FARNSWORTH (Fornsworth)

Charles P. [Charles P., written in pencil], s.Joseph R., farmer, and Emeline, Nov.23,1846.

Elizabeth Louisa, d.Joseph R, and w., Aug.末,1841.

Eloisa Moore, d.Joseph R., farmer (b. Halifax, VT), and Emeline(h.Sudbury), June20,1849.

Emaline, w.Joseph R. [May末,1811].GR2

Harriet Emeline, d.Joseph R., farmer, and Emeline, Feb.13,1845

Joseph R. [h.Emaline], May9,1809.GR2


Andrew Simons, s.Nehemiah and Ruth, Mar.6,1801. [Andrew Simonds.CR1]

Caty, d.Nehemiah and Ruth, Feb.6,1789.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Mary, Sept.22,1749.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Mary, Mar.23,1755.

Dorcas, w.Dea.James [Aug.末,1787].GR2

Dolly, d.Daniel [Daniell.CR1] and Mary, June7,1770.

Eliab, s.Zebidiah and Catharine, June13,1773.

George, s.Isau and w., bp. Oct.6,1705.CR1

George, s.Daniel and Mary, Feb.1,1760.

George, s.Humphrey (Farrer) [and] Lucy, Oct.6,1778.

George, s.James and Dorcas, July19,1818.

George, s.James Jr., farmer, and Adeline (b. Salisbury, CT) Dec.4,1849.

Harriot, d.Nebimiah and Ruth, Nov.8,1796. [Harriet, d.Nehemiah and w.CR1]

Humphry, s.Humphry and Lucy, Sept.15,1773.

James, s.Daniel [Danill.CR1] and Mary, Nov.30,1767.

James, s.Capt. Samuell Jr. and Marcy, Oct.12,1776. [Dea.James [h.Dorcas].GR2]

James, s.James [Dea.James.CR1] and Dorcas, Sept.22,1820. [[h.Adeline (Hyde)]GR3]

John, s.Capt. Samuel [Samuell Jr.CR1] and Mercy, July1,1779.

John Williams, s.James [Dea.James.CR1] and Dorcas, Jan.20,1823.

Joseph, s.Humphry and Lucy, Feb.14,1775.

Josiah, s.Daniell and w., bp. Nov.10,1765.CR1

Josiah, s.Zebediah and Catharine, Feb.19,1772.

Katy, d.Nehemiah and W., bp. Mar.9,1794.CR1

Love, d.Daniel [Daniell.CR1] and Mary, Feb.13,1757.

Lucy, d.Humphry and Lucy, July29,1771.

Lydia, d.Humphry and Lucy, bp. May26,1782.

Mary, d.Daniel and Mary, July26,1753.

Mary, d.Samuell and Lydia, July5,1754.

Mary, d.Humphry and Lucy, bp. Aug.23,1772.CR1

Mary, d.Nehemiah and Ruth, Jan.24,1799.

Nahum, s.Daniel and Mary, Nov.19,1763.

Nehemiah, s.Daniell [Daniel.CR1] and Mary, Nov.23,1761.

Rebecah, d.Samuel and Mercy, Nov.21,1782. [Rebekah, d.Samuell Jr. and Mercy.CR1]

Rebecca, d.Dea.Samuel and Marcy, Dec.21,1785. [Rebekah, d.Dea.Samuell and Mercy.CR1]

Ruth Simons, d.Nehemiah and Ruth, Sept.26,1803. [Ruth Symonds.CR1]

Samuel, s.Samuel Jr. and Marcy, Dec.13,1773. [Samuell, s.Samuell Jr. and Mercy.CR1]

Samuel, s.Dea.[dup. omits Dea.] James [Dea.James.CR1] and Dorcas, Nov.3 [dup. Oct.29], 1816.

Sally, d.Nehemiah and Ruth, Feb.21,1791.

Sally, d.Nehemiah and w., hp. Mar.9,1794.CR1

Sophia, d.Nehemiah and Ruth, June23,1794.

Timothy, s.Humphrey and Lucy, Apr.7,1777.

