Charles C., Mar.8,1835.GR7

ABBY (Albee, Albey)

Jane, d.Obadiah and Jane, July14,1734. [Albey.CR1]

ADAMS (Addams)

Abigail, d.Isaac and Martha, Mar.4,1726-7.

Abigail, d.Daniel, bp. June27,1736.CR1

Abigail, d.Jesse and Thankfull, Nov.20,1775.

Abbie B., d.Thomas B. and Elizabeth [Mar.末,1837].GR1

Abigail Bacon, ch.Thomas B. and w., bp. Feb.9,1840.CR1

Abner, s.Jonathan and Jemima, Jan.19,1777.

Aexis, s.Jonathan and Hepzibah, Jan.17,1827. [Alexis.GR4]

Anna, d.Stephen and Catharine, Dec.6,1808.

Ann M., w.Lucius T.,末蔓末,1821.GR1

Appleton, s.James and Lydia, Aug.28,1822.

Asa, s.Benoni and Mary, Mar.15,1725.

Asa, s.Asa and Ruth, Jan.25,1753.

Asa, s.Asa and Ruth, Nov.20,1755.

Asa, s.Asa, bp. Nov.2,1766.CR1

Barshabe, d.Elezar and Barshabe, Feb.18,1745-6. [Bathsheba, d.Eleazer.CR1]

Benjamin S.,末蔓末,1818.GR4

Benjamin James, s.Lucius T. and Ann Maria, Aug.17,1842.

Benjamin James, s.Lucius T., farmer, and Ann M., Mar.5,1847.

Calista, d.Moses and Ruth, Mar.30,1804.

Calista, d.Moses and Ruth, June20,1805.

Caroline Augusta, twin d.Gilbert, shoemaker, and Sally S., May末,1845. [ch.Gilbert and Sally (Seavey), May18,1844.GR1]

Cata, d.Jonathan and Jemima, Jan.10,1779.

Catherine Cochran, ch.Thomas B. and w., bp. Feb.9,1840.CR1

Charles M., s.Elijah W. and Levina B., Sept.13,1839.

Charles Augustus, twin s.Gilbert, shoemaker, and Sally S., May末,1845.

Daniel, s.Benoni and Mary, Jan.21,1727.

Daniel Emerson, s.James and Elisabeth, Feb.24,1772.

David, s.Benoni and Mary, Aug.6,1729.

David, s.Jesse and Thankful, May20,1781.

Dianna M., d.John and Persis, Apr.23,1819, in Bellingham.

Edward M., s.Washington and Susan, Oct.25,1845.

Elezer, s.Elezer and Bathsheba, Sept.11,1751. [Eleazer, s.Eleazer.CR1]

Eleazar Plimpton, s.Timothy and Mary, Aug.21,1798.

Elikam, s.Elezer and Barshabe, June13,1756. [Eliakim, s.Eleazer.CR1]

Elijah Watkins, s.James and Lydia, Apr.3,1808.

Eliphaz, s.Eleazer, bp. Oct.30,1763.CR1

Elisa, d.James and Lydia, Mar.7,1806.

Elisabeth, d.Isaac and Martha, Jan.17,1724-5.

Elizabeth [? m.] [Feb.末,1802].GR1

Ellen M., d.Henry C. and Eliza J., July13,1834.

Ellen M., d.George and Susan, July14,1846. [Ellen Maria.GR4][Ellen Mariah.PR8]

Esther, w.Horace Partridge, Feb.21,1806, in Readfield.GR7

Esther Harding, ch.Thomas B. and w., bp. Feb.9,1840.CR1

Ethan Rockwood, s.Jonathan Jr. and Hepsibeth, Jan.11,1813. [Eathan R. [h.Fanny].GR4]

Eveline Sophia, d.Appleton, farmer, and Julia Ann, Sept.9,1848.

Fanny, w.Ethan R.,末蔓末,1810.GR4

Fisher, s.Abner and Calley, Jan.23,1812.

Frances M.D., d.Henry C. and Eliza J., May15,1837.

Francis J., s.Stephen and Catharine, Feb.22,1822.

