PACH (Patch)

Simond [Patch.CR1], of Ludlow, VT, and Betsy Farmer, June22,1797.


Abel, of Shirley, and Lydia Cook, June22,1786.

Abel, of Harvard, and Asenath Pierce, Apr.7,1814.*

Abigail, and Joseph Parker, May1,1764.

Benjamin, and Emme Page, Jan.19,1773.

Daniel, and Abigail Johnson, Feb.9,1768.

Edy H., of Shirley, and Abraham Stone, int.Oct.26,1823.

Ede, of Shirley, and John Rockwood, int.Oct.10,1803.

Elisebeth, and Nathaniell Nutting, Mar.26,1731.

Emma, and Benjamin Page, Jan.19,1773.

Emme, and Ezekiel Pierce, Feb.18,1798.

Enoch Cook, and Betsy Dunsmore of Lunenburg, int.July29,1808.

Enoch C., and Hannah Dunsmore [Densmore.CR1], Oct.19,1812.*

Enoch [C. int.], of Lunenburg, and Sarah Allen, Oct.6,1829.*

Eunice, of Shirley, and Abijah Nutting, at Shirley, Feb.5,1789.

Faith, and Jeremiah Norcross of Lunenburg, Feb.9,1730. [1730-1.CR1].

Hannah W., Mrs., of Shirley, and Reubin Wyman, int.Dec.24,1843.

Jephthah, and Hannah Kemp, Dec.31,1807.*

John, and Faith Dunster, May12,1664.CTR

John, and Mary Parker, [Sept.12.CTR], 1733.

John, and Martha Green, wid., Apr.17,1760.

John, and Esther Lawrance, Oct.29,1767.

Jonathan, and Mary Farnsworth, both of Turkey Hills, Nov.8,1726.CR1

Joseph, and Abigail Shead [Nov.21.CR1], 1739.

Kilby, of Boston, and Rebecca Dana, Oct.31,1832.*

Lavina, of Shirley, and Thomas Farnsworth, int.Apr.11,1812.

Lucy, and Isaac Farwell, Dec.6,1770.

Lydia, and Hezekiah Moors of Mount Hawley, VT, Aug.3,1797.

Lydia, of Lunenburg, and Nathaniel Stone, int.Apr.20,1816.

Lydia W., of Shirley, and Abraham Stone, int.Dec.21,1827.

Maria, and Trufant Colson, June22,1790.

Molley, and Amos Dole of Littleton, May29,1755.

Mary, and Jonas Prescott jr., July14,1810.

Oliver [of Shirley.CR1], and Esther Kemp, Mar.30,1791.

Oliver, and Sarah Dodge, Dec.17,1821.CR1*

Oliver, of Shirley, and Mrs.Rebecca Sawyer, Oct.9,1827.*

Phinehas, of Shirley, and Hannah Stone, Feb.2,1769.

Rebecca, and John Eillis [Eills.CR1] of Rindge, July27,1773.

Sarah, and Joseph Sanderson, July30,1714.

Sarah, and Isaac Farnsworth, int.Mar.26,1723.

Sarah, and Timothy Farwell, Dec.8,1763.

Sally, and Elias Hare, Apr.25,1799.*

Simon, and Hannah Gilson, at Westford, Oct.8,1741.

Simon jr., of Shirley, and Elizabeth Moors, Jan.15,1767.

Simon, of Shirley, and Elizebath Derumple, Nov.11,1796.

Simon [Jonas.CR1] jr., and Polly Kemp, Jan.27,1801.*

Susa, and Salmon Stone, Nov.11,1767.

Susa, of Shirley, and Phinehas Nutting, at Shirley, Aug.末,1793.

PARCE (Pierce)

Hannah, and William Lakin of Lunenburg, at Lunenburg, May7,1761.

Ruth, and Isaac Fletcher of Westford, at Westford, Sept.21,1784.


John, and Mary Wattel, d.John, of Chelmsford, at Chelmsford, Dec.29,1685.

Robert, and Seborne Cromwell, at Chelmsford, May22,1663.PR132

Robert, and Mary Crispe, at Chelmsford, Apr.16,1667.PR132

PARK (Parke, Parks)

Catherine Jane, a.21y., d.John and Thomas Pollard, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Jacob, Nov.16,1843.*

Betsy, and Thomas Goss [Gass.CR1] of Burlington Bay [VT.CR1], May2,1793.

James, and Jain Riches [Oct.CR1] 11,1739.

Jane, and Moses Day, Jan.16,1800.*

Jane, and Rev. Charles Robinson [at Concord.PR134], July3,1827.*

John jr., and Lydia Hamlin of Harvard, at Pepperell, June1,1786.

John, and Anna Shirtliff of Concord, NH, int.Aug.3,1811.

John G., and Maria Thayer of Boston, int.May8,1829.

John jr., and Sophia Nutting, Oct.10,1833.*

Lydia, and Gideon Ray of Lunenburg, int.Apr.3,1820.

Rhoda, and Samuel Finney of Harvard, at Harvard, Apr.24,1780.

