Milo R. and Mary Ann [int.adds W.] Barber [int.of Sherburne], Nov.9,1841. [Mary A.W. of Sherburne.CR2]


Elisabeth [and] Benjamin Ware of Sherburne, int.Dec.13,1849.

Hellen [int.Helen] and Johnathan [int.Jonathan] T. Morse of Sherburne, Apr.19,1843. [Helen and Jonathan T. Morse of Sherborn.CR2]


Lyman of Watham, and Harriet Wood, int.May10,1835.


Mary J. of Norton, and Henry T. Belcher, int.May3,1839.


Stephen H. and Emela Brown, int.Feb.16,1819.

Thomas [int.Jr. of Sudbury] and Abigail Lovering, Mar.10,1768 [Thomas of Sudbury, Mar.10,1767.MR]

CARREL (Carrol)

Benjamin Jr. [int.Carrell] of Rutland and Mary Stedman [int.Steadman] Fairbank, Mar.15,1807.

CARROL (Carrel)

Mary and Oliver Richardson of Medway, int.Aug.12,1829.


Lucy of Newfane, VT, and Warren Cushing, int.Aug.18,1827.


Dinah and Jethro Cato of Needham, int.Oct.25,1777. [m.Dec.18.MR]

Jethro of Needham, and Dinah Cato, int.Oct.25,1777. [m.Dec.18.MR]

CHAISE (Chase)

Olive of York, and Samuel Messinger, int.Apr.25,1801. [Chase of York, ME, m.June8.PR3]

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Abigail and Alpheus Harding of Medway, Nov.26,1812.

Anna of Mendon, and Moses Hill, int.Apr.16,1796.

Calvin and Joanna Smith of Hopkinton, int.Dec.22,1796.

Charles and Mary Bassett, May26,1841.*.PR12

Ebenezer and Julian Sadler of Upton, int.Jan.29,1831.

Edwin of Hopkinton, and Rebecca Collins of Hopkinton, Jan.17,1842.*

Eliphalet and Sally [int.Salley] Tay of Sherebourn [int.Shereburn], July28,1805.

Eliphalet of Sherburn, and Harriot Leland int.Mar.10,1832.

Eliza of Grafton, and Albert Leland int.May8,1831.

Elizabeth and Ariel [int.Arial] Bragg, Mar.10,1803. [Chamberlin, and Arial Bragg.PR51]

Enoch and Submit Perry of New Salem, int.Nov.11,1795.

Enoch Jr. and Lucy Holbrook of Spencer, int.Oct.5,1804. [m.Nov.30.PR12]

Harriot and Lyman Bridges, int.May12,1832. [Harriett, d.Enoch and Lucy, m.May29.PR9] [Harriet, m.May29.PR12]

Holbrook and Hannah C. Woolson of Hopkinton, int.May30,1834. [m.June25.PR12]

Holbrook and Izanna Leland Dec.2,1846.*.PR12

Jason and Abigail Whiting of Medway, int.Aug.27,1782.

Jerusha of Hopkinton, and Warren Miller, int.Mar.1,1820.

John of Keen, NH, and Sylvia Perry, int.Oct.17,1826.

Jonas of Grafton, and Caroline Leland int.May28,1829. [m.June17.CR1]

Jonas and Lois Putnam of Upton, int.Mar.13,1835.

Luther and Harriett [int.adds L.] Walker, Apr.29,1841. [Harriet L.PR12]

Lydia and David Johnson, Apr.20,1820.

Mary and John Smith, June2,1806.

Polly [int.Chamberlin] and Timothy Rockwood, Jr., May9,1811.

Mary and William L. Belcher of Newton, Apr.5,1832. [Apr.25.PR12]

Nancy of Westminster, VT, and Joseph Warren Wight, int.May4,1818.

Nathaniel W. and Lucy M. Bond, int.Oct.1,1831.

Olive and Capt. John Mellen, Dec.3,1807.

Sally, d.Moses and Rhoda, and Amos Bridges, Dec.2,1824.*.PR9

Sarah of Dedham, and Henry Cozzens, int.Oct.5,1833.

William and Lydia Jones of Hopkinton, int.Feb.16,1795.