George, s.Jonathan Jr. [dup. crossed out, omits Jr.] and Hepsibath [dup. crossed out, Hepzibah], Apr.4 [dup. crossed out, Apr.9], 1819.

George Morrison, s.Gilbert and Sally [ch.Gilbert and Sally (Seavey).GR1], Jan.6,1835.

George Everett, s.George, farmer, and Susan, Dec.14,1849. [George Everette.PR8]

Gilbert, s.Abner and Calley, Dec.15,1804. [[h.Sally (Seavey)].GR1]

H. Jennie, w.G.C., Aug.27,1846.GR7

Hannah, d.Jesse and Thankfull, Jan.29,1778.

Hannah, d.Phinehas and Sally, Sept.3,1812.

Harriot, d.Jonathan Jr. [dup. crossed out, omits Jr.] and Hepsibath [dup. crossed out, Hepsibeth], Jan.18,1817.

Harriet, d.Thomas B. and Elizabeth, June28,1840.

Hattie [? m.],末蔓末,1841.GR1

Hellen Mariah, d.Gilbert and Sally, July14,1837. [Helen Maria, ch.Gilbert and Sally (Seavey).GR1]

Henry, s.Timothy and Mary, Jan.10,1793.

Henry C. Jr., s.Henry C. and Eliza J., May30,1839.

Hepsebath, d.Isaac and Martha, June8,1729. [Hephzibah.CR1]

Hepsibeth, w.Jonathan,末蔓末,1796.GR4

Holley, s.Timothy and Mary, Mar.21,1801.


Horace, s.Jonathan Jr. and Hepsibeth, Nov.29,1814.

Ira, s.Abner and Calley, Dec.9,1809.

Isaac, s.Benoni and Mary, Dec.15,1733.

Ithamor, s.Elezer and Bathshabe, May5,1754. [Ithamar, s.Eleazer.CR1]

Ithamar, s.Timothy and Mary, Oct.30,1784.

James, s.Elisha and Sarah, Oct.14,1780.

James Goulding, s.Lt. Lemuel and Usera, Feb.24,1824.

James F., s.Thomas, laborer, and Elizabeth, Oct.末,1844.

James, s.Elijah W., farmer, and Lavina, Oct.29,1846.

Mimme, d.Jonathan and Jemima, Oct.19,1797.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Jemima, May25,1781. [[h.Hepsibeth].GR4]

Laura, d.Jonathan and Hepzibah [Hepsibeth.GR4], Sept.19,1829.

Levinia, d.Titus and Anna, Feb.23,1780.

Lemuel, s.Jonathan and Jemima, June5,1788.

Lemuel Florus, s.Lemuel and Usera, Feb.7,1819.

Lemuel Florus, s.Lt. Lemuel and Usera, Jan.23,1821.

Levi, s.Jesse and Thankfull, Oct.23,1773.

Loes, d.Asa and Ruth, Jan.31,1760. [Lois.CR1]

Loisa, d.Moses and Ruth, Jan.25,1807. [Louisa [w.Amasa Foristall].PR15]

Lowel, s.Phenihas and Patience, July31,1896 [sic, 1796].

Lucius Thayer, s.Lemuel and Usera, Jan.23,1814.

Luther, s.Jonathan and Jemima, Jan.22,1784.

Lydia [? m.],末蔓末,1784.GR6

Lydia, d.Elijah W., farmer, and Lavina, Apr.21,1844.

Maria, d.Lucius T. and Ann M., May11,1849.

Mary, d.Benoni and Mary, Nov.25,1730.

Mary, d.Asa and Ruth, Sept.2,1750.

Mary P., d.Timothy and Mary, Sept.16,1802.

Mary Homes, d.James and Lydia, Mar.25,1810.

Mary Ellen, d.Gilbert and Sally, Nov.5,1841.

Mary E., d.Lucius T. and Ann M., Mar.5,1847.

Milton Erastus, s.George, farmer, and Susan, Jan.13,1849.

Miranda, d.Moses and Ruth, Feb.6,1812.

More, s.Jonathan and Jemima, Sept.23,1799.

Moses, s.Moses and Deborah, Feb.27,1720-1.

