WAIT (Waite)

Elisabeth, and [David.CTR] Bennett [Bennet.CR1], of Shirley [Jan.3.CTR], 1751. [1754.CR1].

Levi, and Betsy Jones of Acton, int.July13,1807.

Mary, and Benjamin Swan [of Littleton.CR1], Feb.4,1790.

Phinehas, and Mary Hubbard, Mar.14,1731-2.CTR

Phinehas, and Esther Gould [Goold.CR1], Mar.13,1765.

Phineas, and Ruth Bicknell of Shirley, at Shirley, Nov.末,1796.

Sally, and Thomas Farwell jr. of Washington [NH.CR1], Feb.28,1788.

WAITE (Wait)

Dorothy, and Asa Holdin of Shirley, Dec.6,1757.

Phinehas [Wait.CR1] jr., and Sarah Peirce [Pierce.CR1] of Pepperell, Jan.28,1762.


Betsey, of Kennebunk, ME, and [Dr. int.] Jacob Williams, Nov.29,1832.*


Elmer [Eleanor.CTR] and Nathaniel Parker jr., May25,1740. [1741.CR1].

Lucey, and Philemon Holdin [Jan.10.CR1], 1749. [1750-1.CTR].

Samuel S., of Harvard, and Mary Fletcher, Jan.13,1835.*

Seth jr., and Abigail Holdin [Jan.CR1] 14,1741. [1741-2.CR1].


Lucy, of Lancaster, and Samuel Peirce [Pierce.CR1], Dec.4,1764.


John [jr.PR147], of Townsend, and Mary White, at Pepperell [at Townsend.PR147], Feb.15,1753.

William, of Townsend, and Eunis Nutting, Aug.2,1747.


Artemas, of Shrewsbury, and Sarah Trowbridge [July31.CR1] 1749. [1750.CTR].

Caroline, of Shrewsbury, and Benjamin P. Dix, int.Nov.20,1830.

William, and Rebecca Barrett of Concord, at Concord, Mar.6,1817.PR134*

WARE (Wear)

Ephraim, and Martha Parker, July26,1764.

Ephraim, Dr., and Abigail Gamage, at Cambridge, Oct.13,1785.


Thomas, and Mehetubel Yarrow, both of Dunstable, May17,1729.


Augustus [resident. int.], and Sarah Blood, Aug.28,1822.*

Eunis, and David Sanderson, Apr.19,1738.

Joseph, jr., of Pepperell, and Saly Hemmenway [Hemenway.CR1], July6,1796.

Richard, and Sarah Gilson, May17,1708-09.CR1

Samuel H., and Lydia M. Hardy of Concord, at Concord, Mar.1,1838.PR134*


Abigail, and Samuell Bowers jr., May8,1759.

Abijah, and Susanna Green, Aug.25,1773.

Alden, and Harriet A. Brooks of Medford, int.Oct.31,1841.

Benjamin, and Mary Munroe, int.Dec.18,1824.

Elijah and Prudence Lawrance, Oct.29,1766.

Betsy [Warran. int.], and Jonathan Wythe [Wyeth.int.] at Littleton, Dec.3,1799.*

Ephraim [Warin. dup.], of Townsend, and Sarah Keazer [Keeser. dup], at Townsend, Apr.12,1762.

Hepzibath, and Joseph Wilson of Shirley, May2,1765.

Isaac, and Annice Farnsworth, at Townsend, June17,1779.

Josiah, and Sarah Tarbell, Mar.26,1772.

Lucy, and Joseph Cummings of Swansea, NH, at Townsend, May6,1777.PR147

Samuel, and Hannah Cady, at Concord, Oct.15,1706.

Sarah, and Eben Tarbell, Jan.14,1783.

Susanna [Mrs.PR142], and Robert Ames, at Townsend, Apr.29,1777.

WASON (Watson)

Barnett, of Lowell, and Lucy F. Corey, Nov.28,1839.*


Hannah, wid., and Zechariah Maynard of Sudbury, May22,1721.

Harriet, and Luther G. Turner of Harvard, int.Oct.28,1835.

Mary Ann, and James D. Searles of Littleton, int.Feb.15,1837.


John W., of Chelmsford, and Nancy Dodge, Feb.13,1831.*

WATSON (Wason)

James H., of Boston, and Sarah Kezar [Keezer.CR1], Feb.7,1822.*


Mary, d.John, of Chelmsford, and John Parise, at Chelmsford, Dec.29,1685.


Dexter K., and Hannah Keyes, Nov.18,1841.*

WEAR (Ware)

Sally, of Pepperell, and Richard Sawtell jr., at Pepperell, Mar.10,1796.

WEATH (Withee, Wythe)

Zachariah [Withe. dup.], and Esther Kemp, at Pepperell, July21,1748.


David, and Elizabeth Quailes, Sept.13,1801.*


Nancy B., and Dr. Robert H. Lane. Issue of May20,1820.NR7


Catharine, of Concord, and Jacob Hosmer, at Concord, Jan.9,1809.PR134


Eunice, and Samuel Downe of Fitchburg, at Fitchburg, Jan.1,1771.