Sally, and Jacob Chase, Jan.5,1797.

Sally, and Nathaniel Stone, June5,1811.*

Sally Ann, and Abel Stone, int.Apr.9,1837.

Thomas, and Rosanna Conn of Harvard, at Harvard, May3,1768.

William jr., of Harvard, and Eunice Stone, Nov.1,1781.

William, and Sally Farnsworth, Oct.3,1793.

PARKE (Park)

Louise, and Benjamin Gage of Lowell. Issue of Jan.16,1830.NR6


Abel, and Esther Shattuck, at Pepperell, May10,1750 [1749. dup].

Abigall, and Thomas Tarble [Tarbell.CR1], Jan.1,1716-17.

Abigall, wid., and Robert Dixon [Dixson.CR1], Feb.7,1721-2.

Abigail, and John Blood jr., Dec.8,1740 [1741.CR1].

Abigail, and Lenard Parker, at Westford, May20,1741.

Abigail, and John Egerton of Shirley, Jan.21,1773.

Abigail [] and Joel Gilson [both resident. int.] of Dunstable, and Rufus Moors jr., Dec.末,1829.*

Abigail, a.54y., trailoress, d.Winslow and Abigail, deceased, and David Hale, widr., May30,1843.*

Abraham, and Lois Blood, at Pepperell, Mar.10 [16. dup], 1749.

Andrew J., and Lucy Faulkner of Lynn, int.Apr.10,1847.

Anna, and Asa Worcester [Worster.CR1], Dec.15,1763.

Anna, and Abel Spaulding jr. of Dunstable, Mar.4,1811.*

Anna, and George Dodge of Boston, Apr.12,1825.*

Ann, and Nathan Wood, at Concord, Nov.27,1754.

Azubah, and Roland Lawrence [Lawrance.CR1], Jan.24,1792.

Benjamin, and Mary Sawtell, Oct. [23.CTR] 1718.

Benjamin Woods, and Deborah Dimond Gitchell of Pepperell, int.July21,1810.

Caroline, and William W. Hatch of Lowell, Nov.23,1827.*

Caroline, and Thomas F. Blood, Jan.30,1840.*

Clarissa, and William Buttrick of Pepperell, Dec.25,1814.*

Daniel Emerson, and Mary Wilkinson, int.Sept.8,1827.

Daniel, and Mary Woods, Dec.3,1829.*

Daniel L. of Lunenburg, and Caroline Graves, Oct.15,1835.*

Deborah, and Henery Woods, Apr.13,1756.

Deborah, wid., and John Dutton of Stoddard, NH, Oct.22,1778.

Deliverance, and William Blanchard of Dunstable [Feb.28.CR1] 1733-4.

Ebenezer, and Susanna Loper of Concord, at Concord, May10,1762.

Edmund, of Pepperell, and Elizabeth Green, at Pepperell, Apr.13,1757.

Eleazer, and Abigail Lawrence of Pepperell, at Pepperell, Jan.22,1767.

Eleazer jr., and Abigail Lawrence, Feb.10,1802.*

Elisabeth, and Samuel Fiske [Fisk.CR1], Jan.2 [12.CR1] 1726-7.

Elizabeth, and William Shead jr., Jan.末,1773.

Betsey, and Eleazer Davis, May20,1790.

Elizabeth, and Amos Woods jr. of Dunstable, Aug.2,1807.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Robert Reed, int.Aug.31,1833 [Banns forbidden by both parties].

Imlah, and Hannah [Anna.CTR] Ames, June7,1789.

Emma, and Benjamin Stone, May13,1736.

Ephraim, and Azubah Farnsworth, 末蔓16,1757.

Esther, and Shebul Hoburt [Hobart.CR1] jr., June7,1739.

Eunis, and Josiah Boiden [Boyden.CR1], Jan.7,1729-30.

Eunice, and Joseph Shipley, at Westford, June27,1744.

Eunice, and Joanthan Clark Lewis, Oct.8,1778.

Eunice, wid., and Isaiah Edes, Jan.19,1780.

Eunice, and William Alexander, resident, May23,1798.

Francis, and Lucinda Williams, Jan.31,1798.

Hannah, and Nathaniel Bloud, June13,1670.CTR

Hannah, Mrs., and Capt. Ephraim Sawtell [Sawtel.CR1], Sept.30,1762.

Hannah, and Billings Fisher of Dedham, Nov.19,1821.*

Huldah, and Jeremiah Ray, May16,1821.*

Isaac, and Ruth Blood, at Concord, Dec.16,1708.PR134

Jacob W., and Sarah E. Dexter of Lowell, int.Mar.3,1832.

James, s.Capt. James, and Mary Parker, d.Abraham, at Chelmsford, Dec.11,1678.PR132

James jr., and Rebecca Bulkley [at Pepperell. dup], Dec.22,1748.

Jane, and John Patterson of Shirley, Jan.4,1758.

Jerusha, and Ephraim Nutting, May29, [1754.CTR].

John jr., and Mary Bradstreet, Nov.29,1715.

