Phineas K. and Phebe W. Parmenter of Marlboro, int.Sept.2,1837. [m.Sept.28.PR43]


Delia A. of Sherburne, and Alfred A. Leland of Sherburne, May12,1842.*.CR2

Elizabeth and Simeon Johnson, Aug.19,1756.*


Honora and John Kean, int.Dec.25,1847.


Archelaus and Caroline Eames of Framingham, int.Mar.8,1836. [m.Apr.7.PR22]


Charles W. and Roxanna G. Goodrich of Leominster, int.Mar.31,1849.


Jason of Sherburne, and Betsy Barber, int.Mar.25,1821.

Jonathan F. and Martha A. Arnold of Framingham, int.Oct.14,1837.

Lucy F. and Col. [int.omits Col.] Jason Smith, Nov.1,1836.

Mary and Elisha Johnson, Oct.1,1741.*

Merriba of Dover, and Nathan Lealand int.Nov.12,1803.

Nancy R. and Levi Allen [int.of Worcester], May4,1842. [Levi of Worcester.CR2]

Wilkes Jr. and Deborah B. Thayer of Franklin, int.Mar.4,1832.


Lydia and Nathaniel Sheffield Jr., Oct.11,1751.*

Mary and John Walker [int.of Hopkinston], Aug.31,1769.

Mary of Framingham, and Joseph Wood, int.Mar.9,1839.

Peltiah of Menden, and Anna Littlefield, int.Feb.7,1779.

Persis of Hopkinstan, and Nathaniel Johnson, int.Dec.24,1784.


Jonathan and Mary Forestall, Nov.25,1748.* [Ferristall.MR]

Pegga and Zadock [int.Zadok] Pond of Hopkinton, Oct.20,1796. [Zadock.CR1]

Martha and Jesse Forristel, int.June30,1779. [Forristall, m.July22.MR]

GILLMORE (Gilmore)

Nancy and Emery Littlefield of Hopkinton, int.Mar.15,1820.


Susan of Upton, and Edwin Howard, int.Aug.11,1849.

GILMORE (Gillmore)

Mary and Otis Reading, Aug.29,1813.


Joel and Hannah Henry of Rutland int.Feb.27,1830.

Nancy of Framingham, and Joshua Underwood Jr., int.Nov.23,1801.


David of Haverhill, NH, and Thamer [int.Thamar] Bullard, Feb.27,1838. [Thamer.CR1]

GODARD (Goddard)

Mary of Orring, and Asa Fisk, int.Apr.24,1813.

GODDARD (Godard)

Jonathan [int.of Athol] and Mary Forristall, May26,1783.

Polley and Aaron Eames of Hopkinton, June27,1819. [Polly.CR1]


Lovice of Mendon, and Aaron Bullard, int.Apr.8,1780.


Alfred, 29, comb maker, s.Joseph and Nancy N., and Martha A. Hunt, 33, d.Otis and Thusa, Feb.24,1846.


Seth and Louisa Gove, June3,1837.


Eunice of Framingham, and Nathaniel Johnson Jr., int.Dec.9,1820.


Roxanna G. of Leominster, and Charles W. Gates., int.Mar.31,1849.


John R. and Hannah S. Newell of Lowell, int.Jan.10,1846.

William H., 29, of Milford, s.Isaac and Elvira, and Nancy J. Seavey, 24, seamstress, of Milford, d.Joshua and Nancy, June10,1844.* [Scevey, June20.CR1]


Chloe [int.Cloe] A. and John Howard of Millord,末蔓末 [int.Apr.23], 1831. [Chloe, May9.CR1]

Christian and Daniel Adams of Bellingham, int.Feb.21,1803.

Isaiah and Lucretia Legg, July21,1803.

Levina and Joel Dalton, Aug.5,1833.

Lucy P. of Topsfield, and Oren [int.adds J.] Stone, Mar.10,1834. [Oren J.CR1]

Lydia and Henry Kilburn of Bellingham, Feb.21,1799.

Polly and Francis G. Moulton,末蔓末 [int.June1], 1830. [Sept.25.CR1]

Nancy A. and Sanlord Clark of Medfield,末蔓末 [int.Mar.21], 1827. [Apr.16.CR1]

Olive [int.Ollive] and Levi Adams of Bellingham, Sept.17,1798.

Paul [int.of Hopkinston] and Christian Hill, Dec.20,1770.

Paul and Sarah Pike, Feb.20,1777.

