Daniel, s.Daniel and Mary, Dec.11,1751.

George, Rev., s.George Jr. and Mary, Sept.17,1756. [Rev. George Farrar, A.M., "He was ordain'd to the Pastoral office of the Church of Christ in Easton Mar.26th 1755," a.26.GR1]

George, May15,1760, [in 89th y.GR1]

George, small pox, May28,1777.

Josiah, s.Daniel and Mary, Feb.9,1769.

Love, d.George Jr. and Mary, Sept.9,1756. [Sept.8, in 8th y.GR1]

Lydia, w.Dea.Samuel, June27,1802, a.90.GR1

Mary, d.Samuel and Lydia, Sept.2,1756.

Mary, wid., Apr.12,1761.

Mary, w.George, July25,1778, in 73d y.

Polly Fisk, w.Dea.James, May12,1813, a.22. [Polly Fiske, d.Samuel Hoar and Susanna.GR1]

Mercy wid.Samuel [w.Dea.S.CR1], Dec.31,1829, a.79.

Nancy, w.Capt. James, Dec.7,1810.

Rebecca, d.Capt. Samuel and Marcy, July5,1784. [only d.Dea.Samuel and Mercy, a.1y.7m.14d.GR1]

Samuel, Dea., Apr.18,1783. [in 75th y.GR1]

Samuel, Dea., Sept.19,1829. a.93y.7m.

Samuel, s.Dea.James, May18,1839, a.22.

Sally, d.Nehemiah and Ruth, Oct.11,1806.

Sophia, Apr.26,1834, a.41.

FASSET (Fassett)

Abiel, Mr., Apr.22,1802.

FASSETT (Fasset)

Amaziah, Mr., Oct.17,1795.

Thomas Richardson, June26,1801.


Silas, Sept.22,1758.


Martha A., May30,1832, a.11m.CR1

Mary Jane, May17,1832, a.3.CR1


Pheby, d.William and Mary, Sept.7,1769.

FISK (Fiske)

Anna, w.Elijah, Oct.11,1812, a.34. [Fiske, w.Elijah Esq.GR2]

David, s.David and Rebecca, Oct.22,1780. [s.David and Rebekah, Dec.末, in 13th y.GR1]

David, Apr.11,1800. [[h.Rebekah] a.68.GR1]

David, July26,1806, a.22.

Rebekah, w.David, small pox, Dec.29,1792, in 47th y.GR1

Sukey, Nov.7,1803, a.22. [d.David and Rebecca.GR1]

Susanna, d.Elijah and Anna, Mar.21,1813.

Thomas, s.David and Rebecca, Aug.6,1778. [s.David and Rebekah, in 3d.y.GR1]

FISKE (Fisk)

Abigail, dropsy, Aug.23, 末末, a.83. [This entry written faintly in pencil.] [Mrs.Abigail Fisk, Aug.23,1843.GR2]

Augusta, d.Elijah Esq. and Barsheba, "death was occasioned by taking fire of her cloathes when alone Surviving about 9 hours," Oct.28,1826, a.s.[Agusta, ch.Elijah Esq. and Bathsheba, Oct.17.GR2]

Caroline, d.Elijah [dup. Esq.] and Bathsheba [dup. Barsheba], Jan.8 [dup. Jan.6], 1828 [dup. a.3] [Jan.6, a.3.CR1GR2]

Ebenezer, Nov.28,1837, a.71.

Phineas, widr., farmer, suden, old age, Oct.25,1846, a.81. [Oct.24.GR2]

Thomas, Aug.30,1831, a.31, in Pineville, SC, [s.Elijah and Anna, a, 30.GR2]


Eunice, see Unice.

Unice, d.Joel and Unice, Jan.17,1817, a.13d.

Marshal, s.Silas and Dorcas, June10,1802.

Rebecca, w.Ephriam, Sept.4,1833. [Sept.3, a.53.GR2]

Sarah Rebecca, d.Henry, May7,1838, a.4ス. m.[Sarah Rebecah, d.Henry and Mary, a.4m.14d.GR2]


Abel, Jan.17,1789. [Abel Flint, A.B., Jan.27, in 31st y.GR3]

Augusta Miller, d.Maj. Ephraim, Sept.18,1837, a.2. [d.Ephraim and Susan.GR3]

Edward, Nov.15,1754. [[h.Love] a.70.GR3]

Ephraim, Dec.21,1762. [Ephraim Flint, A.M., s.Col. John of Concord, Dec.26, a.49.GR3]

Ephraim, Sept.1,1824, a.79.

Esther, w.John, Jan.12,1811, a.43.PR1

John [h.Esther], Sept.6,1810, a.56.PR1

Katharine, w.Ephriam, Oct.18,1785. [in 34th y.GR3]

Love, Mrs., Oct.25,1772. [wid.Edward, a.73.GR3]

Lucy H., d.Capt. John of Walpole, adopted d.Andrew Adams and Polly, Oct.31,1822, a.12.GR1 [d.Capt. John and Esther.PR1]

Mary, d.Maj. Ephriam and Susan, neuralgia, Sept.8,1846, a.20. [Sept.7, a.19.GR3]

Rebecca, w.Ephraim, Apr.2,1843, a.82.GR3

Ruth, Mar.1,1838, a.77.

Sarah, d.John and Esther, Feb.4,1803, a.14m.PR1


Rebeccah, wid., June27,1815, a.64. [Rebecca, w.Solomon, June26.GR1]

Solomon [h.Rebecca], June8,1790, a.47.GR1


Abigail,末蔓末, 末末.

Abigail, wid.Jacob, Aug.30,1812, a.86.GR3

Hannah, ch.Jacob and Abigail, Mar.24,1774, a.17m.GR3

Jacob, small pox, June11,1777. [[h.Abigail] a.59y.6m.GR3]

Susanna, d.Jacob and Abigail, Mar.24,1759.

Susanna, ch.Jacob and Abigail, Feb.24,1760, a.5m.GR3

Susanna, d.Jacob and Abigail, Apr.10,1784, a.25.GR3


Betty, w.Timothy, d.Noah Brooks, Feb.18,1791, in 28th y.GR1

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