John, and Jonna Ames [Am's.CR1], May22,1719.

Jonas [], and Elizabeth [] Dodge, Oct.15,1809.*

Jonas, Capt., and Mrs.Elisabeth Badger of Rockingham, VT, int.Feb.27,1820.

Jonathan, and Sarah Pearce [Pierce.CR1], Oct.27,1720.

Jonathan, and Elinor Hunt, [July.CR1] 12,1742.

Jonathan, and Lepha Lakin, int.Oct.24,1812.

Joseph jr., and Abigall Sawtell, Jan.24,1715-16.

Joseph, and Abigail Page, May1,1764.

Joseph, and Sarah Johnson [of], May27,1829.*

Joshua, and Abigail Mors, Sept.22,1690.CTR

Joshua, and Elizabeth Farley, Sept.16,1784.

Josiah, s.Capt. James, and Elizabeth Saxon, d.Thomas, of Boston, at Chelmsford, May8,1678.PR132

Josiah, and Esther Farnsworth, Nov.1,1759.

Julia Ann, and Isaac Hazen, int.Dec.13,1823. (Banns forbidden by William Parker and also by the parties).

Julia Ann, and Wyzeman C. Winn of Boston, May14,1831.*

Lefe, and Vryling Fletcher, Nov.末,1791.

Lemuel, and Betty Nichols, Mar.15,1761.

Lenard, and Abigail Parker, at Westford, May20,1741.

Levi, and Jemima Lakin, Jan.12,1775.

Levi, of Dunstable, and Sally Shattuck, int.Apr.20,1805.

Loiza, and Benjamin Gage of Lowell, Jan.11,1830.*

Lucretia, and William Blanchard of Charlestown, at Boston. Issue of Oct.2,1805.NR7

Lucy, and Abadiah Jenkins jr., Jan.28,1773.

Lucy, and Joseph Sawtell 3d, Dec.11,1815.*

Ledya, and Josiah Sawtell of Lancaster, Feb.10 [Jan.14.CR1], 1717-18.

Lydia, and John Lakin, Oct.27,1729.

Maria, and Salmon Lawrence, July2,1814.*

Martha, and Ephraim Ware, July26,1764.

Martha, and William Dutton of New Ipswich, Dec.12,1769.

Mary, d.Abraham, and James Parker, s.Capt. James, at Chelmsford, Dec.11,1678.PR132

Mary, and John Nutting, Jan.3,1706-07.CR1

Mary, and William Longley, Jan.4,1732-3.

Mary, and John Page, [Sept.12.CTR], 1733.

Mary, and Thomas Fisk, Mar.11,1741. [1741-2.CR1].

Mary [Perkins.CTR], and William Williams, Nov.22,1743.

Mary, and [Dr.CR1] Jonas Marshall [Martial.CR1] of Chelmsford, Feb.10,1768.

Mary, wid., and John French Woods, Oct.15,1778.

Mary, and Oliver Fletcher jr., Apr.28,1789.

Mary, and Winslow Ames of Pepperell, Feb.27,1818.*

Mary, and Aaron Andrews, resident, Mar.1,1821.*

Nathaniell, and Joanna Stephens [Dec.6.CTR] 1733.

Nathaniel jr., and Elmer [Eleanor.CTR] Walker, May25,1740. [1741.CR1].

Nathaniell, Lt., and Eunice Lakin, Dec.28,1748.

Obadiah, and Ruth Stevens, at Chelmsford, Oct.17,1752.*

Oliver jr., and Jane Nutting, Aug.7,1759.

Peter, and Prudence Lawrance [Lawrence.CR1] of Littleton, Mar.4,1741. [1741-2.CR1].

Peter, and Mary Butterfield of Dunstable, at Dunstable, Jan.3,1769.

Phineas, and Elizebeth Bowers of Lancaster, at Woburn, June14,1722.

Phinehas jr., and Mary Kemp, Feb.11,1730. [1730-1.CR1].

Phinehas, and Reliefe Parker, May20,1773.

Phinias jr., and Betsy Coray [Corey.CR1], Sept.3,1793.

Phinehas, and Rachel McLean, Apr.19,1835.*

Phebe, and Benjamin Bancroft [3d.CR1], Jan.26,1773.

Prudence, wid., and Shubael Hobart of Hollis, NH, at Hollis, NH, July28,1790.PR146

Rachell, and Obadiah Sawtell, Nov.16,1721.

Rebekah [wid.CTR], and Jonas Prescott jr. [of Westford, Mar.13.CTR] 1751. [1750-1.CTR].

Rebecca, and Silas Barron, June4,1760.

Reliefe, and Phinehas Parker, May20,1773.

Robert, and Deborah Hubbard, at Westford, Aug.13,1745.

Ruhamah, and Richard W. McLain, int.Sept.25,1847.

Ruth, and Joseph Sanderson, June2,1737.

Samuel, and Sarah Houghton of Lancaster, at Lancaster, Jan.18,1724-5.PR135

Samuell jr. and Mary Lakin, Mar.23,1737-8.

