.28,1788.

Timothy, and Sarah Page, Oct.3,1771.

William [Farwel.CR1], and Esther Woods, June26,1760.

William, and Sybil Farwell of Harvard, at Harvard, Dec.5,1765.

Zacheus, and Lydia Gilson of Pepperell, at Pepperell, Jan.18,1780.

FARWILL (Farwell)

Elizebath [Farwell.CR1], and John Stone jr., Dec.26,1722.

Joseph [Farwell.CR1], and Mary Gilson, Dec.24,1719.

FASSET (Fassett)

Abigail, of Westford, and Peter Stone, Sept.14,1773.

Ede, and James Robertson jr. of Chesterfield, NH, Dec.8,1791.

FASSETT (Fasset)

Amaziah, and Abigail Graves, Nov.12,1816.*

FAULKNER (Falknar)

Lucy, of Lynn, and Andrew J. Parker, int.Apr.10,1847.


Ruhamah H., of Milford, NH, and William S. Nutting, int.Oct.12,1832.

Sarah T., of Milford, NH, and Silas Nutting, int.Mar.23,1841.

FIELD (Fields)

George R., and Olive L. Hardy of Shirley, int.Nov.10,1848.

FIELDS (Field)

Hannah, Mrs., of Nashua, NH, and Luke Farnsworth, Nov.25,1841.*


Jonothan [John.CR1], and Jain Garvin [Irvine.CTR], Apr.22,1731.


Jonas, of Cambridge, and Mary Kemp, Feb.19,1799.

Mary [Mrs.int.], resident, and Aaron Breed of Lynn, Nov.10,1805.*


Samuel, of Harvard, and Rhoda Park, at Harvard, Apr.24,1780.


Billings, of Dedham, and Hannah Parker, Nov.19,1821.*

Lewis E., unm., of Boston, a.25y., print.er, s.Louis Whitney and Nancy, of Wrentham, and Lydia A. Porter, a.18y., d.J. Mason and Harriet, Apr.6,1847.*

Otis R., of Wilton, NH, and Mary Wright, int.Aug.3,1833.

FISK (Fiske)

Adams, of Jaffrey, NH, and Mary Loring, Jan.7,1835.*

Anna, and Theophilus Bixby of Westford [of Roxbury.int.], at Westford, Nov.3,1805.PR145*

Debby, and Ebenezer Laughton of Ashby, Nov.29,1792.

Elizabeth, and Zachariah Shattuck, at Pepperell, Mar.3,1747. [1746. dup].

Emma, and John Hubbard, Dec.4,1805.

James, and Lydia Bennett [Bennet.CR1], Mar.23,1736-7.

Jemima, wid., and John Craig [Cragg, Nov.22.CR1], 1751. [1753.CTR].

John, and Anna Blood, at Pepperell, Sept.26,1775.

Lydia, and Reuben Fisk, Nov.3,1785.

Mary, and Abraham Byam, Mar.2,1707-08.CR1

Mary, and Abel Amsden, July12,1780.

Poley, of Pepperell, and Henry Blood, at Pepperell, June20,1792.

Peter, and Rachel Kemp, Oct.3,1769.

Rachel, and Isaac Forster, at Lunenburg, Sept.10,1778.

Rachel, and Abel Dinsmore [Densmore.CR1], Aug.20,1789.

Reuben, and Lydia Fisk, Nov.3,1785.

Sarah, and John Nutting 3d, of Pepperell, at Pepperell, May21,1783(?).

Thomas, and Mary Parker, Mar.11,1741. [1741-2.CR1]

FISKE (Fisk)

Samuell [Fisk.CR1], and Elisabeth Parker, Jan.2 [12.CR1], 1726-7.


Nabby, and James Giles jr. of Townsend, at Townsend,末蔓末,1798.PR147

Amelia, and Samuel W. Row, Dec. [4. int.], 1830.*

Elizebeth [Esther.PR144], of Bedford, and Nehemiah Lawrence [of Bedford.PR144], at Bedford, Oct.25,1774.

Betsey, and [Dr.CR1] Samuel Farnsworth, Nov.25,1788.

Betsey, and William T. Lawrence of Pepperell, int.Apr.3,1834.

Emily E., Mrs., and Zara Patch, Mar.10,1840.*

Hepzibath, of Sterling, and Martin Jennison, int.Nov.3,1804.

