EAMES (Eams, Eeames, Emes)

Aaron of Hopkinton, and Polley Goddard, June27,1819. [Polly.CR1]

Aaron, Capt., and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Polly Fisk of Holden, Jan.5,1826. [Mrs.Polly, June5.CR1]

Aaron and Sylvia Pond, int.Apr.29,1840.

Anna and Rowland Jacobs of Scituate, Mar.4,1801.

Anna of Hopkinton, and Dea.Asaph Lealand int.Mar.4,1818.

Ann Maria [int.Mariah] and Joel Whittemore of Worcester, July19,1838. [Ann Maria.CR1]

Ann and Henry Bacon, Apr.8,1841.

Antoinette Ophelia, 22, tailoress, d.John and Sally, and Stephen Andrews, 22, boot maker, s.Thomas E. and Nancy, Oct.14,1847.

Asa, and Anna Haven, int.Nov.25,1788.

Cammilla [int.Camilla] and Andrew Allard,末蔓末,1831 [int.Jan.5,1832]. [Camilla, Feb.29,1832.CR1]

Caroline of Hopkinten, and Dexter Cozzens, int.June7,1834.

Caroline of Framingham, and Archelaus Gassett, int.Mar.8,1836. [m.Apr.7.PR22]

Daniel Jr. and Molley Wight of Medway, Feb.19,1789. [Molly Wright.MR] [Molley Wight.CR1]

David and Marcy Morse of Medway, int.Apr.14,1792.

David Jr. of Hopkinton, and Millnda F. Dickinson, int.Mar.9,1832.

Elbridge H. and Sarah C. Phipps, int.Apr.5,1843. "Vetoed by Miss S.C. Phipps."

Elbridge H., 22, boot maker, of Ashland s.Nathan and Cyntha, and Betsey L. Greenleaf, 21, dress maker, d.Martha and John, Oct.15,1846.

Eli and Sally [int.Saly] Dedman, July21,1801.

Eliza, 28, dress maker, d.Jobn and Patty, and Benjamin J. Mann, 31, yeoman, Nov.8,1843. [Nov.27.CR1]

Elizabeth and Moses Eames, int.Aug.5,1786.

Betsy and William Hubbard [int.Hubbart] of Holden, Sept.20,1809.

Elizabeth L. of Hopkinton, and Dexter Rockwood, int.Dec.2,1821.

Ezra, Capt., and Hannah Twitchel of Barre, int.June12,1810.

Hannah, and David Fisk Jr. [int.omits Jr.] Apr.17,1800.

James and Jerusha Newton, May29,1785.

Jesse and Anna Lovering, Nov.26,1794.

John and Anna Whiting, Nov.27,1803.

John and Nabby Kendall of Framingham, int.Jan.1,1807.

John Jr. of Framingham, and Sally Littlefield, Feb.13,1811. [Feb.14.PR22]

Jonathan of Sherburn, and Anna Cozzens, int.Apr.6,1816.

Joseph and Louis Cozzens of Sherburn, May20,1810.*

Julia A. [int.omits A.] and Joshua N. Wait [int.Wate] of Wardsborough [int.adds VT.],末蔓末, [int.Feb.10], 1821, [Julia A, and Joshua K. Wait of Wardsborough, VT, Apr.16.CR1]

Levina and Jonathan Holbrook of Sherburne,末蔓末, [int.Oct.12], 1827. [Nov.21.CR1]

Lydia and John Parker of Hopkinstan, int.Jan.14,1786.

Martha and Moses Adams of Hopkinton, Mar.26,1795.

Martin and Mary Eames, July18,1805.

Mary and Joseph Phips, int.Nov.21,1788.

Polly and William Jimingson, Jan.14,1801.

Mary and Jonathan Fisk of Holden, May29,1805.

Mary and Martin Eames, July18,1805.

Mary and Reuben Dewing, int.Mar.14,1829.

Hittey and John Death, int.Apr.18,1798.

Moses of Framingham, and Lois Adams, int.Mar.25,1780.

Moses and Elizabeth Eames, int.Aug.5,1786.

Nathan and Cynthia Haywood of Hopkinton, int.Oct.11,1816.