Samuel jr., and Rebecka Hunt of Westford, Dec.27,1768.

Sarah, and Jeremiah Shattuck, July7,1724.

Sarah, Mrs., and David Hubbard, at Westford, Mar.22,1744.

Sarah, and Eleazer Green jr. [Dec.19.CR1] 1749. [1750.CTR].

Sarah, and Jacob Ames, at Pepperell, Jan.24,1751.

Sarah, and John Tarbell [Tarbel. Oct.24.CR1] 1751. [1753.CTR].

Sarah, and David Taylor of Concord, July23,1767.

Sally, and Josiah Sawtell, Nov.23,1791.

Sally, and Reuben Shattuck jr. of Pepperell, July21,1799.*

Sally, and Hiram Kemp, Mar.4,1812.*

Sally, and Reuben Wyman, Apr.15,1817.*

Sally, and [Lt. int.] William Shattuck, May13,1819.*

Sarah, and John Pierce of Boston, Dec.8,1828.*

Sarah [], and Elijah Dodge of Lunenburg, Nov.2,1830.*

Sybil, and Stephen Barron [Apr.CR1] 17,1735.

Sybil, and Nathaniell Lakin of Pepperell, Feb.20 [Jan.23.CTR] 1755.

Sibble, and Benjamin Lawrance of Pepperell, Nov.21,1769.

Sybele, and David Blood, Aug.7,1781.

Sibbel, and Benjamin Shattuck jr. of Brookline, NH, int.Apr.27,1800.

Sybil, and Aaron Mason of Quincy, Nov.16,1823.*

Silas, and Meriah Farnsworth, Sept.26,1780.

Solomon, and Hepzebath Douglis [Longlie.PR140], at Pepperell, Dec.12,1752.

Submit, and Timothy Whitney of Townsend, at Townsend, May24,1738.

Sukey, and John Fitch, Feb.16,1801.*

Susanna, and Simon Peirce [Pierce.CR1], May26,1737.

Thomas, and Asenath Swallow of Dunstable, int.Feb.15,1833.

Tryphena, and Simeon Kemp, May6,1784.

Walter, of Lunenburg, and Lydia Carter, July3,1823.*

William, and Susannah Kemp, Mar.30,1736.

William, and Sarah Richardson, wid.Pepperell, Jan.9,1755.

William, and Susanna Chancey, Oct.26,1784.

William jr., and Elizabeth Hudson of Cranston, int.Oct.末,1809.

William, and Mary Ann Blood, Nov.28,1839.*

Winslow, and Abigail Woods, May19,1781.


Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Kendall, both of Dunstable, Feb.8,1787.

Joseph, and Deborah Spalding [Spaulding.CR1; May19.CTR] 1751. [1752.CR1].

Joseph, and Catharine Taylor, both of Dunstable, Nov.4,1778.

Mary, and Phillip Butterfield, both of Dunstable, Oct.29,1778.

Mary, of Dunstable, and Otis Roby, int.Dec.27,1828.

Rebecah, of Dunstable, and Robert W. Burr of Ashby, May16,1797.

PARKS (Park)

Joseph, and Alice Hamlen, at Harvard, Nov.25,1784.PR131

PATCH (Pach)

Abel, and Rebeckah Nutting of Pepperell, Nov.18,1788.

Anna, and John Winn of Hudson, NH, int.Oct.20,1836.

Charles R., of Boston, and Rebecca J. Boit, int.Dec.18,1842.

David, and Sally Heald of Westford, int.Apr.13,1800.

Ebenezer, and Sarah Wright of Westford, at Westford, June4,1746.

Ede, and Israel Shattuck [of Pepperell.CR1], May28,1789.

Edmund, and Philomela Lawrence, Dec.24,1807.*

Hannah, and David Archibald, at Concord, Nov.9,1769.

Hannah, of Littleton, and Ozias Hartwell, int.Dec.6,1823.

Isaac, and Mary Hastin of Dunstable, at Westford, May26,1748.

Jacob, and Mary Hazzen, Jan.9,1772.

Lydia, and John Fleacher [Fletcher.CR1], June23,1736.

Lydia, and Ephraim Heald jr of Westford, June23,1808.*

Mary, and John Chamberlain of Pepperell, at Pepperell, Apr.25,1758.

Molly, and Josiah Spaulding of Tyngsborough, Dec.15,1808.*

Mary, of Shirley, and John Adams, Nov.27,1828.*

Oliver, and Alethea Blood, Jan.26,1778.

Phebe, of Westford, and Gershom Hubbart, at Westford, July11,1769.

Ruth, and Elnathan Sartell, Dec.7,1780.

Sarah, and Samuel Chmberlain of Hollis, Nov.末,1784.

Silvester, and Lovey Maria Wright, July14,1833.*

Thomas, and Anna Gilson, Mar.25,1741. [1741-2.CR1].

Thomas, of Hollis, NH, and Lucinda Nutting, int.Sept.22,1820.

