Charles Henry, s.David and Rebecca, Dec.17,1834.

JENKINS (Jenkens)

Abraham, ch.Thomas and Experience, July3,1809.PR3

Emeline, ch.Thomas and Experience, Apr.14,1804.PR3

Experience [w.Thomas], May22,1780.PR3

George W., ch.Thomas and Experience, July8,1819.PR3

George W., ch.Thomas and Experience, Oct.26,1822.PR3

Harriot, ch.Thomas and Experience, Nov.26,1800.PR3

Jonathan B., ch.Thomas and Experience, Oct.7,1815.PR3

Jonathan B.,末蔓末,1816.GR2

Martha Ann, ch.Thomas and Experience, June27,1817.PR3

Martha Ann, d.Jonathan B., laborer, and Abigail B., Nov.3,1842.


Mary, ch.Thomas and Experience, Feb.25,1799.PR3

Sarah [w.George F. Harrington],末蔓末,1825.GR2 [Sarah E., Jan.19.PR2] [ch.Thomas and Experience, Jan.19.PR3]

Sarah Mariah, d.Jonathan B., laborer, and Abigail E., Mar.1,1845.

Thomas, July10,1775.PR3

Thomas Jr., ch.Thomas and ExperienceJ Dec.5,1806.PR3

Thomas Bent, s.Jonathan B., farmer, and Abigail, June20,1848.

JENKINSON (Jenkenson)

Experience, w.Thomas [Dec.末,1780].GR2

Thomas [h.Experience],末蔓末,1775.GR2

Thomas Jr. [ch.Thomas and Experience] [Dec.末,1805].GR2


Sally, d.Stephen and w., bp. Sept.22,1782.CR1


Elizabeth Hartwell, d.William B. and Hannah, May8,1819, in Augusta, ME

Ernst Lawrence, s.Olaf and Hannah (Larsen), Jan.4,1885.

Harriet Newell, d.William B. and Hannah, Mar.23,1826, in Philadelphia.

Maria Louisa, d.William B. and Hannah, Apr.27,1830, in New York City.

Mary Jane, d.William B. and Hannah, Sept.17,1832, in New York City.

William Bartwell, s.William B. and Hannah, Apr.26,1821.


末末, ch.Polly, Mar.22,1829.

Abagail, d.James and Mary, Feb.4,1826. [Abigail, ch.Jamesand Mary (Rice).PR13]

Abijah, s.James and Mary [Mary (Rice).PR13], Oct.11,1828.

Almira, d.Eli and w., bp. July17,1808.CR1

Andrew, s.William and Parnal, Apr.3,1813.

Anna [? m.],末蔓末,1764.GR2

Ann Elizabeth, d.James Jr., carpenter, and Lovisa A.B. (b. Concord), Nov.21,1848.

Caroline A., d.William and Parnal, Oct.29,1821.

David Smith, s.James and Sally, Aug.19,1803.

Eli, s.Lt. Eli and Anna, May13,1804.

Eli, s.William and Parnal, June4,1816.

Eli, s.William and Parnal, Dec.29,1819.

Betsey, d.Lt. Jones and Anna, Dec.24,1781.

George, s.James and Sally, Mar.6,1808.

Hanah, d.Silas and Levina, Apr.6,1790.

Hannah, d.Eli and Anna, Sept.27,1799.

James [h.Mary (Rice)] [May末,1793].GR2 [James Sr., May15,1793, in Wayland.PR13]

James Thomas, s.James and Sally, Sept.30,1816.

James, s.James and Mary, Apr.7,1821. [James Jr., ch.James, and Mary (Rice).PR13]

Joseph, "Reputed" s.Joseph Russell Jr. and Nancy Jones, Oct.13,1804.

Josiah Hanes, s.Silas and Levina, Nov.9,1794.

Leonard Smith, s.James and Sally, Mar.15,1814.

Lurena Whiting, d.William and Parnal, Jan.13,1811.

Louisa, d.James and Mary [Mary (Rice).PR13], Apr.22,1837.

Levina, d.Eli and Anna, Jan.24,1802.

Levina Whiting, d.William and W., bp. May19,1811.CR1

Luther Greene, s.James and w., bp. Sept.17,1820.CR1

Martha Maria, d.James and Mary [Mary (Rice).PR13], Aug.14,1834.

Polley, d.Lt. Eli and Anna, Sept.29,1788.

Mary P., w.William [Feb.末,1810].GR2

Mary Ann, d.James and Mary [Mary (Rice).PR13], Sept.2,1823.

Mary Lucena, d.William and Mary, Dec.25,1833.

Nancey, d.Lt. Jones and Anna, Mar.25,1783. [Nancy, d.Eli and w.CR1]

Peter, s.Jonas and Abigail, Feb.28,1783, in Lunenburg.GR3

Rebeckah, d.Lt. Eli and Anna, Mar.23,1795. [Rebekah.CR1]

Salla, d.Lt. Eli and Anna, Oct.12,1790.

Sarah Elizabeth Bemis, June23,1824. [d.James and w.CR1]

Sarah Almira, d.James and Mary [Mary (Rice).PR13], Dec.5,1831.

Silas Jr., s.Silas and Lavina, May31,1792.

Sophia, d.Lt. Eli and Anna, June27,1797.

Sophronia Ann, d.James and Sally, Mar.15,1812.

Sukey, d.Lt. Eli and Anna, Oct.30,1792.

William, s.Lt. Jones and Anna, Sept.16,1785. [h.Parnal and Mary P.]GR2]

William, s.William and Parnal, Oct.2,1817.

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