Ebenezer and Mary Ann Knowlton, int.Feb.11,1836.


Esther of Medway, and Ebenezer Allen, int.July10,1779. [Hagar, m.July29.MR]

HAINES (Hanes, Haynes)


Rhoda and Francis Stedman, Apr.29,1840. [Steadman.CR1]


Mary, Mrs., of Cambridge, and Rev. Joshua Prentiss int.Dec.23,1769.


Abial and Moses Watkins, int.May8,1775.

Betsy [int.Betsa] of Franklin, and Josiah Hemenway, Feb.3,1803

Mary and Daniel Hemenway, Mar.31,1795.

Samuell and Sarah Johnson, July3,1755.*

Sally Divine [int.Devine] and Jonathan Cutler, Dec.4,1809.

Thomas of Needham, and Mrs.Hannah Lowell, int.Dec.9,1768.

HALLOWELL (Hollawall)


Shadrach Jr. and Elizabeth M. Collier of Oxford, int.June10,1837.


Julia A. of Cumberland RI, and Sanfor W. Allen, int.May6,1836 [sic, 17837].

HANES (Haynes)

Susan and Thomas Gould, int.Jan.1,1830. [Hawes, m.Feb.7.CR1]


Alpheus of Medway, and Abigail Chamberlain, Nov.26,1812.

Beulah of Medway, and Loammi Littlefield, int.Mar.17,1811.

Charlestown [int.of Natick] and Rose Bay, Dec.20,1781.

Hannah [int.of Medway] and David Lealand Jr., Jan.22,1767.

Hannah of Medway, and Pearly Lealand int.Dec.27,1794.

Hipsabeth of Medway, and Alexander Lealand int.May3,1806.

Lewis and Nancy Witherell of Mansfield, int.May14,1814.

Lydia L., 18, seamstress, d.Richard and Catherine, and Ainsworth T. Russell, widr.[int.omits widr.], 25, comb maker, s.John and Lydia, Sept.5,1847.

Mary [int.of Medway] and Jeremiah Lealand May11,1775.

Moses E. and Ann R. Cotting, Aug.6,1836, in Medway.

Rhoda, Mrs., of Medway, and Orion Ellis, int.Feb.14,1832.

Rhoda P. and Elisha Cotting. Oct.27,1841, in Framingham.

Richard and Melvina Bowers of Lancaster, int.Mar.末,1848.

Sarah of Framingham, and Thomas S. Dowling, int.June8,1844.


Augustus W. and Isabell Otterson, int.May13,1848. "Bans forbidden. "


Moses A. and Susan Newton, int.June4,1841.

Theodore, m., 30, shoe maker, S. John and Betsey, and Susan Morse, 29, d.Joseph and Susan, Sept.4,1845.

HARRINGTON (Herrington)


Charlotte and Walter Bullard, int.Dec.10,1787.

General L. and Caroline Morse, June3,1819.

John of Boston, and Azubah Johnson, int.Mar.12,1785.

Sally M. and Ezra Ingalls [int.Ingles],末蔓末,1830 [int.Feb.19,1831]. [Ingles.Mar.27,1831.CR1]

William, Dr., of Washington, NH, and Jerusha Walker of Hopkintn, June6,1791.*.CR1


Luther and Hannah Stone, Apr.6,1807.

HARTSHORN (Hartstorn)

Catherine of Framingham, and Ezra Dearth, int.Apr.1,1821.

Dennis of Fitchburg [int.Fitsburg], and Hannah [int.adds G.] Messenger, Jan.13,1833. [Dennis of Fitchburg, and Hannah G. Messenger.CR1] [Dennis of Walpole, and Hannah Grove Messinger, Jan.12,1834.PR3]

HARTSTORN (Hartshorn)

Curtiss and Catharine Winzel of Framingham, int.June6,1818.

HARVEY (Hervey)

HARWOOD (Hayward, Haywood)

Mary and Samuel Allen, July30,1772.


Rachael N. of Patuckett, RI, and Ebenezer Swift, int.Sept.12,1839.


William L.F. and Althira Albee, int.May6,1843.


Phebe and Thomas J. Ware, int.Aug.7,1831.


Eliza W., 21, d.Willard and Eliza, and Alpha Whitcomb, 21, boot maker, S. Samuel and Hannah, May26,1847. [Eliza M. Hatton.CR2]


Anna and Asa Eames, int.Nov.25,1788.

