Joshua V., 40, of Newton, [Littleton], s.Joshua & Frances, and, 2nd, Martha Henderson, 25, [Plymouth], d.Geo. & Mary, June27,1876.


Guy S., 26, [Great Falls, NH], s.Franklin L. & Martha.A. (Foster), and Margaret Theresa Fitzgerald, 21, [Bedford], d.John J. & Delia.(Kennivan), Mar.4,1896, in Boston.


Charles O., 24, [Roxbury], s.Obed & Anna Y., and Sarah Strout, 19, of China, ME [Charleston, ME] d.of Simon, Mar.8,1863, in Vassalboro, ME.


James M., of Woburn, s.Edward & Eliza, and Ann R. Munroe, d.Thaddeus & Rebecca L., Mar.19,1845.


Cleora F., 27, of St. Johnsbury, VT. [Knoxville, IL]. d.Ephraim T. & Sarah W., and J. Willard Russell, 39, of Arlington, [Cambridge], s.Josiah H. & Mary W.(Willard), his 2nd m., July4,1874.


Charles J., 21, [Roxbury], s.David & Margaret, and Nora McDonald, 22, [Ireland], d.Timothy, Sept.14,1887.

Fabius M., 26, s.Caleb Rea, Jr. & Susan (Rickford), of Windham, ME, and Mary Muzzey Marrett, 28, d.Dr. Wm.(s.Rev. Dan'l) & Adaline (Irish), of Westbrook, ME, Aug.29,1863.


Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Winship, Aug.19,1756.

Franklin F., 32, s.Freeborn F. & Sarah E. (Richardson), and, 2nd Gertrude C. Eager, 23, d.Geo. H. & Elizabeth C., of Boston, Sept.25,1888, in Boston.

Freeborn F., 42, of Boston, [Athol], s.Freeborn, and Sarah E. Richardson, 24, d.Aaron R, June12,1855.

Hannah, and Samuel Reed, Feb.16,1762.

Hephziath, and Joseph Fisk, Dec.13,1751.

Hephzebeth, Mrs., and Mr. Thomas Munroe, Dec.29,1763.

Jonathan, and Susannah White, Oct.4,1756.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Lamson, Dec.30,1794, in Carlisle.

Mary, and Nathaniel Piper, Feb.2,1757.

Polly, and Abijah Harrington, Apr.21,1784.

Sarah, and Thomas Smith, Apr.12,1753, in Woburn.

Tabitha, and Ephraim Hunt, both of Concord, May27,1756.


Edwin, 24, of Evanston, [Brooklyn, NY], s.Edwin Oliver & Frances H., and Alice Clarke, 21, [West Point, NY], d.Alexander S. & Ruth 13., July30,1890, in Boston.


Katie, 23, of Boston, [Ireland], d.Michael & Hannah, and, in Boston, Eugene D. Buckley, 24, s.Dan値 & Catherine, June3,1886.

Margaret J., 24, d.Michael & Nora (Brickley), and Patrick Cronin, 29, s.Dan値 & Johanna (McCarty), and [County Cork, Ireland], Aug.24,1897.


Jeremiah, 45, s.Joseph & Julia, and, 2nd, Catherine Savage, 45, d.Wm.& Honora, and [Ireland, Feb.4,1883.

Jerry, 30, s.Joseph & Julia, and Mary Donahoe, 28, d.Patrick & Mary, [Ireland], Jan.14,1865, in Woburn.

Mary A., 20, d.Patrick & Margaret (Haggerty), and David H. Murphy, 22, of Woburn, [Bangor, ME] s.Dennis F. & Margaret (Howard), Jan.28,1892.


John, Jr., 39, s.Margaret, and, 2nd, Mrs.Annie Desmond, 35, d.Jeremiah & Mary Crowley, [Ireland], Jan.8,1870.

John J., 26, s.John & Mary (Buckley), and Katie McCaffrey, 25, d.Barney & Mary, June3,1891.

Patrick, Jr., 25, s.Hannah, and Ellen Callahan, 26, d.Edmund & Ellen, [Ireland], Jan.25,1865, in Woburn.


Florian D., 27, of Salem, [Auburn, ME] s.Thos.& Vesta, and Kate T. Moakley, 24, d.Jas.& Mary, Apr.11,1887.


Abigail, and William Grimes, Jan.21,1766.