Moses, and Mindwell Stone, Feb.3,1747. [1747-8.CR1].

Oliver, and Eunice [Mrs.Lucy.NR7] Worcester, Oct.31,1815.*

Permelia, of Lowell, and Ralph Woods, int.Aug.20,1828.


Isaac, of Littleton, and Amaris P. Robbins of Dunstable, Jan.3,1830.


Charles E., and Ann M. Shipley, May2,1839.*

Lucy, of Townsend, and Samuel Rockwood, int.Feb.16,1840.


Adams, at Townsend, Aug.15 [Aug.6,1777.PR147], 1792.

Catharin [Weatherbee.CR1], of Bolton, and Micah Creecy [Creece.CR1; Dec.20.CTR], 1751. [1752.CR1].

Eliza [Wetherbe.CR1], and Frederic Adams, Oct.18,1826.*

George, and Abigail Taylor, Oct.30,1828.*

Hepzibath [Mrs.int.], and Henry Blood jr., July3,1818.*

Jonathan, at Harvard, and Abigail Farwell, May11,1772.

Joseph jr., and Lydia Kemp, Nov.4,1784.

Nahum, and Olive Wright, both of Weston, May29,1836.

Rhoda, and Daniel Kemp, Dec.29,1817.*


Mary, and Lemuel Scott [Scot.CR1], both of Pepperell, Sept.9,1773.

WHEELAR (Wheeler)

Asa, and Sarah Bancroft, Feb.11,1798.

WHEELER (Wheelar)

Eliphalet, and Clarissa Rice of Framingham, int.Dec.12,1812.

Francis C., and Harriet Law, Jan.1,1843.*

Harriet L., Mrs., and Daniel Church of Morristown, NY, int.Sept.8,1848.

John [Joshua.PR147], of Townsend, and Mehitable Hadley, at Townsend, Jan.4,1737.

John B., and Laura G. Graves, June1,1834.*

John S.P., unm., of Ogdensburgh, NY, a.21y., engineer, s.John and Sarah P., and Maria H. Shattuck, a.21y., d.Daniel and Hannah, Jan.1,1849.*

Lucy, and John Bowers, Apr.12,1787.

Mary, and George Campbell of Townsend, at Townsend,末蔓末,1753.PR147

Moses [formerly of Lunenburg.CR1], and Elisabeth Holdin, Dec.14,1747.

Oliver, of Acton, and Abigail Woods, Nov.25,1747.

Sarah, of Lunenburg, and Stephen Holden, at Boxford, Mar.21,1739.

Tabitha, and Samuel Wood Jr., at Westford, Sept.22,1747.

Thankful, of Concord, and Jonas Prescott [Prescote.PR134], at Concord, Oct.5,1699.

WHEELOCK (Whelock)

John, and Martha Wood, both of Lancaster, Sept.11,1729.

WHELOCK (Wheelock)

Joseph [Wheelock.CR1], of Annapolis, N.S., and Sybil Tarbell, June16,1795.

WHETNEY (Whitney)

William, and Lydia Perham of Chelmsford, at Chelmsford, Mar.16, [1699 or 1700].


John, of Pepperell, and Mary Ann Harrison, int.Oct.7,1849.

WHIPLE (Whipple)

Dorcas [Whipple.CR1], and John Solindine [June17.CR1], 1751. [1752.CTR].

Nathan, and Hannah Boynton, May7,1730.

WHIPPLE (Whiple, Whittle)

Nathan, and Hannah Boynton, May7,1730.CR1

Nathan, and Abigail Bowers, Mar.18,1766.

William, resident, and Lydia Lakin, June30,1783.


John jr., and Thankful Pierce, Dec.23,1766.

Lydia, and Abel Stone, Aug.11,1763.


Elizebeth, of Lancaster, and Daniel Power, at Concord, Apr.8,1702.

Hannah, and Joseph Powers, both of Neshobah, Mar.16,1713-14.

Jonathan, and Deborah Scripture, at Concord, Sept.4,1710.

Jonathan, and Deliverance Nutting, May15,1716. [1715-16.CR1].

Justus L., of Littleton, and Lucy Jacobs, int.Feb.26,1837.

Sally, and Solomon Frost, Nov.7,1796.

Sally, and Joseph Richardson, May5,1825.*


Hannah [Mrs.int.], and Daniel Shattuck, Apr.30,1826.*

John, of Pepperell, and Lydia Farwell, Dec.25,1788.

Mary, and George Camel of Townsend, at Pepperell, Feb.8,1753.

Mary, and John Wallis [jr.PR147] pf Townsend, at Pepperell [at Townsend.PR147], Feb.15,1753.

Samuel jr., of Littleton, and Susannah Young, int.Jan.4,1816.

Thomas jr., and Ruth Farnsworth, May23,1771.


