PACKARD (Packard)

Ezekiel and Rebekah Williams of Sutton, int.Apr.24,1847.

Mary H., 20, d.Oren and Sally, and Alvin H. Vose, 20, shoe maker, of N. Bridgwater [int.N. Bridgewater], s.William and Lusana H., Feb.23,1848.


Francis O. and Hamot E. Wayne, int.Sept.12,1846.


Ira P. [int.S.] of Hopkinton, and Estler [int.Esther] Bullard, June6,1813. [Ira S. of Hopkinton, and Esther Bullard.CR1]

Joseph and Jerusha Johnson, Oct.28,1787. [Mrs.Jerusha.PR51]

Joseph F. of Hopkinton, and Mary Haven, Jan.9,1833.


Abigail and John Haven of Hopkinstan, int.Apr.10,1786.

James Russell and Anna Lealand July7,1785.

Samuell and Mary Russell, Mar.30,1758.* [Samuel.MR]

Samuel and Sarah Perry, Apr.28,1796.

Samuel of Framingham, and Ann Dearth, Feb.12,1823.

Solomon and Mary Twitchel [int.Twitchell], Oct.8,1789. [Parker, and Mary Twitchel.MR] [Park, and Mary Twitchel, Oct.18.CR1]


Abigail and Newell Waer [int Ware] of Walpole,末蔓末, 末末. [int.Dec.13], 1828. [Ware. Jan.1 1829.CR1]

Anna and Israel Daniels of Medway, int.Feb.17,1787.

Edward C. and Mary Leland int.Apr.8,1832.

Elizabeth and Joseph Collins of Franklin, int.Oct.17,1786.

Esther, d.Timothy and Keziah, and Benjamin Bridges, Oct.11,1764.*.PR9

Experience of Framingham, and Luther Haven, int.Jan.6,1797.

John of Hopkioston, and Lydia Eames, int.Jan.14,1786.

Kezia and David Johnson, Dec.13,1756.*

Kezia and Joseph Goulding, Sept.23,1773.

Loice of Hopkinton, and Nathaniel Pierce Jr., int.Dec.2,1812.

Lydia and Nathan Perry, Apr.21,1774.

Margeret [int.Margaret] and Timothy Rockwood Jr., Dec.12,1770. [Margaret.MR]

Patty of Framingham, and Eleazer Bullard, int.Sept.21,1793.

Mary and Joseph Millen, May12,1763.* [Mellen.MR]

Marcy and Isaac Smith, int.May10,1778. [Mary, m.May18.MR]

Ruth and Asa Adams, June29,1749.*

Ruth of Framingham, and Joseph Biglow Jr., int.June28,1788.

Ruth and [int.adds Capt.] Nathan Leland Sept.11,1821. [Capt. Nathan.CR1]

Salley of Framingham, and William Eames, int.Mar.10,1800.

Solon and Elizebeth Jones, Jan.13,1763.*

PARKHURST (Parkhust)

Chloe of Milford, and Capt. Daniel Hemenway, int.Sept.29,1804.

Ephraim of Milford, and Lucinda Perry, Apr.26,1812.

Sarah of Milford, and Obed Daniels, int.Mar.3,1800.

William and Martha Perry, Nov.3,1757.*

PARKHUST (Parkhurst)

Betsey B., wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 26, seamstress, of Hopkinton, d.Abel Weston and Louisa, and Abel Bailey, widr.[int.omits widr.], 47, shoe maker, s.Eliphalet and Abigail, Sept.13,1846.

Pascal [int.Paschal N.] of Milford, and Eliza Hero, Nov.10,1833.


Phebe W. of Marlboro, and Phineas K. Gage, int.Sept.2,1831. [m.Sept.28.PR43]

PARTRIDGE (Patridge)

Aaron of Milford, and Hannah Fisk,末蔓末, 末末. [int.May10], 1828. [Aaron Jr., May25.CR1]

Clarissa P. of W. Medway, and Rev. Alfred Hawes, int.Sept.21,1844.

