FAIRBANK (Fairbanke, Fairbanks)

George, Ens., Dec.29,1753.

Daniel, May10,1759.

George, s.Daniel and Submit, July18,1759.

Mary, w.Joseph, Feb.12,1790, in 22d y., in Wardsborough, VT.GR1

Joseph, Feb.9,1791. [consumption, a.26y.11m.CR1] [[h.Mary] in 27th y.GR1]

Deborah, wid., Nov.19,1791. [wid.George, a.88.CR1]

Mary, Feb.19,1801. [consumption, a.20.CR1] [Feb.10, a.20.GR1]

FAIRBANKE (Fairbank, Fairbanks)

Rachel, d.George (Tairbanke) and Rachel, Jan.6,1729. [Fairbanks, a.7.GR1]

Abigail (Tairbanke), d.George and Rachel, Jan.14,1729.

Comfort, d.George and Rachel, Jan.24,1729.

FAIRBANKS (Fairbank, Fairbanke)

Rachel, d.George and Rachel, Dec.9,1744. [a.9y.25d.GR1]

George, 末蔓29,1755, a.8m.4d.GR1

Drury, Lt., June19,1786, a.53. [Fairbank.GR1]

Joseph, Sept.21,1815, a.26y.10m.[Joseph Fairbank, B.A., consumption, a.27.CR1]

Sally, w.Nathan, June19,1819. [Fairbank, consumption, a.24.CR1] [Fairbanks, a.24.GR1]

James, Apr.28,1824. [Fairbank, consumption, Apr.27, a.24.CR1]

Hannah, wid.James, Oct.18,1824. [Fairbank, consunption, a.25.CR1]

Nathan, Capt., Sept.5,1825, a.37. [Fairbank, typhus fever.CR1] [Fairbanks, a.36.GR1]

Joseph S., Nov.8,1825, a.27. [Fairbank, fever, a.26.CR1] [Fairbanks, s.Elijah and Abigail, a.27.GR1]

Mary, Apr.17,1826, a.67. [Mrs.Mary, Apr.24.CR1]

Reuben, Nov.9,1827, a.88y.5m.9d.

Edmond Erastus, s.Lovel and Keziah, Oct.18,1833, a.4. [Oct.19, a.3.CR1]

Mary, w.John, Feb.25,1834, a.76.

Asahel, suddenly, Apr.27,1835, a.76.


John, Esq., m., farmer, s.Drury and Deborah, decay, July30,1844, a.85y.4m.15d.[[h.Mary] a.86y.6m.GR1]

Caroline A., d.Daniel and Augusta, disease of heart, Mar.29,1845, a.10m.10d.[ch.Daniel H. and Augusta L., May28.GR7]


Sally H., house keeper, w.Samuel, inflamation of lungs, Mar.8,1848, a.29y.2m.25d.[Mar.7, a.29.GR1]

FARRINGTON (Ferrington)

Aaron H., see 末末 Farrington.

末末, ch.Dexter, Sept.27,1837, a.1. [Sept.26, a.abt. 14m.CR1] [Aaron H., s.Dexter and Hepsibeth, Sept.26, a.1y.2m.GR7] [Aaron Hayden, ch.Dexter and Hepsabeth, Sept.26.PR44]

John, May9,1842, a.31.


末末, inf.Park, Mar.22,1832. [Mar.21, a.1y.7m.CR1] [Sarah Jane, d.Park and Sarah S., Mar.31, a.1y.7m.GR3]


William, gentleman, b. Medway, s.Moses, dysentary, Aug.29,1849, a.51.

FERRINGTON (Farrington)

Elijah, "found on thi 18th in thi morning by thi school house near Saml Messenger lying on his back & frozen," Jan.17,1827, a.49. [Farrington, Jan.18, a.50.CR1]


Hephzibah, w.Simeon, Feb.23,1771.

Samuel, Nov.7,1829.PR38

FISK (Fiske)

Alma Gertrude, see A.M. Gertrude Fisk.

Edmond Chandler, see 末末 Fiske.

George, see 末末 Fisk.

Gad, s.David and Sarah, Oct.26,1776.

Amos, s.David and Sarah, Nov.6,1776.

Keran, d.David and Sarah, Sept.17,1778.a.2y.3m.3d.

