Eliza A. [? m.],末蔓末,1831.GR7

Hannah M. [? m.],末蔓末,1832.GR7

Samuel A.,末蔓末,1824.GR7

SAWIN (Sawing)

Samuel [h.Patty] [Sept.末,1769].GR7

SAWING (Sawin)

Susanna, d.John, bp. June6,1742.CR1


Homer E. [h.Sarah Letitia], Aug.19,1826.GR7

Sarah Letitia, w.Homer K. Dec.17,1839.GR7


Charles Joseph, ch.末, bp. Sept.12,1841.CR2

SEAVEY (Seavy)

Elmira, d.David and Betsey, Jan.13,1838.

Elmira, ch.D. and W., bp. May7,1848.CR1

Edgar Clark, ch.D. and w., bp. May7,1848.CR1

Elbridge Gay, s.David and Betsey, Apr.28,1842.

Elbridge Gary, ch.D. and w., bp. May7,1848.GR1

Eliza Jane, d.David and Betsey, Nov.15,1831.

Emma F., d.Joshua and Achsah, Sept.3,1846.

James Madison, s.David and Betsey, June14,1840.

James Madison, s.Joshua and Achsah, June24,1844.

Julia Anne, d.David and Betsey, Jan.28,1836.

Julia Ann, ch.D. and w., bp. May7,1848.CR1

Lucy Ann [dup. crossed out, Amne] Amelia, d.Joshua [dup. crossed out, d.Joshua and Achsa C.], May8,1842.

Maria Louisa, d.David, shoe manufacturer, and Betsey, Feb.24,1844.

Maria Louise, ch.D. and w., bp. May7,1848.CR1

Sally, w.Gilbert Adams, Sept.28,1808.GR1

SEAVY (Seavey)

George Washington, s.David and Betsey, Jan.9,1830.


William H., s.Abel H., miller, and Mary Ann, Oct.17,1845.


Martha Alice, d.William R., comb maker, and Lucy J., Nov.19,1849.


Abigail, d.William [William Jr.CR1] and Mary, July21,1729.

Abigail, d.John and Marcy, May12,1768.

Ann, d.Nathaniel and Mary.Mar.15,1734-5.

Catharine, d.John and Marcy, Mar.3,1760.

Daniel, s.Nathaniel and Lydia, Oct.31,1751.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Lydia, Jan.23,1783.

Deborah, d.William and Mary, Sept.3,1726.

Dening, s.John and Kezia, Oct.14,1750. [Denning.CR1]

Elisabeth, d.Isaac and Martha, Mar.25,1741.

Elisabeth, d.Isaac and Martha, Sept.16,1757.

Hannah, d.Daniel and Lydia, Oct.8,1712.

Irene, mother of 末末, [June末,1790].GR7

Isaac, s.Isaac and Martha, Jan.2,1748-9.

Jonathan, s.Nathaniel and Lydia, Apr.23,1754.

Joseph, s.Nathaniel and Lydia, Dec.7,1758.

Joseph, s.John and Marcy, June12,1765.

Katharine, d.Nathaniel and Mary, June13,1737.

Loas, d.John and Keziah, Jan.2,1752. [Lois.CR1]

Martha, d.Isaac, bp. Nov.6,1757.CR1

Mary, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Mar.30,1730.

Mary, d.Isaac and Martha, Mar.12,1752.

Mary, d.John and Marcy, Apr.12,1763.

Mercy, d.John and Marcy, Sept.10,1757.

Nathanael, s.Nathanael and Mary, Feb.3,1727.

Rachel, d.Nathanael and Mary, Mar.30,1732.


Mary A., w.Willis R.,末蔓末,1820.GR1

Melissa Ann, d.Reuben W. and Mary Ann, Aug.29,1842.

William R., [h.Mary A.],末蔓末,1819.GR1


Abbott J., s.Freeman, farmer, and Elisabeth, Oct.16,1848.

Albert F., s.Freeman, farmer, and Elizabeth, May15,18477

Elizabeth S., w.Freemon,末蔓末,1811.GR7

Elisabeth C., d.Freeman, yeoman, and Elizabeth, Feb.16,1846.

Freemon [h.Elizabeth S.],末蔓末,1813.GR7


James F. [h.Nancy E.],末蔓末,1809.GR7

James F., s.James F. and Cina M., Apr.20,1834.

