John Jr. and Resine Tomelen of Nortbhorough, int. Apr. 18, 1766.


William W. and Sally Aldrich, int. May 15, 1825.


Charity of Holden, and Adams Thompson, int. July 3, 1815.

John of Roxboro, and Anna Godard, int. June 8, 1805.

Sally of Southboro, and Simeon Daniels Jr., int. Apr. 4, 1816.


Horatio of Medway, and Lucinda Johnson, July 3, 1823.


Olive of Rehoboth, and Dr. John Starkweather, int. Feb. 12, 1809.

CARREL (Carriel, Carril, Carryl, Caryel)

Georg and Martha Haven, int. Jan. 1, 1737-8.

CARRIEL (Carrel, Carril, Carryl, Caryel)

Thomas and Esther White of Dedham, int. July 16, 1769.

CARRIL (Carrel, Carriel, Carryl, Caryel)

Abigail and Israel Walker, May 23, 1734.* [Caril. CR1]

Asa [int. Carrell] and Lidea [int. Lydia] Chaddock, Oct. 20, 1757. [Carril, and Lydia Chaddock. CR1]

Benjamin [dup. and second dup. Jr.] and Mary Knowlten [dup. and second dup. Knowlton], Sept. 28, 1727.* [Benjamen Caryel and Mary Knowlten. CR1]

Elizabeth and Cornelius Claflin, Aug. 30, 1738.* [Clafflin. CR1]

Elizabeth [int. Caryl] and Stephen Kinsman, Dec. 9, 1762. [Carril. CR1]

Hannah and Isaac Cody, Feb. 8, 1733.*

Jonathan [int. Carriel] and Ann Clark, Dec. 28, 1752.

Joseph [int. Carrel] and Elizabeth [int. Elisabath] Dunlap [int. of Westborough], Mar. 2, 1758. [Carril, and Elizabeth Dunlap. CR1]

Lucy [int. Luce Carriel] and Hezekiah Johnston [int. Jonson] of Southborough, ––– 21 [int. June 7], 1755. [Lucy Carril and Hezekiah Johnson, Aug. 21. CR1]

Martha [int. Carrel] and Isaac Cody [int. Coady], Jan. 5, 1758. [Carril, and Isaac Cody. CR1]

Mary and David Woodwell, July 27, 1727.* [Caryel, Aug. 27. CR1]

Mary [int. Carrell] and Edmun Chamberlin [int. Edmund Chamberlain], Nov. 3, 1757. [Carril, and Edmond Chamberlain. CR1]

Ruth [int. Carrell] and Frances [sic] [int. Francis] Gay, July 3, 1743. [Carril, and Francis Gay, June 23. CR1]

Susannah and Daniel Claflin Jr., Nov. 11, 1736.*

CARRYL (Carrel, Carriel, Carril, Caryel)

Hannah and Jobn Gibbson Jr., int. Jan. 4, 1783. [Gipson, m. May 29. CR1]

Lois and Alexander Whetney of Westborough, int. July 13, 1776. [Whitney of Westboro, m. Aug. 1. CR1]

Sarah and Silas Haven, int. Apr. 30, 1784. [m. Nov. 18. CR1]


Sally, Mrs., and Benjamin Davenport Esq. of Mendon, Feb. 12, 1835.


Caroline S. and Charles A. Wood [int. Woods], Apr. 18, 1842.

Daniel and Hannah Newton of Milford, int. Mar. 31, 1787.

Hannah of Natick, and Martin Hanes, Sept. 6, 1821.

Leafy, 27, of Southboro, d. Nathan and Julia, and Samuel Taft Jr., 27, machinest, s. Samuel and Polly, May 17, 1849.

Nathan and Suley Wheaton, Feb. 8, 1818.

CARYEL (Carrel, Carriel, Carril, Carryl)

Edward and Ruth Knowlten. Sept. 27, 1733, in Framingham.*


Mary [int. adds Mrs.] and Samuel Barrett [int. Barratt] Jr., Feb. 9, 1758. [Barrett Jr. CR1]


Tristam [int. Tristram] of Conway, and Submit Watkins, Sept. 16, 1798. [Tristam of Conway. CR1]


Joseph and Sarah Bruce of Framinham [int. Framingham], Nov. 22, 1756. [Sarah of Framingham. CR1]

Lidea [int. Lydia] and Asa Carril [int. Carrell], Oct. 20, 1757. [Lydia and Asa Carril. CR1]

Thomas and Margrett Bawl [int. Ball]. Aug. 11, 1757. [Margaret Ball. CR1]

Zerviah [int. Zuruiah Chadoac] and Barrachias [int. Barrakias] Morse, July 2, 1754. [Zerviah Chadock and Berachias Morse. CR1]


Hepsibeth of Natick. and Jonathan Pegan of Dudley, Mar. 28, 1758.*. PR3

CHAMBARLIN (Chamberlain, Chamberlen, Chamberlin)

Mary and James Gould, int. Dec. 1, 1764. [Chamberlain, and James Gold, m. Dec. 27. CR1]

CHAMBERLAIN (Chambarlin, Chamberlen, Chamberlin)

Nabby [int. Abigail] and John Cody, May 24, 1796. [Nabby. CR1]

Abigail (see Nabby). Ambrose and Martha M. Nelson, Apr. 17, 1838.*. PR41

Bathsheba and David Walker of New Molborough, int. June 20, 1780. [m. Nov. 30. CR1]

Daniel Jr. of Westboro, and Jerusha Burnap, Mar. 13, 1806.

Ebenezer of Westborough [int. Westboro], and Mehitable [int. Mehitabel] Walker, Apr. 14, 1795. [Ebenezer of Westborough, and Mehetable Walker. CR1]

Ebenezer and Ruth Bridges, Apr. 26, 1795.

Edwin and Rebecca Collins, Jan. 17, 1842, in Holliston.

Emily [int. Emely] and Peter Parker of Royalston, Nov. 25, 1830.

