James [a resident. CR1], and Lucy Kemp, Nov. 3, 1789.


Nehemiah, and Polly Farnsworth of Harvard, Jan. 3, 1792.

Seth, of Waterford [ME. CR1], and Polly Stone, Jan. 5, 1792.


Silas, of Harvard, and Sarah Farwell, at Harvard, Feb. 22, 1763.


Samuell, of Stow, and Priscila Farnworth, Nov. 30, 1731.


Mary, of Boston, and Jonas Laken, Sept. 4, 1800.*


Gideon, of Lunenburg, and Mrs. Lydia Park, int. Apr. 3, 1820.

Jeremiah, and Huldah Parker, May 16, 1821.*


Benjamin, of Littleton, and Mary A. Pierce, int. Nov. 5, 1843.

READ (Reed)

Jane, of Westford, and Josiah Boyden, at Westford, Apr. 12, 1749.

Ephraim, of Harvard, and Elizebeth Pierce, at Harvard, May 4, 1757.

Roswell, of Westford, and Sibbell Gilson, Aug. 1, 1813.*


Parcine, d. William, and Nicolas Cady, s. Nicholas, at Chelmsford, Mar. 20, 1685.

REED (Read, Reid)

Sarah, of Littleton, and Eleazer Cumings of Hollis, Feb. 15, 1764.

Samuel jr., of Lunenburg, and Mary Tarbell, Dec. 3, 1765.

Elisabeth, and Nathan Bell of Northborough [Mar. CTR] 25, 1766.

Timothy, of Dunstable, and Jane Nutting, wid., Dec. 30, 1779.

Thomas, Lt., of Westford, and Phebe Proctor, wid., at Westford, Jan. 20, 1784.

Amos, of Westford, and Rachel Prescott, at Westford, Feb. 22, 1790.

John, and Sally Lawrence [Lawrance. CR1], July 10, 1793.

Samuel [Read. CR1] jr., of Westford, and Polly Fitch, resident, Dec. 29, 1795.

Polly, and John Burges [jr. int.], Aug. 31, 1803.*

Richard, of Boston, and Betsey Wright, Apr. 8, 1806.*

Huldy, and Isaac King of Brooklyn, int. Sept. 16, 1806.

Robert, resident, and Esther Woods of Dunstable, int. Oct. 7, 1809.

Charles [Read. CR1] of Westford, and Bulah Gilson, Jan. 25, 1810.*

Sarah, of Bedford, and Ezra Graves, int. May 15, 1813.

Rufus, and Eliza Smith, both of Acton, Sept. 15, 1825.

Catharine, of Littleton, and Luther G. Osburn, int. Nov. 5, 1830.

Robert, and Mrs. Elizabeth Parker, int. Aug. 31, 1833. (Banns forbidden by both parites).

Rebecca, of Littleton, and Luther G. Osborn, int. Apr. 4, 1835.

William, and Mrs. Lucy Deluce, both of Concord, Dec. 5, 1841.

Merrick, of Westford, and Lucretia J. Bennett, int. June 28, 1844.

REID (Reed)

Clarissa, of Westford, a. 16 y., d. Roswell and Sybel, of Westford, and Walter H. Cummings of Tyngsboro, a. 25 y., stone cutter, s. Thomas and Lucinda, of Tyngsboro, Oct. 22, 1845.*


Joseph, Dr., of Concord, NH, and Lucy Prescott, Apr. 24, 1828.*


Richard [Price. CR1], and Sarah Corey [Coree. CR1], Feb. 1, 1721-2.

Sarah, wid., and Samuell Basone, July 23, 1740.

Joel, of Westboro, and Dina Farnsworth, Oct. 12, 1761.

Reuben, and Susanna Craigg, Jan. 25, 1790.

Oliver, and Mitty Woods, Jan. 5, 1804.*

Clarissa, of Framingham, and Eliphalet Wheeler, int. Dec. 12, 1812.

Nabby, of Framingham, and Oliver Shed jr., int. Apr. 26, 1818.

Elizabeth P., and Milo Russell, Nov. 1, 1827.*

Submit D[alrymple. int.], and John Holden jr., of Castleton, VT, Dec. 7, 1830.*

Rebecca S., and David L. Backus of New York City, int. Feb. 3, 1833. (Banns forbidden by Rebecca S. Rice).

Rebecca, and Hugh McHean of Bedford, NH, Nov. 1, 1836.*

Susan A., a. 23 y., d. Oliver and Mitty, and Nahum Woods, unm., a. 25 y., farmer, s. Samuel and Cathrine, deceased, June 19, 1845.*


Patty, and John Adams jr., July 2, 1799.*

Sally, and William Dunn of Dunstable, Nov. 30, 1815.*

RICHARDSON (Richerdson)

William, of Townsend, and Mary Hobart [Dec. CR1] 9, 1741.

