Hannah and Jonathan Bush of Enfield, May29,1734.*

DADMUN (Dedman)


Lyman W., Rev., and Nancy G. Fuller of Wrentham, int.May15,1842.

DAINELS (Daniels)

John Jr. and Betsey Chapin of Milford, int.Apr.13,1805. [Daniels, and Betsy Chapen, m.June6.PR23]


Catherine [int.Catherine C. Dailey], 19, b. Troy, NY, d.Michael and Mary H., and Elbridge F. Perry, 26, boot maker, s.Barak and Betsey, Dec.21,1849.


Joel and Levina Gould, Aug.5,1833.

DALY (Daley)


Hannah W. of Natick, and Nehemiah Calomer, cordwainer, of Natick, Apr.4,1844.* [Nehemiah F.CR2]


Calvin, Rev., and Rebekah Horton of Brooklyn, NY, int.May5,1774.

DANIELS (Dainels)

Abijah and Hannah Dix [int.of Mendon], May5,1774.

Amariah and Olive Rider, int.Jan.23,1795. "Forbid by Asa Rider. "

Asa and Mary Rider, Mar.30,1758.*

Cynthy and Nathan Hayward, May9,1782. [Cynthia.MR] [Cynthy.PR51]

Daniel and Mary Atwood, Nov.27,1766.

Edward and Abby B. Moore of Milford, int.Nov.10,1833.

Elisha, Lt., and Phebe Newton of Milford, int.Feb.2,1799.

Elisabeth and Robart Corbet [int.of Mendon], Apr.5,1769. [Elizabeth and Robert Corbet.MR]

Elizabeth S. and William E. Rockwood, May16,1833. [Elizabeth S.PR21]

Ellis, widr.[int.omits widr.], 37, shoe maker, of Medway, s.Laban and Hannah, and Rhoda B. Bolo, wid.[int.omits wid.], 28, d.Samuel Smith and Annah, Jan.1,1846. [Jan.12.CR2]

Elsa of Franklin, and Shepherd Perkins, int.Dec.18,1817.

Elvira of Medway, and George Stedman, int.Apr.5,1843.

George and Sarah Holbrook of Sherburn, int.Sept.28,1832.

George T. and Mary L. Brigham of Boston, int.Jan.13,1849.

Hannah and Eli Pond of Milford, Nov.17,1796.

Harding of Medway, and Abigail Stedman,末蔓末 [int.Mar.13], [1830.] [Apr.28.CR1]

Indiana of Medway, and Isaac Smith Jr., int.Dec.2,1821.

Isaac and Margrett Robinson, July12,1759.*

Israel of Medway, and Anne Parker, int.Feb.17,1787.

Japheth, Capt., and Elisabeth Butterworth of Bellingham, int.Feb.12,1798.

Japheth Jr. and Betsa Rider, Feb.18,1801.

Jesse and Peggy [int.Pegge] Ware, Apr.21,1799. [Peggy.CR1]

Jessa [int.Jesse] and Pruda Gould, Oct.25,1792. [Jesse.MR.CR1]

John and Miriam Perry [int.of Medway], Feb.4,1767.

Jonathan and Sarah Clark, int.Jan.28,1792.

Julitta and Apollos Pond of Franklin, int.Mar.4,1788.

Julitta of Medway, and Nathan Fiske, int.Nov.14,1790.

Kezia of Sherburn, and Jonathan Hill, int.Jan.10,1770.

Lawson and Clarisa U. Pond, Mar.29,1822.

Lucinda of Medway, and Benjamin F. Bachelder, int.Feb.29,1824.

Lucy and Nathaniel Allen of Medway, Nov.14,1793. [Nathanael.CR1]

Luke of Franklin, and Jemima Fisk, Nov.14,1811.

Luther and Lucinda Smith of Worcester [dup. crossed out, of Holden], int.May1 [dup. crossed out, Mar.9], 1821.

Meletiah and Jonathan Wight of Franklin, int.Sept.20,1798.

Margeret [int.Margaret] and Bethuel Ellis, Oct.24,1798. [Margarett.CR1]

Mary and Jonathan Wiswell, July5,1764.*

Mary and Ebenezer Cheny [int.Cheney] of Milford, Jan.25,1810.

Miriam and Obadiah Miller, May3,1796. [Millar.CR1]

Nathan and Mary Mellen, int.Feb.12,1826.