Abigail, of Hollis, NH, and Dr. Amos Bancroft of Westford, Aug.29,1796.

Harriet, formerly of Pepperell, and Michael Dorn, Nov.26,1840.*

Lemuel, and Clarissa Childs, Oct.24,1839.*

Nancy, of Hollis, NH, and Oliver Prescott jr., at Hollis, NH, Feb.22,1791.PR146

WHITMAN (Wightman)

Charity, and Moses Ames of Boston, Dec.1,1808.*

Betsey, and Timothy Cumings jr. of Westford, Feb.13,1805.*

Emma, of Stow, and Benjamin F. Hartwell, int.Nov.12,1839.

Hannah, and John S. Roby of Concord, Nov.20,1810.*

WHITMORE (Whittemore)

Ann Maria, and George Proctor of Chelmsford, May29,1836.*

WHITNEY (Whetney)

Benjamin, Lt., of Pepperell, and Olive Farnsworth, at Pepperell, Mar.5,1794.

Benjamin, [Lt. int.] of Pepperell, and Anna Woods, Oct.11,1809.*

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Farnsworth, Apr.17,1706-07.CR1

Ephraim, and Esther Woods, Dec.18,1744.

Henrietta, of Pepperell, and Asa S. Graves, int.Apr.10,1847.

John jr., of Shirley, and Hannah Sawtell, Feb.26,1759.

John jr., of Shirley, and Elizabeth Sawtell of Shirley, Apr.15,1762.

Joseph [Whittney.CR1], and Abigail Nutting, Dec.6,1737.

Martha, and Isaac Williams of Newton, Feb.1,1708-09.CR1

Mary, and Richard Briant, Apr.16,1789.

Mehitabel [Martha M. int.], a.17y., b. Harvard, d.Jonathan and Mehitabel, and Phinehas L. Nutting, unm., a.22y., farmer, s.Phinehas and Mary E., Nov.24,1846.*

Rebeccah, and Joseph Chamberlain, both of Pepperell, Apr.10,1781.

Relief, of Lunenburg, and Asa Tarbell, int.末蔓末,1803.

Sarah, and Benjamin Wilson, Nov.26,1747.CR1

Sarah M., of Stow, and Rufus R. Fletcher, int.Jan.8,1848.

Shadrach, of North Town [Townsend.CR1], and Prudence Lawrance [Lawrence. wid.CR1], Jan.5,1731. [1731-2.CR1].

Sybil, and Peter Gilson, May27,1756.

Sibble, of Pepperell, and Stephen Lunn of New Ipswich, Aug.14,1771.

Submit, wid., and Reuben Woods [June.CR1] 11,1740. [1741.CR1].

Timothy, of Townsend, and Submit Parker, at Townsend, May24,1738.

William, and Anna Laken [Lakin.CR1], Sept.5,1803.*


Elijah, and Lydia Wilder [of Hingham.int.], Sept.18,1822.*

WHITTEMORE (Whitemore, Whitimore)

Charles O., unm., a.23y., farmer, s.Charles and Lydia, and Frances M. Holden of Nashua, NH, a.18y., d.John and Lydia, Mar.4,1847.*

Dorcas, of Lancaster, and Benjamin Farnsworth, at Lancaster, Oct.2,1805.PR135*

Eunice, of Fitchburg, and John Pingrey, int.Jan.16,1825.

Ira, of Weston, and Betsy Adams, int.Feb.29,1812.

Mary L., and Alson Tuttle of Littleton, Mar.6,1828.*

Nathaniel, of Harvard, and Lydia Stone, Feb.19,1778.

Nathaniel, of Lancaster, and Amelia Stone, June12,1829.*

Nathaniel, and Maria Sargent of Harvard, int.Sept.2,1843.

WHITTIMORE (Whittemore)

Nathaniel [jr. int.; Whittemore. dup.] of Lancaster, and Sarah [Polly.dup.] Stone, Dec.20,1798. [May30,1799. dup].

WHITTLE (Whipple)

Hannah F., of Deering, NH, and Charles Farnsworth, int.Mar.10,1849.

WIGHTMAN (Whitman)

Sophia Ann, of Boston, and Thomas Bacon, int.July3,1814.


Lydia, and Elijah Whiton, Sept.18,1822.*

Hitty J., and Milo Henderson of Pepperell, int.Oct.1,1842.

Moses, and Submit Frost, at Lancaster, Nov.17,1757.PR135

Samuel B., and Sophia Blood, Mar.28,1820.*


Asa, and Alice Kendall, both of Reading, VT, Jan.30,1781.

Mary, and John M. Dike, unm., hostler, May2,1844.*


Hannah, and Willard Farr, Mar.28,1828.*

Mary, and Daniel Emerson Parker, int.Sept.8,1827.

Robert, of Westford, and Lydia Sawtell, Feb.16,1795.


Abiiah [Abijah.CR1], of Lancaster, and Elisabeth Prescott, Dec.2,1747.

Abigail, of Harvard, and Paul Fletcher, at Harvard, Mar.8,1764.