Asa, Aug.26,1790.GR1

Isaih [dup. Isaiah] Daniels, s.Nathan and Julia, Oct.21,1793. [Isaiah Daniels, drowned, a.2y.6m.CR1]

Nabbe, d.John and Abigail, Feb.17,1803. [Nabby, canker-rash, a.8m.CR1] [Nabby, ch.John and Abagail.PR28]

Nathan, suddenly, June6,1804. ["suddenly of a difficulty in his head," a.42.CR1]

末末, inf.of wid.Nathan, Dec.19,1804. [still born.CR1]

Martha, w.Aner, Jan.7,1809. [only d.John Fairbank, a.23.CR1] [Fiske, w.Aner Esq., only d.John Fairbanks, Jan.末,1807, a.22.GR1]

Marcy, w.Asa, Mar.27,1810. [Mercy, fever and decline, a.64.CR1]

末末, inf.Levi, Nov.23,1810. [Nov.28, a.3 or 4 hrs.CR1]

David Jr., May24,1816, a.53. [lung fever.CR1] [Fiske [h.Hannah (Eames)].GR1]

David, Dec.23,1817. [Fiske, natural infirmities of age, a.86.CR1] [Fisk [h.Sarah], a.86.GR1]

Jemima, w.Levi, Mar.6,1819, a.46. [Fiske, hydrocephalus, a.45.CR1]

Levi, June20,1819, a.54. [Fiske, fever.CR1] [Fiske, a.53.GR6]

Aner, Jan.3,1822, a.41, in Santa Martha.[Aner Fiske Esq., in Santa Martha, S.A.GR1]

末末, inf.Asa Jr., Sept.8,1823, a.2d.CR1

David Daniels, s.Dr. Timothy and Rhoda, May26,1824, a.15y.10m.23d.[May27, a.16.CR1.GR1]

末末, d.Martin and Lydia, Oct.12,1828, a.11d.

Asa, Aug.26,1830, a.83y.11m.24d.[a.84.CR1]

Sarah, wid., Dec.23,1830, a.96. [Dec.24.CR1] [w.David, Dec.23.GR1]

Evelina, d.Dr. Timothy, Jan.24,1832, a.21. [d.Timothy and Rhoda.GR1]

末末, inf.Timothy 2d, Mar.21,1832. [George, a.7w.CR1] [Fiske [ch.Timothy and Lucretia (Batchelder)].GR1]

Rhoda Daniels, d.Dr. Timothy, Dec.14,1832, a.18. [d.Dr. Timothy and Rhoda.GR1]

John, Dec.17,1832, a.7. [a.73.CR1] [[h.Abigail] Dec.16,1833, a.73.GR1] [Dec.16,1833.PR28]

Elbridge B. [dup. Fiske, omits B.], s.John and Mary M., polypus in the heart, June9,1843, a.9y.4m.19d.[dup. a.10] [Elbridge Burnap Fiske, only s.John and Mary M., Jan. [sic] 9.GR1]

Permelia [dup. Parmelia Fiske], house keeper, d.Asa and Susan, chronic bronchitis, Feb.27 [dup. Feb.2], 1844, a.37y.5m.10d.[dup. a.38]

Susanna, w.Capt. Asa, fever, Dec.6,1844, a.60.

A.M. Gertrude, d.Lovett and Elma, croup, Dec.31,1846, a.4y.6m.16d.[Alma Gertrude.GR1]

Lucy, house keeper, w.Aaron, old age, Sept.11,1847, a.72.

Betsey, w.Francis F., erisipilas, Oct.5,1847, a.38y.2m.25d.[Fiske, d.William Lovering, a.37.GR1]

Francis Jr., b. Boston, ch.Francis F. and Ann, inflamation of lungs, Nov.25,1847, a.1y.1m.12d.

Elijah, m., farmer, s.Asa and Mercy, lung fever, June19,1848, a.74y.11m.8d.

Abigal, m., house keeper, b. Medway, d.John Albee and Abigal, old age, Apr.4,1849, a.76y.8m.4d.[Abigail Fiske.CR2] [Abagail Fisk, w.John.GR1] [Abagail (Albee).PR28]

FISKE (Fisk)

Sally, see 末末 Fiske.

Myra, w.Horatio, fever, Aug.4,1817, a.21.CR1 [Fisk, d.Capt. Samuel Learned and Abagail of Sherburne.GR1]

Cristopher C., s.Asa, July8,1835, a.25. [Christopher C.CR1]

末末, w.Horatio, July3,1837, a.35. [Sally.CR1] [second w.Horatio, d.Capt. Samuel Learned and Abagail of Sherburne.GR1]

末末, ch.Lovet, Jan.11,1841, a.4.