George J., 21, farmer, s.Job and Tamer, and Hannah B. Curtis, 22. seamstress, d.Jonas and Alma B., Feb.9,1848. [末 末,1847.CR1]

Hannah and John Biglow [int.Bigalow] of Framingham, Apr.3,1806.

Horace and Esther Adams of Readfield, ME, int.Sept.19,1830.

Job [int.of Bellingham] and Deborah Fairbank, Nov.29,1769.

Joseph of Bellingham, and Eunice Morse, Dec.21,1732-3.*

Joseph and Elisabeth S. Forrister of Framingham, int.Nov.9,1839.

Julitta [int.Juletta] R. and Dwight Nutting, Jan.22,1835. [Juletta.CR1]

Lucinda of Milford, and Abijah S. Clark, int.Apr.14,1827.

Lydia of Medway, and Samuel Bullard Jr., int.Jan.19,1769.

Mary and Cyrus Adams 2d of Medway, int.Dec.13,1833.

Mary Ann B. and Walter Hills, Aug.25,1839.

Millatiah [int.Melletiah] and Nathan Whiting, Apr.10,1804.

Phillip of Bellingham, and Allathiny Johnson, int.Nov.28,1821.

Sewall of Medway, and Sarah G. Mann, int.May11,1838.

Susaanna [int.Susanah] and Asa Fisk Jr., Jan.6,1805.

Sylvia P. of Medway, and Joseph L. Richardson, int.Feb.25,1837.

Timothy of Medway, and Charlottee Adams, Jan.1,1811.


John and Hannah Ede, Nov.2,1749.*


Eunice, Mrs., and Henry Holbrook of Bellingham, int.Apr.1,1816.

William and Polly Phipps, int.Mar.7,1812.

PATRIDGE (Partridge)

末末, and Abigail Rawson, Dec.末,1762.*

John and Abigail Lealand June2,1763.* [Partridge.MR]

Joseph and Mary Sheffield, Feb.11,1746-7.* [Partridge, and Mary Heffield.MR]

Rhoda and Samuell Cobb, Aug.11,1763.* [Partridge, and Samuel Cobb.MR]


Mary A. of Cumberland RI, and Francis Cutler, int.Aug.23,1845.


Adela P., 22, seamstress, d.Samuel and Bulah, and Benjamin A. Rockwood, 24, boot maker, s.Timothy and Nancy A., Nov.25,1847.

Samuel and Addala Pond of Franklin, int.Oct.18,1817.

Samuel and Beulah L. Mellen, int.May16,1824.

Samuel and Eleanor Osgood of Dracutt, int.Apr.5,1843.

Warren, 25, carpenter, s.Samuel and Adela P., and Adelia M. Pond, 19, seamstress, d.Nelson and Hannah C., Nov.26,1846.


Phebe of Franklin, and Barton Ballou, int.Apr.8,1837.

PEIRCE (Pierce)

Henry C. [int.Harry C. Pierce] of Hopkinton, and Cynthia Lovering, Jan.31,1822. [Harry C. Pierce.CR1]


Olive of Medway, and Amos Marsh, int.Nov.2,1815.


Curtis and Joana [int.Joanna] Hill, Apr.25,1839. [Joanna.CR1]

Henry and Mariah [int.Lucy Maria] Brigham,末蔓末 [int.Sept.19], 1818. [Lucy Maria, Oct.8.CR1]

Shepherd and Elsa Daniels of Franklin, int.Dec.18,1817.


Abel H. and Miranda W. Adams, June16,1835.

Abel H. and Mary Ann Hudson, int.Dec.15,1849.

Abigail R. of Natick, and Randal Travis, int.Mar.24,1824. [Abigail B. and Randall Travis, m.Apr.28.PR41]

Abner and Mary Adams, Jan.23,1752.*

Abner Jr. and Anne Phipps, int.Dec.30,1778. [Anna Phips, m.Jan.13,1779.MR]

Adams and Anna Wait, Sept.19,1790.

Alphes and Hulda Bullard, Apr.26,1803.

Asa [int.of Hopkinston] and Lydia Laland [int.Lealand], Apr.19,1770.