Anna [Willerd.CR1], of Lancaster, and Paul Fletcher, Aug.20,1760.

Catherine, of Harvard, and Jonathan Stone jr., at Harvard, July2,1786.

Daniel, of Lancaster, and Sarah Dickinson, wid., Feb.6,1760.

Isabella, of Langdon, NH, and Joel Lawrence, int.Sept.4,1819.

Josiah [jr.CR1], of Lunenburg, and Hannah Hubbard, Nov.28 [12.CR1], 1732.

Mary, of Lancaster, and Samuel Farnesworth, Dec.12,1706-07.CR1

Moses, and Susannah Hastins, both of Turkey Hills Lunenburg, Sept.28,1726.CR1

Samuel, and Abigail Shearman, Aug.8,1664.CTR

Susanna, of Harvard, and Daniel Jefts, int.July3,1802.

WILLES (Willis)

Ebenezer, and Sarrah Davis, int.Dec.17,1727.


Aaron jr., and Sarah Bennett, Sept.17,1812.*

Abigal, and Josiah Tucker, int.Jan.19,1724.

Anna, and Samuel Shattuck jr., Jan.27,1725-6.

Anne, and Samuel Larrabee of Lunenburg, at Lunenburg, Dec.7,1752.

Eliza, of Worcester, and Aaron Earle, int.Feb.7,1824.

Elizebeth [William.CR1], and James Lakin, Feb.12,1717-18.

Elizebeth, and William Elliott Elliot, at Pepperell, Mar.19,1752. [1751. dup].

Eunice, and Asa Porter, Oct.14,1778.

George, unm., a.24y., tanner, s.Lewis and Abigail, of Brookline, NH, and Louisa Bailey, a.18y., b. Brookline, NH, d.William and Ruth, deceased, May7,1845.*

Hannah, and Abel Prescott of Port Gibson, Miss., Sept.23,1827.*

Harriet C., and Jonas Lakin jr., Sept.18,1825.*

Isaac, of Newton, and Martha Whitney, Feb.1,1708-09.CR1

Isaac, and Lidea Shattuck, May22,1723.*

Jacob [Dr. int.], and Betsey Wakefield of Kennebunk, ME, Nov.29,1832.*

Jason, and Jemima Nutting, Apr.5,1749.

Jason, and Emme Woods, Dec.21,1812.*

Jemima, and Jonathan Lakin, Aug.1,1768.

John [jr.CR1], and Elisabeth Cutter of Charlestown, May5,1740. [1741.CR1].

John jr., and Emme Hartwell of Shirley, int.May10,1800.

Josiah, and Prudence Nutting [Nov.29.CR1], 1749. [1750.CR1].

Josiah Sartell, and Lydia Simons, Nov.20,1804.*

Josiah, and Elisabeth M. Mansfield, Feb.25,1835.*

Lewis, and Elisabeth W. Flagg of Lunenburg, int.Sept.13,1835.

Lucinda, and Francis Parker, Jan.31,1798.

Luther, and Lucinda Spaulding, both of Pepperell, June13,1822.

Lydia, and Phinehas Chamberlin [Chamberlain.CR1], Mar.19,1744. [1744-5.CR1].

Lydia [A. int.], and Leonard Farwell, Nov.24,1825.*

Margaret, and Benjamin Larrabee of Lunenburg, at Lunenburg, Dec.7,1752.

Mary, and Warren F. Stone, int.Jan.30,1842.

Nathaniel, and Hannah Lawrence, Aug.26,1784.

Persis, and David Olds, resident, Apr.2,1805.*

Richard [M.D. int.], of Milford, NH, and Susan Shattuck, Apr.25,1832.*

Rufus, and Margaret L. [S. int.] Hartwell, May8,1834.*

Samuel, and Clarissa Hartwell, Aug.22,1827.*

Sally, and Silas Farwell, Feb.4,1804.*

Sally, and Wilder Sheple jr., May30,1810.*

Thomas, and Mary Holden, Aug.11 [July11. dup], 1666.CTR

Thomas, and Mary Rolf, Jan.29,1745. [1745-6.CR1].

William, and Mary Parker [Perkins.CTR], Nov.22,1743.


Catherine, of Concord, and Jacob Hosmer, resident, int.Dec.8,1808.

WILLIS (Willes)

Abigail, of Taunton, and Thomas Cimber, at Norton, June26,1733.

Samuel W., unm., of Littleton, a.25y., farmer, s.Elijah and Diana, of Littleton, and Hannah Wright, a.20y., d.Joseph and Hannah, Apr.1,1845.*

WILLSON (Wilson)

Benjamin [Wilson.CR1], and Ruth Bush, Sept.28,1738.

Joannah, and Hezekiah Sawtell, int.Aug.1,1723.

WILSON (Willson)

Benjamin, and Sarah Whitney, Nov.26,1747.

Jemima, of Westford, and Jonathan Swallow, at Westford, Mar.18,1788.

