BABCOCK (Badcock)

Henry of Framingham, and Myra Cozzens, Sept.19,1825.

Philinda M. of Bellingham, and Oliver W. Adams of Bellingham, Aug.1,1838, in Bellingham.*


Polly, Mrs., of Sturbrige, and Dr. Joshua Richardson, int.Feb.15,1800.

BACHELDER (Batchelder)

William S. [int.Bacheldor] and Rhoda Whiting 2d, Mar.22,1821. [Bachelder.CR1]

Benjamin F. and Lucinda Daniels of Medway, int.Feb.29,1824.


Esther [int.of Wrentham] and Ebenezer Cutler, Oct.20,1772.

Elijah Jr. of Natick, and Mary Rider, int.Mar.6,1786.

Rufus F. and Emeline Cutler of Medway,末蔓末,1827.* [Rufus F. of Holden, and Emeline Cutler of Medway, Sept.2.CR1]

Abel H. of Medway, and Mary A. Currier, int.June11,1837.

William and Mary L. Quiggle "late" of Union ME, int.Sept.5,1840.

Henry and Ann Eames, Apr.8,1841.

BADCOCK (Babcock)

Abigail of Sherborn, and John Fisk of Sherborn, Sept.21,1731.*


Polly and Elijah Watkins, Mar.16,1796.

BAILEY (Baily, Baley)

Persis of Southborough, and Samuel Bullard Jr., int.May21,1814.

Miriam N. of Milford, and Enoch Walker, int.Mar.18,1826.

Abel, widr.[int.omits widr.], 47, shoe maker, s.Eliphalet and Abigail, and Betsey B. Parkhurst, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 26, seamstress, of Hopkinton, d.Abel Weston and Louisa, Sept.13,1846.

Eliphalet, 21, shoe maker, s.Abel and Lydia K., and Minerva Champney, 18, seamstress, of Medway, d.Caleb and Elvira H., Nov.18,1846.*

BAILY (Bailey, Baley)

Lydia, Mrs.[int.Bayley, omits Mrs.], and Sam P. Putnam, Sept.13,1837.


Lavina and Lemual Wheelor [int.Lemuel Wheeler] of Bolton, Apr.19,1809.

Silas and Dolly Templeton of Hillsborough, NH, int.May9,1818.

Betsey and Charles B. Wayne, int.Apr.18,1819.

David, Capt., widr.[int.omits widr.], 64, farmer, of Franklin, s.Abijah and Esther, and Lucy F. Perry, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 52, house keeper, d.Joseph Fairbanks and w., Sept.15,1846. [Mrs.L.F.CR1]

Henry and Lucinda Pond, int.May1,1847.


Mary and Israel Sprague of Stratton, VT, int.Apr.30,1825.

Caroline and Luther Adans of Medway, int.Dec.5,1840.

BALEY (Bailey, Baily)

Adelia M., 19, of Milford, b. Milford, d.Eliphalet and Miranda of Milford, and Alphaeus [itn. Alpheus] Bridges, 23, boot maker, s.Appleton and Almira, Nov.20,1849.


Isaac and Rachel How of Marlborough, May11,1738.*

Eliza and Alexander Chapman of Framingham, Sept.26,1836.

Albert W. of Amherst, and Mary J. Messenger, Aug.24, [18]42. [Messinger.PR3]


Caroline E. of Cumberland RI, and Elijah B. Craig, int.Nov.8,1834.

Barton and Phebe Peeko of Franklin, int.Apr.8,1837.

Mary F. of Cumberland RI, and Zaccheus Pond Jr., int.Aug.2,1839.

Abigal H., 19, of Milford, d.Hiram and Betsey, and William Jenness Jr., 22, boot maker, of Milford, s.Wwilliam and Olive, Nov.8,1848.* [Abagail.CR2]


Samuel and Abigail Fairbanks of Medway, int.May6,1833.

BANFIELD (Bunfield)


Kezia of Medway, and Joseph Johnson, int.Dec.20,1771.

Tryphena and Nathaniel Pierce, int.Apr.23,1786.

Hannah and Calvin Claflin, May20,1805.

Rhoda and Amasa Fairbank of Milford, int.Aug.22,1807.

Sally and Phinehas Adams, Nov.21,1811.

Polly of Medway, and Reuben Hixon, int.Dec.15,1813.

Polly and Barzillia Adams, July18,1814.

