LAKIN (Laken)

Lemuel, s.William and Meriam,末蔓末, 末末 [after 1730?]

William, Dec.10,1672, a.abt. 91y.CTR

John, Mar.21,1697.

William, Feb.22,1700.

William, Mar.18,1735.

Joseph, jr., Aug.19,1743.

Joseph, Ens., Apr.1,1747.

William, s.William and Elisabeth, Apr.14,1755.

Jacob, Aug.29,1758, a.57y.8m.22d.GR2

Ebenezer, s.Gabriel and Phebe, Mar.13,1766.

Mary, d.William and Meriam.[June3,1769. a.27y.GR2]

John, Jan.16,1770.

Submit, d.twin, Levi and Hannah, June6,1774.

Miriam, d.William and Miriam, Aug.14,1775, a.20y.4m.GR2

Joshua, s.Joseph and Jerushah, Mar.15,1776, a.9m.26d.GR2

Noah, s.Robartson and Hepzibath, Dec.25,1794.

Rachael, d.Robartson and Hepsibath, Jan.24,1795.

Eunice, w.Jacob, Jan.1,1799, a.92y.GR2

John, s.David and Rebecah, Aug.6,1817. [a.34y.GR1]

Rebecca [(Blanchard).PR15], w.David, Sept.19,1826. [a.70y.GR1]

George, s.David and Anna, Sept.24,1826. [a.3y.6m.GR1]

Jacob, Dec.3,1826.

Robinson, a Revolutionary soldier, at Pepperell, Jan.14,1838, a.83y.NR4

末末, Mrs., at Boston, Dec.14,1838.


George W., s.Sylvester and Sarah B., Mar.12,1842, a.2y.4m.GR1

John, Mar.15,1842. [a.29y.GR1]

David, m.farmer, s.John and Lydia, decay of nature, Mar.3,1846, a.92y.4m.23d.


末末, w.Joseph, Esq., Feb.7,1842.


John M., Sept.18,1831.


Deborah, Mrs., a.76y.Issue of July18,1808.NR3

LAWRENCE (Laurance, Laurence, Lawrance)

Elizabeth, w.John, Aug.29,1663.CTR

Jonathan, sr., July11,1667.CTR

Elizabeth, 10:8m:1675, a.1y.CTR

Jeremiah, s.Peleg, Apr.26,1687.CTR

Josiah, s.Zachariah and Abigall, Nov.13,1717.

Rebeckah, w.[Lt.GR2] Jonathan, 5th, Feb.16,1724. [a.abt. 74y.GR2.]

Enosh, Sept.25 [bet. 1725 and 1729], a.abt. 74y.

Johnathan, Lt., Sept.19,1729, in his 73d y.GR2

Thomas, Oct.4,1729, a.37y.9m.19d.GR2

Sarah, d.Zachriah, jr. and Sarah, May20,1738.

Abigaill, d.Jeremiah, Sept.17,1738.

Mary, d.Jeremiah and Elisabarth, Jan.27,1743-4.

Daniel, s.Enosh and Sarah, Oct.30,1747.

Eunice [Unice.GR2], d.Nathaniel and Hannah [Anna.GR2], Nov.15,1747. [a.10y.3m.21d.GR2]

Abel, s.[twin.GR2] Abel and Mary, July14,1753. [a.9m.GR2]

Thomas, s.Jonathan and Esther, Jan.24,1756.

Anna, w.Nathaniel, Sept.3,1758, a.73y.8m.21d.GR2

Asa s, [Capt.GR2] Amos and Abigail, throat distemper, Nov.6,1759. [a.3y.5m.6d.GR2]

Abigail, d.Jonathan, June3,1761.

William, Col., h.Susanna, May19,1764, a.66y.GR2

Nathaniel, Sept.12,1765, a.87y.6m.21d.GR2

Abel, Esq., s.Col. William and Susanna, Sept.20,1770, a.41y.GR2

Susanna, wid.Col. William, Sept.10,1771, in her 80th y.GR2

John, s.Abel, Esq. and Mary, drowned, June8,1772, in his 19th y.GR2

Amos, s.[Lt.GR2], Amos, jr. and Betty, Oct.4,1773. [a.4d.GR2]

Abigail, d.[Lt.GR2], Amos, jr. and Betty, Aug.13,1775. [a.10m.4d.GR2]

Philomela, d.Capt. Asa and Abigail, Aug.18,1775. [a.10m.GR2]

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Esther, Oct.1,1775, a.21y.11m.17d.GR2

Diadema, d.Capt. Asa and Abigail, Oct.18,1778. [in her 7th y.GR2]

Horatio, Gates [OratioGaits.CR2], s.Capt. Asa and Abigail, Oct.28,1778. [a.4m.16d.GR2]

Nathaniel, June1,1779.

Abigail, w.Capt. Amos, Jan.6,1784. [in her 63d y.GR2]

Amos, Capt., June20,1785. [in his 70th y.GR2]

Elisabeth, June28,1785, a.25y.

