FAIRBANK (Fairbanks)

Abner and Elizabeth Hill, July5,1759.*

Adam of Medway, and Mary Frale of Hopkinton, May7,1789.*.CR1

Amasa of Milford, and Rhoda Barber, int.Aug.22,1807.

Clarissa D. of Wrentham, and Henry A. Marsh, int.Sept.29,1811.

Comfort and Joseph Sever of Northborrough, int.May20,1771.

Daniel and Submit Fairbank, July23,1747.*

Deborah and Job Partridge [int.of Bellingham], Nov.29,1769.

Deborah, Mrs., and Timothy Rockwood, int.Jan.15,1787.

Deborah and Caleb Perry of Fitchbugh [int.Fitchburg], Apr.14,1799. [Caleb of Fitchburg.CR1]

Drury and Deborah Lealand Jan.19,1758.*

Drury, Rev. [int.omits Rev.] and Lucretia Rockwood, May25,1800.

Elijah of Lunenburg [int.Lunenburgh], and Abigail Stedman. Oct.24,1798. [Elijah of Lunenburgh.CR1]

Elijah of Bellingham, and Nancy Adams, Sept.25,1811.

Betsy of Medway, and Baruch Perry, int.Mar.7,1817.

Jabez and Susanna Corning of Medway, Nov.23,1738.*

John and Mary Whiting [int.of Medway], June24,1784.

Joseph and Mary Stedman, int.Dec.18,1786.

Joshua of Wrentham, and Mrs.Mercy Underwood, July26,1732.*

Lydia and Daniel Sumner, May14,1761.*

Martha and Aner Fisk, Nov.27,1806.

Mary and Micah Morse, Nov.5,1752.*

Mary Stedman [int.Steadman] and Benjamin Carrel [int.Carrell] Jr. of Rutland Mar.15,1807.

Rachel and Jethro Peters [int.of Northborough], Oct.31,1769.

Rhoda and Eli Perry, Mar.10,1785.

Sarah and Edmund Hayden of Hopkinton, Feb.22,1732-3.* [Edward Haydon.MR]

Submit and Daniel Fairbank, July23,1747.*

Submit and James, Dix of Mendon, int.Mar.1,1771.

FAIRBANKS (Fairbank)

Abigail of Medway, and Samuel Bancroft, int.May6,1833.

Alfred H. and Emily Toombs of Framingham, int.Feb.4,1837.

Almira of Hopkinton, and Nehemiah Lougy, int.Apr.13,1840.

Calvin and Lucy Fairbanks of Bellingham, int.Nov.8,1817.

Charles T. and Thankful F. Darling of Mendon, int.Nov.2,1844.

Chloe [int.adds T.] and Pliny [int.Pliney] Fairbanks, Nov.24,1820. [Pliny.CR1]

Daniel H. and Augusta.L. Stone, Oct.7,1842, in Framingham.

Emeline H., Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and Capt. [int.omits Capt.] Sanford Whiting [int.Jr.] of Medway, Feb.8,1817. [Mrs.Emeline and Capt. Sanford Whiting of Medway.CR1]

George and Nancy Searle of Milbury, int.May7,1831.

Grace, Mrs., of Bellingham, and John Fairbanks Esq., int.July18,1835.

Hannah E., Mrs., and Francis D. Bates of Bellingham, int.Mar.10,1849.

James and Hannah Bohonon, int.May11,1823. [Fairbank, and Hannah Bohannan, m.June18.CR1]

John Esq. and Mrs.Grace Fairbanks of Bellingham, int.July18,1835.

Joseph S. and Emeline Hawes, Mar.24,1825.

Lucy of Bellingham, and Baruch Perry, int.Mar.21,1809.

Lucy of Bellingham, and Calvin Fairbanks, int.Nov.8,1817.

Mary of Sudbury, and Jonas Pierce, int.Oct.16,1824. [Fairbank, m.Nov.9.PR36]

Nathan [int.Nattan] and Sally Nurse, Dec.5,1817. [Nathan Fairbank and Sally Nourse, Dec.15.CR1]

Nathan, Ens., and Susan Johnson of Framingham, int.Sept.21,1821.

Olive [dup. int.crossed out, Fairbank] and Nahum Clark Jr., Aug.7,1814.

Otis and Eliza Brewer of Framingham, int.Mar.6,1820.

Pliny [int.Pliney] and Chloe [Int. adds T.] Fairbanks, Nov.24,1820. [Pliny.CR1]

Reuben and Mary Grant of Medway, int.Mar.21,1776.


Abigail F. of Wrentham, and Rev. Josephus Wheaton, int.Aug.21,1818.

