John and Honora Garvin, int. Dec. 25, 1847.

KEBBEY (Kibbe, Kibbee, Kibbey)

Edward of Medway, and Abiah Morse, July 3, 1729.* [Abia. MR]

KEEN (Kean)

KENDALL (Kindall)

Nabby of Framingham, and John Eames, int. Jan. 1, 1807.

Benjamin of Sherbourn, and Eunice Lealand Oct. 7, 1736.*

Eunice of Sherburn, and Samuel Burbank Jr., int. Mar. 11, 1713.

Jane of Sherburn, and Reuben Emes, int. Aug. 27, 1768.


William B. and Sarah B. Drew, July 13, 1834.

KENNEY (Kinney)


John W. and Elizabeth M. Rice of Sutton, int. Oct. 19, 1842.


Eliza Ann of Tyngsboro, and Stillman Bicknall, int. Oct. 10, 1849.

Mary [int. add, R.] of Orford, NH, and Solon Johnson, Oct. 3, 1838.

KIBBE (Kebbey, Kibbee, Kibbey)

Whitney of Medway, and Elizabeth Snell, int. Feb. 5, 1814.

KIBBEE (Kebbey, Kibbe, Kibbey)

Hannah [int. adds C.] and Calvin Follensbee, May 13, 1841. [Hannah G. CR1]

L. Maynard and Elisabeth Kingsbury of Medway, int. Apr. 28, 1849.

Mary Jane, 27, d. Whitney and Elisabeth, and Samuel Farnsworth, m., 29, shoe maker, s. Luther and Polly, Oct. 19, 1848. [May J. CR2]

KIBBEY (Kebbey, Kibbe, Kibbee)

Sally H. [int. Kibbee] and Samuel Farn, worth, Apr. 20, 1843. [Kibbee. CR2]


Clarinda of Millord, and Abel Clark, Dec. 3, 1818. [Clorinda and Abel Clarke. CR1]

Dan and Joanna Cutler of Millord, int. July 25, 1787.

Debba of Millard, and Alpheus Bullard, int. Jan. 18, 1811.

Henry of Belliagham, and Lydia Gould, Feb. 21, 1799.

Hiram of Milford, and Roxana Adams, int. July 7, 1842.

John of Mendon, and Abigail Littlefield, int. Apr. 8, 1780.

Josiah [int. Jr.] of Millard, and Phebe Bullard, Nov. 9, 1797.


Mary and Asa Underwood [int. of Wardsbury], Feb. 29, 1784.

KINDALL (Kendall)

Joshua and Beulah Knowlton, Aug. 20, 1781. [Kendall, and Bulah Knowlton. MR]


Harriet and William Andrews, int. Dec. 25, 1841.

Jackson and Sylvia Cozzens of Sherburne, int. Apr. 5, 1824.

John and Cerepta [int. Surrepta] Claflin, Mar. 28, 1820. [Erepta. CR1]

Sophia and Silas G. Cobb, Apr. 3, 1834.


Elijah and Joann W. Phipps, June 15, 1833.

Elisabeth of Medway, and L. Maynard Kibbee, int. Apr. 28, 1849.

Josiah of Needham, and Martha Bullard. int. May 2, 1819.


Carrel [int. Kinny], m., 40, farmer, s. Sanford and Mary, and Rachael [int. Rachel] Greenhalgh, 36, d. Samuel and Margarett, June 5, 1848. [Carrol Kenney and Rachel Greenhalch. CR2]


Betsy of Hopkinton, and Jason Walker of Hopkinton, Feb. 25, 1790.*. CR1


James L. of Millbury, and Rebkah [int. Rebekah] B. Horton, Sept. 10, 1835, in Natick.


Beulah and Joshua Kindall, Aug. 20, 1781. [Bulah and Joshua Kendall. MR]

Daniel Jr. and Abigail Marshall of Framingham, int. Oct. 6, 1781.

Daniel and Cythenia Watkins, Dec. 9, 1815. [Cynthia, Dec. 8. CR1]

Ebenezer of Sherburn, and Nancy Knowlton, Jan. 13, 1812.

Elias and Lydia Fisk, Aug. 2, 1789.

Eliza of Hopkinton, and Daniel J. Coburn, int. Sept. 22, 1825.

Eliza, 19, seamstress, d. Ebenezer and Nancy, and Daniel Metcalf Jr., 25, shoemaker, s. Daniel and Clarissa, Apr. 13, 1845. in Sherburn [in Sherburn. written in pencil].

Emeline and Hiram Bent of Milford, int. June 8, 1836.

Ephraim and Mary Grant, Nov. 15, 1737.*

Irena and Lawson Lovering, Aug. 25, 1811.

Jesse and Polly Blake of Holden, int. Apr. 19, 1794.

John and Martha Jennings, Apr. 20, 1769.

John of Dublin. and Susanna Jennings. Feb. 15, 1790. [John of Dublin, NH. MRCR1]

John and Philinda Lummis of Milford, int. Feb. 11, 1832.

Jonathan and Abigail Morse, May 23, 1754.*

Jonathan [int. Jr.] and Becea Maxwell, Mar. 4, 1773.

Mary and Ephraim Biglow, Mar. 8, 1781. [Biglo. PR51]

Mary E. [int. Eliza] and Benjamin L. Bickford, Mar. 19, 1820.

Mary Ann and Ebenezer Hadley, int. Feb. 11, 1836.

Mehitable [int. Mehittable] and Lewis Fisk, Apr. 14, 1817. [Mehitebel and Lewis Fiske. CR1]

Mercy J. and Samuel A. Bellows, Sept. 25, 1834.

Nancy and Ebenezer Knowlton of Sherburn, Jan. 13, 1812.

Nathan and Sarah Boyde, May 6, 1756.*

Nathan and Patience Miller, Aug. 20, 1781.

Phila and Calvin Jennings [int. Calvan Jinnings], Nov. 14, 1804.

Rhoda and Oliver P. Littlefield [int. of Medway], ––– –– [int. Mar. 21], 1827. [Oliver Prescott, Apr. 10. CR1]

Sophia and James Biglow, Nov. 17, 1812.

William and Rachel Anderson, Nov. 9, 1758.*

William of Sherburne, and Rebekah Bishop, int. Nov. 6, 1789.

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