Obed and Sarah Parkhurst of Milford, int.Mar.3,1800.

Olive of Sherburne, and Amory Leland May8,1817. [Lealand.CR1]

Orinda of Medway, and Benjamin Chenery, int.Mar.25,1828.

Perry and Polly [int.Polley] Lealand Apr.7,1799. [Polly.CR1]

Persis and Elias Bullard [int.Esq.],末蔓末 [int.Apr.3], [1831.] [Elias Esq., May3.CR1]

Rachel of Sherburn, and Whitney Hill, int.May4,1773.

Rhoda and Levi Whitney of Milford, int.Aug.18,1785.

Rhoda of Medway, and Dr. Timothy Fisk, A.B., Sept.13,1804.

Ruth and Samuel French of Mendon, int.May11,1767.

Samuel and Lydia Hill, Jan.15,1729-30.*

Sarah and Timothy Force, Mar.2,1758.*

Sarah P. [int.Parkhurst] and Rev. David Sanford of Newmarket, NH,末蔓末 [int.June13], 1828. [July23.CR1]

Sylvia of Sherburne, and Amos C. Leland int.Mar.26,1824. [m.Apr.29.CR1] [Silvia, m.Apr.29.PR42]

Timothy and Emily Perry of Hopkinton, int.June6,1835.


Adelia M. of Mendon, and Hiram A. Snow, int.Oct.4,1843.

Amelia, 20, seamstress, d.John and Louisa, and William M. Pierce, 24, boot maker, s.James and Polly, Dec.31,1846.

Asa T. and Sylvia Leland Dec.3,1834.

Thankful F. of Mendon, and Charles T. Fairbanks, int.Nov.2,1844.


Jerusha (b. RI.) and Nathaniel W. Alley (b. Fairhaven), June20,1841, in Milford.*.PR4


John B. and Nancy Sawyer of Fitchburg, int.June11,1842.

Timothy A. and Emerline Morse, int.Dec.17,1845. [Emeline, m.Jan.末,184[blot].PR38]


Abigail and Henry Mellen, Feb.22,1791.

Deborah, Mrs., of Mendon, and Dea.Aaron Phipps, int.May14,1781.

Hopestill and Moses Phips, int.Apr.19,1787.

Joanna and Nathan Rockwood, Apr.10,1794.

Lydia of Milford, and Elihu Perry, int.Mar.17,1787.

Polly, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 66, d.末末 dec'd, and William Lovering, widr.[int.omits widr.], 69, farmer, s.末末 dec'd, June6,1844. [Mrs.Polly.CR1]

Mordecai of Mendon, and Tabitha Bullard, int.Mar.22,1766.

Nathan of Milford, and Sarah Bridges, Feb.11,1790. [Nathan, s.Mordicai.PR9]

DEARTH (Death, Deth)

Ann and Samuel Park of Framingham, Feb.12,1823.

Electa M. and George Washington Lincoln, s.Ivers, Sept.18,1839.*.PR9

Ezra and Catherine Hartshorn of Framingham, int.Apr.1,1821.

Ezra of Hopkinton, and Arvilla Whitemore, int.Jan.26,1838.

John Jr. and Mary Frost of Holden, int.July6,1828.

John Jr. and Almena Shattack of Newton, int.Dec.16,1837.

DEATH (Dearth, Deth)

Benoni and Rachel Foster, Jan.13,1790. [Daeth, and Rachel Foster, wid.MR] [Death, and Rachel Foster, wid.CR1]

John and Hannah Morse, May15,1729.* [More.MR]

John and Hittey Eames, int.Apr.18,1798.

Pearly, see Farley Deth.


Sally [int.Saly] and Eli Eames, July21,1801.

DELANEY (Dolane)


George and Margrett White, Aug.30,1759.*

DESPER (Disper)

Joseph, widr., 41, boot maker, of Milford, b. Medway, s.Jesse and Anna, and Julia Anne Niles, 31, of Bellingham, b. Bellingham, d.Ephraim and Hannah, Sept.7,1849.*

Polly and Henry Walker of Hopkinston, int.Aug.10,1787.

Silence P. and Henry Leland of Milford, int.Aug.11,1832.