Elmira, and Ebenezer R. Smith, Jan.29,1829

Anna, and Luther Prescott, of Concord, Jan.6,1819.

Annabel M., 21, d.Loa Locke & Mary, and Albert M. Blake, 26, [Norway, ME] s.Dan鼠 H. & Sarah C., May30,1874.

Ann, and Isaac Howe, May19,1825.

Annie Brimmer, 25, [Boston], d.Jas.& Mary Jane (Magee), and George Abbot Furness, 27, of Rochester, NY, [Boston], s.Nath値 Hurd & Emily Douglass (Abbot), June7,1881.

Benjamin, Capt., and Mrs.Hannah Estabrook, July19,1753.

Beulah, and Abel Johnson, of Boston, Jan.28,1787.

Charles, and Elmira Muzzy, Oct.23,1817.

Charles, and Martha Wellington, June28,1821.

Dorcas, and David Cutler, Oct.15,1751.

Eliot, and Joseph Bridge, May3,1757.

Eliphor, and Sarah Newell, May24,1753, in Woburn.

Betty, and Ebenezer Muzzy, Jan.6,1774.

Betty, and James Brown, May30,1780.

Betsey, and Aaron P. Richardson, June26,1823.

Eliza.M., and Franklin Keyes, Sept.11,1842.

Emma A., 19, d.J. Morton & Emeline A. (Goodwin), and Edwin J.B. Nourse, 23, [Red Wing, MN], s.Wm.& Caroline (Blaker), Oct.24,1883.

Emeline P., 34, d.Isaac & Elizabeth, and William H. Fowle, 47, [Boston], s.Isaac & Nancy, Dec.20,1860.

Esther, Miss, and John Parker, Apr.21,1812.

Francis W., 31, s.Joseph G. & Ann M., and Nellie C. Mahigen, 24, [Ireland], d.Michael & Ellen, Oct.29,1885, in Arlington.

Frank Haskell, 30, s.Josiah Haskell & Clara R. (Gates), and, Gertrude Reed Fobes, 23, of Somerville, [Roxbury], d.Edward & Anna (Sturtevant), Apr.20,1893, in Somerville.

George, and Louisa D. Fiske, d.Benj. & Sarah, May30,1847.

George H., 26, s.Hammon & Sylvia J., and Sarah Augusta Adams, 26, [Bedford], d.Abel B. & Susan F., Nov.5,1884.

Grace A., 21, d.Edward & Sarah E. (Smith), of Burlington, and Stephen B. Manning, 38, [Westport, ME], s.John & Dorcas A. (Taylor), his 2nd m., Dec.27,1892, in Burlington.

Hammond, and Bette Simonds, Apr.18,1757.

Hammond, Jr., and Sarah Chandler, Oct.26,1786.

Hannah, and John Bridge, Jr., Apr.14,1761.

Hannah, and James Danforth, of Fitchburg, Nov.28,1782.

Hannah, Acton, d.of Wm.& Ann, and Charles Wheeler, of Concord, s.John H. & Betsey, Oct.末,1852.

Henry L., 24, of N. Easton, s.of Chas., and Ellen Farley Stearns, 25, [Sterling], d.Thos.& Charlotte, Apr.28,1868, in Cambridge.

Hephzibah, and Daniel Tidd, Apr.9,1724.

Hephzibah, and William Waite, of Greenfield, May30,1790.

Hugh M., 30, [W. Cambridge], s.Isaac & Elizabeth, and Sophia C. Lawrence, 19, d.Phineas & Catherine, Apr.13,1854.

Isaac, and Mary Bridge, Apr.22,1754.

Isaac, of Woburn, and Susanna Munroe, Apr.27,1781, P.B. says 1780.

Jacob, and Mary 末末,末蔓末,1740.

James, and Sarah Batson, both of Cambridge, Aug.12,1714.

Joanna, and John Hide, both of Newton, May3,1768.

Joel, and Lucinda Sargent, Mar.6,1833.

John, and Ruhamah Brown, Jan.18,1753.

John, 29, [Coventry, England], s.Walter Edwin & Louisa (Mansel), and Fanny B. Driscoll, 31, [Quincy], d.John & Margaret (Ford), Nov.28,1894.

Jonathan, and Sarah Lawrence, Jan.30,1752.