Hannah and Nathan Chamberlain of Grafton, int. Apr. 22, 1781. [m. May 31. CR1]

Holbrook of Holliston, and Hannah C. Woolson, June 25, 1834. [Hannah Craig Woolson, d. Nathan Sr. and Mehitable (Clark). PR10]

Jacob Jr. and Mary Townsend, int. Dec. 7, 1779, [m. Jan. 20, 1780. CR1]

Jane and Josiah Haynes Newton, Nov. 4, 1830.*. PR11

John Jr. and Abigal Nickolds, Nov. 23, 1768.*. CR1

John and Mary Wood, int. Oct. 28, 1786. [m. Nov. 7. CR1]

John Henry, 30, merchant, of Charlestown, s. Moses and Rhoda, and Sally M. Bowker, 24, d. James and Izanna, Sept. 6, 1847.

Joseph and Lucy Whitney of Millford, int. Mar. 11, 1786.

Lucas and Sarah Johnson of Upton, int. Dec. 9, 1839.

Lydia of Southboro, and Abijah Bixby, int. May 10, 1794.

Lydia, wid. William, and [worn]eth Clark, May 23, 1805.*. CR1

Mary and John Cody of Union, int. [Sept, ––, 1782], [Molley, m. Apr. 17, 1783. CR1]

Mary M. of Westboro, and Willard F. Morse, int. Sept. 13, 1842.

Moses and Rhoda Mellen, July 10, 1794.

Nancy C. [int. adds Mrs.] and Anderson Hunt of E. Douglas, Mar. 30, 1842.

Nathan of Grafton, and Hannah Chamberlain, int. Apr. 22, 1781. [m. May 31. CR1]

Nathanael [int. Nathaniel Chamberlin] and Pamelia [int. Pammely] Comee, Nov. 17, 1796. [Nathanael Chamberlain and Pamelia Comee. CR1]

Rebecca, Mrs., and William B. Wales, int. Mar. 21, 1849.

Ruth and John Goulding [dup, Gauldry, int. Golden], May 20, 1790.

Samuel and Abigial Townsand, int. July 22, 1773. [Samuel Jr. and Abigail Townsend, m. Oct. 28. CR1]

Sarah and Samuel Phips, Apr. 14, 1779.*. CR1

Sarah N. of Holliston, and Edward W. Blood of Boston, May 23, 1843.*

William of Holliston, and Elesabeth Walker, int. May 25, 1782. [Betsy, m. Aug. 15. CR1]

William [int. Chamberlin] of Holliston, and Lydia Jones, Mar. 26, 1795. [Chamberlain of Holliston, and Mrs. Lydia Jones. CR1] [Chamberlain, and [Mrs.] Lydia Jones. PR1]

William and Hannah Fay of Southboro, int. May 16, 1803.

William H. of Boston, and Nancy Claflin, Nov. 5, 1832.

CHAMBERLEN (Chambarlin, Chamberlain, Chamberlin)

Steples of Holleston, and Abigal Belnap, int. Aug. 1, 1753.

CHAMBERLIN (Chambarlin, Chamberlain, Chamberlen)

Abiahail [int. Abihail Chambarlin] and Loas ––––– [int. Lois Whitney of Wesboro], Dec. 4, 1763. [Abihail Chamberlain and Lois Whitnney of Westborough. CR1]

Calvin [int. Chamberlain of Holliston] and Joanna [int. Isanna] Smith, Jan. 29, 1797. [Chamberlain of Holliston, and Joanna Smith. CR1]

Ebenezer [int. Ebenezar] of Rutland, and Polly Perry, June 4, 1816. [Ebenezer Chamberlain. CR1]

Ebenezar [int. Ebenezer] and Eunice [int. Unis] Prattt Oct. 2, 1822. [Ebenezer Chamberlain and Mrs. Eunice Pratt. CR1]

Edmun [int. Edmund Chamberlain] and Mary Carril [int. Carrell], Nov. 3, 1757. [Edmond Chamberlain and Mary Carril. CR1]

Enoch [int. Chamberlain] of Holliston, and Elizabeth [int. Elisabath] Sprague, May 25, 1758. [Chamberlain of Hollston, and Elizabeth Sprague. CR1]

Hannah of Chelsea, and David Burnap, Jan. 1, 1741, in Chelsea.*

Isanna and Charles. [int. Charls] Valentine, Sept. 16, 1821. [Charles. CR1] [Chamberlain, and Charles Valentine. PR41]

Jacob [int. Chamberlain] and Lidea Mellen [int. Lydia Millen], Oct. 29, 1747. [Chamberlain, and Lydia Mellen. CR1]

Jason [int. Chamberlain] of Westboro, and Betsey Burnap, May 28, 1810. [Chamberlain of Westborough, and Betsy Burnap. CR1]

Jerusha [int. Chamberlain] and Warren Miller of Holliston, May 4, 1820. [Chamberlain. CR1. PR41]

John [int. Chamberlain] and Mary Wood, Mar. 14, 1745. [Chamberlain. CR1]

John [int. Chamberlain] of Holliston, and Sarah Bridges, Apr. 26, 1753. [Chamberlain. CR1]

Lydia [int. Chamberlain] of Westborough [int. Westboro], and [int. adds Lt.] Fisher Metcalf [int. Medcalf], Dec. 29, 1799, in Westborough.

Martha and Benjamin Wood, Aug. 4, 1737.* [Chamberlain. CR1]

Pheeby [int. Phebe Chamberlen] and Jacob Gibbs, Dec. 30, 1752. [Phebe Chamberlain, Nov. 30. CR1]

Rebecca of Westford, and Elijah Fletcher, May 24, 1773, in Westford.*

Samuel [int. Chamberlain] and Martha Mellen, Mar. 9, 1749. [Chamberlain, Mar. 2. CR1]

Sarah and David Burnap, Oct. 6, 1738.* [Chamberlain, Oct. 26. CR1]

Sarah and Nathan Adams, May 13, 1822. [Chamberlain. CR1. PR115]

Sally and Amos Bridges of Boston, Dec. 2, 1824. [Chamberlain. CR1. PR41]


Benjamin, Capt., of Southboro, and Betsey Dench, Apr. 30, 1804.

