Eloise, and Isaac S. Morse of Lowell, int.Sept.4,1844.


Sarah, of Andover, and Samuel Kemp, at Andover, Feb.12,1713.

LAGHTON (Leighton)

Hannah [Leighton, Mrs.PR141] of Littleton, and Isaac Stone, at Littleton, June [Jan.PR141] 5,1773.

LAKEN (Lakin)

Anna [Lakin.CR1], and William Whitney, Sept.5,1803.*

Anna [Lakin.CR1], and David Laken [Lakin.CR1] jr., May19,1822.*

David [Lakin.CR1] jr., and Anna Laken [Lakin.CR1], May19,1822.*

Isaac [Lakin.CR1; jr. int.] and Hepzebah [] Blood, Nov.22,1803.*

Jonas, and Mary Ransford of Boston, Sept.4,1800.*

Lemuel, and Rebecah Shattuck of Boston, int.Feb.4,1803.

Milly, of Pepperell, and Abraham Simonds, June12,1800.*

Sybel, and Calvin Colburn of Boston, Apr.20,1800.*

LAKER (Lakin)

Mary, and Jonas Prescott,末蔓末,1670.

LAKIN (Laken, Laker, Laking, Larkin)

Abigal 4th, and Dudle Braydstreet [Dudley Bradstreet.CR1], Apr.20,1727 [1726.CR1].

Abigail [jr.CR1], and Peter Hobart, [Nov.8.CTR], 1751. [1752.CTR].

Abigail, and Nathaniel Melvin of New Ipswich [Dec.末.CTR], 1770.

Nabby, and Henry Blood, May14,1790.

Ambros, and Dorothy Gilson [Jan.16.CTR] 1751. [1752.CR1].

Ambrose, and Mary Cram, both of Lyndeborough, NH, Sept.末,1784.

Ann, and John G. Lawrence, int.Jan.10,1841.

Benjamin, and Elizebeth Lakin, at Concord, Sept.23,1706.

David, and Rebecka Blanchard, Mar.22,1774.

David jr., and Ede Green, Feb.24,1792.

David jr., and Sally Hartwell, June5,1809.*

Ebenezer, and Lydia Lakin, Jan.13,1731. [1731-2.CR1].

Ebenezer, and Eunice Lakin, at Pepperell, Dec.11,1760.

Elizebeth, and Benjamin Lakin, at Concord, Sept.23,1706.

Elisabeth, and Ezra Farnworth, Apr.26,1726.

Elisabeth, and Josiah Lawrance [Lawrence.CR1], Dec.3,1746.

Elisabeth, and John Gragg, Oct.19,1763.

Eunice, and Jacob Lakin, Jan.28,1729-30.

Eunice, and Lt. Nathaniell Parker, Dec.28,1748.

Eunice, and Ebenezer Lakin, at Pepperell, Dec.11,1760.

Eunice, and Thomas Gragg, Dec.1,1768.

Gabril, and Phebe Lakin, Apr.13,1758.

Hannah, and Levi Lakin, Jan.7,1773.

Hepzebath, and Robinson Lakin of Pepperell, at Pepperell, Oct.31,1780.

Isaac, and Elisabeth Shattuck, Jan.27,1725-6.

Isaac jr., and Mary Lawrance [of Pepperell.CTR], Mar.9, [19,1754.CTR].

Jacob, and Eunice Lakin, Jan.28,1729-30.

James, and Elizebeth Williams [William.CR1], Feb.12,1717-18.

Jemima, and Levi Parker, Jan.12,1775.

Jesse, of Francistown, NH, and Mary Nutting of Shirley, Oct.5,1824.

John, and Lydia Parker, Oct.27,1729.

John jr., and Hepzebath Nutting, Apr.27,1758.

John, and Anna Jewett of Pepperell, int.Jan.2,1808.

Jonas jr., and Harriet C. Williams, Sept.18,1825.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Coree, Mar.24,1712-13.CR1

Jonathan, and Jemima Williams, Aug.1,1768.

Joseph, and Jerusha Simonds [of Woburn.PR136], at Woburn, Oct.23,1770.