Almira Lucretia of Shrewsbury, and Calvin Lincoln, int.Dec.9,1821.

Caroline of Medway, and Zina Undenvood, int.Jan.9,1830.

John S. of Sherburne, and Charlott Leland int.May6,1830.


Samuel and Sally H. Kibbey [int.Kibbee], Apr.20,1843. [Kibbee.CR2]

Samuel, m., 29, shoe maker, s.Luther and Polly, and Mary Jane Kibbee, 27, d.Whitney and Elisabeth, Oct.19,1848. [May J.CR2]


Dexter [int.Ferrington] and Hephsibah [int.Hephzibah] Claflin, Nov.12,1830. [Farrington, and Hephsabeth Claflin, Nov.11.PR44]

Elijah of Hopkinton, and Betsey Ellis, Nov.14,1833.

FARVELL (Farwell)

Susannah of Fitsburgh, and Daniel Mellen Jr., int.Nov.10,1770.

FARWELL (Farvell)

Mehitable and William R. Lincoln, Dec.25,1839.*.PR9


Benjamin and Deborah Sanger, May27,1759.*


Cyrus and Caroline Pope, June1,1837.

Europe and Anna Foster, Jan.19,1819.

Isiah [int.Isaiah] F., 22, teacher, of Jersey City, NJ, s.Eli and Anna, and Lucy W. Taintor [int.Tayntor], 18, seamstress, d.Asa (Tayntor) and Almira, Nov.11,1844. [Isaiah F. and Lucy W. Tainter.CR2]

Louisa of Westborough, and Asa Bullard, int.Mar.13,1830.

Mary of Sherburne, and Isaac Cozzens, int.Apr.18,1824.


Emeline M. of Northfield, and Asahel Cook, int.Nov.24,1831.


Asa of Walpole, and Hannah Cole, July17,1820.

Calley of Medway, and Abner Adams, int.Dec.15,1803.

Caroline R. and Mellen C. Bragg of Millord, int.July22,1843.

Comfort O. of Attleborough, and Susan A. Adams, Sept.1,1840.

Eliza Ann of Attleborough, and Beniah Morse, int.Aug.23,1840. [Benaiah, m.Sept.末.PR38]

Hannah and Willard Pierce of Fishkill, NY, int.Apr.30,1825.

Hepsibeth A. and Horace Hill, int.Apr.18,1822.

John and Nabby [int.Nabbe] Thayer, Jan.7,1802.

Laura Ann and Albert Thwing of Uxbridge, int.May6,1824.

Lewis and Hannah Thayer of Bellingham.int.Aug.9,1797.

Lydia W. and Charles Ayers, int.Aug.3,1836.

Puah [int.of Medway] and John Mellen, Nov.23,1767. [Ruth of Medway.MR]

Samuel [int.Jr. of Medway] and Lydia Hill, Apr.1,1784.

Simeon and Hepzibah Alby of Mendell, int.Nov.15,1770.

Simeon and Maryann Rockwood of Franklin, int.Aug.15,1824.

FISK (Fiske)

Aaron and Lucy Woods of Orange, int.Dec.14,1805.

Abel and Mehetable Reeks of Medway, int.June10,1771.

Abner and Molly Grout, int.June23,1777. [m.July15.MR]

Abner and Lorinda Bellows of Stow, int.Mar.17,1832. [m.Apr.4.PR19]

Aner and Martha Fairbank, Nov.27,1806.

Aner and Betsy Dix of Townsend, int.Oct.31,1830.

Asa and Lois Lealand Jan.30,1734-5.*

Asa Jr. and Mary Johnson, int.June24,1766. "Did not Marry."

Asa and Mercy [int.Marcy] Jones, May8,1771. [Mercy.MR]

Asa Jr. and Susaanna [int.Susanah] Partridge, Jan.6,1805.

Asa and Mary Godard of Orring, int.Apr.14,1813.

Asa, Capt., widr.[int.omits widr.], 67, yeoman, s.Asa (Fiske) and Mercy, and Ruth P. Leland.wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 45, seamstress, d.John Parker and Deborah, June4,1846.

David Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Hannah Eames, Apr.17,1800.

Elijah and Perley Forristall of Orange, int.Nov.3,1802.

Eliza and Alanson Amsden of Hopkinton,末蔓末, [int.Mar.15], 1828. [Apr.8.CR1]

Betsey and Joseph Leland of Sherburn, int.Apr.30,1831.