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

Elisabeth and Daniel Drury of Shrewsbury, int.May14,1776. "Did Not marry."

Lucy [int.Chamberlain], wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 63, d.Isaac D. Holbrook and Lucy, and Jotham Leland widr.[int.omits widr.], 69, gentleman, of Ashland s.Abner and Hannah, July31,1848. [Mrs.Lucy Chamberlain, Aug.3.CR1]

Ruth of Hopkinton, and John Goulding of Hopkinton, May20,1790.*.CR1

Sarah and Samuel Phipps, int.Apr.2,1779.

Sarah M. and Edward W. Blood of Boston, May23,1843, in Hopkinton.

William and Betsey Walker of Hopkinston, int.May10,1782.


Minerva, 18, seamstress, of Medway, d.Caleb and Elvira H., and Eliphalet Bailey, 21, shoe maker, s.Abel and Lydia K., Nov.18,1846.*

CHAPEN (Chapin)

Ephraim [int.of Mendon] and Hannah Rider, Sept.末,1768. [Chapin.MR]

CHAPIN (Chapen)

Betsey of Milford, and John Dainels Jr., int.Apr.13,1805. [Betsy Chapen and John Daniels, m.June6.PR23]

Ephraim of Milford, and Anna Tidd, Sept.21,1808.

Henry of Milford, and Jerusha Miller, int.May26,1832.

Mary of Milford, and David Jones of Boston, Oct.15,1833.*


Alexander of Framingham, and Eliza Ball, Sept.26,1836.

Joseph and Hannah Breck, May7,1817.

Prince of Roxbury, and Eliza Ann Reed of Framingham, Oct.12,1846, in Framingham.*.CR2

CHASE (Chaise)

Hannah and William N. Brooks of Upton,末蔓末 [int.Apr.25], [1831.] [May21.CR1]

Joseph and Mary Leland Apr.4, [18]43.

Joseph H. and Sophronia Greenleaf, int.Feb.2,1848.

Lucius A. of Lempster, NH, and Harriett [int.Harriet] Smith, Mar.5,1843. [Harriet.CR2]

Olive and Nathan P. Whiting,末蔓末 [int.Aug.1], 1828. [Oct.19.CR1]

CHENAY (Chenery, Cheney, Cheny)

Trypheny of Mendon and Oliver Smith, int.May1,1778.

CHENERY (Chenay, Cheney, Cheny)

Benjamin and Orinda Daniels of Medway, int.Mar.25,1828.

Caroline D. of Medfield, and Horace Wight, int.Mar.17,1832.

Lowell and Mary Holbrook of Sherburn, Apr.10,1834. [Mary of Sherburne.CR1]

Oliver and Elizabeth Bridges of Watertown, int.June10,1826.

CHENEY (Chenay, Chenery, Cheny)

Aquilla Robbins of Medfield, and Hannah Merret, Oct.14,1789. [Aquila Robbins Cheney.PR51]

Artimas and Betsey Littlefield of Milford, int.Aug.27,1808.

Carmel and Ursula Richardson, int.Oct.1,1817.

Lydia B. of Milford, and Alfred P. Warner,末蔓末 [int.Oct.28], 1827. [Warren, Jan.28,1828.CR1]

Nathaniel of Milford, and Elizabeth Hudson, int.Aug.9,1788.

Ruth and John Cozzens, Sept.28,1806.

CHENY (Chenay, Chenery, Cheney)

Ebenezer [int.Cheney] of Milford, and Mary Daniels, Jan.25,1810.


Mary and Peter Craig, Dec.15,1842.


Amaziah and Ede Watkins, Apr.3,1799.

Angelina and Hopkinton, and John Claflin 2d, June9,1833.

Anna Underwood and Peter Adams of Bellingham, Apr.3,1814.

Caleb and Hulda Fisk, May19,1763.* [Clafflin, and Huldah Fisk.MR]

Calvin and Hannah Barber, May20,1805.

Daniel and Mercy Wethe, Nov.22,1750.*

Elizabeth I. [int.Elisabeth T.] and Abner Adams [int.Jr.] of Northbridge,末蔓末 [int.Feb.16] [1830.] [Elizabeth T. and Abner Adams Jr., Apr.1.CR1]

Elisabeth K., 22, d.Samuel and Sarah, and John H. Miller, 23, farmer, s.Warren and Jerusha, Apr.30,1849.

