Patrick, 26, s.Thos.& Mary, and Lizzie Crowley, 28, d.Michael & Lizzie, b. Ireland, Jan.16,1865, in Woburn.


John C., 33, b. Quincy, s.Christopher & Margaret, and Joanna L. Kelly, 25, b. Boylston, N.S., d.Edward & Julia, July13,1881, in Arlington.

Sybil, and Samuel Fletcher, Feb.3,1768.

Thomas J., and Anna Meriam, Oct.26,1797.

Tryphena, Miss, and Peter Blodgett, Dec.14,1823.


Bartholomew D., 25, b. Ireland, s.Jeremiah & Mary, and Elizabeth N. Curry, 23, of N. Adams, b. Rutland, VT, d.Wm.& Maria, Sept.9,1890, in N. Adams.

Bridget, Mrs., 40, of Arlington, b. Ireland, d.Timothy & Margaret, and Michael O'Brien [2nd], 45, b. Ireland, s.Thos, & Julia M., his 2nd, Jan.19,1876.

Ellen, 26, d.Edmund & Ellen, and Patrick Reardy, Jr., 25, s.Hannah, b. Ireland, Jan.25,1865, in Woburn.

Jeremiah, 27, s.John & Bridget (McGuire), and Ellen Twomey, 25, d.John & Mary (Cotton), b. Ireland, July23,1871.

Jeremiah J., 38, of Holyoke, b. Ireland, s.Blaney B. & Bridget, and Margaret A. O'Brien, 29, b. Ireland, d.Jas.& Margaret, June17,1880, in Arlington.


Albin, 21, of Bedford, b. ME, s.Jas.& Hannah (Dumprey), and Lottie M. Fowler, 19, of Bedford, b. Canada, d.Neham A. & Almira M. (Warner), Feb.1,1896.

Lizzie B. 20, of Cambridge, b. St. Johns, N.B., and John H. Curran, 22, b. Ireland, s.John & Delia, Aug.7,1886.

Susan, and William Townsend, Mar.7,1847.

William M., 24, of Woburn, b. P.E.I., s.Jas.& Jane, and Annie Lodrew, 22, b. Newfoundland, d.Geo. & Mary, Feb.23,1887.


Martha C., 33, b. N.S., and Jonas Bartlett, 35, b. Jaffrey NH, s.Joseph & Sally, Aug.12,1865, in Belmont.


Elizabeth J., 26, d.Thos.& Mary, of Boston, and Cornelius J. Manley, 28, s.Dennis & Bridget, Oct.18,1888, in Boston.


Mary, 23, b. Ireland, d.Patrick & Mary, and Michael Kelly, 23, of Arlington, b. Ireland, s.Thos.& Mary, Oct.14,1884, in Arlington.


Curtis, and Mary Augusta Brown, May2,1832.

Henry, 24, s.Curtis & Mary A., and Angeline Hutchinson, 25, d.Chas.& Lydia A., Nov.26,1862.

Mary E., 20, d.Curtis & Mary, and Sylvester S. Crosby, 24, b. NH, s.Jaazaniah & Huldah, Sept.1,1855.

Susie Augusta, 17, d.Curtis & Mary Augusta, and Charles O. Wentworth, 22, b. Boston, s.Otis & Nancy E., Dec.29,1876.


Abbie, 22, d.John L. & Jane (Armstrong), and Thomas M. Harvie, 27, s.Philip & Rebecca (Malcom), b. N.S., Jan.25,1872.


Everett Pasco, 29, b. Pt. Elgin, N.B., s.Henry & Arabella (Goodwin), and Elizabeth Beharrell, 28, of New York City, b. Amherst, N.S., d.Isaac & Caroline (Chapman), Nov.1,1896.

George S., of Brooklyn, NY, and Miss Mary Wellington, Oct.29,1840.

Jonathan, of Boston, and Miss Abigail Hastings, Dec.9,1821.

Mary Maria, 52, b. Boston, d.Jonathan & Mary, and John Hastings, 72, s.Isaac & Sarah, his 2nd, Aug.28,1862.

William H., of Boston, and Maria Hastings, May4,1828.


Sarah, and Richard Arms, Oct.28,1714.


James Bernard, 22, John & Hannah, and Ellen Theresa Connor, of Waltham, b. Ireland, d.Joseph & Bridget, Aug.17,1887, in Waltham.


Emma A., 18, of Malden, b. England, d.Sam'l & Ann J., and Henry F. Downs, 21, of Boston, b. New Haven, s.Henry S. & Harriet B., May13,1865.


Lizzie R., 35, of Haverhill, b. Jaffrey, NH, d.Walter & Charlotte H., and Peter Ferguson, 41, b. Scotland, s.David & Welthea, Nov.18,1861.


Mary A., 23, b. Cambridge, d.Michael & Mary, and John J. Gateley, 24, s.Jas.& Catherine (Gillespie), Oct.29,1879, in Arlington.

Michael, 23, s.Patrick & Ellen, and Bridget Hurley, 22, b. Ireland, Sept.11,1870.


Emely, 28, of Lawrence, b. Bridgeton, ME, d.Henry & Hannah, and John Simonds, Jr., 41, of Burlington, b. Boston, s.Abigail, his 3rd m., June30,1861.

Mary L., 25, S. Boston, b. Rockland, ME, d.Dan'l & Margaret (Donovan), and William P. Tanton, 22, b. S. Berwick, ME, s.Geo. S. & Abbie T. (Leavitt), Oct.27,1892, in S. Boston.


