Hannah of Westboro [int. Westborough], and Abner Ward, July 24, 1784, in Westborough.


Jemima and William Keney, Dec. 15, 1773.*. CR1

Patiance [Gage written over Gates blotted] of Milford, and Elijah Bowker, int. Jan. 9, 1799.


Nancy and Thomas Perkins, Feb. 3, 1822.*


John and Elizabeth Bennet, Mar. 9, 1732.*. CR1


Ann S., 22, dress maker, d. Richard and Betsey, and Hervey Newton, 24, boot manufacturer, of Southborough [int. Southboro], s. Hezekiah and Lucy of Southborough, July 30, 1844.

Betsey F. and Alvah Orms, Apr. 3, 1838.

Hannah P. and William [int. adds H.] Morse, Apr. 9, 1829. [Gammage, and William Morse. CR1]

Izannah and Lowell Belknap of Westboro [int. Westborough], Mar. 11, 1834.

Joseph S. and Mary T. Taft, int. June 4, 1836. [m. July 7. PR89]

Martha R. and John Smith of Taunton, Nov. 19, 1826.

Richard Jr. and Elizabeth A. Bridges, Nov. 28, 1839.


Samuel [int. Gamweel Jr. of Westbory] [and] –––– –––– [torn] [int. Jane Crook], Jan. 10, 1764. [Gamwell of Westboro, and Jane Crooks. CR1]


Winey and Bat Kelly of Westborough, int. Aug. 30, 1846.

GARSHET (Gasehit, Gashet, Gashett, Gashit, Gassett, Geshett)

Sarah and Joseph Batchelor of Grafton, int. [Feb. ––, 1787].

GASEIT (Garshet, Gashet, Gashett, Gashit, Gassett, Geshett)

Huldah and Joel Norcross, int. Apr. 30, 1791. [Huldy Gerghet, m. June 22. PR3]

GASHET (Garshet, Gasehit, Gashett, Gashit, Gassett, Geshett)

Elisha and Polly Pierce [int. Peirce], May 16, 1803. [Gashett, and Polly Pierce. CR1]

Meriam and Jonathan Stearns Jr., Dec. 3, 1801.*

GASHETT (Garshet, Gasehit, Gashet, Gashit, Gassett, Geshett)

Moses [int. Gashet] and Currants [int. Curants] Isbell, July 3, 1800. [Gashett, and Curants Isbell. CR1]

GASHIT (Garshet, Gasehit, Gashet, Gashett, Gassett, Geshett)

Seth [int. Gashell] and Ann [int. Annah] Warren of Westborough, Jan. 8, 1760, in Westborough.

GASSETT (Garshet, Gasehit, Gashet, Gashett, Gashit, Geshett)

Mary and Obadiah West, Feb. 16, 1834.

Russell and Emily A. Hayward, Nov. 25, 1832.

Sarah and Asa T.S. Hoit, Mar. 20, 1833.


Charlott C., wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], and Augustus Coburn, widr. [int. omits widr.], boot maker, May 11, 1848.

Joseph of Waltham, and Irene [int. Ireene] Ellis, May 18, 1836.


Danforth and Hannah Knowlton, Sept. 19, 1832,.

Eliza J., 20, d. Joseph W. and Maria, and James Richards, 24, blacksmith, of Newton, s. Enoch and Sarah, Feb. 26, 1846.

Frances [sic] [int. Francis] and Ruth Carril [int. Carrell], July 3, 1743. [Francis and Ruth Carril, June 23. CR1]

Nathan of Natick, and Betsey Spining, Mar. 30, 1818. [Betsy. CR1]

Sylvius H. and Olive [int. adds C.] Albee, Nov. 24, 1842.