Moses, s.Asa, bp. Oct.22,1769.CR1

Moses [b. Ruth],末蔓末,1781.GR6

Moses, s.Jonathan and Jermima, Aug.26,1795.

Moses Ames, s.Lemuel and Usera, Apr.27,1817. [[h.Mary Ann (Woolford)].GR7]

Nancy, w.Timothy Rockwood, Apr.3,1788.GR1

Nancy, d.Jonathan and Jemima, Feb.21,1791.

Nancy, d.Jotham and Sarah, Aug.15,1803.

Nancy Watkins, d.Moses and Ruth, Apr.18,1810.

Newall, s.Stephen and Catharine, May8,1811.

Olive, d.Timothy and Mary, June8,1786.

Olive, d.Timothy and Mary, July13,1788. [w.Ezra Brown.GR7]

Pamelia James, d.Lucius T., yeoman, and Ann Maria, Nov.2,1843.

Parker Thayer, s.Lucius T. and Ann Maria, Nov.14,1840.

Patience, d.Barzillia and Polly, Aug.16,1816.

Persis, mother of 末末,末蔓末,1788.GR7

Philemon, s.Eleazer, bp. Jan.1,1760.CR1

Resigned, d.Jesse and Thankful, May14,1780.

Rhoda, d.Timothy and Mary, Oct.8,1794.

Rhoda, d.Barzillia and Polly, Mar.29,1815, in Medway.

Roxanna, d.Jonathan and Hepzibah, Feb.19,1821.

Ruth, d.Asa and Ruth, June19,1757.

Sarah, d.Benoni and Mary, Mar.6,1735-6.

Sarah T., w.Lemuel,末蔓末,1784.GR1

Sally, d.James and Lydia, June23,1812.

Sarah Vesta Creusa, d.Lemual and Usera, Apr.8,1815.

Sarah V., w.Rufas Davis [July末,1825].GR1

Sarah Elizabeth, ch.Thomas B. and w., bp. Feb.9,1840.CR1

Sarah Lovina, d.Elijah W. and Sarah B., July12,1841.

Sybel, w.John Strickland末蔓末,1788.GR1

Silas, s.Asa, bp. Apr.17,1763.CR1

Silence Clark, d.Phinehas and Patience, July1,1801.

Susan Ann, d.James and Lydia, Sept.1,1818.

Susan, w.Washington,末蔓末,1819.GR6

Susan [? m.],末蔓末,1820.GR4

Susan Amelia, d.Asa F., bootmaker, and Jane, Apr.22,1848.

Tabitha, d.Daniel, bp. Nov.19,1738.CR1

Tabitha, d.Jotham and Sarah, June11,1805.

Thankfull, d.Elezer and Bershebe, June4,1748. [Thankful, d.Eleazer.CR1]

Thomas B. [Jan.末,1799].GR1

Timothy, s.Eleazer, bp. Sept.24,1758.CR1

Timothy, s.Timothy and Mary, Nov.4,1790.

Titus, s.Eleazer, bp. Sept.24,1758.CR1

Warren, s.Jonathan and Hepzibeth, July19,1822.

Washington, s.James and Lydia, Aug.30,1814. [[h.Susan].GR6]

Willard, s.Phinehas and Patience, June27,1794.

Willard, s.George and Susan, Mar.17,1848.

William, s.Ira and Dolly, Dec.19,1840.

Zacharias, s.Elezer and Barshabe, June3,1750.

ADDAMS (Adams)

Julia Ann, d.Jonathan and Hepzibah, Nov.29,1824.

ALBEE (Abby, Albey)

Abagail [w.John], Jan.16,1752.PR28

Abagail, ch.John and Abagail, Aug.26,1772.PR28

Abnor, ch.John and Abagail, May13,1788.PR28

Abner, s.Abner and Hepsibeth, Aug.5,1814.

Amos Perry, s.Abner and Hepzibeth, Nov.21,1811.

Charles E.,末蔓末,1831.GR4

Deborah, ch.John and Abagail, Aug.25,1776.PR28

Earl Corbett, s.Earl and Nancy, Aug.2,1801.