Indiana, and Artemus Hemenway, Dec.6,1821.*

John, and Sukey Parker, Feb.16,1801.*

John, and [Mrs.int.] Hannah M. Shattuck, Nov.29,1832.*

John jr., and Lucy L. Sawtell, Dec.4,1834.*

Joseph, unm., a.24y., carpenter, s.John and Susanna, and Mary L. Nutting, a.21y., d.Peter and Phebe, May7,1845.*

Maria, and Abel H. Fuller of Putney, VT, May27,1843.*

Polly, resident, and Samuel Reed [Read.CR1] jr. of Westford, Dec.29,1795.

Polly, and Capt. Thomas Blood, Dec.30,1833. [Feb.6,1834. dup.]*

Milly, of Pepperell, and Thomas Blood, Oct.17,1799.*

Nancy, Mrs., and Nathaniel Livermore of Pawpaw, MI, int.Dec.29,1849.

Sarah, of Pepperell, and Samuel Hemingway, Apr.26,1774.

Sally, and Calvin Childs, Feb.10,1818.*

Sally, and Ezra Farnsworth, June3,1821.*

Sarah, of Pepperell, and Ira Dodge of Harwich, Dec.6,1839.*

Sybil, and David Potter of Bridgton [ME.CR1], June22,1793.

William, of Flint.stown [Baldwin, ME.CR1], and Betsy Woods, Mar.8,1792.

William, and Emily E. Shattuck of Pepperell, int.Nov.15,1834.

Zachariah, and Lydia Tuck of Bedford, Aug.4,1763.

Zachariah, and Sybele Lakin, Feb.3,1767.

Zechariah jr., and Amilla Blood, int.Oct.17,1800.

Zachariah, Capt., and Elizabeth Tuttle of Pepperell, int.Apr.21,1809.


Mary, and Dennis Sheehne, int.Aug.31,1844.


Elisabeth W., of Lunenburg, and Lewis Williams, int.Sept.13,1835.

Fransis, of Littleton, and Eliza Pierce, int.May15,1838.

FLEACHER (Fletcher)

John [Fletcher.CR1], and Lydia Patch, June23,1736.

FLETCHER (Fleacher)

Abigail, and George Green, May28,1831.*

Anna, and Timothy Blood, Apr.22,1813.*

Christina, and George S. Gates, Nov.26,1840.*

David, of Dunstable, and Mary Allen, Feb.末,1796.

Dexella, and Jefferson Loring, Oct.8,1830.*

Elisabeth, and Amos Sawtell [Sawtel.CR1], Sept.17,1746.

Betsey, of Acton, and Levi Tufts, Apr.15,1834.*

Hannah [of Chemsford.CR1], and Timothy Barron, Jan.13,1725-6.

Isaac, of Westford, and Ruth Parce, at Westford, Sept.21,1784.

John, of Westford, and Betsey Longley of Shirley, Apr.9,1823.

Jonas, and Ruth Fletcher of Lancaster, at Lancaster, May28 [21. dup], 1751.PR135

Jonas, and Joanna Crocker, wid.Lunenburg, May1,1759.

Jonathan, Capt., of Dunstable, and Hannah Farwell, wid., May20,1805.*

Lucy, and William Blood, at Pepperell, Jan.5,1748.

Lucy, of Westford, and Joseph Rockwood jr., at Westford, Nov.26,1789.

Lucy, and Asa Lewis of Ashby, Aug.18,1802.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Lawrence of Littleton, at Littleton, Oct.10,1754.

Lyman, and Nabby Stone, Apr.21,1799.*

Martha, and Asa Lewis, Mar.28,1737.*

Mary [wid.PR133], and John Woodward of Tyngsboro [at Tyngboro.PR138], June14,1798.

Mary, and Samuel S. Walker of Harvard, Jan.13,1835.*

Moses Parker, and Eunice Gragg, Sept.10,1799.*

Moses, of Boston, and Mary Ann Johnson, June10,1829.*

Nancy, and Ebenezer Woods, Aug.8,1793.

Nancy E., and William Sawtell of Shirley, int.Jan.7,1843.

Nathaniel, of Dunstable, and Submit Blood, at Pepperell, Feb.21,1792.

Oliver jr., and Mary Parker, Apr.28,1789.

Paul, and Anna Willard of Lancaster, Aug.20,1760.

Paul, and Abigail Willard of Harvard, at Harvard, Mar.8,1764.

Paul, and Thankful Beman [Beeman.CR1], resident, Oct.3,1774.

Phinehas P., and Eliza Woods, May24,1825.*

Rebecca, of Westford, and James Stone, at Westford, May23,1765.