Barach [int.Baruck] and Submit Sprague [int.Sprage], Feb.10,1768. [Baruch and Submit Sprague, Feb.10,1767 [sic].MR]

Baruch and Betsy Fairbank of Medway, int.Mar.7,1817.

Baruch and Lucy Fairbanks of Bellingham, int.Mar.21,1829.

Caleb of Fitchburgh [int.Fitchburg], and Deborah Fairbank, Apr.14,1799. [Caleb of Fitchburgh.CR1]

Caroline of Natick, and John Miller, int.Oct.9,1829.

Clarissa [int.Claresa] and Lemuel Lealand Dec.21,1803.

Cynthia and Nathan Stone of Northhorough, int.July25,1813.

Daniel and Mary S. Clark of Milford, Nov.11,1839. [May S. Clarke.CR2]

Elbridge F., 26, boot maker, s.Barak and Betsey, and Catherine Daley [int.Catherine C. Dailey], 19, b. Troy, NY, d.Michael and Mary H., Dec.21,1849.

Eleazer and Mary Johnson, June14,1732.* [Eleazar.MR]

Eli and Rhoda Fairbank, Mar.10,1785.

Elihu and Lydia Day of Milford, int.Mar.17,1787.

Elizabeth and Timothy Rockwood, Jan.24,1750-1.*

Elisabath and Joshua Hemenway Jr., int.Mar.16,1779. [Elizabeth, m.Dec.9.MR]

Betsy [Int. Betsa] and Jacob Morse, Apr.12,1801.

Betsey [int.Betsy] and Ezra Rockwood, Mar.13,1818. [Betsey.CR1]

Emily [int.Emely] of Sherburne, and John Atkins, Nov.14,1819. [Emily.CR1]

Emily of Hopkinton, and Timothy Daniels, int.June6,1835.

Emery, see Amory.

Amory [int.Emery] and Arabella Wheeler, May23,1819.

Fanny of Hopkinton, and Jotham Lealand int.Oct.5,1803.

Hepzibah [int.Hepzibeth] and Abner Albee, Apr.10,1810.

Ichabod [int.of Fitchburgh] and Hannah Newton, Jan.24,1782.

Isannah [int.Izanna] L., 20, seamstress, of Hopkinton, d.Timothy and w., and Albert N. Miller, 25, farmer, s.Warren and Jerusha C., Apr.7,1841.

James and Sarah Littlefield, Feb.24,1757.*

James Jr. and Sarah Johnson, Mar.末,1782.

James and Mrs.Mary Mellen, int.Nov.10,1788.

Jeduthan [int.Jedithan] of Hopkinton, and Lydia Bullard, Jan.22,1801.

Lucinda and Ephraim Parkhurst of Milford, Apr.26,1812.

Lucy F., wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 52, house keeper, d.Joseph Fairbanks and w., and Capt. David Baker, widr.[int.omits widr.], 64, farmer, of Franklin, s.Abijah and Esther, Sept.15,1846. [Mrs.L.F.CR1]

Lydia P. of Hopkinton, and Willis Graves, int.末蔓末, 末末. [rec. between Feb.71 and Mar.9], 1844. [m.Mar.7.CR1]

Martha and William Parkhurst, Nov.3,1751.*

Miriam [int.of Medway] and John Daniels, Feb.4,1767.

Moses and Hannah Adams, int.Oct.17,1718. [m.Oct.29.MR]

Nathan and Lydia Parker, Apr.21,1774.

Nathan of Hopkinton, and Betsy Stone, int.Apr.3,1806.

Nathaniel M. and Adela P. Hawes, Apr.2,1835.

Ruth and Zedekiah Johnson, int.Aug.29,1778.

Ruth, Mrs., of Natick, and David Lealand int.Jan.29,1779. [m.Feb.25.MR]

Ruth and Luther Rockwood, Dec.29,1801.

Ruth and Moses Adams, Sept.25,1803.

Ruth and Ezekiel Pierce of W. Boylston. May1,1811.