Zara, and Susanna Nutting, July13,1806.*

Zara, and Hannah Nutting, Sept.9,1823.*

Zara, and Mrs.Emily E. Fitch, Mar.10,1840.*

PATERSON (Patterson)

James, and Elisabeth Bartlet [wid.CR1], Jan.17,1744. [1744-5.CR1].


Elizabeth, and Joseph Lawrence, Dec.17,1841.*

Joel B. of Boston, and Betsy Shattuck of Medford, Sept.28,1808.

PATTERSON (Paterson)

Anna W[] of Harvard, and Amos Lawrance, Jan.28,1807.*

Christiana, and Capt. John Rockwood, Jan.24,1823.*

Elizebeth, and John Longley, at Pepperell, July16,1751.

Elizebeth, of Shirley, and Samuel Nichols, at Shirley, Jan.27,1763.

Betsey, and Joshua Davis, May31,1801.*

Esther, and Jonas [Joseph.CTR] Longley [Nov.20.CTR] 1751.

Hezekiah, and Mary Peirce, Nov.18,1762.

John, of Shirley, and Jane Parker, Jan.4,1758.

Mary, and Nathan Hubbard [Hubburd.CR1], Apr.2,1745.

Mary, and Thomas Hubbard [Hubburd.CR1] jr., Mar.11,1807.*

Sybil, of Harvard, and Joshua Davis, at Harvard, Aug.3,1793.

Susanna, of Shirley, and Thomas Hobart jr., at Shirley, June16,1796.


Samuel, of Roxbury, and Lydia Peirce of Boston, Jan.1,1826.


Elizabeth, a.25y., d.John and Abigial, and Oliver W. Livermore, unm., of Brighton, a.26y., trader, s.Oliver and Lois, of Brighton, May28,1845.*

John [], and Abigail Spaulding, Jan.末,1815.*

John, and Mary Giles, Aug.8,1833.*

Mary Jane, a.24y., d.John and Abigial, and William Snell, unm.of North Bridgewater, a.28y., shoe dealer, s.Joseph D. and Jane. Oct.末,1849.*

Sarah, a.28y., d.John, and Eleazer J. Jenks, unm.of Rocheser, NY, a.27y.merchant, b. Newport, NH, s.Oliver of Newport, NH, June26,1844.*

PEARCE (Pierce)

David [Peace.CTR; Pierce.CR1], and Elisabeth Bowers, June15,1725.

Elisabeth [Pierce.CR1] and Thomas Farwell, Dec.24,1723.

Sarah [Pierce.CR1], and Jonathan Parker, Oct.27,1720.


Oliver [Pearson.CR1] of Winchendon, and Lydia Preist [Priest.CR1] Oct.5,1800.*


Deliverance [Pee's.CR1], and William Shattuck, Mar.24,1718. [1718-19.CR1].

PEIRCE (Pierce)

Abegail [Pierce.CR1] and John Tippets of Wilton, NH, Jan.21,1806.*

Elijah, and Betsey Houghton of Littleton, int.Dec.31,1805.

Jonathan, and Olive Hale of Stow, int.July13,1811.

Lydia, of Boston, and Samuel Payson of Roxbury, Jan.1,1826.

Mary, and Hezekiah Patterson, Nov.18,1762.

Rachel [Pierce.CR1], and John Stone, Apr.28,1763.

Samuel [Pierce.CR1], and Meriam Bigelow, Feb.17,1762.

Samuel [Pierce.CR1], and Lucy Wallingford of Lancaster, Dec.4,1764.

Sarah [Pierce.CR1] of Pepperell, and Phinehas Waite [Wait.CR1] jr., Jan.28,1762.

Simon [Pierce.CR1], and Susanna Parker, May26,1737.


Nancy, of Tyngsborough, and Frederick Doldt, int.Mar.18,1803.


Hannah, Mrs., of Andover, and William Benit, at Andover, Mar.28,1758.

PERCE (Pierce)

Danill [Pierce.CR1], and Elener Boynton, Dec.9,1719.

Ephram [Pierce.CR1], and Esther Shed [Sheadd.CR1], Oct.30,1721.


Lydia, of Chelmsford, and William Whetney, at Chelmsford, Mar.16, [1699 or 1700].

Lydia, and William Powers of Concord, Mar.16,1713-14.


Jacob, of Bridgewater, and Mrs.Susan W. Morse, int.May10,1844.

James K., unm., a.22y., laborer, b. Concord, NH, s.Edward S. and Almeda, and Fidelia Gilson, d.Nathaniel S. and Nancy B., May15,1848.*

M.A.C., a.23y., b. Lunenburg, d.Aaron and Mary, and [Rev. int.] Leonard J. Livermore, unm., a.24y.clergyman, b. Milford, NH, s.Solomon K. and A.E., of Milford, NH, Mar.18,1847.*

Mary, see Parker Mary.

PERREY (Perry)

Joseph, Rev., of Windsor [CT.CTR], and Mrs.Sarah Lawrance [Lawrence.CR1], Oct.23 [3.CR1], 1755.

PERRY (Perrey)

Ebenezer, and Abigail Blood, Dec.11,1816.*

Katherine, and Joseph Corey, Mar.9,1768.