Joseph, of Shirley, and Hepzibath Warren, May2,1765.

Ruth, and Jonas Baldwin of Townsend, Jan.2,1759.

Sarah, of Shirley, and William Symonds of Shirley, Mar.21,1765.

WIMAN (Wyman)

Olive, and James Adams, int.Apr.11,1813. (Banns forbidden by James' father, he not being of age, Apr.15.)


Abel B., unm., of Pepperell, a.23y., yeoman, s.Hezekiah and Emily, and Sarah B. Heminway, a.18y., d.Artemas and India, Apr.8,1847.*

George W., of Manchester, NH, and Ellen Mansfield, int.Jan.1,1843.

John, of Hudson, NH, and Anna Patch, int.Oct.20,1836.

Wyzeman C., of Boston, and Julia Ann Parker, May13,1831.*


Samuill, of Killingly, and Elizebeth Phillbrook, Feb.16,1713-14.

WITHEE (Weath)

Uzriel, resident, and Elizebeth Stevens, at Townsend, Jan.5,1797.


Nancy, wid., a.35y., d.Samuel and Sarah Nutting, and Obadiah K. Harrington, unm., of Shirley, a.29y., laborer, s.Phinehas and Lois, Dec.2,1847.*

WOOD (Woods)

Abijah, of Westminster, and Lydia Rockwood, Sept.24,1823.*

Amos [Woods.CR1], and Hannah Nutting [July5.CTR], 1733.

Artemas jr., and Sarah J. Coburn of Dracut, int.Aug.4,1849.

Benjamin L., unm., of Harvard, a.25y., farmer, b. Harvard, s.Benjamin and Triphena, and Eliza E. Lawrence, a.30y., b. Pepperell, d.Edward and Kesiah, Dec.13,1849.*

Ebenezer, of Sudbury, and Abigail Rockwood, Dec.15,1774.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Tarball, Dec.1,1686.CTR

Elizabeth, a.22y., b. Mason, NH, d.Artemas and Susan, and Joshua Nye jr., unm., of Fairfield, ME, a.26y., trader, s.Joshua and Mary H., of Fairfield, ME, June23,1846.*

Emily, a.23y., b. Mason, NH, d.Artemas and Susan, and Nathan R. Thayer, unm., of Lowell, a.24y., dealer in wood and coal, b. Hollis, NH, s.Nathan and Hannah, of Hollis, NH, June23,1846.*

Jepht [Woods.CR1; Jeptha h int.], and Rodia [Rhoda.CR1] Nutting, Mar.30,1820.*

Jonathan, unm., of Harvard, a.29y., farmer, s.Jabez and Nabby, of Harvard, and Caroline Worcester, a.17y., d.Job and Sally, Apr.27,1845.*

Martha, and John Wheelock, both of Lancaster, Sept.11,1729.

Mary [Woods.CR1], and John Goss [Gosse.CR1] of Lancaster, Nov.9,1710. [Nov.20,1710-11.CR1].

Mary A., of Pepperell, and Charles R. Hoar, int.Oct.28,1848.

Nathan, and Ann Parker, at Concord, Nov.27,1754.

Rebecah, of Littleton, and Ebenezer Lamson, int.Feb.7,1801.

Samuel, s.Samuel, and Hannah Farwell, d.Joseph, at Chelmsford, Dec.30,1685.

Samuel jr., and Tabitha Wheeler, at Westford, Sept.22,1757.

Samuel jr., of Littleton, and Rebecka Brook, Aug.13,1771.

Sally, and George Lawrance, Sept.26,1809.*

Susannah [Woods.dup], and John Green, at Pepperell, Jan.3,1751.

Thomas, and Molly Pirce [Pierce.CR1], May4,1797.

Watson, and Annis Abbott, Jan.1,1823.*

William, unm., of New York City, a.28y., clergyman, and Lucy Maria Lawrence, a.22y., d.Curtis and Lucy, July11,1847.*


Aaron, of Salem, and Eunice Kemp, Aug.14,1804.*

Abigail of [Sutton?], and Thomas Burbank, at Sutton, Apr.5,1780.

Eunice, Mrs., and Luther Hartwell, int.May9,1836.

Samuel, Rev., of North Yarmouth, ME, and Mary Lawrence, July28,1818.*

Sarah L., and David Fosdick jr., Mar.10,1841.*


Caroline, and James Worcester, int.May3,1824 (Banns forbidden).

Edward, of Orange [Boston. int.], and Eunice Hazen, Nov.29,1807.*

Hannah, d.Edward and Eunice, and Augustus Russell, unm., of Brookline, NH, a.26y., farmer, s.Campbell and Lucretia, Apr.19,1848.*

WOODS (Wood)

Aaron, and Sarah Boynton, Apr.1,1739.

Abigail, and John Chamberlain, Oct.13,1712-13.CR1

Abigail, and Oliver Wheeler of Acton, Nov.25,1747.

Abigail, and Silas Barron, May19,1763.

Abigail, and Winslow Parker, May19,1781.