Eunice of Sherburn, and Henry Bullard 2d, int.Feb.17,1816.

Ana and Reuben Justin of Canterbury, CT, int.Feb.7,1818.

Thomas and Betsey Rockwood, int.Mar.7,1818.

Betsy and Jason Gay of Sherburne, int.Mar.25,1821.

Susan of Medway, and George H. Newell, int.Sept.20,1833.

Mary Ann [int.adds W. of Sherburne] and Milo R. Campbell, Nov.9,1841. [Mary A.W. of Sherburne.CR2]

Hamlet, 33, carpenter, s.Elisha and Esther, and Miranda P. Mellen, 27, seamstress, d.Timothy and Betsey, Aug.30,1847. [July27.PR39]

BARRED (Barrett)

Sarah [int.Barrett] and Hermon Leland末蔓末 [int.Mar.15], 1828. [Barrett, Apr.3.CR1.PR26]

BARRETT (Barred)

Millacent, 56, seamstress, d.Amos and Milletta, and Odlin Batchelder, m.72, farmer, s.Benjamin and Dorretha, Oct.31,1847.


Job and Silence Sumner of Mendon, int.July16,1772.

BARTLET (Bartlett)

Phebe G. of Milford, and John McWales, int.Aug.11,1821.


Washington and Sarah Shepherd, Oct.21,1834.

Ophelia A. of Leicester, and Warren Blake, int.Nov.1,1834.


Abagail of Franklin, and James S. Corbett of Franklin, Sept.6,1838.*

Mary and Charles Chamberlain, May26,1841.*.PR12

BATCHELDER (Bachelder)

Lucretia [int.Bachelder] and Timothy Fisk 2d,末蔓末 [int.Sept.28], 1828. [Batchelder, Oct.19.CR1]

John and Emeline Mayson of Medway, int.Oct.25,1828. [John Calvin and Emeline Mason, m.Dec.15.PR49]

Daniel S. [int.Bacheldor] and Charlotte [int.Charlott] D. Marsh, Sept.4,1832.

Daniel S. and Hannah Worthington [int.Worthing], Sept.16,1835.

Mary R. and Gaius Thompson, Apr.21,1836, in Cambridge.

Tappan H. and Clarisa L. Holbrook of Bellingham, int.Apr.25,1840.

Nathan P. and Lucinda E. Wheelock, int.Jan.8,1842.

Nelson [int.Batcheller] and Mary A. Allard [int.Alard], Oct.12,1842. [Batcheller, and Mary A. Alard.CR2]

Odlin, m., 72, farmer, s.Benjamin and Dorretha, and Millacent Barrett, 56, seamstress, s.Amos and Milletta, Oct.31,1847.

Laura A. and Nahum Holbrook of Bellingham, int.Aug.22,1848.

Eveline D. and Aaron B. Bennett, int.Nov.25,1848.


Francis D. of Bellingham, and Mrs.Hannah E. Fairbanks, int.Mar.10,1849.


James and Beulah Sterns of Mendon, int.Apr.4,1766.


Samuel of Cambridge, and Joanna [int.Joannah] French, Oct.19,1806.


Susanna and Pompey Blackman of Lexington, int.Sept.8,1781. "Forbid by Duty Bay."

Rose and Charlestown Harding [int.of Natick], Dec.20,1781.


Jeremiah and Olive New, int.Mar.21,1827.

BEGELOW (Bigelow, Biglo, Biglow)

Ellen M. of Ashland and George E. Johnson, int.Apr.25,1846.


William L. of Newton, and Mary Chamberlain, Apr.5,1832. [Apr.25.PR12]

Henry T. and Mary J. Carpenter of Norton, int.May3,1839.


Susan A. and John McLaughlin, int.Aug.21,1842.

Mary W. of Framingham, and Elbridge Smith, int.July27,1844.

Sarah E. and Alpheus Bullard, int.Sept.14,1844.


Asa and Emily Bullard,末蔓末,1828 [int.Jan.13,1829]. [Jan.29,1829.CR1]

Lorinda of Stow, and Abner Fisk, int.Mar.17,1832. [m.Apr.4.PR19]

John W. and Lucy Holman, Nov.8,1832.*.PR30

Samuel A. and Mercy J. Knowlton, Sept.25,1834.

Harrison B. and Betsey Leland Aug.25,1835.