John [h.Abagail], May1,1746.PR28

John, ch.John and Abagail, Dec.5,1781.PR28

Mary, ch.John and Abagail, Sept.3,1779.PR28

Mary, ch.John and Abagail, Sept.4,1785.PR28

Olive, d.Abner and Hepsibeth, Feb.12,1820.

Rhoda, ch.John and Abagail, Dec.3,1770.PR28

Ruth, ch.John and Abagail, Apr.17,1784.PR28

William, ch.John and Abagail, Aug.11,1774.PR28

ALBEY (Abby, Albee)

Benjamin, S. Obadiah, bp. Sept.6,1741.CR1


Albert A., see Albert A. Whittemore.

Henry Martin, s.Andrew and Camilla, Jan.2,1833.

ALLEN (Allin)

Abner, s.Seth and Elisabeth, May23,1765.

Amos, s.Seth and Elisabeth, Jan.23,1763.

Asa [h.Lizzie C.] [Apr.末,1825].GR7

Cloe, d.Seth and Elisabeth, June12,1760.

Daniel, s.Edmond, bp. Nov.24,1754.CR1

Dorcas [w.Jonas Gilbert Stone], Apr.1,1816, in Franklin.PR47

Dolla, d.Seth and Mary, Apr.9,1780.

Ebenezer, s.Seth and Elesebeth, Mar.19,1758.

Eliab, s.Edmond, bp. Apr.17,1757.CR1

Elidia, d.Seth and Mary, Dec.11,1770.

Lizzie C., w.Asa [Nov.末,1838].GR7

Jonathan, s.Seth and Mary, June18,1772.

Louisa, d.Samuel and Polley, June14,1829. [d.Samuel and Polly (Hosmer), w.末末 Metcalf.GR7]

Milley, d.Ebenezer and Esther, Dec.28,1780.


Nancy, w.末末 Ballow,末蔓末,1785.GR7

Samuel, s.Seth and Elisabeth, Apr.17,1755.

Samuel [h.Polly (Hosmer)],末蔓末,1823.GR7

Seth, s.Seth and Mary, Mar.14,1774.

Susan Augusta, first w.John,末蔓末,1831.GR7

Talitha, d.Seth and Mary, Sept.23,1769.

ALLEY (Ally)

Lauraetta Elizebeth, ch.Nathaniel W. and Jerusha, Aug.17,1844, in Walpole.PR4

Nathaniel W. [h.Jerusha (Davenport)], June18,1816, in Fairhaven.PR4

ALLIN (Allen)

John, s.Seth and Mary, Nov.8,1778.

ALLY (Alley)

Frederick W., s.Nathaniel U. (Alley) [and] Jerusha of Hopkinton, Oct.1,1846. [Frederick Upham Alley, ch.Nathaniel W. and Jerusha D.PR4]


Eunice, d.Simon and Eunice, Oct.5,1780.

John, s.Simon and Eunice, Mar.11,1779.

Mary, d.Simon and Eunice, Apr.11,1774.


Abigail, d.William, bp. Apr.25,1760.CR1

Albert, s.Otis and Betsey, Jan.4,1807.

Almira Perry, d.Albert W. and Almira, June27,1841.

Joshua, s.William, bp. Apr.23,1758.CR1

Mariah Ophelia, d.Albert W. and Almira, Dec.4,1838.

Stephen [h.A. Ophelia (Eames)], Dec.28,1820.GR7

Theodore E., s.Thomas E., bonnet manufacturer, and Mary B., Dec.11,1845. [[h.Mary A. (Eames)].GR7]


Almira, d.Alfred and Betsy, Apr.5,1837, in Milford.

Charles Remington, s.Alfred and Betsey, Dec.11,1842.

Elizabeth, d.Alfred and Betsey, Feb.11,1840.

Silence, d.Alfred, cordwainer, and Betsey, Apr.6,1844.


Luman B., s.Thomas, laborer, and Elizabeth, Jan.13,1847.

Margaret E., d.Thomas, laborer, and Elizabeth, May25,1845.

Thomas H.F., s.Thomas, laborer, and Elisabeth, Sept.22,1848.

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