Eliza W. of Southborough, and George F. Burlingame, int. Oct. 13, 1833.

Emery and Harriett Humphrey of Carver, int. Dec. 4, 1830.


Adams of Milford, and Polly R. Stone, Apr. 25, 1842.

Aldus M. of Marshall, Clark Co., IL, and Catherine [int. Catharine] F. Sawin, May 13, 1840.

Amasa and Almira E. Bowker, Aug. 30, 1843.*. PR82

Bethiah [second dup. and int. Chapen] of Mendon, and Thomas Walker, Apr. 12, 1750, in Mendon.

Hannah T. of Milford, and Joseph Walker, int. Mar. 9, 1828.

Ruby of Milford, and Dexter Walker, int. Nov. 25, 1821.

Warren, 22, boot maker, of Milford, b. Milford, s. Leonard, and Eliza M. Bowker, 20, d. Uriah, Nov. 1, 1849. [Nov. 4. PR82]


William, 21, farmer, s. Nathan and Mary, and Margaret M. Flanegan, 17, of Charlston [int. Charleston], d. Daniel and Mary of Charleston, Feb. 22, 1847.

CHEENEY (Cheeny, Chenery, Cheney)

Betsey of Milford, and David Madden, int. June 28, 1807.

CHEENY (Cheeney, Chenery, Cheney)

Betsey of Newtown, and Walter McFarland Jr., int. Nov. 3, 1810.

John and Susannah Kenny, May 24, 1807.* [Cheney, and Susannah Kenne. CR1]

CHENERY (Cheeney, Cheeny, Cheney)

Elihu and Fanny Mellen, Oct. 17, 1833.

CHENEY (Cheeney, Cheeny, Chenery)

Alexander of Milford, and Mrs. Elizabeth W. (Shepherd) Stone, int. May 12, 1827.

Chandler, ch. John and Susannah (Kinney), and Mary H. Greenman of Kingston, RI, ––– ––, 1845.*. PR71

Clarisa, [int. Cheeny] and Nathan Kennee [int. Kinnel] of Roxbury, Aug. 18, 1805. [Clarissa Cheeny and Nathan Kenne of Roxbory. CR1]

Elbridge, ch. John and Susannah (Kinney), and Sarah L. Allen, ––– ––, 1845.*. PR71

Joseph, ch. John and Susannah (Kinney), and Almira B. Pond, Oct. 4, 1838.*. PR71

Louisa, ch. John and Susannah (Kinney), and Howland Tyler, ––– ––, 1839.*. PR71

Samuel, ch. John and Susannah (Kinney), and Emma W. Dale of Boston, Oct. 6, 1848.*. PR71

Silas and Mary S. Littlefield, Oct. 30, 1831. [Cheny. CR1] [Cheney. PR71]

Susan, ch. John and Susannah (Kinney), and Richmond Stone of Milford, Aug. 14, 1836.*. PR71

Warren, ch. John and Susannah (Kinney), and Catherine Fletcher, ––– ––, 1845.*. PR71

William, ch. John and Susannah (Kinney), and Susan A. Greenman of S. Kingston, RI, ––– ––, 1838*. PR71

Ziba, ch. John and Susannah (Kinney), and Sarah Ormes, of Warwick, July 17, 1836.*. PR71

Ziba, ch. John and Susannah (Kinney), and Ann Clark, Mar. 9, 1845.*. PR71


Francis H. and Charlotte T. Jones [d. Lemuel C. and Nancy (French)] May 5, 1846.*. PR15

Mary A. and Henry Newton, int. Oct. 21, 1849.

CHICKRIN (Chickering)

Rebeckah [int. Mrs. Rebekah Chickering] of Dedham, and [int. adds Dea.] Joseph Haven Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Mar. 2, 1757. [Rebecca Chickering of Dedham, and Joseph Haven Jr. CR1]

CHILD (Childs)

Abigal of Woodstock, and Ebenezer Haven, int. Apr. 25, 1752.

Sarah and Phinehas Bemis, Dec. 17, 1776.*. CR1

CHILDS (Child)

Mary [int. Rachal] of Upton, and Stephen Brown, June 30, 1818.

Releaf of Woodstock, and Abraham Haven, int. June 20, 1754.


William R. of Barre, and Lucinda Lovering, Nov. 2, 1834. [Chismore of Barre. CR1]

CLAFLEN (Claflin)

Eli and Lois Parker, int. Nov. 8, 1776. [Claflin, m. Nov. 28. CR1]

Lucy and William Freland, in. Sept. 3, 1774. [Claflin, and William Freeland, m. Sept. 27. CR1]

CLAFLIN (Claflen)

Aaron W. and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Louisa Barton, June 26, 1839.

Albert and Ann M. Walker, Apr. 20, 1831. [Albert, s. Isaac Jr., and Ann Maria Walker, d. Lovett. PR69]

Amos and Anna Fisk of Watertown [of Watertown crossed out], int. Mar. 24, 1792. [m. May 6. CR1]

Angelina and John Claflin 2d of Holliston, int. May 12, 1833.

Caleb and Mary Tilton, May 1, 1735.*

Caleb Jr. and Huldah Fisk of Holliston, int. Jan. 20, 1763.

Charles W., 14, farmer, s. James and Susan, and Ann M. Valentine, 24, dressmaker, d. Samuel and Mary, Apr. 18, 1844.

Cornelius and Elizabeth Carril, Aug. 30, 1738.* [Clafflin. CR1]

Cornelius [int. Cornelias] and Deborah [int. Debborah] How, Mar. 1, 1753. [Cornelius and Deborah How. CR1]

Daniel Jr. and Susannah Carril, Nov. 11, 1736.*

David and Sarah S. Haven, Nov. 11, 1846,*. PR88

David of Framingham, and Polly Pierce, int. Apr. 7, 1848.

