EAMES (Eams, Emes, Emmes, Emms)

Aaron, s. Daniel and Mary, Apr. 25, 1776.

Aaron, s. David and Mercy [(Morse). PR97], Dec. 10, 1794.

Aaron Earle, s. Aaron and Polly, June 5, 1820.

Abner M., s. David Jr. and Malinda, June 10, 1837. [[h. Mary A. (Morse), h. Emily L. (Howard)] ch. David Jr. and Malinda F. PT97]

Albert D. [h. Mary (Spooner)], ch. David and Malinda F., Apr. 30, 1842. PR97

Amara, ch. Jesse and Anna, Nov. 29, 1795. PR45

Anna B., ch. Jesse and Anna, Mar. 20, 1799. PR45

Anna, d. Asa and Anna, Apr. 2, 1801.

Anna H., d. Daniel, farmer, and Julia, Sept. 22, 1843. [Anna Haven Eames, ch. Daniel and Julia (Ellis). PR110]

Ann Alecia, d. John and Anne, Nov. 29, 1818. PR59

Appleton, s. David and Marcy [Mercy (Morse). PR97], Jan. 4, 1803.

Asa, s. Daniel and Mary, Apr. 22, 1765.

Asa, s. Asa and Anna, Apr. 23, 1809.

Camila, d. David and Marcy, Feb. 19, 1800. [Camilla, ch. David and Mercy (Morse). PR97]

Catharine, d. Asa and Anna, Jan. 5, 1794.

Catharine Marsh, ch. Asa, bp. May 22, 1796. CR1

Charles W., s. Justin E. and Sarah, Feb. 15, 1837.

Clarinda S. [–––––], w. Justin E., ––– ––, 1826. CR1

Daniel, s. Daniel and Mary, Mar. 11, 1767.

Daniel, s. Asa and Anna, May 18, 1797. [[h. Julia (Ellis)]. PR110]

Daniel Henry, s. Daniel and Julia [(Ellis). PR110], Apr. 12, 1827.

David Whiting, s. John and Anna, May 6, 1808.

David, s. David and Mary, June 20, 1808. [[h. Malinda F.] ch. David and Mercy (Morse), June 20 or 21. PR97]

David, ch. David Jr. and Malinda F., July 12, 1846. PR97

Dorinda, d. David and Mary [Mercy (Morse). PR97], Oct. 25, 1810.

Edward A., s. Daniel and w., Aug. 30, 1825. [Edward Augustus. CR1] [Edward Augustus, ch. Daniel and Julia (Ellis). PR110]

Eliza, ch. Jesse, bp. June 19, 1803. CR1

Elizabeth L., ch. Jesse and Anna, May 22, 1797. PR45

Ellen Bemis, d. Willard R. and Roxa N., Apr. 6, 1841.

Emery, ch. Jesse, bp. June 19, 1803. CR1

Fanny, ch. Jesse, bp. June 19, 1803. CR1 [Fanny B., ch. Jesse and Anna, b. Mar. 24, 1801. PR45]

George Lewis, s. Daniel and Julia [(Ellis). PR110], Feb. 25, 1830.

Henry Bradford, ch. John and Anne, ––– ––, 1811. PR59

James, s. James and Jerusha, Oct. 28, 1790.

James, ch. James, bp. Aug. 18, 1793. CR1

Jerusha, d. James and Jerusha, Sept. 27, 1788.

Jerusha, ch. James, bp. May 10, 1789. CR1

Joann Moriah, d. John and w., Dec. 24, 1815. [Joann Maria, d. John and Anne. PR59]

John Milton, s. John and Anna [Anne. PR59], Aug. 23, 1806.

John, s. Willard, butcher, and Roxana, Nov. 23, 1844.

Jonathan G., s. Aaron and Polly, July 16, 1832.

Jonathan Godard, s. Aaron Earl, farmer, and Charlatt T. [dup. Charlotte, omits T.], Mar. 14, 1846.

Julia Caroline, d. Daniel and Julia [(Ellis). PR110], Mar. 2, 1839.

