Elisha, of Sutton, and Patty Farnsworth, Feb. 20, 1804.*

Lucy, and Justus L. Whitcomb of Littleton, int. Feb. 26, 1837.


Benjamin, of Ashby, and Rebeccah Spaulding, May 20, 1802.*

Hepzibah, Mrs., and Eleazer Ball of Groton, NH, int. July 19, 1823.

Benjamin F., unm., of Boston, clerk, and Harriot Ann Nutting, wid., d. ––––– of Columbus, OH, June 13, 1847.*

Lucy, Mrs., and John Lawrence 2d, int. Oct. 21, 1849.


Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Farnworth, Dec. 30, 1729.

Daniel, and Suanna Willard of Harvard, int. July 3, 1802.

JENKENS (Jenkins)

Mary Jane, of Dorchester, and Isaac C. Abbott, int. Sept. 5, 1834.

JENKINS (Jenkens)

Lydia, and Joseph Sawtell [Sawtel. CR1], May 29, 1760.

Susanna, and James Adams, Jan. 6, 1767.

Obadiah jr., and Lucy Parker, Jan. 28, 1773.

Francis, and Elizabeth Keezar, Mar. 26, 1806.*

Asa, and Lucy Jewett, Nov. 4, 1825.*


Eleazer jr., unm., of Rochester, NY, a. 27 y., merchant, b. Newport, NH, s. Oliver of Newport, NH, and Sarah Peabody, a. 28 y., d. John, June 26, 1844.*


Martin, and Hepzibath Fitch of Sterling, int. Nov. 3, 1804.

Jonas, of Shirley, and Abigail Kemp, int. Mar. 30, 1805.

Thomas, of Shirley, and Maria Dickson, Feb. 16, 1814.*


Joseph, and Mary Saunders of Billerica, at Billerica, Sept. 25, 1738.

JEWET (Jewett)

Exercise [Experience Jewit. CTR], and James Horesley [Horsley. CTR] of North Town, Apr. 4, 1732. CR1

JEWETT (Jewet, Jewitt)

Nehemiah [Jewet. CR1], and Lydia Blood, Aug. 29, 1738.

Thomas, of Boxford, and Martha Holt [Hale. CTR], Apr. 2, 1743. [1744. CR1].

Jedediah [Jewet. CR1], and Elisabeth Shattuck, Jan. 17, 1744 [1744-5. CR1].

Lydia, of Pepperell, and Isaac Corey, at Pepperell, Mar. 14, 1765.

Elisabeth [Jewet. CR1] of Pepperell, and James Blood jr., Jan. 12, 1769.

Hephsibah, of Pepperell, and Caleb Blood 3d, at Townsend, Mar. 22, 1781.

Edward, of Pepperell, and Maria Blood, at Pepperell, Nov. 23, 1784.

Sarah, of Pepperell, and Samuel Cook, at Pepperell, ––– ––, 1797.

Jonas, of Pepperell, and Mary Danforth of Tyngsborough, Nov. 30, 1797.

Nathan, and Lucy Cook, Feb. 5, 1800.*

Anna, of Pepperell, and John Lakin, int. Jan. 3, 1808.

Edmund jr., of Pepperell, and Phebe Shepley, May 14, 1815.*

Lucy, and Asa Jenkins, Nov. 4, 1825.*

Betsey P[ittman. int.], and Jackson Blood, Sept. 27, 1827.*

Nancy, and Abel Prescott of Pepperell, int. Apr. 6, 1828.

Sarah, Mrs., of Pepperell, and Isaac P. Saunderson, int. Dec. 2, 1833.

Asher, adn Amelia H. Keep, Apr. 11, 1839.*

Daniel P., and Sarah M. [Mary. int.] Lowell, July 28, 1842.*

William V., and Nancy B. Derby of Littleton, int. Mar. 2, 1843.

David W., of Pepperell, and Eliza Hemmenway, int. Dec. 15, 1849.

JEWITT (Jewett)

Mary [Jewett. CR1], of Pepperell, and Abel Lawrence [Lawrance. CR1], Feb. 16, 1797.


John [Gipson. int.] of Lunenburg, and Sarah Heald Russell, Nov. 24, 1808.*

JOHNSON (Jonsen)

John [jr. int.] of Lancaster, and Hanah Avery, at Lancaster, Jan. 20, 1761. PR135

Joshua, of Stow, and Elisabeth Pushe of Stow, Dec. 8, 1763.

Abigail, of Worcester, and Aaron Farnsworth, at Worcester, Sept. 17, 1767.

Abigail, and Daniel Page, Feb. 9, 1768.

Timothy, and Sarah Farnsworth, July 28, 1773.

Mary, of Westford, and Samuel French of Dunstable, May 7, 1778.

John, and Susanna Bennett, May 16, 1785.

James, and Lydia Nutting, Mar. 4, 1816.*

Sarah, and Jesse Blood, July 23, 1816.*

Sophia, and Elijah Lawrence of Waltham, Mar. 27, 1817.*

Sarah [of Waltham. int.], and Joseph Parker, May 27, 1829.*

Mary Ann, and Moses Fletcher of Boston, June 10, 1829.*

Levi, of Leominster, and [Mrs. int.] Susan Johnson, July 10, 1834.*

Susan [Mrs. int.], and Levi Johnson of Leominster, July 10, 1834.*

Sarah, and Robert Rogers of New York City, Sept. 3, 1836.*

Betsey B., and Frederick w. Blodget of Chelmsford, May 23, 1837.*

Lucy, and Horace W. Woodward, Jan. 30, 1839.*

Lydia A., and Benjamin B. Nutting of Dunstable, Apr. 8, 1839.*

James B., and Nancy Dodge, int. Sept. 12, 1841.


William, of Lunenburg, and Sarah Stone, Feb. 15, 1763.

Jonathan, and Eunice Shattuck, Oct. 12, 1800.*

Betsy, of Acton, and Levi Wait, int. July 13, 1807.

Mary, and James Blood, of Dunstable, Apr. 4, 1820.*

Ezekiel, and Anna Lewis. Issue of Mar. 6, 1830. NR6*

JONSEN (Johnson)

Lucretia [Johnson. CR1], resident, and Benjamin Frost, May 16, 1796.


Nathaniel, of Lancaster, and Lavina Farnsworth, May 4, 1832.*


Reuben, of Pepperell, and Edee Adams, resident, int. May 9, 1812.

Betsy, of Boston, and Alfred Blood, int. Oct. 6, 1832.

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