Elisha and Sally Stone of Hopkinton, Mar.3,1807.

Isaac and Mary Jones, wid., Nov.18,1762.*

Jesse and Katharine Marsh, June3,1767. [Catharine March.MR]

John of Framingham, and Mary Bullard, Mar.9,1731-2.*

John of Hopkinston. and Abigail Park, int.Apr.10,1786.

John [int.adds Capt.] and Judith Temple, Feb.19,1823. [Capt. John.CR1]

Luther and Experience Parker of Framingham, int.Jan.6,1797.

Mary and Dr. Aaron Wight [int.of Medway], Nov.17,1774. [White.MR]

Mary and Joseph F. Palmer of Hopkinton, Jan.9,1833.

Nancy and Albert P. Rockwood,末蔓末 [int.Feb.4], 1827. [Apr.3.CR1]

Pamela and Elijah Clark, int.Jan.13,1824. [Clarke, m.Mar.31.CR1]

Sally P., see Sarah Pond Hawes.

Sally of Hopkinton, and Joseph Cozzens, int.Mar.4,1837.

William and Miriam Hemenway, Mar.31,1774. [Meriam.MR]

Zerviah and Aaron Phips, Mar.17,1757.* [Phipps, Mar.7.MR]

Zeruviah of Hopkinton, and Emory Cozzens, int.Apr.9,1844.

HAWES (Haws)

Abel and Cynthia [int.Cynthy] Lealand Nov.21,1811.

Adela P. and Nathaniel M. Perry, Apr.2,1835.

Alfred, Rev., and Clarissa P. Partridge of W. Medway, int.Sept.21,1844.

Clarissa, wid.[int.and dup. int.Mrs., omit wid.], 60, seam stress, d.Joshua Underwood and Lydia, and Marlin Bullard, widr.[int.and dup. int.omit widr.], 63, harness maker, of Westboro, s.Elijah and Achsah, May19,1846. [Mrs.Clarissa.CR1]

Emeline and Joseph S. Fairbanks, Mar.24,1825.

Mary Ann and Horace Blanchard,末蔓末 [int.Sept.4], 1830. [Sept.21.CR1]

Sarah of Franklin, and Jeremiah Lealand int.Sept.9,1797.

Sarah Pond and Nathan Clark, int.Apr.6,1823. [Sally P. Haven and Nathan Clarke, m.May18.CR1]

Seth C. [int.Hawse] and Catharine [int.Catherine] Rockwood, Oct.24,1833. [Hawes, and Catherine Rockwood.CR1]

Susan, see Susan Hanes.


Edward of Charlestown, and Lucretia R.E. Twitchell, int.Aug.16,1845.

James and Mrs.Harriet Dickey of E. Cambridge, int.July15,1843.

HAWS (Hawes)

Ichabod [int.Ichobod Horze] and Clarissa [int.Clarisa] Underwood, Aug.26,1804.


Edmund of Hopkinton, and Sarah Fairbank, Feb.22,1732-3.* [Edward Haydon.MR]

Alvira of Sudbury, and Newll Pond, int.Apr.16,1830.

John, Capt., of Hopkinton, and Rhoda Whitney, Jan.24,1790. [Capt. John of Hopkinstan, and Mrs, Rhoda Whitney.MR] [Capt. John of Hopkinton, and Mrs.Rhoda Whitney.CR1]

Mary and William Richardson, June4,1832.


Jesse, 24, cordwainer, and Lucy A. Larken, 19, d.Peter and Lucy, Nov.15,1843. [Larkin, Nov.7.CR1]

HAYNES (Hanes)

Ann B. and Washington Wildes, Apr.30,1837.

Rachel of Sudbury, and Samuel Jones, int, Jan.22,1778.

HAYWARD (Harwood, Haywood)

Ezekeil of Bellingham, and Hannah Johnson, int.Apr.25,1767.

Hopestill of Milford, and Martin Claflin, int.Oct.12,1808.

Judith of Milford, and Abijah Clark, Oct.2,1808.

Nathan and Cynthy Daniels, May9,1782. [Cynthia.MR] [Cynthy.PR51]

Rachel and Royal Smith, int.Aug.4,1787.

HAYWOOD (Harwood, Hayward)

Cynthia of Hopkinton, and Nathan Eames, int.Oct.11,1816.


David and Nancy K. Hemenway of Framingham, int.Nov.6,1842.