Lepha, and Jonathan Parker, int.Oct.24,1812.

Levi, and Hannah Lakin, Jan.7,1773.

Lucy, wid., and Zachariah Lawrance [Lawrence.CR1; Sept.17.CR1], 1740.

Lucy, and John Brown, int.June26,1802.

Lydia, and Ebenezer Lakin, Jan.13,1731. [1731-2.CR1].

Lydia, and Daniel Dugless, Aug.4,1740.

Lidia, and Jeremiah Shattuck, at Pepperell, Aug.10,1749.

Lydia, and William Whipple, resident, June30,1783.

Mary, and Benjamin Bennet [Bennitt.CR1], Mar.27,1723.

Mary, and Samuell Parker jr., Mar.23,1737-8.

Mary, and Simeon Foster, Dec.15,1762.

Mary, and John Phelps jr., of Hollis NH, at Hollis, NH, Dec.24,1772.PR146

Nathaniell, of Pepperell, and Sybil Parker, Feb.20, [Jan.23.CTR] 1755.

Nathaniel, of Pepperell, and Mary Dodge, Jan.20,1785.

Oliver, and Sibbill Gilson, May3,1764.

Oliver, and Submit Farwell, Nov.25,1784.

Oliver, and Betsey Blood, Mar.6,1815.*

Phebe, and Benjmin Chandler of Suncook, Dec.22,1737.

Phebe, and Gabril Lakin, Apr.13,1758.

Rachel, and David Nutting, Sept.1,1747.

Rachel, and William Lawrence jr., int.Mar.1,1809.

Rebeckah, and John Hayman of Salem, int.Feb.12,1806.

Robert, of Peterborough, NH, and Lydia Blood, Dec.15,1785.

Robison [Robin.CR1] and Hannah Dodge, Apr.15,1746 [1745-6.CR1].

Robinson, of Pepperell, and Hepzebath Lakin, at Pepperell, Oct.31,1780.

Sarah, and Jonathan Green, Feb.25,1724.

Sarah, and Benjamin Bennett [jr.CR1] Jan.8,1746. [1746-7.CR1].

Sarah, and Nehemiah Woods of Hollis, NH, at Hollis, NH, Apr.20,1756.PR146

Sarah, and Benjamin Bennett jr., Apr.7,1778.

Sybele, and Zachariah Fitch, Feb.3,1767.

Sybil, and Levi Gilson, Nov.7,1793.

Simeon, and Lois Hartwell, July27,1786.

Simon, and Hannah Butler [Nov.7.CR1] 1734.

Susannah, and Samuel Stiles of Lyndboro, at Pepperell, July15,1772.

William, and Elizebeth Robinson, d.James, at Chelmsford, Jan.4,1685.

William, and Presilla Ames, Feb.27,1756.

William, and Anna Gragg, Feb.2,1758.

LAKING (Lakin)

Lydia [Lakin.CR1] and Jonathan Sheple [Shepley.CR1], Dec.26,1728.

LAMPSON (Lamson)

Jonathan, of Concord, and Elinor Blood [Nov.1.CTR] 1733.

LAMSON (Lampson)

Ebenezer, and Rebecah Wood of Littleton, int.Feb.7,1801.

Mary, and Henry Farwell jr., Nov.27,1800.*


Nehemiah, of Lunenburg, and Sarah Fletcher, at Lunenburg, Apr.17,1760.

Robert H. Dr., and Nancy B. Welch.Issue of May20,1820.NR7

LARKIN (Lakin)

William, of Lunenburg, and Hannah Parce, at Lunenburg, May7,1761.


Benjamin, of Lunenburg, and Margaret Williams, at Lunenburg, Dec.7,1752.

John, of Lunenburg, and Abiel Arvern, at Lunenburg, June19,1760.

Samuel, of Lunenburg, and Anne Williams, at Lunenburg, Dec.7,1752.


Ebenezer, of Ashby, and Debby Fisk, Nov.29,1792.

Nancy, of Shirley, and Luther Davis, int.Mar.8,1823.

Oliver, of Pepperell, and Sally Simonds, May10 [13.CR1], 1794.