Dolly and James W. Bliss, July 13, 1817.*

Ebenezer and Hannah Smith, May 22, 1739.* [Clafflin. CR1]

Ebenezar Jr. and Sarah Tilton, int. May 22, 1773. [Ebenezer, m. June 18. CR1]

Edy A. and Joshua Tucker [int. Jr.] of Ware, June 7, 1837.

Elizabeth and John Marsh of Bellingham, Aug. ––, 1743. [Clafflin, Aug. 25. CR1]

Elizabeth of Framingham, and Nathaniel Pike Jr., June 23, 1799.*

Betsey and Harry Ball of Milford, int. Feb. 9, 1811.

Elizabeth and Nathaniel Stimson of Westboro, int. Jan. 17, 1848.

Eliot and Chloe Burnap of Southboro, int. Apr. 18, 1812. [Elliot and Chloe Burnett, m. May 3. PR96]

Hannah Jr. [int. Clafflan, omits Jr.], and John Haden [int. Hayden] Jr., Oct. 24, 1759. [Clafflin Jr., and John Heyden Jr. CR1]

Hannah and Benjamin Gibson, int. Nov. 8, 1835.

Harrison G. and Betsey Towne, Apr. 4, 1833.

James R. of Milford, and Hannah C. Farrington, Apr. 14, 1836.

John and Mary Sheffield of Holliston, int. Jan. 18, 1770, [Clafflin, m. Apr. 5. CR1]

John and Henriette Stimson, Nov. 20, 1777.*. CR1

John Jr. of Holliston, and Lydia Mellen [int. Millin], May 2, 1798. [Mellen. CR1]

John and Martha Burnap, Jan. 24, 1825. [Patty Burnett. PR96]

John 2d of Holliston, and Angelina Claflin, int. May 12, 1833.

Lee of Milford, and Sally Adams, int. Nov. 4, 1815.

Loas and Nathaniel Alden Jones, int. Sept. 1, 1770. [Lois Clafflin, m. Sept. 20. CR1]

Lowell and Miranda S. Perry, Apr. 23, 1829.

Lucy and Alexander Stimson, Oct. 5, 1800.

Lucy and Edward Jackson of Newton [int. Newtown], Jan. 7, 1809. [Mrs. Lucy and Edward Jackson of Newton. CR1]

Luther and Mary Furbush of Upton, int. Mar. 12, 1826.

Patty of Framingham, and Josiah Burnam Jr., int. May 4, 1817. [Martha and Josiah Burnham Jr., m. June 11. PR61]

Martha and Jonathan Livermore of Brighton, Apr. 18, 1832.

Polly and John Hero Jr. of Holliston, int. June 17, 1810.

Mary W. and George W. Valentine, Jan. 1, 1833.

Mercy and Capt. John McFarland, May 26, 1816. [Mrs. Mercy. CR1]

Milton and Abigail Hayward, Nov. 30, 1837. [Abby. PR43]

Milton, 33, boot maker, b. Framingham, s. William, and Sarah L. Maybry, 25, d. Dexter L., Nov. 22, 1849.

Miranda [int. adds W.] and Asa Lackey, Nov. 23, 1831. [Miranda. CR1]

Nancy and Chester W. Walker of Upton, Sept. 20, 1832.

Nancy and William H. Chamberlain of Boston, Nov. 5, 1832.

Newell and Mira Rice of Leominster. int. Mar. 17, 1835.

Puah and Benjamin Herrick [int. Harrick], May 21, 1804. [Herrich. CR1]

Robert and Elizabeth Jefords, Oct. 28, 1734.* [Jeffords. PR3]

Rufus and Hepsa Boalster, int. Aug. 29, 1789.

Sampson and Patty Stimson, Oct. 5, 1802.

Samuel and Mary Bullard of Framingham, int. Aug. 23, 1765.

Samuel and Pamelia H. Croel of Northport, ME, Jan. 27, 1842.

Sally and Dr. Thomas Bucklin, Jan. 6, 1799.

Sarah and Josiah Ball of Milford, int. Mar. 23, 1799. Susan U. and Henry H. Loring, June 6, 1838. [William H., June 7. PR32] [William Henry Harrison Loring, June 6. PR100]

Sally Wilson of Westboro, and Lovett Bixby, int. Apr. 17, 1818.

Sally, Mrs., and William Hyde, Apr. 3, 1830. [Apr. 8. CR1]

Susannah and Moses Haven, July 22, 1742.* [Claffiin. CR1]

Susannah, d. James, and Anthony P. Holbrook, merchant, of Boston, Oct. 27, 1847.

William, widr. [int. omits widr.], 26, merchant, b. Milford, s. Lee and Sally, and Mary B. Davenport, 19, d. SD and Mary C., Feb. 12, 1845.

William B. and Martha A. Hutchinson, Dec. 15, 1849.*

Winslow and Mercy Farrer of Barree, int. May 24, 1812.

CLAP (Clapp, Clapps)

Joel of Rutland, and Martha Barnes [int. Barns], Jan. 14, 1801. [Barns. CR1]

Seth and Betsy Pierce [int. Betsey Peirce], Apr. 12, 1814. [Betsey Pierce. CR1]

CLAPP (Clap, Clapps)

Jeams and Polly Woodard, Apr. 9, 1818.*. PR75

CLAPPS (Clap, Clapp)

Nancy W. [int. Clapp] and Isaac T. Bruce, Feb. 24, 1842.


––eth and Lydia Chamberlain, wid. William, May 23, 1805.*. PR1

Abigail [int. Abigal] and George Stimpson Jr. [int. Stimson, omits Jr.], Feb. 28, 1751. [Abigail and George Stimson, Feb. 28, 1750. CR1]

Ann and Jonathan Carril [int. Carriel], Dec. 28, 1752.