William, s.Humphrey [and] Lucy, Oct.23,1780.

Zebadiah, s.Daniel and Mary, May9,1751.

FASSETT (Fasset)

Amaziah, s.Amaziah and Polly, Aug.26,1793.

Nathan Brown, s.Abiel and w., bp. Nov.24,1799.CR1

Rebekah, d.Abiel and w., bp. Dec.24,1797.CR1

Thomas Richardson, s.Amaziah and Polley, July10,1795.


Jane, d.Silas and Hannah, Apr.23,1753.

Mary, d.Silas and Hannah, Feb.14,1740.

Park [h.Sally S.],末蔓末,1800.GR2

Sarah, d.Silas and Hannah, Apr.30,1745.

Sally S., w.Park [Feb.末,1801].GR2

Silas, s.Silas and Hannah, Nov.14,1747.

Thomas, s.Silas and Hannah, Feb.14,1755.


Salome, d.Jonathan and w., bp. Sept.18,1768.CR1


Mary, d.John, Irish laborer, and Mary, May末,1844.


George Scott, s.William P. and Ida A. (Croker), Mar.19,1885.

FISK (Fiske)

Abagall Warren, ch.Sewall of Weston, bp. Oct.7,1832.CR1

Abraham, s.David and Rebecca [Rebeccah.CR1], Apr.4,1773.

Abraham, s.Abraham and w., bp. Mar.25,1798.CR1

Alonzo Sewall, ch.Sewall of Weston, bp. Oct.7,1832.CR1

Annie J., w.Henry [Mar.末,1801].GR2

Augusta, d.Elijah [Elijah Esq.CR1] and Bathsheba, Jan.20,1822.

Bathsheba, second w.Elijah, Feb.18,1789.GR2

Caroline, d.Elijah and Bathsheba, Aug.15,1824.

Charles, s.Elijah and Anna, Feb.23,1807. [Fiske.CR1]

Cornelius, s.Elijah Esq. and Bathsheba, Mar.23,1830.

David, s.David and Rebecca, Apr.2,1768.

David, s.David and Rebecca, May6,1784. [Fiske.CR1]

Edward Sylvester, ch.Sewall of Weston, bp. Oct.7,1832.CR1

Elijah, s.David and Rebecca, Mar.24,1770. [Fiske Esq. [h.Anna] [h.Bathsheba].GR2]

Eliza Ann, d.Elijah and Anna, July3,1802.

Ellen Augusta, d.Henry and Nancy, July7,1826.

Ellen Augusta, ch.Henry, bp. Dec.5,1830.CR1

Eloise M., w.George W. [June末,1849].GR2

George, s.Elijah and Anna, Aug.22,1804.

Hannah, d.David and Rebecca, Nov.7,1777.

Harriet A., w.William H.,末蔓末,1827.GR2

Helen Amelia, d.A.S. and S.M., bp. July23,1848.CR1

Henry [h.Annie J.] [Jan.末,1795].GR2

Henry William, s.Henry and Anna (Jenkins), July14,1822.

Henry Gustavus, ch.Sewall of Weston, bp. Oct.7,1832.CR1

Lucy, d.David and Rebecca, Dec.3,1779.

Lucy Brooks, d.Elijah [Elijah Esq.CR1] and Bathsheba, Aug.10,1819.

Maria Henrietta, ch.Sewall of Weston, bp. Oct.7,1832.CR1

Maria Antoinette, d.A.S. and S.M., bp. May4,1845.CR1

Martha, w.Charles Lee Tarbell,末蔓末,1816.GR2

Martha Emeline, d.Elijah and Bathsheba, Feb.18,1816. [Martha Emmeline.CR1]

Martha Elvira, ch.Sewall of Weston, bp. Oct.7,1832.CR1

Martha Elvira, d.A.S. and S.M., bp. Oct.21,1849.CR1

Mary Malvira, ch.Sewall of Weston, bp. Oct.7,1832.CR1

Mary Ellen, d.Robert, farmer (b. Weston), and Susan (b. Newton), July11,1849.

