Josie A., 21, [Boston], d.J. Marshall & M. Josephine (Kelley), and Gilman B. Houghton, 29, b. in Bolton, s.Baldwm & Mary A. (Stimpson), Nov.29,1893.


Annie (Moshier), Mrs., 27, of Concord, [Winsor, N.S.],d.Allan Moshier & Annie, and Ellsworth Graham, 20, [N.S.], s.Thos.& Nancy, June9,1890.


Benjamin, and Elizabeth Stone, Jan.15,1752.

George Walter, 27, s.Hilman B. & Grace A. (Turner), and Annie A. Kilburn, 26, of Lunenburg, [Weston], d.David N. & Ellen A. (Stahl), Dec.26,1892, in Lunenburg.

Hilman B., 31, s.Geo. A. & Mary L., of Boston, and Grace A. Turner, 21, [Charlestown], d.Larkin & Lucy, Dec.8,1859.


Gilbert W., 22, Templeton, [Boston], s.Jeremiah & Anna E. (Batchelder), and Elizabeth R. Porter, 18, of Templeton, d.Jas.O. & Rosanna (Simonds), May21,1890.

Ivory, and Miss Harriet Marrett, Apr.12,1842.

Mary E., 19, [Boston], d.John E. & Elizabeth M., and George W. Locke, 26, s.Micajah & Almira B., Oct.27,1862, in Malden.

SANDERSON (Saunderson)

Elijah, of Salem, and Mary Mulliken, Jan.2,1781.

Fred H., 35, [Waltham], s.Amos & Laura, and Mary A. Kearney, 27, [Munster, Ireland], d.John & Mary, Mar.5,1878, in Arlington.

James, s.Jonas & Lois, and Esther A. Davidson, d.Noel & Ruth, all of Roxbury, Aug.12,1849.

Lois, Mrs, and Patrick Sullivan, Jan.19,1832.

Lydia, of Salem, and Nathaniel Mulliken, May6,1819.

Mary, of Waltham, and, in Waltham, John Adams, Nov.24,1743.

Samuel, and Mary Munroe, Oct.27,1772.


Lucinda, and Joel Reed, Mar.6,1833.

Valentine, 21, [Arlington], s.Elisha & Maria (Riley), and Jane O巽laherty, 19, [Ireland], d.Barney & Susan, Dec.28,1871.


Amoretta S., 32, b. in N.S., d.Abner & Sarah, and E.B. Hosmer, 35, s.Ebenezer C. & Mary Ann, Jan.3,1865.

Jonathan, of Waltham, and Miss Louise Smith, June9,1822.

Mary Lizzie, 26, d.Chas.F. & Mary B. (Ball), of Cambridge, and Robert Parker Clapp, 31, [Montague], s.Geo. A. & Irene F. (Parker), Oct.28,1886, in Cambridge,.


Catherine, 45, d.Wm.& Honora, and Jeremiah Reardon, 45, s.Joseph & Julia, [both Ireland], his 2nd, Feb.4,1883.

John, 25, s.Wm.& Honora, and Julia Donovan, 24, d.Dennis & Julia, [both Ireland], Dec.29,1855.

Nora A., 23, d.John & Julia, and John W. Drury, 23, [Ireland], s.Patrick & Rosie D., Nov.13,1883.

William J., 25, s.John & Julia, Catherine A. Horigan, 23, d.John & Bridget, of Cambridge, Apr.30,1883, in Cambridge.


Anna W., 22, [Gloucester], d.David & Ann, and David W. Muzzey, 27, s.Benj. & Elizabeth, Dec.11,1860.

Annie M., 29, d.Leonard A. & Rebecea H. (Gould), and Charles T. Hartwell, 26, s.John H. & Emeline A. (Stearns), of Arlington, Oct.23,1895.

Ellen R., 20, [Gloucester], d.Ira & Mary (Bates), and Ralph J. Lane, 25, s.Gustavus A. & Clarissa M., of Gloucester, June1,1865.

Fred C., 24, s.Leonard A. & Rebecca H., and May Agnes Meleney, 22, [Sidney, N.S.], d.Sam値 & Margaret, May4,1887.

Leonard A., 29, [Gloucester], s.David & Anna W., and Rebecea H. Gould, 26, [Charlestown], d.Jas.& Caroline W., June5,1862.


John, of Watertown, and Hephzibah Hastings, Apr.17,1781.

Levi S., and Sarah S. Swett, Nov.13,1831.


Moses, of Concord, and Elizabeth Meriam, Nov.25,1756.


Lillian Isabel, 23, [St. Albans, VT], d.Warren & Matilda (Cummings), and Charles R. Baker, 38, [Sharon, NY], s.Geo. & Cynthia (Jones), his 2nd w., May12,1893.


Fred S., 30, of Winchester, [Woburn], s.Thos.S. & Jennie (Matthews), and Clara R. Robinson, 20, [Boston], adopted d.Fred談 O. & Mary (Childs), Nov.18,1895.


Dodavah, 53, [Ossipee, NH], s.Oliver & Sarah, 2nd, Mrs.Emily G.C. (Morse) Odiorne, 32, [Skowhegan, ME], d.Octavius A. Morse & Mary W., Aug.19,1874, in Boston.


Minnie, 24, [Jamaica Plain], d.Albert & Wilheimer (Gumdrun), and Robert W. Britton, 36, [Rawdon, Hants County, N.S.], s.Henry & Elizabeth (McPhee), Oct.16,1895.


Benjamin F., 28, [Montreal], s.Geo. & Margaret, and Mary L. Crowley, 26, d.Cornelius & Ellen, of Cambridge, Nov.19,1885, in Cambridge.

John T., 26, [Boston], s.Arthur L. & Jane, and Blanche Isabelle Meleney, 23, [Salem], d.Sam値 & Margaret, Nov.11,1885, in Boston.

Josephine H., 22, [S. Boston], d.Arthur L. & Jane J., and Frederick W. Brothers, 22, [Charlestown], s.Henry & Kate, Nov.1,1887, in Boston.

Robert G., 24, [Boston], s.Arthur L. & Jeanette J. (Downing), and Mary E. Taft, 23, d.John R. & Annie R., of Boston, Apr.22,1880, in Boston.


Ebenezer, of Roxbury, s.Thos.& Elizabeth, and Louisa M. Hamm, Dover, NH, d.Titus & Nancy, Mar.30,1853.


Tolman, and Miss Lydia Johnson, Nov.18,1824.


Hannah, Newton, and Benjamin Stearns, Sept.11,1754, in Newton.*


John, and Hannah Fessenden, Oct.28,1674.