Joshua, and Elizabeth Russell, Jan.21,1724-25.

Joshua, and Mrs.Susanna Houghton, of Lancaster, Nov.27,1753, in Lancaster.

Joshua, Jr., and Susanna Leathers, Sept.11,1780.

Josiah, and Sarah Hammond, of Newton, Feb.19,1792, in Newton.

Judith, of Woburn, and James Robinson, May25,1787.

Lot, Bedford, and Miss Lucebia Winship, Sept.19,1816.

Luceba, and Joseph F. Parker, Nov.13,1825.

Lucy, of Cambridge, and John Farmer, Mar.27,1783.

Lydia, and Thomas Locke, Jr., of Woburn, Nov.5,1778.

Margaret, 35, d.Michael & Sally, and John Buckley, 57, s.Eugene & Johannah, [Ireland], his 2nd m., June3,1875.

Patty, and Amos Marrett, Jr., Nov.28,1786.

Mary, and John Stone, Apr.8,1714.

Mary, and William Bowman, of Cambridge, May1,1753.

Mary, and Thaddeus Parker, Mar.27,1759.

Mary, and Moses Harrington, Apr.28,1774.

Polly, of Bedford, and Jonathan Lawrence, Apr.12,1798.

Mary, and John Meriam, of Bedford, Dec.3,1799.

Micah, of Woburn, and Elisabeth Page, of Bedford, Dec.3,1772.

Moses, of Woburn, and Sarah Whittemore, Apr.23,1770.

Moses D., of W. Cambridge, s.Joshua, and Mary A. Gleason, d.of Wm., July20,1853.

Nathan, and Mary Page, of Bedford, Apr.30,1772.

Nathan, Jr., and Polly Muzzy, Aug.30,1798.

Nathaniel, and Hephzibah Bateman, of Bedford, Jan.16,1772.

Newhall, of Woburn, and Mary Harrington, Oct.16,1777.

Oliver, and Sarah Bridge, Apr.11,1754.

Pamela, and Merritt Jaquith, Apr.8,1830.

Rebecca, And David Waite, of Deerfield, Feb.22,1801.

Reuben, and Sally Banas, of Bedford, Aug.28,1782, in Bedford.

Reuben, and Miss Mary N. Willard, Feb.25,1824.

Robert, of Woburn, and Elisabeth Hartwell, of Bedford, Mar.2,1771.

Ruhamah, and John Lane, 3rd, both of Bedford, Nov.25,1773.

Ruth, and Ebenezer Estabrook, Dec.13,1759.

Ruth, of Woburn, and Matthew Farrington, June5,1777, in Woburn.

Samuel, and Hannah Raymond, Feb.16,1762.

Samuel, of Woburn, and Joanna Page, of Bedford, July25,1771.

Sarah, and Benjamin Brown, Dec.23,1742.

Sarah, and Nathan Peirce, Dec.26,1753.

Sarah, and Oliver Bacon, Dec.6,1770.

Sarah, and Stephen Hartwell, both of Bedford, Jan.19,1775.

Seth, and Fanny Harrington, June26,1796.

Susan Whitmore, and Col. John Chandler, June7,1815.

Susanna, and Seth Cutler, both of Charlestown, Jan.11,1784.

Susanna, of Concord, and John Mulliken, Jr., Nov.30,1813.

Swethern, and Anna Wyman, Nov.19,1795.

Sylvia B., 22, d.Hammon & Sylvia J.W., and Fred K. Brown, 24, [Charlestown], s.Benj. F. & Sarah W. (Dalrymple), Oct.19,1886.

Thaddeus, and Miss Anna Longley, of Littleton, Jan.1,1788, in Littleton.

William, Jr., and Abigail Stone, Jan.1,1741-42.

William, and Elizabeth Davis, of Bedford, Dec.1,1768.

William H.H., s.Isaac & Elizabeth, and Mary P. Crowninshield, d.Abraham W. & Sarah, Sept.3,1850.

William Wadsworth, 30, s.Hammon & Sylvia W., and Katie Sophia Gilmore, 21, [Charlestown], d.Kelsie M. & Mary L., June26,1890.


Maggie, 22, d.Patrick & Mary (Lynch), and Michael Power, 24, s.John & Margaret (Curry), and [Ireland], Aug.13,1893.