GEMELL (Gambwell)

Samuel of Westborough, and Ann Hambleton, Mar. 11, 1734-5.*. PR3

GESHETT (Garshet, Gasehit, Gashet, Gashett, Gashit, Gassett)

Hannah [int. Gaishet] and Edmun [int. Edmund] Rice of Westborough [int. Westbrough], July 10, 1751. [Gashet, and Edmund Rice of Westborough. CR1]


Anna [int. Anne] of Sudbury, and Gilbert Dench, Dec. 10, 1761, in Sudbury.

Cromwell and Ireny W. [int. Iraney D.] Wright, Mar. 31, 1824. [Ireney W. CR1]

Emily [int. Emely] and Hiram Comee, Apr. 17, 1832. [Emily. CR1. PR22]

Fanny and Rohert McFarland [int. of Roxbury], Nov. 28, 1805.

Hannah Jr. and Samuel Frail, Dec. 20, 1798.

Isaac of Sudbury [int. Sudbery], and Lois [int. Loes] Townsend, Jan. 2, 1755. [Lois Tounsend. CR1]

Israel and Mary Hamblton [second dup. Hambleten], May 18, 1727.* [Hambleton. CR1]

Jacob and Mary Goodwin [int. Gooden] of Sutton, Nov. 19, 1747, in Sutton.

Jacob and Pheeby Chamberlin [int. Phebe Chamberlen], Dec. 30, 1752. [Phebe Chamberlain, Nov. 30. CR1]

Jacob and Elisabeth Mellen int. Dec. 13 1786. [m. Jan. 11, 1787. CR1]

John and Hannah Walker, July 2, 1761.

John and Fanny Peirce of Westboro, int. Feb. 12, 1822.

Joseph and Abigail Grant of Sherborn [int. Sherborne], Apr. 23, 1747, in Sherborn.

Joseph and Huldah Gould, int. Feb. 8, 1772. [m. Feb. 27. CR1]

Joseph, Lt. [int. omits Lt.], of Milford, and Dorcas Thayer, Nov. 25, 1799. [Lt. Joseph of Milford, and Mrs. Dorcas Thayer. CR1]

Lois of Framinham, and Timothy Walker, int. Oct. 1, 1777. [m. Oct. 16. CR1]

Lucy and Joseph Morse of Lunenburg [int. Lunenburgh], Feb. 7, 1819. [Joseph of Lunenburgh. CR1]

Lydia of Framingham, and Thomas Pierce, Jan. 24, 1743, in Framingham.

Martha [int. Gibb] and Willis Hall of Sutton, May 21, 1746. [Gibbs, May 25. CR1]

Mary of Holliston, and John Walker, int. July 16, 1769.

Mary and John Freeland, int. Nov. 7, 1769. [m. Dec. 7. CR1]

Mehetabel, see Hette.

Hette and Joseph Walker Jr., int. [Sept. ––, 1783]. [Mehetabel, m. Jan. 1, 1784. CR1]

Nathaniel [int. Jr.] of Sudbury, and Hannah Townsend Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Mar. 5, 1761. [Nathaniell Jr. of Sudbury, and Hannah Tounsend Jr. CR1]

Olive and Ebenezer Temple, Aug. 29, 1776.*. CR1

Perses and Nathaniel Johnson of Holiston, int. Dec. 30 1784. [Persis, m. Jan. 30, 1785. CR1]

Phenehas [int. Phinehas] and Mary Mellen, June 1, 1757. [Phinehas. CR1]

Phebe and John Dickman, int. Feb. 19, 1774. [Phebee, m. Mar. 31. CR1]

Samuel and Betsey Dickman, June 8, 1800.

Sarah and Thomas Walker, int. Dec. 8, 1777. [m. Jan. 22, 1778. CR1]

William and Mary Nut, int. Feb. 8, 1781. [Polly Nutt, m. Mar. 22. CR1]

GIBBSON (Gibson, Gipson)

John Jr. and Hannah Carryl, int. Jan. 4, 1783. [Gipson, m. May 29. CR1]

Patte and John Moulton, int. July 15, 1786. [Patty Gibson, m. Sept. 7. CR1]

GIBSON (Gibbson, Gipson)

Almira of Ashby, and Isaac T. Bruce, int. Sept. 7, 1848.