Paul Jr. and Cloe Adams of Bellingham, int.Aug.24,1803.

Paul and Chloe Corban [int.Corbin], 末末 [int.Apr.3.], 1830, [Corbin, May5.CR1]

Pearley J. of Greenfield, NH, and Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] Green, Apr.21,1814.

Pruda and Jessa [int.Jesse] Daniels, Oct.25,1792. [Jesse.MR.CR1]

Ruth and Reuben Hixson of Medway, int.Apr.24,1794.

Sewall H. and Rebeca [int.Rebeckah] Howard of Milford, Nov.29,1832. [Rebecca.CR1]

Thomas and Susan Hanes, int.Jan.1,1830. [Hawes, m.Feb.7.CR1]


Abigail and Jonathan Eams, Feb.18,1741-2.*

Abigail and [int.adds Rev.] Alexander Thayer [int.of Paxton], Aug.18,1773.

John of Hopkinton, and Ruth Chamberlin of Hopkinton, May20,1790.*.CR1

Joseph and Kezia Parker, Sept.23,1773.

Mary and Jonathan Foster, June13,1744.*


Louisa and Seth Goodhue, June3,1837.


Beriah and Thomas Marshall, Apr.19,1744.*

Mary and Ephraim Knowlton, Nov.15,1737.*

Mary of Medway, and Reuben Fairbanks, int.Mar.21,1776.

Sarah of Medway, and Ephraim Littlefield Jr., int.Aug.30,1771.

Sylvia A. of Medway, and Nathaniel H. Bradley, int.Dec.8,1838.

William of Medway, and Elisabeth Marshall, Apr.16,1741.*


Julia Maria of Leverett, and Abner Leland int.Apr.16,1836.

Willis and Sarah T. Nelson of Millard int.Mar.8,1836.

Willis and Lydia P. Perry of Hopkinton, int.末蔓末 [rec. between Feb.17 and Mar.9], 1844. [m.Mar.7.CR1]


Benjamin of Mendon, and Martha Adams, Oct.26,1733.*

David and Sally Prentiss of Sherburne, int.Mar.24,1819.

Betsy of Wardsborough, and Theophilus Clark, int.May2,1813.

Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] and Pearley J. Gould of Greenfield, NH, Apr.21,1814.

Lemuel and Dorcas Winslow of Gofstown, NH, int.Dec.16,1820.

Luther Jr. and Anna Smith, int.May20,1815.

Luther of Nashua, NH, and Emeline H. Whiting, int.Mar.5,1837.

Lydia and Sullivan Sheffield of Hopkinton, Dec.28,1800.

Mary Ann C. of Boston, and James W. Brine, int.Sept.30,1842.

Sarah Ann and Jacob B. Dix,末蔓末 [int.Oct.21], 1831. [Nov.8.CR1]


Alma [int.adds R.] and Lovett Fisk, Dec.3,1835.

Rachael [int.Rachel], 36, d.Samuel and Margarett, and Carrel Kinney [int.Kinny], m., 40, farmer, S. Sanford and Mary, June5,1848. [Rachel Greenhalch and Carrol Kenney.CR2]

Samuel and Fanny M. Bruce [int.of Hopkinton] Nov.6,1841. [Fanny M. of Hopkinton.CR1]

Sifuantes [int.adds B.] and Sidney Wilder, Apr.4,1837. [Sifuantes B. and Sydney Wilder.PR25]


Betsey L. 21, dress maker, d.Martha and John, and Elbridge H. Eames, 22, boot maker, of Ashland s.Nathan and Cyntha, Oct.15,1846.*

Sophronia and Joseph H. Chase, int.Feb.2,1848.


James and Patience Lealand Nov.13,1740.*

Moses and Abigail Johnson, May1,1784.

Reuben, see Reuben Underwood.


Lydia and Daniel Jennings Jr., June1,1775.

Molly and Ahner Fisk, int.June23,1777. [m.July15.MR]

Susan of Westborough, and Thomas Dickinsen, int.Aug.26,1836.


George O. of Wrentham, and Harriet A. Newell, int.Apr.21,1849.

Nathan Jr. of Dedham, and Lucretia Phipps, June9,1822. [Phips.CR1]

Phebe of Franklin, and Jonathan Cooledge Wood, int.Apr.7,1804.


Abil and Rachel Boyden, int.Aug.18,1779. [Abel and Rachel Boiden, m.Sept.1.MR]

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