Lizzie F., 23, d.Patrick & Ann, and Robert H. White, 26, [N.S.], s.John & Abigail (Higgins), Dec.27,1883, in Concord.

Rosa A., 30, [Rockland County, NY], d.Jas.& Margaret (Riley), and John M. Ryan, 28, [Ireland], s.Wm.& Bridget (Mullins), Nov.17,1886.


Charles H., 25, s.Thos.H. & Jane M., and Emily A. Edmunds, 17, of Cambridge, [St. Johns, N.B.], d.Alfred & Mary, Dec.3,1884.

Sarah E., 22, d.Thos.H. & Jane M., and Joshua L. Johnson, 22, of Nobleboro, ME, [ME], s.Geo. W. & Eliza, May1,1864.


Lucy, And Thomas Locke, Jr., Apr.27,1813.

Sarah M., and Benjamin L. Danforth, Apr.11,1848.


Martha, of Concord, d.of Wm.& Mary, and Levi Miles, of Concord, s.Joseph & Lucy, Nov.28,1850.

Mary, and George Wyer, Apr.11,1822.


Elkanah P., 28, [Truro], s.Sears & Thankful B., and Mary B. Guthrie, 23, [St. Louis], d.Jas.G. & Mary B., Feb.18,1874.

John E., 24, of Cambridge, [Phillipston], s.Thatcher, and Sarah Elizabeth Farrer, 18, d.Abel, of Cambridge, Jan.4,1855.


Mary, and Joseph Smith, Oct.14,1701.


Aaron R, and Miss Betsey Reed, June26,1823.

Abiel, and Sarah Smith, Jan.14,1742, in Woburn.

Bartholomew, of Woburn, and Abigail Meriam, June27,1765.

Francis, of Gardner, and Miss Eliza Ann Wood, Dec.25,1844.

IasherJasher, and Ruth Wright, of Wilmington, Mar.19,1762, in Wilmington.

Jeduthan, s.Thos.& Rebecca, and Sarah E. Locke, d.Benj. & Sarah, Jan.1,1849.

Mary A. (Lewis), Mrs., 38, of Salem, [Bucksport, ME] d.David Lewis & Nancy Crosby, and Sylvester Puffer, 58, [Sudbury], s.Asa & Betsey, his 2nd m., June15,1869.

Mary, 18, [Fitchburg], d.Jerome & Mary, and Joseph Dane, Jr., 24, [Billerica], s.Mary (Brown), Nov.4,1870.

Oscar W., 25, of Cambridge, [Livermore, ME], s.Walcott & Fostina, and Elizabeth C. Jewett, 27, of Cambridge, [Bolton], d.Henry & Mary, Oct.31,1880.

Peter, and Lydia Brooks, of Lincoln, Mar.24,1798, in Lincoln.

Samuel, of Methuen, and Miss Ann P. Wyman, June22,1843.

Sarah E., 24, d.Aaron P., and Freeborn F. Raymond, 42, of Boston, [Athol], s.Freeborn, June12,1855.

William, Jr., of Malden, and Mary F. Packard, Jan.1,1846.


Isabel H., 19, d.Geo. D. & Maria M., and John Glover, Jr., 21, s.of Mary B., all of Boston, Sept.12,1878.


Mary E., 25, of Ipswich, [Milford, NH], d.of Thos.& Irving (Rice), and Warren R. Sherburne, 25, [Charlestown], s.Warren & Mary E. (Damon), Mar.13,1886, in Ipswich.


Judah, and Tabitha Hartwell, both Bedford, May14,1767.


Felix, of Woburn, s.Jas.& Anna, and Lucy A. Smith, of Woburn, d.Larkin & Lucy, Jan.31,1848.

John Westley, 24, s.Thos.& Ellen (Matthews), and, 2nd, Jennie Kyle, 23, d.Andrew & Jennie, [N.B.], Apr.7,1894.


David, 34, of Gardner, [Ireland], s.Michael & Mary, and, 2nd, Ellen Donovan, 28, d.Cornelius & Mary, Sept.16,1885, in Arlington.

Ellen, 21, d.Jas.& Mary, and Jaffrey Spencer, 23, s.Michael & Margaret, both of Lincoln [both Ireland], Mar.1,1868.

Hannah, 20, [Lincoln], d.Nicholas & Mary, and Patrick Keating, Jr., 22, [Ireland], s.Margaret (McGrath), Oct.20,1872, in Concord.