Emily, and Elnathan Sawtell jr., int.Apr.10,1814.


Bulah, wid., and Amasa Gilson, July11,1759.

Caroline, of Lancaster, and John Townsend, int.May9,1835.

Dudley, Rev., and Lucretia G. Farley of Hollis, NH, at Hollis, NH, Oct.12,1837.PR146*

Edward, of Leominster, and Martha Tarbell, at Leominster, Apr.6,1757.

Edward, of Leominster, and Martha Farnsworth, Dec.20,1765.

John jr., of Hollis, NH, and Mary Lakin, at Hollis, NH, Dec.24,1772.PR146

Phinehas, Dr., of Lancaster, and Sarah Green, Apr.23,1760.


Elizebeth [Philbrook.CTR], and Samuill Winter of Killingley [CT.CTR], Feb.16,1713-14.


Isaac, and Richard Adams [Addams.dup] of Dunstable, at Pepperell, Jan.17,1751.

Lydia, and Samuel Kemp, at Pepperell, June26,1759.

Reliefe, and Ebenezer Kemp jr., Aug.31,1773.

Samuell, and Abigail Frost, Dec.2,1742. [1743.CR1].

PIERC (Pierce)

Jonathan, and Ruth Gilson [Nov.1.CTR] 1749. [Nov.8,1750.CR1].

PIERCE (Parce, Pearce, Peirce, Perce, Pierc, Pirce)

Abel, unm., a.23y., butcher, s.Richard W. and Sally, and Catherine E. Kemp, a.18y., d.William and Polly, Nov.4,1845.*

Abigail, and Ezra Farnsworth, at Concord, Sept.19,1733.

Asenath, and Abel Page of Harvard, Apr.7,1814.*

Charles H., and Martha M. Brown, June7,1842.*

Dexter L., and Maria J. Vinton of Braintree, int.Nov.3,1821.

Ebenezer, of Pepperell, and Asenath Blood, at Pepperell, Jan.28,1799.

Elijah, and Molly Hartwell, Oct.1,1810.*

Eliza, and Fransis Flagg of Littleton, int.May15,1838.

Elizebeth, and Ephraim Read of Harvard, at Harvard, May4,1757.

Elisabeth, and Joseph Hartwell of Littleton, Mar.19,1767.

Ephraim, and Esther Sheadd, Oct.30,1721.CR1

Ephraim, and Esther Stone, Mar.11,1766.

Ezekiel, and Emme Page, Feb.18,1798.

Ezra, and Rebecca Lawrence, at Pepperell, Oct.5,1775.

George, and Ann Elizabeth Hartwell of Littleton, int.Sept.15,1841.

Hannah [Peirce, wid., of Pepperell. int.] and James Brazer, Esq., at Pepperell, Apr.10,1811.NR11*

Hannah Ann, of Salem, and Thomas J. Nutting, Feb.10,1842.*

John, and Sarah Biers of Westford [Westborough.CTR], Nov.26,1765.

John, and Tabatha Porter, at Pepperell, Sept.5,1775.

John, of Boston, and Sarah Parker, Dec.8,1828.*

Jonathan [Jonas.CR1] jr., and Abigail Prescott jr., June9,1778.

Lucinda, and Lewis Tainter, Apr.4,1832.*

Lucy, wid., and Aaron Bigelow, Feb.7,1781.

Mary, of Watertown, and John Greene, at Concord, Dec.25,1688.PR134

Mary, and Josias Farnworth, Mar.末,1719-20.CR1

Mary, and Reuben Hartwell jr. of Shirley, Apr.12,1829.*

Mary, and Soloman Comstock of Cooperstown, NY, July5,1836.*

Mary A., and Benjamin Raymond of Littleton, int.Nov.5,1843.

Oliver, and Elesebeth D. Vinton of Ashby, Nov.5,1834.*

Rufus, and Mary Elisabeth Nutting, int.Nov.5,1836.

Samuel, and Sally Farmer of Lexington, at Lexington, Feb.12,1794.

Sarah, of Pepperell, and Eben Blood of Pepperell, June3,1792.

Sarah, and Aaron Brown jr., June6,1811.*

Sarah [] and William Kimball of Boston, Feb.11,1822.CR1*

Susanna, and Jonathan Gilson [Mar.6.CTR] 1751. [1750-1.CTR].

Thankful, and John Whitaker jr., Dec.23,1766.

Thomas R. and Sarah Burges, Apr.1,1824.*


James, and Ruth Ingolls of Dunstable, at Dunstable, Mar.3,1773.


Aaron, and Deborah Campbell of Epson, NH, int.Jan.17,1827.

Amanda M., and James M. Brown, int.Dec.8,1848.

John, and Eunice Whittemore of Fitchburg, int.Jan.16,1825.

PIRCE (Pierce)

Molly [Pierce.CR1] and Thomas Wood, May4,1797.

Rhoda, and John Balcom, resident, int.July30,1820.

Ruth, and Philip Robins of Westford, Nov.22,1792.