Nehemiah, July13,1786. [a.34y.6m.GR2]

Esther, w.Jonathan, Feb.2,1789. [in her 65th y.GR2]

Mahala, w.Rowland July30,1790, a.26y.1m.14d.GR2

Rebekah, w.Lt. Benjamin, Feb.18,1795, a.72y.GR2

Samuel, s.Dea.Samuel and Susanna, May25,1796.

Mary, w.Salmon, Dec.22,1797, a.28y.2m.26d.GR2

Amos, Lt., May1,1798.

John s.John, 3d and Margaret, Oct.13,1801.

Ruth, w.Joel, Nov.19,1801. [a.35y.GR2]

Asa [Capt.GR2], Jan.16,1804, a.67y.GR2

Jonathan, Apr.12,1806. [in his 81st y.GR2]

Benjamin, Lt., July5,1807, a.87y.GR2

Emily, d.Luther and Lucy, May3,1808.

末末, w.Eleazer, Dec.末,1811, a.84y.

末末, d.Roland Jan.末,1812, a.2y.2m.

Roland [Rowland.GR2], h.Azubah, June末,1812. [June17, a.49y.GR2]

Abigail, d.Nathaniel and Sally, Aug.23,1812.

Eliza, d.Jonathan and Rachel, May11,1813.

Marjary, Jan.29,1814, a.63y.CR2

Thomas, s.Joel and Ruth, Aug.5,1814. [a.22y.GR2]

Susan, d.Samuel, at. Boston, Aug.18,1815, a.27y.NR7

John, s.Nathaniel and Sally, Aug.13,1816.

Betsey, 2d w.Joel, Nov.26,1817. [a.52y.GR2]

Eleazer, Mar.末,1818, a.83y.

Sarah [Sally.GR2], w.Salmon [jr., Mar.23.GR2], 1818 a.30y.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Rachel, Jan.19,1819. [a.4y.dup.]

Ephraim, s.Jonathan and Rachel, Oct.3,1819.

末末, s.William, Jan.末,1821.

Amos, Apr.17,1822, a.45y.

Betsey, wid., July24,1822, a.72y.

Sally, Oct.末,1822, a.30y.

John, Nov.末,1822, a.82y.

末末, ch.Asa, Apr.26,1823.

Asa, sr., Feb.7,1826. [a.61y.NR7]

Caroline F., d.Francis and Hannah P., Feb.25,1826.GR1 [a.14m.NR7]

Maria, w.Salmon, formerly w.Silas Parker, Nov.20,1826. [a.65y.NR7]

Joel, May26,1827. [a.60y.GR2]

Samuel, Dea., Nov.8,1827.

Salmon, jr., Jan.17,1829, a.40y.GR2

Salmon, sr., Sept.23,1829. [a.64y.GR2]

Lucy, w.Asa, June11,1830. [a.49y.GR2]

Elizabeth Andrews, d.Luther and Lucy [(Bigelow).NR6], Aug.19,1830. [a.21y.NR6]

Nathaniel, sr., July1,1831

Mary E., d.Asa and Betsey, Apr.24,1832. [a.2 1-2y.GR1]

John, s.John and Ester, July31,1833.

John, July9,1834, a.59y.GR2

Harriet E., d.Francis and Hannah P., Oct.2,1834.GR1

Harriet L., d.Asa and Betsey, Feb.10,1835.GR1

Abel, s.John and Abigail, May3,1835.

Abigail, d.Nathaniel and Sally, at Lowell, June15,1835.

Ezekiel, s.John and Esther, Jan.5,1836.

Mindwell, w.Joseph, May18,1837.

George A., s.Francis and Hannah P., Dec.2,1837.GR1

Francis H., s.Francis and Hannah P., Nov.11,1838.GR1

Luther, s.Samuel, at Lowell, Apr.15,1839.GR1

末末, ch.Asa, Sept.18,1839.

末末, ch.Franklin, Mar.23,1840.

Sally, wid.Nathaniel, Sept.19,1840.

末末, mother of Silas, Feb.20,1841, a.90y.

Jonathan, Sept.26,1842.

Francis, Jan.5,1843.GR1

Phebe, w.Peter Nutting, Apr.15,1843, a.50y.

Daniel, unm., laborer, s.Nathaniel and Abigail, dec., May15,1843, a.27y.

Esther, w.John, fever, Mar.7,1844, a.84y.

Eliza Jane, w.Nathaniel, d.Josiah Hobart, consumption, Feb.22,1845, a.33y.

Susannah, wid.Dea.Samuel, and d.William and Sarah Parker, decay of nature, May2,1845, a.89y.6m.23d.

Margaret, wid.John and d.Thomas and Eunice Gragg, suddenly, May19,1845, a.67y.12d.

