WADSWORTH (Wardsworth)

Persis of Westborough, and Abner H. Cutler, int.Apr.12,1839. [m.May9.PR34]

WAER (Ware)

Rebekah of Milford, and Ebenezer Littlefield, int.Dec.26,1785.

George [int." a Transient Person "] and Lucy Littlefield, Nov.13,1788. [Ware.MR.PR51]

Alice of Hopkinton, and Capt. Ebenezer Littlefield, int.Jan.26,1793.

William and Abigail Clark of Millord, int.Jan.12,1822.

Newell [int.Ware] of Walpole, and Abigail Parker,末蔓末 [int.Dec.13], 1828. [Ware, Jan.1 1829.CR1]


Lydia [int.Waight] and Joseph Underwood of Wardsborough [int.Wardsbury]. Feb.18,1790. [Wait, and Joseph Underwood of Wardsborough, VT, Feb.15.MR] [Waight, and Joseph Underwood of Wardsborough, VT, Feb.18.CR1]

Anna and Adams Perry, Sept.19,1790.

Joshua N. [int.Wale] of Wardsborough [int.adds VT.], and Julia A. [int.omits A.] Eames,末蔓末, [int.Feb.10], 1827. [Wait of Wardsborough, VT, and Julia A. Eames, Apr.16.CR1]

Caleb C., 25, boot maker, of Milford, s.Thomas and Lucinda, and Sarah L. Currier, 19, d.Richard and Lucretia, Oct.29,1846.


Sally of Hopkinton, and John Smith, int.Oct.4,1834.

Hannah A., 17, of Hopkinton, d.William and Polly of Hopkinton, and Abner Leland widr.[int.omits widr.], 36, farmer, s.Samuel and Achsah, Nov.25,1845.


John [int.of Hopkinston] and Mary Gibbs, Aug.31,1769.

Betsey of Hopkinston, and William Chamberlin, int.May10,1787.

Henry of Hopkinston, and Polly Desper, int.Aug.10,1787.

Jason of Hopkinton, and Betsy Kinsman of Hopkinton, Feb.25,1790.*.CR1

Jerusha of Hopkinton, and Dr. William Harris of Washington, NH, June6,1791.*.CR1

Asa Dr., of Barrel and Rebecca Stone, Nov.16,1807.

Susannah, Mrs., of Hopkinton, and Maj. Jacob Miller, Nov.26,1807.

Sally and Charles Marsh, Apr.6,1808.

Joseph, Dea., of Hopkinton. and Mary Osborn, Mar.14,1809.

Nancy of Hopkinton, and Adam Lealand int.Oct.26,1811.

Lovett and Almirah Leland int.Aug.29,1823. [Lovet and Almira Leland m.Sept.25.CR1]

Elizabeth S. of Hopkinton, and Nathan Watkins, int.Jan.12,1826.

Enoch and Miriam N. Bailey of Milford, int.Mar.18,1826.

Ezra and Isanna Morse, Sept.26,1839.*.PR38

Harriet [int.adds L.] and Luther Chamberlain, Apr.29,1841. [Harriet L.*.PR12]

Lucy A.P. and Thomas W. Clailin, int.Jan.22,1842.


David G. and Hamet Pierce, Sept.15,1841.


Nathaniel of Wardsborough, and Cinthia [int.Cynthe] Clark, Feb.14,1802.

WARDSWORTH (Wadsworth)

Dexter [int.Wadsworth], 21, shoe maker, and Mary J. [int.Jane] Miller, 18, d.Warren and Jerusha, Oct.30,1845. [Wadsworth of Westborough.CR1]

WARE (Waer)

Peggy [int.Pegge] and Jesse Daniels, Apr.21,1799. [Peggy.CR1]

Thomas J. and Phebe Hathaway, int.Aug.7,1831.

Polly G. of Wrentham, and Joseph A. Woodward, int.June1,1844.

Harriet L. and Franklin Turner of Framingham, int.Apr.3,1847.

Benjamin of Sherburne, and Elisabeth Capen, int.Dec.13,1849.

WARFIELD (Wharfield)

Addison and Harriet [int.adds A.] Rockwood, May13,1840.