Luther and Jane T. Hudson of Bangor, ME, int.Aug.8,1840.

Leonard H. and Hannah J. Stone, May18,1841, in Hopkinton.

Irena, 30, dress maker, d.Moses and Relief, and James N. Sherman, 28, stone cutter, s.Elisha and Nancy, Nov.27,1845. [James Nelson.CR2]

Clarissa C., 19, d.Asa F. and E., and Lucian B. Shepard, 22, boot maker, of Westboro, s.Pliny and Colistia, Nov.8,1848. [Clara H.CR2]


Charles A. and Caroline Shedd, Nov.2,1842. [Shed.CR2]

Augustine S., 27, trader, s.Peter and Sally, and Ophelia Leland 26, d.Amory and Olive D., May17,1843.


Seth D. and Lucy Sampson, Apr.10,1838.

Charles, 22, shoe maker, s.Otis and Betsey, and Julia A. Wheeler, 17, d.Jotham and Mercy, Feb.24,1847.

Aaron B. and Eveline D. Batchelder, int.Nov.25,1848.


John Jr. of Framingham, and Sarah stone, int.Jan.24,1781. [m.June10.MR]

Hiram of Milford, and Emeline Knowlton, int.June8,1836.


Benjamin L. and Mary E. [int.Eliza] Knowlton, Mar.19,1820.

BICKNALL (Bicknell)

Stillman and Eliza Ann Keyes of Tyngsboro, int.Oct.10,1849.

BICKNELL (Bicknall)

Stillman and Susannah Pike, Apr.2,1835.

BIGELOW (Begelow, Biglo, Biglow)

Lydia and Levi Mann of Sherburn, Apr.4,1813.

Louisa and Joseph Wood, Oct.14,1833.

Olivia [int.Olive] and Lyman Jennings, Jan.3,1838. [Olivia.CR1]

Mary of Sherburne, and Reuben Emerry, int.Apr.25,1840.

Richard, 24, boot maker, s.May, and Amanda M. O'Brien, 22, d.Hugh and Adeline, Apr.4,1849. [Amand M.CR2]

BIGLO (Begelow, Bigelow, Biglow)

Ephraim and Lydia Johnson, July24,1729.* [Bigles.MR]

BIGLOW (Begelow, Bigelow, Biglo)

Joseph and Lydia Brown, Aug.5,1756.*

Ephraim and Mary Knowlton, Mar.8,1781. [Biglo.PR51]

Joseph Jr. and Ruth Parker of Framingham, int.June28,1788.

Hepzibah and John Wenzel, Sept.2,1790.

John [int.Bigalow] of Framingham, and Hannah Partridge, Apr.3,1806.

James and Sophia Knowlton, Nov.17,1812.


George, m., 50, shoe maker, of Medway, s.George and Sally and Phila B. Sanford, 44, d.John and Ruth, Oct.12,1848. [Philo B.CR2]


Zebulon [int.Zebulan of Wrentham] and Rebeccah Burbank, Apr.26,1769. [Zebulon and Rebecca Burbank.MR]

Rebekah and William Knowlton of Sherburne, int.Nov.6,1789.

BIXBY (Byxbee)

John and Betsy Willard of Worcester, int.Jan.6,1797.


Eliza and Loammi Littlefield, June3,1822. [Laommi.PR6]


Pompey of Lexington, and Susanna Bay, int.Sept.8,1781. "Forbid by Duty Bay."


Lydia and Moses Cutler, Dec.20,1764.*

Polly of Holden, and Jesse Knowlton, int.Apr.19,1794.

Warren and Ophelia A. Barton of Leicester, int.Nov.1,1834.

Harriet [int.Harriett] L. and Liberty Rawson, Sept.21,1842, in W. Medway.


John and Elizabeth Snell of Hopkinton, int.Sept.26,1767.

Horace and Mary Ann Hawes,末蔓末 [int.Sept.4], [1830.] [Sept.21.CR1]

Cina M. of Millbury, and James F. Simons, int.May4,1833.

Elizabeth T. of Boston, and Dr. Sewal G. Burnap, int.Jan.1,1844.


Esther and Bartimeus Wheeler, Oct.29,1815.


Oril, d.Aaron, and Baxter Bridges, May24,1820.*.PR9

BLODGET (Blodgett)

William H. and Sarah Hunting of Medfield, int.Mar.6,1841.