Edward G., unm., of Waltham, a.27y., book binder, s.Calvin and Caroline, and Susan L. Richardson, a.24y., d.Alpheus and Susan, Dec.11,1845.*


Betsey D., and Samuel Hazen of Shirley, Feb.16,1837.*

Jacob, of Boston, and Betsy Davis, May7,1812.*

Lucy, and John I. Graves, Nov.26,1834.*

Mary Jane, and Thomas I. Hazen of Shirley, May12,1842.*

Thomas, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Jacob, and Catherine Jane Park, a.21y., d.John, Nov.16,1843.*


James, of Hollis, and Mary Richardson, at Littleton, Nov.24,1784.PR141


Asa, and Eunice Williams, Oct.14,1778.

Ezekiel, and Betty Wyman, Dec.16,1784.

Louis, and Jonathan Capron, Nov.26,1778.

Lucy, of Shirley, and Israel Spaulding, Nov.末,1829.

Lydia A., a.18y., d.J. Mason and Harriet, and Lewis E. Fisher, unm., of Boston, a.25y., printer, s.Louis Whitney and Nancy, of Wrentham, Apr.6,1847.*

Noah, of Braintree, and Abigail Hobart, Mar.5,1820.*

Tabatha, and John Pierce, at Pepperell, Sept.5,1775.

Thomas [Foster.PR134] of Billerica, and Hepsebah Sawtell, at Concord, Aug.24,1706.


David, of Brighton [ME.CR1], and Sybil Fitch, June22,1793.

Luther T., and Lydia Ames, Dec.26,1839.*

POWER (Powers)

Daniel, and Elizebeth Whitcomb of Lancaster, at Concord, Apr.8,1702.

Sarah, and Moses Barrow, at Concord, Apr.8,1702.

POWERS (Power)

Elizebeth, and Thomas Farr, both of Neshobah, Mar.16,1713-14.

Jerahmel, and Eunice Bennett [Bennit.CR1], Feb.9,1748 [1748-9.CR1].

Joseph, and Hannah Whitcomb, both of Neshobah, Mar.16,1713-14.

Tryphene, and Samuell Flood of Andover, Dec.8,1742. [1743.CR1].

William, of Concord, and Lydia Perham, Mar.16,1713-14.

PRAT (Pratt)

Jonathan [Pratt.CR1], and Mary Bowers, Apr.26,1732.

PRATT (Prat)

Anne, and John Stone jr., July7,1747.

Ebenezer, of Lunenburg, and Lydia Stone, at Lunenburg, Sept.22,1761.

Ebenezer jr., and Eunice Farwell, both of Shirley, Jan.6,1789.

Floyd, of Malden, and Lydia Caffen [Oct.14.CTR] 1751.

John and Hannah Bowers, Feb.5, [1745-6.CTR].

Jonathan, and Lucy Bradstreet, Feb.26,1756.

Jonathan, and Rachel Nutting, wid., Apr.24,1760.

Lucy, and Abel Kemp, at Pepperell, May4,1775.

Lydia, and David Stone [Apr.1.CTR] 1751. [1752.CR1].

Mary, of Westford, and Amos Atherton, Mar.8,1831.*

Rebecca, of Malden, and Benjamin Farnsworth, at Malden, May19,1736.

Rebekah [Prat.CR1], and David Sawtell [Sawtel. jr.CR1], Dec.3,1747.

PREIST (Priest)

Joseph [Priest.CR1] jr., of Harvard, and Elizabeth Atkison [Atkinson.CR1], July5,1737.

Lydia [Priest.CR1], and Oliver Pearsons [Pearson.CR1] of Winchendon, Oct.5,1800.*

Timothy, and Sarah Butterfield, Aug.22,1764.

PRENTICE (Prentiss)

Daniel, and Sarah Nurse of Ashby, int.Mar.22,1803.

Solomon, of Hassnamisco [Grafton.CR1], and Mrs.Sarah Sartele [Sawtell.CR1], Oct.26,1732.

Stanton, Dr., of Lancaster, and Rebecca Stevens, Jan.5,1758.

PRENTISS (Prentice)

Diantha, of Keene, NH, and Rev. Charles Robinson, int.Dec.11,1829.

PRESCOT (Prescott)

Lucy, and Timothy Bigelow, Sept.30,1791.

PRESCOTT (Prescot, Prescout)

Abel, and Hannah Spaulding of Ashburnham, at Ashburnham, Oct.7,1794.

Abel, of Port Gibson, Miss., and Hannah Williams, Sept.23,1827.*

Abigail jr., and Jonathan [Jonas.CR1] Pierce jr., June9,1778.

Abigail, and John Hadley of Gardner, Feb.14,1788.

Azubah, and Jonas Hadley, both of Westford, Dec.14,1780.

Benjamin [P. and Mrs.dup] Abigail Oliver of Cambridge [at Cambridge, dup], June11, [12 dup] 1718.

Charles, and Betsey Livermore, May3,1835.*

David, and Mary Blood, Feb.24,1780.