Harriet A. of Franklin. and Samuel M. Bullard, int.Apr.25,1841, Richard N. [int.of Rushville, NY] and Rachael C. [int.Rachel E.] Hill, Apr.28,1842. [Richard N. of Rusbville, NY, and Rachel E. Hill, Apr.20.CR1]


Alfred P. and Lydia B. Cheney of Millord,末蔓末, [int.Oct.18,1827. Warren, Jan.28,1828.CR1]


Eli H. and Ruth B. [int.Ruthe, omits B.] Rockwood, May9,1840. [Ruthe.CR1]


Micah of Richfield, and Rebeccah Tamerlin, int.Oct.13,1770. "not married."

Martha and Daniel Adams [int.of Rutland], Jan.30,1772.

Thankful and Jesse Adams, Mar.30,1773.

Sarah and Benjamin Adams of Hopkinston, int.Apr.2,1774.

Moses and Abial Hall, int.May8,1775.

Sarah and Elisha Adams, of Hopkinston, int.Sept.13,1777.

Elijah and Polly Badger, Mar.16,1796.

Ede and Amaziah Claflin, Apr.3,1799.

Mille and Aaron Rockwood, Feb.15,1801. [Milly.PR35]

Cythenia and Daniel Knowlton, Dec.9,1815. [Cynthia, Dec.8.CR1]

Miranda and Salem F. [int.T.] Phipps of Hopkinton, Dec.14,1820. [Salim P.CR1]

Emely [int.Pamella] and Abijah Adams of Rutland Apr.14,1821. [Emily.CR1]

Nathan and Elizabeth S. Walker of Hopkinton, int.Jan.12,1826.

Eliza H. of Hopkinton, and Elijah H. Forristall, int.Sept.14,1833.

Abigal C. and Ferdinand A. Wuey, int.Apr.4,1843. Charles, 22, boot maker, s.Nathan and Elisabeth, and Clarasa J. Bridges, 19, d.Appleton and Almira H., Nov.14,1849.


Louisa of Medfield, and Lewis Slocom, int.Oct.14,1837.

Ruth Emeline of Lowell, and Jairus C. Hildreth, int.Oct.26,1838.


Charles B. and Betsey Baker, int.Apr.18,1819.

Mary N. and Cyrus N. French of Grafton, May7,1840.

Charles W., 22, cordwainer, s.Charles B., and Abigail [int.Abigal] Wheeler, 22, d.Jotham, Mar.23,1844. [Abagail.CR2]

Harriot E. and Francis O. Paddleford, int.Sept.12,1846.

Sylvia, 19, seamstress, d.Charle. B. and Betsey B., and Warren Weston, 20, bootmaker, S. David and Lydia, Jan.7,1847.


Elisabeth and John Coomey [mt. Coomy], Sept.1,1768. [Camee.MR]


Nicholas of Sherburne, and Sarah Jane Clarke, int.Sept.4,1843.

WENZEL (Wenzell, Winzel)

Susanna and Joseph Underwood, int.Feb.4,1786.

John and Hepzibah Biglow, Sept.2,1790.

Jacob and Sibbel Marshall, Mar.30,1796. [Marshal.CR1]

Senaca [int.Seneca Wenzell] of Framingham, and Polly Claflin, Apr.28,1832.

WENZELL (Wenzel, Winzel)

Louisa and Jeremiah Foster of Boston, Mar.26,1820.


John and Betsey Adams, Sept.6,1838.

Warren, 20, bootmaker, s.David and Lydia.and Sylvia Wayne, 19, seamstress, d.Charles B. and Betsey B., Jan.7,1847.


Mercy and Daniel Claflin, Nov.22,1750.*

WETHERELL (Witherel)

WHARFIELD (Warfield)

Samuel of Mendon, and Abigail Adams of Sherbourn, Mar.13,1733.* [Abigail of Sherborn.MR]

WHEATON (Wheton)

Josephus, Rev., and Abigail F. Fales of Wrentham, int.Aug.22,1818.

WHEELER (Wheelor)

Elizabeth, Mrs., of Medway, and Asaph Lealand int.Nov.1,1799.

Dinah [int.Wheelor] and Asa Rider, Oct.14,1805.

Jotham [int.Jothum] and Marcy Jennings [int.Mercy Jinnings], Feb.18,1813.

Bartimeus and Esther Blanden, Oct.29,1815.

Arabella and Amory [int.Emery] Perry, May23,1819.

Diana M. and Isaac G. Rawson, int.Aug.19,1821.

