William of Haverhill, NH, and Sabra Wiswell, int.Nov.19,1793.

LALAND (Lealand, Lealond, Leland)

Lydia [int.Lealand] and Asa Perry [int.of Hopkinston], Apr.19,1770.


Clementina F. and John W. Whittaker, int.Jan.5,1843/

Jacob W. and Caroline B. Cummings of Shrewsbury, int.Mar.25,1840.

Malley of Garry, and Rufus Lovering, int.Mar.22,1787.


Lucy A., 19, d.Peter and Lucy, and Jesse Hayes, 24. cordwainer, Nov.15,1843. [Larkin, Nov.7.CR1]

LASELL (Lazell)

Abigail [int.Abagail Lazell] and William Hilton, Oct.6,1839.


Nancy of Charlton, and Bucklin,1831.

LAZELL (Lasell)

Levina of Bellingham, and Gibbs Braley, Apr.4,1833.


Clarissa [int.of Belchertown] and Shepherd R.M. Brown. Apr.4,1836.

LEALAND (Laland, Lealond, Leland)

Aaron and Joanna Alden of Bellingham, int.July3,1783.

Abigail and Isaac Johnson, Feb.15,1736.*

Abigail and Johu Patridge, June2,1763.* [Partridge.MR]

Abigail and Cyrus Comestalke of Wrentham, int.June4,1792.

Abner and Hannah Thayer of Mendon, int.July14,1774.

Adam and Prudence Lealand May24,1770.*

Adam and Nancy Walker of Hopkinton, int.Oct.26,1811.

Alexander and Hipsabeth Harding of Medway, int.May3,1806.

Amasa and Becke Adams of Northbridge, int.Oct.20,1802.

Ammariah of Sherborn, and Ursula Lovet of Sherborn, Oct.10,1734.*

Anna and James Russell Park, July7,1785.

Asa Jr. and Ama Norcross, Feb.17,1794. [Anna.CR1]

Asaph and Bulah Littlefield, June20,1751.*

Asaph Jr. and Rhoda Cutler of Medway, int.Mar.24,1788. [Aseph Leland m.June末, 末末.PR42]

Asaph and Mrs.Elizabeth Wheeler of Medway, int.Nov.1,1799.

Asaph, Dea., and Anna Eames of Hopkinton, int.Mar.4,1818.

Barak of Sherburn, and Julia Fisk, int.Sept.3,1813.

Berzillai and Lucy Wood of Westborough, int.May11,1804.

Beulah and Capt. Luke Johnson of Leominster, Mar.9,1796. [Bulah.CR1]

Cynthia [int.Cynthy] and Abel Hawes, Nov.21,1811.

David Jr. and Hannah Harding [int.of Medway], Jan.22,1767.

David and Mrs.Ruth Perry of Natick, int.Jan.19,1779. [m.Feb.25.MR]

David Jr. and Phebe Disper of Medway, Oct.30,1806.

Deborah and Drury Fairbank, Jan.19,1758.*

Dinah and Samuel Wheelock [int.Whealock] Jr. [int.of Mendon], Oct.15,1770. [Wheelock.MR]

Ebenezer and Abigail Cutler, Dec.16,1762.*

Eliab and Pearley Adams of Northbridge, int.Mar.10,1808.

Betsy [int.Betsa] and Jonathan Holbrook [int.Hoolbrook] of Sherburn. May13,1802.

Eunice and Benjamin Kendall of Sherbourn, Oct.7,1736.*

Eunice and Ephraim Richardson, Mar.16,1807.

Hannah and William Clark [int.of Stoughlonham], Sept.27,1770.

Henry and Martha Lealand Sept.26,1771.

Hephzibah of Sherbourn, and Joseph Brown, Oct.11,1733.* [Hepzibah of Sherborn.MR]

Hepzibah of Sherburn, and John Lealand Jr., int.Dec.5,1766.

James and Betsey Hill, Mar.31,1807.

Jemima and Joseph Underwood, Jan.11,1738.*

Jemima and Nathan Fisk, int.Apr.3,1786.

Jeremiah and Mary Harding [int.of Medway], May11,1775.

Jeremiah and Sarah Hawes of Franklin, int.Sept.9,1797.

John, see Joshua.

John and Sarah Bullard, July12,1744.*

John Jr. and Hepzibah Lealand of Sherhurn, int.Dec.5,1766.