末末, s.Aner, Aug.31,1841, a.10. [Edmond Chandler Fisk, Aug.30.GR1]

末末, w.Francis, Oct.19,1841, a.30, in Boston.CR1

Amanda, Sept.7,1842, a.7m.GR1

Emely, Sept.7,1842, a.6m.

Catherine, Sept.1,1842, a.2. [Catherine P. Fiske [ch.Timothy and Lucretia (Batchelder)], Aug.31, a.2y.26d.GR1]

M. Josephine [ch.Ferdinand and Sarah A.], Jan.11,1844, a.3y.9m.10d.GR1


Isabella E., see 末末 Fitts.

末末, ch.Bucklin, Apr.23,1842, a.4. [Isabella E., d.Bucklin and Nancy L., a.4y.5m.GR1]

Emma Francis, d.Bucklin and Nancy L., dysentery, Sept.9,1847, a.9m.18d.


Celinda, d.Abner and Sarah W. [Sarah E.GR2], cholera infantum, Aug.13,1847, a.1y.2m.10d.

Juliett, d.Abner and Mary, Aug.24,1849, a.11m.28d.[Juliaet E., ch.Abner and Sarah E., Aug.25, a.1.GR2]

FORCE (Vorce)

Sarah, w.Amariah, Dec.7,1791. [a.34.CR1]

末末, inf.Amariah, June15,1793, a.1d.CR1

末末, inf.Amariah, Mar.1,1809. [a.11d.CR1]

Amela, d.Amariah, Jan.20,1816.

Pamelia, d.Amariah, Jan.29,1816, a.21.CR1

Alvin, Sept.20,1822.

Amariah, farmer, b. Medway, old age, Aug.7,1847, a.80.

FORISTALL (Forrestall, Forristall)

Sarah, June2,1821.GR10

末末, inf.s.末末, Mar.26,1834.PR15

Sarah, Jan.29,1835.PR10

Eli, May22,1835, a.55.CR1

FORRESTALL (Foristall, Forristall)

末末, inf.Walter, Mar.21,1831.CR1

Elijah H., Nov.11,1835, a.22. [Foristall, Nov.13, a.23.CR1] [Foristall, Nov.13.PR10]

FORRISTALL (Foristall, Forrestall)

Charles, s.Amasa and Louisa, Mar.21 [dup. Mar.20], 1831, a.3 hrs.[dup. 2 hrs.].GR6 [Foristall, Mar.21.PR15]

末末, d.Amasa and Louisa, Apr.2,1832, a.20 hrs.GR6

Olney D., Oct.22,1843, a.20.

Louisa, housewife, w.Amasa Jr., lung fever, Apr.8,1847, a.40y.2m.[Forrestall.CR2] [Forristall.GR6] [Foristall.PR15]

Amasa, gentleman, b. Bellingham, s.Ezra, fever, Apr.22,1849, a.79y.5m.[Amasa Forrestall Sr.CR2]


Isaac, s.Jacob and Mary, Dec.30,1741.

Sheffield, s.Jacob and Mary, Sept.28,1744.

John, s.Jonathan and Mary, Nov.22,1745.

Jonathan, Dec.19,1753.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Mary, Dec.28,1753.

Stephen, Apr.22,1790. [pauper, "with wht swelling," a.17.CR1]

Emely, d.Isaac, Mar.26,1807. ["suddenly putrid case," a.10.CR1]

末末, inf.Isaac, Dec.4,1808. [a.abt. 12h.CR1]

Sarah, ch.Isaac, Oct.1,1811, a.4w.[a.abt. 4w.CR1]

Isaac, Aug.26,1823, a.58. [Aug.27, a.57.CR1]

Warren, Oct.26,1835, a.32.

Martha, Nov.22,1840, a.26. [d.James and Mary.GR1]

Sally, d.Stephen and Rachel, weakness, June1,1845, a.76y.9m.8d.


Sally, d.William of Hopkinton, "adopted" d.Capt. Aaron Eames, Apr.13,1821, in 28th y.[Frieland consumption, a.28.CR1] [Freeland a.27.GR3]


Sambo, Sept.30,1797. [negro, fever, a."nearly" 80.CR1]

Eleanor, wid.Sambo, Sept.19,1798. [negro, fever, Sept.17, a.58.CR1]

Esther, negro, Oct.20,1798. [fever, a.21.CR1]

Obed, "Negro pauper," Dec.23,1800. [consumption, a.32 "say,".CR1]

Maria, d.Francis S. and Mary E., infantile, Aug.6,1849, a.1m.9d.

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