Abigail, of Pepperell, and Caleb Woods, at Pepperell, June25,1789.

Abi, and Merrick Lewis, Apr.30,1829.*

Achsah, and William Hinkley of Chelsea, Jan.3,1821.*

Amelia, and Aaron Corey jr., Mar.12,1833.*

Amos, and Betty Tarbell, July7,1778.

Amos jr., of Dunstable, and Elizabeth Parker, Aug.2,1807.*

Anna, and William Beles [Beals.CR1] of Westford, May7,1772.

Anna, and Jeremiah Lawrence of Pepperell, at Pepperell, Feb.1,1774.

Anna, and [Lt. int.] Benjamin Whitney of Pepperell, Oct.11,1809.*

Bathsheba, and Collins Mors [Mores.CR1] of Oxford, May2,1722.

Bathsheba, and David Tarbell, Nov.17,1757.

Caleb, and Betty Cumings of Hollis, Nov.26,1767.

Caleb jr., and Abigail Woods of Pepperell, at Pepperell, June25,1789.

Caroline, and Samuel Stone, int.Feb.14,1824.

Caroline, and Calvin Blood 2d, Feb.14,1843.*

Charlotte, and Benjamin Edes, Oct.26,1815.*

David, and Deborah Swallow of Dunstable, at Dunstable, Apr.19,1770. [Dec.14,1769.PR143].

Deidamia, and John Shattuck jr., Jan.22,1827.*

Ebenezer, and Eunice Boyden, at Pepperell, June25,1752.

Ebenezer jr., and Sarah Farwell, May12,1790.

Ebenezer jr., and Nancy Fletcher, Aug.8,1793.

Ebenezer jr., and Dorcas V. Brown, Apr.7,1825.*

Ede, and Henry P. Booth, Aug.30,1827.*

Eliphalet, unm., a.26y., shoemaker, s.Eben, and Relief Nutting, a.31y., d.Jonathan, Apr.11,1844.*

Eliza, and Phinehas P. Fletcher, May24,1825.*

Elisabeth [Wood.CR1], and Daniel Farmer of Lunenburg, Nov.2,1732.

Elisabeth, and Ephraim Dival [Divol.CR1] of Lancaster, Feb.4,1741. [1741-2.CR1].

Betty, and Thomas Farrington, Oct.6,1768.

Betsy, and William Fitch of Flintstown [Baldwin, ME.CR1], Mar.8,1792.

Betsy, and Daniel Cole, at Boston. Issue of July3,1799.NR7

Emme, and Jason Williams, Dec.21,1812.*

Esther, and Ephraim Whitney, Dec.18,1744.

Esther, and William Farwell, June26,1760.

Esther, and Enoch Lawrence [of Mason, NH.CR1], Dec.20,1762.

Esther, of Dunstable, and Robert Reed, resident, int.Oct.7,1809.

Fanny G., and Alva Wright, Nov.25,1841.*

Hannah, and John Farmer of Billerica [Apr.27.CTR], 1725.

Hannah, and Jonathan Holdin, Mar.16,1758.

Hannah, and William Green of Pepperell, Apr.16,1765.

Hannah P., and Francis Lawrence of Charlestown, Feb.4,1823.*

Hannah, and James Simonds, Nov.4,1828.*

Harriet, and Windslow Snell, Feb.10,1828.*

Harriet, and George Lewis Stockemire of Chelmsford, int.Nov.20,1830.

Henery, and Deborah Parker, Apr.13,1756.

Henry, and Hannah M[aria.int.] Thayer of Hollis, NH, at Hollis, NH, Apr.8,1828.PR146*

Isaac, and Abigal Stevens, Sept.21,1725.

Isaac, resident, and Eliza Shattuck, Mar.26,1821.*

James, and Abigail Howard, Feb.6,1760.

James, of Pepperell, and Polly Capel, Sept.16,1798.

James, and Almira Green, int.Dec.22,1839.

Jane, and Simeon Gilson of Boston, Oct.15,1812.*

Jerusha, wid., and John Stone jr., Jan.11,1759.

John, and Sarah Longley, June3,1725.

John, and Jerusha Smith, at Pepperell, June17,1756.

John jr., and Hannah Goodhue of Westford, Nov.10,1768.

John, and Deborah Holdin, Jan.12,1774.

John French, and Mary Parker, wid., Oct.15,1778.

John jr., and Betty Farnsworth, Feb.20,1804.*

Jonas, of Dunstable, and Sarah Sawtell, Mar.31,1818.*

Jotham, and Mary Gilson, Oct.17,1790.

Louiza, a.23y., of Dunstable, b. Dunstable, d.Isaac, deceased, and Joel Gilson jr., unm., of Dunstable, farmer, b. Dunstable, s.Joel, of Dunstable, May1,1844.

Lucy, and Thomas Trowbridge, Oct.29,1761.

Lucy, and Edward Hazen jr., Mar.8,1831.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Hazzen, Nov.20,1770.