Bernard, 27, s.Thos.& Hannah, and Mary Conners, 24, d.Mergan, b. Ireland, Apr.18,1863, in Woburn.


Rudolphus, of Bridgewater, and Abigail Bowman, of Bedford, May18,1763.


James, Jr., 22, s.Catherine, and Kate Gallivan, 20, d.Patrick & Ellen, b. Ireland, May9,1869.


Mary E., 21, b. Boston, d.Wm., and John A. Butterfield, 22, b. New Berton, NH, s.Wm.& Hannah, Dec.20,1860.


Elizabeth, of Boston, d.Patrick, and James Conden, 29, s.Thos.& Ellen, both b. Ireland, Apr.19,1863, in Woburn.

Michael J., 28, b. County Gallway, Ireland, s.Michael & Bridget (Tracy), and Delia V. White, 18, d.Michael & Ellen (Welch), June21,1894.


Alice, 19, b. Ireland, and Christopher Johnson, 31, b. Denmark, s.Chas.& Mary Ann (Lawson), Jan.6,1887.


Nellie, 26, and Michael Ahern, Jr., 23, s.Mary, both b. Ireland, Nov.19,1887.


Amanda F., 40, d.Spencer & Milly, of Glover, VT, and Oliver Winship, 58, s.Isaac & Sarah, Feb.26,1854.

Susanna, and Francis Bowman, Aug.11,1788.


Annie E., 21, of Burlington, b. ME, and Albert Aubin Nourse, 22, s.Albert Freeman & Martha Miles (Johnson), Sept.9,1885, in Burlington.

Maggie, 24, of Arlington, b. Canada, d.Jas.& Jane, and James A. Wilson, 28, b. England, s.Alexander & Martha, Nov.12,1887, in Arlington.

William, of Boston, and Mary Harrington, in Boston, Mar.24,1773.

William, Capt., of Mason, NH, and Lydia Loring, Sept.26,1776.


Elizabeth, and Thomas Briant, both of Concord, June16,1760.

Elizabeth, Miss, and Abijah Blanchard, of Charlestown, June1,1843.

Hannah, Mrs., and Dr. Thomas Whitcomb, June7,1810.

John, of Lincoln, and Beulah Meriam, July7,1757.

John, Jr., and Margaret Mack, of Salem, Jan.12,1786.

John, Col., and Miss Susan Whitmore Reed, June7,1815.

John Q.A., 40, s.Wm.& Elizabeth, and Sarah P. Dudley, 26, b. Roxbury, d.Sam'l & Mary, Mar.26,1866.

Joseph, and Hannah Bridge, Sept.29,1791.

Lydia M., and Alpheus L. Godding, Nov.30,1848.

Margaret, and Joseph Eaton, May9,1835.

Mary, and Nathaniel Mulliken, May22,1806.

Mary, d.Wm.& Betsey, and Warren Duren, of Woburn, s.Abraham & Mary, Oct.18,1848.

Nathan, and Ruth Tidd, Oct.4,1785.

Nathan, Jr., and Miss Maria Howard Mead, Dec.7,1821.

Samuel, and Miss Lydia Muzzy, Oct.29,1818.

Samuel, and Abigail Muzzey, Sept.11,1834.

Sarah, and Hammond Reed, Jr., Oct.26,1786.

William, and Miss Elizabeth Harrington, of Woburn, Oct.17,1813.


Leroy, 34, s.Edward & Sarah, of NC, and Eliza J. Norcross, 26, b. Lincoln, d.John & Ellenor, Aug.28,1856.


David, 24, b. Boston, s.Geo. A. & Ellen S., and Mina F. Boutelle, 22, of Milford, NH, b. Amherst, NH, d.Albert F. & Sophia F., Oct.23,1890, in Milford, NH.

Minnie F., 21, b. Cambridge, d.Geo. A. & Ellen S., and Arthur W.L. Nelson, 28, of Rindge, NH, b. Manchester, NH, s.Chas.W. & Mary J., Aug.25,1885, in Cambridge.


Edmund A., and Harriet Brown, Oct.9,1832.

Louisa, 23, b. P.E.I., d.Wm.& Margaret (Holland), and John J. McAllister, 22, b. Belfast, Ireland, s.Dan'l & Rose (Mullahend), Feb.11,1892.


Ella A., 23, b. Bedford, d.Sewall S. & Carrie, and John A. Swinehamer, 28, b. N.S., s.Henry H. & Mary M., June16,1884, in Boston.

Mary, 18, d.Frank & Mary, of E. Cambridge, and Silas L. Cummings, 23, b. Waldoboro, ME, s.Ambrose & Mary, Apr.29,1876.

Stella Louisa, 30, d.Joseph F. & Maria L. (Jenkins), of Nantucket, and Nathaniel Nunn, 28, s.Chas.& Susan (Pierce), June8,1887, in Nantucket.

Ward Beecher, 35, b. Fayette, ME, s.F. Augustus & Rachel L. (Sturtevant), and Dora Evelyn Curtis, 31, d.John & Annie M. (Greenwood), of Providence, RI, Feb.1,1893, in Providence.

CHENEY (Chenery)

Sarah, of Newton, and Daniel Mason, in Newton, Jan.6,1793.

William, of Waltham, and Martha Russell, Feb.19,1789.


Nellie F., 18, d.Geo. V. & Ada M. (Nutting), of Newton, and Harry H. Cutter, 32, b. Jamaica Plain, s.Benj. F. & Mary E. (Capen), June1,1893, in Newton.

CHILD (Childs)

Abijah, and Sarah Cutler, Oct.27,1763.

Anna, of Waltham, and Nathaniel Cutter, in Waltham, Apr.4,1799.

