LAKIN (Laken, Leakin)

Abigail, d.William and Meriam, Feb.24, 末末.

Miriam, d.William and Miriam, Mar.1, 末末.

Mary, d.William and Miriam, Apr.25, 末末.

Jonathan, s.William and Miriam, Sept.24, 末末.

Sarah, d.John, Feb.4,1661.CTR

Abraham, s.William, Jan.10,1664.CTR

William, s.John, May12,1664.CTR

Abigail, d.John and Marcy, 13:1m:1666-7.CTR

Abraham, s.William, Sept.11,1667.CTR

Joseph, s.John, Apr.14,1670.CTR

Benjamin, s.John, Nov.6,1672.CTR

Josiah, s.John, 14:7m:1675.CTR

William, s.William and Elisaberth, Sept.2,1686.

Hannah, d.Wililam and Elizabeth, Feb.6,1694.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Abigiall, May3,1696.

Lydiah, d.William and Elizeberth, Jan.19,1697.

Abigell, d.Joseph and Abigell, July20,1698.

Abigiall, d.Joseph and Abigiall, July20,1698.

John, s.William and Elizabeth, Mar.31,1700.

Jacob, s.Joseph and Abigaill, Dec.7,1700.

Abraham, s.Abraham and Abigell, Dec.15,1701.

Isaac, s.William and Elezebeth, Dec.11,1702.

Mary, d.Joseph and Abegel, Apr.12,1703.

Mary, d.Joseph and Abigiall, Apr.12,1703.

Abegall, d.Abraham and Abagel, Apr.9,1704.

Sarah, d.Josiah and Luce, May12,1705.

Sary, d.Josiah and Lucy, May12,1705.

Ledea, d.Joseph and Abigiall, Mar.15,1707.

Ebenezer, s.Abraham and Abigaill, July19,1707.

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Aug.23,1707.

Unes, d.Josiah and Lucy, Oct.7,1707.

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, bp. July17,1709.CR1

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Sept.5,1709.

Jean, d.Josiah and Lucy, Dec.25,1710.

Simon, s.William jr. and Anna (Blanchard), Mar.21,1713.

Samuel, s.Abraham and Abigail, Apr.6,1713.

Jane, d.Benimin and Elizebeth, Oct.28,1713.

Ledah, d twin, Jonathan and Sarah, Mar.29,1715-16.

Marey, d.twin, Jonathan and Sarah, Mar.29,1715-16.

Mathaw, d.Benjamin and Elizebeth, Oct.2,1715.

Phebe, d.Abraham and Abigail, bp. July1,1716.CR1

Rachel, d.Benjamin and Elizebeth, May8,1717.

Eunice, d.Josiah and Sarah, bp. July6,1717.CR1

Sarah, d.Josiah and Sarah, bp. July6,1717.CR1

Mary, d.Josiah and Lucy, Feb.26,1718-19.

James, s.James and Elisabeth, Aug.21,1718.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Apr.28,1719.

Robberson, s.James and Elisabeth, Feb.17,1720.

Ester, d.Josiah and Lucy, May30,1721.

Ambrose, s.James and Elisabeth, Apr.30,1722.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Mar.3,1724.

Elesabeth, d.James and Elesabeth, Aug.12,1724.

Hannah, d.James and Elesaberth, Sept.15,1726.

Henry, s.Isaac and Elisabeth, Dec.6,1727.

Nathaniel, s.James and Elesaberth, Dec.13,1728.

Eunes, d.Jacob and Eunes, Jan.23,1730-1.

Josiah, s.Isaac and Elisabeth, Apr.9,1730.

John, s.John and Lydia, Oct.26,1730.

Susanna, d.James and Elesaberth, Sept.24,1731.

William, s.William and Meriam, May22,1732.

Lydia, d.Ebenezer and Lydia, Aug.5,1732.

Simion [Semion, dup], s.Isaac and Elisaberth [Elisaborth.dup.], Nov.24,1732.

Olever, s.William and Meraham, Feb.24,1733.

Lydia, d.John and Lydia, Jan.3,1734.

Mary, d.James and Elesaberth, Apr.26,1734.

Gabarall, s.William and Meriam, June22,1736.

Simon, s.Simon and Hannah, July5,1736.

Abigaill, d.Ebenezer and Lydia, Sept.3,1736.

Sibell, d.James and Elisaborth, Jan.2,1737.

Hannah, d.Simon and Hannah, Mar.18,1738-9.

Phebe, d.Ebenezer and Lydia, Sept.12,1738.

Sarah, d.Isaac and Elisaborth, Oct.22, [1738?].

Lemuell, s.William and Meriam, May13,1739.

Sibeal, d.John and Lydia, Oct.16,1739.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, bp. Feb.28,1741-2.CR1

Hannah, d.John and Lydia, Aug.24,1743.

Anna, d.Robison and Hannah, Jan.16,1746.

Joseph, s.John and Lydia, Nov.23,1746.

Levi, s.Isaac and Elisabeth, Jan.7,1747.

James, s.Robison and Hannah, June2,1749.

Eunice, d.John and Lydia, Aug.19,1750.

Elisabeth, d.Robinson and Hannah, June2,1751.

Mary, d.Simeon and Mary, May31,1752.

Susanna, d.Ambros and Dorithy, Oct.8,1753.

David, s.John and Lydia, Oct.10,1753.

Elisabeth, d.Simeon and Mary, Dec.10,1754.

Molly, d.Isaac jr. and Mary, May5,1755.

Ambros, s.Ambros and Dorithy, Sept.22,1756.

Sarah, d.Simeon and Mary, Nov.16,1756.

Isaac, s.Isaac jr. and Mary, Mar.1,1758.

Anna, d.twin William and Anna, Oct.11,1758.

William, s.twin, William and Anna, Oct.11,1758.

Phebe, d.Gabriel and Phebe, Nov.26,1758.

Abel, s.Ambros and Dorothy, Oct.15,1759.