Patrick John, Jr., 29, s.Mary A. (Higgins), of Concord, and Letitia Moakley, 30, d.Jas.& Mary (Downing), Apr.19,1896.


Hephzibah, of Watertown, and Benjamin Stearns, Sept.6,1721.

John W., 28, [Lynn], s.Geo. W. & Hannah A., and Jessie A. Whidden, 22, [Truro, N.S.], d.Dan'l & Mary, Aug.8,1888.

Josiah,of Cambridge, and Mrs.Abigail Stone, Mar.28,1744, in Watertown.

Martha, and Luke Lane, Apr.18,1822.

Ralph W., 27, of W. Cambridge, [Pepperell], s.Jas.& Mary, and Elizabeth S. Houghton, 22, d.Sam'l A. & Martha, Jan.19,1858.


Darius, and Miss Joanna Winship, July27,1797.

Elijah A., 61, [Weymouth], s.Melvin & Dorinda, 2nd, Mary Louisa Headley, 38, [Sandwich], d.P.C. & Deborah C. (Bartlett), June30,1894.

Walter Keith, 29, [Abington], s.Elijah A. & Frances E. (Dyer), and Mary Groom Hutchins, 27, of Concord, [Buffalo, NY], d.Chas.L. & Mary (Groom), Nov.4,1897, in Concord.

William, and Miss Rebekah Dudley, July15,1827.

William H., 23, of Boston, [Holton, ME], s.Wm & Mary, and May Jenkins, 20, of Boston, [York, ME], d.Thos.& Mary, Nov.17,1867.

William H., 21, of Somerville, [Vicksburg, MS]., s.Geo. & Lauretta, and Idella Farwell, 18, of Somerville, [S. Boston], d.Miles & Mary, Sept.24,1882.


Edward, 26, s.Jas.& Margaret, and Sarah Durfee, 23, [both Ireland], July18,1867, in Woburn.

Maggie M., 22, d.Jerry & Mary, and Patrick F. Dacy, 24, [Boston], s.Wm.& Mary, Sept.10,1877, in Arlington.


Emma Dyer, 28, [Charlestown], d.Abraham B. & Mary Jane G., and Charles Albert Pearson, 29, s.Chas.W. & Persis M., of Charlestown, Sept.25,1878.


Katie, 25, d.Wm.& Mary (O達rien), and James McCann, 29, s.John & Ellen (Parks), and b. in Ireland, July26,1868.

Margaret, 25, d.Wm.& Mary (O達rien), and William Barry, 28, s.David & Nora D., [both Ireland], June6,1875.

Timothy, 32, s.John & Catherine (Kelly), and Margaret Fitzgerald, 25, d.Garrett & Margaret (Scannell), both of Concord and [Ireland], Apr.20,1868.


James Edward, 26, [Springboro, PA], s.Patrick & Mary (Shea), and Gertrude Veronica Cook, 23, of Waltham, [Boston], d.Geo. & Delia, Sept.2,1896, in Waltham.


Rachel, of Concord, and John Stone, of Cambridge, Apr.27,1687.


James, and Susan Locke, Mar.27,1831.


F. Foster, 25, [Charlestown], s.Warren & Mary E. (Damon), and Maud Tenney, 26, d.Benj. F. & Mary B. (Viles), of Boston, Jan.7,1892, in Boston.

Mary Foster, 33, [Medford], d.Warren & Mary Elizabeth (Damon), and Henry Charles Valentine, 32, [Plymouth, MI], s.Chas.Wesley & Mary Antoinette (Fralick), Apr.15,1896.

Reuben B., 25, [Charlestown], s.Warren & Lizzie (Damon), and Katherine H. Robinson, 25, d.Albert M. & Sarah (Johnson), of Somerville, June26,1895, in Somerville.

Warren, 38, [Charlestown], s.Reuben B. & Sarah (Staples), 2nd, Mary E. Allen, 37, [Lime, NH], d.Philander & Rhoda L. (Hovey), Oct.1,1871.

Warren R., 25, [Charlestown], s.Warren & Mary E. (Damon), and Mary E. Rigby, 25, Ipswich, [Milford, NH], d.Thos.& Irving (Rice), Mar.13,1886, in Ipswich.


Albert Augustus, 58, [E. Douglas], s.Albert & Lucy (Marble), 2nd, Nellie Thwing Pearson, 34, [Alna, ME], d.Chas.& Hester (Heath), Nov.27,1895.

Augusta L., 19, Framingham, d.John G. & Mary W., and Charles J. Mace, 24, of Wayland, [Germany], Oct.1,1873

Edward, 55, s.Patrick & Nancy, 2nd Bessie Bailey, 40, [both Ireland], June22,1863, in Woburn.

Harriet Louise, 24, [New Bedford], d.Chas.H. & Eliza V. (Sherman), and Edward Loring Child, 26, [E. Boston], s.Chas.E. & Sophia G. (Vickery), Nov.30,1896.

John G., 40, [Boston], s.Chas.& Sarah, 2nd, Mrs.Maria Barry, 28, [St. Andrews, ME], d.Cornelius McMalian, June9,1860.

Lucy, 20, d.Albert A. & Sarah D., of Uxbridge, and Quincy W. Benjamin, 21, s.Wm.O. & Susan G., of Lincoln, Apr.7,1880.

Mary F., and David Penny, Jr., May12,1822.

Mary E.,17, d.John G. & Mary W., and George H. Bowen, 22, s.John R. & Cenith, of Waltham, Mar.1,1860.

Nellie F , 22, [Uxbridge], d.Albert A. & Sarah, and Henry Webber, 24, [Canada], s.Jas.& Nicene, Dec.2,1886.

Roger Irving, 27, [Uxbridge], s.Albert A. & Sarah D. (Spaulding), and Carrie May Dunmore, 25, of Boston, [Fitchburg], d.Elisha L. & Mary A. (Harris), Sept.17,1895.

Sarah Luella, 19, [Uxbridge], d.Albert A. & Sarah, and Milo N. Van Steensburg, 21, of Northbridge, [Johnstown, NY], s.Jesse B. & Almira Fuller, Apr.7,1881.


Daniel Y., of Loudonderry, NH, and Catherine Dodge, Nov.25,1847.


William A., 27, Malden, [Charlestown], s.Leopold & Louisa, and Mary Voll, 23, d.Henry & Christina, of Boston, Sept.2,1884.


Benjamin, Jr., and Cynthia Bryant, Oct.11,1830.


Abigail, and, in Woburn, Isaiah Tay, of Woburn, May29,1753.

Abigail, and Nathaniel Hill, of Cambridge, Jan.28,1794

Abigail, and Michael Crosby, of Bedford,末蔓末,1838.

