Hezeltine [int.Hazeltine] of Medway, and Betsy Underwood, Apr.13,1809.

S. Clarendon, 21, carpenter, of Mendon, s.Arnold and Martha, and Eliza M. Thain. 21, of Milford, d.Thomas and Miranda, Mar.5,1849.* [Thorm, Nov.5 [sic].CR2]

TAINTER (Tainter)

Elijah F. and Cordelia Bridges of Watertown, int.Oct.12,1833.

Solon S. and Joanna Littlefield, int.Mar.20,1841.

TAINTOR (Tainter)

Lucy W. [int.Tayntor], 18, seamstress, d.Asa (Tayntor) and Almira.and Isiah [int.Isaiah] F. Fay, 22, teacher, of Jersey City, NJ, s.Eli and Anna, Nov.11,1844. [Tainter, and Isaiah F. Fay.CR2]

TAMERLIN (Tamerling, Tombling)

Pegga [int.Tamerling] and Elkanah Prentiss [int.of Northbridge]. Mar.25,1784. [Peggy Tamerlin.MR]

Rebecah and Isreal Meade of Hubbardston, int.Feb.4,1769. "did not marry."

Rebeccah and Micah Watkins of Richfield, int.Oct.13,1770. "not married."

Rebeccah [int.Rebeccah] and John Travis Jr., Jan.3,1771. [Rebecca.MR]

TAMERLING (Tamerlin, Tombling)

Martha and Isaac Lovering of Sherburne, int.Aug.5,1785.

Susanna and Shubel Prentice of Sutton, int.Aug.18,1785.


Sally [int.Salley] of Sherebourn [int.Shereburn], and Eliphalet Chamberlain, July18,1805.


Annah [int.adds W.] and Alden Leland Oct.11,1832. [Annah W.CR1.PR29]

Eliza and Benjamin Jones of Hopkinton, Mar.15,1819.

Emily and John Smith 2d, int.May14,1845.

Judith and [int.adds Capt.] John Haven, Feb.19,1813. [Capt. John.CR1]

Lydia and Maj. Cutler Pond of Franklln, int.Dec.7,1829. [m.Dec.24.CR1]

Lydia of Southboro, and Chester Drake, int.Mar.末,1848.

Rebeckah [int.Rebekah] and Elihu Cutler Jr.,末蔓末 [int.Aug.7], 1830. [Rebekah and Elihue Cutler Jr., Aug.26.CR1]

Ruth of Framingham, and Luther Rockwood, int.Nov.25,1806.


Dolly of Hillsborough, NH, and Silas Baker, int.May9,1818.


Olive and Seth Sprague, Oct.9,1783.

Thomas and Mrs.Bethiah Sprague, int.Sept.30,1784.


Eliza M., 21, of Millord, d.Thomas and Miranda, and S. Clarendon Taft, 21, carpenter, of Mendon, s.Arnold and Martha, Mar.5,1849.* [Thorm, Nov.5 [sic].CR2]


Nabby [int.Nabbe] and John Fisher, Jan.7,1802.

Alexander, see Elexander.

Alexander [int.adds Rev., of Paxton] and Abigail Goulding, Aug.18,1773.

Elexander Jr. and Sally Wight of Medway, int.May1,1803.

Bethiah of Milford, and Elihu Hemenway, int.Nov.3,1802.

Deborah B. of Franklin, and Wilkes Gay Jr., int.Mar.4,1832.

Elijah of Mendon, and Rachel Hill, int.Oct.22,1803.

Ezra of Mendon, and Jemima Bridges, int.June28,1788.

Hannah of Mendon, and Abner Lealand int.July14,1774.

Hannah of Bellingham, and Lewis Fisher, int.Aug.9,1797.

Joshua of Mendon, and Sarah Curtis, int.Apr.8,1780.

Melletiah and Henry Ellis [int.of Keen], Nov.21,1771. [Melatiah.MR]

Rachel of Hopkinton,. and Moses Rice of Hopkinton, Mar.26,1789.*CR1

Seth and Judith Bullard, Feb.6,1752.*

Seth of Worcester, and Clarrissa [int.Clarissa] H. Whiting,末蔓末 [int.Mar.31], 1831. [Clarissa, Apr.20.CR1]

Ursula and Rufus Holbrook of Boston, int.Apr.3,1814.

Usera and Lemuel Adams, Oct.7,1813.

William R. and Harriett Legg of Milford, int.Sept.19,1840.

Zilpha of Mendon, and Nahum Clark Jr., int.Feb.3,1810.

THOMPSON (Thomson)

Adin A. and Sarah Cozzens, Feb.2,1842.

Asenath of Charlton, and Jones Fisk, int.Sept.28,1833.

Eleazer and Ann M. Sanger of Sherburne, int.Oct.1,1848.

Francis, 24, cordwainer, s.Samuel and Sally, and Hannah H. Cole, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.] 22, d.Joseph Stone and Hannah, Aug.3,1843.

Gaius and Mary R. Batchelder, Apr.21,1836, in Cambridge.

Margarett [int.Margaret] R. of Medway, and William H. [int.adds H.] Claflin, Apr.28,1839.

Oren [int.Orin Thomson], 25, shoe maker, s.Samuel and Sally, and Elizabeth C. Stone, 19, seamstress, d.Joseph and Hannah, Oct.28,1846.

