Abby M., d.Charles E., shoe maker, and Eliza, June22,1846.

Catherine, w.Isaac G.,末蔓末,1811.GR7

Diana M., w.Isaac G.,末蔓末,1799.GR7

Diana Maynard, d.Isaac G. and Diana, Jan.2,1825.

Diana Maynard, d.Isaac G. and Diana, Sept.22,1826.

Edward Thayer, s.Isaac G. and Diana, Mar.26,1832.

George Sylvester, ch.Isaac G. and Diana M., bp. Sept.9,1827.CR1

Isaac G. [h.Diana M.],末蔓末,1800.GR7

Louisa Loveland d.Isaac G. and Diana, Apr.25,1828. [Lovisa Loveland.CR1]

Lovisa, w.Henry A. Folsom [Apr.末,1798].GR7

Maria, w.E.T. [Mar.末,1848].GR7

Sophia C., w.E.T.,末蔓末,1832.GR7

Susan Ellen, d.Isaac G. and Diana, Jan.22,1837.

Walter E., s.Charles E. and Eliza, Oct.27,1847.




Martha W., w.Sylvanus Pond [Feb.末,1818].GR1

Mary Ann, d.Abraham and Hannah, w.J.A. Messenger, Aug.19,1822, in Boston.GR2

Mary Ann, d.William and Hester, Feb.25,1834.

Milton Gardner, ch.末, bp. Oct.29,1837.CR2

Milton W., ch.末, bp. Dec.27,1843.CR2


Leander, s.Joseph, bp. Sept.8,1811.CR1


Abigail, d.Ezra and Jemima, Dec.4,1790.

Albert Henry, s.William, boot maker, and Mary of Medway.July末,1844.

Elmira [w.Lewis Slocom], Sept.18,1799, in Medway.PR48

Anemeriah, d.Joshua and Polly, Dec.末,1800. [Anna Maria.CR1]

Asa, s.Ezra and Jemima, Jan.2,1795.

Electy, d.Joshua and Sarah, Oct.2,1793. [Lecta.CR1]

Betsey, d.Joshua and Sarah, June2,1790. [Betsy.CR1]

Emily Ann Marsh, d.William and Mary, Mar.29,1836.

Ezra, s.Ezra and Jemima, Feb.16,1793.

Hannah, d.Joshua and Sarah, July31,1795.

Mercy, d.Dr. Abijah and Mercy D., w.John Stedman, May3,1783, in Medway.GR1

Otis H., s.William and Mary, Dec.13,1833.GR1

Otis W., s.William and Mary, Dec.3,1837.

Sarah, d.Joshua and Sarah, Mar.12,1788.

Sarah, d.Ezra and Jemima, Sept.24,1796.


Asa, s.Joseph and Sarah, Sept.17,1755.

Deborah, d.Theoder [Theodore.CR1] and Sarah, Aug.18,1736.

Betsa, d.Asa and Margaret, June27,1780.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Sarah, Aug.8,1751.

James, s.Asa and Margaret, Apr.22,1782.

John, s.Asa and Margeret, Dec.27,1778.

John, s.Asa and Margaret, Oct.16,1784.

Mary, d.Theoder [Theodore.CR1] and Sarah, Dec.23,1731.

Mary, d.Joseph and Sarah, June8,1765.

Polley, d.Asa and Margaret, Jan.3,1787.

Olive, d.Asa and Margeret, Aug.14,1777.

Sarah, d.Theod and Sarah, Feb.1,1726.

Sophia, d.James and Lucy, Mar.8,1803.

Theoder, s.Theoder and Sarah, Mar.3,1733-4. [Theodore, s.Theodore.CR1]

Theoder, s.Joseph and Sarah, Jan.12,1759.


Louisa Seymour, d.Thomas and Betsy, Aug.24,1815.


Archibald [h.Margaret (Brown)],末蔓末,1839.GR7

Robert R., s.Thomas B., mechanic, and Susan B., Oct.25,1849.


Aaron, s.Timothy and Alice, July6,1772.

Aaron, s.Timothy and Margreret, Oct.28,1779.

Adelia Mariah, d.Charles and Harriett [Harriet.PR43], May17,1838.

Adelia Marie, d.Harriet, wid., bp. May7,1843.CR1

Albert Perry, s.Luther and Ruth, June9,1805.