Ann and Ziba Cheney, ch. John and Susannah (Kinney), Mar. 9, 1845.*. PR71

Atherton and Patience Loon [int. Loone], Dec. 3, 1752. [Loon, Nov. 23. CR1]

Atherton and Sarah Crooks, int. Nov. 22, 1775. [m. Mar. 28, 1776. CR1]

Charlottee and Richard Edwards of Boston, Dec. 29, 1799. [Charlolte. CR1]

Elisabeth Prentice and Dr. John Mawney of Providence, int. Feb. ––, 1784. [Betey, m. Apr. 5. CR1]

Betsey [int. Betsy Clarke] and Daniel Webb, Feb. 20, 1794 [1794 crossed out] [int. 1794]. [Betsy Clark, Feb. 20, 1794. CR1]

Ephraim and Hannah Crosman, Feb. 25, 1762.

Experiance [int. Experience] of Holliston, and Simpson Jones Esq., July 9, 1761. [Experience. CR1]

Fanny and Samuel Valentine Jr. [int. omits Jr.], May 25, 1800. [Samuel Jr. CR1]

Francis of Mendon, and Mrs. Anne [int. Anna, omits Mrs.] Gould, Oct. 10, 1771, in Mendon, George and Rhode Wares, int. June 5, 1775. [George," Regular," and Rhoda Wires, m. June 19. CR1]

Isaac and Mary Clark, May 23, 1749.

Isaac, Lt., and Nabe Jones, int. Nov. 20, 1780. [Nabby, m. Dec. 28. CR1] [Abagail, m. Dec. 28. PR2]

James O. and Elizabeth Higgins, int. Mar. 15, 1846.

John and Elizabeth Norcross of Weston [int. Elisabeth Norcros of Westtown], June 7, 1750, in Weston.

John and Jerusha Andrews, int. Aug. 4, 1770. [John Jr., m. Aug. 22. CR1]

John and Mary Deadman of Framingham, int. June 1, 1808.

Martha and Dr. Peter Green, int. May 28, 1769. [m. July 27. CR1]

Mary and Isaac Clark, May 23, 1749.

Mehiteble of Paxton, and Nathan Woolson, int. Jan. 24, 1800. [Mehitable of Medway, and Nathan Woolson, s. Nathan and Miriam, m. Jan. 24. PR10]

Nancy and William Tombs, int. Dec. 22 1785. [m. Jan. 3, 1786. CR1]

Newell and Mercy Leland of Sherburne, int. Aug. 21, 1841.

Patience and Dr. Segemon Bondley, int. Oct. 12, 1782. [Dr. Sigismond, m. Nov. 22. CR1]

Peter and Elisabeth Willson, Nov. 3, 1784.* [Betsy Wilson, Dec. 7. CR1]

Pitt, Rev., of Norton, and Rebecca Jones, Feb. 1, 1798. [Rebekah. PR2]

Pitt, Rev., of Norton, and Mary Jones Stimson, Nov. 12, 1812. [Maria or Mary, d. Dr. Jeremy Stimson and Ann (Jones). PR2] [Mary J. PR35]

Samuel and Mary Stone, int. Aug. 1, 1772. [m. Sept. 10. CR1]

Sally [int. of Framingham] and Elijah Pike, Feb. 25, 1796, in Framingham.

Stephen and Anna Hill of Framingham, int. May 23, 1761.

William and Mary Dunton, int. Apr. 13, 1744.

William and Sarah Hiscock, int. Mar. 4, 1787

William and Hannah Deadman of Framingham, int. Nov. 2, 1800.

William and Harriet Louisa Peters of Boston, int. Oct. 6, 1834.


Mathew and Martha Thomsen, Dec. 17, 1740.*. PR3

CLEAVELAND (Cleavland)

George and Meriam B. Warder of Worcester, int. Feb. 23, 1824.

CLEAVLAND (Cleaveland)

Ira and Hitty Battle of Dover, int. Feb. 7, 1801.

CLEMENTS (Clemmans, Clemmons)

Hannah and Reuben [int. Rheuben] Perkins [int. of Roxbury], Feb. 26, 1794. [Reuben Pirkins. CR1]

John [int. Jr.] and Lona [int. Lora] Hill of Holliston, May 25, 1796, in Holliston, Mehitable [int. Clemments] and Nathan Fay Jr. of Southbrough [int. Southborough],

June 27, 1793. [Mehittable Clements and Nathan Fay Jr. of Southborough. CR1] Polly and Samuel S. Stimson, Sept. 26, 1805.*

William P. [int. Price] of Sherburn, and Nancy Pettis, Nov. 15, 1818. [William P. Clement of Sherburne. CR1]

CLEMMANS (Clements, Clemmons)

Judath and John Lackee, int. May 20, 1773.

CLEMMONS (Clements, Clemmans)

Mary and Benjamin Watkins, Sept. 29, 1751. [Clemons, and Benjamin Wadkins, Oct. 29. CR1]

CLOSE (Cloyes, Cloys)

Joseph Bailey of NY, and Ellen Maria Norcross, int. Dec. 4, 1845.


Joseph and Ann Hubbard, June 4, 1807.*. PR63

CLOYES (Close, Cloys)

Josiah Jr. of Framingham, and Lydia Metcalf, int. Apr. 10, 1828.

Nathan and Prudence Beeman of Marlboro, int. Aug. 3, 1834.

CLOYS (Close, Cloyes)

––––– and Joseph Ballard, Mar. 12, 1776.*. CR1

Hannah of Framingham, and Josiah Wilson, Apr. 22, 1755, in Framingham.*


Charles P. [int. Prescott] and Mary F. [int. Freeland] Swift, May 7, 1828.