Sarah of Sberbourn, and William Eames, Feb.8,1732-3.* [Sarah of Sherborn, and William Eams.MR]

Sarah and Samuel Park, Apr.28,1796.

Submit of New Salem, and Enoch Chamberlain, int.Nov.11,1795.

Sylvia and John Chamberlain of Keen, NH, int.Oct.17,1826.


Jethro [int.of Northhorough] and Rachel Fairbank, Oct.31,1769.

Lynan and Elvira M. Pike, int.Dec.6,1845.


George and Sarah H. Snelling, Apr.15,1835.*


Ebenezer and Hannah Brown, Apr.8,1773. [Brewer.MR]

Lydia of Medway, and Amos Ellis, int.Mar.24,1804.

Mary [int.of Mendon] and Daniel Hunt, Apr.5,1769.

Millee of Bellingham, and Silas Merrifield, int.Apr.5,1802.

Sarah B. of Medway, and John S. Smith, int.Oct.9,1830.

Smith and Mary Sanders of Milforde, int.Mar.18,1783.

PHIPPS (Phips)

Aaron, Dea., and Mrs.Deborah Day of Mendon, int.May14,1781.

Alphalet of Hopkinton. and Mary Howes of Hopkinton. Mar.31,1839.*

Amos and Sarah Hill, Aug.19,1843.*.PR37

Anne and Abner Perry Jr., int.Dec.30,1778. [Anna Phips, m.Jan.13,1779.MR]

Dana and Alice Leland Jan.27,1822.

Eli and Betsy Whiting, int.Mar.30,1813. [Linie, m.May27.PR24]

Elizabeth, 20, seamstress, d.Sumner and Nancy, and Luther E. Rockwood, 22, farmer, s.Luther and Ruth, Oct.28,1846. [末 末,1847.CR1]

George W. and Lucy A. Littlefield of Milford, int.Apr.2,1842.

Hannah and Benjamin Rockwood of Franklin, Aug.31,1813.

Isaac B. and Achsa Allard [int.of Hopkinton]. Nov.13,1836.

Izanna [int.Isanna], 19, domestic, b. Worcester, d.Sumner L. and Nancy L., and Ebenezer F. [int.E. Francis] Cozzens, 21, mechanic [int.of Leominster]. b. Sherborn. s.Joseph (Cuzzens) and Ruth S., Jan.1,1849.

Joann W. and Elijah Kingsbury, June15,1833.

Lucretia and Nathan Guild Jr. of Dedham.June9,1822. [Phips.CR1]

Polly and William Patrick, int.Mar.7,1812.

Persis Plympton [int.omits Plympton], 41, d.Dea.William and L., and Elihu Cutler Esq., widr.[int.omitswidr.], 73, justice, S. Elizabeth, wid., Dec.4,1844.

Salem F. [int.T]. of Hopkinton, and Miranda Watkins, Dec.14,1820. [Salim P.CR1]

Samuel and Sarah Chamberlin, int.Apr.2,1779.

Samuel and Rebeckah How, int.Mar.5,1824. [Rebecca Howe, m.Apr.4.CR1] [Rebeckah Howe, m.Apr.4.PR31]

Sarah C. and Elbridge H. Eames, int.Apr.5,1843. "Vetoed by Miss S.C. Phipps."

William L. and Mary A. Clements [int.Clement], May1,1834. [Clement.CR1.PR50]

PHIPS (Phipps)

Aaron and Zerviah Haven, Mar.17,1757.* [Phipps, Mar.7.MR]

Aaron Jr. and Hannah Bullard, May1,1784.

Joseph and Mary Eames, int.Nov.21,1788.

Moses and Hopestill Day, int.Apr.19,1787.


Louisa of Cumberland RI, and Jotham Hixon, int.Jan.28,1843.

PIERCE (Peirce)

Angellet [int.Anjellet] and David Hoar of Lincoln, Jan.9,1803.

Elisabeth [int.Phela Elizabeth] and Josephus [int.adds W.] Cutler, June16,1842. [Elizabeth.CR1]

Ezekiel of W. Boylston, and Ruth Perry, May1,1811.

Harriet and David G. Wallace, Sept.15,1841.