Benjamin and Hannah Claflin, int. Nov. 8, 1835.

Eliza [int. Elizabeth] and Eliphelet Corbin of Kilingsley [int. Killingly], Nov. 12, 1807. [Eliza and Eliphalet Corbin of KilIingsly. CR1]

Elizabeth and Ebenezar McFarland, int. Nov. 5, 1774.

Hannah and Thorndike Leonard, int. Apr. 4, 1847.

Huldah and Hervey Dreser [int. Dresser] of Sturbridge, Nov. 22 [int. Dec. 5], 1809. [Hulday and Harvey Dresser of Sturbridge, Jan. 1, 1810. CR1]

James and Lettice Boyes of Londonderry, int. Aug. 27, 1748.

James and Anna McCollister [int. McCallerster] of Westborough [int. Westbrugh], Sept. 27, 1757. [MacColester. CR1]

James Jr. and Anna Albe of Mendon, int. Feb. 27, 1780. [Albee, m. Apr. 6. CR1]

Jane C., 20, d. Appleton and Lydia, and William H. Sibley, 24, wheel wright, of Westborough, s. Silas and Lorinda, Apr. 10, 1845. [Jane Caroline and William H. Sibley of Westboro. PR65]

John and Elizabeth Barnes, int. Dec. 2, 1769.

John Jr. and Olive Green of Uxbridge, int. Oct. 26, 1800.

Judath and Joseph Freland, int. Feb. 27, 1777. [Judith and Joseph Freeland, m. May 27. CR1]

Lydia and Samuel Forbush [int. Forbes] of Upton, Apr. 17, 1798. [Forbush Jr. of Upton. CR1]

Margaret and Samuel Rider, int. July 31, 1773. [Margeret, m. Nov. 25. CR1]

Pegga [int. Peggey] of Holliston, and Zadock [int. Zadok] Pond, Oct. 20, 1796, in Holliston.

Margery [int. Margary] and Isaac Adams Jr. of Westboro, Apr. 8, 1802. [Margery. CR1]

Maria, see Moriah.

Moriah [int. Maria] and Alanson Stearns of Upton, Apr. 6, 1826. [Moriah. CR1] [Maria, d. Cornelius and Patience. PR99]

Martha and Joseph Wood, Sept. 21, 1742.* [Sept. 23. CR1]

Mary Scott and Roswell Warner of Surbridg [int. Sturbridge], Jan. 3, 1799. [Mary Scot Gibson and Roswell Warner of Sturbridge. CR1]

Mary [int. Marcy] G. and William Adams, Nov. 12, 1828. [Mercy G. CR1] [Mercy Green Gibson and William Adams, ch. Asa and Elizabeth (Kimball). PR16] [Marcy G. Gibson and William Adams. PR92]

Mary E. and Almond Adams, May 1, 1839. [Almond, ch. Asa and Elizabeth (Kimball), May 9. PR16]

Mercy G., see Mary G.

Miranda and Charles I. [int. T.] Dean, Jan. 1, 1835.

Persis and Simeon Bowman of Berlin, Aug. 14, 1822.

Roswell W. of Milford, and Lucretia Warks, May 23, 1831.

Stephen of E. Cambridge, and Nancy J. Bruce, Nov. 2, 1843.

William and Mary Schoot [int. Scott], July 13, 1744. [Scot. CR1]

William and Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] Rines [int. of Mendon], Sept. 12, 1751. [Elizabeth Rhines of Mendon. CR1]

William and Abigail Sango, int. Jan. ––, 1782. [m. Jan. 17. CR1]

William Jr. and Elisabeth Nut Jr., int. [Jan. ––, 1786]. [Nutt, m. May 7. CR1]


Elizabeth and Thomas Howard of Mendon, int. Aug. 25, 1746. [Hayward of Mendon, m. Nov. 27. CR1]

Elizabeth [int. Gyles] and Benjamin Brooks of Townsend [int. Townshend], Nov. 16, 1749. [Giles, and Benjamin Brooks of Tounshend. CR1]

Jane and Amos Newton of Southborough, July 22, 1762.