Emely of Milford, and Aaron Hero, int.May2,1820.

Ethan C., 25, day laborer on R.R., s.William Jr. and Susan, and Mary N. Thomson [int.Thompson], 23, d.Samuel and Sally, May3,1849. [Ethan Cobb.PR20]

Hamblet B. and Betsey Curtis of Medway, int.Mar.7,1839.

Hephsibah [int.Hephzibah] and Dexter Farrington [int.Ferrington], Nov.12,1830. [Hephsabeth and Dexter Farrington, Nov.11.PR44]

Irena and James Wight, Nov.25,1793. [Irene.CR1]

Isaac S. and Adaline Mellen, May26,1833.

John of Hopkinston, and Mary Sheffield, int.Jan.19,1770.

John Jr. and Lydia Mellen of Hopkinton, int.Feb.19,1798.

John and Silence Pond, int.Apr.30,1821.

John 2d and Angelina Claflin of Hopkinton, June9,1833.

Lydia and Daniel Lovering of Holden, June6 [int.Sept.11], 1791. [Sept.27.CR1]

Martin and Hopestill Hayward of Milford, int.Oct.12,1808.

Polley [int.Polly] and Ethen [int.Ethan] Cobb, Apr.2,1802. [Polley and Ethen Cobb, Apr.22.PR51]

Polly of Hopkinton and John Hero [int.Jr.], July8,1810.

Mary Ann [int.Maryann] and Benjamin Sibley [int.Sibly] of Barre, May2,1822. [Mary An and Benjamin Sibley.CR1]

Polly and Senaca Wenzel [int.Seneca Wenzell] of Framingham, Apr.28,1832.

Hitty [int.Hittey] and William Lovering, Dec.14,1797. [Hitty.CR1]

Moses [dup. Claflen] and Lucinda Clark, Aug.16,1810.

Rhoda B. [int.omits B.] and Dennis [int.Denis] Holbrook of Milford, Nov.4,1824.

Rufus of Hopkinton, and Hepzibah Boalster of Hopkinton, Nov.5,1789.*.CR1

Sabra W. and Alexander Wright of Medway, Oct.13,1828.

Serepta, see Cerepta.

Cerepta [int.Surrepta] and John King, Mar.28,1820. [Erepta.CR1]

Thomas W. and Lucy A.P. Walker, int.Jan.22,1842.

William and Anna Underwood, May18,1794.

William and Sabra Wiswell, Mar.31,1796. [Wizwell.CR1]

William and Louis [int.Lois] Ripley of Boston, Nov.13,1817. [Betsey.CR1]

William H.H. and Polly C. Adams of Medway, int.May12,1835.

William H. [int.adds H.] and Margarett [int.Margaret] R. Thompson of Medway, Apr.28,1839.

CLARK (Clarke)

Abel and Clarinda Kilburn of Milford, Dec.3,1818. [Clarke, and Clorinda Kilburn.CR1]

Abigail of Milford, and William Waer, int.Jan.12,1822.

Abijah and Lydia Whitney of Milford, Sept.6,1798.

Abijah and Judith Hayward of Milford, Oct.2,1808.

Abijah S. and Lucinda Partridge of Milford, int.Apr.14,1827.

Bathsheba of Medway, and John Littlefield Jr., Nov.7,1793.

Beulah and Elidia Allen of Milford, int.Oct.24,1793.

Chester of Milford, and Polly Pierce, int.Jan.12,1822.

Cinthia [int.Cynthe] and Nathaniel Ward of Wardsborough, Feb.13,1802.

Elijah and Pamela Haven, int.Jan.13,1824. [Clarke, m.Mar.31.CR1]

Hannah B.D. and [int.adds Capt.] Daniel J. Leland Apr.5,1836.

Joanna and Lott [int.Lot] Stoddard [dup. int.Lott Stodard], Sept.12,1818. [Clarke, and Lot Stoddard.CR1]

Joel J. and Almira E. Foristall of Bellingham, int.Mar.20,1841.