Abbie J., 23, d.Joshua & Lucy (Winn), and George T. Davis, 31, of Enfield, NC, [Bedford], s.Thaddeus H. & Almira S. (Stearns), Jan.18,1872.

Alice P., 27, d.Eli & Elizabeth (Swann), and James H. Wright, 27, s.Jas & Mary R. (Rice), of Concord, Apr.6,1871.

Anna M., d.Geo. & Anna, and Edwin N. Simonds, 23, s.Nathan & Elizabeth, of Burlington, Nov.27,1873.

Augusta D., 21, d.Joseph F. & Susan, and Donald McIntyre, 36, [Orono, ME], Sept.18,1873.

Caleb, of Woburn, and Mary Munroe, Dec.6,1774.

Caroline M., 26, d.Joseph F. & Susan, and William H. Miller, 28, of Boston, [ME], s.Ephraim & Elizabeth, Nov.27,1862.

Clara M., 27, d.Joseph F. & Susan, and John T. Stetson, 36, of Boston, [Lincolnville, ME], s.Amasa & Sarah S., Sept.30,1874.

Delia, 19, d.Geo. & Hannah, and John Deman, 27, of Concord, [Franklin, VT], s.Pete & Mary, Apr.19,1860.

Daniel, and Abigail Smith, Nov.29,1716, in Watertown.

Daniel, and Mary Mixture, Nov.13,1750.

David, and Jerusha Locke, July23,1795.

Ebenezer, and Anna Bradbury, Malden, Apr.20,1785, in Cambridge.

Ebenezer, Jr., and Miss Rachel Nichols, Feb.15,1824.

Edwin N., 23, s.Nathan & Elizabeth, of Burlington, and Anna M. Simonds, 24, d.Geo. & Anna, Nov.27,1873.

Bette, and Hammond Reed, Apr.13,1757.

Elizabeth, and Jesse Simonds, Nov.11,1769, in Woburn.

Elizabeth, and Robert Parker, Oct.21,1794.

Betsey, and William Walker, June6,1819.

Elizabeth, and Abram French, July21,1831.

Frank H., 28, s.Eli & Elizabeth, and Eliza Maria Emery, 27, [Boston], d.Jas.& Eliza, Mar.22,1877.

George, Jr., 25, s.Geo. & Hannah, and Mary E. Bannon, 19, d.John, Dec.28,1863, in Woburn.

George, Jr., 36, s.Hannah, and, 2nd, Alice H. Packard, 29, [Essex, VT], d.Thos.H. & Fanny, Mar.11,1875.

George Arthur, 22, s.Geo. & Mary (Bannon), and Maggie M. Kyle, 19, [Sussex, N.B.], d.Andrew & Elizabeth (Robertson), June27,1895.

Hannah, and Jacob Robinson, Aug.26,1790.

Hannah, and Eli Robbins, July31,1809.

James, of Woburn, and Elizabeth Nutt, of Bedford, June30,1763.

Jesse, and Elizabeth Simonds, Nov.11,1769, in Woburn.

John, Jr., 41, of Burlington, [Boston], s.Abigail, and, 3rd, Emely Carter, 28, of Lawrence, [Bridgton, ME], d.Henry & Hannah, June30,1861.

Joseph, and Mary Tidd, Mar.7,1680-81.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Stone, Mar.2,1769.

Joseph F., and Susan Mulliken, May7,1835.

Joshua, Jr., and Martha Bowers, of Billerica, May2,1765, in Billerica.

Joshua, Jr., and Nabby Cutler, June5,1794.

Lucretia, and David Bacon, both of Bedford, Jan.3,1771.

Lydia, and Thomas Cutler, Apr.10,1751.

Marion E., d.Geo., Jr. & Mary, and Sanford H. Woodworth, 32, [Essex, VT], s.Mosley & Eveline, Apr.2,1884.

Martha, and Rufus Meriam, Aug.18,1785.

Mary, and James Mann, Sept.29,1736, in Watertown.

Mary, and Andrew Munroe, May26,1763.

Mary, and John Angier, of Malden, Mar.2,1794.

Nathaniel, and Dorothy Johnson, of Woburn, Sept.21,1800.

Rebecca, and Samuel Tidd, of Bedford, Feb.28,1771.

Rebecca, and William Diamond, Mar.6,1783.

Rosanna, 24, d.Geo. & Hannah, and James C. Porter, 27, of Woburn, [Lynn], s.Jas.& Elizabeth, Jan.16,1868.

Samuel C., of Burlington, and Miss Abigail Angier, Nov.3,1821.

Sarah, of Bedford, and Benjamin Stratton, May24,1750, in Bedford.

Sarah, and Abraham Meriam, of Concord, Apr.22,1756.

Sarah, and Francis Bowman, of Bedford, June24,1756.

Sarah, and Jonathan Locke, Nov.3,1800.

Susan, and Otis Locke, Nov.8,1829.

Susan A., d.Nathan & Susan, and Jeremiah Russell, Jr., s.Esther, all June2,1853.

Susan E., 24, d.Joseph F. & Susan Mulliken, and George D. Robinson, 33, of Chicopee, s.Chas.& Mary Davis, his 2nd, July11,1867.

William, B., s.Joshua & Martha, and Susanna Pierce, of Waltham, Aug 18,1799, in Waltham.


Mary, and Samuel Hastings, Aug.27,1788.


Mary, d.Miles & Eliza Eyre, and Sidney G. Davis, s.Elias & Hannah, Nov.25,1852.

SKELTON (Skilton)

Caria, d.Horace & Fanny, and George Rogers Starkey, of N. Bridgewatcr, s.Dan値 Y. & Sarah J., Oct.14,1852.

Eleanor, of Burlington, d.Francis & Nancy, and Quincy Dean, s.Thos.& Prudence, June6,1852.

Helen A., 20, d.David & Hannah, and Charles McIntire, 29, s.Dan値 & Hannah, all of Burlington, Mar.18,1866.

Horace, of Bedford, and Miss Fanny Harrington, Oct.29,1820.

Mary H., 34, d.Horace & Fanny, and Benjamin Locke, 34, s.Jas.& Lucy, Mar.11,1856.

Susana, of Woburn, and Simeon Blodgett, Dec.24,1761, in Woburn.


Albert F. & Vestina, of Reading, Sept.6,1882.

James H., 24, s.Jas.B. & Abigail, and Mary S.C. Walker, 19, d.Russell & Rhoda, both of Woburn and [Burlington], July14,1872.

Jonathan, 38, of Reading, [Burlington], s.Nathan B. & Elizabeth, and, 2nd, Vestina Converse, 26, d.Albert F. & Vestina, of Reading, Sept.6,1882.