John and Jane Larnard [int. Learned], Feb. 28, 1758. [Learnard, Feb. 23. CR1]

Samuel [int. Gyles] and Mary Axdell [int. Axtell of Grafton], Nov. 16, 1749. [Giles, and Mary Axtell. CR1]


Hull A. and Eveline Goodnow of Framingham, Mar. 24, 1827.

John B., 24, farmer. of Brincton Princeton, s. Moses and Miriam, and Sarah M. Smith, 20, d. Samuel and Cynthia, Apr. 15, 1846.


James N. and Abigail W. Coffin of Newburyport, int. Sept. 1, 1844.


Nancy of Holliston, and Amory [int. Emory] Littlefield, Apr. 6, 1820. [Amory. CR1]

GIMERSON (Jennison)

Edwin of Boston, and Caroline Lloyd of Boston, Oct. 16, 1837.*

GIPSON (Gibbson, Gibson)

Katharing and Marten Prat Jr. of Westborough, int. Jan. 1, 1780. [Katharine Gibson and Martin Prat, m. Apr. 6. CR1]


Elijah of Oxford, and Elizabeth Wiman [int. Wyman], Oct. 9, 1760. [Wyman. CR1]

Esther and Abner Atwill, int. June 14, 1760.

Lois of Framingham, and Moses Burnam of Framingham, Apr. 4, 1802.*

Sarah [int. Glezing of Framingham], and John Crooks [int. Crook], Jan. 4, 1749, in Framingham.


Gideon of Framingham, and Sybel Warren, Feb. 11, 1821. [Gliddon of Framingham. CR1]


Alasander and Elezebeth Wood of Upton, int. Mar. 24, 1764.

GODARD (Goddard)

Anna and John Capen of Roxboro, int. June 8, 1805.

Polly of Holliston, and Aaron Eames, int. May 30, 1819.

Mary Ann of Framingham, and John Aldrich, int. Aug. 14, 1831.

Samuel and Kezia Pond of Franklin, Apr. 19, 1792, in Franklin.

Samuel B. and Hannah Skiff, Jan. 15, 1815. " [Goddard. CR1]

GODDARD (Godard)

Abigail and John Tid, int. Feb. 20, 1780. [Tidd, m. Feb. 2 [sic]. CR1]

Benjamin [int. Godard] of Monteague [int. Mantagne], and Lois Tidd, Feb. 21, 1802. [Goddard of Montague. CR1]

Betty and Nehemiah How, int. Mar. 12, 1769. [m. May 24. CR1]

Harvey of Grafton, and Emeline Haven, Apr. 2, 1834. [Emeline, d. Asa (s. Zedekiah) and Ruth (Frail). PR67]

Levi of Orange, and Mehitable H. Haven, Nov. 30, 1831. [Mehitable, d. Asa (s. Zedekiah) and Ruth (Frail). PR67]

Samuel and [int. adds Mrs.] Betsey Burpee, Jan. 17, 1836. [Betsey. CR1]

Susanna of Framingham, and Phinehas How, int. Nov. 8, 1760.


Serua and Luther Newton of Framingham, int. Sept. 29, 1838.

GOLD (Goold, Gould)

Daniel and Rachal Beals of Sudbury, int. Dec. 13, 1759.