John and Silvia [int.Sylva] Lealand Mar.22,1807. [Silvia, Mar.26.PR51]

Joshua of Sherborn, and Ruth Morse of Sherborn, June21,1732.* [John Leland.MR]

Jotham and Fanny Perry of Hopkinton, int.Oct.5,1803.

Keziah and John Sheffield, Apr.17,1750.*

Kezia and Ehezia Bullard, May17,1795. [Hazia.CR1]

Lemuel and Clarissa [int.Claresa] Perry, Dec.21,1803.

Lois and Asa Fisk, Jan.30,1734-5.*

Lovisa and Daniel Stowel [int.Stoel] of Partridgefield, Feb.23,1804.

Luther of Middlefield, and Olive Bullard, int.Oct.2,1799.

Martha and Henry Lealand Sept.26,1771.

Mary of Sherbourn, and Joseph Marshall, Feb.2,1736-7.*

Mary and Samuel Lovering, Nov.8,1739.*

Mary and Gershom Eams, June11,1741.*

Mary and Hopestill Emes [int.of Hopkinston], Oct.13,1768. [Eames.MR]

Polly [int.Polley] and Perry Daniels, Apr.7,1799. [Polly.CR1]

Polly and Daniels Hill, Mar.19,1807.

Mille and Abner Morse [int.of Medway], May2,1782.

Miriam and Nathan Whiting of Medway, int.Dec.5,1791.

Moses and Betsy Shadock of Sherburne, int.Nov.19,1796.

Nancy and James Cutler, int.Nov.7,1813.

Nathan and Polly Pratt of Sherburn, int.Oct.22,1803.

Nathan and Merriba Gay of Dover, int.Nov.12,1803.

Patience and James Greenwood, Nov.13,1740.*

Pearly and Hannah Harding of Medway, int.Dec.27,1794.

Prudence and Adam Lealand May24,1770.*

Ruth, Mrs., and Theoder Rider, int.Sept.19,1784.

Salmon of Grafton, and Azoa [int.Ezoa] Mellen, Apr.2,1812.

Samuel and Achsa Mason, May29,1806.

Sarah and Aaron Emes, int.Mar.8,1781. [Eames, m.Apr.5.MR]

Sabilla of Sherborn, and Francis Dudley of Sutten, May23,1732.* [Laland and Friancis Dudley of Sutton.MR]

Sibbel and Simeon Thomson of Partridgefield, Feb.9,1794. [Sibil and Simeon Thompson of Patridgefield.CR1]

Silence of Sherbourn, and Daniel Eams, Sept.21,1738.*

Simeon and Sylvia [int.Sylva] Pond, Oct.21,1804.

Silvia [int.Sylva] and John Lealand Mar.22,1807. [Silvia, Mar.26.PR51]

Thankful and William Freelon of Hopkinton, int.Mar.15,1778. [Freeland m.Apr.9.MR]

Thankful and Benjamin Bullard, Dec.21,1797.

Timothy and Hannah Twitchel, Jan.5,1748-9.*

Timothy Jr. and Marcy Johnson, int.Apr.8,1780. [Leland and Mary Johnson, m.May11.MR]

LEALOND (Laland, Lealand, Leland)

Asa and Loies Marshell, Jan.15,1761.*

LEARNARD (Learned, Leonard)

Myra of Sherhurne, and Horatio Fisk, Mar.2,1817.* [Learned of Shearburne, and Horatio Fiske of Shearburne.CR1]

LEARNED (Learnard, Leonard)

Susanna and Joseph Johnson Jr., int.Nov.10,1787.


Harriett of Milford, and William R. Thayer, int.Sept.19,1840.

Lucretia and Isaiah Gould, July21,1803.

LELAND (Laland, Lealand, Lealond)

Aaron of Worcester, and Rowena Whiting, Apr.17,1832. [Roena.CR1]

Abagail [int.Abigail] and Calvin Bridges, May1,1837. [Abigail.CR1]

Abner and Julia Maria Graves of Leverett, int.Apr.16,1836.

Abner, widr.[int.omits widr.], 36, farmer, s.Samuel and Achsah, and Hannah A. Wales, 17, of Hopkinton, d.William and Polly of Hopkinton, Nov.25,1845.