Nancy E., w.James F.,末蔓末,1818.GR1

Stephen Blanchard, s.James F. and Cina M., Apr.20,1836.


William H. [h.Diana (Kniffen)] [Mar.末,1798].GR7

SLOCOM (Slocomb, Slocum, Slocumb)

Christopher Hamilton, ch.Lewis and Elmira, Oct.30,1822, in Mendon.PR48

Lewis [h.Elmira (Richardson)], July22,1795, in Bellingham.PR48

William Clark, s.William, currier, and Sarah D., Mar.14,1846.

SLOCOMB (Slocom, Slocum, Slocumb)

Albert, s.Lewis (Slocom), bonnet manufacturer, and Louisa, July5,1846. Slocum, s.Maj. Slocum.CR1 [Slocom.PR48]

Elmira L., d.Lewis and Louisa, Feb.15,1839. [Elmira Louisa Slocum.CR1] [Elmira L. Slocom, ch.Lewis and Elmira R.CR1] [Elmira, L. Slocom.PR48]

Asa R., s.Lewis and Almira R., Nov.19,1820, in Wrentham.[Slocom.PR48]

Francis D., s.Lewis and Almira R., Sept.25,1832. [Francis Dexter Slocom, ch.Lewis and Elmira.PR48]

George Wellington, s.Lewis, manufacturer, and Louisa, Feb.14,1844. [Slocum, s.Maj. Slocum.CR1] [Slocom.PR48]

Joseph Watson [atson, written in pencil], s.Lewis and Louisa, Jan.14,1842. [James Watson Slocum.CR1] [Joseph Watson Siocom.PR48]

Lewis W., s.Lewis and Almira R., Aug.19,1827. [Lewis Warren Slocom, ch.Lewis and Elmira.PR48]

SLOCUM (Slocom, Slocomb, Slocumb)

Abby Frances, d.William, depot master, and Sarah D., July21,1849.

Francis Dexter, ch.Lewis and w., bp. Aug.4,1839.CR1

Henry L., s.Lewis, manufacturer, and Louisa, Nov.22,1849.

Lewis Warren, ch.Lewis and w., bp. Aug.4,1839.CR1

SLOCUMB (Slocom, Slocomb, Slocum)



Abigail, d.Abel and Sarah, Oct.19,1766.

Achsah, twin d.Isaac and Marcy, Apr.19,1781.

Albert Bender, s.Col. [dup. omits Col.] Samuel P., yeoman, and Persis J. [dup. omits J.] Jan.8,1844.

Albert B., s.Everett and Adeline, Nov.25,1845.

Anna, ch.Isaac and Merry.bp. July2,1780.CR1

Anna, d.Isaac and Prndence, May18,1796.

Ann, d.Isaac and Prudence, w.Adam Leland May18,1796.GR1

Anne Lucretia, d.Samuel P. and Persis, June10,1832.

Ann Lucretia, d.Parker, bp. Aug.4,1833.CR1

Asa Munroe, s.Samuel R., farmer, and Anna, Apr.24,1848.

Barek, s.Caleb and Debrah, Feb.11,1755.

Debrah, d.Caleb and Debrah, Feb.11,1755.

Edgar N.,末蔓末,1847.GR7

Edward Johnson, s.Samuel P. and Persis, Oct.22,1838.

Edwin Samuel, s.Samuel P. and Persis, Mar.21,1837.

Betsy, d.Isaac and Marcy, Nov.9,1778.

Betsy, ch.Isaac and Mercy, bp. July2,1780.CR1

Everett [Apr.末,1823].CR1

George Francis, s.Samuel S. and Persis, June18,1829.

Harriot, d.Isaac Jr. and Indiana, Jan.19,1824.

Harriet E., d.Erastus T. and Bulah, Oct.27,1846.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Prudence, Jan.5,1792.

Isaac Austin, s.John and Mary, Apr.29,1829.

Issabella, d.Jason and Lucy F., Aug.15,1837.

James, s.James, bp. Oct.8,1749.CR1

James Madison, s.Isaac Jr. and Indiana, Apr.22,1825.

Jason Chamberlain, s.John and Mary, Dec.22,1806.

John, twin s.Isaac and Marcy, Apr.19,1781. [[h.Mary G.].GR7]

John Staples, s.John and Mary, Feb.17,1809.

Jonathan Adams, s.Abel and Sarah, Feb.22,1776.