DETH (Dearth, Death)

Farly of Sharborn, and Susannah Morse, int.Feb.21,1779. [Pearly Death and Susanna Morse, m.Mar.16,1780.MR]


Elisha and Vesta Littlefield, Apr.10,1823.

Julia and Eliphalet Holbrook, Nov.25,1812.*.PR17

Reuben and Mary Eames, int.Mar.14,1829.


Harriett, Mrs., of E. Cambridge, and James Hawkes, int.July15,1843.

DICKINSEN (Dickinson)

Thomas and Susan Grout of Westborough, int.Aug.26,1836.

DICKINSON (Dickinsen)

Helen [int.Hellen] S., 23, teacher, d.Thomas and Rhoda, and Harding Woods, 25, merchant, of Barre, s.Harding P. and Sally of Barre, July13,1848, [Hellen S.CR1]

Irene and Harding P. Woods of Barre, int.Aug.19,1840. [Harding P. Esq., m.Sept.9.CR1]

Margaretta P. [int.Dickenson], 24, house keeper [house keeper, written in pencil], d.Thomas and w., and Augustus N. Currier, 24, stove dealer [stove dealer, written in pencil], of Hopkinton, s.Eben H. and Betsey [Betsey, written in pencil], July31 [July31, written in pencil], 1844. [Dickinson, July31.CR1]

Milinda F. and David Eames Jr. of Hopkinton, int.Mar.9,1832.

Samuel H., 23, mechanic, of Westboro, s.Edwards and Susan H., and Mary Jane Pierce, 20, d.Jonas and Mary, Aug.18,1848. [Aug.17.CR1] [Samuel Henry, Aug.17.PR16]

Thomas and Rhoda Adams, Nov.9,1817.

Thomas and Miranda Pond of Westborough, Mar.25,1835.*

Timothy, Rev., and Margaret Prentiss, Nov.26,1789.

DISPER (Desper)

Jesse of Milford, and Anna Pond, int.June20,1807.

Joseph and Levina Adams of Mendon, int.Jan.17,1830.

Phebe of Medway, and David Lealand Jr., Oct.30,1806.


Sarah and Thomas Murphy, int.Sept.28,1770.


Betsy of Townsend, and Aner Fisk, int.Oct.31,1830.

Hannah [int.of Mendon] and Abijah Daniels, May5,1774.

Jacob B. and Sarah Ann Green,末蔓末 [int.Oct.21], [1831.] [Nov.8.CR1]

James of Mendon, and Submit Fairbank, int.Mar.1,1771.


Moses of Waltham, and Sally Richardson, Jan.18,1807.


Ellen of Cambridge, and Michael Donahoe, int.Sept.28,1847.


Michael and Ellen Dolane of Cambridge, int.Sept.28,1847.


Jerrimiah [int.Jerimiah Donovan] of Upton, and Mary Bullard,末蔓末,1831 [int.Feb.8,1832]. [Jeremiah Donovand Mar.1,1832.CR1]


Thomas S. and Sarah Harding of Framingham, int.June8,1844.


Nancy of Sherburn, and Jesse Cozzens, int.July17,1816.


Abigail of Duglas, and Joshua Underwood, int.Jan.13,1816.

Chester and Elizabeth A. Draper of Wayland int.Apr.15,1843.

Chester and Lydia Temple of Southboro, int.Mar.末,1848.

Perez and Lucy M. Leland Aug.30,1834.

William of Mendon [int.Mendom], and Cloe [int.Chloa] Underwood, Nov.26,1812.


Elizabeth A. Wayland and Chester Drake, int.Apr.15,1843.


Daniel and Abigail C. Ederly of Somersworth, NH, int.May10,1834.

Sarah B. and William B. Kennerson, July13,1834.


Solomon Jr., Dr., of Providence, and Mrs.Betsy Russell, int.Nov.2,1777. [Betty, m.Nov.20.MR]


Daniel of Shrewsbury, and Elisabeth Chamberlin, int.May14,1776. "Did Not marry."


Francis of Sutten, and Sabilla Lealand of Sherborn, May23,1732.* [Friancis of Sutton, and Sabilla Laland.MR]

DUNTEN (Dunton)

Abigail and Aaron Morse, Jan.15,1729-30.* [Dunton.MR]

DUNTON (Dunten)

Mary R. of Marlboro, and Hartwell Newton, int.Feb.末,1846.

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