Jonas and Mary Fairbanks of Sudbury, int.Oct.16,1824. [Fairbank, m.Nov.9.PR36]

Lucius, 23, boot maker and farmer, s.Nathaniel and Louis, and Nancy Leland 20, straw sewer, d.Adam and Nancy, June5,1845. [Jan.5 [sic].CR2]

Polly and Chester Clark of Milford, int.Jan.12,1822.

Mary Jane, 20, d.Jonas and Mary, and Samuel H. Dickinson, 23, mechanic, of Westboro, s.Edwards and Susan H., Aug.18,1848. [Aug.17.CR1] [Samuel Henry, Aug.17.PR16]

Nathaniel and Sarah Hemenway, May28,1782. [Peirce.MR]

Nathaniel and Tryphena Barber, int.Apr.23,1786.

Nathaniel Jr. and Loice Parker of Hopkinton, int.Dec.2,1812.

Nathaniel Jr. and Bethesda Allen, int.May29,1842.

Nicaner [int.Nicanor] and Emely [int.Emily] Brown, Mar.4,1823. [Nicanor and Emily Brown.CR1]

Phela Elizabeth, see Elizabeth.

Sarah of Upton, and Harlow Williams, int.Sept.5,1824.

Tryphena [int.adds B.] 25, d.Nathaniel and Lois, and Joseph H. Emerson. 27, ostler, Feb.22,1844.

Willard of Fishkill, NY, and Hannah Fisher, int.Apr.30,1825.

William M., 24, boot maker, s.James and Polly, and Amelia Darling, 20, seamstress, d.John and Louisa, Dec.31,1846.


Aaron and Anna Pike of Hopkinston, int.Feb.17,1787.

Anna of Hopkinston, and Aaron Pike, int.Feb.17,1787.

Elvira M. and Lynan Peters, int.Dec.6,1845.

Moses and Clarissa Morse, int.Mar.9,1844.

Rachel and Stephen Foster, May10,1764.*

Rhoda and William E. Fiske of Medway, Mar.20,1837.

Samuel and Anna Ring of Medway, int.Dec.11,1776.

Sarah and Paul Gould, Feb.20,1777.

Susannah and Stillman Bicknell, Apr.2,1835.

Sylvanus R. and Margarett C. Sylvester of N. Brookfield, int.Aug.18,1837.


Sabilla of Sherborn, and Moses Johnson, May18,1732.*

POCKARD (Packard)

Benjamin and Martha H. Swift, int.July12,1844.


Aaron and Elisabetb Jones, Nov.22,1759.*

Aaron Jr. and Silence Underwood, int.Mar.11,1786.

Aaron and Ruth French of Milford, int.Mar.末,1791.

Aaron and Elisabeth Bridges, Oct.10,1793. [Elizabeth.CR1]

Abner and Betsey French, Aug.12,1790.

Addala of Franklin, and Samuel Payson, int.Oct.18,1817.

Adelia M., 19, seamstress, d.Nelson and Hannah C., and Warren Payson, 25, carpenter, s.Samuel and Adela P., Nov.26,1846.

Anna and Jesse Disper of Milford, int.June20,1807,

Apollos of Franklin, and Julitta Daniels, int.Mar.4,1788.

Calle of Franklin, and Amos Bullard, int.Sept.20,1800.

Clarisa U. and Lawson Daniels, Mar.29,1822.

Cutler, Maj., of Franklin, and Lydia Temple, int.Dec.7,1829. [m.Dec.24.CR1]

Eli of Milford, and Hannah Daniels, Nov.17,1796.

Eli of Franklin, and Ruth Bullard, int.Oct.3,1814.

Betsy J. [int.Betsey, omits J.] and Ebenezer H. [int.omits H.] Currier, Apr.3,1817. [Betsy J. and Ebenezer H. Currier.PR1]

Alvira and Hartwell Bullard of Medway, int.Mar.12,1825.

Emily of Medway, and Joseph E. Cooledge, int.Apr.14,1832.

Esther of Watertown, and Thomas L. French, int.Nov.17,1832.