John J., 45, [Ireland], s.Garret & Mary (Hagerty), and, 2nd, Mrs.Dora (White) Hughes, 36, of Concord, [Ireland], d.John White & Mary (Lawler), Apr.21,1897, in Concord.


Nabby, and James H. Langdon, Montpelier, VT, June26,1809.

Anna, and Frederick Bacon, both Bedford, July3,1834.

Deborah, and Nathan Blodgett, Jan.31,1791.

Eli, and Miss Hannah Simonds, July31,1809.

Ellen A., d.Eli & Hannah, and Abner Stone, s.Sam値, Dec.8,1853.

Joseph and Jane Deckson, both of Cambridge, Aug.3,1709.

Mary, and Israel Mead, Feb.21,1751.

Mary, and Capt. Loammi Knight, May3,1829.

Nathan, Jr., and Eliza E. Parker, Apr.12,1829.

Nathaniel, and Mary Brasier, Aug.4,1669.

Phinehas, of Newton, and Betty Brown, Dec.6,1770.

Samuel, and Rebeccah Grandy, Dec.末,1706.

Samuel, of Watertown, and Elizabeth Grandy, of Cambridge, Dec.末,1706. So entered in the original P.R. of the Ch.of Christ, Cambridge.

Stephen, Jr., and Miss Mary Harrington, June5,1811.


George H., 28, [Peabody], s.Moses H. & Elizabeth, and Estella L. Gould, 18, of Moultonboro, NH, [Peabody], d.Gilman T. & Augusta G., Mar.7,1883, in Centre Harbor, NH.


Clara Elizabeth, 26, of San Francisco, [Boston], d.John R. & Abbie F., and George H. Wadleigh, 27, of United States Navy, [Dover, NH], s.Geo. & Sarah H., Oct.12,1869.

Clara B., 20, [Boston], adopted d.Fred談 O. & Mary (Childs), and Fred S. Scales, 30, of Winchester, [Woburn], s.Thos.S. & Jennie (Matthews), Nov.18,1895.

Edith Jewett, 37, d.Geo. W. & Maria (Jewett), and Frank C. Childs, 46, [Cambridge], s.Luke C. & Rebecca (Amos), Sept.18,1895.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Bemis, of Cambridge, Nov.16,1775, in Cambridge.

Frederick Osborne, 26, s.Geo. W. & Maria Jewett, and Mary Elizabeth Childs, 24, d.Luke C. & Rebecca A., [both Boston], Apr.21,1868.

George D., 25, of Chicopee, s.Chas, and Hannah E. Stephens, 26, [Gloucester], d.Wm.& Nancy, Nov.24,1859.

George D., 33, of Chicopee, s.Chas.& Mary Davis, and, 2nd, Susan E. Simonds, 24, d.Joseph F. & Susan Mulliken, July11,1867.

Hannah, and Charles Tufts, of Charlestown, Apr.8,1821.

Jacob, and Hannah Simonds, Aug.26,1790.

Jacob, s.Jacob & Hannah, and Lucinda Davis, Medford, d.Joseph & Lydia, Oct.13,1850.

James, and Anna Trask, May23,1751.

James, and Judith Reed, of Woburn, May25,1787.

Jesse, and Rebeeca Tidd, Acton, Nov.21,1793.

Jonathan, and Mary Jennings, May1,1831. [P.R. gives the name as Jacob.]

Katherine H., 25, d.Albert M. & Sarah (Johnson), of Somerville, and Reuben B. Sherburne, 25, [Charlestown], s.Warren & Lizzie (Damon), June26,1895, in Somerville.

Mary Ann, and Sylvester Harrington, May23,1841.

Nancy, and Thomas Cutter, of West Cambridge, June20,1809.

Oliver C., 26, of Madrid, NY, [NY], s.Oliver & Eunice, and Adaline Viles, 26, d.Joel & Sarah, Sept.14,1856.

Rhoda, and Simeon Snow, May24,1781.

Rhoda, Miss, and John Gammell, of Charlestown, May19,1810.

William B., 22, of Burlington, s.Wm.& Isabella (Curan), and Agatha McKinnon, 22, d.Jas & Mary (Gillis), both [P.E.I.], Nov.28,1893, in Woburn.