Hester of Sherburne, and Kilburn W. Rice of Sherburne, Jan.1,1830.*

Bethia and Henry Bullard, Dec.23,1840.*.PR40

Abigail, int.Abigail, 22, d.Jotham, and Charles W. Wayne, 22, cordwainer, s.Charles B., Mar.23,1844. [Abagail.CR2]

Ann J., wid., 27, seamstress [seam, written in pencil], of Natick, d.末末 dec'd, and Thomas H. Huntress, 29, of Natick, s.William and W. dec'd, July9,1844.* [Thomas W.CR2]

Warren and Abigail Vose of Medway, int.Oct.19,1844.

Julia A., 17, d.Jotham and Mercy, and Charles Bennett, 22, shoe maker, s.Otis and Betsey, Feb.24,1847.

Jotham, m., 62, laborer, s.Joshua and Dianna, and Abigail S. Richards, 19, d.William and Olive, Oct.20,1847. [Abagail S.CR2]


Samuel Jr. [int.Whealock of Mendon] and Dinah Lealand Oct.15,1770. [Wheelock.MR]

Joseph of Milford, and Susanna [int.adds C.] Strickland末蔓末, int.Oct.1,1828. [Jan.1,1829.CR1]

Calvin W. [int.omits W.] and Mary Ann Leland July4,1833.

Lucinda E. and Nathan P. Batchelder, int.Jan.8,1842.

WHEELOR (Wheeler)

Lemual [int.Lemuel Wheeler] of Bolton, and Lavina Baker, Apr.19,1809.


Alpha, 21, boot maker, s.Samuel and Hannah, and Eliza W. Hattin, 21, d.Willard and Eliza, May26,1847. [Eliza M. Hatton.CR2]


Margrett and George Dening, Aug.30,1759.*

Steaphen and Rebeccah Howe, int.Sept.18,1772.

Elijah of Franklin, and Betsy [int.Betty] Wiswell, June17,1793. [Betsy.CR1]

Mary J. of Foxboro, and Edward S. Morse, int.Sept.21,1844.

Charles E., 23, carpenter, of Medway, s.Nathan and Lucinda, and Esther A. Braley, 16, of Hopkinton, d.Ezekiel (Brailey) and Lous, Oct.28,1845. [Hester A.CR2]

WHITEMORE (Whittemore)

Elbridge G. and Sophia Eames, int.Oct.6,1832. [Whittemore, m.Nov.末.CR1]

Arvilla and Ezra Dearth of Hopkinton, int.Jan.26,1838.

WHITENEY (Whitney)

George and Sarah Couzens, Nov.21,1745.* [Whitney, and Sarah Cozens, Nov.6.MR]


David and Anna Bullard, June2,1774. [Whitney.MR]

Abigail of Medway, and Jason Chamberlain, int.Aug.17,1782.

Abigail and James Curtis of Leverett, int.Nov.13,1782.

Mary [int.of Medway] and John Fairbank, June24,1784.

Nathan of Medway, and Miriam Lealand int.Dec.5,1791.

Ede and William M. Hemenway, June3,1798. [William Mellen Hemmingway.CR1]

Anna and John Eames, Nov.27,1803.

Nathan and Millatiah [int.Menetiah] Partridge, Apr.10,1804.

Daniel and Sally [int.Sarah] Bridges, Aug.12,1804.

Asa and Clarisa Hill of Sherebourn, int.Sept.17,1806.

Polly of Medway, and Jonathan Bullard, int.Oct.3,1806.

Elihu and Milla [int.Milly] Rockwood, Apr.7,1808.

Esther of Medway, and Titus Bullard, Dec.19,1809.

Elias of Medway, and Joan Bullard, Nov.26,1812.

Betsy and Eli Phipps, int.Mar.30,1813. [Lizzie, m.May27.PR24]

Patty of Medway, and Ira Lincoln, int.Jan.12,1815.

Rhoda 2d and William S. Bachelder [int.Bacheldor], Mar.22,1821. [Bachelder.CR1]

Miletiah, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and Asa Lincoln, Aug.25,1824, in Medway.

Sanford, Capt. [int.Jr]. omits Capt., of Medway, and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Emeline H. Fairbanks, Feb.8,1827. [Capt. Sanford of Medway, and Mrs.Emeline Fairbanks.CR1]

Timothy [int.Jr.] of Bellingham, and Adaline [int.Addaline] Bullard, June15,1828.

Nathan P. and Olive Chase,末蔓末 [int.Aug.1], 1828. [Oct.19.CR1]

Samuel and Ann Mariah Richardson of Medway, int.Apr.3,1829.