Sarah, wid., of Pepperell, and William Parker, Jan. 9, 1755.

Sarah, and Joseph Rockwood, Jan. 30, 1766.

Mary, and James Pool of Hollis, at Littleton, Nov. 24, 1784. PR141

James Clerk [Clark. CR1], of Brookfield, and Betsey Bennett, resident, Aug. 24, 1804.

Abe [Mrs. int.], and [Dr. int.] Jeremy Stimson of Hopkinton, Dec. 29 [19. NR3], 1807.*

Alpheus jr., and Susanna Livermore, Nov. 7, 1820.*

Joseph, and Sally Whitcomb, May 5, 1825.*

Maria, and Daniel Shattuck jr., May 10, 1827.*

Apheus, and Catharine Stevens of Billerica, int. May 15, 1831.

George, and Sarah J. Lawrence, Dec. 25, 1839.*

Susan L., a. 24 y., d. Alpheus and Susan, and Edward G. Plimpton, unm., of Waltham, a. 27 y., book binder, s. Calvin and Caroline, Dec. 11, 1845.*

RICHERDSON (Richardson)

Betsy [Richardson. CR1], and David Brown jr., of Mason, Dec. 11, 1792.


Jain [Riche. CR1], and James Park, Oct. 11, 1739.

ROBBINS (Robens, Robin, Robins)

Robert, and Mary Dill, at Chelmsford, Mar. 27, 1697.

Jane, and Stephen Ames, Apr. 14, 1731.

John, and Sarah Gilson, at Concord, Aug. 2, 1763.

Ephraim, of Westminster, and Hannah Brooks, Nov. 3, 1774.

Ephraim, and Thankful Ball of Concord, at Concord, Dec. 19, 1777.

John, and Aibgail Wythe, Oct. 2, 1798.

Joseph, and Rachel Graves, Mar. 20, 1800.*

Elijah jr., of Dunstable, and Rebecca Corey, Oct. 19, 1815.*

George, of Harvard, and Mrs. Prudence Shed, int. Jan. 4, 1829.

Rachel, Mrs., and Joseph Bardin, Apr. 16, 1829.*

Amaris P., of Dunstable, and Isaac West of Littleton, Jan. 3, 1830.

Levi, of Mount Vernon, NH, and Sarah E. Lowell, int. Feb. 4, 1830.

Rachel, and Hiram Barden, Oct. 8, 1833.*

Warren, and Olive Barden, Apr. 11, 1836.*

Lydia H., and Jerome Farnsworth of Harvard, May 10, 1838.*

Emeline, and George W. Bancroft, Nov. 28, 1839.*

Caroline, and Henry A. Bancroft of Boston, int. Nov. 8, 1840.

Andrew, and Matilda Eaton, Apr. 29, 1841.*

Benjamin W., of Littleton, and Sarah Ann Ames, int. Apr. 17, 1842.

Thomas, and Mrs. Sally Keyes, int. May 22, 1844.

ROBENS (Robbins)

Sarah [Robbins. CR1], and Samuel Comings [Cummings. CR1] of New Sherborn [Douglas, Sept. 18. CR1], 1734.

ROBERSON (Robinson)

James, and Elizabeth Farnsworth, Jan. 16, 1667. CTR

ROBERTSON (Robinson)

James jr., of Chesterfield [NH. CR1], and Ede Fasset, Dec. 8, 1791.

ROBIN (Robbins)

Mary, and James Dutten, Dec. 9, 1690. CTR

ROBINS (Robbins)

Robert, of Littleton, and Elizabeth Comings, wid., Jan. 5, 1720-1.

Hannah [Robbins. CR1], and Jonathan Harris of Leominster, Feb. 2, 1767.

Philip, of Westford, and Ruth Pirce, Nov. 22, 1792.

ROBINSON (Roberson, Robertson)

Elizebeth, d. James, and William Lakin, at Chelmsford, Jan. 4, 1685.

Charles, Rev., and Jane Park, July 3, 1827.*

Abigail, of Lunenburg, and Alexander Lewis, int. Sept. 15, 1827.

Charles, Rev., and Diantha Prentiss of Keene, NH, int. Dec. 11, 1829.

Austin, and Abigail C. Cobb, Apr. 30, 1833.*


John S., of Concord, and Hannah Whitman, Nov. 20, 1810.*

Otis, and Mary Parkhurst of Dunstable, int. Dec. 27, 1828.


Elisha jr., and Mary Farnsworth, Apr. 29, 1762.

Joseph, and Sarah Richardson, Jan. 30, 1766.

Elisha [jr. CR1], and Abigail Stone, June 4, 1771.