Gideon and Sarah Frail, Jan. 5, 1737.*. CR1


John of Milford, and Julia A. Parkhurst of Milford, Aug. 1, 1833.*

GOOCH (Gouch)

Elizabeth and Thomas Valentine, July 17, 1735.*. PR122

GOODALE (Goodell)

Solomon [int. Gooddeell] of Malborough [int. Molborough], and Mehetabel Burnap [int. Mehetable Burnet], ––– –– [int. Feb. 8], 1766. [Goodell of Marlborough, and Mehitable Burnap, m. Sept. 17. CR1]

GOODELL (Goodale)

Solomon of Grafton, and Mary Cody, int. Apr. 9, 1765. [m. June 13. CR1]


Jeremiah [int. Goodhue] and Elizabeth Tilton, Dec. 16, 1754. [Goodhue. CR1]

GOODIN (Goodwin)

Walter of Homer, NY, and Rebecca Peirce, int. May 21, 1820.


Eveline of Framingham, and Hull A. Gill, Mar. 24, 1827.

GOODWIN (Goodin)

Loas [int. Lois Goodin] and Thomas Walker Jr., Mar. 3, 1762. [Lois Goodin. CR1]

Mary [int. Gooden] of Sutton, and Jacob Gibbs, Nov. 19, 1747, in Sutton.

Mary [int. Goodwine] and Joseph Wood, ––– 12 [int. May 24], 1755. [Goodwin, July 12. CR1]

GOOLD (Gold, Gould)

John [int. Gold] and Hannah Andross [dup. Andros, int. Andrews], Aug. 1, 1749.

Joseph [second dup. Gould] and Sarah [second dup. Elizabeth] Bowker, May 18, 1726.* [Goold, and Elizabeth Bouker. CR1]


Phebe of Smithfield, RI, and Stephen Borden, int. Apr. 16, 1837.


Richard [int. Gos] of Mendon, and Martha Robbins [int. Robens], Apr. 6, 1756. [Goss, and Martha Robbins. CR1]

GOUCH (Gooch)

Hannah and Simpson Jones, Aug. 28, 1740,* [Gooch. CR1]

GOULD (Gold, Goold)

Anne, Mrs. [int. Anna, omits Mrs.], and Francis Clark of Mendon, Oct. 10, 1771, in Mendon.

Daniel, see Samuel.

Eliza and Ebenezar [int. Ebenezer] Kingsbury, Feb. 10, 1806. [Ebenezer. CR1]

Gedion and Ruth Haven of Framinham, int. Aug. 28, 1772

Huldah and Joseph Gibbs, int. Feb. 8, 1772. [m. Feb. 27. CR1]

James and Mary Chambarlin, int. Dec. 1, 1764. [Gold, and Mary Chamberlain, m. Dec. 27. CR1]

Jane [int. Guld] and Ameriah [int. Amariah] Haven, Feb. 3, 1757. [Goold, and Amariah Haven, Feb. 8. CR1]

Joseph [int. Gold Jr.] and Elizabeth [int. Lydia] How, Aug. 9, 1750. [Gold Jr., and Lydia How. CR1]

Lindsey and Emily M. Palmer, Oct. 12, 1848.*. PR88

Lucy and Samuel Alen, int. Dec. 23, 1780. [Allen, m. Jan. 18, 1781. CR1]

Polly and Samuel Lackey, Nov. 13, 1803.

Mary and Abiathar Bowker Jr., Nov. 28, 1816.

Mary, Mrs., and Eliphalet Bailey of Milford, int. Mar. 9, 1838.

Paul and Christian Hill of Holliston, int. Oct. 13, 1770.

Samuel and Elener Jeffords, Oct. 5, 1732.* [Daniel Goold and Ellenor Jeffords. CR1]

Sarah [int. Goold] and Jedediah [int. Jeddediah] Haven, Aug. 24, 1749. [Gold, and Jedediah Haven. CR1]

Thomas and Huldah Frail, June 21, 1744. [Goold. CR1]

Truman and Mary E. Haven, June 5, 1841.*. PR88


Almira and Silas Mirrick of Milford, June 20, 1827.

Caroline and Austin Hayward, July 27, 1828. [July––, 1826. PR43]

Emery and Henriettee [int. Hanritty] Hayden, June 25, 1820. [Henritty. CR1]

James and Julittee Morse, July 21, 1816. [Julitta. CR1]

John [dup. Gauldrdy, int. Golden] and Ruth Chamherlain, May 20, 1790.