BLODGETT (Blodget)

William H. and Mary Willett [int.Willitt] of Walpole, Mar.30,1837.


Edward W. of Boston, and Sarah M. Chamberlin, May23,1843, in Hopkinton.


Hepzibah of Hopkinton, and Rufus Claflin of Hopkinton, Nov.5,1789.*.CR1


Hannah and James Fairbanks, int.May11,1823. [Bohannan, and James Fairbank, m.June18.CR1]


Elias F. and Rhoda B. Smith, May15,1839.

Rhoda B., wid.[int.omits wid.], 28, d.Samuel Smith and Annah, and Ellis Daniels, widr.[int.omits widr], 37, shoe maker, of Medway, s.Laban and Hannah, Jan.1,1846. [Jan.12.CR2]

BOLSTER (Boalster)


Ann W. of Waltham, and Thomas Fowler, int.Aug.26,1818.


Lucy M. and Nathaniel W. Chamberlain, int.Oct.1,1831.


Cheney of Oakham, Worcester Co., and Charlotte [int.Charlott] Rockwood, Apr.20,1825.


Reuben, Rev., of Hopkinton, and Mrs.Eliza H. Forristall of Hopkinton, July1,1838, in Hopkinton.*


Melvina of Lancaster, and Richard Harding, int.Mar.末,1848.


Susanna of Hopkinton, and Daniel Underwood, int.Jan.15,1793.

Ede of Hopkington, and Henry Leland int.Sept.25,1820.

Louisa Whiten and Banbridge [int.Bainbridge] Perry Leland May1,1839. [Louisa Whiton and Bainbridge Perry Leland.CR1]


Sarah and Nathan Knowlton, May6,1756.*


Rachel and Abil Guy, int.Aug.18,1779. [Boiden, and Abel Guy, m.Sept.1.MR]


Rachel of Mendon, and John Bullard, int.Apr.8,1780.


Nathaniel H. and Sylvia A. Grant of Medway, int.Dec.8,1838.


Jemima and Levi Littlefield, June28,1792.

Ariel of Milford, and Sibbel Norcross, Sept.1,1796.

Alexander and Mary Man of Attleborough, int.June2,1802.

Ariel [int.Arial] and Elizabeth Chamberlain, Mar.10,1803. [Arial and Elizabeth Chamberlin.PR51]

Sophrona [int.Sephrone] and Noah Underwood, May6,1804.

Maynard of Milford, and Seignora Adams, int.Jan.15,1818.

Mellen C. of Milford, and Caroline R. Fisher, int.July22,1843.

BRAILEY (Braley)

Harriet N. [int.Braley] and George N. Cole, Oct.27,1840. [Braily.CR2]


Parcillia and Dexter Bridges, June23,1816.*

BRALEY (Brailey)

Gibbs and Levina Lazell of Bellingham, Apr.4,1833.

Elliot and Lucretia Bullard, Apr.3,1834.

Louisa [int.adds Ann] and Charles Morgan, Oct.6,1835.

Esther A., 16, of Hopkinton, d.Ezekiel (Brailey) and Lous, and Charles E. White, 23, carpenter, of Medway, s.Nathan and Lucinda, Oct.28,1845. [Hester A.CR2]


George Oliver of Wrentham, and Josephine Leland Oct.15,1835.

BRECK (Brick)

Hannah and Joseph Chapman, May7,1817.


Eliza of Framingham, and Otis Fairbanks, int.Mar.6,1820.

BRICK (Breck)

Eli of Sherburn, and Abigail Jennings [int.Nabby Jinning], May9,1802.

Hannah and Cyrus Marsh, int.Mar.26,1814.


Sally, d.Timothy and Millia, and Ivers Lincoln.末蔓末, 末末.*.PR9

Benjamin and Esther Parker, d.Timothy and Keziah, Oct.11,1764.*.PR9

Hacheliah and Elisabeth Underwood, Nov.29,1764.*

Jemima and Ezra Thayer of Mendon, int.June28,1788.

Timothy Parker and Milla Johnson, Mar.19,1789. [Millia, d.Abner and Mariam.PR9]

Sarah and Nathan Day of Milford, Feb.11,1790. [Nathan, s.Mordicai.PR9]

Millie [int.Milla] and James Holbrook, Oct.9,1793. [Mille.MR]

Elisabeth and Aaron Pond, Oct.10,1793. [Elizabeth.CR1]

Samson and Anna Rockwood, May21,1795.