Cyrus D. and Esther J. Staples of Smithfield, RI, int.Feb.26,1848.

HEMENWAY (Hemmingway)

Daniel and Mary Hall, Mar.31,1795.

Daniel, Capt., and Chloe Parkhurst of Milford, int.Sept.29,1804.

Elihu and Bethiah Thayer of Milford, int.Nov.3,1802.

Joshua Jr. and Elisabath Perry, int.Mar.16,1779. [Elizabeth, m.Dec.9.MR]

Josiah and Mary Winch, Mar.17,1785. [Hemmenway.MR] Josiah and Betsy [int.Betsa] Hall of Franklin, Feb.3,1803. Mary and Moses Hiscock, Aug.23,1789. [Hemmenway.MR][Hemenway.CR1]

Miriam and William Haven, Mar.31,1774. [Meriam.MR]

Nancy K. ol Framingham, and David Heard, int.Nov.6,1842.

Sarah and Nathaniel Pierce May28,1782. [Peirce.MR]

William M. and Ede Whiting, June3,1798. [William Mellen Hemmingway.CR1]


Joseph and Zerviah Millen, June25,1761.*

Joshua and Anna Twitchel, Feb.23,1749.*


Hannah of Rutland and Joel Gleason, int.Feb.27,1830.


Aaron and Emely Clafiin of Milford, int.May2,1820.

Abram and Polly Needoms of Milford, Nov.3,1808.

Almira and Lorenzo Cozzens of Hopkinton, int.Feb.17,1844. [Almira of Milford, m.Mar.14.CR1] Elisabeth and John Ellice of Milford, Nov.3,1808.

Eliza and Pascal [int.Paschal N.] Parkhust or Milford, Nov.14,1833.

John [int.Jr.] and Polly Claflin of Hopkinton, July8,1810.

Susanna and Lemuel Leland Dec.21,1828.


Lydia and James Marshell, Mar.11,1756.*


Jonathan [int.Jonah] of Southborough, and Thankfull [int.Thankful] Bullard, Dec.30,1804.

Lucy [int.Harvey] and Asa Bullard Jr., June末 [int.June16], 1776. [Harvey.MR]


Grace C., Mrs, and Joseph Cleale of Sherburne, int.Nov.13,1843.


Jairus C. and Ruth Emeline Watson of Lowell, int.Oct.26,1838.

HILL (Hills)

Arnal and Levina Smith of Bellingham, int.Jan.29,1803.

Bathsheba [int.Bathshaba] and Nathan Bullard, Apr.13,1769. [Bathsheba and Nathan Bull.MR]

Christian and Jonathan Holbrook, int.Aug.27,1768. "did not marry."

Christian and Paul Gould [int.of Hopkinston], Dec.20,1770.

Clarisa, of Sherebourn, and Asa Whiting, int.Sept.27,1806.

Daniels and Polly Le:dand Mar.29,1807.

Elizabeth and Abner Fairbank, July5,1759.*

Betsey and James Lealand Mar.31,1807.

Hannah and Moses Hill, June27,1729.*

Hannah and Joseph Merifield, Sept.15,1736.*

Horace and Hepsibeth A. Fisher, int.Apr.18,1822.

Izannah [int.Izanna Hills] and Martyn [int.Marlin B.] Rockwood, Apr.7,1842. [Izannah Hill and Martyn Rockwood.CR1]

Jemima and Jonathan Adams, Oct.12,1776.

Jemima of Sherburne, and Eleazer Bullard, int.Feb.21,1790.

Joana [int.Joanna] and Curtis Perkins, Apr.25,1839. [Joanna.CR1]

John and Thankfull Underwood, June4,1744.*

Jonathan and Kezia Daniels of Sherburn, int.Jan.10,1770.

Kezia of Medway, and Amariah Force, Mar.14,1793. [Keziah.MR.CR1]

Lona and John Clements [int.Clemmons Jr.] of Hopkinton, May25,1796. [John Clements Jr.CR1]

Louisa and William Ellis of Medfield, June3,1834.

Lucretia and Preston Metcalf of Franklin, Jan.6,1814.

Lydia and Samuel Daniels, Jan.15,1729-30.*

Lydia and Samuel Fisher [int.Jr. of Medway], Apr.1,1784.

Martha of Sherburne, and Isaac Bullard Jr., int.Feb.8,1783.

Moses and Hannah Hill, June27,1729.*

Moses, Dea., and Mrs.Mary Cocledge of Medfield, int.Mar.7,1785.