Joseph of Sherburne, and Susanna Broad, int.Jan.13,1785.

Louisa and Benjamin Addison of Providence, RI, int.Nov.8,1823.

Lucinda and Moses Claflin [int.Claflen], Aug.16,1810.

Lucinda J. of Medway Village, and Joseph S. Hoogs, int.Oct.18,1845.

Mary L. of Rutland and Samuel Williams, int.Mar.19,1836.

Mary S. of Milford, and Daniel Perry, Nov.11,1839. [May S. Clarke.CR2]

Nahum and Mary Starns of Mendon, int.Apr.14,1772.

Nahum Jr. and Zilpha Thayer of Mendon, int.Feb.3,1810.

Nahum Jr. and Olive Fairbanks [dup. int.crossed out, Fairbank], Aug.7,1814.

Nathan and Sarah Pond Hawes, int.Apr.6,1823. [Clarke, and Sally P. Haven, m.May18.CR1]

Prudence of Medway, and Isaac Smith, int.Mar.23,1787.

Samuel and Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] Miller, Feb.19,1795. [Elizabeth.CR1]

Sanford of Medfield, and Nancy A. Gould,末蔓末 [int.Mar.21], 1827. [Apr.16.CR1]

Sarah and Jonathan Daniels, int.Jan.28,1792.

Sarah A. of Medway, and Ferdinand Fiske, Apr.15,1840. [Fisk.PR46]

Simeon of Medway, and Mary Numan, int.Sept.10,1768.

Theophilus and Betsy Green of Wardsborough, int.May2,1813.

Thomas J.G. and Ellen Howe, Dec.12,1833.

William [int.of Stoughtonham] and Hannah Lealand Sept.27,1770.

CLARKE (Clark)

Beulah [int.Clark] and Artemas [int.Artemus] Albee of Milford, Feb.16,1797. [Clarke, and Artemas Albee of Milford.CR1]

Sarah Jane and Nicholas Wentworth of Sherburne, int.Sept.4,1843.

CLAUGHLIN (McLaughlin)

Mary Ann and Amos Brown, int.May11,1844.


Joseph of Sherburne, and Mrs.Grace C. Hewins, int.Nov.13,1843.

CLEAVLAND (Cleveland)

Betsy "late" of Medway, and Mordecai Abraham Mark "late" of Medway, Aug.27,1813.*

CLEMENT (Clements)

Caroline [int.Clements] and Nathan Wiswell, Apr.15,1820. [Clemont.CR1]

Emily and Oliver C. Wizwall,末蔓末 [int.Apr.14], [1831.] [Wiswell, May8.CR1]

CLEMENTS (Clement)

John [int.Clemmons Jr.] of Hopkinton, and Lona Hill, May25,1796. [John Clements Jr.CR1]

Mary A. [int.Clement] and William L. Phipps, May1,1834. [Clement.CR1.PR50]

CLEVELAND (Cleavland)

Fanny A. of Charlton, and Bowen Adams, int.Nov.18,1823.


Abigail and Thomas Marshall, Sept.12,1754.*

Ethen [int.Ethan] and Polley [int.Polly] Claflin, Apr.2,1802. [Ethen and Polley Claflin, Apr.22.PR51]

Frances E. and Charles M. Wiley, Nov.6,1842.

Huldah A. of Winthrop, ME, and Francis Hoyt, int.May21,1842.

Mary [and] Joseph Richards, Jan.17,1760.*

Nancy S. and Charles B. Sanford of Brookfield, Oct.28,1841, in Framingham.

Samuel and Rhoda Patridge, Aug.11,1763.* [Samuel and Rhoda Partridge.MR]

Silas G. and Sophia King, Apr.3,1834.

COBURN (Colburn)

Daniel J. and Eliza Knowlton of Hopkinton, int.Sept.22,1825.

COLBURN (Coburn)

Benjamin W. and Aseneth [int.Asenath] M. Maynard, June6,1838. [Asenath M.CR1]

David G. and Calista Adams, Mar.29,1827.

Dwight and Aurilla Underwood of Barry, int.Oct.20,1827.

Eliza of Dedham, and Hiram Cooper, int.July25,1828.