Harriet, and Francis C. Wheeler, Jan.1,1843.*


John, and Jane Edward, both resident, "at this time," int.Feb.6,1836.

LAWRENCE (Lawrance, Lawrans, Lawrenc)

Abel, and Mary Bulkley [Buckley.Nov.14.CTR], 1751.

Abel [Lawrance.CR1], and Mary Jewitt [Jewett.CR1] of Pepperell, Feb.16,1797.

Abel, of Pepperell, and Nancy Jewett, int.Apr.6,1828.

Abel, and Eliza Baldwin of Townsend, int.Feb.17,1849.

Abigal [Lawrence.CR1] and Zerubbabel Kemp jr., Nov.23,1737.

Abigail, of Pepperell, and Eleazer Parker, at Pepperell, Jan.22,1767.

Abigail, and Jacob Rodiman [of Boston.CR1], Jan.17,1790.

Abigal [Lawrence.CR1] and Eleazer Parker jr., Feb.10,1802.*

Amos [Lawrance.CR1] jr., and Betty Hubbard, Dec.31,1772.

Amos, and Anna W[] Patterson of Harvard, Jan.28,1807.*

Anna [Lawrence.CR1], and Israel Hobart, July7,1748.

Anna [Lawrence.CR1], and Benjamin Beels of Rindge, NH, May11,1779.

Anna, and Samuel Fletcher, Sept.29,1806.*

Anna Maria, and Norman Seaver, Esq., of Boston, Dec.1,1829.*

Anna W., Mrs., and Ebenezer Putnam, Oct.3,1830.*

Ardelia Loiza, and Capt. Thomas Adams Staples, Aug.30,1827.*

Asa, and Lydia Farnsworth, Nov.13,1791.

Asa jr., and Lucy Hemenway, June7,1806.*

Asa F., Esq., of Pepperell, and Sarah Jane Bancroft, int.June24,1837.

Benjamin [Lawrence.CR1], and Ruth Dodge, June22,1743. [June20 1744.CR1].

Benjamin, of Pepperell, and Sibble Parker, Nov.21,1769.

Benjamin jr., and Rebeckah Woods, at Townsend, Apr.29, [July.dup], 1778.

Benjamin F., and Eliza F. Staples, Aug.1,1832.*

Curtis, and Lucy Meriam of Mason, NH, int.Apr.1,1822.

Curtis, Dea., and Mrs.Mary Ann B. Davis of New Ipswich, NH, int.June12,1847.

Deborah, and Joanthan Sheple of Washington, NH, Feb.19,1799.

Dorithy [Lawrence.CR1], and Benaiah Hudson [Hutson.CR1] of Pepperell District, Mar.7, [1754.CTR].

Ebenezer [Severamce.CTR], and Sarah Bason [Bacon.CTR], wid., Apr.2,1754.

Edmund, and Mrs.Lucy Lawrence, Dec.22,1833.*

Eleazer, [Lawrence.CR1] jr., and Lucy Tuttel [Tuttle.CR1], both of Littleton, June25,1731.

Elijah, of Waltham, and Sophia Johnson, Mar.27,1817.*

Eliza [], and Nathaniel Boynton, Mar.19,1822.*

Eliza, and [Dr. int,] Joshua Green of Sunderland Jan.5,1824.*

Eliza E., a.30y., b. Pepperell, d.Edward and Keziah, and Benjamin L. Wood, unm., of Harvard, a.25y., farmer, b. Harvard, s.Benjamin and Tiphena, Dec.13,1849.*

Elisabeth [Lawrence.CR1], and John Mosier [Moshier.CR1], Nov.12,1740. [1741.CR1].

Betty [] and William Abbot of Wilton, NH, Dec.17,1799.*

Elizabeth, a.27y., and Alvan Davis, a.31y., at Concord, Aug.31,1849.PR134*

Enoch [Lawrence.CR1], and Sarah Stephens [Stevens.CR1], Jan.29,1733-4.

Enoch [of Mason, NH.CR1], and Esther Woods, Dec.20,1762.