Lydia, and Richard Blood, int.Apr.18,1825.

Mary, Mrs., and Lt. Amaziah Swallow of Dunstable, Feb.16,1786.

Polly, and Ephraim Nutting, Nov.25,1790.

Mary, and Daniel Parker, Dec.3,1829.*

Mitty, and Oliver Rice, Jan.5,1804.*

Moses, and Esther Houghton [Nov.22.CTR], 1733.

Nahum, and Jane Derumple, Nov.17,1785.

Nahum, unm., a.25y., farmer, s.Samuel and Catherine, deceased, and Susan A. Rice, a.23y., d.Oliver and Mitty, June19,1845.*

Nancy Adams, d.Levi, of Pepperell, and Robert Reed, int.Dec.20,1807.

Nancy, and Thomas Chamberlain of Worcester, int.Dec.24,1809.

Nathaniell, and Sarah Brown of Stow, July3,1721.

Nathaniell, and Mary Derbeshire, wid., Sept.14,1725.

Nathaniel, and Mary Erwin, Dec.2,1762.

Nehemiah, of Hollis, NH, and Sarah Lakin, at Hollis, Apr.20,1756.PR146

Phillip, and Phebe Sawtell, int.June30,1799.

Phineas N., of Pepperell, and Mrs.Sally Clapp, int.Apr.18,1841.

Phebe, and James Tufts of Medford, [Oct.CR1] 25,1733.

Rachel, and Bill Wright Stevens of Westford, Sept.3,1816.*

Ralph, and Permelia Wentworth of Lowell, int.Aug.20,1828.

Rebeckah, and Benjamin Lawrence jr., at Townsend, Apr.29 [July末. dup.] 1778.

Reuben, and Submit Whitney, wid.[June.CR1] 11,1740. [1740-1.CR1].

Reuben, and Mahala Lawrence, Sept.7,1809.*

Samson, Col., and Mary Burges, June23,1822.*

Samuill [Wood.CR1], and Patience Biggelo, Nov.29,1720.

Samuel, and Catharine Gilson, June5,1817.*

Sarah, and William Tarbell [Tarbal.CR1] jr., May22,1745.

Sarah, and Robert Aimes, Dec.2,1762.

Sarah, of Hollis, NH, and Samuel [Dirscoll. int.] Colburn, at Hollis, NH, May13,1824.PR146*

Syble, and Benjamin Bennett, Aug.28,1778.

Sibbel, of Pepperell, and Timothy Blood, at Pepperell, Nov.15,1798.

Solomon, and Mary Taylor of Dunstable, at Dunstable, Apr.19,1770.

Stephen J. jr., unm., a.32y., farmer, s.Stephen J. and Martha, and Mary E. Bixby, a.26y., d.Asa and Mary, deceased, May1,1845.*

Submitt, and David Farwell, June26,1764.

Sylvia, and Melzar Dunbar of Boston, int.Oct.1,1808.

Thomas, and Abigall Chamberlin [Chamberlain, wid.CR1], Apr.30,1723.*

Timothy, and Elizabeth Derumple, July24,1771.

Zadoc, and Roxey Blood, July12,1821.*


Benjamin, of Dunstable, and Mary Blood, at Pepperell, Nov.17,1784.

George W., of Chelmsford, and Eliza Ann Prescott, Apr.15,1841.*

Horace W., and Lucy Johnson, Jan.30,1839.*

Jane, a.16y., d.Rufus and Anna, and John H. Lawrence, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Jonathan and Rachel, Aug.14,1848.*

John, of Tyngsborough, and Mary Fletcher [wid.PR133], June14,1798.

John, of Tyngsboro, and Rebecca Sawtell, Dec.18,1823.*

Rufus, and Anna Bennett, Mar.2,1828.*


Charles, and Catharine Elizabeth Colburn, May6,1827.*

Susanna, wid., and David Child, int.Aug.31,1806.

WORCESTER (Worster, Woster)

Asa [Worster.CR1], and Anna Parker, Dec.15,1763.

Asa, and Eunice Benterodt, Feb.10,1821.*

Azubah, and Ralph Augustus Wright, int.Oct.20,1838.

Benjamin, and Azubah Hoit, Dec.1,1817.*

Caroline, a.17y., d.Job and Sally, and Jonathan Wood, unm., of Harvard, a.29y., farmer, s.Jabez and Nabby, of Harvard, Apr.27,1845.*

Eunice [Mrs.Lucy.NR7], and Oliver Wentworth, Oct.31,1815.*

Hannah, and Capt. Henry Farwell, Oct.12,1800.*

Harriet, of Lancaster, and Lowell Hartwell, int.Sept.21,1835.

James, and Caroline Woodcock, int.May3,1824. (Banns forbidden)

James, unm., a.45y., laborer, s.Francis and Molly, and Eliza Ann Ingols, a.29y., d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Apr.2,1848.*

Jesse, and Hannah R[eed.int.] Crafts of Westford, Nov.20,1825.*

Job, and Eunice Benterodt, int.Dec.19,1819.