Francis F. and Betsey Lovering,末蔓末, [int.Mar.17], 1832. [Frederick, Apr.11.CR1]

Hannah and Aaron Partridge of Milford,末蔓末, [int.May10], 1828 [Aaron Jr., May25.CR1]

Horatia and Elizabeth Adams, Nov.22,1838. [Fiske.CR1]

Horatio and Myra Learnard of Sherburne, Mar.2,1817.* [Fiske of Shearburne, and Myra Learned of Shearburne.CR1]

Hulda and Caleb Claflin, May19,1763.* [Huldah and Caleb Clafllin.MR]

Jemima and Luke Daniels of Franklin, Nov.14,1811.

John of Sherborn, and Abigail Badcock of Sherborn, Sept.21,1731.*

John and Abigail Albe of Medway, int.Jan.25,1799. [Abagail Albee, m.Feb.26.PR28]

John [int.Jr.] and Mary M. Rockwood,末蔓末, [int.Apr.8] 1831. [John Jr., May11.CR1] [May11.PR21] [Fiske, May11.PR35]

Jonathan of Holden, and Mary Eames, May29,1805.

Jones and Asenath Thompson of Charlton, int.Sept.28,1833.

Joseph of Medway, and Mary Allen, int.Aug.12,1837.

Julia and Barak Lealand of Sherburn, int.Sept.3,1813.

Levi and Jemima Underwood, Mar.29,1791.

Lois and Ammariah [int.Amariah] Marsh, July11,1769. [Amariah.CR1]

Lois, Mrs., and William Eames, int.Dec.22,1785.

Lewis and Mehitable [int.Mehittable] Knowlton. Apr.14,1817. [Fiske, and Mehitebel Knowlton.CR1]

Lovett and Alma [int.adds R.] Greenhalgh, Dec.3,1835.

Lydia and Samuell Burbank, Jan.14,1762.*

Lydia and Elias Knowlton, Aug.2,1789.

Martin and Lydia Pond, Apr.1,1819. [Fiske.CR1]

Mary and [int.adds Capt.] Abner Johnson, Dec.2,1819. [Fiske, and Capt. Abner Johnson.CR1] [Fiske.PR5] [Fisk.PR15]

Polly, Mrs.[int.omit, Mrs.], of Holden, and Capt. Aaron Eames, Jan.5,1826. [Mrs.Polly, June5.CR1]

Nathan and Jemima Lealand int.Apr.3,1786.

Sally and Simeon Newton Jr., Feb.21,1792. [Simon Jr.MR] [Simeon Jr.CR1]

Sally and Jeremiah Mason, Feb.6,1815.

Susan P. and Gilbert D. Cooper of Sutton, Nov.21,1833.

Susanna of Swanzy, NH, and Alpheus Bridges, int.Nov.25,1821.

Timothy, A.B., Dr., and Rhoda Daniels of Medway, Sept.13,1804.

Timothy 2d and Lucretia Batchelder [mt. Bachelder],末蔓末, [int.Sept.28], 1828. [Batchelder, Oct.19.CR1]

FISKE (Fisk)

David and Lucinda Austin of Dedham, int.Oct.6,1836.

Ferdinand and Sarah A. Clark of Medway, Apr.15,1840. [Fisk.PR46]

Horace [int.Fisk] and Melissa Newton, Apr.29,1834. [Fisk.CR1.PR28]

Julia Ann and John L. Hunt, Apr.1,1841, [John L. of VT.CR1]

Nathan and Julitta Daniels of Medway, int.Nov.14,1790.

Thomas of Framingham, and Harriet Adams, Dec.4,1836. [Fisk.CR1]

William E. of Medway, and Rhoda Pike, Mar.20,1837.


Mariann B. of Shrewsbury, and Hiram A. Morse, int.Oct.12,1827.


Bucklin and Nancy Lathe of Charlton, int.Oct.21,1831.

Mary of Seekonk, and Simeon N. Cutler, int.Oct.10,1821.


Benjamin of Millbury, and Harriet Whiting, Apr.3,1838. [Benjamin of Milbury.CR1]

Unice and Craft Lovering, Jan.1,1761.*


Abner and Sarah W. Sherman [int.Sharman] of Medway, July3,1837.


Calvin and Hannah [int.adds C.] Kibbee, May13,1841. [Hannah G.CR1]


Angeline of Framingham, and Isaac Bullard, Apr.10,1834.


Abigail (Torce) [int.Force] and Joel Morse, Mar.6,1783.

Amariah and Sarah Marshall, int.Oct.24,1785.

Amariah and Kezia Hill of Medway, Mar.14,1793. [Keziah.MR.CR1]

David and Sarah Smith of Holden, int.Oct.12,1816.

Esther H. and Capt. Samuel Bullard, int.Feb.18,1828.