Lucy Ann and John P. Jones, Nov.7,1833.


George N. and Harriett N. Brailey [int.Braley], Oct.27,1840. [Braily.CR2]

Hannah and Asa Fisher of Walpole, July17,1820.

Hannah H., wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 22, d.Joseph Stone and Hannah, and Francis Thompson, 24, cordwainer, s.Samuel and Sally, Aug.3,1843.

Henderson and Hannah H. Stone, int.May7,1840.

COLLEDGE (Coolidge)

Curtis and Orinda Cooledge of Sherburne, int.Mar.8,1828.

Joseph E. and Emily Pond of Medway, int.Apr.14,1832.

Mary, Mrs., of Medfield, and Dea.Moses Hill, int.Mar.7,1785.

Orinda of Sherburne, and Curtis Cooledge, int.Mar.8,1828.


Elizabeth M. of Oxford, and Shadrach Ham Jr., int.June10,1837.


Joseph of Franklin, and Elizabeth Parker, int.Oct.17,1786.

Rebecca of Hopkinton, and Edwin Chamberlain of Hopkinton, Jan.17,1842.*


John of Medway, and Lucinda Underwood, int.Sept.9,1815.


Nehemiah, cordwainer, of Natick, and Hannah W. Dame of Natick, Apr.4,1844.* [Nehemiah F.CR2]


Cyrus of Wrentham, and Abigail Lealand int.June4,1792.


Asahel and Emeline M. Field of Northfield, int.Nov.24,1831.

Sumner and Sophia Shepherd of Worcester, int.Mar.5,1833.

COOLIDGE (Cooledge)

Mary and David Wiswell, Oct.31,1793.


John [int.Coomy] and Elisabeth Wells, Sept.1,1768. [Comee.MR]


Gilbert D. of Sutton, and Susan P. Fisk, Nov.21,1833.

Hiram and Eliza Colburn of Dedham, int.July25,1828.


Chloe [int.Corbin] and Paul Gould,末蔓末 [int.Apr.3], [1830.] [Corbin, May5.CR1]

CORBET (Corbett, Corbit)

Robart [int.of Mendon] and Elisabeth Daniels, Apr.5,1769. [Robert and Elizabeth Daniels.MR]

CORBETT (Corbet, Corbit)

James S. of Franklin, and Abagail Bassett of Franklin, Sept.5,1838.*

Nathaniel and Huldah Holbrook, int.Mar.22,1785.

CORBIN (Corban)

CORBIT (Corbet, Corbett)

Lucy [int.Corbett] of Franklin and John Rider, May30,1808.

Nancy and Earl Albee [int.Albe], Apr.30,1801.


Susanna of Medway, and Jabez Fairbanks, Nov.23,1738.*


Polly of Strurbridge, and Presson Pond, int.June2,1816.


Ann R. and Moses E. Harding, Aug.6,1836, in Medway.

Elisha and Rhoda P. Harding, Oct.27,1841, in Framingham.

COUZENS (Cozens, Cozzens, Cuzens, Cuzzens)

Joseph and Susannah Eams, Jan.2,1745-6.* [Cozens, and Susannah Emmes.MR]

Sarah and George Whiteney, Nov.21,1745.* [Cozens, and George Whitney, Nov.6.MR]


Barton and Hadassah Bridges, May末,1824.*.PR9


Luther and Sylvia Leland Nov.25,1841.

COZENS (Couzens, Cozzens, Cuzens, Cuzzens)

Abigal and Isaac Jinnings, int.Feb.12,1779. [Abigail Cozzens and Asa Jennings, m.Apr.6,1780.MR]

Martha and Robart Muzzey, int.Mar.11,1769.

Rebecca and Ezekiel Morse, May22,1750.*

Susannah and Isaac Cuzens of Sharborn, int.Nov.6,1779.

COZZENS (Couzens, Cozens, Cuzens, Cuzzens)

Abigail and Thomos Muzzey, Feb.12,1735-6.*

Anna and Jonathan Eames of Sherburn, int.Apr.6,1816.

Asa and Lois Cozzens, Nov.23,1775.

Dexter and Caroline Eames of Hopkinten, int.June7,1834.