Hannah and Samuel Rockwood, Jan.7,1787.

Joanna and Thomas J. Adams of Westborough, int.Oct.29,1826.

Jonathan and Mary Wiswell, int.Oct.9,1797.

Lucinda and Henry Baker, int.May1,1847.

Lydia and Martin Fisk, Apr.1,1819. [Fiske.CR1]

Polly of Milford, and Abel Brown, Feb.17,1818.

Miranda of Westborough, and Thomas Dickinson, Mar.25,1835.*

Nathan of Franklin, and Olive Marsh, int.Aug.10,1837.

Newll and Alvira Hayden of Sudhury, int.Apr.16,1830.

Newell, m., 42, pump maker, s.Zadoc and Margarett, and Ann Spaulding, 34, seamstress.d.Abiaal and Susanna, June3,1847.

Phillip and Achsah Littlefield of Hopkinton, int.Sept.27,1817.

Phillip and Elizabeth Ripley, June11,1833.

Presson and Polly Cory of Strurbridge, int.June2,1816.

Samuel D. of Milford, and Lydia Leland int.Nov.6,1841.

Sally and Asia Madden of Milford, int.Jan.1,1824.

Sally and Adam Hunt of Upton, int.Nov.4,1826.

Silence and John Claflin, int.Apr.30,1821.

Sylvia [int.Sylva] and Simeon Lealand Oct.21,1804.

Sylvia and Aaron Eames, int.Apr.29,1840.

Zaccheus Jr. and Mary F. Ballou of Cumberland RI, int.Aug.2,1839.

Zadock [int.Zadok] of Hopkinton, and Pegga Gibson, Oct.20,1796. [Zadock.CR1]


Caroline and Cyrus Fay, June1,1837.


Mary, Mrs., and Elder John Jones, Sept.11,1751.*


Eleanor of Sherburne, and Peter R. Johnson, int.May5,1849.

John C. and Sarah Ann Stockten [dup. Steckton] of Plainfield, CT, int.Oct.30,1842.

Kezia, Mrs., of Medfield, and Joseph Johnson, int.Oct.14,1780.

Polly of Sherburn, and Nathan Lealand int.Oct.22,1803.

Phebe and Abida Hunt, July26,1739.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Samuel Lovering, int.July26,1783. "Forbid by ye Selectmen. "

Silas and Anna Johnson, May25,1772.

PRENTICE (Prentiss)

Shubel of Sutton, and Susanna Tamerling, int.Aug.18,1785.

PRENTISS (Prentice)

Benjamin of Sherbourn, and Hannah Morse, int.Feb.14,1778. [m.Dec.31.MR]

Elkanah [int.01 Northbridge] and Pegga Tamerlin [int.Tamerling], Mar.25,1784. [Peggy Tamerlin.MR]

Joshua, Rev., and Mrs.Mary Haley of Cambridge, int.Dec.23,1769.

Margaret and Rev. Timothy Dickinson, Nov.26,1789.

Mary T. and Francis Humphrey of Linn [int.Lynn], Apr.16,1833. [Francis of Linn.CR1]

Sally of Sherburne, and David Green, int.Mar.24,1819.


Lucian and Alice N. Ripley, int.Nov.8,1847. ["They never married."]

Lucian and Adeline M. Ripley of N. Granville, NY, int.Aug.14,1849.


Hannah of Leominster, and Silas Buss, int.Mar.22,1845.

Jonathan, 22, shoe maker, S. Simon and Abigal, and Susan Sherman, 17, d.Elisha and w., Mar.18,1848. [Mar.8.CR2]


Eliza S. of Milford, and Benjamin Bullard, int.Jan.29,1825.

Lois of Upton, and Jonas Chamberlain, int.Mar.13,1835.

Louis [int.Lewis] of Grafton, and Puah Miller [int.Mellen],末蔓末 [int.Mar.7] 1830. [Lewis of Gralton, and Puah Mellen, Apr.7.CR1]

Sam P. and Mrs.Lydia Baily [int.Bayley, omits Mrs.], Sept.13,1837.

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