Margarett G. and Albert Morse of Mefford, int. Feb. 1, 1846.


Polly of Milford, and Abram Hero, Nov. 3, 1808.


Jonathan of Upton, and Mrs, Abiel French, int. Sept. 14, 1781.

Sarah T. of Milford, and Willis Graves, int. Mar. 8, 1836.


Elizabeth Olive and Giles Sandford [int. Sanford], Jan. 16, 1838. [Sanford. CR1]

Olive and Jeremiah Bean, int. Mar. 21, 1827.

NEWALL (Newell)

Maria C. [int. Newell], 22, d. ––––– dec'd of Alton, NH, and Levi R. Rockwood, 28, manufacturer, of Worcester, s. Levi of Upton, Oct. 30, 1844. [Newell, Oct. 24. CR1]

NEWELL (Newall)

George H. and Susan Barber of Medway, int. Sept. 20, 1833.

Hannah S. of Lowell, and John R. Goodwin, int. Jan. 10, 1846.

Harriett A. and George O. Guild of Wrentham, int. Apr. 21, 1849.

NEWMAN (Numan)


Betsy [int. Elizabeth] and Nahum Rockwood, Apr. 2, 1799. [Betsy. CR1]

Hannah and Ichabod Perry [int. of Fitchburgh], Jan. 24, 1782.

Hartwell and Mary R. Dunlon of Marlboro, int. Feb. ––, 1846.

Jerusha and James Eames, May 29, 1785.

Levina and Elihu Cutler, Nov. 25, 1798. [Lavina and Elihue Cutler. CR1]

Melissa and Horace Fiske [int. Fisk], Apr. 29, 1834. [Fisk. CR1PR28]

Phebe of Milford, and Lt. Elisha Daniels, int. Feb. 2, 1799.

Simeon and Juruse Marsh, Feb. 11, 1762.*

Simeon Jr. and Sally Fisk, Feb. 21, 1792. [Simon Jr.*. MR] [Simeon Jr. CR1]

Susan and Moses A. Harrimant int. June 4, 1841.


Fortunatus of Weston, and Irene Bullard, Nov. 8, 1829.

John of Southborough, and Polly Nichols, Jan. 22, 1812.

Polly and John Nichols of Southborough, Jan. 22, 1812.


Julia Anne, 31, of Bellingham, b. Bellingham, d. Ephraim and Hannah, and Joseph Desper, widr., 41. boot maker, of Milford, b. Medway, s. Jesse and Anna, Sept. 7, 1849.*


Ama and Asa Lealand Jr., Feb. 17, 1794. [Anna. CR1]

Sibbel and Ariel Bragg of Milford, Sept. 1, 1796.

NOURSE (Nurse)

Mary J. of Medway, and Simeon Cutler, int. Oct. 5, 1839.


Harriet N. of Boston. and Abijah Stedman, int. Apr. 16, 1842.


Mary and Simeon Clark of Medway, int. Sept. 10, 1768.

NURSE (Nourse)

Newel of Framingham, and Harriot Bullard, Aug. 26, 1819. [Newell of Framingham, and Harriet Bullard. CR1]

Sally and Nathan [int. Nattan] Fairbanks, Dec. 5, 1817. [Nourse, and Nathan Fairbank, Dec. 15. CR1]


Dwight and Julitta [int. Juletta] R. Partridge, Jan. 22, 1835. [Juletta. CR1]

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