Francis E., of Charlestown, s.John & Hannah, and Eliza G. Smith, d.Chandler & Asenath, Sept.1,1852.


Caroline E, 21, d.Carleton & Louisa E., of Chelsea, VT, and Edwin J.B. Nourse, 31, [Red Wing, MN], s.Wm.& Caroline (Blaker), his 2nd m., Sept.27,1891.


Theodore E., 25, of Woburn, [Quincy], s.Moses W. & Julia A., Evelyn Page Flint, 23, [San Francisco], d.Geo. & Caroline, Jan.28,1885, in Charlestown.


Rachel, and Jonathan Butterfield, of Cambridge, Jan.2,1721.


Betsey, and Samuel Russell, Oct.26,1808.


Sarah, and Charles Flanders, Apr.29,1832.


Abel, and Betsey Loring, Nov.8,1796.

Abigail, of Watertown, and Daniel Simonds, Nov.29,1716.

Abigail, and William Smith, Oct.20,1757.

Abigail, and Sylvanus Wood, of Woburn, June3,1778.

Abigail, and Amos Muzzy, Dec.25,1806.

Abigail, and David Tuttle, Sept.27,1810.

Abigail, and Jonas Munroe, May17,1814.

Abijah, and Mary Lawrence, Jan.18,1750.

Abraham, and Martha Bowman, both of Cambridge, May8,1788.

Abram B., 25, s.Wm.B. & Mary B., and Annette A. Allen, 19, d.Galen & Lavinia M., Mar.23,1862.

Adeline A , and Samuel Cooper, of Charlestown, May1,1842.

Adaline, d.Wm.L. & Hannah, and Horatio Lock, of Boston, s.Abel, May3,1846

Alice S., 23, [Gloucestershire, England], d.Walter & Annie (Palmer), and Norris F. Comley, 21, s.Jas.H. & Hattie E. (Ridgway), July1,1892.

Anna, and Simeon Leonard, of Bridgewater, Apr.10,1764.

Anna, of Woburn, and Abijah Wyman, of Billerica, Dec.16,1800.

Annie M., 19, d.Josiah & Aurilla, and Sylvester Cummings, 23, [Waldoboro, ME], s.Ambrose & Mary, Nov.1,1879.

Annie Eliza, 31, of Boston, [Gloucestershire, England], d.John & Caroline, and Moses E. Colby, 43, [Rockport], s.Emerson & Mary (Carter), Dec.14,1883, in Boston.

Benjamin, and Martha Comee, July9,1713.

Benjamin, Jr., and Anna Parker, Nov.17,1737.

Benjamin, and Mrs.Esther Green, May3,1750.

Billings, and Sarah C. Blodgett, Nov.19,1820.

Billings, Capt, and Almira A. Winship, Mar.8,1837.

Billings, Jr., s.Sally, and Martha Childs, d.Isaac & Betsey, Jan.10,1847.

Catherine M., 22, [County Loud, Ireland], d.Michael & Annie (Cooke), and John Thomas Murray, 25, [Shepard, N.B.], s.Jas.& Sarah (Blake), May3,1894.

Chester W., 25, of Winchester, [Randolph, VT], s.Chester & Hannah, and Diana H. Bliss, 21, [Rochester, VT], d.Chester & Lecta, May21,1873.

Daniel, and Mary Poole, of Woburn, Mar.23,1780.

Darius, and Miss Rachel Cushing, of Weymouth, Dec.3,1826.

Diana H. (Bliss), Mrs., 30, [Rochester, VT], d.Chester G. Bliss & Electa, and Leroy Ford, 28, of Boston, [N. Berwick, ME], s.Caleb F. & Susan G., Nov.25,1880.

Dorcas, and John Wood, of Cambridge, Apr.4,1764.

Dorcas W., d.Ebenezer & Anna, and Elbridge Farmer, of W. Cambridge, Mar.7,1848.

Ebenezer, Jr., and.Priscilla Diamond, Dec.29,1763.

Ebenezer R., and Elmira Reed, Jan.29,1829.

Edwin Oliver, 22, s.Abram B. & Annette A. (Allen), and Susie Allen Lamb, 21, of Grafton, [Boston], d.Giles W. & Mary E. (Hebard), Mar.11,1893, in Salem.

Elias, and Miss Harriet Hastings, Aug.8,1819.

Eliza, and Charles Blodgett, Mar.24,1831.

Eliza G., d.Chandler & Asenath, and.Francis E. Skinner, of Charlestown, s.John & Hannah, Sept.1,1852.

Elizabeth, and Amos Tidd, May17,1750.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Dea.James Brown, May18,1762.

Betty, and Jonas Bacon, of Bedford, May18,1784.

Elizabeth W., and Alonzo Goddard, Apr.1,1841.

Ellen A., d.Billings, and Joseph A. Wellington, s.Nath値, Feb.13,1846.

Emma F., 24, [Charlestown], d.Levi J. & Georgie, and William O. Locke, 22, s.Wm, 2nd, & Mary A. (Garmon), June12,1884.

Emeline L., and Charles Clark, Jan.21,1841.

Esther, and Simeon Snow, of Holden, Jan.4,1777, in Holden.

Etta Amelia, 19, d.Albert Bradford & Sarah A. (Bryant), and Alfred Pierce, 24, s.Loring S. & Frances A. (Harrington), Dec.19,1882.

Eunice, and Joseph Underwood, Jan.4,1750.

Georgiana M., 23, [Charlestown], d.Levi J. & Laura A. (George), and E. Bigelow Winship, 21, [Sutter Township, CA], s.Chas.F. & Mary A. (Holbrook), Feb.5,1881.

Hannah, and David Stratton, of Watertown, Jan.30,1727-28, in Watertown.

Hannah, and Timothy Davis, of Bedford, Feb.9,1736-7, in Bedford.

Harriet, and Imla Parker, Jan.1,1823.

Henry, and Lydia Buck, Mar.3,1672-73.

Henry, and Mary Stratton, of Watertown, Feb.18,1730-31, in Watertown.

Henry, and Mary Smith, of Weston, Dec.7,1738, in Weston.

Henry M., 24, of Chicago, [New Bedford], s.Stephen S. & Lucretia B., and Harriet A. Hudson, 24, [Westminster], d.Chas.& Ann, Sept.4,1854.

Hephzibah, and Benjamin Eaton, of Woburn, Apr.19,1821.

Hezekiah, and Elizabeth Wellington, of Watertown, Feb 24,1725-26, in Watertown.

Isaac, and Sally Iles, Aug.6,1798.

Isaac R., and Mary Russell, Nov.24,1829.