Ebenezar F. [int.E. Francis], 21, mechanic [int.of Leominster], b. Sherborn, s.Joseph (Cuzzens) and Ruth S., and Izanna [int.Isanna] Phipps, 19, domestic, b. Worcester, d.Sumner L. and Nancy L., Jan.1,1849.

Emory and Zeruviah Haven of Hopkinton, int.Apr.9,1844.

Henry and Sarah Chamberlain of Dedham, int.Oct.5,1833.*

Isaac and Sarah Morse of Medway, int.Sept.4,1784.

Isaac and Mary Fay of Sherburne, int.Apr.18,1824.

Jesse and Nancy Dowse of Sherburn, int.July17,1816

John and Ruth Cheney, Sept.28,1806.

Joseph and Sally Haven of Hopkinton, int.Mar.4,1837.

Lois and Asa Cozzens, Nov.23,1775.

Lorenzo of Hopkinton, and Almira Hero, int.Feb.17,1843. [Almira of Milford, m.Mar.14.CR1]

Louis of Sherburn, and Joseph Eames, May20,1810.*

Myra and Henry Babcock of Framingham, Sept.19,1825.

Rebekkah [int.Rebecca] and Reuben Cozzens [int.of Sherebourn], Apr.10,1808.

Reuben [int.of Sherebourn] and Rebekkah [int.Rebecca] Cozzens, Apr.10,1808.

Sarah and Adin A. Thompson, Feb.2,1842.

Sylvia of Sherburne, and Jackson King, int.Apr.5,1824.


Elijah B. and Caroline Ballou of Cumberland RI, int.Nov.8,1834.

Peter and Mary Cilley, Dec.15,1842.


Elize of Watertown, and John Adams of Medway, Mar.23,1832.*


Anna [int.Ann] and Simeon Foster, Nov.21,1811.


Mark of Easham [int.Eastham], and Margarett P. Rockwood, July19,1838. [Mark of Eastham "(on the Cape)," and Margaret P. Rockwood.CR1]


Caroline B. of Shrewsbury, and Jacob W. Lamb, int.Mar.25,1840.


Augustus N., 24, stove dealer [stove dealer, written in pencil], of Hopkinton, s.Eben H. and Betsey [Betsey, written in pencil], and Margaretta P. Dickinson [int.Dickenson], 24, house keeper [house keeper, written in pencil], d.Thomas and w., July31 [July31, written in pencil], 1844. [Dickinson, July31.CR1]

Ebenezer H. [int.omits H.] and Betsy J. [int.Betsey, omits J.] Pond, Apr.3,1817. [Ebenezer H. and Betsy J. Pond.PR1]

Edward and Mary M. Town of Charlton, int.Mar.21,1834.

Mary A. and Abel H. Bacon of Medway, int.June11,1837.

Rachel P. of Ware, NH, and George C. Travis, int.Jan.3,1846.

Richard and Lucretia Albee of Milford, int.Apr.27,1818.

Sarah L., 19, d.Richard and Lucretia, and Caleb C. Walt, 25, boot maker, of Milford, s.Thomas and Lucinda, Oct.29,1846.

CURTIS (Curtiss)

Ebenezer and Martha Hollawall, Jan.25,1749-50.*

Betsey of Medway, and Hamblet B. Claflin, int.Mar.7,1839.

Hannah of Medway, and Henry Bullard Jr., int.June29,1798. "Forbid by Henry Bullard Jun" [crossed out].*

Hannah B., 22, seamstress, d.Jonas and Alma B., and George J. Partridge, 21, farmer, s.Job and Tamer, Feb.9,1848. [末 末,1847.CR1]

James and Leverett, and Abigail Whiting, int.Nov.13,1782.

Sarah and Joshua Thayer of Mendon, int.Apr.8,1780.

CURTISS (Curtis)

Jonas of Medway, and Alma Bullard, int.Mar.10,1824. [Cutis, m.Apr.21.CR1]


Julia of Scituate, and Edward Chase Messinger, s.Samuel and Olive, Apr.7,1835.*.PR3

Lawry of Newfane, VT, and James Mann, int.Oct.14,1826.

Warren and Abigail Adams, Feb.13,1794.