Albert and Eliza Chamberlain of Grafton, int.May8,1831.

Alden and Annah [int.adds W.] Temple, Oct.11,1832. [Annah W.CR1.PR29]

Alfred A. of Sherbume, and Delia A. Gardner of Sherburne, May12,1842.*.CR2

Alice and Dana Phipps, Jan.27,1822.

Almirah and Lovett Walker, int.Aug.29,1823. [Almira and Lovet Walker, m.Sept.25.CR1]

Amos C. and Sylvia Daniels of Sherburne, int.Mar.26,1824. [m.Apr.19.CR1] [Silvia, m.Apr.19.PR42]

Banbridge [int.Bainbridge] Perry and Louisa Whiten Bowker, May1,1839. [Bainbridge Perry and Louisa Whiton Bowker.CR1]

Benjamin M. and Hannah J. Leland int.Oct.18,1840.

Caroline and Jonas Chamberlain of Grafton, int.May28,1829. [m.June17.CR1]

Charlott and John S. Fales of Sherburne, int.May6,1830.

Daniel J. [int.adds Capt.] and Hannah B.D. Clark, Apr.5,1836.

Edward and Julia M. tioore of Rutland int.Apr.4,1839.

Betsey and Harrison B. Bellows, Aug.15,1835.

Amory and Olive Daniels of Sherburne, May8,1817. [Lealand.CR1]

George and Hannah C. Shepard of Hopkinton, int.Dec.12,1823.

Gilbert and Adaline Holbrook of Bellingham, Oct.20,1842, in Medway.

Hannah J. and Benjamin M. Leland int.Oct.18,1840.

Harriet and Eliphalet Chamberlain of Sherburn, int.Mar.10,1832.

Henry and Ede Bowker of Hopkinton, int.Sept.25,1820.

Henry of Milford, and Silence P. Desper, int.Aug.11,1832.

Hepsabeth [int.Hepsibeth] A. and Warren Leland Sept.5,1839.

Hermon and Sarah Barred [int.Barrett],末蔓末 [int.Mar.15], 1828. [Barrett, Apr.3.CR1.PR26]

Izanna and Holbrook Chamberlain, Dec.2,1846.*.PR12

John P. and Lydia A. Morgan, int.May8,1847.

Joseph of Sherburn, and Betsey Fisk, int.Apr.30,1831.

Josephine and George Oliver Brastow of Wrentham, Oct.15,1835.

Jotham, widr.[int.omits widr.], 69, gentleman, of Ashland s.Abner and Hannah, and Lucy Chamberlin [int.Chamberlain], wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 6, d.Isaac D. Holbrook and Lucy, July31,1848. [Mrs.Lucy Chamberlain, Aug.3.CR1]

Laura Matilda and John E. Winch of (Unionville) Hopkinton, int.Aug.23,1845.

Lemuel and Susanna Hero, Dec.21,1828.

Levina [int.Livina] and Willard B. Johnson of Smithfield, RI, Apr.11,1832. [Lavinia and Willard Johnson of Cumberland.CR1]

Lucy M. and Perez Drake, Aug.30,1834.

Lucy and Thomas J. Morse, int.Oct.4,1839.

Luke of Grafton, and Sally Mellen, int.July31,1815.

Luther of Sherburne, and Daphne Stone of Sherburne, Nov.28,1816.* [Lealand of Shearburne, and Daphne Stone of Shearburne.CR1]

Lydia and Samuel D. Pond of Milford, int.Nov.6,1841.

Mary and Edward C. Parker, int.Apr.8,1832.

Mary Ann and Calvin W. [dup, omits.W.] Wheelock, July4,1833.

Mary and Joseph Chase, Apr.4,1843.

Nancy, 20, straw sewer, d.Adam and Nancy, and Lucius Pierce, 23, boot maker and farmer, s.Nathaniel and Louis, June5,1845. [Jan.5 [sic].CR2]

Nathan [int.adds Capt.] and Ruth Parker, Sept.11,1821. [Capt. Nathan.CR1]

Nathan C. and Louisa Ellis of Walpole, int.Jan.30,1847.

Ophelia, 26, d.Amory and Olive D., and Augustine S. Bemis, 17, trader, s.Peter and Sally, May17,1843.