John Jr. and Ann L. Eames, June 2, 1824. [Maj. John Jr., May 2. CR1] [John and Anna Eames, June 2. PR45]

Joseph of Worcester, and Lydia Mellen, int. June 4, 1803.

Joseph and Adeline S. Hildreth, Apr. 19, 1832.

Mary S., 18, d. Emery and Henrietta, and Daniel Reynolds, 28, farmer, s. Thomas and Elizabeth of E. Greenwich, RI, Nov. 3, 1844.

Nancy and Pierpoint [int. Pierpont] D. Brigham, Aug. 23, 1840.

Phebe and William Wood, Oct. 10, 1786, in Grafton.*. PR26


Abigail of Sherborn [int. Sherborne], and Joseph Gibbs, Apr. 23, 1747, in Sherborn.

Betsy and Nathaniel Molton, int. Dec. 18, 1787. [Betcy and Nathaniel Moulton Jr., m. Jan. 16, 1788. CR1]

Neverson of Boston, and Sarah Moulton, int. [June ––, 1786]. [m. July 20. CR1]


Abigail R., 20, d. Calvin and Lucinda, and Edmund Brigham, 23, farmer, of Southborough [int. Southboro], s. Lyscom and Experience, Nov. 28, 1844.

Calvin and Lucinda Hayden, Sept. 9, 1821.

Calvin and Susannah Greene [int. Mrs. Susanna Green] Nov. 30, 1843.

James M., 24, boot maker, s. Calvin and Lucinda, and Elizabeth Moulton, 19, d. Robert and Mary, May 7, 1846.

Leonard and Clarisa Bond, Apr. 7, 1825. [Clarissa. CR1]

Nathaniel and Anna Freland, int. Nov. 5, 1774.

Phenehas and Sarah Mellen, int. Feb. 16, 1782. [Phinehas and Sally Mellen, m. May 9. CR1]

Sally and Amos Burnap, Apr. 14, 1811.

Watson of Southboro [int. Southborough], and Fanny D. Wilson, Aug. 11, 1829. [Watson of Southborough. CR1]

Willis of Holliston, and Lydia P. Perry, int. Feb. 19, 1844.


Jane [int. Grey] of Worcester, and John Osborne [int. Ozborn] Jr., Nov. 29, 1748, in Worcester.

Mathew [int. Matthew] of Worcester, and Melicent [int. Milicent] Dickman, Oct. 6, 1807. [Matthew of Worcester, and Millicent Dickman. CR1]

Samuel of Westboro, and Sally Adams, Aug. 30, 1813. [Sally, ch. Asa and Elizabeth (Kimball), Aug. 31. PR16]


Andrew G., 25, trader, of Boston, b. Gilmanton, NH, s. Joseph, and Caroline A. Mirick [int. C. Augusta Mirrick], 19, b. Milford, d. Silas, Dec. 3, 1849.

GREEN (Greene)

Cleophas and Meriam Watkins, int. July 23, 1777. [Miriam, m. Dec. 19. CR1]

Cleophas and Susannah Bixby, int. Dec. 4, 1822.

Isaac Adams [int. Isaac Addums Grean] of Mendon, and Hannah Pierce [int. Peirce], Apr. 26, 1764, in Westborough.

Luther Jr. and Anna Smith of Holliston, June 8, 1815.* [Luther Jr. of Holliston. CR1]

Lydia of Holliston, and Sullivan Sheffield, int. Nov. 14, 1800.

Mary Ann and Silas B. Hill, Jan. 6, 1828.

Olive of Uxbridge, and John Gibson Jr., int. Oct. 26, 1800.

Peter, Dr., and Martha Clark, int. May 28, 1769. [m. July 27. CR1]

William of Upton. and Mary Wadkins, int. Dec. 29, 1759.

GREENE (Green)

Susannah [int. Mrs. Susanna Green] and Calvin Graves, Nov. 30, 1843.