Rebecca, and Oliver Blood, June19,1817.*

Roxana, and Walter Shattuck, May28,1827.*

Rufus R., and Sarah M. Whitney of Stow, int.Jan.8,1848.

Ruth, of Lancaster, and Jonas Fletcher, at Lancaster, May28 [21. dup], 1751.PR135

Samuel, and Anna Lawrance, Sept.29,1806.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Corey, Nov.22,1830.*

Sarah, and Nehemiah Lane of Lunenburg, at Lunenburg, Apr.17,1760.

Vryling, and Lefe Parker, Nov.末,1791.

Sadoc, and Patty Cory, Apr.26,1792.


Eli jr., and Bulah Astin, May22,1817.*

Eli, and Fanny Flint., June29,1820.*

Fanny, and Eli Flint., June29,1820.*


Samuell, of Andover, and Tryphene Powers, Dec.8,1742. [1743.CR1].


Leonard, of Union, ME, and Lucy Preston, Dec.3,1822.*

FORSTER (Foster)

Isaac, and Rachel Fisk, at Lunenburg, Sept.10,1778.


David, of Charlestown, and Mary H. Smiley, Oct.9,1834.*

David jr., and Sarah L. Woodbury, Mar.10,1841.*

Joanna S., and [Rev. int.] Theodore H. Lunt of Perkinsville, VT, Jan.6,1841.*

Sarah, and John Tarbell, int.May26,1847.

FOSTER (Forster)

Bular, and Thadeus Bancroft, at Pepperell, Sept.5,1775.

George, and Sarah A. Shattuck of Berwick, ME, int.Mar.16,1844.

Jonathan, and Betty Hazzen, Mar.30,1758.

Jonathan, and Thankful Harrington of Pepperell, Apr.11,1759.

Samuel, of Boxford, and Jame Boynton, at Pepperell, Nov.24,1748.

Sarah, wid., and Cotten Proctor, Mar.6,1760.

Simeon, and Mary Lakin, Dec.15,1762.

Stephen, and Sarah Blood, at Pepperell, Aug.5,1747.

Stephen, and Elizabeth Dutton [Dustun.CR1], Dec.27,1773.

Stephen, of Mason, NH, and Margaret Hason, int.Nov.7,1812.

Susanna, of Westford, and Elijah Nutting, at Westford, May18,1786.


Amarath, of Hollis, NH, and James F. Harding of Nashua, NH, Nov.18,1840.


Joseph S., of Weymouth, and Anne M. Hobart of Lowell, May6,1839.


John, of Shirley, and Eunice Nutting, int.Oct.13,1815.


Mary, and John Blair, Sept.23,1757.


Polly, of Hingham, and Edmund Bancroft, int.Aug.9,1818.

Samuel, of Dunstable, and Mary Johnson of Westford, May7,1778.

Sarah, and Samuel Corey, Oct.19,1792.


Abigail, and Samuell Phillips, Dec.2,1742. [1743.CR1].

Benjamin, and Lucretia Jonsen [Johnson.CR1], resident, May16,1796.

Betsy, and Josiah Stevens, July19,1795.

Jemima, and James Hartwell of Littleton, Feb.22,1737-8.

John jr., and Mindwell Bigelow of Harvard, at Harvard, Sept.6,1750.

Levi, and Lucretia [A. int.] Shipley, Dec.30,1841.*

Lydia, and Ezra Hale of Leominster, at Leominster, June5,1774.

Mindwell, and Cornet Simon Gilson of Pepperell, at Pepperell, May11,1796.

Patiance, and Jonathan Kendall [of Leominster.CR1], Dec.3,1761.

Solomon, and Sally Whitcomb, Nov.7,1796.

Solomon, and Dorcus Hopkins, Sept.24,1822.*

Submit, and Moses Wilder, at Lancaster, Nov.17,1757.PR135

Tryphena, and Jonathan Farwell [Nov.22.CR1], 1751. [1752.CTR].

Zeruiah, and Nathaniel [Nathan.CR1] Rugg of Lancaster, Dec.12,1740. [Nov.12,1741.CR1]


Abel H., of Putney, VT, and Maria Fitch, May27,1832.*

David, of Pepperell, and Mary Holden [wid.int.], Oct.2,1810.*

Martha Ann, a.20y., d.Abel and Phoebe, and Alfred G. Kilburn, unm., of Boston, a.28y., paint.er, s.George and Lovina, Jan.1,1849.*

Nancy, and Charles Bartlett of Concord, int.Dec.7,1849.

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