Moses and Anna Chamberlain of Mendon, int.Apr.16,1796.

Rachel and Elijah Thayer of Mendon, int.Oct.22,1803.

Rachael C. [int.Rachel E.] and Richard N. Warfield [int.of Rushville, NY.], Apr.28,1842. [Rachel E. and Richard N. Warfield of Rushville, NY, Apr.20.CR1]

Ruben of Medway, and Rebeckah Bullard, int.Aug.11,1798.

Ruth and Benjamin Bullard, Aug.12,1762.*

Sarah and Amos Phipps, Aug.19,1843.*.PR37

Susanna and James Whitney of Sherburne, int.Mar.13,1780.

Whitney and Rachel Daniels of Sherburn, int.May4,1773.

HILLS (Hill)

Mary Ann B. [int.adds Mrs.] and John M. Merrill, Feb.27,1842. [Mrs.Mary A.B. and John M. Merrill of Webster.CR2]

Walter and Mary Ann B. Partridge, Aug.25,1839.


William and Abigail Lasell [int.Abagail Lazell], Oct.6,1839.


Moses and Mary Hemenway, Aug.23,1789. [Hemmenway.MR] [Hemenway.CR1]

HIXOM (Hixon, Hixson)

Jotham and Louisa Pickering of Cumberland RI, int.Jan.28,1843.

HIXON (Hixom, Hixson)

Reuben and Polly Barber of Medway, int.Dec.15,1813.

HIXSON (Hixom, Hixon)

Reuben of Medway, and Ruth Gould, int.Apr.24,1794.


David of Lincoln, and Angellet [int.Anjellet] Pierce, Jan.9,1803.


Benjamin and Angeline Rockwood, Apr.8,1835.

HOLBROK (Holbrook)

Sarah and Robart Millen, Nov.19,1761.*

HOLBROOK (Holbrok)

Abner of Medway, and Sophia Rockwood, July5,1801.

Adaline of Bellingham, and Gilbert Leland Oct.20,1842, in Medway.

Almira and Appleton Bridges, int.Aug.17,1823. [m.Sept.21.CR1]

Anna of Medway, and Samuel R. Smith, int.Feb.28,1846.

Clarisa L. of Bellingham, and Tappan H. Batchelder, int.Apr.25,1840.

David of Sharborn, and Judith Bullard, int.Aug.14,1779.

Dennis [int.Denis] of Milford, and Rhoda B. [int.omits B.] Claflin, Nov.4,1824.

Eliphalet and Julia Dewing, Nov.25,1812,*.PR18

Harlows [int.Harlous] W. and Mary W. Bridges, Apr.6,1841. [Harlous W.CR1.PR15]

Henry of Bellingham, and Mrs.Eunice Patrick, int.Apr.1,1816.

Huldah and Nathaniel Corbett, int.Mar.22,1785.

James and Millie [int.Milla] Bridges, Oct.9,1783. [Mille.MR]

Jonathan and Christian Hill, int.Aug.27,1768. "did not marry."

Jonathan [int.Hoolbrook] of Sherburn, and Betsy [int.Betsa] Lealand May13,1802.

Jonathan of Sherburne, and Levina Eames,末蔓末 [int.Oct.12], 1827. [Nov.21.CR1]

Lucy of Spencer, and Enoch Chamberlain Jr., int.Oct.5,1804. [m.Nov.30.PR12]

Mary of Sherburn, and Lowell Chenery, Apr.10,1834. [Mary of Sherburne.CR1]

Moses Jr. of Grafton, and Sarah Mellen, Jan.24,1792.

Nahum of Bellingham, and Laura A. Batchelder, int.Aug.22,1848.

Rufus of Boston, and Ursula Thayer, int.Apr.3,1814.

Sarah of Sherburn, and George Daniels, int.Sept.28,1833.

Sophia and Martin Cutler, Apr.18,1810.


Martha and Ebenezer Curtis, Jan.25,1749-50.*


Lucy and John W. Bellows, Nov.8,1832.*.PR30

HOLMES (Homes)

Aaron of Hopkinton, and Elizabeth E. Adams,末蔓末 [int.Apr.12], 1828. [May1.CR1]

Eliza and Windsor Mowry, June29,1834.*.PR13

John 3d of Upton, and Betsey [int.Betsa] Morse, Mar.31,1805.