Newell of Unionville, and Elizabeth C. Bridges, int.Nov.21 1836. [m.Dec.7,1836.PR9]

Niles and Joanna Mellen, Apr.30,1832, [Nile and Joann Mellen.CR1]

Patience and Ephram Twitchel, Oct.19,1752.*

Peter and Patty Jones of Hopkinton. int.Oct.17,1807.

Sarah and James Richardson of Medway, Dec.3,1789.

Sarah and Isaac Foster, Dec.24,1789.

Sally and Levi Lovering of Athol, int.Dec.12,1801.

Sally and Daniel Rider,末蔓末, [int.Mar.11]. 1827. [Apr.5.CR1]

Sophia and Elbridge G. Whitemore, int.Oct.6,1832. [Whittemore, m.Nov.末.CR1]

Sukey [int.Suca] and Nathan Bullard 2d [int.omits 2d], Mar.22,1807.

Sylvester and Abigal Twitchell of Sherburne, int.Oct.1,1843.

William and Sarah Perry of Sherbourn, Feb.8,1732-3,* [Eams, and Sarah Perry of Sherborn.MR]

William and Mrs.Lois Fisk, int.Dec.22,1785.

William and Salley Parker of Framingham, int.Mar.10,1800.

William 2d and Martha Frost of Holden, int.May25,1831.

EAMS (Eames, Eeames, Emes)

Daniel and Silence Lealand of Sherbourn, Sept.21,1738.*

Gershom and Mary Lealand June11,1741.*

Jonathan and Abigail Goulding, Feb.18,1741-2.*

Susannah and Joseph Couzens, Jan.2,1745-6.* [Emmes, and Joseph Cozens.MR]


Hannah and John Passmore, Nov.2,1749.*


Abigail C. of Somersworth, NH, and Daniel Drew, int.May10,1834.


Sarah of Boston, and Henry A. Marsh, int.Mar.29,1847.


George and Sophia Burr of Bellingham,末蔓末, [int.Aug.24], 1828. [Sept.24.CR1]

EEAMES (Eames, Eams, Emes)

Ezra and Sarah Jones of Hopkinton, int.May7,1768.

ELLICE (Ellis)

John of Milford, and Elisabeth Hero, Nov.3,1808.

ELLIS (Ellice)

Amos and Lydia Phillips of Medway, int.Mar.24,1804.

Bethuel and Margeret [int.Margaret] Daniels, Oct.24,1798. [Margarett.CR1]

Chester and Clarissa Richardson of Medway, int.Jan.30,1841.

Eli of Medway, and Sibbellah Rockwood, int.June13,1786.

Betsey and Eli Bullard of Milford, int.Oct.末,1823.

Betsey and Elijah Farrington of Hopkinton, Nov.14,1833.

Henry [int.of Keen] and Melletiah Thayer, Nov.21,1771. [Melatiah.MR]

Hepzibeth [int.Hepsibeth] and Jonathan Adams Jr., Apr.5,1812.

James of Medfield, and Mrs.Hannah Jones, int.May4,1771.

Louisa of Walpole, and Nathan C. Leland int.Jan.30,1847.

Orion and Mrs.Rhoda Harding of Medway, int.Feb.14,1832.

Samuel [int.Ellice] and Polly Bullard, Nov.21,1806. [Ellis, and Polley Bullard.PR51]

William of Medfield, and Louisa Hill, June3,1834.


Reuben and Mary Bigelow of Sherburne, int.Apr.25,1840.

Reuben and Mary Joslyn, int.May15,1842.


Hannah, Mrs., and Samuel Burbank, int.Apr.12,1768.

Joseph H., 27, ostler, and Tryphena [int.adds B.] Pierce, 25, d.Nathaniel and Lois, Feb.22,1844.

EMES (Eames, Eams, Eeames)

Aaron and Sarah Lealand int.Mar.8,1781. [Eames, m.Apr.5.MR]

Daniel and Mary Cuttler, Nov.26,1761.*

Hopestill [int.of Hopkinston] and Mary Lealand Oct.13,1768. [Eames.MR]

Reuben and Jane Kendall of Sherburn, int.Aug.27,1768.


Ruth Ann of Canton, and Lowel Wiswell, int.Apr.20,1819.

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