Ruth P., wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 45, seamstress, d.John Parker and Deborah, and Capt. Asa Fisk, widr.[int.omits widr.], 67, yeoman, S. Asa (Fiske) and Mercy, June4,1846.

Sukey and Newell Rockwood, Mar.12,1826.

Sylvia and Asa T. Darling, Dec.3,1834.

Sylvia and Luther Cowen, Nov.25,1841.

Timothy and Mrs.Bulah Foster of Framingham, int.June27,1767.

Warren and Hepsaheth [int.Hepsibeth] A. Leland Sept.5,1839.

LEONARD (Learnard, Learned)

Eveline of Foxborough, and Thomas T. Rockwood, int.Jan.24,1841.


Lucy J. and William Wight, int.Mar.15,1845.


Henry and Sibbel Broad of Milford, int.Mar.9,1827.

LINCOL (Lincoln)

Seth of Westorn, and Jemima Miller, int.Aug.11,1779. [Lincoln, m.Nov.4.MR]

LINCOLN (Lincol)

Abigail and Isaac Morse, Nov.5,1816.*.PR38

Asa of Western, and Esther Miller, int.Feb.7,1788.

Asa and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Miletiah Whiting, Aug.25,1824, in Medway.

Calvin and Almira Lucretia Fales of Shrewsbury, int.Dec.9,1821.

Esther L., 23, teacher, d.Calvin and Elvira L., and L.F. Charles Loomis, 23, teacher, of N. Bridgewater [int.Bridgwater], s.Silas and Esther, Oct.1,1847.

George Washington, s.Ivers, and Electa M. Dearth, Sept.18,1839.*.PR9

Ira and Patty Whiting of Medway, int.Jan.12,1815.

Ivers and Sally Bridges, d.Timothy and Millia,末蔓末, 末末.*.PR9

Louisa P.C., 19, teacher, d.Ira and Patty, and George E. [int.omits E.] Whitney, 23, cordwainer, of Milford, s.Jonathan and Lavina, Jan.1,1845. [Lou P.C. and George E. Whitney.CR2]

William R. and Mchitable Farwell, Dec.25,1839.*.PR9


Abiel and John French, Feb.19,1756.*

Abial and Elias Lovering, Dec.15,1794.

Abigail and John Kilburn of hfendon, int.Apr.8,1780.

Achsah of Hopkinton, and Phillip Pond, int.Sept.27,1817.

Alice [int.adds Mrs.] and Timothy Rockwood, Aug.22,1771.

Anna and Peltiah Gibbs of Menden, int.Feb.7,1779.

Asa and Mary Adams, int.Sept.18,1779. [m.Jan.29,1780.MR]

Bulah and Asaph Lealand June20,1751.*

Beulah H. and Erastus T. Smith, Apr.21,1840. [Bulah H.CR2] [Buelah H.PR6]

Clark and Electa Jennings, int.Nov.14,1830.

Ebenezer and Rebekah Waer of Milford, int.Dec.26,1785.

Ebenezer, Capt., and Alice Waer of Hopkinton, int.Jan.26,1793.

Eliel [int.Elial] and Sophia Mellen, Dec.8,1800. [Eliel.CR1]

Betsey of Milford, and Animas Cheney, int.Aug.27,1808.

Emery of Hopkinton, and Nancy Gillmore, int.Mar.15,1820.

Ephraim and Sarah Bullard, May30,1735.*

Ephraim Jr. and Sarah Grant of Medway, int.Aug.30,1771.

Isaac and Elisabeth [int.Elizabeth] Lovering, Dec.16,1773. [Elizabeth.MR]

Jerusha and Aaron Bullard, Apr.4,1793.

Joanna and Solon S. Tainter, int.Mar.20,1841.*

John Jr. and Bathsheba Clark of Medway, Nov.7,1793.

Jotham and Cloe Man of Medway, int.Feb.9,1799.

Levi and Jemima Bragg, June28,1792.

Loammi and Betsy [int.Betsey] Brown, July9,1807.

Loammi and Beulah Harding of Medway, int.Mar.17,1811.

Loammi and Eliza Black, June3,1822. [Laommi.PR6]

Lucy and George Waer [int."a Transient Person"], Nov.13,1788. [Ware.MR.PR51]

Lucy A. of MiIford, and George W. Phipps, int.Apr.2,1842.