Ephraim [Lawrance.CR1], and Sally Sartell, Apr.30,1789.

Esther, and John Page, Oct.29,1767.

Esther [Lawrance.CR1], and Peter Graves of Westminster, Nov.29,1798.

Esther [L. int.] and Joel Nutting, July10,1825.*

Esther R., and Jonathan P. Nutting, Dec.25,1842.*

Eunice, and Zaccheus Hodgman of Mason, NH, May27,1778.

Ezekiel, and Lydia Lawrance of Hollis [NH. int], Oct.17,1820.*

Francis, of Charlestown, and Hannah P. Woods, Feb.4,1823.*

Franklin, and Anna Blood, Nov.30,1837.*

George, resident, and Sally Wood, Sept.26,1809.*

Hannah [Annah.CR1], and Samuel Write [Rite.CR1], Jan.18,1732-3.

Hannah, and Nathaniel Williams, Aug.26,1784.

Harriot, and James Stone, Mar.4,1817.*

Henry, of Dunstable, and Salley Simonds, int.Sept.26,1813.

Henry L., and Martha H. Leighton [of], at Westford, Dec.20,1832.PR145*

James [Lawrence.CR1], and Mary Martin [Feb.CTR] 20,1732-3.

Jeremiah [Lawrence.CR1], and Elizabeth Chamberlain, Mar.23,1736-7.

Jeremiah, of Pepperell, and Anna Woods, at Pepperell, Feb.1,1774.

Jeremiah, of Mount Holly, VT, and Margaret Clary, June19,1832.*

Joel, and Ruth Collier, Dec.14,1790.

Joel [Lawrence.CR1], and Betsey Stedman, June23,1803.*

Joel, and Isabella Willard of Langdon, NH, int.Sept.4,1819.

John jr., and Esther Nutting, Sept.30,1790.

John [Lawrence. int.] 3d, and Margaret Gragg, July16,1799.*

John 4th, and Lucy [F. int.] Lawrence, Aug.10,1820.*

John G., and Ann Lakin, int.Jan.10,1841.

John H., unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Jonathan and Rachel, and Jane Woodward, a.16y., d.Rufus and Anna, Aug.14,1848.*

John, unm., a.27y., miller, s.John and Lucy, and Sylva Bliss, of Compton, Canada, a.14y., b. Compton, Canada, Dec.20,1848.*

John 3d, and Mrs.Lucy Jaquith, int.Oct.21,1849.

Jonas, of Pepperell, and Betsey Hazen, at Pepperell, Oct.31,1794.

Jonathan, of Littleton, and Lydia Fletcher, at Littleton, Oct.10,1754.

Jonathan [Lawrance.CR1], and Lydia Tarbell, Jan.13,1790.

Jonathan jr., and Azubah Blood, Oct.19,1802.*

Jonathan, and Rachel Hartwell, Feb.18,1812.*

Joseph, and Mindwell Corey, Oct.1,1820.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Patten, Dec.17,1841.*

Josiah [Lawrence.CR1], and William Blood, Feb.11,1735-6.

Keziah, of Pepperell, and Moses Gill, int.Aug.19,1826.

Lois, and Bezaleel Sawyer of Lancaster [Dec.17.CTR], 1751.

Lorinda, and James L. Bridges of Wilton, NH, int.Aug.13,1837.

Lovy, d.Rev. 末末, of Lincoln, and Joseph Adams, physician, at Townsend.Issue of Dec.19,1774.NR2

Lucy [F. int.], and John Lawrence 4th, Aug.10,1820.*

Lucy, Mrs., and Edmund Lawrence, Dec.22,1835.*

Lucy Maria, a.22y., d.Curtis and Lucy, and William Wood, unm., of New York City, a.28y., clergyman, July11,1847.*

Luther [Lawrance. int.], and Lucy Bigelow, d.Col. Timothy, late of Worcester, deceased, at Worcester, June19,1805.*

Lydia, of Hollis [NH. int.], and Ezekiel Lawrence, Oct.17,1820.*

Mahala, and Reuben Woods, Sept.7,1809.*

Martha, of Littleton, and Daniel Stone, at Littleton, Jan.29,1769.