Rebecca, d.David and Rebecca, Oct.26,1766.

Sarah Newhall, d.Henry and Anne (Jenkins), Jan.17,1837.

Sukey, d.David and Rebecca, Jan.27,1782.

Susan, w.Francis D. Brooks, Feb.13,1812.GR2

Susanna, d.Elijah and Anna, Sept.28,1812. [Fiske, d.Elijah Esq. and w.CR1]

Thomas, s.David and Rebecca, Feb.1,1776. [Fiske.CR1]

Thomas, s.Elijah and Anna, Oct.26,1800. [Fiske.CR1]

William H. [b. Harriet A.] [July末,1822].GR2

William Henry, ch.Henry, bp. Dec.5,1830.CR1


末末, d.Joel and Eunice, May17,1836.

Almyra, d.Silas and Dorcas, July25,1801. [Almira.CR1]

Caroline, d.Joel and w., Oct.7,1833.

Caroline Susan, d.Henry, laborer, and Mary, May12,1845.

Cassius M., "Co. 1., 38th Reg't. M.V.M." [Jan.末,1844].CR2

Charles, s.Joel and Eunice [dup. Unice], Jan.28 [dup. Jan.29], 1810.

Cyrus Henry, s.Joel and Eunice, Dec.2,1829.

Daniel, s.Joel and Unice, Dec.8,1819.

Elizaann, d.Joel and Unice, Oct.1,1811.

Eunice P., w.Joel [Mar.末,1790].GR2

Unice, d.Joel and Unice, Jan.4,1817.

Unice Colby, d.Joel and Unice, Nov.22,1821.

Francis, s.Joel and Eunice, Dec.1,1825.

Francis Henry, S. Henry and Mary, Sept.21,1833.


George, s.Joel and Eunice, Oct.18,1831.

George Edwin, s.Henry and Mary, Dec.末,1839.

Henry [h.Mary],末蔓末,1803.GR2

Joel [h.Eunice P.],末蔓末,1786.GR2

Joel Dexter, s.Joel and Unice, Dec.29,1818.

John, s.Joel and Eunice, Mar.11,1824.

Josiah Parks, s.Joel and Unice, Jan.16,1813.

Maria, d.Joel and Eunice, Nov.11,1827.

Marshal, s.Silas and Dorcas, Sept.20,1803. [Marshall.CR1]

Mary, w.Henry,末蔓末,1803.GR2

Mary Ann, d.Henry and Mary, Aug.30,1835.

Sarah Rebecca, d.Henry and Mary, Dec.22,1837, in Weston.

Sarah Rebecca, d.Henry, labourer, and Mary, Mar.17,1844. [ ]

William, s.Silas and w., bp. Aug.25,1805.CR1

William, s.Joel and Unice, Mar.11,1815.

William H., s.Henry and Mary, Aug.末,1841.


Daniel, s.Joseph and Abigail, Aug.8,1782.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Abgail, Jan.12,1781.


Abel, s.Ephraim and Ruth, June22,1758.

Abigail, d.Ruth, wid., Mar.30,1763.

Abigail,末蔓末,1806.GR2 [[ch.John and Esther] Apr.7,1806.PR1]

Augusta, d.Maj. Ephraiam and Susan, Sept.15,1835. "Altered to Augusta Miller Flint".

Caroline Bemis, d.Ephraim and Susan, Apr.28,1823.

Caroline A. [? m.], Apr.17,1834.GR3

Caroline Bemis, ch.Maj. E. and S., bp. Oct.4,1840.CR1

Catharine, d.Ephraim and Catharine, Apr.2,1773. [Katherine, d.Ephraim and Katherine.CR1] [Katharine, d.Ephraim and Katharine.GR3]

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Ruth, May13,1745.

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Catharine [Catherine.CR1] Jan.23,1782.