Nathan and Julia [int.Julie] Johnson, Apr.12,1798. [Julia.CR1] [Julia, d.David and Lydia.PR9]

Ziba and Betsy [int.Betsa] Smith, Nov.27,1800. [Betsy.CR1]

Martin and Urania [int.Uraner] Bridges, Dec.2,1801.

Urania [int.Uraner] and Martin Bridges, Dec.2,1801.

Calvan and Achsa [int.Achsah] Smith, Aug.19,1802.

Luther and Nabby Lovering, Aug.15,1803.

Sally [int.Sarah] and Daniel Whiting, Aug.12,1804.

Nathan and Nabby Stone of Hopkinton, int.Nov.3,1809. [Nabby, d.Josiah and Abigail, m.Nov.22.PR9]

Dexter and Parcillia Brakenridge, June23,1816.*.PR9

Baxter and Oril Bliss, d.Aaron, May24,1820.*.PR9

Alpheus and Susanna Fisk of Swanzy, NH, int.Nov.25,1821.

Appleton and Almira Holbrook, int.Aug.17,1823. [m.Sept.21.CR1]

Hadassah and Barton Cowee, May末,1824.*.PR9

Amos and Sally Chamberlain, d.Moses and Rhoda, Dec.2,1824.*.PR9

Benjamin of Milford, and Elizabeth C. Mellen, Oct.26,1825. [Elizabeth Cutler Mellen.PR9]

Elizabeth of Watertown, and Oliver Chenery, int.June10,1826.

Lyman and Harriot Chamberlain, int.May12,1832. [Harriett, d.Enoch and Lucy, m.May29.PR9] [Harriet, m.May29.PR12]

Cordelia of Watertown, and Elijah F. Tainter, int.Oct.12,1833.

Elizabeth C. and Newell Eames of Unionville, int.Nov.21,1836. [m.Dec.7,1836.PR9]

Calvin and Abagail [int.Abigail] Leland May1,1837. [Abigail.CR1]

Mary C. [int.G.] of Wardsborough, VT, and Jason [int.adds C.] Whiting, Nov.16,1840. [Mary G. of Wardsboro, VT.CR1]

Mary W. and Harlows [int.Harlous] W. Holbrook, Apr.6,1841. [Harlous W.CR1.PR18]

Adeline, 21, d.Appleton and Almira, and Everett Smith, 21, yeoman, s.John and Polly, Dec.8,1844.

Benjamin A., 21, boot maker, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth C., and Martha M. Johnson, 21, d.Nathaniel and Eunice, Oct.31,1849.

Clarasa J., 19, d.Appleton and Almira H., and Charles Watkins, 22, boot maker, s.nathan and Elisabeth, Nov.14,1849.

Alphaeus [int.Alpheus], 23, boot maker, s.Appleton and Almira, and Adelia M. Baley, 19, of Milford, b. Milford, d.Eliphalet and Miranda of Milford, Nov.20,1849.


Aaron and Sarah Houghton, d.Samuel Messinger and Olive,末蔓末, 末末.*.PR3

Mariah [int.Lucy Maria] and Henry Perkins,末蔓末 [int.Sept.19], 1828. [Lucy Maria, Oct.8.CR1]

Mary L. of Boston, and George T. Daniels, int.Jan.13,1849.


James W. and Mary Ann C. Green of Boston, int.Sept.30,1842.


Joseph, 26, shoe maker, of Medfield, s.Zachariah and Dolly of Easton, and Mary Jane Morgan, 22, of Dedham, d.John and Nancy, Aug.29,1847.*


Susanna and Joseph Clark of Sherburne, int.Jan.13,1785.

Susanna and Jonathan Bullen of Medway, int.June17,1786.

Sibbel of Milford, and Henry Lilley, int.Mar.9,1827.


Salley J. of Petersham, and John Mellen Jr., int.Oct.19,1826.

William N. of Upton, and Hannah Chase,末蔓末 [int.Apr.25], [1831.] [May21.CR1]

Hannah J. of Upton, and Hartwell Bullard, int.Mar.12,1836.

BROWN (Browne)

Joseph and Hephzibah Lealand of Sherbourn, Oct.11,1733.* [Hepzibah of Sherborn.MR]

Lydia and Joseph Biglow, Aug.5,1756.*

Joseph and Lydia Twitchel, Nov.4,1756.*

Kathrine and Samuel Messinger, June23,1757.* [Katherine, June23,1758.MR]

Hannah and Ebenezer Phillips, Apr.8,1773. [Brewer.MR]

Betsy [int.Betsey] and Loammi Littlefield, July9,1807.