Mary [Lawrence.CR1], and John Longley [jr.CR1], Feb.1,1738-9.

Mary [Lawrence.CR1; of Pepperell.CTR], and Isaac Lakin jr., Mar.9 [19,1754.CTR].

Mary [Lawrence.CR1], and Josiah Stevens of Townsend, May15,1765.

Mary, Mrs., and [Lt.CR1] Samuell Tuttle of Littleton, May29,1772.

Mary, and Simon Hobart, June7,1818.*

Mary, and Rev. Samuel Woodbury of North Yarmouth, ME, July28,1818.*

Mary Elizabeth, of Shirley, and Phineas Nutting, int.July17,1820.

Mary, Mrs., and Levi Burgess, int.June2,1836.

Mary Prescott, and Joseph Warren Leighton of Thetford, VT. [of Boston. int.], Feb.1,1840.*

Milly, and Isaac Gillson, int.Feb.4,1805.

Nathaniell [jr.CR1], and Dorithy Chamberlin [Chamberlain.CR1], Feb.4,1728. [1728-9.CR1].

Nathaniel jr., and Sally Shattuck, Mar.20,1808.*

Nathaniel, and Eliza Jane Hobart, int.Oct.20,1837.

Nehemiah [of Bedford.PR144], and Elizebeth [Esther.PR144] Fitch of Bedford, at Bedford, Oct.25,1774.

Philomela, and Edmund Patch, Dec.24,1807.*

Phebe [Lawrence.CR1], and Jonathan Bancroft of Danvers, Sept.30,1756.

Phebe, and Peter Nutting, May1,1817.*

Prudence [Lawrence.CR1], and Shadrach Whitney of North Town [Townsend.CR1], Jan.5,1731 [1731-2.CR1].

Prudance [Lawrence.CR1], and Samuel Cummings [Cummins.CR1], [Jan.CTR] 30,1732-3.

Prudance [Lawrence.CR1], of Littleton, and Peter Parker, Mar.4,1741 [1741-2.CR1].

Prudence, and John Gilston, Jan.19,1764.

Prudence, and Elijah Warren, Oct.29,1766.

Prudence, of Pepperell, and Oliver Shed jr., int.Apr.10,1802.

Rachel, and John Chamberlin [Chamberlain.CR1] jr., Dec.3,1746.

Ralph, of Pepperell, and Phebe Hobart, Dec.28,1829.*

Rebecca, and Ezra Pierce, at Pepperell, Oct.5,1775.

Rebecca [Lawrance.CR1], of Littleton, and Samuel Chamberlain [Chamberlin.CR1] jr., Sept.19,1793.*

Rebecca, and Curtis Shepley, Apr.5,1815.*

Rowland [Lawrance.CR1], and Mahala Worcester, Sept.29,1786.

Roland [Lawrance.CR1], and Azubah Parker, Jan.24,1792.

Ruth [Lawrance.CR1], and Elias Eliot, Dec.18,1729.

Ruth, and Robert Ames jr., Feb.27,1783.

Salmon, and Maria Parker, July2,1814.*

Salmon jr., and Sally Longley, July25,1816.*

Sarah [Lawrence.CR1], and Zachariah Lawrance [Lawrence, jr., Dec.5.CR1], 1734.

Sarah [Lawrence.CR1], of Littleton, and John Comings [Cummings.CR1], Jan.28,1735-6.

Sarah [Lawrence.CR1], Mrs., and Rev. Joseph Perrey [Perry.CR1], of Windsor [CT.CR1], Oct.23, [3.CTR], 1755.

Sarah [Lawrance.CR1], and Abel Bancroft, July14,1774.

Sally [Lawrance.CR1], and John Reed, July10,1793.

Sarah, and Joseph Butterfield, Mar.1,1809.*

Sally, and Samson Prescott, Dec.7,1813.*

Sarah J., and George Richardson, Dec.25,1839.*

Silas, and Hepsey Prescott, Aug.5,1808.*

Submit, and Joseph Allen jr., Feb.27,1800.*

Sukey, and Asa Graves, Apr.25,1805.*

Susan, and William Kemp jr., Sept.16,1840.*

Susanna [Lawrence.CR1], and James Prescott [June18.CTR], 1751. [1752.CR1].