Eunice, d.Isaac and Mary, July27,1760.

Lydia, d.Gabriel and Phebe, Aug.31,1760.

Lemuel, s.William and Anna, Feb.26,1761.

Noami, d.Isaac and Mary, Apr.13,1762.

Robert, s.William and Anna, Jan.9,1763.

Eunice, d.Gabriel and Phebe [(Lakin).CR1], Feb.12,1763.

Rachel, d.Isaac and Mary, Oct.12,1764.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Sible [Sybele (Gilson).CR1], Feb.11,1765.

Jonas, s.William and Anna [(Gragg).CR1], Feb.24,1765.

Ebenezer, s.Gabriel and Phebe, Apr.13,1765.

Molly, d.Ambros and Dorothy [(Gilson).CR1], Feb.22,1767.

Ebenezer, s.Gabriel and Phebe [(Lakin).CR1], Feb.23,1767.

Joel, s.William and Anna [(Gragg).CR1], May4,1767.

David, s.Isaac and Mary, May15,1767.

Peter, s.Oliver and Sible, Oct.11,1767.

Gabriel, s.twin, Gabriel and Phebe (Lakin), bp. Oct.8,1769.CR1

Mary, d.twin, Gabriel and Phebe (Lakin), bp. Oct.8,1769.CR1

James, s.Isaac and Mary, Nov.13,1769.

Jemima, d.Jonathan and Jemima [(Williams).CR1], June22,1770.

Thomas, s.Ambros and Dorothy [(Gilson).CR1], Sept.3,1770.

Elisabeth, d.William and Anna (Gragg), bp. June23,1771.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Isaac and Mary, Sept.19,1771.

Abigail, d.Gabriel and Phebe [(Lakin).CR1], Mar.25,1772.

Meriam, d.Jonathan and Jemima, Mar.21,1773.

Lemuel, s.Isaac and Mary, Oct.9,1773.

Ede, d.Ambrose and Dorothy (Gilson), bp. Apr.3,1774.CR1

Prudence, d.twin, Levi and Hannah, Apr.6,1774.

Submit, d.twin, Levi and Hannah, Apr.6,1774.

Sibbel, d.David and Rebeckah, May22,1774.

Jonathan, s.William and Anna, bp. Sept.4,1774.CR1

Jonas, s.Isaac and Mary, July16,1776.

William, s.Gabriel and Phebe (Lakin), bp. July28,1776.CR1

Jacob, s.David and Rebeckah, Sept.13,1776.

Sarah, d.Levi and Hannah, Apr.5,1777.

Lucy, d.David and Rebeckah, Nov.3,1778.

Mary, d.Gabriel and Phebe, Sept.26,1779.

Hannah, d.Levi and Hannah, Jan.24,1780.

Sibbel, d.Isaac and Mary, May20,1780.

Rebeckah, d.David and Rebeckah, Apr.14,1781.

Milly, d.Robinson and Hepzibah, Apr.24,1782.

John, s.Oliver and Submit, at Hancock, Berkshire Co., June8,1782.

Eunice, d.Levi and Hannah, Apr.24,1783.

John, s.David and Rebeckah, July6,1783.

Luthah, s.Robinson and Hepzibath, Dec.23,1783.

David, s.Oliver and Submit, Jan.2,1785.

David, s.David and Rebeckah, Feb.19,1786. [Sept.18,1796.PR15].

Daniel, Feb.22,1786.PR15

Nancy, d.Robinson and Hepzibath, Apr.1,1786.

Lefe, d.Levi and Hannah, July10,1786.

Rachel, d.David and Rebeckah, Oct.1,1788.

John, s.Robinson and Hepzebath, Mar.5,1789.

Rachel, s.[?] Robinson and Hepzibath, May21,1791.

Noah, s.Robartson and Hepzibath, Sept.26,1793.

Abel, s.David and Rebeckah, Nov.1,1793 [Nov.15,1792.PR15].

Noah, s.Robinson and Hepzibath, Nov.9,1795.

Elisha, s.Robinson and Hepzibath, Oct.6,1797.

Mary, Jan.28,1798.PR15

George, s.Robinson and Hepzibath, at Pepperell, Sept.5,1800.

Mary, Mar.14,1801.PR50

Jonas, s.Jonas and Mary, at Boston, Feb.7,1803.

Lemuel, s.Lemuel and Rebeckah, May8,1804.

Hannah, July26,1805.PR50

Noami, d.Lemuel and Rebeckah, Oct.4,1805.

Elizabeth, d.Lemuel and Rebeckah, Sept.16,1807.

Ebenezer, twin, Jan.15,1808.PR50

Lydia, twin, Jan.15,1808.PR50

Isaac, s.Lemuel and Rebeckah, June5,1809.

Mary, d.Jonas and Mary, at Boston, July8,1810.

Calvin, twin, Dec.21,1810.PR50

Luther, s.twin, Dec.21,1810.PR50

Luther, s.Lemuel and Rebeckah, Sept.11,1811.

Joseph, Sept.19,1814.PR50

Charles, s.Oliver and Betsey, June19,1815.

Martha Blood, d.Lemuel and Rebeckah, Aug.8,1816.

Harriet, d.Jonas and Mary, at Boston, Aug.18,1816.

Cordelia, d.Jonas and Mary, May27,1819.

Milecent Ann Deblois, d.Lemuel and Rebeckah, Aug.26,1820.

Samuel, s.Oliver and Betsey, Nov.16,1820.

Gabriel, s.David and Anna, Mar.15,1823.


Sarah, Sept.2,1739.PR97


Thomas, Aug.31,1825.PR55

Angelina D., Mar.6,1830.PR55


Daniel, Oct.27,1823.PR8

Laura M., Oct.26,1843.PR8

Henrietta M., Sept.7,1847.PR8


Joseph, s.William and Deliverance, Jan.6,1686-7.CTR


Albert Nelson, s.Daniel, wheelwright, and Mary, Aug.24,1846.