Lucy, d.Joel and Ruth, consumption, Dec.12,1845, a.49y.2m.26d.

Lucy, b. Mason, NH, w.Dea.Curtis, and d.Samuel and Lucy Merriam, consumption, Nov.18,1846, a.46y.6m.14d.

John, m., farmer, Jan.4,1847.

Abigail, wid.John, d.Ezekiel and Abigail Nutting, palsy, July12,1847, a.93y.8m.

William S., Oct.10,1848.GR1


Martha Ann, b. Boston, d.David and Martha, inflammation of the lungs, July1,1846, a.2y.16d.


Emma Y., d.Reuben M. and Abigail, b. Westford, dysentery, Nov.24,1848, a.5y.9m.22d.


Benjamin Luther, s.Capt. Benjamin, of Boston, Sept.14,1812, a.8y.NR3


William, June [5.GR2; 13.NR11], 1811 [1806.GR2], a.62y.11m.


Ebenezer, at Cambridge, Jan.10,1776, a.26y.

Jonathan Clark, Esq., Apr.1,1781, in his 37th y.GR2

Lucy, d.James and Lucy, Dec.31,1794.

Reuben [Lt.GR2], peripneumonia netha, May4,1804. [a.65y.GR2]

Rebecca, d.James, sr., June21,1809, a.47y.5m.

James, sr. [formerly of Billerica, a Revolutionary soldier.NR24], June12,1810, a.74y.8m.

Rebekah, w.[Capt.GR2] James, sr., Jan.1,1814, a.75y.

Abihail, w.Reuben, Oct.20,1817.

Eliza, w.Asa S., Aug.末,1818, a.24y.

George Kortlandt, s.Aaron, jr. and Sally, Jan. [16.GR2], 1820, a.4y.6m.

Oliver T., July28,1820, a.33y.

Aaron, s.Reuben and Abihail, by a fall, Oct.16,1821. [a.36y.NR7]

Ruth, w.Aaron, Jan.5,1823.

Benjamin, Nov.末,1823.

Ebenezer, sr., Oct.3,1825.

James, Dec.24,1828. [a.67y.GR2]

Lucy, w.James, Dec.30,1828. [a.63y.NR22]

James A., s.William G. and Emeline A., Dec.30,1831, a.3y.GR1

Sally, w.Aaron, Apr.19,1832. [a.43y.GR2]

James, s.William G. and Emeline A., Sept.17,1834, a.1y.GR1

Lucy, w.Asa, Sept.29,1835. [a.58y.NR7]

Eunice, before 1838.CR1

Andrew, Capt., at Tampa Bay, Florida, Nov.30,1840.

Asa, m., farmer, s.Ebenezer, dropsy of the heart, June10,1846, a.68y.11m.9d.

Aaron, s.James and Lucy, b. Billerica, farmer, Dec.11 [Oct.9.GR2], 1849, a.62y.10m.2d.


Daniel, s.William and Betsey, Aug.18,1802. [Aug.28, a.3m.10d.GR2]

Harriet, Oct.末,1803.PR124

Sarah C., May30,1831.PR124

William, Aug.20,1831.PR124


Luther, May24,1834.

Ellen Augusta, d.William and Harriet,末蔓末,1835.GR1

Daniel, Apr.29,1836.PR124

末末, ch.Daniel, Dec.15,1838.

William, m., carpenter, b. Shirley, s.Daniel and Catharine, lung fever and pleurisy, Mar.2,1846, a.75y.8m.9d.

Henry William, s.William and Harriet, June24,1846, a 5y.9m.13d.

William Henry, June24,1846.PR124


末末, ch.末末, of Boston. Issue of Sept.17,1825.NR5


James B., b. Kentucky, cholera, Aug.3,1849.


Phinehas, Aug.13,1827.

LONGLEY (Longly)

Sarey, w.John, Mar.8,1718.

Zachariah, s.John and Deborah, Sept.29,1723.

John, Dea.[suddenly.NR1], May25,1750, a.67y.

Deborah, wid.Dea.John, Nov.7,1763, in her 72y.GR2

Joshua, at Shirley, Nov.7,1814.

Sarah, Sept.14,1818.PR78

Joseph, a.Revolutionary soldier, a.92y.Issue of Aug.24,1836.NR17

Clarissa, d.末末 Dickinson, b. Hatfield, 末蔓30,1849, a.61y.4m.20d.

LONGLY (Longley)

William, sr., Nov.29,1680.CTR


John Harrison, s.John Hancock and Sarah, Feb.22,1821.

Dexela, w.Jefferson, Aug.23,1832.

Mary, Oct.6,1841.

Isaac P., unm, teamster, b. Townsend, s.Jonn H. and Sarah, delirium tremens, Mar.16,1847, a.33y.4m.12d.


Asa, May6,1846, a.64y.10m.14d.GR1


William W., s.Warner S. and Mary F., Mar.2,1839, a.3m.12d.GR2

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