Augustus, s.Isaac & Betsey, and Eliza Ann Blodgett, d.Chas.& Eliza, Mar.9,1853.

Cynthia, Miss, and William T. Smith, May27,1812.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Howe, Apr.9,1838.

Eunice, and Habakkuk Stearns, Apr.18,1785.

Martha, d.Isaac & Betsey, and Billings Smith, Jr., s.Sally, Jan.10,1847.

Mary, and Joshua Hanscam, Dec.1,1828.

Mary Matilda, and James Wellington, Apr.16,1840.

Prentiss, of Woburn, s.Isaac & Betsey, and Esther F. Hollis, d.David & Maria, Jan.14,1847.

Sarah, Miss, and Nathan Harrington, July8,1827.

William, of Groton, and Miss Dorcas Thorning, Aug.25,1821.

CHILDS (Child)

Augustus, 48, b. Waltham, s.Isaac & Betsey, 2nd m., and Mary E. Cunningham, 32, b. Edgecomb, ME, d.Chas.& Rachel, Mar.10,1867, in Waltham.

Edward Loring, 26, b. E. Boston, s.Chas.E. & Sophia G. (Vickery), and Harriet Louise Sherman, 24, b. New Bedford, d.Chas.H. & Eliza V. (Sherman), Nov.30,1896.

Ella A., 45, of Augustus, ME, b. Hallowell, ME, d.Jonas & Maria (Hinkley), and Charles H. Kenison, 58, of Waterville, ME, b. Bow, NH, s.Benj. & Hannah (Buntin), Aug.19,1888.

Frank C., 46, b. Cambridge, s.Luke C. & Rebecca Ames, and Edith Jewett Robinson, 37, d.Geo. W. & Maria (Jewett), Sept.18,1895.

Isaac, Jr., 49, b. Waltham, s.Betsey, 2nd m., and Mrs.Adaline (Smith) Cooper, 40, d.Ebenezer & Anna Smith, Mar.6,1863, in Waltham.

Martha Eliza, 22, d.Augustus & Mary E. (Cunningham), and Charles H. Spaulding, 21, s.Edwin S. & Clara A. (Norton), Apr.8,1895.

Mary Elizabeth, 24, d.Luke C. & Rebecca A. (Hale), and Frederick Osborne Robinson, 26, s.Geo. W. & Maria Jewett, b. Boston, Apr.21,1868.

Thomas W., 22, s.Isaac & Mary Ann, and Hattie P. Hildreth, 24, b. Dorchester, d.Sam'l & Sophia, Nov.26,1862.


Lillie Frances, 21, b. Cambridge, d.Thos.J. & Martha (Turner), and Samuel Butterfield, 22, Joseph & Judith Ann (Cutler), of Arlington, Dec.17,1879.


John, of Cambridge, and Miss Hanna Winship, June1,1804.


Lydia, and Nathaniel Smith, both of Watertown, Feb.5,1722-23.


Thomas, 23, b. Ireland, s.Thos.& Sabrina, and Mary Dunn, 22, d.Richard & Mary, June7,1888.


Mary E., 21, b. Cambridge, d.Owen & Julia, and Charles W. Hayden, 23, s.Maynard & Lois, of Hopkinton, Jan.2,1859.


Bridget, 26, d.Timothy & Judy, and Michael Murphy, 23, s.Dan'l & Jane, b. Ireland, Oct.25,1856.


Caroline, 20, b. Dorchester, d.Enos & Adaline, and Nathan B. Johnson, 27, s.Nathan & Louisa, of Wayland, June9,1857.

Robert Parker, 31, b. Montague, s.Geo. A. & Irene F. (Parker), and Mary Lizzie Saunders, 26, d.Chas.F. & Mary B. (Ball), of Cambridge, Oct.28,1886, in Cambridge.

Susan B., Miss, and John M. Johnson, of Concord, NH, Jan.14,1835.

William, of Boston, and Miss Sally Bowman, June30,1808.


Agnes, 23, d.Robert & Isabella (Holiday), and Tupper Ingalls, 30, s.Joseph & Sarah (Silling), b. in N.S., July2,1894, in Jamaica Plain.

Alice, 21, b. West Point, NY, d.Alexander S. & Ruth B., and Edwin Read, 24, of Evanston, IL, b. Brooklyn, NY, s.Edwin Oliver & Frances H., July30,1890, in Boston.

Alvah W., 29, of Boston, b. Portland, ME, s.Thos.S. & Elizabeth, and Adella C. Hadley, 26, d.Sewell T. & Millicent A.D., Dec.26,1883.

Charles, and Miss Emeline L. Smith, Jan.21,1841.

Elizabeth, 23, d.Jas.& Harriet B. (Hosmer), of Bedford, and John Ferris, 29, of Bedford, b. New Brunswick, s.Wm.E. & Martha (Dillon), May29,1889.

Frank Everett, 29, Newtonville, b. Boston, s.Oren Francis & Sarah Frances (Twitchell), and Ethel Delna Moody, 26, b. Weston, d.Abner Jackson & Eliza Frances (Bird), June24,1890.

Frank Henry, 31, s.Abel & Catherine (Kennedy), of Boston, and Mary Ella Keefe, 30, d.Wm.& Mary (Cannift), Nov.29,1894.

James, and Jerusha Bullard, of Medfield, in Medfield, Nov.19,1730.

Jonas, Rev. Mr., and Lucy Bowes, Sept.21,1757.

Joshua S., s.Joshua & Nancy, of Sudbury, and Jerusha S. Walker, d.Wm.& Betsey, July10,1845.