Ruth, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, May12,1711.


Stephen, s.Samuell and Anne, Aug.4,1747.

Anne, d.Samuell and Anne, Apr.28,1750.

Samuell, s.Samuell and Anne, Aug.1,1752.

Rebekkah, d.Benjamin and Margaret (Williams), bp. at Shirley, Oct.25,1761.CR1


John, s.John and Jane, at Pepperell, Jan.24,1767.

Rebecka, d.John and Jane, Feb.7,1769.

Thomas, s.John and Jane, Apr.29,1771.

Oliver, s.John and Jane, Oct.24,1773.

Molley, d.John and Jane, Sept.28,1776.

LAWRENCE (Laurance, Lawrance, Lawrants)

Rachill, d.Zachariah and Abigall,末蔓末, 末末. [after 1723?].

Hannah, d.Nathaniel, July3,1664.CTR

Abigail, d.John, sr., Jan.9,1665.CTR

Susanna, d.John and Susannah, July3,1667.CTR

John, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, July29,1667.CTR

Mary, d.Nathaniel, Mar.3,1669-70.CTR

Samuel, s.Peleg and Elizabeth, Oct.16,1671.CTR

Sarah, d.Nathaniel, May16,1672.CTR

Eleazer, s.Peleg and Elizabeth, Feb.28,1674.CTR

Elizabeth, d.Nathaniell, 6:7m:1674.CTR

Jonathan, s.Peleg and Elizabeth, Mar.29,1679.CTR

Daniel, s.Enosh and Ruth, Mar.7,1681.CTR

Abigail, d.Peleg and Elizabeth, Oct.6,1681.CTR

Deborah, d.Nathaniell and Sarah, Mar.24,1683.CTR

Zechariah, s.Enos and Ruth, 16:5m:1683.CTR

Jeremiah, s.Peleg and Elizabeth, Jan.3,1686-7.CTR

Jeremiah, s.Enoch and Ruth, May1,1686.CTR

Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, Apr.26,1687.CTR

Joseph, s.Peleg and Elizabeth, June12,1688.CTR

Mary, d.Nathaniell and Anna, Oct.16,1690.CTR

Jonathan, s.Nathaniel and Hanah, June14,1696.

Elizabeth, d.Eliazer and Mary, Feb.28,1699.

Peleg, s.Eliazer and Mary, June1,1701.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Sarah, Apr.22,1702.

Nathaniell, s.Nathaniell and Anna, May13,1702.

Jonathan, s.Elezer and Mary, Oct.4,1703.

Isac, s.Danil and Sara, Feb.25,1704-05.

James, s.Nathanell and Hanna, Aug.26,1705.

David, s.Elizer and Mary, Dec.26,1705.

Jeremiah, s.Daniel and Sarah, bp. Oct.5,1707.CR1

Zachariah, s.Zachariah and Abegail, May8,1708.

Anna, d.Nathanill and Anna, July8,1708.

Ruth, d.Zachariah and Abigail, Sept.3,1710.

Enoch, s.Nathanill and Anna, Nov.15,1710.

Sarah, d.Nathanill and Anna, Mar.15,1713.

Jeramiah, s.Zachariah and Abigall, Dec.7,1713.

Samuill, s.Elezer and Mary, May22,1714.

Josiah, s.Zachariah and Abigall, July4,1715.

Prudence, d.Thomas and Prudence, Sept.14,1715.

Marthaw, d.Nathanill and Anna, Dec.7,1715.

Anna, d.Nathaniell and [Anna (Scripture)], bp. Nov.11,1716.CR1

Enos, s.Nathaniell and [Anna (Scripture)], bp. Nov.11,1716.CR1

Jacob, s.Nathaniell and Anna (Scripture), bp. Nov.11,1716.CR1

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniell and Anna (Scripture), bp. Nov.11,1716.CR1

Sarah, d.Nathaniell and Anna (Scripture), bp. Nov.11,1716.CR1

Joseph, s.Nathanill and Anna, Apr.10,1717-18.

Mary, d.Thomas and Prudence, bp. Sept.28,1717.CR1

Abigall, d.Zachariah and Abigall, May16,1718.

Mary, d.Thomas and Prudence, Sept.7,1718.

Exparance, d.Elezer and Mary, June22,1719.

Elizabeth, d.Zachariah and Abigall, July31,1720.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Prudence, Sept.3,1720.

Benjmin, s.Nathanill and Anna, Nov.6,1720.

William, s.William and Susanna, May7,1723.

Josiah, s.Zachariah and Abigal, Oct.11,1723.

Rebecka, d.Nathanill and Anna, Apr.17,1724.

Susanna, d.William and Susanna, Feb.5,1725-6.

Jonathan, s.Thomas and Prudence, Sept.2,1725.

Loes, d.Nathanill and Anna, Sept.6,1726.

Anna, d.William and Susanna, Jan.29,1727-8.

Ruth, d.Zachariah and Abigail, bp. Mar.2,1728-9.CR1

Oliver, s.Peleg and Ruth, May18,1728-9.

Eunes, d.Nathanill and Anna, July25,1728.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Tryphena, Aug.27,1728.

Dorothy, d.Nathaniel jr. and Dorothy, Feb.8,1729-30.

Abel, s.William and Susanna, Feb.25,1729.

Ruth, d.Peleg and Ruth, Jan.28,1731.

Isaac, s.Jonathan and Tryphene, May19,1731.

Sarah, d.William and Susanna, Mar.12,1732.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel jr. and Dorithy, May23,1732.

Marey, d.Peleg and Ruth, Mar.23,1733.

Abel, s.Jonathan and Tryphene, July16,1733.

Marey, d.James and Marey, Mar.17,1734.

Thomas, s.Nathaneill jr. and Doroty, Aug.18,1734.

Samuell, s.Enosh and Sarah, Sept.12,1734.