Isaac B., s.Jacob, and Sarah Poor, d.Isaac, May19,1850.

Isaac W., 26, s.Geo. & Catherine, and Sarah Hume, 20, d.Peter & Margaret, and [N.S.], Jan.13,1870.

Jesse, and Experience Ward, of Westboro, Apr.26,1783, in Westboro.

Joel, s.Josiah & Hannah, and Elizabeth Stearns, of Waltham, Sept.21,1794, in Waltham.

Joel, and.Mrs.Lebia Hall, of Brewster, June9,1839.

John, and Sarah Prentice, June8,1676.

John, and Mrs.Mary Whitney, Oct.26,1763, in Brookline.

John, of Boston, and Ruth Harrington, Feb.8,1777.

John, and Sarah Lawrence, Nov.15,1781.

John, and Hannah Fillebrown, Oct.6,1831.

John D., 27, of Charlestown, [New Hampton, NH], s.Ephraim H. & Elmira, and Melinda Knight, 28, d.Loammi & Mary, Nov.22,1866.

Jonas, of Waltham, and Molly Parker, Oct.5,1775.

Jonas, and Polly Underwood, Mar.26,1798.

Jonathan, and Mrs.Abigail Stratton, of Waltham, Aug.30,1738, in Waltham.

Jonathan, Jr., and Lydia Muzzy, June13,1771.

Jonathan, Jr., and Abigail Marrett, Oct.16,1778.

Jonathan, Jr., and Abigail Marrett, Oct.16,1788.

Jonathan, Jr, and Ruth Fiske, Mar.17,1795.

Joseph, and Mary Richards, Oct.14,1701.

Joseph, and Hannah 末末, Oct. [?], 1704.

Joseph, and Lucy Stone, Jan.17,1765.

Joseph, and Abigail Ingoldsby, Mar.13,1777.

Joshua Stearns, and Miss Maria Lawrence, Apr.24,1822.

Josiah, and Sarah Francis, Medford, Nov.15,1750, in Medford.

Josiah, widr.Sarah, and Hannah Brown, Jan.12,1758.

Josiah, Jr., and Polly Barber, Feb.6,1777.

Josiah, 2d, s.Ebenezer & Anna, and Aurilla Snow, d.Dan値 & Rebecca, Nov.22,1849.

Julia, d.Elias & Harriet, and.George Arnold, s.Wm.& Catharine, of Charlestown, Dec.3,1846.

Kezia, and Samuel Green, Apr.3,1751.

Larkin, and Miss Lucy S. Smith, Dec.26,1824.

Louise, and Jonathan Saunders, of Waltham, June9,1822.

Lucy, and Benjamin Wellington, of Brookfield, Sept.1,1763.

Lucy S., and Larkin Smith, Dec.26,1824.

Lucy A., of Woburn, d.Larkin & Lucy, and Felix Riley, of Woburn, s.Jas.& Anna, Jan.31,1848.

Lydia, and Abner Matthews, of Lincoln, May21,1789.

Madeline, 20, [Manchester, N.H.], d Arthur J. & Alice (Atwood), and Henry D. Lamier, 19, [Concord], s.Moses J. & Angeline (Duval), Sept.6,1896.

Maria, and Nathan Brooks, of Woburn, Jan.20,1814.

Maria, and Winthrop F. Adams, Feb.20,1834.

Martha, and Ebenezer Munroe, May29,1771.

Martha B., 24, d.Wm.B. & Mary B., and John H. Cummings, 28, s.Moses & Harriet, of Woburn, June28,1865.

Mary, and Jabez Wyman, of Woburn, Dec.30,1730.

Mary, of Weston, and Henry Smith, Dec.7,1738, in Weston.

Mary, and Jacob Boynton, Dec.23,1755.

Polly, and Abijah Peirce, Mar.7,1799.

Mary M., and John C Brackett, May15,1827.

Mary, and William B. Smith, Dec.10,1835.

Mary R., d.Elias & Harriet, and David Hall, of Boston, Oct.8,1846.

Mary C., d.David & Huldah, and Daniel W. Cobleigh, s.Dan鼠 & Hannah, all of Charlestown, July18,1852.

Mary E.B., 25, d.Wm.& Joan, and William P.F. Meserve, 28, [Richmond, ME], s.Wm.& Rebecca, May21,1861.

Mary Lavina, 25, d.Abram B. & Annette A., and.James F. Russell, 27, [Brooklyn, NY], s.Warren E. & Sarah A., Apr.17,1888.

Nathan, and Katharine Bacon, Apr.24,1794.

Nathaniel, and Lydia Church, both of Watertown, Feb.5,1722-23.

Octavia, 22, of Waltham, d.Eben A. & Almira, and William R. Morse, 25, of Waltham, [RI], s.Henry & Phebe, Nov.1,1863.

Phebe L., and Joseph F. LeBaron, Dec.13,1832.

Roada, and William Barker, both of Sudbury, Feb.8,1764.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Harrington, Aug.30,1764.

Samuel, and Lydia Pierce, Mar.25,1784, in Waltham.

Sarah, and Abiel Richardson, Jan.14,1742, in Woburn.

Sarah, and.Joseph Brown, May7,1765.

Sarah, and David Penny, Sept.30,1779.

Sarah, and Dr. Abner Burton Phelps, Derby, VT, Feb.4,1808.

Sally, and Enoch Dyer, May26,1812.

Sally, and Joel Viles, Apr.12,1821.

Sarah Phelps, and Ebenezer Whittum, of Boston, Mar.28,1839.

Sarah J., 26, d.Wm.Henry & Susan B. (Cutter), and.Thomas H. Kyte, 25, of Boston, [England], s.Thos.& Maria (Holmes), Jan.15,1872.

Sylvanus W., and Catherine Adams, July6,1834.

Stephen W., 40, of NY, [Providence, RI], s.Stephen C. & Amy, and, 2nd, Sarah A. Taggard, 35, d.Wm.& Mary, Dec.1,1857.

Susan P., and Francis K. Dudley, May18,1823.

Susanna, and Reuben Peirce, of Waltham, Oct.20,1786.

Susanna, and Joshua Russell, Nov.27,1794.

Thomas, and Sarah Raymond, Apr.12,1753, in Woburn.

Thomas, and Sarah Taylor, of Charlestown, Oct.3,1782.

Webster, 37, [Lincoln], s.Jonas & Abigail, and Caroline Cormick, 23, of Woburn, [Pictou, N.S.], Apr.5,1863.

William, and Abigail Smith, Oct.20,1757.

William, Jr., and Jane Peirce, Jan.22,1789.

William T., and Miss Cynthia Child, May27,1812.