Judah, and Eunice Warrin, of Weston, in Weston, Nov.16,1737.

Lillian F., 23, d.D. Fred & Elvira R. (Tibbetts), b. Easton, and Ernest G. Kauffmann, 27, s.Chas.G. & Mary F. (Thomas), Feb.3,1897, in Easton.

Lucy, Miss, and Rev. Mr. Thaddeus Fiske, of Cambridge, June17,1789.

Lydia, Miss, and Rev. Benjamin Green, of Medway, Aug.13,1789.

Margaret, 18, b. Ireland, d.Jas.& Maria (Laiden), and Richard Kelley, 25, of Arlington, b. Ireland, s.Richard & Mary (Hickey), Nov.4,1871.

Martha, Mrs., and Rev. William Harris, of Salem, Nov.3,1791.

Polly, Miss, and Rev. Mr. Henry Ware, Mar.31,1790.

Ruth, and John Piper, July13,1736.

Susanna, and Ebenezer Hancock, Jan.14,1702.


Mary Alice, 24, of W. Medford, b. Amesbury, d.F.K. & Mary K. and Arthur Lewis Bryant, 22, b. Greenland, NH, s.E.L. & Annie R., Dec.22,1887, in W. Medford.


Anna, and Stephen Hadley, of Woburn, Nov.7,1837.


William W., of Brookline, and Mary C. Mulliken, d.Isaac & Mary, Feb.2,1848.


John, Dr., and Huldah Whittemore, both of Lincoln, Feb.2,1758.


James, 27, s.Thos.& Mary, and Mary Flanagan, 27, b. Ireland, Sept.7,1866, in Woburn.


Patrick, 24, s.Michael & Bridget, and Bridget Stackpole, 24, d.John & Margaret, b. Ireland, June6,1869.


Francis M., 29, b. Chelsea, s.Francis L. & Augusta A. (Hall) and Annie G. Amy, 24, b. Granville, VT, d.Oscar & Addie L. (Kimball), Dec.15,1892.


Daniel W., s.Dan'l & Hannah, and Mary C. Smith, d.David & Huldah, all of Charlestown, July18,1852.

COBURN (Colburn)

James M., s.Abiel & Sarah, and Eliza Lakin, d.Sam'l & Rebecca, July5,1846.


Cordelia, 20, b. Colchester, N.S., d.Sam'l & Agnes S., and Wallace F. Hendly, 36, s.Sam'l W. & Emeline, May21,1887.


Richard S., 23, of Boston, b. Wiscasset, ME, s.Edwin & Annie (Bailey), and Adeline A. Fiske, 27, d.Timothy K. & Barbara (Peters), Oct.20,1892.


Elisabeth, of Natick, and Jonathan Winship, May12,1800.


Moses E., 43, b. Rockport, s.Emerson & Mary (Carter), and Annie Eliza Smith, 31, of Boston, b. Gloucestershire, England, d.John & Caroline, Dec.14,1883, in Boston.

Sarah, 27, of Medford, b. Newport, ME, d.Jas., and George G. Paine, 36, Sacramento, CA, b. Fort Covington, NY, s.John S., Feb.11,1856.


Phineas, of Boston, and Miss Eliza Russell, Apr.19,1835.


Hannah G., and Dr. George Russell, both of Lincoln, Dec.5,1826.

Mary Jane, 23, b. N.S., d.Robert & Catherine, and Duncan McLaughin, 26, b. New Brunswick, s.Dan'l & Margery, Nov.19,1873, in Arlington.


Moses, 65, s.Jeremiah & Mary (Chute), of Newbury, 2nd m., and Mrs.Isabella L. (Ellis) Buck, 39, b. Dorchester, d.John A. Ellis & Lorana J., Jan.5,1884.


Sidney L., 31, of Stoneham, b. Manchester, NH, and Clara E. Dike, 21, of Stoneham, d.Solon & Elizabeth (Green), Jan.16,1867.


Dennis H. 25, s.Dan'l & Mary (Donovan), and Agnes F. Winn, 24, b. Ireland, d.Patrick & Bridget (Dwyer), Sept.18,1895.

Ellen E., 27, d.Dan'l & Mary (Donovan), and Francis McManus, Jr., 27, s.Bridget (McGuire), Apr.10,1894.

John J., 24, s.Dan'l & Mary (Donovan), and Maggie Leavey, 26, b. Ireland, d.Jas.& Mary (Heavy), Oct.31,1893.

Mary M., 28, d.Dan'l & Mary (Donovan), and Bernard McEnroe, Jr., 29, b. Boston, s.Margaret, June2,1886.


Sarah C., Miss, of Newton, and Josiah Locke,末蔓末,1841.


Eli, 23, s.Jonathan & Olive, of Richford VT, and Mary C. McFee, 23, d.Alexander & Catherine, of N.S., Dec.23,1874.


Emma, 30, b. Digby County, N.S., d.Justine & Rosalie (LeBlanc), and Marcel DeVeau, 34, of Brookline, b. Digby, s.Archange & Mary (DeVeau), June26,1893, in N. Cambridge.


Antoinette J., 25, b. Worcester, d.Jas.H. & Hattie Ridgway, and William M. Horsch, 26, of Newburyport, b. Byfield, s.John M. & Henrietta Smith, Apr.18,1888.

James Henry Ridgway, 23, b. Brighton, s.Jas.H. & Harriet E.(Ridgway)], and Sarah Eveline Thruston, 20, d.Geo. Henry & Sarah L. (Adams), Oct.1,1884.