Phebe, d.William and Susanna, Sept.20,1734.

Epheraim, s.Peleg and Ruth, Mar.31,1735.

Tryphene, d.Jonathan and Tryphene, Sept.26,1735.

Sarah, d.Zachriah jr. and Sarah, Oct.2,1735.

Isaac, s.Nathaniell and Dorety, Jan.8,1736-7.

James, s.James and Marey, Apr.11,1736.

Richard, s.Enosh and Sarah, July15,1736.

Bettey, d.Jonathan and Tryphene, Feb.24,1737.

Abigail, d.Zachariah, bp. May22,1737.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Zacharia, bp. May22,1737.CR1

Assa, s.Peleg and Ruth, June14,1737.

Enoch, s.Enosh and Sarah, July24,1738.

Abigaill, d.Jeremiah and Elisaborth, Aug.16,1738.

Abigaill, d.Nathaniell jr. and Dorety, June21,1739.

Sarah, d.Peleg and Ruth, July24,1739.

Abigaill, d.Jeremiah and Elisaborth, Aug.22,1739.

Elisabeth, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Oct.11,1739.

Daniel, s.Zacriah jr. and Sarah, Jan.24,1740-1.

Olive, d.Jonathan and Tryphene, May19,1740.

Sarah, d.Enoch and Sarah, Aug.6,1740.

Esther, d.Jonathan and Esther, Dec.15,174. [bet. 1744 and 1748].

Zuruiah, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Mar.23,1741.

John, s.Nathanall jr. and Dorety, Nov.13,1741.

Lydia, d.Enosh and Sarah, July16,1742.

Peter, s.Jonathan and Tryphene, Oct.7,1742.

Marey, d.Jeremiah and Elisaborth, Jan.8,1743-4.

Anna, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Dec.1,1743.

Rebecah, d.Benjamin and Rebekah, Jan.10,1744.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Esther, Jan.21,1744.

Stephen, s.Enosh and Sarah, Mar.23,1744.

Edmund, s.Thomas and Sarah, Apr.14,1745.

Elisabeth, d.Jeremiah and Elisabeth, May9,1745.

Lemeuell, s.James and Mary, June1,1745.

Abigail, d.Jonathan and Tryphene, July26,1745.

Daniell, s.twin, Enosh and Sarah, Mar.28,1746.

Loes, d.twin, Enosh and Sarah, Mar.28,1746.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Rebekah, Sept.1,1746.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Sarah, Feb.20,1747.

Benjamen, s.James and Mary, Oct.19,1747.

Hannah, d.Enosh and Sarah, Apr.12,1748.

Eunice, d.Nathaniell, Apr.20,1748.

Lucey, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, May7,1748.

Anna, d.Benjamin and Rebekah, Nov.14,1748.

Prudence, d.Jonathan and Esther, Nov.30,1748.

Alles, d.Thomas and Sarah, Sept.13,1749.

Jeremiah, s.Dea.Jeremiah and Elisabeth, July30,1750.

Amos, s.Amos and Abigal, Sept.9,1750.

Margory, d.Benjamin and Rebekah, Jan.3,1751.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Esther, May30,1751.

Nehemiah, s.Amos and Abigail, Jan.14,1752.

Meriah, d.Thomas and Sarah, Apr.5,1752.

Martha, d.Nathaniell, June15,1752.

Abel, s.twin, Abel and Mary, Oct.14,1752.

John, s.twin, Abel and Mary, Oct.14,1752.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Rebekah, Apr.2,1753.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Esther, Oct.15,1753.

Samuell, s.Amos and Abigail, Apr.24,1754.

Abel, s.Abel and Mary, July31,1754.

Phebe, d.Benjamin and Rebekah, Oct.19,1755.

Thomas, s.Jonathan and Esther, Jan.15,1756.

Asa, s.Amos and Abigail, June1,1756.

Anna, d.Jonathan and Esther, Jan.18,1757.

Mary, d.Abel and Mary, July21,1757.

Nathaniel [Lawrence.CR1], s.Nathaniel 3d and Prudence, Oct.20,1757.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Sarah, Dec.25,1757.

Ruth, d.Benjamin and Rebecca, Jan.3,1758.

Levi, s.Jonathan and Esther, Aug.14,1759.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Mary, Oct.30,1759.

Rachel, d.Benjamin and Rebecca, Mar.16,1760.

Benjamin, s.Isaac and Mary, July15,1761.

Peter, s.Isaac and Mary, bp. Aug.16,1761.CR1

David, s.Capt. David and Hannah, b. Littleton, Nov.7,1761.

Abigail, d.Jonathan and Esther, Dec.13,1761.

Deborah, d.Benjamin and Rebekah, July1,1762.

William, s.Jonathan and Esther, Dec.4,1762.

Rebecah, d.Samuel and Rebecah, Mar.2,1763.

Mary, d.Isaac and Mary, Sept.3,1763.

Sarah, d.Charles and Naomi, bp. Apr.1,1764.CR1

Bridget, d.Samuel and Rebeccah, May3,1764.

Deborah, d.Enoch and Esther (Woods) of No. 1. Mason, NH, bp. June24,1764.CR1

Stephen, s.Eleazer and Rebecca (Haynes), bp. Nov.4,1764.CR1

Asa, s.Jonathan and Esther, Mar.13,1765.

Salmon, s.Benjamin and Rebecka, Apr.23,1765.

Salmon, s.Benjamin and Rebecca, bp. Apr.28,1765.CR1

Hannah, d.Samuel and Rebecka, Dec.26,1765.

Dorothy, d.Isaac and Mary [(Bailey).CR1], July29,1766.

Jabez, s.Samuell and Rebecka, Mar.19,1767.

Eunice, d.Isaac and Mary [(Bailey).CR1], Apr.9,1767.

Joel, s.Jonathan and Esther, July21,1767.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Rebecka, Feb.23,1769.