Luthena, d.Sewal and Julia Ann, Sept.11,1840.

M. Helen. w.Edward J.,末蔓末,1837.GR7

Martha, d.John and Mary, Apr.7,1811.

Martha Jane, d.George and Sophia A., Feb.末,1845.

Mary G., w.John, Jan.10,1787.GR1

Mary E., w.J. Alton,末蔓末,1832.GR7

Mary, d.Jason and Lucy F., Oct.24,1840.

Mercy, see Marcy.

Marcy, d.Isaac and Prudence, June9,1803.

Mercy, d.Jason and Lucy F., July26,1839.

Persis J., w.Samuel P. [July末,1802].GR7

Rhoda H., d.Erastus T. and Bulah, Dec.12,1842.

Samuel, s.Abel and Sarah, June5,1780.

Samuel P. [ho Persis J.],末蔓末,1805.GR7

Sarah, w.Newell Rockwood [Feb.末,1805].GR7

Sarah Jane, d.John S. and Sarah B., Oct.17,1831.


Charles Henry, s.Dexter [and Hester], Apr.26,1839.

George W., s.Dexter, boot maker, and Hester, June28,1845.

George W. [June末,1847].GR7

Mary Elizabeth, d.Dexter and Martha W., Feb.1,1831, in Hopkinton.

Susan Ellen, d.Dexter and Hester, July14,1842.


Charles Augustus, s.Edward A. and Mary Ann, Oct.末,1824. in New Lebanon, NY.

Hiram Abiffe, s.Edward A. and Mary Ann, Nov.12,1820, in Goshen, CT.

SPARHAWK (Sparhawke)

Calphurna A., d.Dexter and Calphurna, Oct.21,1836, in Sherburne.

Charles, s.Dexter and Calphine [Calphine, written in pencil] Calphurnia, Mar.末,1845.

Clementina M., d.Dexter and Calphurna C., Sept.21,1831, in Sherburne [sic, see Martha H.]

Harriot Adelia, d.Dexter, cordwainer, and w., Aug.9,1843.

Martha H., d.Dexter and Calphurna C., Apr.4,1838, in Weston [sic, see Clementina M.]

Mary A., d.Dexter and Calphuma C., Mar.21,1834, in Sherborne.

Oscar, s.Dexter and Calphurna C., Jan.6,1839, in Framingham.

Rufus S., s.Dexter and Calphurna C., Mar.10,1832, in Natic.

William C., s.Dexter and Calphuma C., Nov.15,1830, in Sherborn.

SPARHAWKE (Sparhawk)

George R., s.Dexter and Calphurna C., Nov.5,1846.


Preston L. [h.Louise P. (Ellis)] [Nov.末,1840].GR7

STADMAN (Steadman, Stedman)

Abigal, d.John (Stadmen) and Abigal, Dec.1,1777. [Abigail Stedman.CR1]


Lydia, d.Caleb and Ruth, Apr.19,1741.


Charles R., s.Caleb C. and Sarah Lucretia (Waitt) [Sept.末,1849].GR1

Sarah Lucretia, w.Frank,末蔓末,1827.GR1

Susan Ann, d.Nahor and Elisabeth, w.Everett Mann, Sept.1,1834.GR7

STEADMAN (Stadman, Stedman)

Abigail, d.Josiah and Kezia, Aug.25,1810.

Abijah, s.John and Mercy, Sept.3,1812.

Cyrus, s.John and Mercy, June28,1808.

Eliza, d.John and Merry, Aug.4,1810.

Francis, s.Josiah and Kezia, Feb.18,1809. [Stedman, Feb.16.GR7]

George, s.Josiah, bp. June8,1817.CR1

John, s.John and Mercy, Oct.13,1805.

Joseph, s.Josiah and Kezia, Sept.4,1807.

Mary, d.Josiah and Keziah, Feb.3,1812.

William, s.John and Mercy, Sept.15,1815.

STEDMAN (Stadman, Steadman)

Abigail, ch.Josiah and Kezia, bp. July3,1814.CR1

Adelia H., d.Francis and Rhoda, Nov.25,1841.

Anna, d.John and Abigail, Mar.17,1706.

Elizabeth, ch.Josiah and Kezia, bp. July3,1814.CR1

Ellen Elvira, d.George, farmer, and Elvira, Sept.22,1849.