Albert Perry, ch.Luther and Ruthy, bp. Jan.12,1817.CR1

Albert H., s.Albert P. and Nancy, Sept.29,1831.

Alse Lucretia, d.Capt. Luther and Ruth, Dec.13,1819. [Alecy Lucretia.CR1]

Amos, s.Ezra and Polly, May3,1813.

Angeline, d.Timothy and Polly, Mar.18,1812.

Angeline, ch.Timothy Jr. and Polly, bp. Oct.24,1819.CR1

Anna, d.Timothy and Allice, June14,1777.

Ann Sophia, d.Newel and Sukey, Dec.10,1828.

Appleton, ch.Ezra and Polly, bp. Sept.27,1812.CR1

Austin, s.Calvin 2d, farmer, and Elizabeth, July18,1847.

Benjamin Adams, s.Capt. Timothy Jr. and Nancy, Aug.25,1823.

Calvin, s.Timothy and Alice, Dec.25,1783.

Calvin, s.Timothy and Margaret, June3,1792. [[h.Lois (Howe)].GR1]

Calvin [h.Emeline Helena],末蔓末,1823.GR1 [July10,1823.PR14]

Catharine, d.Timothy Jr. and Polley, Nov.22,1813.

Catherine, ch.Timothy Jr. and Polly, bp. Oct.24,1819.CR1

Charles, s.Calvin and Louis, June28,1814.

Charles H., ch.Luther E. and Elizabeth,末蔓末,1842.GR1

Charles H., s.Thomas T. and Evelina L., Mar.10,1842. [Charles Hodges.CR1]

Deborah, d.Timothy and Elizabeth, Dec.10,1758.

Edward Everett, s.William E. and Elizabeth, June5,1834.

Edwin F., s.Calvin and Louis, Dec.2,1835.

Elbridge Littlefield, s.Luther and Ruthe, Oct.3,1808.

Elbridge Luther, s.Capt. Luther and Ruth, Nov.24,1824.

Eliza Curtis, d.Moses Jr. and Milletiah, Dec.15,1822.

Elesebeth, d.Timothy and Elesebeth, Dec.23,1753. [Elizabeth.CR1]

Elizabeth, d.Timothy and Margeret, Apr.10,1773. [Elizebeth.PR21]

Elizabeth P., d.Albert P. and Naney, Dec.28,1828.

Ella Frances, d.Calvin Jr., straw dealer, and Emeline H., Sept.14,1849.

Ellen A., d.Albert P. and Naney, Mar.13,1819.

Ellen Mariah, d.Simeon and Miletiah, May10,1833.

Emma D., d.Calvin. Jr., bonnet manufacturer, and Emeline H., Sept.12,1846.

Emeline Helena w.Calvin,末蔓末,1818.GR1

Eveline, see Aveline.

Evelina L., w.Thomas Temple [Oct.末,1811].GR1

Aveline, d.Luther and Ruth, Sept.4,1814.

Eveline, ch.Luther and Ruthy, bp. Jan.12,1817.CR1

Eveline Marilla, d.Luther E., farmer, and Elisabeth, Dec.9,1848.

Ezra, s.Timothy [Timothy Jr.CR1] and Margaret, Nov.5,1784.

Ezra B., s.Ezra.and Polly, Jan.30,1816. [Ezra Brown.CR1]

George Leland s.Newel and Sukey, Dec.9,1829.

Hellen Maria, d.Benjamin A. and Adda P., Aug.29,1849.

Jerusha Burnet, d.Calvin and Louis, July12,1819.

Joanna, ch.Ezra and Polly, bp. Sept.27,1812.CR1

Josephus Wheaton, s.Timothy Jr. and Polley, Sept.9,1816.

Josephus, Wheaton, ch.Timothy Jr. and Polly, bp. Oct.14,1819.CR1

Laura M., d.Calvin and Louis, May20,1830.

Louisa, d.Calvin and Louis, June22,1821.

Lucinda C., d.Moses and Adeline, Feb.21,1848. [Lucinda Carleton.CR1]

Lucretia, d.Timothy and Allice, July25,1775. [Lucrecia.CR1]

Luther, s.Timothy and Alice, Jan.7,1780.