Timothy and Sarah Daniels, Mar.2,1758.*

FORESTALL (Foristall, Forrestall, Forristall, Forristel)

John and Thankfull Jones, Feb.6,1756.*

Mary and Jonathan Gibson, Nov.25,1748. [Ferristall.MR]

FORISTALL (Forestall, Forrestall, Forristall, Forristel)

Almira E. of Bellingham, and Joel J. Clark, int.Mar.20,1841.

FORRESTALL (Forestall, Foristall, Forristall, Forristel)

Amasa [int.Forristall] of Providence [int.adds RI.], and Louisa Adams, June18,1829. [Foristall.PR15]

FORRISTALL (Forestall, Foristall, Forrestall, Forristel)

Amasa Jr., m., 40, farmer, s.Amasa (Forrestall) and Sarah, and Meriam Johnson, 38, seamstress, d.Abner and Polly, Sept.29,1847. [Forestall Jr., and Mirriam Johnson.CR2] [Foristall, and Miriam Johnson.PR15]

Charles [int.Foristall] and Mariah Seavey, Oct.5,1837. [Capt. Charles Foristall.CR1] [Foristall, and Maria Seavy.PR10]

Elijah H. and Eliza H. Watkins of Hopkinton, int.Sept.14,1833.

Eliza H., Mrs., of Hopkinton, and Rev. Reuben Bowen of Hopkinton, July1,1838, in Hopkinton.*

Jane H., 20, d.Eleazer H. and Abigal, and Calvin N. Rockwood, 18, farmer, of Bellingham, s.Martin and Abigal of Bellingham, May17,1849.

Joseph and Hannah Mellen, int.Aug.12,1780. [m.Aug.31.MR]

Mary and Jonathan Goddard [int.of Athol], May26,1783.

Marcy and Reuben Underwood, int.July8,1785.

Perley of Orange, and Elijah Fisk, int.Nov.3,1802.

FORRISTEL (Forestall, Foristall, Forrestall, Forristall)

Jesse and Martha Gibson, int.June30,1779. [Forristall, m.July22.MR]


Elisabeth S. of Framingham, and Joseph Partridge, int.Nov.9,1839.


Abigail and Elezer Morse, Apr.14,1748.* [Eleazer.MR]

Anna and Europe Fay, Jan.19,1819.

Bulah, Mrs., of Framingham, and Timothy Lealand int.June27,1767.

Hannah and Timothy Townsend of Framingham, July21,1737.

Hannah [and] Daniel Stone, Sept.17,1755.*

Isaac and Sarah Eames, Dec.24,1789.

Jeremiah of Boston, and Louisa Wenzell, Mar.26,1820.

Jonathan and Mary Goulding, June13,1744.*

Mary and Moses Twitchel, Nov.24,1749.*

Mary C. and Lyman Jennings of Sherburne [int.Sherburn, Nov.13,1834.] [Lyman of Sherburne.CR1]

Rachel and Benoni Death, Jan.13,1790. [Rachel, wid., and Benoni Daeth.MR] [Rachel, wid., and Benoni Death.CR1]

Sarah and David Johnson, May25,1749.*

Simeon and Anna [int.Ann] Crooks, Nov.21,1811.

Stephen and Rachel Pike, May10,1764.*


Thomas and Ann W. Bolton of Waltham, int.Aug.26,1818.


Mary of Hopkinton, and Adam Fairbank of Medway, May7,1789.*.CR1


William of Hopkinton, and Thankful Lealand int.Mar.15,1778. [Freeland m.Apr.9.MR]


Ferdinand of Medway, and Nancy Bullard, Apr.22,1819.

Samba and Eleanor Oxford, int.Sept.26,1766.


Abiel, Mrs., and Jonathan Nelson of Upton, int.Sept.14,1781.

Cyrus N. of Grafton, and Mary N. Wayne, May7,1840.

Betsey and Abner Pond.Aug.12,1790.

Joanna [int.Joannah] and Samuel Baxter of Cambridge, Oct.19,1806.

John and Abiel Littlefield, Feb.19,1756.*

Ruth of Milford, and Aaron Pond, int.Mar.末,1791.

Samuel of Mendon, and Ruth Daniels, int.May11,1767.

Thomas L. and Esther Pond of Watertown, int.Nov.17,1832.


Martha of Holden, and William Eames 2d, int.May25,1831.

Mary of Holden, and John Dearth Jr., int.July6,1828.


末末 and Comfort Medcalf, Nov.5,1761.*

Clarisa of Franklin, and Timothy Adams Jr., int.Aug.21,1824.

Nancy G. of Wrentham, and Rev. Lyman W. Daggett, int.May15,1842.

Warren A. and Betsey L. Brown of Sherburn, int.Aug.12,1842.

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