Abigail, d.Israel and Abigail, Nov.21,1764.

Abraham,末蔓末,1800.GR2 [ch.Peter and Athaliah (Jenkinson).PR5]

Asenath, w.John,末蔓末,1808.GR2

Atha M. [? m.],末蔓末,1842.GR2[b. Cambridge, d.John and Asenath (Nutting)]

Athaliah, w.Peter,末蔓末,1771.GR2

Eunice, d.Moses and Mary, Feb.19,1781.

Isaac, ch.Peter and Keziah (Winchip), Oct.8,1771, in Newton.PR5

Isaac, ch.Peter and Athaliah (Jenkinson), Apr.10,1796, in Newton.PR5

Israel, s.Israel (Underood) and Abigail, Dec.14,1762.

John [h.Asenath],末蔓末,1809.GR2

John, ch.Peter and Athaliah (Jenkinson), Aug.23,1810.PR5

Jonathan, s.Peter and Keziah, Oct.1,1780.

Joseph, ch.Peter and Keziah (Winchip), Feb.19,1770, in Charlestown.PR5

Joseph [Sept.末,1836].GR2

Kezia, ch.Peter and Keziah (Winchip), May1,1773.PR5

Lydia Ann, d.Moses and Sophronia, Oct.22,1833.

Maria, ch.Peter and Athaliah (Jenkinson), Mar.17,1798, in Newton.PR5

Martha Whiting, d.Moses and Sophronia, July9,1826.

Polley, d.Moses and Mary, Oct.5,1771.

Mary Pierce [dup. Peirce], d.Moses and Sophronia, Aug.1,1828.

Mary C., w.Joseph [Aug.末,1847].CR2

Moses, s.Moses and Mary, Apr.10,1773.

Moses 2d, second s.Moses, Aug.29,1784. [[h.Sophronia]GR2]

Moses, s.Moses and Sophronia, Sept.3,1830.

Nathan, s.Moses and Mary, Sept.3,1786.

Peter, ch.Peter and Keziah (Winchip), Oct.11,1768, in Charlestown.PR5

Peter, ch.Peter and Athaliah (Jenkinson), Nov.28,1813.PR5

Phebe, d.Moses and Mary, Feb.12,1779.

Priscilla, d.Peter and Keziah, Sept.23,1778.

Rosella Francis, d.Moses, farmer, and Sophronia, Apr.27,1847.

Samuel, ch.Peter and Keziah (Winchip), Nov.3,1774, in Charlestown.PR5

Samuel, ch.Peter and Athaliah (Jenkinson),末蔓末,1802.PR5

Sarah, d.Moses and Mary, Mar.8,1777.

Sarah Lakin, d.Moses and Sophronia, Apr.1,1832.

Simeon, s.Moses and Mary, Mar.3,1775.

Sophronia, w.Moses [Dec.末,1805].GR2

Susanna, d.Isaril [Israel.CR1] and Abigail, Oct.27,1766.

Susanna, ch.Peter and Keziah (Winchip), Aug.3,1776, in Charlestown.PR5

Watson Peter, ch.Peter and Elmira (Stone), June18,1846, in E. Cambridge.PR5

William, ch.Peter and Athaliah (Jenkinson),末蔓末,1804.PR5

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