Clarrissa [int.Clarissa] H. and Seth Thayer of Worcester,末蔓末 [int.Mar.31], 1831. [Clarissa, Apr.20.CR1]

Rowena and Aaron Leland of Worcester, Apr.17,1832. [Roena.CR1]

Eliza Ann and William Horton, May15,1834.

Harrison and Deborah R. Mellen, Apr.6,1836.

Emeline H. and Luther Green of Nashua., NH, int.Mar.5,1837.

Nathaniel of Boston, and Rebeca [int.Rebecca] Bullard, Jan.10,1838.

Harriet and Benjamin Flagg of Millbury, Apr.3,1838. [Benjamin of Milbury.CR1]

Jason [int.adds C.] and Mary C. [int.G.] Bridges of Wardsborough, VT, Nov.16,1840. [Mary G. of Wardsboro, VT.CR1]

Emeline H., 18, seamstress, d.Sanford and Emeline W. (Green), and Calvin Rockwood Jr., 22, bonnet dresser, s.Calvin and Louis, May13,1846.

Helena and Martin Rockwood,末蔓末,1847.*.CR1

Elbridge G., 20, mechanic, s.Daniel and Sarah, and Eliza Ann Cutler, 18, d.John M. and Electa, Nov.1,1849.

WHITNEY (Whiteney)

Dorathy and Ebenezer Hunt, May9,1734.* [Dorothy.MR]

Elias and Elisabeth Mellen, Feb.6,1745-6.* [Elizebeth.MR]

Mehetabel and David Cutler, June26,1746.* [Mehitahel.MR]

Isaac and Mary Tombs [int.of Hopkinston], May8,1771.

James of Sherburne, and Susanna Hill, int.Mar.13,1780.

Lydia of Milford, and Rhoda Daniels, int.Aug.18,1785.

Rhoda and Capt. John Hayden of Hopkinton, Jan.14,1790. [Mrs.Rhoda and Capt. John Hayden of Hopkinston.MR] [Mrs.Rhoda and Capt. John Hayden of Hopkinton.CR1]

Lydia of Milford, and Abijah Clark, Sept.6,1798.

Ezra of Upton, and Olive Bullard, June1,1801.

Charles and Suson Sanger of Sherburne, int.Sept.12,1839.

George E. [int.omits E.], 23, cordwainer of Milford, s.Jonathan, and Lavina, and Louisa P.C. Lincoln, 19, teacher, d.Ira and Patty, Jan.1,1845. [George E. and Lou P.C. Lincoln.CR2]

Mary A., 18, d.Charles and Mary, and Abel H. Seley, 13, miller, s.Samuel and Charlotte, Jan.1,1845.


John W. and Clementina F. Lamb, int.Jan.5,1843.

WHITTEMORE (Whitemore)

Joel of Worcester, and Ann Maria [int.Mariah] Eames, July19,1838. [Ann Maria.CR1]


Aaron, Dr. [int.of Medway], and Mary Haven, Nov.17,1774. [White.MR]

Molley of Medway, and Daniel Eame, Jr., Feb.19,1789. [Mony Wright.MR] [Molley Wight.CR1]

James and Irena Claflin, Nov.25,1793. [Irene.CR1]

Jonathan of Franklin, and Meletiah Daniels, int.Sept.20,1798.

Sally of Medway, and Elexander Thayer Jr., int.May1,1803.

James Jr. and Margaret Trowbridge Spur [int.Margaret Trobridge Spurr], July14,1816. [Margaret Trowbridge Spurr.CR1]

Joseph Warren and Nancy Chamberlain of Westminster, VT, int.May4,1818.

Horace and Caroline D. Chenery of Medfield, int.Mar.17,1832.

William and Joanna Bullard, May15,1834.

William and Lucy J. Lewis, int.Mar.15,1845.


Franklin and Mariah [int.Maria] Russell, Aug.11,1835.

Sidney and Sifunates [int.adds B.] Greenhalgh, Apr.4,1837. [Sydney and Sifuantes B. Greenhalgh.PR25]

Joseph M. and Sarah Bruce of Lancaster, int.Aug.29,1840.

Charles, 28, comb maker, s.Joseph, and Emily B. Johnson, 26, d.Abner and Mary, Oct.4,1843. [Emely B., Sept.13.CR1]

George, comb maker, and Hepzibah More [int.Hepsabelh H. Moore], Jan.1,1844. [Hepsabeth H. Moore.CR2]

Lucena and Noah Humphery of Barre, int.Feb.15,1844.


Washington and Ann B. Haynes, Apr.30,1837.