David, Capt. [int. omits Capt.], of Mansfield, and Mrs. Elizabeth [int. adds S.] Walker, Feb. 24, 1835. [Capt. David of Mansfield, and Mrs. Elizabeth Walker. CR1]

Elmer and Sylvia Johnson of Upton, int. June 25, 1820.

Salem and Clarisa Hurd of Boylston, int. Oct. 3, 1823.

COBURN (Colburn)

Alonzo and Eliza C. Jones, Oct. 15, 1843, in Framingham.

Augustus, widr. [int. omits widr.], boot maker, and Charlott C. Gates, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], May 11, 1848.

Daniel J. of Holliston, and Eliza Knowlton, Nov. 3, 1825.

Daniel and Mrs. Lydia Lovering, Jan. 12 [dup. Jan. 7], 1832.

Elihu and Mary Southwick of Mendon, int. Feb. 26, 1836.

Elihu C. and Susan H. Whiting of Southborough, int. Aug. 7, 1842.

Hannah and Willard Woodard, Nov. 1, 1835.

James F. and Jane W. Smith, int. May 10, 1848.

Levi P. of Boston, and Mary Wales, int. Apr. 7, 1841.

Levi P. and Mary Ann Darling of Bellingham, int. Oct. 31, 1842.

Lydia W. and Samuel V. Phelps, Apr. 4, 1842.

Miranda and David Young, Dec. 7, 1826.*. PR105

Nathan S. and Calista A. Johnson of Cambridge, int. Aug. 22, 1835.

Nathan P. and Lucinda Morey, Feb. 8, 1838.

Nathan S. and Margaret C. Piggot of Boston, int. July 8, 1838.

Rachel of Framingham, and John J. Ballard of Framingham, Jan. ––, 1837.*

Roxana [int. Roxanna] and Rufus H. Blood, Apr. 6, 1836.

Samuel and Harriett N. Pettis, Aug. 24, 1834.


Anna of Milford, and James Hiscock, int. [Sept. ––, 1783]

Elisabeth and Thomas Fisk of Partrigfield, int. Dec. 23, 1780. [Elizabeth, m. Mar. 1, 1781. CR1]

Elisizabeth [int. Elisabeth] and Jason Howard [int. Haywood], May 29, 1793. [Elizabeth and Jason Haywood. CR1]

Hannah and Samuel Warrin, Nov. 9, 1738.* [Warren. CR1]

Isaac and Hannah Carril, Feb. 8, 1733.*

Isaac [int. Coady] and Martha Carril [int. Carrel], Jan. 5, 1758. [Cody, and Martha Carril. CR1]

Jerusha and John Death, Aug. 2, 1753.

Jerusha of Dudley, and Samuel Howe, int. July 14, 1811.

John of Union, and Mary Chamberlain, int. [Sept. ––, 1782]. [Molley, m. Apr. 17, 1783. CR1]

John and Nabby [int. Abigail] Chamberlain, May 24, 1796. [Nabby. CR1]

Jonathan [int. Coady] and Sarah Twiswell [int. Frizzell] [Apr. 28, 1760]. [Cody, and Sarah Frizel, Jan. 22, 1760. CR1]

Jonathan and Senee Saunders, int. Aug. 15, 1813.

Joseph [int. Coady Jr.] and Mary Whitney, Nov. 3, 1748. [Cody. CR1]

Lucinda, 25, d. Nathan and Rhoda, and Rufus Tucker, 30, boot maker, of Mendon, s. Eliphalet and Sally, Jan. 24, 1849.

Lucy [int. Lucee Coady] and John Nutt, Dec. 21, 1749. [Lucy Cody aud John Nut. CR1]

Mary [int. Coady] and Nathan Jeffords [int. Jeffards], Feb. 8, 1750. [Cody, and Nathan Jeffords. CR1]

Mary and Solomon Goodell of Grafton, int. Apr. 9, 1765. [m. June 13. CR1]

Mary and Edward Kibba [int. Cibbe] of Medway [int. Midway], –––, 1766 [int. Mar. 20, 1767]. [Kibbey of Medway, m. Aug. 13, 1767. CR1]

Mary, 20, d. Nathan and Rhody, and Liberty W. Stone, 21, boot maker, s. Elisha J. and Lucinda, Nov. 26, 1846.

Nancy of Dudley, and Joseph Richards, int. Oct. 19, 1806.

Phillip [int. Philip] and Abigail Emmerson of Uxbridge [int. Abigale Mason of Oxbridge], Nov. 12, 1754. [Philip and Abigail Emmerson of Uxbridge. CR1]

Rhoda and Rufus Walker, Feb. 23, 1800.

Rhoda of Webster, and Dexter Bridges, int. Dec. 12, 1840.

Samuel and Nancy Flagg, int. Apr. 3, 1799. "forbidden by the woman. "

Sarah and William Faning, int. Feb. 8, 1781. [Fanning, m. May 17. CR1]

Sally and Abijah Hill, Jan. 5, 1813.

Sally and Peter Brown of Mendon, Feb. 6, 1813.

Sarah P. of Upton, and Daniel C. Buck of Upton, June 7, 1848.*. CR2

Serua, see Serua Gody.

Tabatha and Jonathan Bullock, Jan. 28, 1788.*. CR1


Earl D. and Hannah M. Holmes of Medway, int. Dec. 17, 1842.


Abigail W. of Newburyport, and James N. Gilman, int. Sept. 1, 1844.

COLBURN (Coburn)

Jane M. of Westboro, and William S. Rathburn, int. Mar. 6, 1847.

Sarah of Framingham, and Lyman Fay, int. Mar. 17, 1838.


Melvina of Westborough, and Joseph Dudley, int. Apr. 5, 1833.


Otis and Frances Maria Pond, Nov. 27, 1837.

COLLAR (Coller)

Elizabeth and Daniel Tombs, Oct. 3, 1739.*

COLLENS (Collins)

Joseph, Dr., and Elisabeth Parker, Feb. 4, 1787.*. CR1

COLLER (Collar)

Joseph and Mary Travis, Jan. 3, 1729.* [Chollar, and Merry Travise, Jan. 3, 1728. CR1]

COLLINS (Collens)

Jonah and Martha Biglow of Southboro, int. Feb. 3, 1821.