Samuel of Holliston, and Fanny M. Bruce, int. Oct. 16, 1842.


Mary H. of Kingston, RI, and Chandler Cheney, ch. John and Susannah (Kinney), ––– ––, 1845.*. PR71

Susan A. of S. Kingston, RI, and William Cheney, ch. John and Susannah (Kinney), ––– ––, 1838.*. PR71


Aaron, 49, farmer, s. Moses and Abigail, and Relief Burt, wid. [int. omits wid.], 45. d. John Wood and Lovina, May 25, 1848.

Abel of Frarninham, and Sally Homer, int. June 10, 1780. [m. Nov. 30. CR1]

Abner, s. William and Hannah (Kelley), and Dolly Adams Hartshorn, Feb. 17, 1848.*. PR62

Catharine F., 22, d. Seneca and Patty, and Charles Gregory Jr., 32, tanner, of Princeton, May 28, 1844.

Charles [int. Greewood] and Charlotte [int. Charlott] B. Rice, Jan. 7, 1838.

Hannah, 50, strawbraider, d. William and Mehitable dec'd of Framingham, and Sampson Bridges, widr. [int. omits widr.], 72, farmer, s. Hackaliah and Elizabeth, May 1, 1844.

James Jr. and Experience Harding, Dec. 25, 1776.*. CR1

James of New Stafford, and Hannah Jones, int. Jan. 8, 1779. [m. Feb. 25. CR1]

Joseph, s. Moses and Abigail, and Roxana Vila, Apr. 22, 1822.*. PR62

Patte and Samuell Frail, int. June 11, 1785. [Patty and Samuel Frail, m. Aug. 23. CR1]

Mary H. of Framingham, and Calvin Twitchel, int. July 15, 1822.

Ruben of Holliston, and Meriam Arnold, int. Mar. 20, 1819.

Senaca and Patty Esta of Westboro, int. July 16, 1820.

Silas of Hubardston, and Julia Daniels, Dec. 8, 1811. [Silas of Hubbardstown. CR1]

William and Hannah Kelley, int. Oct. 17, 1824.

William, Capt., of Framingham, and Rowena Works of Framingham, Aug. ––, 1836.*


Charles Jr., 32, tanner, of Princeton, and Catharine F. Greenwood, 22, d. Seneca and Patty, May 28, 1844.

GRIFFER (Griffin)

Patrick and Mary Harns, int. Aug. 18, 1849.

GRIFFIN (Griffer)

Ann A. [int. Griffer], b. Ireland, d. John, and Richard M. Howley, 21, boot maker, b. Ireland, s. Patrick J., Dec. 21, 1849.


Ann Maria, 18, d. Ezekiel, and Abram Crooks, 23, boot maker, s. Samuel, Nov. 28, 1849.

Charles V., 27, joiner, s. Ezekiel and Betsey, and Susan E. Forbes, 21, d. Nahum and Polly, Apr. 21, 1845.

Elizabeth J. and Isaac B. Valentine, Oct. 3, 1839.

Emily J., 19, and Samuel B. Forbes, 20, boot cutter, s. Naham and Polly, Sept. 2, 1846.

Ezekiel and Betsey Johnson of Framingham, int. Feb. 24, 1811. [m. Apr. 11. PR121]

Mary P. and Artemus [int. Artimas] C. Putnam, Feb. 4, 1836. [Mary Pond Guy and Artemas C. Putnam. PR109]

Sarah B., 21, d. Ezekiel and Betsey, and Samuel Crooks Jr. [int. omits Jr.], 22, bootmaker, s. Samuel and Emeline, Nov. 13, 1844. [Samuel Jr. PR56]

Susan Isabella and William Valentine, Nov. 1, 1843.


George, "A fre negro of Grafton," and Jane, "A Servant of the Late Capt. Thomas Clarke," int. Apr. ––, 1777. [Dyer of Grafton, m. May 15. PR3]

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