Lois, w. Uriah Bowker, Nov. 27, 1794. PR82

Luther, s. Asa and Anna, June 12, 1803.

Mary, d. James and Jerusha, Aug. 29, 1792.

Mary Ann, d. Emily Read 2d, Aug. 3, 1825.

Mary Lealand, ch. Patty, wid., bp. Aug. 5, 1827. CR1

Malinda F., [w. David], Jan. 13, 1809. PR97

Malinda, ch. David Jr. and Malinda F., Mar. 13, 1848. PR97

Nancy, ch. Jesse, bp. June 19, 1803. CR1

Nancy Maria, d. Daniel and Julia [(Ellis). PR110], Jan. 16, 1833.

Newell, s. John and Anne, ––– ––, 1804. PR59

Permealia, d. Jesse and w., Mar. 1, 1806. [Pamela. CR1] [Pamela A., ch. Jesse and Anna, Aug. 8. PR45]

Sally, w. Timothy Perry, Aug. 24, 1786. CR1 [w. Timothy Perry (s. Col. Nathan). PR74]

Sarah Elizabeth, d. David W. and Susan, Feb. 16, 1834.

Sarah Elizabeth, d. Daniel and Julia, Jan. 19, 1837, [Sarah Elisebeth, ch. Daniel and Julia (Ellis). PR110]

Simeon Newton, s. James and Jerusha, Feb. 19, 1786.

Sylvester, ch. Patty, wid., bp. Aug. 5, 1827. CR1

William, s. Hopstill and Mary, Jan. 19, 1774.

William Russell, s. John and w., Sept. 6, 1813.

EAMS (Eames, Emes, Emmes, Emms)

Anne, [ch.] Hopestil, bp. May 10, 1772, in Holliston. CR1

Mary, d. Daniel and Mary, June 19, 1772.

Mary Cutler, d. Asa and Anna, Feb. 16, 1799. [Eames. CR1]

Sarah, w. Lemuel Woolson (s. Nathan Jr. and Eliza (Seaver)), Aug. 28, 1832. PR10

William, s. Daniel and Silence, Feb. 25, 1749.


Mary, d. Joseph and Abigal [Abigail. CR1], Feb. 16, 1739-40.


Edwin Read, s. Caleb and Emily, July 13, 1829.

John, s. Emily, Aug. 18, 1842.


William, ch. Joseph, bp. June 20, 1742. CR1


Austin, s. Abraham R. and Rachel, Dec. 3, 1822.

Calista, d. Abraham R. and Rachel, Jan. 16, 1820.

Clarinda, d. Abraham R. and Rachel, Mar. 31, 1821.

James Goulding, twin s. Abraham R. and Rachel, Feb. 16, 1826. [[h. Letitia C.]. GR6]

Letitia C. [–––––] [w. James G.], ––– ––, 1822. GR6

Levina Johnson, twin d. Abraham R. and Rachel, Feb. 16, 1826.

Mary C., d. James G., boot maker, and Letitia C. (b. Elizabethtown, NY), Nov. 15, 1849.


Abby E., d. William F., surveyor, and Adeline, Oct. 9, 1845. [Abbie E., ch. William Fuller and Adeline (Thompson) of Medway. PR60]

Albert [h. Abigail (Kimball)], ––– ––, 1793. PR60

Caroline A., d. Abijah, farmer, and Lucy B., Sept. 12, 1843.

Frances, d. [Col. CR1] Abijah and Lucy B., Dec. 1, 1834.

George Albert, s. William F. and Adeline P. [ch. William Fuller and Adeline (Thompson) of Medway. PR60], Jan. 23, 1843.

Julia, d. Abijah and Polly, July 22, 1802. [[w. Daniel Eames]. PR110]

Lucy, d. Abijah and w., Oct. 1, 1806.

Mary, d. Abijah and Lucy B, Nov. 1, 1840.

Nancy, d. Abijah [and] Polly, Mar. 10, 1805.

Susan Maria, d. Abijah and Lucy B., Nov. 1, 1828.