Lucy, Mrs., of Southboro [int. Southborough], and Edward Seaver, Nov. 11, 1841.

Mary of Southboro, and Ezekiel Smith, int. May 15, 1824.

Nathan of Southboro, and Sally Onthank, int. Apr. 3, 1825.

Rebecca and Edwin Chamberlain, Jan. 17, 1842, in Holliston.

William Jr. of Southborough [int. Southboro], and Lucy Parker, Nov. 30, 1799, in Westborough.


Charles [int. Corlis of Brimfield] and Martha Belknap, d. Joseph and Sabra, Nov. 25, 1845.

COMEE (Comey)

Albert and Hannah Walker of Pawtucket, ––– ––, ––––.*. PR9

Albert and Celinda Barton of Medway, Aug. ––, 1831.*. PR9

Dexter and Mrs. Rachel [int. Rachael] Barlow, June 28, 1840.

Elbridge G. and Abigail J. Pierce, Oct. 25, 1832.

Betsey and Joshua Mellen of Westboro, ––– ––, ––––.*. PR9

Hannah and Abner Printiss, July 15, 1810. [Prentiss. PR9]

Hiram and Emily [int. Emely] Gibbs, Apr. 17, 1832. [Emily. CR1. PR22]

Martha A. and William B. Wales, Apr. 6, 1842.

Polly and Jonathan Fairbanks of Holden, ––– ––, ––––.*. PR9

Pamelia [int. Pammely] and Nathanael Chamberlain [int. Nathaniel Chamberlin], Nov. 17, 1796. [Pamelia and Nathanael Chamberlain. CR1]

Penellope and John Wheelock, ––– ––, ––––.*. PR9

Royal and Polly Andrews, June 17, 1804.

COMEY (Comee)

Nancy M. of Foxborough, and Elias C. Miller, int. Apr. 10, 1847.

COMINGS (Cummins)

Daniel of Sotton, and Rachiel Haden, int. Mar. 16, 1765. [Cummins of Sutton, and Rachel Hayden, m. May 16. CR1]


Kezia of Acton, and Elisha Jones, Dec. 29, 1791, in Acton.

Rebeca [int. Rebecca] and Robert G. Wilson, Feb. 14, 1821.


Ellen and Richard Harns, int. Oct. 21, 1849.


Esther and Lt. John Homes, Oct. 10, 1799.

James of Newtown, and Mary Foster, Sept. 21, 1759, in Newtown.

Jane and James Hazzard of Worcester, Dec. 16, 1735.*

Thankfull and Andrew Watkns Jr., May 12, 1730.* [Wadkins. CR1]

Thomas and Sarah Burt, Oct. 18, 1726.*


Edward J. and Phebe Ann Wood, Apr. 13, 1842.

Ruggles S., 25, farmer, of Sherburn, s. Daniel (Cooligd) and Hannah of Sherburn, and Eveline D. Bowker, 23, d. James and Izanna, Mar. 21, 1847.

Sarah A. of Medway, and Edwin R. White. int. Aug. 6, 1847.


Stephan A. of Bellingham, and Meriam B. Woollson, int. May 4, 1825. [Stephen A. of Bellingham, and Miriam Bigelow Woolson, ch. Nathan and Mehitable (Clark), m. May 24. PR10]

CORBET (Corbett, Corbitt, Corbott)

Ede and Jasper Daniel Hunt of Millford, int. Feb. 24, 1787. [Corbett, and Jasper Daniels Hunt, m. Mar. 15. CR1]

Elijah and Polly Freeland, int. Apr. 17, 1789. [Mrs. Polley, m. May 12. PR3]

CORBETT (Corbet, Corbitt, Corbott)

Carleton, Capt., and Miranda Wood, May 1, 1839.

Elenor and Willard Bemis, Nov. 13, 1832.

Betsy [int. Betsey] and Aaron Read, May 4, 1818.

John of N. Providence, and Patty Weston, May 28, 1809.

Peter of Milford, and Hopestill S. Prentiss, Apr. 9, 1829. [Printiss. CR1]

Sophia and Capt. Albert Wood, int. May 5, 1829. [Sophia J., m. May 25. PR27]

Thomas B. and Lucetta Lovering, Jan. 1, 1838.

Winslow and Sally McFarland, Dec. 14, 1800.


Eliphelet of Kllingsley [int. Killingly], and Eliza [int. Elizabeth] Gibson, Nov. 12, 1807. [Eliphalet of Killingsly, and Eliza Gibson. CR1]

CORBITT (Corbet, Corbett, Corbott)

Asaph of Milford, and Mitida Read, int. Jan. 22, 1790.

CORBOTT (Corbet, Corbett, Corbitt)

Jesse [int. Corbit] of Uxbridge [int. Oxbridge], and Mary Woodwell, ––– 24 [int. Feb. 6], 1755. [Corbit of Uxbridge, and Mary Woodwill, May 28. CR1]


Grace and Abraham Nutt, Sept. 7, 1738.* [Cothrin, and Abraham Nut. CR1]


Robert [int. Robart Cowdall] of Rutland, and Elizabeth Work [int. Elisabeth Wark], Nov. 10, 1756. [Robert Cowdin of Rutland, and Elizabeth Wark. CR1]

COZINS (Collens)

Joseph [int. Cuzzens] of Holliston, and Abigail Smith, Oct. 30, 1760. [Couzens of Holliston. CR1]

COZZENS (Cozins)

Dexter of Holliston, and Caroline Eames, July 3, 1834.