Nathaniel, s.Isaac and Mary, July29,1769.

Nathaniel, s.Isaac and Mary (Bailey), Aug.5,1770.CR1

Oliver, s.Samuel and Rebecka [Bridget.CR1], Aug.17,1770.

Diadema, d.Capt. Asa and Abigail, Aug.24,1771.

Lydia, d.Isaac and Mary [(Bailey).CR1], Apr.21,1772.

Diadama, d.Asa and Abigail, bp. Aug.30,1772.CR1

Amos, s.Amos jr. and Betty, Sept.30,1773.

Philomela, d.Capt. Asa and Abigail, Oct.22,1773.

Daniel, s.Isaac and Mary [(Bailey).CR1], Sept.14,1774.

Abigail, d.Amos jr. and Betty [Elizabeth (Hubbard).CR1], Oct.9,1774.

Philomela, d.Asa and Abigail, bp. Jan.1,1775.CR1

Sally, d.Nehemiah and Esther [(Fitch).CR1], Sept.3,1775.

Amos, s.Amos jr. and Betty [(Hubbard).CR1], July10,1776.

John, s.John and Abigail, Apr.4,1777.

Abijah, s.Samuel and Rebeccah, July6,1777.

Martha, d.Isaac and Mary, Nov.3,1777.

Polly, d.Nehemiah and Esther [(Fitch).CR1], Nov.4,1777.

Abigail, d.Amos jr. and Betty [(Hubbard).CR1], Apr.27,1778.

Horatio Gates, s.Capt. Asa and Abigial, June11,1778.

Lucy, d.Joel and Ruth [(Collier).CR1], Sept.28,1778.

Ephraim, s.Benjamin jr. and Rebeckah, Apr.9,1779.

Nathaniel, s.John and Abigail, Apr.28,1779.

Asa, s.Lt. Amos jr. and Betty [(Hubbard).CR1], July21,1780.

Nathaniel, s.John and Abigail, July25,1780.

Esther, d.Nehemiah and Esther [(Fitch).CR1], Nov.8,1780.

Anna, d.Isaac and Mary, Jan.2,1781.

Artemas, s.Benjamin jr. and Rebeckah, Feb.13,1781.

Samuel, s.Lt. Samuel and Susanna [(Parker).CR1], July2,1781.

Betsy, d.Lt. Amos jr. and Betty [(Hubbard).CR1], June24,1782.

Susanna, d.Nehemiah and Esther (Fitch), bp. Sept.8,1782.CR1

Sukel, d.Nehemiah and Esther, Sept.22,1782.

Moody, s.Benjamin jr. and Rebeckah, Jan.15,1783.

Henery, s.Capt. Asa and Abigial, Mar.16,1783.

Susanna, d.Isaac and Mary, May13,1783.

George, s.Isaac and Molly, bp. July13,1783.CR1

Ezekiel, s.John and Abigail, July20,1783.

Peter Parker, s.Peter and Mary, Aug.31,1783.

William, s.Dea.Samuel and Susanna [(Parker).CR1], Sept.7,1783.

Levi, s.Levi and Elisabeth, bp. Sept.19,1784.CR1

Isaac, s.Isaac jr. and Molly, bp. Dec.12,1784.CR1

Joshua, s.Benjamin jr. and Rebeckah, Feb.10,1785.

Philomela, d.Rowland and Mahala,末蔓末,1786.

Amos, s.Dea.Samuel and Susanna [(Parker).CR1], Apr.22,1786.

Abigail, d.John and Abigail, Sept.4,1786.

Thomas, s.Benjamin jr. and Rebeckah, Jan.18,1787.

Sarah, d.William and Sarah [(Farwell).CR1], Feb.1,1787.

Sukey [Susanna.CR1], d.Dea.Samuel and Susanna [(Parker).CR1], May24,1788.

Jonathan, s.Rowland and Mahala, Sept.11,1788.

Jonathan, s.Rowland and Mahala, Sept.11,1788.

Elizebeth, d.Levi and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.26,1788.CR1

Rebeckah, d.Lt. Benjamin and Rebeckah, at Jaffrey, NH, Apr.8,1789.

Solomon, s.Salmon and Mary, May25,1789.

Abel, s.John and Abigail, June12,1789.

Sally, w.Nathaniel, May2,1790.

Asa, s.Roland and Mahala, July25,1790.

David, s.Ephraim and Sally [(Sartell).CR1], Aug.11,1790.

Patty, d.Isaac, bp. Sept.5,1790.CR1

Edmund, s.John jr. and Esther, Oct.13,1790.

Polly, d.Dea.Samuel and Susanna [(Parker).CR1], Nov.12,1790.

Sadoc, s.Salmon and Mary, May6,1791.

Milla, d.Lt. Benjamin and Rebeckah, at Jaffrey, NH, Sept.18,1791.

Sally, d.Ephraim and Sally [(Sartell).CR1], Dec.5,1791.

Thomas, s.Joel and Ruth [(Collier).CR1], Mar.30,1792.

Edmund, s.Isaac jr., bp. Apr.8,1792.CR1

Sally, d.John and Abigail, Apr.8,1792.

Frances [Francis.CR1], s.Asa and Lydia [(Farnsworth).CR1], July5,1792.

Mahala, d.Rowland and Azubah, Aug.15,1792.

Abbot, s.Dea.Samuel and Susanna [(Parker).CR1], Dec.16,1792.

Phebe, d.Salmon and Mary, May31,1793.

Edmond [Edmund.CR1], s.William and Sarah [(Farwell).CR1], July6,1793.

Manasseh, s.Benjamin and Rebeckah, at Jaffrey, NH, Jan.21,1794.

Diadama, d.Rowland and Azubah, Jan.23,1794.

Sukey, d.Joel and Ruth [(Collier).CR1], Feb.28,1794.

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Sally (Sartell), bp. Dec.7,1794.CR1

Mary, d.John and Abigail, Apr.1,1795.