Mercy of Dudley, and Eli Bullard, int.Mar.21,1812.

Ezra Jr. and Olive Adams, Mar.26,1812.

Thamer and Alpheus Bullard, Aug.31,1813.

Abel and Polly Pond of Miford, Feb.17,1818.

Emela and Stephen H. Carr, int.Feb.16,1819.

Jeremiah and Miranda Bullard, Mar.3,1823.

Emely [int.Emily] and Nicaner [int.Nicanor] Pierce, Mar.4,1823. [Emily and Nicanor Pierce.CR1]

Betsey A. of Medway, and Dr. Sewell G. Burnup, int.Sept.22,1832.

James S. of Charlestown, and Nancy W. Adams, int.Aug.10,1833.

Shepherd R.M. and Clarissa Leach [int.of Belchertown], Apr.4,1836.

Betsey L. of Sherburn, and Warren A. Fuller, int.Aug.12,1842.

Amos and Mary Ann Claughlin, int.May11,1844.

Mary Jane, 22, millener, d.Charles and Mary, and Benjamin C. Towle, 25, varnisher and polisher, s.Joseph and Susannah, Jan.6,1847.

BROWNE (Brown)

Ezra and Rhoda Rockwood, Feb.14,1782. [Brown.MR]


Sarah of Lancaster, and Joseph M. Wilder, int.Aug.29,1840.

Fanny M. [int.of Hopkinton] and Samuel Greenhalgh, Nov.6,1842. [Fanny M. of Hopkinton.CR2]


Ellen of Stow, and Richard B. Rand int.Jan.13,1837.


Mary and John Haven of Framingham, Mar.9,1731-2.*

Sarah and Ephraim Littlefield, May30,1735.*

Elizabeth and Aaron Jones, Mar.17,1736-7.*

Samuel and Deborah Morse of Sherbourn, July12,1739.*

Sarah and John Lealand July12,1744.*

Judith and Seth Thayer, Feb.6,1752.*

Benjamin and Ruth Hill, Aug.12,1762.*

Mary and Micah Madden, Sept.9,1762.*

Tabitha and Mordecai Day of Mendon, int.Mar.22,1766.

Deborah and Matthew Metcalf of Bellingham, int.Aug.14,1767.

Samuel Jr. and Lydia Partridge of Medway, int.Jan.19,1769.

Nathan and Bathsheba [int.Bathshaba] Hill, Apr.13,1769. [bull, and Bathsheba Hill.MR]

Hezekiah and Susannah Wheton of Medway, int.Dec.9,1769.

Rhoda [int.of Medway] and Zedekiah Johnson, Apr.21,1772.

Edei [int.of Medway] and David Johnson Jr. [int.omits Jr.], Nov.3,1772. [David Jr.MR]

Anna and David Whiting, June2,1774. [Whitney.MR]

Asa Jr. and Lucy Hervey [int.Harvey], June末 [int.June16], 1776. [Harvey.MR]

Judith and David Holbrook of Sharborn, int.Aug.14,1779.

Aaron and Lovice Godfree of Mendon, int.Apr.8,1780.

John and Rachel Boynton of Mendon, int.Apr.8,1780.

Isaac Jr. and Martha Hill of Sherburne, int.Feb.8,1783.

Hannah and Aaron Phips Jr., May1,1784.

Barak [int.of Franklin] and Julitta Messinger, Apr.24,1785. [Judith Messenger.MR]

Isaac, Capt., and Mrs.Miriam Twitchell of Sherburne, int.Mar.17,1787.

Walter and Charlotte Harris, int.Dec.10,1787.

Martha and Josiah Burnam jr. of Hopkinston, int.July30,1788.

Eleazer and Jemima Hill of Sherburne, int.Feb.21,1790.

Mary and John Mellen, Apr.15,1790. [Millen.MR] [Mellen.CR1]

Aaron and Jerusha Littlefield, Apr.4,1793.

Eleazer and Patty Parker of Framingham, int.Sept.21,1793.

Betsy and Thaddeus Spring Jr. of Hopkinton, int.Jan.3,1795.