Emery, 37, stonecutter, of Holliston, s. Joseph and Ruth, and Zeruviah Haven, 26, d. Asa and Hannah, May 1, 1844. [Emory and Zeruviah Haven, d. Asa (s. Zedekiah) and Ruth (Frail). PR67]

Joseph [int. Jr.] of Holliston, and Sally Haven, Apr. 4, 1837. [Joseph and Sally Haven, d. Asa (s. Zedekiah) and Ruth (Frail). PR67]

Leonard, 29, lumber dealer, of Leominster, s. Joseph and Ruth, and Mary L. Eames, 24, d. Peter and Martha, June 30, 1846.

Lorenzo and Almira Hero of Holliston, int. Feb. 18, 1844.

Rebecca of Sherborn [int. Rebacca Cuzzens of Shearbourn], and Partrick Shays [int. Patrick Psha], Oct. 30, 1765, in Sherborn.

Sarah of Sherburn, and Justin E. Eames, int. May 3, 1835.

Sarah of Hollinston, and Adin A. Thompson, Feb. 2, 1842.*


Mitildah of Milford, and Issecker Bay, int. Dec. 20, 1788.


Pamelia H. of Northport, ME, and Samuel Claflin, Jan. 27, 1842.


Mary and Josiah Bowker, int. June 5, 1747.

Mary and Nathaniel Millett [int. Jr.], Dec. 1, 1748. [Crumpton, and Nathaniel Millet. CR1]

CROOK (Crooks)

Jane (––––– –– [torn]) [int. Jane Crook] and Samuel Gambwell [int. Gamweel Jr. of Westboro], Jan. 10, 1764. [Jane Crooks and Samuel Gamwell of Westboro. CR1]

CROOKS (Crook)

Abigail and Peletiah [int. Piletiah] Littlefield, Feb. 14, 1792. [Peletiah. CR1]

Abraham and Sally Pike, Oct. 20, 1791.

Abram, 23, boot maker, s. Samuel, and Ann Maria Guy, 18, d. Ezekiel, Nov. 28, 1849.

Henry and Elisabeth Barrett, Dec. 9, 1779.*. CR1

Jane and Garritt Rowen, Aug. 28, 1739.* [Garrett Roan. CR1]

John and Mary Orsborn, Feb. 22, 1739.* [Ozburn, Feb. 22, 1738. CR1]

John [int. Crook] and Sarah Gleason [int. Glezing of Framingham], Jan. 4, 1749, in Framingham.

John and Mary Drury [int. of Framingham], Nov. 7, 1751, in Framingham.

John S. and Emily M. Parker, Feb. 10, 1841, in Northboro.

Mary and Isaac Bixby, Dec. 10, 1761. [Byxbe. CR1]

Mary and Isaac Foster Jr., Apr. 15, 1819.

Samuel of Milford, and Emeline Stearns, Mar. 19, 1818. [Emaline. CR1]

Samuel Jr. [int. omits Jr.] 22, bootmaker, s. Samuel and Emeline, and Sarah B. Guy, 21, d. Ezekiel and Betsey, Nov. 13, 1844. [Samuel Jr. PR56]

Sarah and Atherton Clark, int. Nov. 22, 1775. [m. Mar. 28, 1776. CR1]

CROSMAN (Crossman)

George and Sarah Andrews, Mar. 15, 1759. [Crossman. CR1]

Hannah and Ephraim Clark, Feb. 25, 1762.

Stephen Jr. and Sarah Townsend, Nov. 24, 1763. [Tounsend. CR1]


Lucy A., 22, d. Ephraim and Lucy, and Charles N. Mellen, 28, merchant, s. Nathaniel and Catharine, Dec. 2, 1847. [Dec. 2, 1848. CR2]

CROSSMAN (Crosman)

William [int. Crosman] and Susanah Newton [int. Susanna Nuton] of Westborough, June 12, 1760, in Westborough.

CUMMINS (Comings)

Joseph and Jemima Wheeton, Jan. 13, 1729.* [Cumins, and Jemima Wheaten, Jan. 13, 1728. CR1]

Ruben of Southbrough, and Elisabeth Butler, int. Oct. 14, 1756.


Charles, 21, boot maker, s. Curtis and Sybil, and Abigail [int. adds A.] McIntire, 20, d. Isaac and Sarah, Dec. 19, 1844.

Curtis and Mahitabel Sumner of Roxbury, int. Mar. 16, 1811.

Curtis and Sibel Kimbell of Ringe, NH, int. May 31, 1818.

Curtis and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Rachel Howe, June 17, 1841.

Sybil K., 22, d. Curtis, and William S. Wood, 25, boot crimper, of Grafton, b. Wethersfield, VT, s. Oreb, Nov. 29, 1849.


William of Frankfort, ME, and Nancy Jennings, June 1, 1828. [William of Frankford, ME. CR1]


Augustus N. and Margaretta P. Dickinson of Holliston, int. July 15, 1844


Penuel of Roxbury, and Esther Pierce [int. Peirce], Mar. 5, 1809. [Penuil of Roxbury, and Esther Pearce. CR1]


Asa of Grafton, and Puah Tilton, Apr. 3, 1826. [Puah [ch. Abraham and Hannah (Homer)], Mar. 26. PR51]

CUTLER (Cutter)

Edmund W. and Hannah C.P. Higgins, Apr. 7, 1842 [in Sterling].

Katherine, Mrs. [second dup. Catherine Cuttler, omits Mrs.], and James Morris of Boston, Aug. 9 [second dup. July 1], 1733.* [Katherine, July –––. CR1]

Luther and Nancy Mellen, Apr. 2, 1801.

Lydia and Jonathan Bixby Jr. of Newtown, Jan. 11, 1801. [Jonathan Jr. of Newton. CR1]

Mary of Holliston, and Daniel Emes, int. May 23, 1761.

Polly and Benjamin Pond, Sept. 15, 1805.

Silas and Mariah Hale, int. Apr. 21, 1844.

CUTTER (Cutler)

Benoni G. [int. Benonia Gardner Cutler] of Louisville, KY, and Eliza Ann Valentine, Aug. 16, 1837.

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