John, s.John and Esther, May5,1795.

Rebeckah, d.Salmon and Mary, June7,1795.

Anna, d.Rowland and Azubah, Oct.19,1795.

Simon Stillman, s.Ephraim and Sally (Sartell), bp. Nov.3,1795.CR1

Eliza, d.Dea.Samuel and Susanna [(Parker).CR1], Mar.13,1796.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Rebeckah, at Jaffrey, NH, Nov.2,1796.

Joseph, s.Rowland and Azubah, Oct.7,1797.

Benjamin, s.Salmon and Mary, Oct.19,1797.

Harriet, d.Asa and Lydia [(Farnsworth).CR1], Jan.26,1798.

Anna, d.Ephraim and Sally (Sartell), bp. May13,1798.CR1

Ezekiel, s.John and Esther, Dec.7,1798.

Curtis, s.Joel and Ruth, Apr.26,1799.

Nathaniel Sartell, s.Ephraim and Sally (Sartell), bp. Aug.23,1799.CR1

Curtis, s.Joel and Ruth (Collier), bp. Oct.6,1799.CR1

John, s.John 3d and Margaret, Oct.26,1799.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Rebeckah, at Jaffrey, NH, Dec.1,1799.

Asa F., s.Asa and Lydia [(Farnsworth).CR1], Feb.7,1800.

Samuel, s.Dea.Samuel and Susanna [(Parker).CR1], Jan.15,1801.

Eliza, d.Joel and Ruth, Sept.28,1801.

Mary, d.Rowland and Azubah, Oct.7,1801.


Sophronia, d.Jonathan and Azuba, Feb.6,1803.

Elizabeth, d.Rowland and Azubah, at Pepperell, July9,1803.

John Gragg, s.John 3d and Margaret, June6,1804.

Calvin, s.Jonathan and Azubah, June17,1805.

Parintha, d.Rowland and Azubah, Jan.18,1806.

Anna Maria, d.Luther and Lucy [(Bigelow).CR1], "in the Bowers' house," Mar.25,1806.

William, s.John 3d and Margaret, Oct.7,1806.

Emily, d.Luther and Lucy [(Bigelow).CR1], June24,1807.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Sally, Aug.4,1808.

Silas, s.Silas and Hepzibah, Sept.22,1808.

Benjamin Franklin, s.Asa and Lucy, Jan.4,1809.

Elizabeth Andrews, d.Luther and Lucy [(Bigelow).CR1], June29,1809.

Margaret, d.John and Margaret, Oct.18,1810.

David Prescott, s.Silas and Hepzibah, Nov.9,1810.

Abigail, d.Nathaniel jr. and Sally, Jan.3,1811.

Abigail, d.Nathaniel and Sally, Jan.3,1811.

Catharine, d.Luther and Lucy [(Bigelow).CR1], Apr.26,1811.

Ardelia Loisa, d.Asa and Lucy, Dec.11,1811.

Luther, s.John and Margaret, July29,1812.

John, s.Nathaniel and Sally, Feb.26,1813.

Alpheus, s.Silas and Hepzibah, Mar.3,1813.

Eliza, d.Jonathan and Rachel, Mar.14,1813.

Franklin, s.John and Margaret, Apr.7,1814.

Rufus Bigelow, s.Luther and Lucy (Bigelow), July13,1814.CR1

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Rachel, Nov.17,1814.

Imla, s.Silas and Hepzibah, May3,1815.

Daniel, s.Nathaniel and Sally, June16,1815.

Mary, d.John and Margaret, Feb.7,1816.

Betsy (Betsey, dup.), d.Asa 3d and Betsy [Betsey.dup.], at Dunstable, Oct.1,1816.

Salmon Longley, s.Salmon jr. and Sarah, Dec.25,1816.

Ephraim, s.Jonathan and Rachel, Feb.27,1817.

Mary Lakin, d.Zadoc and Lucinda, Mar.23,1817.

Abigail, d.Nathaniel and Sally, Aug.11,1817.


Harriet, d.Silas and Hepzibah, Mar.14,1818.

Sarah, d.Asa 3d and Betsy, May27,1818.

Harriot, d.John and Margaret, June13,1818.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Rachel, Mar.25,1819.

Sarah, d.Asa and Betsey, May7,1819.

William Blood, s.Zadoc and Lucinda, July15,1819.

John, s.Nathaniel and Sally, Sept.22,1819.

Sarah F.,末蔓末,1820.PR46

Asa S., s.Asa and Betsey, May10,1820.

William, s.Joel and Isabella, Aug.26,1820.

John, Jan.13,1821.PR66

Ephraim, s.Jonathan and Rachel, May31,1821.

Sarah, d.Silas and Hepzibah, Aug.10,1821.

Elizabeth Ames, d.Zadoc and Lucinda, Aug.14,1821.

Susanna, d.Asa and Betsey, Mar.14,1822.

Edward Addison, s.Curtis and Lucy, Feb.25,1823.

Samuel, s.Asa and Betsey, Apr.24,1823.

Kimball Danforth, s.Zadoc and Lucinda, May27,1823.

John Hartwell, s.Jonathan and Rachel, Apr.13,1824.

Hannah, d.Silas and Hpezibah, Oct.21,1824.

Lucy Maria, d.Curtis and Lucy, Mar.8,1825.

Luther Livermore, s.Zadoc and Lucinda, May15,1825.

Walter Shattuck, s.Jonathan and Rachel, Dec.27,1825.

Philomelia, d.Asa and Betsey, Feb.24,1826.

Mary Wheeler, d.Curtis and Lucy, Apr.15,1827.

Rachel Susanna, d.Zadoc and Lucinda, July20,1827.

Mindwell Green, d.Joseph and Mindwell, July16,1828.

George B., s.Asa and Betsey, Aug.17,1828.

Susan Frances, d.Curtis and Lucy, Nov.30,1828.

Mary E., d.Asa and Betsey, Sept.17,1830.