Norris F., 21, s.Jas.H. & Hattie E. (Ridgway), and Alice S. Smith, 23, b. Gloucestershire, England, d.Walter & Annie (Palmer), July1,1892.

COMEY (Comee)

Abigail, and Jonas Peirce, Jan.4,1727-28.

Benjamin, and Hannah Watts, of Chelsea, in Chelsea, Mar.25,1762.

John, of Concord, and Martha Munroe, June21,1688.

Martha, and Benjamin Smith, July9,1713.

Sarah, Jr., d.David, and Isaac Parkhurst, of Waltham, in Waltham, Dec.4,1755.


Elizabeth P., 23, b. Townsend, d.Elisha & Achsah, and George B. Dennett, 22, s.Richard & Nancy, Nov.27,1855.

Eugene, 28, s.Mary, of Concord, and Eveline Terry, 25, of Concord, b. Montague, d.Nath'l & Julia, Sept.14,1876.

George H., 26, s.Silas & Sarah, of Concord, and Emma F. Hanscom, 21, of Concord, b. Roxbury, d.John M. & Ann W., Nov.29,1855.

George H., 27, of Somerville, b. Montpelier, VT, s.Geo. F. & Susan, and Abbie Peirce, 21, d.Nath'l & Abigail, Dec.25,1856.

Lott, of Concord, and Mary Stone, June17,1740.

Sarah P., d.Silas & Sarah, and Chas.M. Barrett, s.Prescott & Olive, all of Concord, Dec.8,1852.

Thomas, of Boston, and Abigail Muzzy,末蔓末, (1800).


James, 29, s.Thos.& Ellen, and Elizabeth Cassidy, of Boston, d.Patrick, all b. Ireland, Apr.19,1863, in Woburn.


Patrick T., 28, of Somerville, b. Ireland, s.Thos.& Ellen (Dunn), and Ellen Fitzpatrick, 26, d.Patrick & Margaret (Logan), Nov.17,1891.


Annie E., 23, d.Dennis & Margaret, and Bartley J. Mulloy, 22, s.Redmond & Julia, b. Ireland, Feb.28,1886, in Arlington.

Catherine J., 23, d.Jas.& Ellen, of Boston, and John M. Davis, 23, of Boston, b. St. Johns, N.B., s.Andrew & Susan, May9,1869.

Michael Charles, 24, of Newton, b. County Galway, Ireland, s.Dennis & Bridget (Greeley), and Catherine Elizabeth Lahey, 23, d.John & Jeanie (Hughes), Oct.28,1896, in Waltham.


Ellen Theresa, 24, of Waltham, b. Ireland, d.Joseph & Bridget, and James Bernard Carnerney, 22, s.John & Hannah, Aug.17,1887, in Waltham.

John, 28, s.Patrick & Margaret, of Quincy, and Nellie M. O'Connor, 26, b. N. Cambridge, d.Michael & Hannah, Nov.28,1888.

Lawrence P., 26, of Waltham, b. N.S., s.John & Johanna, and Mary E. O'Brien, 21, b. Belmont, d.Martin & Julia, Apr.6,1890.

Mary, 24, d.Mergan, and Bernard Carthy, 27, s.Thos.& Hannah, b. Ireland, Apr.18,1863, in Woburn.


Charles W., 23, s.Chas.S. & Joanna C. (Hopkins), of Woburn, and Georgianna T. Parker, 22, d.J. Simonds & Abigail (Tuttle), Aug.14,1872.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Davis, both of Bedford, May27,1762.

Joseph, Jr., of Bedford, and Lucy Brown, Sept.15,1788.

Vestina P. 26, d.Albert F. & Vestina, of Reading, and Jonathan Skilton, 33, of Reading, b. Burlington, s.Nathan B. & Elizabeth, his 2nd m., Sept.6,1882.


Andrew, 45, b. Ireland, s.Timothy & Mary, and Rose Dorethy, of Woburn, b. Ireland, Oct.2,1863.

Lawrence, 30, s.Jas.& Mary (Brawdars), and Mary Hennessy, 31, d.John & Kate (Power), b. Ireland, Apr.6,1893.


Abigail, and John Milledge, Apr.5,1739.

Elizabeth M., and Hezekiah Park, Apr.1,1832.

Ephraim, of Cambridge, and Hannah Crosby, Jan.20,1778.

Gertrude Veronica, 23, of Waltham, b. Boston, d.Geo. & Delia, and James Edward Shelvey, 26, b. Springboro, PA, s.Patrick & Mary (Shea), Sept.2,1896, in Waltham.

Rebecca, and Charles Fletcher, Apr.12,1829.

COOLIDGE (Cooledge)

Hannah, and David Whittaker, of Concord, Nov.6,1734.

John K., and Rebecca S. Wellington, both of Watertown, Apr.25,1799.

Sarah, Mrs., and Nicholas Fessenden, Jr., Aug.8,1706.

Susana, of Watertown, and John Bowman, in Watertown, Feb.19,1735-36.


James Bliss, 24, of Brooklyn, NY, b. Ilesboro, ME, s.Asphaxad & Harriet L., and Maude Miller, 23, b. Boston, d.Wm.S. & Mary Caroline, Oct.9,1889.


Adaline (Smith), Mrs., 40, d.Ebenezer & Anna Smith, and Isaac Childs, Jr., 49, b. Waltham, s.Betsey, his 2nd m., Mar.6,1863, in Waltham.

Eugene Alonzo, 25, b. Charlestown, s.Sam'l & Adaline (Smith), and Mary Eliza Hadley, 20, d.Jonas & Mary Ann (Whitney), Oct.13,1870.