Francis, ch.Josiah and Kezia, bp. July3,1814.CR1


George A., s.George, farmer, and Elmira, Apr.末,1845 [sic, see George H.]

George H., s.George and Elvira, Apr.13,1845 [sic. see George A.]

Harriet, d.Josiah and Kezia, bp.末蔓末,1819.CR1

John, s.John and Abigail, May17,1772.

John [b. Mercy (Richardson)], May3,1783, in Medway.GR1

Joseph, ch.Josiah and Kezia, bp. July3,1814.CR1

Josiah, s.John and Abigail, June7,1775.

Mary, d.John and Abigail, Mar.4,1768.

Rhoda E., d.Francis and Rhoda, Jan.28,1847.


Orrilla, w.Jared,末蔓末,1808.GR2

Jared [h.Orrilla],末蔓末,1799.GR2

STEWART (Stuart)

Anna, d.Benjamin and Debrah, May21,1759.


Russel S., Feb.14,1818.GR7

STON (Stone)

Daniel, s.Daniel and Hannah, Dec.8,1757. [Stone.CR1]

Nathaniel, s.Danel (Stone) and Hannah, Mar.22,1756. [Stone.CR1]

STONE (Ston)

Anna W. [? m.], Oct.23,1808.CR1

Calista H., ch.Jones G. and Dorcas, Mar.6,1846.PR47

Deborah, d.James and Deborah, July19,1797.

Elisabeth, d.James and Elisabeth, May13,1735.

Lizzie C., w.Orrin Thomson, Feb.22,1827.GR7

Ellen Francis, d.Rev. T.D.P., bp. Mar.末,1845.CR1

Emma Clark, d.Jonas G., boot maker, and Dorcas, June6,1849.

Hannah, d.James and Deborah, July24,1783.

Hannah H., w.Francis Thomson,末蔓末,1821.GR7

James, s.John and Mary, June25,1754.

James, s.James and Deborah, Dec.16,1786.

James Monroe, s.Jonas G. and Dorcas, Aug.22,1839. [Aug.21.PR47]

John, s.James and Elisabeth, June21,1732.

John, s.John and Mary, June6,1765.

Jonas Gilbert [h.Dorcas (Allen)], Dec.25,1813, in Hubbardston.PR47

Joseph [h.Hannah (Heald)],末蔓末,1789.GR7

Laura Anne, d.Jonas G. and Dorcas, May27,1837.

Polly [w.Abner Johnson], June20,1781.PR15

Mary Irene, d.Rev. T.D.P., bp. May14,1843.CR1

Nathan, s.James and Deborah, May26,1780.

Nevinson, s.James and Elizabeth, Mar.17,1736-7.

Nevinson, s.James and Deborah, Nov.14,1793.

Nevinson, s.James and Lucy, Jan.9,1814.

Sarah, d.John and Mary, Dec.2,1759.


Charles Lysander, s.Rev. 末末 and M.B., bp. May3,1840.CR1

George Newell, s.Rev. 末末 and M, B., bp. Jan.8,1837.CR1

Maria Newell, twin d.Rev. John and Melantia, Apr.17,1844.

Mary Williams, twin d.Rev. John and Melantia, Apr.17,1844.

Samuel John, s.Rev. 末末 and M.B., bp. Feb.18,1838.CR1

STRATON (Stratton)

Mary, d.Samuel, bp. Aug.29,1742.CR1

STRATTON (Straton)

Ebenezer, s.Samuel, bp. Aug.12,1744.CR1


John W. Adams, s.John and Sibbel, Feb.4,1826. [John Wilkins Adams, s.John and Sybil.CR1]

STUART (Stewart)

Asenath, d.Benjamin (Stewert) and Debrah, Sept.17,1754.

Caroline J., w.Joseph,末蔓末,1814.GR7

Clara A., w.Alben L. Lowd [May末,1849].GR7

Flora C., w.L.M.,末蔓末,1847.GR7

Joseph [h.Caroline J.],末蔓末,1813.GR7


James, s.John, laborer, and Mary of Ireland Dec.25,1845.


Joel, s.Daniel and Lydia, July31,1761.


Ferdinand R., s.Joseph, comb maker, and Hannah, June4,1846.


George Wilber, s.Ebenezar and Rachael N., Feb.14,1843.

Hiram Milton, s.Ebenezar and Rachel H., July22,1841.

Mary F., w.Charles P. Cobb, June17,1803, in Framingham.GR1

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