William L., of Boston, and Miss Hannah Lane, Oct.20,1819.

William, Capt., and Mrs.Joanna Locke, Nov.29,1832.

William H., and Susanna B. Cutter, Nov.26,1834.

William B., and Mary Smith, Dec.10,1835.

William H., 2d, s.Hannah, and Susan L. Holbrook, May20,1849.

Worthington, 45, [Richford, VT, s.Russell & Jerusha (Elmore), and, 2nd, Mrs.Lizzie (Nixon) DeBeauhamais, 44, [Worcester], d.John A. Nixon & Roxanna (Stone), Sept.25,1895.


John C., 32, [Alleghany City, PA], s.Dan鼠 & Mary, and Ida McGee, 22, d.Richard & Mary, of Portland, ME, Feb.12,1888.


Alice G., 21, [Charlestown], d.Christopher F. & Kate A. (Fowle), and Elisha B. Lombard, 26, s.Albert F. & M. Augusta (Watts), May18,1892.


Aurilla, d.Dan'l & Rebecca, and Josiah Smith, 2nd, s.Ebenezer & Anna, all Nov.22,1849.

Jennie M., 28, [Somerville], d.Isaac T. & Mary C. (Lombard), and Lewis J. Norton, 36, of Suffield, CT, [Farmington, ME], s.Peter E. & Anna (Johnson), Apr.5,1897.

John, and Miss Emily Russell, Mar.13,1823.

Samuel, of Woburn, and Sarah Locke, June10,1718, in Woburn.

Simeon, of Holden, and Esther Smith, Jan.4,1777, in Holden.

Simeon, and Rhoda Robinson, May21,1781.


Hannah M., d.Christopher, and Elisha C. Wheeler, of Boston, s.John, Apr.11,1850.

Margaret G., d.Christopher & Hannah, and Andrew B. Pearson, s.John H. & Hannah, of Boston, Dec.30,1852.


Lydia, of Billerica, and Amos Fortune, of Woburn, July8,1778.


Mary Ellen, 23, [Calais, ME], d.Amos Fletcher & Caroline E., and Frank Hagar Bigelow, 30, s.Francis E. & Ann H., of Concord, Oct.6,1881, in Cambridge.


George, 64, [Brighton], s.Edward & Betsey, and, 2nd, Mrs.Abby L. Whittier (Moore), 38, d.Luke & Martha, of Cambridge, Feb.16,1875.


Charles W., 23, s.Jas.W. & Desire, of S. Scituate, and Susan M. Ewell, 20, d.Allen & Alethea, all of Mansfield, May25,1859.

SPAULDING (Spalding)

Albert G., s.Asa, of Lincoln, and Lydia S. Walker, d.Wm., Nov.6,1845.

Albert F., 33, [Billerica], s.Jacob & Mary Ann (Esty), and Mrs.Catherine Mary (Hadlock) Johnson, 34, [Concord], d.Colburn Hadlock & Lydia.Dec.16,1874, in Cambridge.

Charles H., 21, s.Edwin S. & Clara A. (Norton), and Martha Eliza Childs, 22. d.Augustus & Mary E. (Cunningham), Apr.8,1895.

Edwin S., 28, [Dracut], s.Addison & Nancy (Kimball), and Clara A. Norton, 19, d.Joseph & Prudence (Hall), of Belmont, NY, June14,1870, in Belmont. NY.

John Stillman, 29. [Brooklyn, N Y, s.John B. & Mary B. (Saville), and Grace Ada Lovejoy, 27, d.Alfred W. & Emily E. (Hodsdon), of Chelsea, July25,1895, in Chelsea.

Lewis, of Bedford, s.Chas.& Elizabeth, and Anna B. Cutler, d.Leonard & Maria, Nov.2,1853.

Mary, and David Neland, June14,1835.

Mary V., 22, d.Elisha & Amelia M., and Henry H. Tyler, 29, s.Edward L. & Martha (Savage), July3,1870, in Arlington.

Ruth, and Jonathan Wood, Dec.27,1825.

Susan B., and Dr. William J. Currier, Jan.23,1845.

Susan Augusta, 20, [Lincoln], d Albert G. & Lydia (Walker), and George W. Nichols, 31, [Reading], s.Sam値 & Achsach (Barden). July2,1871.


Flora Viola, Mrs., 35, [Bangor, ME], d.Luther W. & Adeline (Buswell), and William P. Bowman, 35, [on board ship, Cork Harbor, Ireland], s.Josiah J. & Clara E. (Morse), Nov.25,1896.


Addie Maria, d.Wm.H. & Frances E., and Herbert Gardner Locke, 27, s.Amos & Rhoda Blodgett, Mar.10,1879, in Chicago.

Jaffrey, 23, s.Michael & Margaret, and Ellen Roach, 21, d.Jas.& Mary, both of Lincoln, [both Ireland], Mar.1,1868.


Alice M., 20, of Fayette, ME, [Milltown, N.B.], d.Mark D. & L. Henrietta (Farnum), and.Dana R. Knowlton, 23, s.Chas.A. & Mary T. (Johnson), of Stricklands Ferry, ME, Dec.23,1896.


Clarence E., 27, s.Fred E. & Emma M., of Lynn, and Pearl Curtis, 21, d.Edwin & Katherine, of Skowhegan, ME, Jan.31,1897.


Elizabeth, and John Mason, Jr., Oct.18,1699.

Isaac S., of Standish, and Miss Sophia Hastings, June18,1809.

Isaac H., and Susan M. Phinney, Dec.19,1833.


Bridget, 24, d.John & Margaret, and Patrick Coady, 24, s.Michael & Bridget, and [Ireland], June6,1869.


Martha, and Thaddeus Parker, Sept.15,1785.


Jane (Colman), Mrs., 40, [Danville, VA], d.Mourn Colman & Mary, and, 3rd, John M. Brown, 47, [Wilmington, DE]., s.David & Hannah, both colored, his 2nd m , Oct.22,1868, in Boston.

Sarah, 21, [VA], d.Sampson & Jane, and John Henry Brown, 29, [MD], s.Wm.& Lucinda (Brooks), all negroes, June29,1871.


Andrew A., 28, of Stoughton, [Northfield, VT], s.Sam'l G. & Eliza M., and Lucia M. Cushing, 28, of Medford, [W. Moreland, NH], d.Evans & Maria, Dec.24,1879.


Charles Jason, 33, of St. Cloud, MN, [Meadville, PA], s.Carlton A. &. Priscilla S., and Grace Maria Dean. 18, of Gill, [Reading], d.Geo. Warren & Frances M., Jan.16,1890.