Susanna, and Alpheus Richardson jr., Nov.7,1820.*

Thomas [Lawrence.CR1], and Sarah Houghton, July3 [Mar.3. dup], 1743. [1744.CR1].

Thomas jr., and Sarah Baley, May5,1757.

Timothy [Lawrance.CR1], of Littleton, and Molly Boydin [Boyden.CR1], Jan.2,1794.

William [Lawrence.CR1], and Susannah Prescott [Prescot.CR1], June27,1722.

William, and Sarah Farwell, July11,1786.

William jr., and Rachel Lakin, int.Mar.1,1809.

William T., of Pepperell, and Betsey Fitch, int.Apr.3,1834.

Zachariah [Lawrence.CR1] jr., and Sarah Lawrance [Lawrence, Dec.5.CR1], 1734.

Zachriah [Lawrence.CR1], and Lucy Lakin, wid., [Sept.17.CR1], 1740.

Zadock, and Lucinda Blood, June6,1816.*

LAWTON (Laughton)

Harriet H., of Concord, and Thomas S. Farnsworth, Dec.3,1835.*


Bridget, a.24y., b. in Ireland and B. Varnum Bixby, unm., a.29y., farmer, s.Asa and Mary, Apr.26,1849.*

LEIGHTON (Laghton)

Joseph Warren, of Thetford, VT. [of Boston. int.], and Mary Prescott Lawrence, Feb.1,1840.*

Martha H. [of], and Henry L. Lawrence, at Westford, Dec.20,1832.PR145*


Aaron, and Sarah Spaulding, Dec.29,1814.*

Alexander, and Abigail Robinson of Lunenburg, int.Sept.15,1827.

Anna, and Ezekiel Jones.Issue of Mar.6,1830.NR6*

Asa S., and Mindwell H. Shattuck, 末蔓19, 末末. [Jan.1,1820. int.]*

Asa, of Ashby, and Lucy Fletcher, Aug.18,1802.*

Asa, and Martha Fletcher, Mar.28,1837.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah Bennett [Bennet.CR1], Aug.21,1773.

Ezekiel jr., and Sukey Ruggles, d.Capt. George, of Cambridge. Issue of Oct.12,1769.NR14

James jr., and Lucy Crosby, Dec.19,1782.

James, of Milford, NH, and Augusta P. Shattuck, int.Mar.20,1847.

John, and Nancy Childs, Nov.30,1809.*

Jonathan Clark, and Eunice Parker, Oct.8,1778.

Louiza, and James P. Tyler of Leominster, Nov.10,1840.*

Lucy, and Levi Burges [Burgess.CR1; jr.NR5] of Concord, Nov.24,1825.*

Merrick, and Abi Woods, Apr.30,1829.*

Oliver P., and Mrs.Sally Farmer, int.Jan.3,1818.

Reuben, and Eliza Ann Danforth of Hillsborough, NH, int.June5,1842.

Rhoda, and Nathan Nutting, Aug.24,1784.

Sarah, and Hezekiah Spaulding, Mar.27,1798.


Mary Ann, and William Eaton, Apr.29,1834.*


John Park, Esq., of Gorham [ME. int.], and Mary Jackson Prescott, Sept.5,1805.*


Nathaniel, of Mobile, AL, and Henrietta Butler, Sept.1,1823.*


Betsey, and Charles Prescott, May3,1835.*

Leonard J. [Rev. int.], unm., a.24y., clergyman, b. Milford, NH, s.Solomon K. and A.E. of Milford, NH, and M.A.C. Perkins, a.23y., b. Lunenburg, d.Aaron and Mary, Mar.18,1847.*

Nathaniel, of Pawpaw, MI, and Mrs.Nancy Fitch, int.Dec.29,1849.

Oliver W., unm., of Brighton, a.26y., trader, s.Oliver and Lois, of Brighton, and Elizabeth Peabody, a.25y., d.John and Abigail, May28,1845.*

William, and Betsy Bulkley Ames, Apr.21,1799.*


Fanny, and Abel Ames, Oct.9,1792.