Job, and Sally Wright, int.Dec.13,1823.

Mahala, and Rowland Lawrence [Lawrance.CR1], Sept.29,1798.

Mary E., and John Blood, int.Jan.8,1848.

Samuel [Worster.PR135], widr., of Lancaster, a.50y., carpenter, b. Lancaster, s.Samuel and Relief, and Ann Nutting, a.31y., d.David and Charlotte [at Lancaster.PR135], July15,1847.*

WORSTER (Worcester)

Francis, and Mary Simmons of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Apr.11,1775.

Polly, and Abel Holden, Aug.27,1808.*

Sarah, and John Harrod Cumings of Nottingham West, May5,1763.


Hannah, formerly of Lancaster, and William Banks, Dec.21,1719.

WOSTER (Worcester)

Hannah, and John Hazen, Oct.19,1792.

WRIGHT (Write)

Aaron, and Emeline Moore of Harvard, int.Mar.6,1848.

Abel, of Westford, and Lefe Trobridge [Trowbridge.PR145], Mar.30 [10.PR145], 1795.

Alva, and Fanny G. Woods, Nov.25,1841.*

Anna, and Asa Shattuck of Pepperell, Dec.25,1787.

Artemas, and Prudence Corey, Apr.7,1805.*

Artemas jr., and Mary M. Donald of Brookline, NH, int.Nov.11,1834.

Artemas, and Mrs.Vesta Blood, Oct.20,1842.*

Caroline Matilda, and Samuel Hartwell, Aug.15,1791.

Charles, and Jane J. Comstock of Lowell, int.Dec.29,1839.

David, of St. Stevens, N.B., and Charlotte Eaton, Mar.11,1824.*

Deverd, of Pepperell, and Nathan Cory jr., Nov.3,1803.*

Dolly, of Westford, and Ezra Prescott, June [Jan.PR145] 29,1780.

Elizur, of Hudson, Ohio, and Susan Clark, Sept.12,1829.*

Betsey, and Richard Reed of Boston, Apr.8,1806.*

Hannah, and Amos Nickolas, int.Jan.28,1843.

Hannah, a.20y., d.Joseph and Hannah, and Samuel W. Willis, unm., of Littleton, a.25y., farmer, s.Elijah and Diana, of Littleton, Apr.1,1845.*

Joel S., and Mrs.Keziah Haynes of Shirley, int.Nov.15,1840.

John, and Betsy Hobart, int.Sept.30,1810.

John, and Mary Hildreth of Westford, int.July18,1812.

John, and Susan Prescott, May15,1829.*

Joseph, of Charlestown, and Sally Brook of Cambridge, Feb.1,1802.

Joseph W., of Littleton, and Lavina Ames, Apr.16,1839.*

Lovey Maria, and Silvester Patch, July14,1833.*

Lydia P., and Asa S. Burgess of Harvard, int.Oct.10,1847.

Mary, of Hollis, NH, and Leonard Chafin, at Hollis, NH, July13,1827.PR146*

Mary, and Otis R. Fisher of Wilton, NH, int.Aug.3,1833.

Miriam, and Abel B. Eaton, Oct.11,1829.*

Mousall, of Woburn, and Susanna Spaulding, at Woburn, Apr.5,1733.

Olive, and Nahum Wetherbee, both of Weston, May29,1836.

Prudence, and Noah Shattuck jr., Apr.27,1823.*

Ralph Augustus, of Pepperell, and Azubah Worcester, int.Oct.20,1838.

Samuel J., unm., of Fitchburg, a.27y., baker, b. Hollis, NH, s.Paige and Sarah, and Rosalina Kilburn, a.19y., d.Isaac and Nancy, Nov.30,1848.*

Sarah, of Westford, and Ebenezer Patch, at Westford, June4,1746.

Sally, and Job Worcester, int.Dec.13,1823.

Walter, and Abigail Sanderson, May5,1842.*

WRITE (Wright)

Samuel [Rite.CR1], and Hannah [Annah.CR1] Lawrance, Jan.18,1732-3.

WYMAN (Wiman)

Abigail, and Nathaniel Sawtell, June9,1763.

Asahel, and Susanna Childs, Dec.26,1786.

Betty, and Ezekiel Porter, Dec.16,1784.

Jerusha, and Levi Kemp [jr.CR1], Jan.7,1798.

Reuben, and Sally Parker, Apr.15,1817.*

Reuben jr., and Olvie H. Shattuck of Pepperell, int.July31,1842.

Reubin, and Mrs.Hannah W. Page of Shirley, int.Dec.24,1843.

Samuel, and Abigial Nutting, Aug.8,1782.

WYTHE (Weath)

Abigail, and John Robbins, Oct.2,1798.

Eunice Pamela, and Stephen Temple of Charlestown, int.Jan.17,1807.

Jonathan [Wyeth.int.], and Betsy Warren [Warran. int.], at Littleton, Dec.3,1799.*

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