F.W., 45, Medford, [Portland, ME], s.Carroll & Charlotte, and, 3rd, Mary H. Doe, 27, [Hebron, ME], d.Wm.W. & Mary Ann, Dec.31,1874.


George Rogers, of N. Bridgewater, s.Dan'l Y. & Sarah J., and Caria Skelton, d.Horace & Fanny, Oct.14,1852.

STEARNES (Stearns)

Benjamin, and Hephzibah Shattuck, of Watertown, Sept.6,1721.

Benjamin, and Hannah Seger, Newton, Sept.11,1754, in Newton.

Charles, and Rebecca Gibson, June22,1654.

Daniel, and Anna R. Varnum, May18,1834.

Elizabeth, of Waltham, and Joel Smith, s.Josiah & Hannah, Sept.21,1794, in Waltham.

Esther, Mrs, and Ward Lock, June12,1836.

George, and Lavinia Hardy, Dec.25,1844.

Habakkuk, and Eunice Child, Apr.18,1785.

Hannah, Jr., d.Benj., and John Parker, Jr., Feb.17,1785, in Waltham.

Isaac, and Sarah Beers, June28,1660.

Isaac, and Mehitabel Frost, Dec.24,1725.

Jane, and Nathan Boynton, Sept.22,1844.

John, of Waltham, and Chloe Phinney, May22,1794.

John Augustus, and Miss Sally Stearns, Sept.5,1811.

Joshua, of Princeton, and Betty Muzzy, Mar.14,1786.

Luther, and Lydia Varnum, Oct.3,1830.

Marshall, and Miss Elvira Flagg, Sept.17,1826.

Mary, and James Farmer, Aug.26,1828.

Nathan, and Susanna Adams, May21,1807.

Noah, and Prudence Winship, both of Lein, June5,1806.

Noah, and Miss Betsey Tidd, May27,1821.

Peleg, of Waltham, and Susanna Phinney, May22,1794.

Royal, and Miss Esther Lawrence, May2,1824.

Samuel, and Abigail Trask, Nov.15,1750.

Sarah, and Samuel Stone, June7,1655.

Sally, and John Augustus Stearns, Sept.5,1811.


Adelaide, 20, d.Geo. & Lavinia, and George Francis Bowers, 27, [Merrimac, NH], s.Joshua K. & Adaline, Dec.24,1868.

Charles H., 22, s.Geo. & Lavina, and Eva L. Frost, 19, d.Edmund & Nellie, of Arlington, Oct.10,1877, in Arlington.

Charlotte Champe, 25, [Baltimore], d.Thos.& Charlotte, and Henry Ware Eliot, 24, s.Wm.Greenleaf & Abby Adams, of St. Louis, Oct.27,1868.

Ellen Farley, 25, [Sterling], d.Thos.& Charlotte, and Henry L. Reed, 24, N. Easton, s.Chas, Apr.28,1868, in Cambridge.

George A., 31, s.Geo. & Lavina, and Emma M. Hovey, 33, [Cambridge], d.Thos.G. & Ann Maria, Nov.7,1877.

Henry O., 26, s.Caroline & John, and Mary Leeming, 22, [England], d.John, June1,1873.

Susan H., 26, [Acton], d.Thos.& Charlotte (Blood), and Holmes Hinkley, 33, s.Jas.F. & Eliza A., of Boston, Jan.13,1887, in Boston.


Ellen E., 23, of W. Somerville, [Chicago], d.Nath値 L. & Etta (Bowles), George S. Teague, 22, b. in Cambridge, s.Geo. F. & Mary A. (Garrigan), July28,1896 in Somerville.


Hannah E., 26, [Gloucester], d.Wm., and George D. Robinson, 25, of Chicopee, s.Chas, Nov.24,1859.


Abbie C., 21, [Medford], d.Caleb & Julia Ann, and Abner A. Griffing, 29, [Cambridge], s.Augustus P. & Eunice C., Mar.8,1866.

John T., 36, of Boston, [Lincolnville, ME], s.Amasa & Sarah S., and Clara M. Simonds, 27, d.Joseph F. & Susan M., Sept.30,1874.

Julia, 33, [Medford], d.Caleb & Julia Ann, and Sargent C. Whitchner, 43, of Boston, [Wheelock, VT], s.Levi & Mary, his 2nd m., Dec.5,1867.


Anna C., d.Wm.& Nancy, and Horace B. Davis, s.Joseph & Betsey, all June2,1852.

Edmund, of Chelmsford, and Miss Susan Prentiss, Apr.3,1822.


Amos, of Tewksbury, and Rebecca Harrington, Mar.25,1787.

Annette M., d.Randolph & Rhody, and William H. Ingalls, s.John R. & Eliza, July24,1853.

Dorothy, and Joseph Tidd, July31,1731, in Woburn.

Isabel A., 20, [NH], d.Randolph & Roby, and Nathaniel Palmer, 28, of Wilmington, [Madbury, NH], s.Wm.& Mary E., June24,1860.

Randolph L., [Amherst], s.Randolph & Roby, and Lydia A.B. Very, 17, d.Benj., of Danvers, Oct.11,1860.


Frederick A., 40, [Boston], s.Lovett & Sally(Fisher), and Faustina Munroe, 35, d.Jonathan & Rhoda, June12,1859.

STIMSON (Stimpson)

Alfred A., 46, [Rockport], s.John & Eliza (Green), and, 2nd, Marie Catherine Gionais, 25, [Montreal], d.Phillip & Mary (Reardon), Jan.25,1892.

George A., s.J.H. & W.Lovett & Sally F. (Fisher), and Sarah S. Viles, d.Joel & Sally, Jan.2,1853.

Martha M., d.Lovett & Sally F., and James K. Bennett, s.Jas.H. & W., Jan.2,1853.

Mary, of Reading, and Robert Fiske, May26,1718, in Woburn.


Stella Madrid (Huston), 36, adopted by Levi B. Stinchfield & Frances T., of Boston, d.Arthur Huston & Mary D. (Currier), and Oscar Llewellyn Patch, 32, [Medford], s.Franklin & Ann, Oct.28,1884, in E. Boston.


Augusta, d.Joshua & Almira, and Jonathan Garland, Jr., s.Susan, all of Woburn, Apr.7,1848.


Abigail, and John Cutler, Jan.9,1723-4, in Watertown.

Abigail, and William Reed, Jr., Jan.1,1741-2.

Abigail, Mrs., and Josiah Shattuck, of Cambridge, Mar.28,1744, in Watertown.

Abigail, and Joshua Underwood, June6,1765.

Abner, s.Sam鼠, and Ellen A. Robbins, d.Eli & Hannah, all Dec.8,1853.