James jr., of Townsend, and Hannah Farnsworth [Dec.17.CTR], 1751. [1753.CR1].


Mary, and Patrick Moriarty, int.Oct.1,1847.

LONGLEY (Longly)

Anna, of Shirley, and Samuel Chase, Apr.30,1795.

Edmund, of Shirley, and Mrs.Adeline Stephens, Sept.16,1840.*

Elijah, of Shirley, and Betsey Stone, Apr.17,1805.*

Betsey, of Shirley, and John Fletcher of Westford, Apr.9,1823.

Hannah, and Thomas Tarbole, July31,1666.CTR

Israel, of Shirley and [] Sally Tarbell, June4,1799.*

Jemima, and Jonathan Stone of Harvard, Mar.18,1773.

John [jr.CR1], and Mary Lawrance [Lawrence.CR1], Feb.1,1738-9.

John, and Elizebeth Patterson, at Pepperell, July16,1751.

Jonas [Joseph.CTR], and Esther Patterson, [Nov.20.CTR] 1751.

Jonathan, and Anna Bancroft, Jan.30,1750-1.CR1

Lavina, of Shirley, and Abel Tarbell, int.Jan.8,1802.

Lydia, and Amos Farnsworth [Mar.20.CR1], 1734-5.

Melvina, of Shirley, d.Edmund and Cynthia, and Albert Butler, unm., of Shirley, a.25y., baggage master, b. Lancaster, s.Samuel and Nancy, Nov.27,1849.

Nathan, and Anne Bancroft,末蔓末,1749 [Jan.20,1750-1.CTR].

Sarah, and John Woods, June3,1725.

Sarah [], and James Sheple, Jan.12,1802.*

Sally, and Salmon Lawrence jr., July25,1816.*

Sarah L., and Joseph F. Hall jr., int.Nov.26,1837.

William, and Lydia 末末, May15,1672.CTR

William, and Mary Parker, Jan.4,1732-3.

William 3d, of Shirley, and Miriam Bigelow, May29,1811.*

Zachariah, and Jemima Moors [Mar.7.CTR], 1751. [1753.CR1].

LONGLY (Longley)

Elizabeth, and James Bloud, Sept.7,1669.CTR


Susanna, of Concord, and Ebenezer Parker, at Concord, May10,1762.


Emeline Amelia, and Joseph Mansfield, Nov.8,1832.*

Harriot, a.25y., d.John H., and Edmund D. Derby, unm., teamster, s.Oliver, June29,1843.*

Jefferson, and Dexella Fletcher, Oct.8,1830.*

Jefferson, and Eliza R. Shipley of Pepperell, Jan.12,1834.*

John, and Lois Falknar [Faulkner.CR1] of Acton, Jan.19,1797.

Jonathan, and Mary Trowbridge, Jan.12,1815.*

Mary, and Adams Fisk of Jaffrey, NH, Jan.7,1835.*

Mary M. [] and Joel Kendall, Apr.28,1842.*

Miranda, and John B. Prescott, May12,1822.*

Sarah A., and Isaiah L. Cragin of South Reading, June2,1842.*


Lavina, and Levi Farwell, July21,1835.*

Phebe, of Andover, and Joseph L. Abbott, int.May18,1835.


Asa, and Sarah Tufts, Feb.16,1809.*

Sarah E., and Levi Robbins of Mount Vernon, NH, int.Feb.4,1830.

Sarah M. [], and Daniel P. Jewett, July28,1842.*


Eunice, of Manchester, NH, and George Rust, int.June15,1848.

LUN (Lunt)

William [of Dunstable.CR1], and Reachel Holdin [Holding.CR1], Dec.20,1716.

LUNN (Lunt)

Stephen, of New Ipswich, and Sibble Whitney of Pepperell, Aug.14,1771.

LUNT (Lun, Lunn)

Theodore H. [Rev. int.] or Perkinsville, VT, and Joanna S. Fosdick, Jan.6,1841.*

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