John, and Elizabeth Bordman, Apr.28,1686.

John, and Sarah Hancock, June21,1720.

Mary, and John Meriam, Oct.21,1663.

Samuel, and Hannah Hastings, Dec.4,1682.

Samuel, of Charlestown, and Miss Adeline A. Smith, May1,1842.


Patrick, 28, b. Cork County, Ireland, s.Jeremiah & Mary (Sullivan), and Catherine Duffy, 26, b. Scotland, d.Jas.& Catherine (Larnin), Nov.29,1884, in Arlington.

Phillip J., 23, b. Northfield, VT, s.Michael & Mary (Hartley), and Bridget McDonald, 27, d.Timothy, Nov.29,1891.


William, 26, s.John & Catherine, and Catherine A. Gallagher, Jr., 22, d.Mathias, b. Ireland, June7,1873, in Boston.


Elisha, of Groton, and Mary Munroe, Apr.18,1780.


Caroline, 23, of Woburn, b. Pictou, N.S., and Webster Smith, 37, b. Lincoln, s.Jonas & Abigail, Apr.5,1863.


Michael B., 23, s.Dominick & Anna (Welch), of Watertown, and Mary J. Crowley, 22, d.Jeremiah & Mary (Burke), Dec.25,1873, in Arlington.


Bridget, 22, d.Jas.& Anna, and Patrick Geoghegan, s.Matthew & Bridget, b. Ireland, Nov.28,1867, in Woburn.

Maria, 25, d.John & Mary, and William Wheelan, 30, s.Wm.& Ann, b. Ireland, Sept.4,1862, in Woburn.

Robert E., 26, s.Thos.& Mary (McCreash), and Nellie E. Barry, 27, b. Ireland, d.Jas.& Nora, Dec.19,1894.


Charles H., 25, of Arlington, b. N.S., s.Chas.& Cynthia, and Mary Brennan, 20, b. Boston, d.Geo. & Harriet, Feb.19,1871.


Patrick, 40, s.Michael & Maria (Welch), and Mary Haley, 25, d.Michael & Bessey Gilly, b. Ireland, Apr.30,1890.


Hannah, 24, d.Wm.& Susan, and John Ambury, 26, s.Teddy & Bridget, b. Ireland, Feb.27,1870.


Emma Louisa, 26, b. Boston, d.Asa & Maria Louisa, and Nathaniel Henry Merriam, 26, b. Chelsea, s.Matthew H. & Jane, Nov.3,1880.

George Albert, 27, b. Red Bank, NJ, s.Asa & Maria Louisa (Hanford), and Harriet Frances Thurston, 24, b. Boston, d.Geo. H. & Sarah L.A., Sept.24,1879.


Emma R., 25, of Worcester, b. Fitchburg, d.Francis & Mary, and Walter M. Brown, 25, b. Boston, s.Francis C. & Mary E, June27,1888, in Worcester.


Charles Henry, 51, of Haverhill, b. Freedom, NH, s.Elbridge & Olive Grey, 2nd m., and Mrs.Jennie L. Peaslee, 36, of Haverhill, b. Amesbury, d.Moses T. George & Susan (McCarroll), Dec.22,1897.


Michael, 29, of Bay City, MI, b. Ireland, s.Farrell & Mary (Judge), and Celia Garity, 31, b. Ireland, d.Thos.& Bridget (Dyer), Oct.25,1891.


Edward, of Boston, and Eliot Winship, June16,1768.

Samuel, and Esther Jewett, both of Boston, Jan.12,1786.


Sarah, of Cambridge, and Peter Murfy, Oct.3,1738.


John, of Lynn, and Miss Sally Wyman, Mar.13,1810.


James, 33, s.Thos.& Jane, and Mary Keating, 22, d.Patrick & Margaret, b. Ireland, Aug.28,1869.


James, and Rachel Wallis, of Sudbury, in Sudbury, Aug.6,1722.


Fannie M., 28, d.Benj. F. & Sarah, of Boston, and Donald J. Davidson, 28, of Boston, b. Scotland, s.Donald & Helen, June11,1895.


Jonas, of Charlestown, and Sarah Russell, in Charlestown, Aug.28,1738.


Andrew J., 24, b. Bath, ME, s.Robert & Sarah, and Lucy A. Jones, 24, d.John & Lucy, Sept.1,1856.


Albert W., 32, s.John C. & Harriet L. (Grover), of N. Andover, and Grace L. Wing, 28, d.Leander J. & Nettie L. (Lovering), July22,1896.


James Ernest, 24, b. Peterboro, NH, d.Louis E. & Augusta A., and Helen Agnes Dooley, 23, b. NY, d.John & Julia, Apr.13,1876.

Kittie A., 25, b. Roxbury, d.Louis E. & Augusta, and Leonard E. Bennink, 26, b. Cambridge, s.Gerritt J. & Maatje, Apr.13,1881.

W. Ernestine, 19, b. Peterboro, NH, d.Lewis E. & Augusta A., and John Henry Town, 23, of Plattsburg, NY, b. Montpelier, VT, s.Orrell & Mary, Nov.12,1869.


Charles, 27, s.Dan'l & Hannah (McCarty), and Nellie E. Moriarty, 28, d.Giles & Kate (McIncholly), b. Ireland, June3,1896.

Patrick, 28, s.Dan'l & Johanna (McCarty), and Margaret J. Regan, 24, d.Michael & Nora (Brickley), b. County Cork, Ireland, Aug.24,1897.