Alvah C., 34, of Boston, [Bridgton, ME], s.Dixie & Eliza M., and Alice A. Tufts, 26, d.Bowen A. & Sarah, Sept.24,1873, in Somerville.

Anna, and Josiah Parker, Dec.8,1718.

Anna, and Robert Munroe, July28,1737.

David, and Sarah Hildreth, Dec.31,1674.

Deborah, and Samuel Bass, of Boston, Apr.13,1758.

Ebenezer, and Margaret Trowbridge, Mar.18,1686.

Elizabeth, and John Lawrence, Jr., May18,1710.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Sampson, Jan.15,1752.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Simonds, Mar.2,1769.

Elizabeth, and Edward Tucker, of Salem, Feb.24,1789.

Elizabeth, and Dr. Joseph Fiske, July31,1794.

Eunice, and Abijah Tarbel, of Westford, Aug.4,1794, in Westford.

Hannah, and Thomas Barrett, of Concord, June20,1769.

Hannah, of Littleton, and Nathaniel Farmer, Mar.7,1786, in Littleton.

Isaac, Jr., and Martha Munroe, of Weston, Sept.8,1748, in Weston.

John, of Cambridge, and Rachel Shepard, of Concord, Apr.27,1687.

John, and Mary Reed, Apr.8,1714.

Jonas, and Sarah Stone, May12,1752.

Jonas, Jr., and Sarah Buckman, June12,1766.

Joseph, and Mary末末, Jan. [?], 1710.

Lucy, and Joseph Smith, Jan.17,1765.

Lydia, and Nathaniel Mulliken, June6,1751.

Mary, and Lott Conant, of Concord, June17,1740.

Mary R., 22, d.Abner & Ellen A., and Charles F. Outon, 24, [N.B.], s.John & Mary, Jan.4,1883, in Boston.

Peter R.L., of Boston, and Miss Lavina Winship, Mar.26,1822.

Rebecca(Stone) (wid.Timothy Wellington), and John Dix, of Waltham, Feb.14,1754, in Waltham.

Ruth, and John Buckman, July21,1768.

Samuel, and Sarah Stearns, June7,1655.

Samuel, and Dorcas Jones, June12,1679.

Samuel, Esq., of Ashby, and Eunice Underwood, Jan.6,1784.

Sarah, and Jonas Stone, May12,1752.


Abigail, Mrs., of Waltham, Jonathan Smith, Aug.30,1738, in Waltham.

Benjamin, and Sarah Simonds, of Bedford, May24,1750, in Bedford.

David, of Watertown, and Hannah Smith, Jan.30,1727-28, in Watertown.

George L., 26, of Boston, [Lancaster], s.Geo. & Lucinda, and Annie M. Bridge, 19, d.Sam値 & Maria, Nov.16,1865.

Mary, of Watertown, and Henry Smith, Feb.18,1730-1, in Watertown.

Mary, of Watertown, and Thaddeus Hastings, May29,1763, in Watertown.

Sarah, and George Barnard, both of Cambridge, Mar 31,1762.


George H., 27, s.Joseph & Julia, of Boston, and Alice A. Wright, 26, d.Luke W. & Abigail, Sept.22,1887.

Jewett Boynton, and Susan Elizabeth Wyman, Jan.17,1838.


John, 26, [N.S.], s.Wm.& Hannah, and Abbie Meyer, 30, of Cambridge, [Boston], d.Ephraim & Sarah, Apr.11,1872, in Cambridge.


Sarah, 19, of China, ME, [Charleston, ME], d.Simon, and Charles O. Rand, 24, [Roxbury], s.Obed & Anna Y., Mar.8,1868, in Vassalboro, ME.


Thomas, of Boston, and Amity Hadley, Feb.26,1792.


Claraetta M., 24, d.Patrick & Lois, and Nathaniel W. Pierce, 34, s.Nath値 & Abigail, all Apr.13,1865, in Boston.

Daniel, 22, s.Cade & Hannah, and Mary Murphy, 22, d.John & Ellen, [Ireland], Jan.13,1867, in Woburn.

James J., 24, [Ireland], s.John & Ellen, and Hannah Keleher, 16, d.Patrick & Hannah, Apr.15,1874, in Arlington.

Jennie D., 26, [Canada], d.Thos.& Margaret M., and John Alfred Thollden, 27, [Sweden], s.Andrew & Mary, Oct.30,1884, in Arlington,.

Katie E., d.Wm.& Mary, and Robert S. Harrison, 25, s.Edward & Rachel, all of Newton, Sept.10,1877.

Mary Josephine, 24, of Lowell, [Ireland], d.Michael John & Margaret Mary, and Charles William Victor Frank, 28, [Marseilles, France], s.Hugo Caesar Chas.& Henrietta Julia, Sept.29,1873, in Arlington.

Patrick, and Mrs.Lois Sanderson, Jan.19,1832.


Richard, of Charlestown, and Elizabeth Apthorp, July17,1758.


Elizabeth, of Reading, and Jonathan Lawrence, Feb.23,1726-7, in Reading.


Aaron, and Susanna Elliott, both of Cambridge, Sept.19,1765.

Ann, Miss, of W. Cambridge, and Daniel Pierce, Sept.11,1842.

Gershom, 29, [W. Cambridge], s.Henry & Elizabeth, and Mary Ward Harrington, 29, [Boston], d.Bowen & Elizabeth P. (Ward), June9,1864.

Reuben, J r., 55, Dorchester, [Charlestown], s.Ruth, and, 2nd, Mrs.Hannah L. Darling, 37, [Braintree], d.Wm.Blake & Sarah S., Aug.8,1861.


Helen, 26, [Ireland], d.Edward & Mary, and Richard Hall, 33, of Watertown, [Ireland], s.Thos.& Catherine, his 2nd and, Aug.19,1883, in Arlington.

Mary A , 26, [Arlington], d.Jerry & Annie, and William John Preeper, 26, [Hants County, N.S.], s.Alexander & Maggie, Nov.27,1884, in Arlington.


Sarah S., and Levi S. Sawin, Nov.18,1831.


James O., 26, [N.S.], s.Henry & Mary, and Julia E. Woolsey, 22, of Aburndale, [Troy.NY], d.Nathan W. & Ianthe (Stone), Feb.21,1886, in Auburndale.

John A., 28, [N.S.], s.Henry H. & Mary M., and Ella A. Chase, 23, [Bedford], d.Sewall S. & Carrie, June16,1884, in Boston.


Clara B., 34, of Woburn, [ME], d.Joseph & Harriet, and Waterman Cummings, 37, of IL, [Lexington], s.Dan'l & Abigail, Mar.10,1874, in Woburn.

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