Dolly, and Asa Hardy of Nottingham West, int.May23,1805.

Ebenezer, of Lancaster, and Ruth Hobart, at Watertown, Dec.5,1711.

Ebenezer, and Hannah Farnworth, May24,1721.

Ebenezer of Westford, and Elizebeth Sprague, at Westford, Feb.19,1746.

Eliza Ann, and George W. Woodward of Chelmsford, Apr.15,1841.*

Elisabeth, and Abiiah [Abijah.CR1] Willard of Lancaster, Dec.2,1747.

Ezra, and Dolly Wright of Westford, June29,1780.

Hepsey, and Silas Lawrence, Aug.5,1808.*

James, and Susanna Lawrance [June18.CTR] 1751. [1752.CR1].

James, and Hannah Champney, d.Ebenezer Esq., at New Ipswich, Feb.2,1792.

John B., and Miranda Loring, May12,1822.*

Jonas, and Mary Laker,末蔓末,1670.

Jonas [Precote.PR134], and Thankful Wheeler of Concord, at Concord, Oct.5,1699.

Jonas jr., and Mary Page, Apr.30,1718.CR1

Jonas jr. [of Westford.CTR] and Rebekah Parker [wid.CTR; Mar.13.CTR] 1751. [1750-1.CR1].

Joseph, of Westford, and Abigail Derumple, Dec.22,1774.

Lucy, and Dr. Joseph Reynolds of Concord, NH, Apr.24,1828.*

Lydia, of Westford, and Bulkley Ames, at Westford, Sept.22,1799.*

Marina, and William Durant of Charlestown, Dec.9,1830.*

Mary, and Joseph Stone, May9,1728.

Mary Jackson, and John Park Little, Esq. of Gorham [ME. int.] Sept.5,1805.*

Mary, and John Blodget of Westford, Feb.17,1806.*

Matilda, and Joshua Eaton, Apr.13,1820.*

Oliver, and Lydia Baldwin of Watertown, at Watertown, Feb.19,1756.

Oliver jr., and Nancy Whiting of Hollis, NH, at Hollis, NH, Feb.22,1791.PR146

Phinehas G. [Capt. int.] and Sarah Salisbury, Dec.27,1832.*

Phebe, and Asa Green, June5,1805.*

Rachel, and Amos Reed of Westford, at Westford, Feb.22,1790.

Samson, and Lucy Blood, Jan.27,1785.

Samson, and Sally Lawrence, Dec.7,1813.*

Samson, widr., a.55y., farmer, s.David and Mary, and Susan Blood, a.48y., d.William, Nov.13,1845.*

Susan, and John Wright, May13,1829.*

Susanna, and William Lawrance [Lawrence.CR1], June27,1722.

Thankfull, and Timothy Spalding [Spaldin.CR1] of Chelmsford, May31,1726.

PRESCOUT (Prescott)

Dorathi, and John Varnum of Dracut, at Dracut, Nov.13,1700.

PRESON (Preston)

William, and Ann Camble of Wenham, at Westford, June13,1745.


Aaron [Capt. int.], and Emily Stone, Jan.8,1837.*

Susan, and Lucius Smith of Randolph, VT, int.Jan.11,1846.

PRESTON (Preson)

Jonathan, of Boston, and Betsey M[orse. int.] Brigham, Apr.12,1834.*

Lucy, and Leonard Follansbee of Union, ME, Dec.3,1822.*

Reioyce [Rejoice.CR1] and Oliver Farwell [Farwel.CR1; July.CR1] 22,1741 [1742.CR1].

PRIEST (Preist)

Jonas, and Martha Durant of Billerica, at Billerica, Jan.17,1769.

Levi, and Eliza Hartwell, Nov.29,1769.

Susanna, and Benjamin Darling of Mason [NH.CR1] Mar.29,1796.

PROCTER (Proctor)

George, of Chelmsford, and Ann Maria Whitemore, May29,1836.*

Olive, and Warren Shattuck, Mar.29,1825.*

Sally [of Dunstable.CR1], and Joseph Bennet [Bennett. Apr.13.CR1] 1797.

PROCTOR (Procter)

Cotten, and Sarah Foster, wid., Mar.6,1760.

Ebenezer, of Dunstable, and Elizabeth Blood [Nov.25.CR1] 1735.

Henry, and Abigail Stearns, resident, int.Mar.28,1810.

James jr., resident, and Mrs.Lucy Bowers of Littleton, int.May29,1807.

Peter, of Dunstable, and Nabby Rockwood, Jan.25,1803.*

Phebe, wid., and Lt. Thomas Reed of Westford, at Westford, Jan.20,1784.


P. Maria, of West Boylston, and Bradford Russell, Esq., int.Mar.6,1847.


Elisabeth, of Stow, and Joshua Johnson of Stow, Dec.8,1763.

PUTMAN (Putnam)

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Cynthia Conning, int.Nov.23,1840.

Samuel, and Susan Brown of Templeton, int.Sept.13,1838.

PUTNAM (Putman)

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Anna W. Lawrence, Oct.3,1830.*

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