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Susan, Nov.29,1828. [Rev. Ephraim Flint, D.D., "Graduate and Trustee of Williams College" [h.Orilla J. (Hagar)].GR2]

Ephraim, ch.Maj. E. and S., hp. Oct.4,1840.CR1

Esther, d.John and Esther, May7,1796.PR1

Eunice,末蔓末,1808.GR2 [[ch.John and Esther] Feb.27,1808.PR1]

Francis, s.Ephraim and Susan, Aug.10,1833.

Francis, ch.Maj. E. and S., bp. Oct.4,1840.CR1

George, s.Maj. Ephraim and Susan, Nov.27,1830.

George, ch.Maj. E. and S., bp. Oct.4,1840.CR1

Hannah, d.Ephraim and Catharine [Catherine.CR1], Nov.6,1777.

Hannah, w.Increase Brooks, Apr.9,1798.GR2 [[ch.John and Esther]PR1]

John, s.Ephraim and Ruth, June9,1754.

John,末蔓末,1804.GR2 [[ch.John and Esther] Apr.2,1804.PR1]

Lucy Hartwell, d.Capt. John dec'd and w.dec'd of Walpole, NH, bp. June23,1811.CR1 [[ch.John and Esther] b. July26,1810.PR1]

Mary, d.Ephraim and Catharine [Katherine.CR1], June3,1775.

Mary,末蔓末,1800.GR2 [[ch.John and Esther] Feb.23,1800.PR1]

Mary, d.Ephraim and Susan, Jan.24,1827.

Mary, ch.Maj. E. and S., bp. Oct.4,1840.CR1

Ruth, d.Ephraim and Ruth, Nov.3,1760.

Ruth, d.Ephraim and Catharine, May18,1780.

Sarah [ch.John and Esther], Nov.22,1801.PR1

Susan, w.Ephraim [June末,1796].GR3

Susan, d.Ephraim and Susan, Jan.30,1825.

Susan, ch.Maj. E. and S., bp. Oct.4,1840.CR1


Alice Catherine, d.John and Mary (Roach), Feb.18,1884.

FORBUSH (Firbush, Furbush)

Daniel, s.Elisha and Tryphenia, Dec.11,1795.

John Warren, s.Elisha and Tryphenia, Apr.17,1797. [Furbush.CR1]


Alice [w.William], Mar.5,1817.GR2

Anna, twin d.Jacob and w., bp. Feb.6,1785.CR1

Betsey, twin d.Jacob and w., bp. Feb.6,1785.CR1

Emma Rebecca, ch.William and Alice, bp. May12,1844, a.8m.2d.CR2

Hannah, w.Solomon,末蔓末,1783.GR2

Jacob, s.Jacob and Sarah, Aug.20,1782.

Jonathan, s.Jacob and Sarah, Oct.26,1783.

Patty, d.Jacob and w., bp. Nov.9,1788.CR1

Rebekah, d.Solomon and Hannah, Sept.15,1803.

Rebekah, d.Solomon and w., bp. Nov.9,1817.CR1

Salley, d.Jacob and Sarah, Apr.16,1781.

Solomon [h.Hannah] [Oct.末,1774].GR2

William, s.Jacob and w., bp. Nov.5,1786.CR1

William, s.Solomon, July28,1815.

William, s.Solomon and w., bp. Nov.9,1817.CR1


Abigail, d.Jacob and Abigail, May14,1756.

Abbie [? m.],末蔓末,1814.GR2

Anna, d.Jacob and Abigail, Apr.3,1765.

Catharine, d.Jacob, bp. Jan.19,1752.CR1

Eliphalit, s.Jacob and Abigail, Aug.9,1767. [Eliphalet.CR1]

Hannah, d.Jacob and Abigail, Oct.4,1772.

Jacob, s.Jacob, bp. May19,1754.CR1

John, s.Jacob and Abigail, Dec.12,1762.

Susanna, d.Jacob and Abigail, Oct.10,1758.

Susana, d.Jacob and Abigail, Feb.16,1760. [Susanna.CR1]


Benjamin, s.Benjimin and Polley [Molley.CR1], July15,1782.

Esther, d.Noah and Esther, Jan.25,1768.PR1

Polley, d.Benjamin and Polly, Nov.18,1779. [PolleyCR1]

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