Rachel Mahala, d.Jonathan and Rachel, Jan.6,1831.

Mary Emeline Parker, d.Joseph and Mindwell, Jan.13,1832.

Martha M., d.Asa and Betsey, June6,1833.

William Henry, s.Henry L. and Martha, Oct.14,1834.

George Lewis, s.Henry L. and Martha, Aug.14,1836.

Sarah, d.Zachriah jr. and Sarah, Apr.7,1838.

Maria Augusta, d.Henry L. and Martha, Jan.9,1839.

Elizabeth Bigelow, Mar.9,1841.PR79

Frances R., d.Henry L., stage driver, and Martha H., July14,1843.

末末, d.John G., laborer, and Anna, Dec.24,1844.

Orra, d.John G., farmer, and Ann, July18,1848.

Mary Avilla, d.John H., farmer, and Mary Jane, Oct.22,1848.


Samuel, s.Samuel and Marcy, 29:2m:1667.CTR


Frank, s.Albert, shoe dealer, and Hannah, June17,1848.

LESLEY (Lesly, Lesslie)

Mary, d.George, bp. May28,1738.CR1

LESLY (Lesley)

George, s.George, bp. Mar.28,1735-6.CR1

LESSLIE (Lesley)

Elisabeth, d.Jonas and Elisabeth, bp. Apr.23,1780.CR1

Jonas, s.Jonas and Elisabeth, bp. Apr.23,1780.CR1

Samuel, s.Jonas and Elisabeth, bp. Apr.23,1780.CR1

Sarah, s.Jonas and Elisabeth, bp. Apr.23,1780.CR1


Reuben, at Wilmington, Sept.25,1739.

Abi or Ahi, d.Reuben and Abihail, at Chelmsford, July9,1771.

William, s.Ebenezer and Sarah, Mar.25,1774.

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Ruth, at Billerica, Sept.20,1774.

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Sarah, Feb.26,1776.

Jule, d.Ebenezer and Ruth, at Westford, Jan.8,1777.

Jane Clark, d twin, Jonathan Clark and Eunice, May22,1778.

Jonathan Clark, s twin, Jonathan Clark and Eunice, May22,1778.

Zilpah, d.Reuben and Abihail, at Dunstable, June17,1778.

Asa, s.Ebenezer and Ruth, at Dunstable, July19,1778.

Betty, d.Reuben and Abihail, July18,1780.

Kispah, d.Ebenezer and Ruth, Sept.7,1781.

Anna, d.Lt. Reuben and Abihail, Feb.19,1783.

John, s.Ebenezer and Ruth, Apr.7,1784.

James, s.James and Lucy, Feb.1,1785.

Aaron, s.Reuben and Abihail, Oct.21,1785.

Salla, d.Ebenezer and Ruth, Apr.3,1786.

Aaron, s.James and Lucy, Dec.11,1786.

Oliver Prescott, s.Ruben and Abihail, July10,1787.

Henry, s.Ebenezer and Ruth, July5,1788.

Levi, s.James and Lucy, Nov.28,1788.

Asa Shed, s.Reuben and Abihail, June25,1790.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Ruth, July25,1790.

Andrew, s.James and Lucy, Oct.19,1790.

Lucy, d.James and Lucy, June15,1792.

Benjamin, s.Ebenezer and Ruth, Feb.1,1793.

Morric, s.James and Lucy, July25,1795.

Lucy, d.twin, Ebenezer and Ruth, Nov.12,1795.

Luther, s.twin, Ebenezer and Ruth, Nov.12,1795.

Frederic [Augustus.CR1], Sept.10,1798.

William Crosby, s.James jr. and Lucy [(Crosby).CR1], Sept.15,1800.

Lucy, d.Asa and Lucy, Feb.4,1803.

William, s.Asa and Lucy, June18,1804.

Herriot, d.Asa and Lucy, Apr.13,1806.

Mary, d.Asa and Lucy, Mar.28,1808.

Sally, d.Asa and Lucy, June15,1810.

Asa, s.Asa and Lucy, Nov.5,1812.

George Kortlandt, s.Aaron jr. and Sally, June30,1815.

Luther, s.Asa and Lucy, at Rindge, June26,1816.

Reuben, s.Asa S. and Eliza, Sept.13,1816.

Loisa, d.Asa and Lucy, Sept.6,1817.

Eliza Ann, d.Asa S. and Eliza, July13,1818.

William Andrew, s.Aaron jr. and Sally [Sarah (Spaulding).CR1], Nov.3,1818.

Benjamin Richardson, s.Asa and Lucy, Mar.16,1820.

Nancy, d.Oliver P. and Sarah, Dec.2,1820.

Ellen Augustus, d.Aaron and Sally, Nov.9,1821.

George Kortland s.Aaron and Sally, Jan.28,1825.

Elizabeth James, d.Aaron and Sally, Mar.28,1828.

William Henry Harrison, s.William Crosby and Emeline Augusta, Nov.30,1840.

Charles Henry, s.Reuben, farmer, and Elizabeth, Feb.19,1846.


John Parker, s.Thomas and Sophia, at Boston, Mar.20,1825.


Elizabeth, d.Wililam and Elizabeth, Nov.12,1752.

William, s.William and Elisabeth, Apr.11,1754.

Rebeckah, d.William and Elizabeth, at Shirley, Mar.3,1757.


Nahum, at Boxborough, May17,1744.PR81


William, Oct.20,1774.PR124

Catharine, d.William and Betsey, June15,1800.

Elmira, Oct.29,1800.PR124

Daniel, s.William and Betsey, May18,1802.

William, s.William and Betsey, July9,1803.

Harriet, Nov.16,1804.PR124

Daniel, s.William and Betsey, Mar.26,1805.

Nathaniel, s.William and Betsey, Mar.8,1807.

Sally, Mar.20,1807.PR124

Luther, s.William and Betsey, Feb.17,1809.