Polly and Malachi [int.Malacha] Bullard of Medway, Apr.24,1799. [Malachi.CR1]

Oliver P. [int.of Medway] and Rhoda Knowlton,末蔓末 [int.Mar.21], 1827. [Oliver Prescott, Apr.10.CR1]

Rhoda and Richard Smith Jr. of Hopkinton, July4,1797.

Ruth and Calvin Cutler of Medway, int.Dec.22,1787.

Sarah and James Perry, Feb.24,1757.*

Sally and Jotham Adams of Medway, Apr.8,1802.

Sally and John Eames Jr. of Framingham, Feb.13,1811. [Feb.14.PR22]

Simeon and Dinah Marshall, Apr.15,1756.*

Vesta and Elisha Dewing, Apr.10,1823.


Abigail of Wayland and Elias S. Bunfield, int.June15,1844.

LOOMIS (Lummis)

L.F. Charles, 23, teacher, of N. Bridgewater [int.N. Bridgwater] s.Silas and Esther, and Esther L. Lincoln, 23, teacher, d.Calvin and Elvira L., Oct.1,1847.

Silas L. [int.S.], 24, teacher, of N. Bridgewater, s.S. and E., and Betsey A. [int.Ann] Tidd, 24, teacher, d.D. and B., Jan.22,1847. [Silas L. of N. Bridgwater.CR1]


Nehemiah and Almira Fairbanks of Hopkinton, int.Apr.13,1840.


Asahel P. [int.Lovell] of Medway, and Eliza Stedman,末蔓末, 末末. [int.Nov.3] 1831. [Lovell, Dec.15.CR1]


Abigail and Thomas Carr [int.Jr. of Sudbury], Mar.10,1768. [Thomas of Sudbury, Mar.10,1767.MR]

Nabby and Luther Bridges, Aug.15,1803.

Anna and Jesse Eames, Nov.26,1794.

Craft and Unice Flagg, Jan.1,1761.*

Cynthia and Henry C. Peirce [int.Harry C. Pierce] of Hopkinton, Jan.31,1822. [Harry C. Pierce.CR1]

Daniel of Holden, and Lydia Claflin, June6 [int.Sept.11]. 1791. [Sept.17.CR1]

Daniel and Emily R. McFarland of Upton, int.July19 [dup. crossed out, July12], 1822.

Elias and Abial Littlefield, Dec.25,1794.

Elisabeth [int.Elizabeth] and Isaac Littlefield, Dec.16,1773. [Elizabeth.MR]

Betsey and Francis F. Fisk,末蔓末 [int.Mar.17], 1832. [Frederick, Apr.11.CR1]

Isaac of Sherburne, and Martha Tamerling, int.Aug.5,1785.

Jesse and Mercy Jennings, Apr.30,1772.

Lawson and Irena Knowlton, Aug.25,1811.

Levi of Athol, and Sally Eames, int.Dec.12,1801.

Mary and Aaron Maynard [int.of Sudbury], Dec.10,1766.

Rufus and Molley Lamb of Garry, int.Mar.22,1787.

Samuel and Mary Lealand Nov.8,1739.*

Samuell and Phebe Smith, Apr.7,1763.* [Samuel.MR]

Samuel and Mrs.Sarah Pratt, int.July26,1783. "Forbid by ye Selectmen. "

Susan E. of Medway, and Urial Cutler Jr., int.May5,1849.

William and Hitty [int.Hittey] Claflin, Dec.14,1797. [Hitty.CR1]

William, widr.[int.omits widr.], 69, farmer, s.末末 dec'd, and Polly Day, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 66, d.末末 dec'd, June6,1844. [Mrs.Polly.CR1]

LOVET (Lovett)

Ursula of Sherborn, and Ammariah Lealand of Sherborn, Oct.10,1734.*

LOVETT (Lovet)

Abigail and James Russell, Nov.24,1737.*


Hannah, Mrs., and Thomas Hall of Needham, int.Dec.9,1768.

LUMMIS (Loomis)

Philinda of Milford, and John Knowlton, int.Feb.11,1832.


Thomas of Lynn, and Isable Johnson, July12,1737.*


Lydia A.F. and Daniel F. Travis, int.Oct.13,1849. [Lydia Ann, m.Oct.29, in Douglass.PR41] [m.Oct.30.PR45]

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