Warren and Lucy Carter of Newfane, VT, int.Aug.18,1827.


Anna and Jotham Bullard, int.Mar.12,1803.

CUTLER (Cuttler)

Abigail, wid., and Dea.Thomas Marshall, Nov.18,1762.*

Abigail and Ebenezer Lealand Dec.16,1762.*

Abagail and Otis B. Bullard, int.Dec.18,1842.

Abner H. and Persis Wadsworth of Westborough, int.Apr.12,1839. [m.May9.PR34]

Calvin of Medway, and Ruth Littlefield, int.Dec.22,1787.

Charles of "N. Eng. Village" [int.of Grafton], and May [int.Mary] A.G. Strickland Mar.7,1838. [Dr. Charles of "N. England village," and Mary A.G. Strickland.CR1]

David and Mehetabel Whitney, June26,1746.* [Megitabel.MR]

David and Lydia Byxbee of Framingham, int.Feb.22,1768.

Ebenezer and Esther Bacon [int.of Wrentham], Oct.20,1772.

Elihu and Levina Newton, Nov.25,1798. [Elihue and Lavina Newton.CR1]

Elihu Jr. and Rebeckah [int.Rebekah] Temple,末蔓末 [int.Aug.7], [183望. [Elihue Jr. and Rebekah Temple, Aug.26.CR1]

Elihu Esq., widr.[int.omits widr.], 73, justice, s.Elizabeth, wid., and Persis Plympton [int.omits Plympton] Phipps, 41, d.Dea.William and L., Dec.4,1844.

Eliza Ann, 18, d.John M. and Electa, and Elbridge G. Whiting, 20, mechanic, s.Daniel and Sarah, Nov.1,1849.

Emeline of Medway, and Rufus F. Bacon,末蔓末,1827.* [Emmeline of Medway, and Rufus F. Bacon of Holden, Sept.2.CR1]

Emeline [second w.] and Amos Bridges, Jan.15,1843.*.PR9

Francis and Mary A. Patt of Cumberland RI, int.Aug.23,1845.

James and Nancy Lealand int.Nov.7,1813.

James M. and Jemimah [int.Jemima] Bullard, 末蔓25 [int.Mar.18], 1826. [Jemima, Apr.25.CR1]

James Jr. and Louisa F. Morse of Franklin, int.Oct.10,1846.

Joanna of Milford, and Dan Kilburn, int.July25,1787.

John M. and Electa Burr of Bellingham, int.Sept.26,1830.

Jonathan and Sally Divine [int.Devine] Hall, Dec.4,1809.

Josephus [int.adds W.] and Elisabeth [int.Phela Elizabeth] Pierce, June16,1842. [Elizabeth.CR1]

Lydia and Samuel Johnson, Jan.1,1772.

Martin and Elizabeth Mellen, May11,1800.

Martin and Sophia Holbrook, Apr.18,1810.

Moses and Lydia Blaker, Dec.20,1764.*

Rhoda of Medway, and Asaph Lealand Jr., int.Mar.24,1788.

Sally N. and James R. Wilson of Medway, int.Nov.4,1824.

Simeon and Elisabeth Rockwood, Nov.22,1770. [Elizabeth.MR]

Simeon N. and Mary Fitts of Seckonk, int.Oct.10,1821.

Simeon and Mary J. Nourse of Medway, int.Oct.5,1839.

Simeon Morse and Elmira A. Bullard, Nov.25,1841.*.PR27

Urial and Nabby Morse of Medway, int.Mar.9,1809.

Urial Jr. and Susan E. Lovering of Medway, int.May5,1849.

Ursula [int.Ursule] and John Mellen, Nov.29,1799. [Ursula, Nov.19.CR1]

CUTTING (Cuting)

CUTTLER (Cutler)

Mary and Daniel Eames, Nov.26,1761.*

CUZENS (Couzens, Cozens, Cozzens, Cuzzens)

Isaac of Sharborn, and Susanah Cozens, int.Nov.6,1779.

CUZZENS (Couzens, Cozens, Cozzens, Cuzens)

Elisabeth and Daniel Jennings of Framingham, July11,1739.*

Mary, and Joseph Johnson, May1,1755.*

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