Ehezia and Kezia Lealand May17,1795. [Hazia.CR1]

Joel and Lucretia Morton of Hopkinton, int.Nov.8,1795.

Phebe and Josiah Kilburn [int.Jr.] of Milford, Nov.9,1797.

Benjamin and Thankful Lealand Dec.21,1797.

Henry Jr. and Hannah Curtis of Medway, int.June29,1798. "Forbid by Henry Bullard Jun" [crossed out].

Rebeckah and Ruben Hill of Medway, int.Aug.11,1798.

Malachi [int.Malacha] of Medway, and Polly Littlefield, Apr.24,1799. [Malachi.CR1]

Olive and Luther Lealand of Middlefield, int.Oct.2,1799.

Amos and Calle Pond of Franklin, int.Sept.20,1800.

Lydia and Jeduthan [int.Jedithan] Perry of Hopkinton, Jan.22,1801.

Olive and Ezra Whitney of Upton, June1,1801.

Jotham and Anna Cuting, int.Mar.12,1803.

Hulda and Alphes Perry, Apr.26,1803.

Daniel and Ruth Wiswell [int.Wiswall], June9,1803.

Thankfull [int.Thankful] and Jonathan [int.Jonah] Hervey of Southborough, Dec.30,1804.

Polly and Samuel Ellis [int.Ellice], Nov.21,1806. [Polley and Samuel Ellis.PR51]

Nathan 2d [int.omits 2d] and Sukey [int.Suca] Eames, Mar.22,1807.

Titus and Esther Whiting of Medway, Dec.19,1809.

Alpheus and Debba Kilburn of Milford, int.Jan.28,1811.

Zadock [int.Zadok] of Milford, and Betsy Richardson, Feb.20,1812.

Eli and Mercy Brown of Dudley, int.Mar.21,1812.

Abigail of Medway, and Thomas Burbank Jr., int.June26,1812.

Joan and Elias Whiting of Medway, Nov.26,1812.

Alpheus and Thamer Brown, Aug.31,1813.

Samuel Jr. and Persis Bailey of Southborough, int.May21,1814.

Ruth and Eli Pond of Franklin, int.Oct.3,1814.

Henry 2d and Eunice Barber of Sherburn, int.Feb.17,1816.

Nancy and Ferdinand Freeman of Medway, Apr.22,1819.

Martha and Josiah Kingsbury of Needham, int.May2,1819.

Harriot and Newel Nurse of Framingham, Aug.26,1819. [Harriet and Newell Nurse of Framingham.CR1]

Charlot and Lovett Albee of Milford, int.Nov.20,1822.

Miranda and Jeremiah Brown, Mar.3,1823.

Eli of Milford, and Betsey Ellis, int.Oct.末,1823.

Alma and Jonas Curtiss of Medway, int.Mar.10,1824. [Curtis, m.Apr.21.CR1]

Walter jr. and Hannah Rockwood, Oct.3,1824.

Benjamin and Eliza S. Putnam of Milford, int.Jan.29,1825.

Hartwell of Medway, and Alvira Pond, int.Mar.12,1825.

Jemimah [int.Jemima] and James M. Cutler, 末蔓25 [int.Mar.18], 1826. [Jemima, Apr.25.CR1]

Emily and Asa Bellows,末蔓末,1828 [int.Jan.13,1829]. [Jan.29,1829.CR1]

Samuel, Capt., and Esther H. Force, int.Feb.18,1828.

Adaline [int.Addaline] and Timothy Whiting [int.Jr.] of Bellingham, June15,1828.

Irene and Forunatus Nichols of Weston, Nov.8,1829.

Asa and Louisa Fay of Westborough, int.Mar.13,1830.

Mary and Jerrimiah Donavan [int.Jerimiah Donovan] of Upton,末蔓末,1831 [int.Feb.8,1832]. [Jeremiah Donovand Mar.1,1832.CR1]

Elias [int.Esq.] and Persis Daniels,末蔓末 [int.Apr.3], [1831.] [Elias Esq., May3.CR1]

Adam of Medway, and Mrs.Nancy Johnson, int.Feb.13,1832.

Estter [int.Esther] and Ira P. [int.S.] Palmer of Hopkinton, June6,1833. [Esther and Ira S. Palmer of Hopkinton.CR1]

Lucretia and Elliot Braley, Apr.3,1834.

Isaac and Angeline Forbes of Framingham, Apr.10,1834.