Luther E., ch.Luther E. and Elizabeth,末蔓末,1824.GR1

Luther Elbridge, s.Luther and Ruthy, bp. Apr.10,1825.CR1

Margeret, June24,1752.PR21

Margret P., d.Calvin and Louis, Mar.13,1816.

Merriam, d.Luther and Ruth, Aug.2,1803.

Maryann, d.Luther and Ruthe, July13,1810.

Marilla E., ch.Luther E. and Elizabeth, Dec.10,1848.GR1

Martin, s.Samuel and Rhoda, Oct.4,1784.

Martin Brown, s.Calvin and Louis, Nov.24,1817. [w.Izanna (Hill).GR7]

Mary, Feb.22,1780.PR21

Mary, d.Nahum and Elizabeth, Apr.12,1801.

Mary M., Mar.25,1811.PR21

Mary Curtis, ch.Simeon and Melatiah, bp. July7,1828.CR1

Mary Ann, twin d.Albert P. and Nancy, Feb.16,1834.

Mary Elizabeth, d.William E. and Elizabeth, Dec.9,1835.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Calvin 2d and Elizabeth, Apr.21,1842.

Milla, d.Timothy and Margaret, Dec.26,1786. [Mille, d.Timothy Jr.CR1] [Melle.PR21]

Mille W., d.Calvin and Louis, Apr.13,1815. [Apr.13,1818.PR14]

Miriam, see Meriam, Merriam.

Miriam, d.Timothy and Alice, Dec.13,1773.

Meriam M., twin d.Albert P. and Nancy, Feb.16,1834.

Nahum, s.Timothy and Margeret, Oct.8,1775.

Nancy H.,末蔓末,1815.GR1[Aug.14.PR14]

Nancy, d.Calvin and Louis, Aug.24,1825.

Nancy Ella, d.Martin B., shoe maker, and Izanna [Izanna H.GR7] Mar.30,1848.

Nancy Ella, d.Adeline J., bp. Nov.2,1849.CR1

Nathan, s.Timothy and Margaret, May8,1771.

Newell, s.Aaron and Mille, July29,1801. [[h.Sarah (Smith)].GR7]

Rhoda, d.Timothy and Elizabeth, Oct.12,1763. [Rohda.CR1]

Ruthe, d.Capt. Luther and Ruth, June5,1816. [Ruthy, ch.Luther and Ruthy.CR1] [Ruth, w.Eli H. Warren.GR1]

Samuel, s.Timothy and Elesebeth, Oct.30,1755.

Samuell, s.Timothy, bp. July19,1761.CR1

Sarah Jemima, d.Newell and Sarah, Oct.17,1831.

Sophia, d.Timothy and Margaret, Oct.12,1782. [Sofa.PR21]

Thomas Temple, s.Luther and Ruthe, June5,1812. [[h.Evelina L.].GR1]

Thomas Temple, ch.Luther and Ruthy, bp. Jan.12,1817.CR1

Timothy, s.Timothy, bp. Dec.15,1751.CR1 [h.Oct.14.PR21]

Timothy, s.Timothy and Margaret, Jan.17,1789. [Dea.Timothy.CR1]

William, s.Timothy and Margrerat, Nov.13,1777.

William Jr., Mar.11,1807.PR21

William Eaton, s.William and Mary, Mar.11,1807.

William Chamberlain, s.Capt. Timothy Jr. and Nancy, Aug.8,1825.


Sarah [? m.],末蔓末,1809.GR7


Nancy, d.Joseph and Susan of Westboro, wid.C.C. Holmes, May13,1818, in Westboro.


Abigail, d.James and Abigail, Apr.13,1746. [Russel.CR1]


Elisabeth, d.James and Abigail, Mar.11,1739-40.

John, s.James and Abigail, June24,1744.

Lovit, s.James and Abigail, Mar.4,1741-2. [Lovet.CR1]

Mary, d.James and Abigail, Aug.18,1738.

Mary, d.Jonathan, bp. Dec.20,1778.CR1

S. Jeanette, w.John R.,末蔓末,1807.GR7

Sarah Elizabeth, w.John R. [Nov.末,1827].GR7


Elizabeth R., w.J. Charles B.,末蔓末,1823.GR1


Mary A., w.John F. Bragg,末蔓末,1845.GR5

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