Charles M. and Frances E. Cobb, Nov.6,1842.

Ferdinand A. and Abigal C. Watkins, int.Apr.4,1843.


Betsy of Worcester, and John Bixby, int.Jan.6,1797.


Mary [int.Willitt] of Walpole, and William H. Blodgett, Mar.30,1837.


Harlow and Sarah Pierce of Upton, int.Sept.5,1814.

Amos and Caroline Howe of Spencer, int.Mar.19,1835.

Samuel and Mary L. Clark of Rutland int.Mar.19,1836.

Rebekah of Sutton, and Ezekiel Packard, int.Apr.24,1847.


James R. of Medway, and Sally N. Cutler, int.Nov.4,1824.


Mary and Josiah Hemenway, Mar.17,1785. [Hemmenway.MR]

John E. of (Unionville) Hopkinton, and Laura Matilda Leland int.Aug.13,1845.


Sarah of Hudson, NH, and Alfred Messinger, s.Samuel and Olive, Apr.21,1803.*.PR3

WINZEL (Wenzel, Wenzell)

Catharine of Framingham, and Curtiss Hartstorn, int.June6,1818.


Dorcas of Gofstown, NH, and Lemuel Green, int.Dec.16,1820.

WISWELL (Wizwall)

Jonathan and Mary Daniels, July5,1764.*

Betsy [int.Betty] and Elijah White of Franklin, June27,1793. [Betsy.CR1]

David and Mary Coolidge, Oct.31,1793.

Sabra and William Ladd of Haverhill, NH, int.Nov.19,1793.

Sabra and William Claflin, Mar.31,1796. [Wizwell.CR1]

Mary and Jonathan Pond, int.Oct.9,1797.

Ruth [int.Wiswall] and Daniel Bullard, June9,1803.

Jonathan and Marcy Smith末蔓末 [int.Aug.4], 1817. [Sept 9.CR1]

Lowel and Ruth Ann Everton of Canton, int.Apr.20,1819.

Nathan and Caroline Clement [int.Clements], Apr.15,1820. [Clemont.CR1]

Clarissa, Mrs., and William Jones, int.July14,1846.


Nancy of Mansfield, and Lewis Harding, int.May14,1814.

WIZWALL (Wiswell)

Oliver C. and Emily Clement,末蔓末 [int.Apr.14] 1831. [Wiswell, May8.CR1]

WOOD (Woods)

Abigail of Upton, and Isaac Sheffield Jr., int, May25,1768.

Silas of Mendon, and Asanath Stewart, int末蔓末 [rec. between Apr.14 and July11], 1772.

Jonathan Cooledge and Phebe Guild of Franklin, int.Apr.7,1804.

Lucy of Westborough, and Berzillai Lealand int.May11,1804.

James J. and Charlotte Slocom of Walpole, int.May13,1812.

Joseph and Louisa Bigelow, Oct.14,1833.

Harriet and Lyman, Cargill of Watham, int.May10,1835.

Joseph and Mary Gibbs of Framingham, int.Mar.9,1839.

Lucinda of Hopkinton, and Elhridge C. Morse, int.Jan.3,1845.


John E., 32, yeoman, s.Eliza, and Analine H. Smith, 22, Feb.22,1844.

Asa, m., 53, shoe maker, of Ashland s.Samuel and Rebecca, and Abagail Morse, m., 54, house keeper, d.Daniel Lincoln and Abagail, Nov.17,1847. [Abigail, Nov.24.PR38]

WOODS (Wood)

Lucy of Orange. and Aaron Fisk, int.Dec.14,1805.

Harding P. of Barre, and Irene Dickinson, int.Aug.19,1840. [Harding P. Esq., m.Sept.9.CR1]

Harding, 25, merchant, of Barre, s.Harding P. and Sally of Barre, and Helen [int.Hellen] S. Dickinson, 23, teacher, d.Thomas and Rhoda, July13,1848. [Hellen S.CR1]


Joseph A. and Polly G. Ware of Wrentham, int.June1,1844.


Mary Anne of Wrentham, and Mosses A. Adams, int.Apr.14,1849.


Hannah C. of Hopkinton, and Holbrook Chamberlain, int.May30,1834. [m.June25.PR12]


Hannah [int.Worthing] and Daniel S. Batchelder, Sept.16,1835.

WRETON (Wheaton)

Susannah of Medway, and Hezekiah Bullard, int.Dec.9,1769.


Alexander of Medway, and Sabra W. Claflin, Oct.13,1828.

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