Sophronia C. of Wrentham, and George E. Ray nf Wrentham, May16,1839.*

Susannah and Seth Tombling, Nov.6,1746.*

Thomas and Joann Towne of Charlton, int.Sept.29,1831.

THOMSON (Thompson)

Mary N. [int.Thompson], 23, d.Samuel and Sally, and Ethan C. Claflin, 25, day laborer on R.R., s.William Jr. and Susan, May3,1849. [Ethan Cobb.PR20]

Simeon of Partridgefield, and Sibbel Lealand Feb.9,1794. [Simeon Thompson of Partridgefield, and Sibil Lealand.CR1]


Nancy of TrankIin [sic], and Stephen Metcalf Jr., int.Nov.10,1832.


Albert of Uxbridge, and Laura Ann Fisher, int.May6,1824.


Anna and Ephraim Chapin of Milford, Sept.21,1808.

Daniel and Anna Stedman, May5,1791.

Daniel and Betsy Richmond of Medway, int.May7,1831.

Betsey A. [int.Ann], 24, teacher, d.D. and B., and Silas L. [int.S.] Loomis, 24, teacher, of N. Bridgewater, s.S. and E., Jan.22,1841. [Silas L. of N. Bridgwater.CR2]


Henrietta S. of Providence, RI, and Joseph Jennison, int.Mar.6,1847.


Abraham and Elisabeth Maxwell, Feb.1,1748-9.* [Elizebeth.MR]

TOMBLING (Tamerlin, Tamerling)

Seth and Susannah Thompson, Nov.6,1746.*

TOMBS (Toombs)

Daniel and Patience Rice, int.Nov.8,1766.

Mary [int.of Hopkinston] and Isaac Whitney, May8,1711.

TOOMBS (Tombs)

Emily of Framingham, and Alfred H. Fairbanks, int.Feb.4,1837.


Benjamin C., 25, varnisher and polisher, s.Joseph and Susannah, and Mary Jane Brown, 22, millener, d.Charles and Mary, Jan.6,1847.

TOWN (Towne)

Mary M. of Charlton, and Edward Currier, int.Mar.21,1834.

TOWNE (Town)

Joann of Charlton, and Thomas Thompson, int.Sept.29,1837.

Leonard Jr., 27. cordwainer, s.Leonard, and Jerusha B. Rockwood, 34, d.Calvin and Louis, Sept.20,1843. [Town, and Jerusha P. Rockwood, Sept.11.CR1].


Timothy of Framingham, and Hannah Foster, July21,1737.*


Sophronia A. [int.Travis], 18, d.Henry (Travis) and Sarah, and Harlow Hooker, 23, carpenter, s.Zibeon and Mary L., Nov.25,1847. [Traverse.CR2]

TRAVIS (Traverse)

Catherine and George Stearns, int.Jan.14,1842.

Daniel F. and Lydia A.F. Lyon, int.Oct.13,1849. [Lydia Ann, m.Oct.29, in Douglass.PR41] [m.Oct.30.PR45]

George C. and Rachel P. Currier of Ware, NH, int.Jan.3,1846.

John and Anna Maxwell, Jan.7,1741-2.*

John Jr. and Rebeccah [int.Rebeccah] Tamerlin, Jan.3,1771. [Rebecca.MR]

Marcy and Robart Maxwell, Dec.6,1753.*

Randal and Abigail R. Perry of Natick, int.Mar.24,1824. [Randall and Abigail B. Perry, m.Apr.28.PR41]


Mary and Seth Allin [int.Allen], Apr.27,1769. [Allen.MR]


Peter [int.of Lexington] and Patty Oxford, Nov.末,1783.


Franklin of Framingham, and Harriet L. Ware, int.Apr.3,1847.

TWICHEL (Twitchel, Twitchell)

Lavina B. of Sherburn, and Elijah W. Adams, int.Mar.10,1837.

TWITCHEL (Twichel, Twitchell)

Anna and Joshua Hemmingway, Feb.23,1749.*

Clarry of Sherburne, and Daniel Metcalf of Sherburne, Sept.26,1816.* [Clary.CR1]

David and Sarah Marshall, May21,1747.* [Marshal.MR]

Ephram and Patience Eames, Oct.19,1752.*

Hannah and Timothy Lealand Jan.5,1748-9.*

Hannah of Barre, and Capt. Ezra Eames, int.June12,1810.

Lydia and Joseph Brown, Nov.4,1756.*

Mary [int.Twitchell] and Solomon Park, Oct.8,1789. [Twitchel, and Solomon Parker.MR] [Twitchel, and Solomon Park, Oct.18.CR1]

Moses and Mary Foster, Nov.24,1749.*

Thomas and Susanna Stedman, Dec.31,1747.* [Steadman.MR]

Timothy and Sarah Adams, Feb.25,1762.*

TWITCHELL (Twichel, Twitchel)

Abigal of Shelburne, and Sylvester Eames, int.Oct.1,1843.

Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] and Jesse Morse [int.of Sherbourn], Sept.26,1776. [Elizabeth Twitchel.MR]

Lucretia R.E. and Edward Hawkes of Charlestown, int.Aug.16,1845.

Miriam, Mrs., of Sherburne, and Capt. Isaac Bullard, int.Mar.17,1787.

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