Timothy, 25, b. Cork, Ireland, s.Dan'l & Johanna (McCarty), and Elizabeth Devaney, 22, of Medford, b. Sligo, Ireland, d.John & Margaret (Boyle), Sept.23,1891.


Abigail, of Billerica, and Samuel Winship, in Billerica, May5,1748.

Eliza Ann, of West Cambridge, and Jacob H. Huchinson, of Charlestown, July1,1838.

Elizabeth, and George Adams, Mar.18,1762.

Hannah, and Ephraim Cooke, of Cambridge, Jan.20,1778.

Michael, of Bedford, and Abigail Simonds,末蔓末,1838.

Sylvester S., 24, b. NH, s.Jaazaniah & Huldah, and Mary E. Capell, 20, d.Curtis & Mary, Sept.1,1855.


Charlotte M., 21, b. Ireland, d.Richard A. & Margaret, and Thomas J. Blake, 28, of Boston, b. Ireland, s.Farrell & Mary, Sept.24,1890.


Lizzie, 28, d.Michael & Lizzie, and Patrick Caffrey, 26, s.Thos.& Mary, b. Ireland, Jan.16,1865, in Woburn.

Ellen, 25, b. Ireland, d.Jeremiah & Ellen, and Thomas Galvin, 24, of Arlington, b. Ireland, s.Jas.& Bridget, Oct.22,1876.

Mary L., and William H. Littlehall, Dec.23,1849.

Mary J., 22, d.Jeremiah & Mary (Burke), and Michael B. Corrigan, 23, s.Dominick & Anna (Welch), of Watertown, Dec.25,1873, in Arlington.

Mary E., 26, d.Patrick & Mary P., and James Keefe, 27, b. Ireland, s.Dennis & Mary, Oct.13,1878, in Arlington.

Mary L., 26, d.Cornelius & Ellen, of Cambridge, and Benjamin F. Scott, 28, b. Montreal, s.Geo. & Margaret, Nov.19,1895, in Cambridge.


Mary P., d.A.W. & Sarah, and Wm.H.H. Reed, s.Isaac & Elizabeth, Sept.3,1850.

Sarah C., 25, b. Portland, d.Abram W. & Sarah B., and Henry W. Loring, 26, of Charlestown, b. Pembroke, s.Henry B. & Lucy D., June20,1865.


David, of Woburn, and Cloe Harrington, in Woburn, Apr.16,1795.

Erastus J., Jr., 29, of Arlington, b. Waldoboro, ME, s.Helen, and Minnie J. Wright, 25, d.Walter R. & Lydia, of Arlington, Aug.16,1887.

John H., 28, s.Moses & Harriet, of Woburn, and Martha B. Smith, 24, d.Wm.B. & Mary B., June28,1865.

Silas L., 23, b. Waldoboro, ME, s.Ambrose & Mary, and Mary Chase, 18, d.Frank & Mary, of E. Cambridge, Apr.29,1876.

Sylvester, 23, b. Waldoboro, ME, s.Ambrose & Mary, and Annie M. Smith, 19, d.Josiah & Aurilla, Nov.1,1879.

Waterman, 37, of IL, s.Dan'l & Abigail, and Clara B. Sylvester, 34, of Woburn, b. ME, d.Joseph & Harriet, Mar.10,1874, in Woburn.


Maria, 23, b. Genoa, d.Andrea & Madelena (Loracco), and Mark Foppiano, 40, of Waltham, b. Genoa, Italy, s.Joseph & Mary (Rosella), his 2nd m., Feb.3,1896.


Mary E., 32, b. Edgecomb, ME, d.Chas.& Rachel, and Augustus Childs, 48, b. Waltham,. Isaac & Betsey, his 2nd m., Mar.10,1867, in Waltham.


John H., 22, b. Ireland, s.John & Delia, and Lizzie B. Cameron, 20, of Cambridge, b. St. Johns, N.B., Aug.7,1886.

William R., 38, of Burlington, b. P.E.I., s.Jas.& Mary (McCisich), 2nd m., and Mary E. Morrison, 24, b. P.E.I., d.Angis & Margaret (Wilson), Aug.3,1895.


Alexander, 23, b. Maderia Islands, and Lydia A. Jones, 18, d.Sam'l & Sarah, Aug.10,1860.

Charles H., 28, s.Alexander & Lydia A. (Jones), and Jennie Hawthorne, 22, b. Cambridge, d.Henry & Jane (Quigley), Mar.2,1893.

Clifford A., 23, s.Alexander & Lydia A. (Jones), and Mabel R. Bradley, 20, of Arlington, b. Brookline, NH, d.Henry & Mary A. (Eastman), Feb.14,1892, in Arlington.

F. Gertrude, 22, d.Alexander & Lydia A. (Jones), and Wilbur E. Maynard, 22, of Bedford, b. S. Manchester, CT, s.Henry E. & Minnie (Webber), June7,1893.

William J., Dr., and Susan B. Spaulding, Jan.23,1845.


Elizabeth N., 23, of N. Adams, b. Rutland, VT, d.Wm.& Maria, and Bartholemew D. Callahan, 25, b. Ireland, s.Jeremiah & Mary, Sept.9,1890, in N. Adams.

John, 38, s.Michael & Mary, and Mrs.Mary Ayers, 32, d.Thos.& Margaret (Gorman), b. Ireland, July11,1869.[Mary's maiden name was probably Gorman. MAVRs v. 218, p. 181 gives her parents as Thomas & Margaret Gorman without the parentheses.]


Dora Evelyn, 31, d.John & Annie M. (Greenwood), of Providence, and Ward Beecher Chase, 35, b. Fayette, ME, s.F. Augustus & Rachel L. (Sturtevant), Feb.1,1893, in Providence.