Joanna and William Wight, May15,1834.

Hartwell and Hannah J. Brooks of Upton, int.Mar.12,1836.

Nathan and Rhoda Richardson of Medway, int.Oct.5,1837.

Rebeca [int.Rebecca] and Nathaniel Whiting of Boston, Jan.10,1838.

Thamer [int.Thamar] and David Glines of Haverhill, NH, Feb.27,1838. [Thamer.CR1]

Henry and Bethia Wheeler, Dec.23,1840.*.PR40

Samuel M. and Harriet A. Warfield of Franklin, int.Apr.25,1841.

Elmira A. and Simeon Morse Cutler, Nov.25,1841.*.PR27

Otis B. and Abagail Cutler, int.Dec.18,1842.

John S., cordwainer, s.Samuel, and Joanna S. Snelling, Sept.6,1843.

Jonathan, 27, [int.adds "late"] of Lee Co., Iowa "Ter" [int.Territory], s.Polly, wid., and Angeline Burr, 24, s.末末 dec'd, June11,1844.

Alpheus and Sarah E. Belknap, int.Sept.14,1844.

Martin, widr.[int.and dup. int.omit widr.], 63, harness maker, of Westboro, s.Elijak and Achsah, and Clarissa Hawes, wid.[int.and dup. int.Mrs., omit wid.], 60, seamstress, d.Joshua Underwood and Lydia, May19,1846. [Mrs.Clarissa.CR1]

Ady L. and Appleton B. Jones of Milford, int.Mar.24,1849.


Jonathan of Medway, and Susanna Broad, int.June17,1786.


Elias S. and Abigail Loker of Wayland int.June15,1844.


Eunice, see Unis.

Samuell and Lydia Fisk, Jan.14,1762.*

Abigail and Ruben Underwood, May20,1762.*

Mary and William Morse, Dec.8,1763.* [Money.MR]

Samuel and Mrs.Hannah Emerson, int.Apr.12,1768.

Rebeccah and Zebulon [int.Zebulan] Bishop [int.of Wrentham], Apr.26,1769. [Rebecca and Zebulon Bishop.MR]

Lydia and Daniel Sheffield, Mar.1,1772.

John and Mary Verney of Medway, int.Feb.6,1773.

Samuel Jr. and Eunice Kendall of Sherburn, int.Mar.11,1773.

Martha and Eli Johnson, int.Nov.12,1787.

Unis of Natic, and Benjamin Marshall, int.Feb.12,1801.

Thomas Jr. and Abigail Bullard of Medway, int.June26,1812.

BURNAM (Burnham)

Josiah Jr. of Hopkinston, and Martha Bullard, int.July30,1788.

BURNAP (Burnup)

Mary and William Rockwood, Mar.31,1803.

Russell J. and Charlottee [int.Charlotte] Mellen, Oct.22,1835. [Charlotte.CR1]

Sewal G., Dr., and Elizabeth T. Blanchard of Boston, int.Jan.1,1844.

BURNHAM (Burnam)

Hannah and John Muzzey, Aug.11,1768. [Muzzy.MR]

BURNUP (Burnap)

Sewall G., Dr., and Betsey A. Brown of Medway, int.Sept.22,1832.


Sophia of Bellingham, and George Edwards,末蔓末 [int.Aug.24], 1828. [Sept.24.CR1]

Electa of Bellingham, and John M. Cutler, int.Sept.26,1830.

Angeline, 24, s.末末 dec'd and Jonathan Bullard, 27, [int.adds "late"] of Lee Co., Iowa "Ter" [int.Territory], s.Polly, wid., June11,1844.

John M., 21, shoe maker, s.Elisha and Electa, and May [int.Mary] M. Johnson, 19, seamstress, d.Nathaniel and Eunice, Aug.25,1847.


Jonathan of Enfield, and Hannah Daby, May29,1734.*


Silas and Hannah Puffer of Leominster, int.Mar.22,1845.


Jeramiah and Martha Morse, May22,1755.*

Ruhamah of Hopkinton, and Nathan Johnson, int.Jan.16,1812.


Luther and Mary G. Smith of Wayland int.Apr.16,1837.


Elisabeth of Bellingham, and Capt. Japheth Daniels, int.Feb.12,1798.

BYXBEE (Bixby)

Lydia of Framingham, and David Cutler, int.Feb.22,1768.

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