William Fuller, s. Albert and Abigail, Apr. 1, 1820. [[h. Adeline (Thompson) of Medway] ch. Albert and Abigail (Kimball). PR60]

William Fuller, ch. Albert, bp. May 21, 1825. CR1

EMERSON (Emmerson)

Ginevra, d. William G. and Susan, Mar. 7, 1836.

Mary d. William G. and Susan, Sept. 10, 1833.

Paesiello, s. William G. and Susan, Feb. 10, 1832.

EMES (Eames, Eams, Emmes, Emms)

Aaron, s. Daniel and Silence, Dec. 18, 1753.

Ann, ch. John, bp. ––– ––, [rec. between Apr. 18 and Apr. 29], 1731. CR1

Anne, d. Daniel and Silence, Nov. 21, 1748.

David, s. Hopestil and Mary, Dec. 2, 1769.

James, s. Daniel and Mary, Sept. 20, 1762.

Lydia, d. Daniel and Silence, Nov. 19, 1746.

EMMERSON (Emerson)

Fanny, d. Samuel P. and Sarah, Mar. 4, 1792.

Oliver, s. Samuel P. and Sarah, June 14, 1795, in Framingham.

Prescot, s. Samuel P. and Sarah, Aug. 31, 1797.


Elisabeth, d. Samuel and Elisabeth, May ––, 1751. [Elizabeth Amory. CR1]

Samuel, ch. Samuel, bp. Apr. 30, 1749. CR1

EMMES (Eames, Eams, Emes, Emms)

Aaron, s. John and Joanna, July 27, 1726. [Emes. CR1]

Jesse, s. Daniel and Mary, Aug. 7, 1769.

Joanna, d. John and Joanna, June 26, 1720.

Priscilla, d. John and Joana, Aug. 11, 1728.

Thomas, s. John and Joanna, Oct. 3, 1722.

William, s. John and Joanna, Aug. 31, 1724. [Emes. CR1]

EMMS (Eames, Eams, Emes, Emmes)

Samuell [dup. Samuel], twin s. Benjmain and Mehetable [dup. Mehetabell], Oct. 27, 1725.

Sarah, twin d. Benjmain and Mehetable [dup. twin d. Benjamain and Mehetabell], Oct. 27, 1725.


Henry, s. John E., shoemaking, and Nancy, Apr. 21, 1844.


George, s. Hazen and Martha, Oct. 16, 1811, in Boston. RR


Samuel W., s. ––––– and Mary C., Feb. 5, 1832, in Southboro. RR

Sarah E. [? m.], ––– ––, 1833. GR6

EVANS (Evens)

Andrews, ch. Nathaniel, bp. Sept. 19, 1756. CR1

Comfort, d. Semeon and Eunis, Apr. 28, 1780.

Eunice, d. Simion and Eunice, Feb. 2, 1763. [Unice, ch. Simeon. CR1]

Ezekiel, ch. Simeon, bp. Sept. 29, 1776. CR1

Hannah, d. Simeon (Evens) and Eunice, Nov. 10, 1770.

Henry, s. Simeon and Eunise, Apr. 25, 1772.

John, ch. Simeon, bp. Apr. 29, 1770. CR1

Sarah, ch. Simeon, bp. Sept. 7, 1766. CR1

Simeon, s. John and Sarah, Aug. 31, 1738. [Evens. CR1]

EVENS (Evans)

Comfort, ch. Simeon, bp. Sept. 16, 1781. CR1

Edmun, s. Semion and Eunic, July 18, 1766. [Edmond Evans, ch. Simeon. CR1]

Elijah, s. Semeon and Eunis, Jan. 5, 1778. [Evans, ch. Simeon. CR1]

Ezekel, s. Semeon and Eunis, Feb. 6, 1775.

Hannah, ch. Simeon, bp. June 14, 1772. CR1

John, s. Simeon and Eunice, June 5, 1768.

Lydia, ch. Simeon, bp. Nov. 19, 1785. CR1

Samuel, s. Jonathan and Elizabeth, June 22, 1755.

Sarah, d. Simeon and Eunic, Dec. 12, 1764.

Semeon, s. Semeon and Uuis, Mar. 7, 1782. [Simeon Evans, ch. Simeon. CR1]

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