Frederick William, 18, [Boston], s.Geo. M. & Lucy M., and Mary Alice Berry, 21, [Albany, NY], d.Geo. W. & Mary V., July14,1877, in Boston.

George M., 48, [Newburyport], s.John & Judith, and, 2nd, Mary Ann Hartwell, 38, d.Sam値 & Polly, of Lincoln, Sept.27,1868, in Becket, NH.

Hannah, and Ephraim Winship, Apr.7,1670. Another record gives her name as Hannah Reyner.

Miner E., 24, [Scotts Bay, Kings Cnty.N.S.], s.Wm.& Prudence (Steele), and Maggie McDonald, 25, [Point Morrien, C.B., N.S.], d.Neil & Margaret (McPherson), Mar.19,1895, in Hingham.

Susan H., Miss, and Jesse Eaton, of Salisbury, NH, June10,1832.


Edward, Jr., 30, [Valparaiso, Chili], s.Frances (Chambers), and Mrs.Ella Allen, 32, [Wilmington, DE], d.Sam値 Allen & Margaret Allen, Apr.5,1894.


Margaret D., 30, [Ireland], d.Dan値 & Mary (Roper), and Jeremiah Donovan, 2d, 41, [Neponset], s.Cornelius & Mary (Lyons), Nov.4,1896.


John, 25, [Portugal], s.Manuel & Mary, and Mary Dalrymple, 20, of Burlington, [N.S.], d.Jas.& Lucy, Dec.24,1886.


George Henry, 33, of Boston, [Cambridge], s.Noah & Deborah J. (Osgood), and Harriet Adella Wright, 25, [Cambridge], d.Elisha H. & Harriet (Farmer), Nov.15,1875.


Walter W., 24, s.Richard & S. Maria (Wheeler), of Chelsea, and Ada B. Holt, 24, [Boston], d.of Hosea E. & Alice M. (Brown), June17,1896.


John, 25, s.Geo. & Mary, and Kate Devine, 29, d.Frank & Bridget, [Ireland], Nov.24,1889.


Asa, of Lancaster, and Millicent Harris, Feb.28,1776.

Ruth, and William Johnson, Feb.11,1724-25, in Lancaster.


Abigail, and Jonas Bowman, Mar.19,1739.

Amos, and Betty Munroe, Feb.23,1773.

Byron Adams, 19, s.John A. & Evaline F. (Cook), and Kate Ellen Hinchy, 23, d.Michael, 1st., & Kate, Dec.31,1896.

Celia, 28, of Natick, d.John A. & Lydia M. (Locke) and Amos F. Harris, 33, of Natick, [Minot, ME], s.Hiram & Eleanor C. (Hack), his 2nd m., July13,1879.

Eliezer, and Tabitha Prentice, Jan.10,1738-39.

Eliza, Miss, and Phineas Colcord, of Boston, Apr.19,1835.

Betsey, of Concord, and John Thorning, Dec.10,1789.

Emily, and John Snow, Mar.13,1823.

Ephraim, and Miriam Wheeler, of Bedford, Jan.9,1755.

Fannie A., 29, of Arlington, [Cambridge], d.Josiah H. & Mary A., and Charles T. West, 30, [Plymouth, VT], s.Ezra T. & Lemyra B., his 2nd m., May7,1875.

George, Dr., and Hannah G. Cole, both of Lincoln, Dec.5,1826.

Hephzibah, and Roger Adams, of Newton, Nov.9,1777.

Hubbard, and Elizabeth Dickson, May9,1710.

J. Willard, 39, of Arlington, Josiah H. & Mary W.(Willard), and, 2nd, Celora F. Ranney, 27, of St. Johnsbury, VT, [Knoxville, IL], d.Ephraim T. & Sarah W., July4,1874.

James, and Mary 末末, June [?], 1707.

James, 28, [Scotland], s.Jas.& Rose, and Catherine McGuiness, 28, [Ireland], d.John & Bridget, Apr.16,1861.

James F., 27, [Brooklyn, NY], s.Warren E. & Sarah A. and Mary Lavina Smith, 25, d.Abram B. & Annette A., Apr.17,1888.

Jane, and Benjamin Lawrence, Feb.12,1734-35.

Jason, and Mary Hubbard, May27,1684.

Jeremiah, Jr., s.Esther, and Susan A. Simonds, d.Nathan & Susan, June2,1853.