HOMES (Holmes)

Christopher C. and Nancy M. Ruggles of Franklin, int.Mar.6,1840. [Holmes, m.Mar.31.PR13]


Joseph S. and Lucinda J. Clark of Medway Villiage, int.Oct.18,1845.


Harlow, 23, carpenter, s.Zibeon and Mary L., and Sophronia A. Traverse [int.Travis], 18, d.Henry (Travis) and Sarah, Nov.25,1847. [Traverse.CR2]


Rebkah [int.Rebekah] B. and James L. Knowles of Millbury, Sept.10,1835. in Natick.

Rebekah of Brooklyn, NY, and Rev. Calvin Damon, int.May19,1845.

William and Eliza Ann Whiting, May15,1834.


Lewis M. and Sarah Messenger. Oct.3,1843. [Messinger.PR3]

Sarah, d.Samuel Messenger and Olive. and Aaron Brigham,末蔓末, 末末.PR3

HOW (Howe, Howes)

Rachel of Marlborough, and Isaac Ball, May11,1738.*

Rebeckah and Samuel Phipps, int.Mar.5,1824. [Rebecca Howe, m.Apr.4.CR1] [Rebeckah Howe, m.Apr.4.PR31]


Edwin and Susan Gilman of Upton, int.Aug.11,1849.

John of Milford, and Chloe [int.Cloe] A. Gould,末蔓末 [int.Apr.23], 1831. [Chloe, May9.CR1]

Parker and Sally Aldrich, Apr.5,1837.

Rebeca [int.Rebeckah] of Milford, and Sewall H. Gould, Nov.29,1832. [Rebecca.CR1]

HOWE (How, Howes)

Aseneth [int.Asenath] P., and Jonathan F. Morgan, May6,1840. [Asenath P. and Jonathen F. Morgan.CR1]

Caroline of Spencer, and Amos Williams, int.Mar.29,1835.

Ellen and Thomas J.G. Clark, Dec.12,1833.

Lowis [int.Louis] and Calvin Rockwood, Apr.7,1814. [Lois, Apr.7,1813 [sic].PR14]

Pattey of Hopkinton, and Elisha Morse of Hopkinton, Apr.25,1791.*.CR1

Rebeccah and Steaphen White, int.Sept.18,1772.

HOWES (How, Howe)

Mary of Hopkinton, and Alphalet Phipps of Hopkinton, Mar.31,1839.*


Francis and Huldab A. Cobb of Winthrop, ME, int.May21,1842.


George B., 26, s.Phineus and Lucinda, and Diana M. [int.omits M.] Rawson, 18, d.Isaac G. and Diana M., Nov.28,1844. [Dianna M.CR2]

William [int.Hubbart] of Holden, and Betsy Eames, Sept.20,1809.


Elizabeth and Nathaniel Cheney of Milford, int.Aug.9,1788.

Jane T. of Bangor, ME, and Luther Bellows, int.Aug.8,1840.

Mary Ann [and] Abel H. Perry, int.Dec.15,1849.


Betsey of Hopkinton, and A,. Snell of Hopkinton, Feb.26,1803.*

HUMPHERY (Humphrey)

Noah of Barre, and Lucena Wilder, int.Feb.15,1844.

HUMPHREY (Humphery)

Francis of Linn [int.Lynn], and Mary T. Prentiss, Apr.16,1833. [Francis of Linn.CR1]


Abida and Phebe Pratt, July26,1739.*

Adam of Upton, and Sally Pond, int.Nov.4,1826.

Daniel and Mary Phillip, [int.of Mendon], Apr.5,1769.

Ebenezer and Dorathy Whitney, May9,1734.* [Dorothy.MR]

Elizabeth B. of Lancaster, and William Joslyn, int.Oct.1,1835.

Haman and Harriet Moore of Sudbury, int.Mar.26,1835.

John L. and Julia And Fiske, Apr.1,1841. [John L. of VT.CR1]

Martha A., 33, d.Otis and Thusa, and Alfred Gooch, 29, comb maker, s.Joseph and Nanc:y N., Feb.24,1846.


Sarah of Medfield, and William H. Blodget, int.Mar.6,1841.


Thomas H., 19, of Natick, S. William and w.dec'd, and Ann J. Wheeler, wid., 27, seamstress [seam, written in pencil] of Natick, d.末末 dec'd, July9,1844.* [Thomas W.CR2]

HURD (Heard)

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