Abigail, and Ebenezer Wood of Sudbury, Dec. 15, 1774.

Samuel, and Lucy Hubbard, Feb. ––, 1780.

Elizabeth, and Amos Farnsworth, May 7, 1782.

Sarah, and Stephen Hosley of Pepperell, Dec. 30, 1784.

Sybele, and [Lt. NR19] David Howe jr., of Sudbury, June 7, 1786.

Joseph jr., and Lucy Fletcher of Westford, at Westford, Nov. 26, 1789.

Susanna, and Edmond Holden of Langdon [NH. CR1], Feb. 16, 1796.

Nabby, and Peter Proctor of Dunstable, Jan. 25, 1803.*

John, and Ede Page of Shirley, int. Oct. 10, 1803.

Sally, and Isaac Childs, May 3, 1804.*

Joseph jr., and Elizabeth Brooks, Apr. 14, 1808.*

Sewall, and Lucy Moors, Jan. 11, 1814.*

Samuel, and Anna Houghton [of Peterborough. int.], at Peterborough, NH, Nov. 19, 1818.*

John, Capt., and Christiana Patterson, Jan. 24, 1823.*

Lydia, and Abijah Wood of Westminster, Sept. 24, 1823.*

John, and Mrs. Sally Ames, May 6, 1827.*

Abel, and Sarah Chaplin, int. Apr. 12, 1828.

John, and Hannah Brooks of Lunenburg, int. Nov. 23, 1828.

Samuel, and Lucy Weston of Townsend, int. Feb. 16, 1840.

Caroline, a. 31 y., d. Sewell and Lucy, and Chandler Crocker, widr. of Fitchburg, a. 40 y., paper maker, s. Samuel and Comfort, Sept. 29, 1847.*


Jacob [of Boston. CR1], and Abigail Lawrence, Jan. 17, 1790.


Robert, of New York City, and Sarah Johnson, Sept. 3, 1836.*

Josiah, of Billerica, and Lucy Bancroft, int. Sept. 7, 1837.


Mary, and Thomas Williams, Jan. 29, 1745 [1745-6. CR1].


John, and Nancy Nutting, wid., int. Oct. 6, 1810.

John, and Anna Nutting, Aug. [19. CR1], 1812.


Alexander, and Judah Cady, May 15, 1672. CTR

ROW (Rowe)

Samuel W., and Amelia Fitch, Dec. [4. int.], 1830.*

ROWE (Row)

Eliza Jane, of Campton, NH, and Franklin Blood, int. Apr. 8, 1837.


Nathaniel [Nathan. CR1] of Lancaster, and Zeruiah Frost, Dec. 12, 1740 [Nov. 12, 1741. CR1].


Sukey, d. Capt. George, of Cambridge, and Ezekiel Lewis jr. Issue of Oct. 12, 1769. NR14


Thankfull, of Townsend, and Reuben Stevens, at Townsend, Mar. 22, 1792.


George, and Eunice Lufkin of Manchester, NH, int. June 15, 1848.

RUSSEL (Russell)

David [Russell. CR1], and Mary Clark, both of Littleton, Apr. 27, 1731.

Elisabeth, and John Kelsey, July 21, 1737.

RUSSELL (Russel)

Sarah [Russel. CR1], and William Sanderson, both of Boston, May 6, 1741. [1752. CR1].

John, and Mary Cranson, Nov. 5, 1746.

Sybell, of Harvard, and John Dudley, Mar. 1, 1759.

Mary, of Harvard, and Edmund Farwell, at Harvard, July 15, 1773.

Peletiah, and Sarah Derumple, Mar. 30, 1780.

Solomon, and Bulah Bancroft, Dec. 30, 1784.

Rhoda, and Stephan Holman of Bolton, Oct. 3, 1793.

Peltiah, and Mary Brown, May 29, 1796.

Sally, and Phinehas Goold, Dec. 18, 1803.*

Sarah Heald, and John Jipson [Gipson. int.] of Lunenburg, Nov. 24, 1808.*

Milo, and Elizabeth P. Rice, Nov. 1, 1827.*

Bradford, Esq., and Mary Ann Nash, d. Capt. Joshua, of Boston, at Boston, Feb. 21, 1828. NR4*

Bradford, Esq., and P. Maria Prouty of West Boylston, int. Mar. 6, 1847.

Augustus, unm., of Brookline, NH, a. 26 y., farmer, s. Campbell and Lucretia, and Hannah Woodcock, d. Edward and Eunice, Apr. 19, 1848.*

Ephraim W., unm., of Harvard, a. 24 y., wheelwright, s. Oliver and Catharine, and Susan E. Mills, a. 18 y., d. John and Azubah, Mar. 27, 1849.*

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