Daniel, Aug.20,1809.PR124

Betsey, d.William and Betsey, Aug.29,1811.

Lucy B., Jan.11,1812.PR124

Mary C., Mar.12,1815.PR124

Betsey P., May6,1818.PR124

Eunice T., May14,1821.PR124

Josiah F., May14,1821.PR124

William, June1,1832. PR85.

Ellen Augusta, Dec.30,1833.PR124

Charles, Apr.26,1834.PR95

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Wililam jr. and Harriet, at Boston, Feb.28,1836.

Dewit, Aug.20,1836.PR95

Dewit, Feb.15,1838.PR95

Rufus, Nov.1,1839.PR95

William Henry, s.William jr. and Harriet, Sept.11,1840.

Albert, May20,1842.PR95

George Stearns, July12,1846.PR124


Margaret, d.John, Dec.28,1671.CTR

Lydia, d.William, 1:1m:1673-4.CTR

Mary, d.John, 10:11m:1673.CTR

William, s.William, 17:12m:1675.CTR

Sarah [Longly.CR1], d.John and Sarah, Mar.28,1706.

William, s.John and Sarah, bp. Feb.15,1707.CR1

William, s.John and Sarah, Feb.20,1708.

John, s.John and Sarey, Jan.6,1710.

Jonas, s.John [Jonas.CR1], and Sarey, Jan.22,1712.

Lydiah, d.John and Sarey, June26,1716.

Zachariah, s.John and Debarah, Aug.30,1721.

Joseph, s.John and Deborah, Sept.12,1724.

Jonathan, s.John and Deborah, Nov.18,1726.

Zachariah, s.John and Deborah, June7,1729.

Nathaniell, s.John and Deborah, Sept.6,1731.

Robert, s.John and Deborah, Mar.11,1733-4.

William, s.William and Marey, Jan.24,1734.

Marey, d.William and Marey, Oct.17,1736.

William, s.William and Marey, May28,1738.

Sarah, d.William and Marey, Feb.18,1739-40.

Lydia, d.William and Marey, Dec.31,1743.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, Aug.6,1744.

Israel, s.William and Mary, Oct.12,1745.

Edmund, s.Joseph and Mary, Oct.31,1746.

Nehemiah, s.William and Mary, Sept.4,1747.

Phebe, d.Joseph and Mary, Nov.26,1748.

Mary, d.William and Mary, Nov.4,1749.

John, s Joseph and Mary, Feb.17,1750.

Joshua, s.William and Mary, July23,1751.

Zachariah, s.Zachariah and Jemima, Nov.6,1753.

Jemima, d.Zachariah and Jemima, Feb.10,1754.

Susanna, d.Zachariah and Jemima, Jan.8,1758.

Lucy, d.Zachariah and Jemima, May29,1760.

Joseph, s.John and Elisabeth, bp. Aug.23,1761.CR1

Asa [Longly.CR1], s.Zachariah and Jemima [(Moors).CR1], July19,1762.

Deborah, d.Zachariah and Jemima, June5,1764.

Lydia, d.Zachariah and Jemima, June4,1766.

John, s.Zachariah and Jemima, Apr.13,1768.

William, s.John and Scisely, Feb.12,1769.CTR

Sarah, d.Zacheriah and Jemima, Oct.21,1770.

Joseph, s.Zachariah and Jemima [(Moors).CR1], Jan.6,1773.

Benjamin, s.Zachariah and Jemima [(Moors).CR1], Dec.26,1775.

Artemas, Nov.28,1816.PR17

Elizabeth, July12,1847.PR17

Harriet G., Aug.19,1849.PR17


John Hancock, at Lexington, Nov.24,1777.

Sarah, w.John Hancock, at Lexington, Feb.12,1780.

Loisa, d.John and Lois [(Faulkner).CR1], Nov.7,1797.

John, s.John and Lois [(Faulkner).CR1], Apr.19,1799.

Ira, s.John and Lois [(Faulkner).CR1], Feb.8,1801.

Jefferson, s.John Hancock and Sarah, at Lexington, Nov.5,1801.

Betsey, d.John and Lois [(Faulkner).CR1], May11,1802.

Miranda, d.John Hancock and Sarah, at Lexington, May30,1803.

Mary, d.John Hancock and Sarah, at Rindge, NH, Mar.23,1805.

Emeline Amelia, d.John Hancock and Sarah, at Jaffrey, NH, Feb.27,1809.

Madison, s.John Hancock and Sarah, at Jaffrey, NH, Jan.4,1811.

Isaac, s.John Hancock and Sarah, at Townsend, NH, Nov.4,1813.

Sara Augusta, d.John Hancock and Sarah, at Pepperell, Feb.14,1816.

Harriet Elizebeth, d.John Hancock and Sarah, at Townsend, May15,1818.

John Harrison, s.John Hancock and Sarah, Feb.4,1821.

John Harrison, s.John Hancock and Sarah, Mar.15,1822.

Dexella Fletcher, d.Jefferson and Dexella, Feb.20,1832.

George Albert, s.twin, Jefferson and Eliza, Nov.18,1834.

Georgianna, d.twin, Jefferson and Eliza, Nov.18,1834.


Sarah, d.Asa and Sarah, Feb.13,1811.

Abram, s.Asa and Sarah, May31,1812.

William Tufts, s.Asa and Sarah, Aug.13,1813.

Asa Bowman, s.Asa and Sarah, Mar.31,1815.

Mary, d.Asa and Sarah, Sept.1,1816.

Susan A., d.Asa and Sarah, Aug.12,1819.

George T., s.Asa and Sarah, May12,1825.

Benjamin Franklin, s.Asa and Sarah, Apr.22,1831.


Caroline F., d.twin, Theodore H. and Joanna S., Dec.5,1849.

Charles Frederick, s.twin, Theodore H. and Joanna S., Dec.5,1849.


Anna Louisa, July26,1846.PR125

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