John, and Elizabeth Pattin, Mar.30,1710.

Joseph, and Mary Belcher, June23,1662.

Joseph, and Sarah Russell, Apr.26,1739.

Joseph E., 36, s.Elijah & Elmira, of Hanover, ME, and Sarah M. Gossom, 27, d.Elijah & Eliza, Jan.24,1868.

Joshua, and Susanna Smith, Nov.27,1794.

Leonora, 23, d.John A. & Lydia, and John Howard, 27, of Stoneham, [Stowe], s.Geo. A. & Mary, Jan.1,1868.

Lucy, and Moses Goodenow, of Sudbury, Nov.23,1738.

Lucy, and Joseph Harrington, Mar.27,1792.

Lydia A., and Kendall Wetherbee, May20,1836.

Margery, and William Lampson, of Keene, July5,1791, in Medford.

Maria, and Thomas Prentice, Dec.28,1696.

Martha, and Humphrey Bredsha, Mar.24,1665.

Martha, and Henry Dunster, Feb.25,1707-08.

Martha, and William Chenery, of Waltham, Feb.19,1789.

Mary, and Samuel Blodgett, June16,1726.

Mary, and Abraham Durant, both of Woburn, Oct.25,1801.

Mary, and Isaac B. Smith, Nov.24,1829.

Mary W., 23, of Arlington, [Cambridge], d.Josiah H. & Mary A., and Charles T. West, 27, [Plymouth, VT], s.Ezra T. & Lemira B. (Bacon), Feb.15,1872, in Arlington.

Mary Francis, 32, [Bellows Falls, VT], d.Warren E. & Sarah A., and Samuel A. Fowle, 42, of Arlington, [NY], s.Geo. M. & Margaret L., his 3rd m., Apr.21,1875.

Nathan, and Sybil Blood, of Carlisle, June18,1796, in Carlisle.

Philip, and Joannah Cutter, June19,1680.

Phillip, of Cambridge, and Sarah Brooks, of Medford, Oct.18,1705.

Philip, and Lydia Eaton, of Reading, Apr.21,1750, in Reading.

Philip, Jr., and Lydia Dodge, June22,1758.

Philip, and Sabra W. Russell, Mar.16,1837.

Phebe, and Joseph Marion, Apr.10,1783.

Ruth, and Daniel Gilman, Apr.4,1824.

Sabra W., and Philip Russell, Mar.16,1837.

Samuel, and Betsey Small, Oct.26,1808.

Sarah, and Jonas Cresse, of Charlestown, Aug.28,1738, in Charlestown.

Sarah, and Joseph Russell, Apr.26,1739.

Sarah, and Jonas Locke, Dec.21,1780.

T. Lyman, 36, s.Amos & Lois, of Cambridge, and Eva C. Bacon, 23, [Bedford], d.Edward & Charlotte, June20,1876.

Thomas, Jr., of Weston, and Betsey Jennison, Apr.26,1781.

Walter, and Elizabeth Winship, Apr.3,1706.

William, and Abigail Winship, Mar.18,1682-83.


Bessie, 24, [St. Johns, N.B.], d.Thos.& Mary, and John Meehan, 27, of Boston, [N.S.], s.Thos.& Margaret, Nov.13,1889.

Hannah, 28, d.of Timothy & Mary, and Luke McGrath, 21, s.Patrick & Bridget, [Ireland], Sept.3,1864.

John, 28, s.of Timothy & Catherine, and Mary Ann Myers, 26, d.of Christopher & Mary, [both Ireland], Oct.26,1865, in Woburn.

John M., 28, [Ireland], s.of Wm.& Bridget (Mullins), and Rosa A. Reynolds, 30, [Rockland County, NY], d.Jas.& Margaret (Riley), Nov.17,1886.

Mary F., 25, d.Patrick & Sarah, and Francis T. Tobin, 28, [Ireland, 3. John & Catherine, Apr.26,1883.

Mary A.J., 28, d.John & Mary A. (Meyers), and John Hinchey, 27, [Dracut], s.Dennis & Margaret (Dunn), Nov.26,1896.

Sarah, 23, d.Patrick & Sara (Mulhearn), and William B. Mullen, 26, s.of Wm.H. & Delia B. (Burk), of Cambridge, June22,1887.

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