Pearl, 21, d.Edwin & Katherine, of Skowhegan, ME, and Clarence E. Sprague, 27, s.Fred E. & Emma M., of Lynn, Jan.31,1897.


Lucia M., 28, of Medford, b. Westmoreland, NH, d.Evans & Maria, and Andrew A. Stanton, 28, of Stoughton, b. Northfield, VT, s.Sam'l G. & Eliza M., Dec.24,1879.

Polly, and Daniel Boyer, June27,1789.

Rachel, Miss, of Weymouth, and Darius Smith, Dec.3,1826.


Abigail, and Joseph Bridge, Nov.18,1722.

Abigail, and Samuel Hodgman, May7,1755.

Nabby, and Joshua Simonds, Jr., June5,1794.

Alfred D., 22, s.Leonard & Maria C., and E. Dora Pierce, 22, d.Nath'l & Abigail, May22,1870.

Alice, and Guy C. Hawkins, Nov.29,1838.

Amity, and Nathan Leonard, of Hardwick, Nov.6,1766.

Anna B., d.Leonard & Maria, and Lewis Spaulding, of Bedford, s.Chas.& Elizabeth, Nov.2,1853.

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Buttrick, of Harvard, in Harvard, Nov.23,1758.

Clara, 23, d.Thos.& Sarah, and Henry W. Peabody, 25, s.John & Susan K., of Waltham, Oct.21,1869.

Clarence Houghton, 28, s.T. Everett & Melinda W. (Houghton), and Sarah Ann Evans, 26, of W. Acton, b. Liverpool, d.Joseph & Sarah (Marsden), Oct.20,1897.

Curtis, Rev., and Clarissa W. Morrill, May19,1835.

David, and Dorcas Reed, Oct.15,1751.

Elisha, and Sarah Munroe, of Weston, in Weston, Dec.27,1753.

Eliza W., 24, d.Thos.& Sarah (Smith), and Frederick D. Wellington, 30, of Lincoln, b. Waltham,. Sullivan & Martha H., Apr.30,1865.

Elizabeth, and Jacob Kendall, of Dunstable, Apr.7,1761.

Betty, and Benjamine Moore, May3,1768.

John, and Abigail Stone, in Watertown, Jan.9,1723-24.

John, and Elmira J. Flagg, in Boston, Jan.19,1818.

Jonathan, and Lydia Trask, Sept.15,1788.

Joseph, and Rebecca Hoar, of Lincoln, in Lincoln, May6,1755.

Judith A., and Joseph Butterfield, of West Cambridge, Apr.6,1848.

Katie L., 20, d.E. Bartlett & Catherine Jewett, of Bedford, and John T. Adair, 28, s.Chas.& Ann (McElwee), July1,1881, in Bedford.

Lydia, and Samuel Winship, Dec.24,1761.

Lydia, and Nehemiah Kidder, of Tewksbury, May25,1790.

Mary, and Samuel Bond, in Watertown, Feb.7,1723.

Mary, and John Page, of Hardwick, Sept.15,1757.

Rebecca, and Abraham Errington,末蔓末,1649-50.

Robert, and Elizabeth Fiske, Sept.3,1751.

Sarah, and Abijah Child, Oct.27,1763.

Sarah Maria, d.Silas & Sara, and Samuel L. Batchelder, of Waltham, s.Josiah & Mary, June18,1850.

Seth, and Susanna Reed, both of Charlestown, Jan.11,1784.

Solomon, and Rebeckah Page, of Bedford, Feb.23,1762.

Thomas, and Lydia Simonds, Apr.10,1751.

Thomas, and Elizabeth White, Feb.2,1786.

Thomas Everett, 31, s.Thos.& Sarah, and Melinda Warren Houghton, 21, d.Sam'l A. & Martha, Aug.20,1861.


Elizabeth A., and Capt. Otis Taylor, of Boston, Oct.12,1835.

George H., 27, of Arlington, b. Cambridge, s.Jefferson & Sarah E. (Thorpe), and Abbie M. Parker, 21, d.Jonathan S. & Abigail (Tuttle), Feb.17,1869.

Hannah, and Ephraim Winship, June17,1708.

Harry H., 32, b. Jamaica Plain, s.Benj. F. & Mary E. (Capen), and Nellie F. Chick, 18, d.Geo. V. & Ada M. (Nutting), of Newton, June1,1893, in Newton.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Hastings, of Watertown, in Watertown, Dec.12,1751.

Lydia, Mrs., and John Whitmore, both of Cambridge, June24,1735.

Mary Jane, and Ebenezer Thompson, Mar.1,1829.

Mehitabel, and Ephraim Winship, Jr., Aug.28,1725.

Nathaniel, and Anna Child, of Waltham, in Waltham, Apr.4,1799.

Rachel, and John Gelston, Apr.9,1752.

Rebeccah, and Joseph Adams, Jan.18,1710-11.

Samuel, and Anne Harrington, Nov.10,1720.

Sally A., Mrs., and Joseph Harris, in West Cambridge, Apr.7,1829.

Sally, and Jefferson Putnam, Feb.9,1830.

Susanna B., and William H. Smith, Nov.26,1834.

Thomas, of West Cambridge, and Miss Nancy Robinson, July20,1809.


David, and Elisabeth 末末, May末,1716.

Josiah, of Westminster, and Lydia Meriam, d.Thos., in Waltham, Mar.27,1755.

Uriah, of Waltham, and Betty Tidd, July15,1766.

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